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Institute Student and Parent Handbook - 2011

Table of Contents Welcome Packing and Planning Mailing Information Traveling to and from Camp Airline Tickets and Travel Documents Driving Directions Packing List Prohibited Items Labels Luggage Registration Cottage Clean-up Cell Phones and Phone Calls While you are at Compass USA International Summer Camp Physical Boundaries Dining Hall Campus Stores Banking Services Campus Security Emergency Procedures Crossing the Highway Lost and Found Health Services Rules Student Guidelines and Code of Behavior Our Classes and Activities Our Teachers Our Counselors Our Conversation Pals ESL Classes New York City, Washington DC, and More!



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WELCOME Thank you for joining Compass USA this summer at our International ESL Camp in Philadelphia. We are so excited about our summer camp plans for adventure, fun and learning! If you are a returning student, we welcome you back, and if you are a new student, we’re pleased to count you as part of the Compass USA community. Our International ESL Camp is a special place where adventurous young people are free to focus on improving their English language skills while developing friendships with kids from around the world. Our goal at Compass USA is to provide a nurturing environment with exceptional learning opportunities for our students, many of whom travel great distances to attend. We ask that students and parents read through this STUDENT HANDBOOK thoroughly before coming to our International ESL Camp in Philadelphia. Each year’s handbook has new and updated information. PACKING and PLANNING Mailing Address If you use the United States Post Office for mail or packages, use this address: Student Name Compass USA International Camp 1001 E Lincoln Hwy Exton, PA 19341 TRAVEL INFORMATION Traveling To and From Compass Int. ESL Camp Please note: travel plans are required for all campers regardless the mode of travel. Even if you are transporting your camper yourself, we still need a travel form submitted. This provides us the information we need to properly prepare to receive your camper. (Day campers and campers of Compass Int. ESL Camp employees are the only exception.) Any camper arriving at the airport or bus station requiring transport to Compass Int. ESL Camp for whom NO travel plans have been submitted may be assessed an accommodation fee of up to $150 for transport to Compass Int. ESL Camp. Airline Tickets, Passports and other travel related documents For safekeeping, airline tickets, passports and other travel related documents are stored in the Camp Director’s office. Additional Travel Tips: • Use "Electronic Ticketing" whenever possible.


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It is important that the child’s name, address, and phone number are inside and outside of each piece of luggage. Send your child with travel money for personal needs and/or any costs that may arise during travel and on off campus activities. Snacks, Souvenirs, and T-Shirts will be sold in the camp store. Compass Int. ESL Camp cannot accommodate students with early arrivals and/or late departures. Significant fees per night will be assessed to those students needing additional overnight care and supervision. Airlines are not making any exceptions to the policies involving checked and carry-on luggage.

Driving Directions to Compass Int. ESL Camp From Philadelphia International Airport to 1001 E Lincoln Hwy, Exton, PA 19341 Travel on I-95 South 5.7 miles Take exit 7 and merge onto I-476 16.4 miles Take exit 16B and merge onto I-76 W toward Valley Forge 4.1 miles Take exit 327-328A-328B for US-202 W toward US-422 W/King of Prussia/W Chester/Pottstown 331 feet Take exit 328A on the left to merge onto US-202S toward W Chester 11.5 miles Take US-30 W exit toward Downingtown/Coatesville 0.2 miles Keep left at the fort – follow signs for US-30 E/US-30 BUS/Exton/Frazer 0.3 miles Turn right onto US-30 BUS/Lancaster Ave/E Lincoln Hwy - Continue to follow US-30 BUS/E Lincoln Hwy Camp will be on your right. PACKING - WHAT TO BRING / WHAT TO LEAVE AT HOME General Information The cottage is your “home” at camp. Many of your friends at Compass Int. ESL Camp will be your cottage mates, and the staff will do their best to ensure that students work together to foster a comfortable, clean, and congenial living environment. Cottages are inspected every morning and each student is responsible for an assigned job during clean-up. Although the cottages differ slightly from one another, each contains just about the same furnishings and bath fixtures. Campers will share a room with one or two other campers. Each camper will have his/her own bunk bed, desk and a shared closet. Packing List 7 days of comfortable, casual clothing. Suggested items: • T-shirts (short and long-sleeved) • 4-5 pairs of shorts • 1-2 pair of long pants or jeans • Day pack or backpack • Baseball Cap or Other hat - sun protection • Rain jacket and umbrella or hooded rain jacket • Pajamas


