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’s IMPACT ON THE COMMUNITY 2016 DENTAL Our dental program is growing fast! The five sites combined had over 61,840 visits in 2016, with a 5% increase in visits with the dentist and a 7% increase in visits with our hygienists.

REACH OUT & READ Incorporating the importance of literacy into our pediatric practice, Reach Out & Read is a new program for CompleteCare. Last year over 1,560 kids between the age of six months and five years received a book at their pediatric wellness visit.

SCHOOL-BASED SERVICES Teaching the importance of good health begins at a young age, that’s why CompleteCare’s five school-based health centers are so important. Last year these sites helped 1,723 students access primary care, dental and mental health services, as well as linked them into programs to support a healthy future, including career planning, tutoring, college prep and more.

COUNSELING SERVICES The need for mental health in our communities continues to grow and so do CompleteCare’s services. Our Counseling Services team had more than 3,675 visits in 2016, a 28% increase from the year before.

AFFORDABLE CARE ACT CompleteCare continues to work to fulfill the mission of the ACA by helping as many people as possible get insurance coverage. In 2016 the team completed 1,450 applications and assisted over 13,700 people. Our Access to Care Counselors also helped 7,336 patients apply for NJFamilyCare eligibility.

2017 CompleteCare Health Network Annual Report  
2017 CompleteCare Health Network Annual Report