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WEEK OF APRIL 15 - 21, 2010

Vol. 2, Issue 15

FREE Quote of the Week: “A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvements, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned – this is the sum of good government.”

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-Thomas Jefferson

State bans sewer hookups Local moratorium stymies economic growth


Pamlico County suffered a devastating economic setback this week when state regulators nixed all future sewer hookups by Bay River Metropolitan Sewerage District. The ban, which local sewer officials hope will be shortterm, requires a public hearing before the moratorium takes effect May 24. In a sternly worded letter dated April 9, David May, the Aquifer Protection Regional Supervisor for the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources cited the crux of the problem: “The infiltration ponds at the River Dunes site are not functioning as designed,” wrote May. These reservoirs, also known as basins, were supposedly

constructed as a conduit for highly treated wastewater to reenter the environment. Unfortunately, recent tests confirm the ponds are ‘infiltrating’ at only a micropercentage of the 300,000 gallon per day rate required by a state permit. For the past three months, effluent from the Oriental treatment plant – one of two operated by the sewer district – has been intentionally diverted by pumping it 20 miles away to a pine plantation just north of Arapahoe. There, the effluent is sprayed, in keeping with the sewer system’s commitment to avoid direct discharge into creeks, waterways, or even the Neuse River. However, the sprayfield can receive no more than 500,000 gallons per day. That limit on disposal translates into a limit on capacity, despite the fact that the sewer district’s two plants have a combined treatment

Elections feud brews JEFF AYDELETTE Staff Writer

and calls the remarks from Wilson ‘defamatory.’ In a meeting Tuesday morning, Chairman David Cox cited a provision in “Robert’s Rules of Order” that favors summaries over transcripts. However, Cox said the state’s Open Meetings law does

BAYBORO -- The Republican appointee to the Pamlico County Board of Elections wants the official minutes from a controversial March 23 meeting to take the form of a 31-page verbatim transcript. At that session, a half dozen county voters said they witnessed conduct during the 2008 elections that might have violated state regulations meant to ensure fair and impartial David Cox, a Democratic appointee to the Pamlico County Board of Elections, and Judith Smith, the elections. Judith Smith Republican appointee, differ on the best way to document what happened in a March 23 session. believes the document, which she transcribed, allow complete audio recordings will deflect criticism from as a substitute for written minutes. Katherine Wilson, who leads the At Smith’s suggestion, the threelocal chapter of the Democratic member board tabled adoption of Party. Wilson recently lambasted the March 23 minutes – and the Smith for accusing poll workers of form that the minutes will take wrong doing in the 2008 elections. -- until it reconvenes next month. Smith denies Wilson’s allegations

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See letter from the Division of Water Quality, page 2

This spray field in a pine plantation north of Arapahoe is owned and operated by Bay River Metropolitan Sewerage District. State regulators fear the site could become overtaxed due to a failure of infiltration ponds elsewhere in the county.

capability of 800,000 gallons per night, April 15, at 7 p.m. day. The district office is behind Any fix will likely prove costly. The board of directors for the First Citizens Bank in Bayboro. sewer district meets Thursday The meeting is open to the public.

‘Restore’ runs, says ferry report RALEIGH -- A study of the North Carolina Ferry System suggests reinstating last year’s drastic cutbacks to the Neuse River crossing, better known as the Minnesott Beach – Cherry Branch route. During peak tourist season, a severe budget crunch forced transportation officials to abruptly eliminate 32 weekly crossings in order to operate with one less vessel crew, and with only one vessel (instead of the customary two) during part of each day. In a nod to the commuterdominated flavor of the ferry

run that provides transportation between Pamlico and Craven counties, the report concedes “the reduction in services during the summer of 2009 impacted some communities more severely than others.” The 22-page document, which analyzes the results of a July 2009 See FERRY, Page 3

Union law triggers outrage

Special to The County Compass

WASHINGTON, D.C. -A proposed Federal law that could preempt North Carolina’s prohibition on labor unions for public safety employees has been abruptly introduced in the U.S. Congress. In a ‘legislative alert’ e-mailed to elected officials, the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners called the pending legislation “a first step toward unionization of all classes of public employees.” Experts on Congressional protocol warn the Senate bill could be summoned for a vote

within 48 hours after introduction – bypassing normal procedures for subcommittee review. Companion bills in the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House, S3194 and H.R. 413 respectively, are a concern, according to lobbyists for the National Association of Counties, who called the measure ‘intrusive legislation.’ The national association has labeled its opposition to the bill as its ‘highest priority’ for 2010. The bill instructs the Federal Labor Relations Authority to develop regulations and minimum criteria for state and local See UNION, Page 20

News Points


Week of April 15 - 21, 2010

The County Compass

N.C. Division of Water Quality Letter


April 9, 2010

Wed. and Fri. nite

Sat. Nite Hot Butterd Grits

Mr. Art Hough Bay River Metropolitan Sewerage District Post Office Box 758 Bayboro, North Carolina 28515 Subject: Notification of Sewer Moratorium Permit No. WQ0013348 Dear Mr. Hough: The Division of Water Quality has determined that the Bay River Metropolitan Sewerage District (BRMSD) Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Facility is unable to adequately collect and treat waste tributary to its wastewater treatment facility. The determination is based on the fact that the infiltration ponds at the River Dunes site are not functioning as designed. As such, all wastewater from the Oriental and Bayboro wastewater treatment facilities is being disposed of its wastewater at the Arapahoe spray site, which is designed to 500,000 gallons per day. The two facilities’ average influent flow for 2009 was 460,000 gallons per day, which is 92 percent of available capacity.

