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Programs that Improve Our Communities CompleteCare Continues to Be Recognized for Performance Improvement In 2016 CompleteCare continued to receive monetary recognition for our Performance Improvement work which is focused on improving quality and outcomes while driving down the cost of care. We received shared savings from United Healthcare as we decreased unnecessary inpatient and emergency department hospital use, ensured timely access to care for both medical and OB patients, and improved care and results through increased coordination and care management offerings. Additionally, HRSA recognized improvements in the metrics they use to measure efficacy by providing a one-time funding increase to support ongoing performance improvement activities and trainings.

Breathe Better Asthma Program In 2016 CompleteCare introduced their Breathe Better Asthma program as a result of a grant from the Horizon Foundation of New Jersey. Staff created a series of classes throughout CompleteCare’s service area for children living with asthma. The course helps kids learn tips for controlling their illness even during high-activity times like allergy and cold and flu season.

Shared Savings CompleteCare Health Network works in partnership with major insurers in the region on Accountable Care and Shared Savings Initiatives designed to promote value based care with  the aim of improving patient health, increasing patient satisfaction, and reducing healthcare expenditures. Our efforts include promoting preventive care and reducing preventable hospitalizations and emergency room visits.

Population Health CompleteCare’s Population Health Department manages and improves the health outcomes of CompleteCare patients with the following chronic diseases:

• Hypertension

• COPD/Asthma

• Diabetes


• Abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels

• Hepatitis C

2017 CompleteCare Health Network Annual Report  
2017 CompleteCare Health Network Annual Report