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Beat The Winter Blues


We’ve narrowed it down to four simple steps. Hydration. Supplements. Balanced Diet. Exercise. By incorporating quality, personalized healthy solutions and providing our customers with the knowledge of our trained Consultants, our mission is complete nutrition. Our goal is to help every one of our customers look better, feel better and perform better every day.


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With the holidays in full swing our lives can be busy, exciting and full of fun! Why then do the “winter blues” occur? During the winter months there are fewer daylight hours and lower temperatures (plus freezing temps) which affect our mood and mental state. We may begin to feel like hibernating, becoming anti-social, eating more comfort food and even feeling a bit more irritable. If you are thinking you are the only one feeling this way…think again.

Recent research on behavior therapy from the University of Vermont supports that 10% of people in the Northern States experience full-blown Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), with depressed mood, anxiety, irritability, fatigue, carbohydrate-craving, and weight gain or loss. Another 30 percent experience sub-syndrome SAD, a low-grade version of seasonal depression. The good news is there are a variety of things we can do to stay ahead and motivated to beat those winter blues! EXERCISE: Another great reason to get up and get moving! I cannot stress enough the importance that exercise has on our bodies. Most of the time it is considered something to be done to lose or maintain weight, however when you exercise you also improve your mood by elevating serotonin. Exercise is a triple threat: you will rev up your metabolism, create more energy for yourself throughout the day and increase your disposition. Here are three examples of activity that can be done anywhere and at any time to give you a little pick me up:

• P  OWER KICK – kick right leg forward while punching left arm; repeat 10x’s, then switch leg and arm. Higher kick, higher intensity. • S  PEED SKATER – alternate legs back and across in a speed skater motion. Use your arms and hops to increase intensity. Do 10 reps each leg. • P  OWER PUSHUP – pushup position with hands on supported chair, as you pushup lift one leg, repeat other leg, hop both legs in and jump straight up (burpee) Increase intensity by doing pushup position on the floor

Megan Transforms Her Body In January of this year, I stepped on


the scale and reality sunk in—I was 23 years old and weighed almost 300 pounds. I immediately went on a diet and lost 55 pounds from January to

You want to eat to live, not live to eat. During those cold winter months, comfort food is a common choice. By selecting meal components from complex carbohydrates (oatmeal, brown rice, veggies and fruits) instead of the starchy, comfort, refined and processed foods (white foods; sugar, flour, rice), your blood sugar and energy levels will stay steady. Limit or avoid high fat foods as well. This will help your mood and give you that get-upand-go feeling. Additionally, try and drink at least 8 cups of water a day and avoid binge drinking. Water can increase your energy level where alcohol can decrease it. Alcohol is a depressant, and if consumed in excess (more than 5 drinks daily) it can worsen your mood.

May. I lost concentration and decided I needed some help. I was listening to the radio and I heard an advertisement for Complete Nutrition and went in the store the very next day. I started the CTS360 program June 2011 and by August 2011 I lost 45 pounds. I love the energy that I get from the supplements and I feel so much better about myself. I am more confident than I have ever been and it’s all because of the CTS program. As of October 6, 2011, I am down 120 pounds with only 20 more to lose. I know CTS360 and the great guys at Complete Nutrition will help me get to my goal and continue to make myself better. I highly recommend this product! I was always against weight loss pills but this product is truly the best one on the market and if it can work for me it will work for you!

SUN AND SOCIALIZE: Studies show that sunlight can improve your mood by elevating neurotransmitters in your brain. With shorter days and months (not to mention those freezing temperatures) it can make it harder to get outside to get enough daylight. During those daylight hours, open the blinds in your home to let as much light in. Also, use a full- spectrum or standard CFL bulbs to mimic daylight inside. Social support can also be a ray of sunlight. Family, friends and neighbors can lift your spirits and shed some light when you are feeling down. Keep those positive and uplifting people within your reach of a phone call or email for words of encouragement. Be prepared to take care of you. My wish for you is that you have a happy and healthy holiday season! Yours in Health, Deb Gray BS Exercise Science, IFPA Pro Masters and Open Figure, PNBA Pro Figure and Fitness Model, Mrs. America Fitness 2001, Mrs. Nebraska 2001


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“ I lost about 30 pounds on Charger pretty quickly. I also took Complete Man vitamins, and continue to take them daily to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Both products seem to work pretty well.” - Nate - Lincoln, Nebraska

Jeremy Stacks on the Muscle Ever since my back injury, I have been struggling to get rid of the weight gain and correct the muscle loss I accrued due to being inactive for such a long period of time. After trying countless pills and awful tasting powders from GNC to no avail, a roommate recommended I try some Complete Nutrition products. I remembered the name from the local health fair but was somewhat skeptical that their products would be any different. Within a month of using a stack (Buzzerk, Rezzerect, and Intek Protein Evolution) recommended to me by the salesperson, I began to see vast improvements in my figure. I dropped a decent amount of weight and gained a large amount of muscle. Also, I was noticeably more vascular.

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Complete Nutrition Newsletter - Vol. 22  

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