7689 Hwy 55 East Reelsboro


North Carolina General Statute 143-215.67(a) states in part, that no person subject to the provisions of . . . (various provisions of the same chapter) . . . shall cause or allow the discharge of any wastes to a waste-disposal system in excess of the capacity of the disposal system, or of any wastes which the disposal system cannot adequately treat. Should these terms be violated, 143215.67(c) states a moratorium may be imposed “on the addition of waste to a treatment works” if the treatment works is not capable of adequately treating additional waste.



The wastewater treatment system can no longer adequately dispose of the wastewater that is coming into the system. Therefore, BRMSD is hereby placed on a sewer moratorium (with no new sewer taps or extensions) at its wastewater treatment plants effective May 24, 2010.


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This moratorium will remain in effect until BRMSD has sufficiently demonstrated that it can adequately dispose of the wastewater coming into its facilities and has obtained written permission from the Division of Water Quality suspending the moratorium. As required by 143-215.67(d), BRMSD shall give public notice that a moratorium will be placed on the discharge of additional waste to BRMSD’s treatment works within 15 days of receipt of this letter. BRMSD shall give public notice of the moratorium by publication of the notice one time in a newspaper having general circulation in the county in which the treatment works is located. Correspondence pertaining to this moratorium should be sent to 943 Washington Square Mall, Washington, NC 27889. If you have any questions about this letter, please contact David May at (252) 948-3939. Sincerely, David May Aquifer Protection Regional Supervisor Washington Regional Office Division of Water Quality N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources

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News Points

The County Compass

Week of April 15 -21, 2010

FERRY, Continued from Page 1 questionnaire, completed by a sample of motorists on each of the system’s seven regular routes, hints for the first time that future system funding may require a charge on the four ferry runs that now operate toll free. The report floats a trial balloon of $10 - $12 per one-way trip, with a highly discounted “Commuter Pass” for regular users. A team of academics at the Institute for Transportation Research and Education at N.C. State University, led by researcher Jeff Tsai, authored the reported. The authors warn that a “system-wide tolling structure” would represent “a major paradigm shift,” which could trigger fireworks. On page 16 of the report, labeled a “Benchmarking and Optimization” study, Tsai and his colleagues caution lawmakers and the powerful state Board of Transportation “to not underestimate anticipated impacts from adopting ferry tolls.” The Cherry Branch – Minnesott Beach is the second most heavily traveled route (behind the tourist laden Hatteras to Ocracoke crossing) transporting nearly 280,000 vehicles and 490,000 passengers annually. By comparison, the least traveled route, between Swan Quarter and Ocracoke -with a crossing time of 2.5 hours and $15 toll for most motorists -- has just 27,431 vehicles over the course of a year. The report cites statistics indicating

the local Neuse River route has the most stable year-round traffic count. Between July and February, the total count for Cherry Branch – Minnesott Beach crossings varies by just 13,000 “reflecting a high proportion of travelers being commuters.” Officials concede many Pamlico County residents work in Havelock at the sprawling Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station, with some commuter traffic coming the other way bound for the Neuse River’s northern shore. Affectionately known as the North Carolina navy, the state’s ferry system is the second largest in the nation behind the State of Washington in the Pacific northwest. Passengers on the state’s seven routes completed a total of 2,081 surveys in July 2009. Overall, 72 percent were “extremely satisfied” with their experience, while another 25 percent were “somewhat satisfied” – leaving a meager 3 percent either ambivalent or miffed for some reason. The greatest concern on the majority of the routes was a desire to board the intended departure, thus avoiding any wait for the next scheduled crossing. Frequency of use varies dramatically. The Neuse River and Pamlico River ferries sport large categories of regular daily passengers, whereas the majority of passengers on the remaining routes reported using the ferry route only once or twice per year.

Reliable performer honored by Subway

From left, franchise owner Candice Jones with the Campen family members: Martha, Floyd, and Tana, and the Subway mascot. JEFF AYDELETTE Staff Writer

CAMP LEJEUNE -- Tana Campen, 44, daughter of Arapahoe residents Martha and Floyd Campen, recently celebrated her 13th year of consecutive employment at the Subway restaurant on this Marine Corps base. The long February 2008 crossings for the Minnesott Beach – Cherry Branch ferry. Figures from this stint is particularly remarkable in the fast time of year best represent commuter traffic and are least influenced by tourist travel: food industry, which is marked by high turnover among employees. Subway franchisee Candice Jones surprised Tana, who has Down Syndrome,

with a party on April 9 attended by friends, family, and co-workers. The Subway of Camp Lejuene is one of the busiest in the chain of some 31,000 restaurants. “There’s hardly a time when you won’t see a line of hungry Marines,” said one who is familiar with the store’s operations. Tana Campen and others with Down Syndrome are living longer than ever before. Much like Tana, many enjoy independent and productive lives well into adulthood.

