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Teaching Lasting Healthy Habits


We’ve narrowed it down to four simple steps. Hydration. Supplements. Balanced Diet. Exercise. By incorporating quality, personalized healthy solutions and providing our customers with the knowledge of our trained Consultants, our mission is complete nutrition. Our goal is to help every one of our customers look better, feel better and perform better every day.


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YOU ASK... DEB ANSWERS Hello, my name is Deb Gray, and I’m excited to be with you monthly to answer your questions on diet, supplementation & exercise. I hope I can help you reach your goals by sharing my steps for a balanced lifestyle.


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I want to get my family on the right track, but I need help getting started. How do I make healthy choices a lifestyle instead of a chore? — Marissa T.

This is a challenge many face and has to do with the mind set you have going into it. It comes down to your ABCs once again. ATTITUDE: You have to change the way you think. Instead of thinking of exercise as a “necessary evil” remind yourself of the amazing stress relief it provides you. When preparing low calorie meals and reducing or eliminating sugary treats, don’t think of it as a sacrifice, but instead as an opportunity to try new recipes. BELIEVING: Record your efforts and the changes you see. Keep a list of your favorite family activities, solo workouts and popular new dishes so you remember what’s working. CONSISTENCY: Know that change won’t happen overnight, but that you are working toward a new lifestyle. This change is not meant to be temporary and as long as you stay positive trying new things and remind yourself what your motivation is, you will be able to continue on track.


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Deb is a mother of 2 and a Champion Fitness Competitor. She consults regularly with Complete Nutrition and our customers about proper dieting and exercise while taking supplements.





Teaching Lasting Healthy Habits

Though you may be skeptical, these three words can actually go together. Being a parent, and trying to have fitness and healthy eating habits for our entire family can make me frustrated and at a loss sometimes. Almost every parent has had a fight over food choices with their child at some point or another. Most of us would rather our child eat their fruits and vegetables than make the run for the “golden arches,” yet with our busy schedules and active lifestyles, preparing a home-cooked meal with the food pyramid in mind isn’t always possible. In addition, children don’t often jump on the health and fitness bandwagon. They would rather play video games and spend hours in front of the television than exercise and be active. According to the American Heart Association, “Today, about one in three American kids and teens is overweight or obese; nearly triple the rate in 1963. With good reason, childhood obesity is now the No. 1 health concern among parents in the United States, topping drug abuse and smoking.” This epidemic was also mentioned as a concern from former Surgeon General Richard Carmona, “Because of the increasing rates of obesity, unhealthy eating habits and After hitting a low at the age of 27, physical inactivity, we may see the first generation that will I realized that I needed to make be less healthy and have a shorter life expectancy than some changes. I had just lost my their parents.” job, I was unhealthy and I weighed 325lbs. My hips, back and feet ached. I had no motivation and drank sugary energy drinks to get me through each day. After struggling to shed the weight on my own, I felt like I was never going to feel good about myself, physically. Then, my wife showed me a flyer for a local Complete Nutrition’s grand opening. I decided to stop in and see what they had to offer. I became a preferred member that day and picked up my first Charger Pack, along with a tub of V-Core Protein. I have been using Complete Nutrition products for a year now and have lost 115lbs! Thanks to all of you at Complete Nutrition for truly helping me achieve my goals and change my life!

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The good thing is that we are aware of this epidemic and there are things we can do to change it. First, let’s look at ways to increase activity for the entire family: • Limit the amount of watching television and playing of video games • In addition to reducing physical activity, TV watching adds to obesity. People tend to snack on fatty foods when they watch TV. A study of teenage girls showed a 2% increase in obesity for every hour of TV watched. (Medicine Online)

• Have children help plan a “family fun night” for games, have both indoor and outdoor activities

According to the Nurses’ Health Study the foods that contributed the most to weight gain are french fries, potato chips, sugar-sweetened drinks, red meats and processed meats, sweets and desserts, refined grains, fried foods, 100-percent fruit juice, and butter (these results were published in June 2011 in The New England Journal of Medicine)

• Choose toys and games that are active i.e. a bicycle instead of a motorized scooter or a ball instead of a remote • Have a set day and time for clean/pick up time, and make it a game. It’s a two-for-one, you are active and your house gets cleaned! • Choose rewards that are physically active rather than food i.e. go for a bike ride, swim or to the park instead of out to dinner • Make a goal chart to track activity and show positive reinforcement. Tell them their bodies are terrific and healthy • Have children try a variety of sports or other activities. This way they find something they enjoy, and will be likely to continue with the activity

Here are some ideas that can have everyone in the family involved with healthier eating choices: • Have your children grocery shop with you and pick a fresh fruit and/or vegetable that you haven’t tried. You all may or may not like it, but how will you know unless you try • Have cut up fruits and veggies ready in the fridge for a quick snack instead reaching for chips and cookies • Cook up a bunch of chicken, fish or steak on the weekend that can be eaten throughout the week

• Pack healthy snacks in a cooler that you can take with you like nuts, string cheese, veggies, fruit, protein powder and water. This will help you overcome the temptation of drive thru’s and candy bar snack attack • Plant a garden with veggies or herbs and let the children pick what they want to grow. They can then enjoy the fruits of their labor • Use a healthy cookbook and have children mark the recipes they want to try • Set structured meal times The sooner you incorporate your family in the process of healthy eating and fitness, the easier your children and you will adapt to these habits. It can be fun and your children don’t even have to know you are helping to save their lives. Set the example! It is never too late to start these healthy habits and see your entire family’s overall health and well-being improve. Yours in Health, Deb Gray BS Exercise Science, IFPA Pro Masters and Open Figure, PNBA Pro Figure and Fitness Model, Mrs. America Fitness 2001, Mrs. Nebraska 2001



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Complete Nutrition Newsletter - Vol. 18  

Health and fitness can be fun for the whole family. Check out this newsletter to find out how to incorporate more active and healthy choices...

Complete Nutrition Newsletter - Vol. 18  

Health and fitness can be fun for the whole family. Check out this newsletter to find out how to incorporate more active and healthy choices...