Socks and underwear Nice outfit and shoes for Shopping & Church Comfortable shoes for walking tours, shopping and amusement parks (sneakers/ tennis shoes) • Swimming trunks/suit (no thongs) • Basketball or tennis shoes (court shoes- no black soles) Laundry bag Flip flops for the shower Toiletries (toothpaste and toothbrush, hair brush or comb, shampoo, soap, etc.) Reusable water bottle / travel mug Snacks (crackers, granola bars trail mixes, etc.) Any medications with specific instructions from your physician Sunglasses Flashlight Digital camera Card games Laundry detergent and fabric softener – available at camp Sunscreen Bug repellent Toiletries (toothpaste and toothbrush, hair brush or comb, shampoo, soap, etc.) will be available at camp store for purchase • • •

* Linens/bedding- bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, sheets, blanket, pillows are provided. Electronics MENT AND CLOTHING LIST Campers who bring small electronic devices do so at their own risk. Any inappropriate items brought to Compass Int. ESL Camp will be confiscated and stored or shipped home at camper’s expense. Compass Int. ESL Camp is not responsible for lost or damaged confiscated items. Recordings with “Parent Advisory” labels are not permitted. All devices needs to be used at appropriate times. Telephones Students are encouraged to use calling cards when calling home. Keep in mind that this is a camp setting, telephone access is limited, and students have limited time to place calls. Calling cards can be purchased at the camp store. Calls home are limited to once a week.  

Students will need to utilize calling cards to make long distance calls. Parents may wish to instruct your son or daughter about the use of a telephone calling card, as this can be a less expensive way to call home. Some long distance carriers offer restricted calling cards that can only be used to call your home number. Contact your long distance company for details. Students often do not receive phone messages until late evening. It might be the next day before your son or daughter can call you back.

Cell Phones Students may bring their cell phones, but please be aware that they can be distracting to others, and, therefore, we are limiting cell use to breaks and rest periods. Students should use their cell phones in the privacy of their rooms only. Cell phones and texting via SMS is not allowed


during classes, excursions and in dining halls and dorms after lights out. Leave your cell phone OFF- do not send text messages or emails during classes, excursions, in dining halls, and in dorms after lights out. Compass Int. ESL Camp is not responsible for lost or damaged phones that are brought to camp. Prohibited Items: • • • • • • • • •

Rollerblades Scooter Skateboards Bicycles Items of high monetary/sentimental value Weapons Drugs Alcohol Clothing with inappropriate sayings or pictures

Labels – Clothing and Equipment It is IMPORTANT that all articles of clothing and other belongings have a name clearly marked for quick and easy identification. Please mark other personal items with a permanent laundry marker. Put an inventory list of clothing and equipment inside suitcase. Pack in duffel bags or suitcases as storage space is limited. st Day Compass Int. ESL Camp Registration Times and Opening Activities Saturdays, June 29, July 6, 13, 20, 27 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon (will continue to 4:00 p.m. for any arriving later). LATE FLIGHTS MUST BE APPROVED IN ADVANCE. Arriving On Campus • •

By Car - follow signs to the cottage housing By Compass Int. ESL Camp Bus - Students will be dropped off at the cottage housing area and guided by staff from there

Registration •

– – – • •

At Registration, you will be asked about travel plans and, in addition, must have the following items complete before receiving your cottage assignment: Admissions must have your signed enrollment agreement on file The Business Office must show that your tuition bill is paid Health Services must show that all of your health forms are complete When registration is complete students will receive cottage assignments and can proceed to division. Once a student receives his/her cottage assignment, he/she is OFFICIALLY checked in and may not leave campus until camp is over.

