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CompleteCare Focuses on Tech to Improve the Patient Experience

Looking Ahead Kiosks Create Accuracy in the Registration Process

Translation Stations Bring a Much Needed Update to Patient Communication

All of CompleteCare’s health centers took a major step towards creating a more accurate and efficient registration process in 2016. Kiosk computers were installed to check patients in when they arrive for their appointments and also collect insurance information, copays, and update patient records with new information. All machines are secure and offer patients the opportunity to ensure all of their information is correct and up to date in our system.

Twenty-two percent of CompleteCare’s patients report that they speak a language other than English, however an even larger number see better levels of understanding when receiving information in their native language. To help communicate more accurately and effectively with these patients CompleteCare will introduce InDemand translation stations to many of their health centers in 2017. This technology connects patients to a HIPAA protected, live translator in their preferred language who can help increase their understanding of what is happening during their visit by translating for the provider.

New Software Keeps Patients in the Loop Missed appointments are often missed opportunities for both patients and health centers. CompleteCare loses the ability to open access to other patients in need of appointments and scheduled patients miss their much-needed provider visits. To help combat this CompleteCare introduced SolutionReach software in 2016, giving them the ability to communicate more effectively with patients where they spend most of their times – on text and email. The new software lets CompleteCare not only remind a patient about their scheduled appointments, but it also gives them the opportunity to prompt patients about other necessary testing and screenings, such as flu shots, wellness exams, and blood work.

Secure Printing Capabilities Increase Security Security is often something companies worry about in email and online communication, but rarely think of when they print or fax documents from one person to another. In 2017, CompleteCare will introduce secure printing and faxing capabilities to their offices, letting individual users control when and where their documents are printed or faxed with a simple click of their badge. Faxes can also been transmitted without ever touching a piece of paper, reaching the intended recipient on their personal computer instead. The goal of this project is not only to be more environmentally friendly by saving on paper and ink costs, but also to help reduce the risk of personal information being received by the wrong person or department.

2017 CompleteCare Health Network Annual Report