Pre-K and Kindergarten Registration Date/Time:

April 15, 2010 from 4:30p.m. – 7:30p.m. April 16, 2010 from 9:00a.m. – 1:00p.m.

Place: Pamlico Primary School Gym Requirements: Pre-K: Child must be 4 on or before August 31, 2010 Kindergarten: Child must be 5 on or before August 31, 2010 Source: “Benchmarking and Optimization of the North Carolina Ferry System”

Little Italy Pizza & Subs “Hand Tossed Pizza Made Fresh Daily”

Pizza and Putt Putt Come and see our new 9 hole miniature golf coarse.

Things to bring with you: • Your child • Proof of residency (phone bill or any statement that shows your name and address) • Child’s birth certificate • Child’s social security card • Proof of income (W-2 tax form or pay stub) (only for Pre-K eligibility) If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office at (252) 745-3404. We look forward to meeting your child and registering them for school.

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News Points


Week of April 15 - 21, 2010

The County Compass



ounty mpass

210 Vandemere Road, Suite B Bayboro, NC 28515 (252) 745-3155 Office (252) 745-3220 Fax MAILING ADDRESS: PO Box 460 Bayboro, NC 28515 EDITOR Jeff Aydelette 252.670.0447 ADVERTISING SALES Julie Ruzicka 252.571.4449 Please e-mail all ads to: COPY WRITER & PHOTOGRAPHER Jennifer Pare OFFICE MANAGER Daphne Thomas Please e-mail all press releases to:

‘Down the County’ seeks performers for talent search GRANTSBORO – Author, musician, airline pilot, and nightspot owner Ed Terry will host a countywide ‘Talent Search’ Friday night, April 23, on the stage of ‘Down the County’ on Highway 55 just east of Grantsboro. The job of recruiting performers has been embraced by Amy Smith of Stonewall United Methodist Church, who views the night of singing and other performances, as an excellent venue to


raise money for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. “This is not really a competition,” said Smith, “but rather a way to showcase all of the magnificent talent that exists here in Pamlico County.” Part of the proceeds from book sales of Terry’s first novel, released last year, will also boost the night’s revenues. Titled ‘Windwalker: A tale of love on Ocracoke Island,’ the intriguing work of fiction has

R e c e s s i o n

spurred accolades for the budding author. The list of contestants is expected to grow over the next week. To register, e-mail Smith at: steveamysmith@ Already on the evening’s playbill are the following performers: Lisa Stephenson, Judy Stephenson, Carey Smith, Aiden Smith, Bailey Smith, Kaitlyn Spain, Dixie Strings, and Ed Terry.

B u s t e r s

HONESTY - INTEGRITY – COMPASSION The Democratic primary on May 4 will decide who represents Township 3 on the Pamlico County Commission for the next four years.

• As your current county commissioner, I have always voted for responsible financial management, the lowest possible property tax, and open government – accessible to everyone. • With your support on May 4, I will continue to push for policies in county government that allow maximum freedom for our citizens at the lowest possible cost. JIMMY SPAIN for Township 3 County Commissioner

WEEK TWO, DAY ONE: Steve Lavallee of Merritt-based Creative Kitchen & Bath needs a decision soon from homeowners Neill and Jennifer Haggard as to the type of granite they will choose for their new kitchen countertops. The trio will probably embark on a trip to nearby Beaufort where the trio will meet with Lavallee’s trusted supplier. The most-used area of

almost any home has begun to take shape at 100 Starboard Circle in Oriental. “This week after we got the cabinets up on the walls, Jennifer told me that for the first time she actually began to realize what the design was going to look like,” joked Lavallee. The projected completion date is just four weeks away. And, don’t forget. The veteran craftsman also has a bathroom to tackle for the Haggards.

NOTICE TO READERS: Due to space limitations in this issue of The County Compass, we are unable to bring you the Court 360 mugshots and our popular Sodoku and Crossword puzzles. These

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Jimmy Spain County Commissioner

features will return next week.