Cottage Clean Up


It is of the utmost importance that campers maintain the cleanliness of their individual and common areas. Students will keep up with the common areas (living room, kitchen, sitting areas, hallways) and individual rooms. Trash must be taken to the curb Sunday and Wednesday nights. There will be a vacuum available as well as cleaning supplies. CFS staff will clean the bathrooms on Monday mornings and Thursday mornings. Please listen to your counselors instructions regarding cleaning procedures. WHILE YOU ARE AT COMPASS INT. ESL CAMP Physical Boundaries Following arrival, Institute campers will be informed about appropriate campus boundaries for their session. Boundaries for Compass USA Campers are generally limited to the cottage area, main camp and the instructional areas of main camp. Students are responsible for knowing where they are allowed to be at what times. We ask that students act responsibly. Dining Hall Meals are available for campers in the dining hall during posted times. Campers will enjoy meals with their cottage-mates. Menus The basic menus for the cafeteria are evaluated by an experienced nutritionist. Vegetarian offerings are available at each meal. Menus are scheduled on a two or three-week rotation to provide both variety and repetition of popular offerings. Campers are expected to be in appropriate attire for all meals and exhibit proper behavior. Banking Services An ATM (cash dispensing only) machine is located in Stone Student Center. Camp counselors and administrative personnel cannot be responsible for individual student money. Campus Security Security and Campus safety are top priorities at Compass Int. ESL Camp. The campus is patrolled by trained security professionals, providing response and assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-round. The camp life division staff is also trained in camp emergency procedures and they play a supervisory role across the campus. It is important to note that Compass Int. ESL Camp has an open campus. Emergency Procedures Emergency procedures are posted in each cottage and building for evacuation and emergencies. There is an emergency procedure manual in every cottage and classroom.


Crossing the Highway When campers need to cross the highway to reach another division, they must do so via the underground tunnel. All headphones, earplugs, etc. from personal listening devices must be removed and turned off before crossing. Lost And Found Lost and found items are turned in to the Camp Director. Missing articles should be reported right away to the Camp Director. You will be required to complete a Lost/Stolen Items Report. If an item is discovered missing after the camper returns, items may be reported to the Compass USA Int. Camp website. Due to the volume of items left behind at the end of the Camp season, Compass Int. ESL Camp will only maintain record of, store, and ship home the following items of value and the recipient is responsible for the shipping and handling charges. • • • • • • • •

Musical Instruments Medications with the owner’s name clearly marked on the container Personal documents (passport, I-20, State ID, etc.) Personal medical devices (hearing aids, glasses) Key sets (home, car, etc.) Wallets, cash, financial transaction devices Any single item with a fair estimated value of $200 or more Any item not listed above deemed to have “extreme sentimental value,” is dealt with on a case-by-case basis

While we will make every reasonable effort to assist you in locating the lost items listed above, Compass Int. ESL Camp cannot assume financial or other responsibility for lost, stolen or broken personal property of the camper. It is strongly recommended that parents insure any items of high value brought to camp, on an individual basis. Any found items not claimed within 90 days after the end of the camp season will be donated to local charities or otherwise recycled. Compass Int. ESL Camp will not be responsible for maintaining, locating or returning various clothing items, laundry, bed linens, personal toiletries water bottles etc. These items will be disposed of or donated to local charities. Health Services Community Health Professionals are available 24 hours each day to meet health care needs of students. In addition, physicians and nurse practitioners hold clinic hours Monday through Saturday, and are also on call at all times. The health insurance carrier for the student will be billed for services provided by Compass Int. ESL Camp physicians and nurse practitioners. Parents will be held responsible for co-pays or other fees not covered by the insurance carrier for charges incurred for seeing a physician or nurse practitioner. Compass Int. ESL Camp is not responsible for the costs associated with medical services provided by medical professionals. Medical consultations and treatments are confidential and are shared with others on campus on a “need to know” basis only. State and local child protection laws require Compass Int. ESL Camp personnel to report to authorities any


