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Membership Manager Quick Start Guide

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Membership Manager

Quick Start Guide

Membership Manager combines all the necessary tools to run your club, association or community member based organization in a single hosted solution. A powerful member database, a website, Email communication tools and event registration are tightly integrated to save you time and money. For admin technical support visit Your Membership Admin Homepage The homepage provides a dashboard view into the status of your membership.

Search: Find members quickly by performing a quick search from the admin homepage.

Dashboard: Quickly view how your membership is growing, expired members, and pending members

Surveys & Election: Gain insight into active surveys directly from the homepage

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Manage: Add members, invite members, and configure your settings easily

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Configure Global Settings

Quick Start Guide

Home >> Setup

From the main setup page you can configure the global settings for your membership.

Approvals: Do you want to manually approve each new member and renewals OR do you simple want to accept them automatically?

Payment: Credit Cards is the fastest and most efficient payment method. You can also choose to accept checks.

Taxes: Create the necessary taxes for your state. You are responsible for reporting all taxes.

Donations: Encourage members to make a donation to a cause during the signup process.

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Membership Levels

Quick Start Guide

Home >> Setup >> Levels

Before importing or adding any members, you need to create the different types of member levels for your organization.

Levels: See current levels from the main page. Add a level or edit a level by clicking the appropriate button.

Level Details: Add the basic information for the level such as name and description.

Fees: Create one fee for new members at this level and a second fee for renewals.

Term Length: Indicate when this level will expire.

Multi-person: Select whether this is for a single person or multiple person e.g. a Family membership

Automate Archiving: Let the system do the work for you by automatically archiving defunct members after a certain period of time.

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Quick Start Guide

Custom Attributes Home >> Setup >> Custom Attributes Create unique fields in your member database in various formats. Please Note: Personal information such as name, address, etc. are standard fields and should not be duplicated. NOTE: Take your time to create attributes that match your existing member data. It始s important to plan these attributes carefully before migrating any existing member data.

Configure: Checking off the appropriate box will allow you to perform various functions. These include searching by attribute, sending emails based, etc.

Admin Use: You can even create an attribute for your own internal use that is not displayed to members.

Question Formats: Present your question in a variety of formats to your users. For data integrity, it始s always a best practice to present the user with choices rather than allow them to enter free-form text.

Answer Details: Based on the type of question you choose, you will have various options of how to present the answers to your members.

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Quick Start Guide

Home >> Setup >> Website

Create a public webpage to display benefits of membership and solicit new members.

Web Editor: Use this web editor to give an overview of your organization, the benefits of membership as well as member fees. You can edit and update this page at any time.

Member Sign Up and Login: Easily display necessary sign up and login boxes on your website by checking the appropriate box.

Private Web Pages: Choose whether you want to display or hide election and survey results from club members.

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Import Members

Quick Start Guide

Home >> Members >> Import

If you have an existing database of members, Compete-At can assist you with data migration. Itʼs critical that the import is done correctly the first time.

Template: Download the MS Excel template first. This will help you format your existing data to prepare for import.

Import Values: Download accepted values for system fields and your custom attributes.

NOTE: We suggest you do a test import first of one or two records to ensure you understand the formatting of the template file. Simply delete any imported test records when you are done. Using the Data Import CSV Template File Note: You can open the template file in MS Excel or similar program. Do not delete or move any columns. You can only import members to one level at a time. It is important to create your levels and custom attributes first before doing an import. Special Columns (Note: Be sure to download the custom attribute spreadsheet to see your values) Status: This column is used for member status. The accepted values are indicated in the template file. Gender: Enter “M” or “F” only Country: Use the three digit code (USA, CAN, AUS, NZL, GBR, etc.) Dates: Enter in the following format: MM/DD/YYYY Custom Attributes: Use the values you entered when creating your custom attributes Common Import Questions Will my import overwrite any existing member data? No. The import will look for any matching records based on Email address and ignore that row if a match is found.

What happens if I use a membership number on my import file that is already assigned to another member? The member is imported with a duplicate membership number. You should validate your data prior to importing records.

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Membership Manager

Quick Start Guide

What happens if I try to import a member that already exists? The import function will compare Email addresses for the records you are importing against existing member records. If a duplicate is found, that row of your import file will be ignored. Members without a matching Email address will be imported. What If I make a mistake and import members to the wrong level? You will need to contact Compete-At support. There is no "undo" or "mass delete" function currently in the system. What happens if I accidently delete a column or alter the import template structure? Your will need to download a new template and start over. Any changes, deleted or moved columns will result in a failed import. Can I use the import tool to perform a mass update to my records? No. Currently the import tool is used to import new records only. How do I mass update records? Currently you can not mass update records. Contact your account rep or Compete-At support if you need to mass update records. What if I don't have all the necessary data for members? You can import partial data, but in order to update or approve a member using the web interface, all the required fields must be complete. Our existing member database is a mess, Â do you provide any data cleansing services and importing services of my member data? Yes. Please contact your Compete-At representative for pricing. Can Compete-At help me migrate and import members from my old system? Yes, please contact your Compete-At representative for additional information.used to import new records only.

Get Started Today Realize all the benefits of online member management today. Create your account for free today and start configuring your membership. If you need help migrating your existing database, or have questions about pricing, please contact us 240-497-0037

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This online Membership Manager solution combines all the necessary tools to run your club, association or community member based organizatio...