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2nd Annual

Program Guide Friday, April 16 - Sunday, April 18

Sponsored by:

Produced by the Oriental Rotary Club and the Pamlico Committee of 100 Page 5 of 20


Oriental In-Water Boat Show

Week of April 15 - 21, 2010

The County Compass

Mayor extends hearty welcome On behalf of the Town of Oriental, I would like to welcome everyone to our village and its “suburbs” for the second annual Oriental Boat Show, this year produced by the Oriental Rotary Club and the Pamlico County Committee of 100, both under the chairmanship of Sam Myers. What better location for a boat show south of Annapolis than in The Sailing Capital of North Carolina! Thanks to Sam and his crew of Rotarians and other volunteer assistants, we have the opportunity to experience another budding “Oriental Tradition.” Thanks also to the newly expanded Pecan Grove Marina for serving once again as the host site for the show. The net proceeds of the show will provide funds for the Rotary Club of Oriental to continue its local, regional and international service projects. The Rotary Club invites you to come again the last weekend of July for its Eighteenth Annual Catch and Release Tarpon Fishing Tournament, which raises funds for scholarships to deserving Pamlico County high school students. Any of the friendly folks in town will be happy to answer questions you may have as we hope you tour about the village and the area. Oriental is widely known for sailing, boating, paddling and other water activities, but we are so much more as well. A growing arts scene offers opportunities to see and acquire works by local and visiting artists and artisans. This weekend also offers the Second Annual Oriental Tour of Homes, jointly sponsored by the Episcopal Churchwomen of St. Thomas and the Oriental History Museum. We hope that you will participate in this entertaining and enlightening event. Stop by the Oriental History Museum for tickets or get them at the door of any home on the tour. Again, welcome to Oriental and to Pamlico County. We hope that you enjoy your visit and will come back soon. Bill Sage Mayor, Town of Oriental

Seminar Schedule for 2nd Annual Oriental In-Water Boat Show

April 17 Oriental Tour of Homes and Gardens Proudly sponsored by St. Thomas Episcopal Church Women & Oriental’s History Museum

10 a.m. to 4 p.m. TICKETS $20 Tickets are available at: Croakertown, Oriental’s History Museum, and Bank of the Arts, New Bern

Homes: Inn at Oriental Hardy House Dr. Daniels/Ragan House King House Applegate House Reed House

Gardens: Melinda Penkava Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Nicholas Jo Ann Reed

For more information, call 252-249-3340 Cover Photos compliments of

Bags • Hats • Pillows • and more Bryson City, N.C.

828-488-2775 E-mail: w w w. j a n s a l l t h i n g s c a n v a s . c o m

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Oriental In-Water Boat Show

The County Compass

Week of April 15 -21, 2010

Thank you Pecan Grove Marina Host Site for the Second Annual Oriental In-Water Boat Show



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Week of April 15 - 21, 2010

Oriental In-Water Boat Show

The County Compass

Hurricanes cringe after confronting Mariner Canvas Mariner Canvas Company, the winner of eleven International Awards of Excellence and six east-coast commendations, fabricates high-quality marine canvas projects including Biminitops, enclosures, boat covers, boat awnings, hard and soft dodgers The Industrial Fabrics Association International, Marine Fabricators Association, and Virginia-Carolinas Canvas Products all recognize Mariner Canvas as a leader in exceptional custom marine canvas fabrication. Mariner Canvas projects have demonstrated high endurance and suffered no damage during rough conditions, easily weathering both Hurricane Isabel and Hurricane Ophelia We opened our custom marine canvas business in spring of 2003, after completion of Marine Canvas Training Institute Courses. We have many years of sailing and cruising experience, which helps us understand the needs and considerations of our fellow boaters and sailors. In addition, our former successful careers in the computer industry bring innovative design and problem solving skills to marine projects. At Mariner Canvas, we take pride in delivering the highest quality marine

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The County Compass

Oriental In-Water Boat Show


Week of April 15 -21, 2010

BOW TO STERN YACHTS, Tent F from freshly sanded blond teak, offering a and Slips 245 & 246, offers yacht brokerage cost-conscientious alternative to real teak. Call and charters, and a sailing school with youth us at 252-675-2346. programs. In Oriental, call 474-6000. COLDWELL BANKER / WILLIS B. PRESCOT T MARINE SMITH REALTY, Tent D, is a full service CONSTRUCTION, Tent C, is dedicated to realty firm owned by a “Down the County” helping you make the most of your waterfront native. In Oriental, call 249-1000. living experience. We provide durable state of the art concrete docks as well as seawalls, DEATON YACHT SALES: Tent D and boatlifts and home foundation pilings. Let Slip 286. In Oriental, Complete brokerage Bobby and his staff design a dock that will extend your living area beyond the shoreline. services for great sail and power yachts. A full service yard, including a machine shop. Call Call 249-0149. 877-267-6216, or 249-1180. CAPE LOOKOUT YACHT SALES, Slips 255 thru 259, features five gently-used EAST CAROLINA SAILING cruising and fishing boats for in-water demos. SCHOOL, Tent A, offers a variety of ASA In Oriental, call 249-2111. certifications, with free refreshers as needed. In CAROLINA CUSTOM TOWERS, Washington, call 495-0175. Tent B, offers custom design & fabrication of EAST COAST BOAT RESTORATION, aluminum & fiberglass products, from largeTrailerables near Tent B, specializes in full scale projects to individual attention--we can meet your needs! We offer personal attention restoration service with wood, fiberglass, and to every project. Whether a large scale product mechanical capability. In Merritt, call 267or a specialized custom application, we will 2201. work with you to meet your every need. Come ELLA VICKERS, Tent E: Recycled to the Oriental Boat Show to see the quality of our work. You can also call at 252-671-3779 Sailcloth Collection is eco-friendly and handcrafted in the USA using yacht sails or visit from around the world. The durable and CAROLINA YACHTS, Slip 248 and sophisticated designs reflect the nautical a trailerable near Tent E, offers custom- lifestyle with crisp white Dacron sailcloth and manufactured skiffs in-water and on-shore. In hi-performance Kevlar sailcloth. Experience Beaufort, call 728-1430. the spirit of the sail reborn. CCBS AND SIGN SHOP, Tent E with FIRST CITIZENS BANK, Tent C: a trailerable near Tent D, is your one-stop shop for all your business needs, including Stability, Strength and Relationships. We signs, banners, and lettering. In Beaufort, call specialize in meeting the financial needs of individuals, small to mid-size businesses, 728-4866. professionals and the medical community. COASTAL NUteak, Tent F: Down on the Nationally recognized for our strength, Docks is the proud distributor for NUteak for stability and customer service, North CarolinaNorth and South Carolina and south Virginia. headquartered First Citizens has more than Made of virgin PVC , NUteak has no additives 380 offices in seven states. Stop by our or recycled materials, allowing us to offer a Oriental office at 409 Broad Street, or call 20-year guarantee on the product. You will Financial Services Manager, Sally Belangia, at find NUteak to be virtually indistinguishable 252-249-1462.