suspected cases of abuse (physical, mental, or sexual) or neglect. Discussions of personal matters are also confidential and are shared only on a “need to know” basis. Medications and Health Forms Prior to the beginning of the session, each student is required to submit a Camp Health Form including a list of medications the student will be taking while at Compass Int. ESL Camp. We also have easy access to local pharmacies for medications and prescription refills. All medications, prescription and non-prescription, will be collected from students at the beginning of each session and will be secured, and dispensed, by authorized Compass Int. ESL Camp personnel. Students are not permitted to keep any unsecured medication in their cottages, with the exception of epinephrine for anaphylaxis, or inhalers to control asthma. Students are responsible for picking up medications from Health Services as scheduled, and for picking up any unused medications at the end of each session. Health Services highly recommends that students who wear glasses or contact lenses bring an extra pair with them to Compass Int. ESL Camp. Many times, glasses break and need to be sent for repair, and contacts become worn, lost or dirty. RULES and Guidelines Remember, you are an ambassador for your country and your sponsoring organization. Represent yourself and your country with pride by following these rules: Speak English: Do your best to speak English when you are with Americans. Speak English with your classmates. Attendance: Attendance to classes, activities and excursions is compulsory. Please be on time for all the activities and classes. Complete the homework that is assigned to you. Listen when your teacher or others are talking. Follow directions. Be courteous to your teachers/instructors. Participate! Curfew: Students are required to be in their room by 10:00 PM each evening. Shared Rooms: Students will stay in double (or triple) occupancy rooms. Students are responsible for keeping their rooms neat, clean and presentable, and for being courteous to their roommates. Make your bed every day and pick up your bathroom. Meals: Breakfast (7:30AM), lunch (12PM) and dinner (5:30PM) will be available each day. Be on time for meals, use good manners, and say thank you to the foodservice staff for the meals provided. Spending Money: Students are responsible for purchasing their own souvenirs and snacks. An average student spends $50-$100 per week on self-selected activities, souvenirs and snacks. Keep your valuables in a safe place. Don’t carry more than $25-$50 at a time. Otherwise, bring a credit card or ATM card.


Crossing Route 30: All students and staff are required to use the underground tunnel to cross Route 30. Crossing Route 30 by any other means is strictly prohibited. Pool Rules: When in the swimming pool, students must obey the pool rules. The lifeguard rules must be followed at all times. No swimming in the pools once the swimming pool time is over. Computer Use: Limit your computer/email to 30 minutes per day. Never post a photo to the internet without permission. Social Media, Facebook or other Internet Sites: Write respectfully about your experience when posting information publicly. Under no circumstances should you post any photos of any program activity or participant without getting their permission first, even if you post to a “private� web page. There is no such thing as a truly private posting on the internet. Bathing/Laundry: You are expected to shower or bathe daily and to wear clean clothes daily. Do your laundry weekly. If you need help, ask someone to show you how to use the laundry system. Laundry facilities are available in each cottage, free of charge. Laundry soap can be purchase at the camp store. Student Affection: Limit affection with others to actions that would not be offensive to others on the program. Serious displays are not permitted. Abusive Language and Profanity: Abusive language, racial slurs and profanity are not permitted at any time. Never make fun of others or speak unkindly. Cooperative and Respectful Behavior: You must cooperate, follow directions and respect everyone. You are expected to treat everyone with courtesy and respect at all times. Driving: You are not allowed to drive automobiles, motorboats, motorcycles, jet skis etc. Seatbelts: All students MUST wear a seatbelt when in a moving vehicle. Safety: Stay with the group. Practice the 3-Buddy System (never go anywhere alone, always go with two other buddies and ask permission from the adult in charge before you leave the group).