Wachovia - A Wells Fargo Company

Wachovia is now part of Wells Fargo. With any merger comes change, but one thing that isn’t changing is our commitment to Craven and Pamlico counties. As we integrate our companies, our priorities of customer service and philanthropy continue to remain at the heart of all that we do. The more we serve our customers and our communities to the best of our abilities, the stronger we will be. Wachovia has four convenient branches serving customers in Craven and Pamlico. We believe that being active within the community and having a desire to be involved with customers outside the bank is just as important as financial knowhow. “Our goal is to be the neighborhood bank that offers friendly, knowledgeable and experienced staff that have our customers’ best interests in mind,” said Bill Fentress, Market President for Craven and Pamlico counties. “It is vital that we are invested in this community

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and understand its needs.” At Wachovia, we feel that we are only as strong as the communities we serve. Wachovia invests significant resources to aid communities within Craven and Pamlico counties, supporting such organizations as Habitat for Humanity, Eastern Carolina Food Bank, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association and Twin Rivers YMCA. “We live and work in this community and strongly believe our futures are intertwined,” Fentress said. “We not only want to watch this area grow and succeed, we want to be a part of that process every step of the way.” Wachovia recognizes that it takes more than charitable contributions to help our local communities, so we have created a policy that allows employees to use paid time for community service. “We want this community to be better because we are there,” Fentress said. As a combined company, we move forward as one of the strongest financial institutions in the world with a premiere franchise that spans from coast to coast. We have a presence in 39 states and the second largest retail brokerage in the United States. We are proud to provide banking, insurance, investments, mortgage and consumer finance through more than 10,000 branches and more than 12,000 ATMs. Wachovia and Wells Fargo are now one team, and we are twice as strong.


Oriental In-Water Boat Show

Week of April 15 - 21, 2010

The County Compass

UNITED YACHT SALES 800-797-5759 Show Boats

2001 Bayliner 3055

1990 Beneteau 41 S-5

1980 Pacemaker 40

“Just Us”

Flush Deck Motor Yacht, great boat for the low price, Crusaders, genset, A/C.

“ Knot On Call”

Great low hour boat with all Cleanest boat on the market, options, AC, genset, new canvas, second owner, loaded and perfect, salon floors, radar and plotter.

Express, twin Mercruisers and a loaded boat,





1997 Sea Ray 370


E-Z-2 See Near-by Boats NEW BERN:

2003 Neptunus 56 Express “Lady Luck”

1991 Grand Banks Classic 46 “ODYSSEY”

2007 Meridian 411 Sedan Bridge “ The Next 30 Years”

1990 Chris Craft Catalina 427 “We Are Blessed”

Low hours Cats, 2 state- Low hour Cats, 2 stateTwin Cat 3208s with low Low hour Cummins, loadrooms, upper and lower rooms, stabilized, classic hours, loaded and ready to ed with options, salons, trawler, go





1999 Sea Ray 40 Sedan Bridge “Ali Michelle”

2001 Boston Whaler Conquest 28,

2002 Beneteau 393 Oceanis, “NAMASTE”

1986 Kelly-Peterson 46 Cutter,

1989 Symbol 44 Sundeck “Christian Hart”

1976 Hatteras 42 Long Range Cruiser, “ROGALAND”



Twin Cat 3208 with low hours, beautiful teak interior, Great shape, low hours, upper and lower station, fast perfect trawler trawler

1997 Beneteau 461,


2001 Saga 43, “NOTTUS”

Beautiful low hour boat, Twin Yamahas, AC, genset, Low hour Yanmar, beautiful loaded with extras, NEW Low hour Cats with nice boat, new bottom paint 3 stateroom, 2 heads, truly a teak interior, center cockpit Yanmar and Transmission Proven blue water sailboat. full electronics, excellent perfect 10. 2010. condition $185,000 $275,000