Emergencies, Illness & Problems: The counselors are here to help you. Tell your counselor whenever you need help. American Laws: You must obey ALL American laws at all times. STEALING AND SHOPLIFTING ARE AGAINST THE LAW. Weapons: You are not allowed to conceal or carry a weapon or to threaten yourself or others. Students considered to be in potential danger to themselves or to be a potential danger to others, will be sent home immediately. Damage & Vandalism: Do not deface any building or property. Do not litter. Pick up after yourself! You are financially responsible for any damages or destruction of property. You are not allowed to trespass, damage or vandalize any property. You can be arrested and charged with breaking an American law. Drugs: Use of any non-prescription drugs is illegal. Alcohol: It is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 years to drink alcohol. Smoking: The purchase of cigarettes and smoking is never allowed. POLICY ON SMOKING AND SUBSTANCE USE: Compass USA and The School at Church Farm have zero tolerance for the use or possession of alcohol, tobacco, weapons or drugs. Their use or possession will result in immediate expulsion from the Compass USA program. Students are required to read and sign the Compass USA Student Guidelines and Code of Behavior, which are included in the arrival packet, prior to their attending camp. Also, students review these rules and regulations during student orientation. You must complete your application form honestly and COMPLETELY. All medical information must be accurate, complete and up to date including any prescriptions you are currently taking. All current medications must be sent with explicit instructions. If you have any pre-existing medical or other conditions, if you are a smoker, you must indicate this on your application form. Failure to honestly and accurately complete your application form may result in your immediate removal from the program. Students who misbehave or break the above stated rules will receive the following consequences: 1. You must sign a written WARNING and agree to follow the rules. 2. If you misbehave or break the rules a second time you will sign another WARNING and miss the next activity. 3. If you continue to disobey the rules, you may be released from the program at your own expense. Any student who breaks any of the following rules will be removed from the program immediately and returned home at their expense: Harming Yourself or Others

Fighting, harming others in any way, and/or conduct Endangering the health and safety of participants and others is prohibited. Threatening to inflict injury or actually inflicting injury to any person will result in immediate dismissal from the camp.


American Laws

You must obey ALL American laws at all times. STEALING, LITTERING, VANDALISM, DRINKING OR PURCHASING ALCOHOL, TOBACCO PRODUCTS OR OTHER ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES AND SHOPLIFTING ARE AGAINST THE LAW. Disobeying any American law will result in immediate dismissal from the program.

Our Classes and Activities Our Teachers In any academic program, the selection of appropriate ESL certified teachers contributes greatly to the success of the children’s success and improvement with the English language skills. Compass USA Teachers provide English instruction, but also cultural awareness, fun and excitement in a warm and welcoming environment. Our teachers: • • • •

Spend the necessary time to fulfill the ESL language goals Create positive energy and motivate the students to participate in class and the activities Communicate and build rapport and credibility with students Demonstrate an appreciation of cultural differences and interest in cross-cultural experiences

Our Counselors Our objective is to help each camper enjoy a happy and healthy summer while making new friends, developing new interests and acquiring new skills. It takes a special person to be a counselor for our campers, your kids. Counselors have to be energetic, enthusiastic, patient and fun. Our camp counselors love an active schedule, working with different age groups and with other counselors. They take pride in helping children grow and develop personally, spiritually, and physically. Our counselors bring their own special talent; whether it’s swimming, sports, English, music, or dancing, and use that talent to help your camper succeed. Our counselors have a desire to teach kids and have the energy and attention to detail necessary to make a busy camp schedule work. They are some of the most dedicated and creative people on the planet, with a goal to help your camper have a successful camp experience.


The majority of our counselors are college students between 18 – 23 years old who come from the teaching, recreation, or psychology fields. ESL Classes The goal of the Compass USA academic program is to advance second language acquisition, and build student confidence in the ability to communicate both verbally and nonverbally in American culture. Compass USA staff will use affirmative, constructive, culturally based language experiences, utilizing current theories of language acquisition to attain this goal. Primary emphasis will be on oral language development that allows students to hear native speakers model inflection, intonation, accent, and pronunciation of the English language. Supportive and affirming teaching practices that promote the natural process of language acquisition and emphasize all sensory modalities will be implemented. New York City, Washington D.C. and More! We are an international summer ESL camp, but are we in classes all day? No! Balance is the key to every week Compass USA Int. Camp. You’ll definitely get your fill of fun things to do this summer! We make every effort to enhance our classroom learning with cultural and fun activities on and off campus. Please refer to our schedule for the activities scheduled for your camper. We keep our campers busy from dawn until bedtime. Busy campers are happy campers. We provide a variety of sports, arts and social experiences to make their summer experience and Compass USA International ESL Camp unforgettable!


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