1986 Jersey Dawn 40 Sportfish, twin low hour diesel Volvos, loaded and very nice,


ORIENTAL: 2003 Meridian 411 Sedan Bridge

“LuSea” Like new low hour beauty with twin Cummins diesels and all options,

Paragon Sylounge Motoryacht

Baia Atlantica 78 foot,


New boat with all warrenties, in Fort Lauderdale,

in Fort Lauderdale, 92 ft, like new,



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The County Compass

Oriental In-Water Boat Show


Week of April 15 -21, 2010

Triton offers world-class lineup of boats, both power and sail Triton Yacht Sales and Services is proud to be one of the sponsors for the 2010 Oriental Boat Show. We will have brokerage boats and new boats on display. We will be featuring a selection of pre-owned sail and power boats, new LaserPerformance boats -- the world’s premier small boat builder -- and an in-water demo featuring one of the small boats. Triton Yacht Sales is a complete marine business that includes boat/ yacht brokerage, new boat sales, yacht transportation and a boatyard with dry storage and marine services. We are one of the oldest and most experienced boat brokerages in Oriental with more than 25 years of service to the area. There are no limitations on the length and make of boat (power or sail) that we will broker. We have dry storage or wet slips available for quality brokered boats. Triton has a large advertising budget including a Multiple Listing Service for boats and yachts and numerous additional Internet “.com” search engines. Combined with print and other media we offer comprehensive marketing for our customers. The members of our brokerage staff are experienced boaters who understand buying and selling boats and will work hard to sell your boat for you or help you find a boat. We have brokerage offices located in Oriental, Charlotte/Lake Norman, and the Myrtle Beach area. Our home office is located in Oriental on a 2.5-acre complex that has a large, well-lit, fenced/gated dry storage facility, open to do-it-yourself boat owners.

Our boat transport division, Triton Yacht Transporters, has over 25 years of experience transporting boats on both hydraulic and low-boy equipment. Our boatyard offers basic services such as bottom painting, boat maintenance and fiberglass repair. Triton doesn’t just sell big boats. Besides our yacht brokerage, we offer new sailboats from the premier builder of small boats. Laser Performance builds sailboats from the timeless classic, Sunfish to the Olympic class Laser. For the kids, the Optimist and the 2009 Boat of the Year “Bug” are kept in stock at Triton. Sunfish and Laser Parts and accessories are kept in stock. Seitech launching dollies and trailers are offered for the models we sell. Our mission at Triton Yacht Sales is to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and professionalism. For 28 years we have served literally thousands of satisfied customers. Each year we not only sponsor but organize and run sailing events and regattas with an emphasis on getting kids and adults out on the water and enjoying the wonderful resource at our doorstep – the Neuse River and Pamlico Sound!

FORT MACON MARINA, trailerables near Tent A, offers four great cruisers up to 25-feet, on-shore. In Morehead City, call 241-3931.

quality of water in your home or boat, visit us at the Oriental Boat Show, or call 252-6356222 to become the next satisfied owner of a Kinetico Water System.

FULL THROTTLE MOBILE MARINE is here to provide great service to all of eastern North Carolina’s boaters. We specialize in outboards, sterndrives, inboards, pressure washing, electronics installations, and, generally, all your boating service and maintenance needs. At Full Throttle Mobile Marine we promise to make your boat easy to service and affordable. For more information, see us at the Oriental Boat Show or contact Chuck Skinner, owner, at 252-333-4681.

TOM LEWIS OF NEW BERN, Tent E, is an interesting and insightful local author. Contact him at 638-7027.

MARINE CONSIGNMENT OF ORIENTAL, Tent A, is every boater’s delight! You will find great deals on thousands of new and quality used marine items. Dinghies, Davits, Anchors, VHF radios, Folding Bikes, Harken Blocks, Lanterns, Ship’s Bell and much more! You will feel like a kid in a candy store! Visit GENERAL STORE AT ORIENTAL Cindy and Andy in beautiful downtown HARBOR TENT features a ship’s store, Oriental, walking distance from the marinas. tasty deli, and pleasant dockage. Right at the Call for pick up and delivery. A must see/ foot of the bridge in Oriental, 249-3783. do! Telephone/Fax: 252-249-3222. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY OF PAMLICO COUNTY, Tent C, offers MARINER CANVAS COMPANY, information on this critical “hand up” housing Slip 247 and Tent G, winner of eleven mission. Call 745-1106. International Awards of Excellence and six east-coast commendations, fabricates highHARBOR YACHTS, Slips 287 & 288 quality marine canvas projects inclusding and Tent G, has been selling the nicest Bimini-tops, Enclosures, Dodgers, and Boat boats in the area to the best people in the covers. Contact us at 252/633-6982, or visit World. Please call Keirn Rush, CPYB, if you are interested in buying or selling a nice boat.  Visit, or call  800-249-0586 or 249-0586. KINETICO / ADVANCED WATER SYSTEMS, Tent D with a trailerable near the food tent, has been serving Eastern North Carolina since 1986, and now has  a staff of over 35 professionals with locations including Raleigh, Wilmington, and New Bern. We are the company with NON-electric solutions for all water problems.  Our offerings include water conditioners, reverse osmosis drinking water systems, specialty filters, and much more for residential, commercial, and marine applications. If you have concerns about the

MATSON & BLACK ALLSTATE INSURANCE AGENCY, Tent E, offers customized coverage such as Watercraft Liability, up to $1000 in emergency services, Uninsured watercraft Personal possessions, and boat equipment. Allstate offers a wide variety of savings that help make our prices competitive.  Some savings include discounts for: New Boat, Multiple Policy, Boating Education, Diesel Engine, and Automatic Fire Extinguisher System.  Protect your good times. Visit us at the Oriental Boat Show or call Michelle Garcia with the Matson & Black Allstate Insurance Agency at (252)

Come Sign Up For A Free Water Test and Plumbing Inspection!! Come Visit Us To Find Out How Affordable They Really Are. Enjoy A Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System For $17.50 A Month.

Kinetico Water Systems Make A Difference In The Taste of Your Water Color of Your Water Quality of Your Water

For more information on having a Kinetico Water System installed at your home or business, contact:


(800) 865-1208 • (252) 635-6222 Page 11 of 20


Week of April 15 - 21, 2010

Oriental In-Water Boat Show

The County Compass

MATTHEWS POINT YACHT SALES, Slips 242 thru 244 with a trailerable near Tent G, is a major yacht brokerage with the largest presence of any in North Carolina. We are associated with two full service marinas, at Morehead City Yacht Basin and at Matthews Point Marina on the Neuse River. We also have a third sales office in New Bern. We sell boats, therefore, we need listings. Call Joe Naset at 252-444-1805 for all your needs.

NEUSE SAILING ASSOCIATION, Tent C, now in its 37th year, is one of the oldest active sailing clubs in North Carolina. Organized to promote social and recreational activities, as well as a spirit of camaraderie among fellow sailing enthusiasts, the NSA is proud to offer a full calendar of exciting events. Stop by and visit our booth at the 2nd annual Oriental In-Water Boat Show, April 16-18 to learn more.

MIKE’S DIVE SERVICE, Tent A: John Fifer, the new owner of Mike’s Dive Service, is proud to offer the following underwater marine services: Hull Cleaning, Zinc Check/ Replacement, Prop Change, Underwater Digital Photos, Recovery. We service boats and marinas in Craven, Carteret and Pamlico Counties. Come see our fully-equipped dive truck at the Oriental Boat Show, or call us at 252-342-2330. Mike’s Dive Service now accepts credit cards too.

NEWCOAST FINANCIAL, Tent F, is a full service industry leader in the boat loan and refinancing community. With offices conveniently located in most major markets and two in North Carolina, let the experts guide you seamlessly though your boat buying experience. In Wilmington, call George Arnold (910) 619-4573. In Morehead City, call Stewart Orgain (919) 616-4555.

Boat show producer Sam Myers recruited George Arnold of Newcoast Financial Services for a seminar titled “Funding Your Dream Boat in Challenging Times.” The session, set for noon on Saturday, features a one-year subscription to The County Compass newspaper – mailed to anywhere in the MINNESOTT BEACH BAIT & country as a door prize. TACKLE / KNEEDEEP CUSTOM CHARTERS: In Tent B, Owner Dave Stewart caters to local and visiting fishermen, mainly inshore with some offshore tackle and baits -- with live bait being his specialty. What Stewart doesn’t have he can get on short notice and at discount prices. Daiwa, Shimano, and Penn products line the shelves of his shop, along with all the line and baits needed to catch local fish. Sales and 1104 Broad St. installation of Power Poles and Trolling Oriental Motors mean that the staff of this business 249-3200 can outfit your boat with any accessory needs. Go to for additional info.

OPEN DAILY! Stop by on your way to the Oriental Boat Show!

MOBILE EAST MARINE, Slips 239 thru 241, is a family owned and operated Pamlico County business. We are proud to be authorized dealers for Yamaha, Honda, C-Dory and Ranger Tugs. We are also the proud recipients of the Oriental Rotary Club’s “Pamlico County Business of the Year” award. C-Dory Boats rates Mobile East Marine as

David Spruill, the Emergency Management Coordinator for Pamlico County, will demonstrate the proper use of on-board fire extinguishers at 2 p.m. Sunday. The door prize for this seminar is a rechargeable fire extinguisher, donated by A-1 Fire Safety of New Bern.

NOMAD HOUSEBOATS, Inc., Slip 225 – Dinghy Dock, was formed in September 2000. Utilizing new molding techniques for the cabins, and upgrading the overall quality of the interiors, the company has been able to satisfy the requirements of an upscale customer and has quickly gained the reputation of producing high quality products. Website: www.nomadhouseboats. MOSS LANDING MARINA, Tent D: com Or call 252-288-5670. One of the area’s finest. In Washington, call ORIENTAL DRAGON BOATS: (704) 244-9645. Saturday only. The 2010 Oriental Dragon NAUTICAL WHEELERS, Tent E, is a Boat Festival is coming! We have had new shop in Oriental located at 502 Hodges dragons for a long time and now we will have St in the Old  Hotel.  Our goal is to provide DRAGON BOATS.  Oriental expects to draw unique, quality products, servicing both the large crowds August 20-21 for a fun-filled needs the boating community as well as weekend on the water with entertainment for the residents of Oriental.    A sampling of friends, family, co-workers and everyone who our products include unique gifts for the boat visits. This is definitely a weekend where wide and the home, boating apparel, collapsible water meets heaven. Dragon Boat paddlers coolers, handmade North Carolina products, move in unison, combining strength with eco-friendly product, and gourmet treats. teamwork in a boat whose elaborate design NEPTUNE YACHT SALES, Slips 299 originated in ancient China.  Dragon Boats thru 302, will help you find your dream yacht, are the world’s largest flat water racing canoes, with four great boats in the water. In New propelled by a crew of 20 plus a drummer and a steer-person.  Teamwork is everything in Bern, call 633-0317. their number one East Coast dealer for sales and for customer satisfaction. We believe a healthy annual Oriental boat show is critical to the success of many county businesses, as well as ours. Please see us at the show or call 745-5615 for the best marine products and services available.

MINNESOTT BEACH BAIT & TACKLE Stop By To See New Inventory Same Discounted Pricing Refresh your reels with new line HOME OF KNEEDEEP CUSTOM CHARTERS “YOUR LOCAL FISHING AND BOATING KNOWLEDGE” (252) 249-1786 • Cell (252) 670-2841 South on Hwy 306 to 36 Country Club Drive Hours: Wed—Sun 8am—6pm •

Full service Boat Manufacturing and Fiberglass Repair

Spotless Stainless Makes Stainless Steel Sparkle Makes Stainless Steel Sparkle

• Tyndall Marine builds a full line of fiberglass runabouts 8 - 21 feet, that are extremely suitable for the shallow waters of eastern North Carolina. Our onsite manufacturing and repair facility offers full support with professional painting, engineering, and modifications to suit all of your custom needs. • Fully trained staff are available seven days a week to arrange viewings and demonstrations. Our telephones are manned every day to accept direct enquiries. • We run a brokerage enquiry service, whereby interested customers can fill in a form and be kept up to date on new listings. We include your boat in our print advertising program, plus a daily update on our website advertising.

No Rubbing. No Scrubbing. No Polishing. No Kidding!

Great for hard to reach places. Removes rust & “free iron” that causes rust. Protects Stainless Steel.

• All prospective customers are offered a demonstration by a member of staff and the opportunity to inspect the boat out of the water. Independent surveys can also be arranged for clients.

1215 Highway 17 North Bridgeton, North Carolina 28519

252-229-5678 • Page 12 of 20


w w w. s p o t l e s s s t a i n l e s s . c o m

The County Compass

Oriental In-Water Boat Show


Week of April 15 -21, 2010

, dragon boat racing. Sign up your team at the e show for the event of a lifetime. Call Flora  at 675-9424 or Jeff at 670-0447. PADDLES l UP!!! e ORIENTAL ROTARY CLUB: Food A Tent for Rotary burgers and hot dogs with g Tarpon Tournament info on the side. Call d 745-4422. l ORIENTAL YACHT SALES, Slips 289 thru 291, at Whittaker Pointe Marina in s Oriental offers three sweet cruisers in-water: n 28-foot and 34-foot Albins, and an Endeavor s 42. Call 249-1754. s s PECAN GROVE MARINA is the largest g and most protected marina on the harbor of e Oriental, North Carolina.  Whether you rent , or purchase one of our boat slips, you will be part of the best marina in the Southeast. We are proud to host the Oriental Boat Show , for 2010. n g SPECIAL NOTE: Boat show organizers e want to thank you, Lee Cox of Cox Family y Properties, for making this wonderful facility, f Pecan Grove Marina, available to us! Please d e-mail notes of appreciation to LeeCox@ y, or call (919) 847-5554. Slip sales or rentals are available. PAMLICO COUNTY 4-H YOUTH : DEVELOPMENT, Tent C: Check out their n many youth programs. Those who succeed in d 4-H, succeed in life. Call 745-4121. e PA M LI CO CO M M U N I T Y w COLLEGE: Tent B. Learning from and for d their community, and teaching jobs for life. r Call 249-1851. o e PORT VANDEMERE: Tent B, “A s Sailors Village” located just 3 miles up the h Bay River from the ICW.   Our waterfront n community has just started construction s of the clubhouse and 47-slip marina. The , floating dock system is naturally protected d by popular anchorage  Vandemere Creek and accommodates vessels to 60 feet in

President, Peter Waterson has been in the marine electronics field continuously since the late ‘60s and technician Barry Bjork since the mid 70s. Together, they offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide you safely through all aspects of your navigational and communications electronics, from sales to installation and, if necessary, service. In Stonewall, call 745-7800.

Capt. Jim Edwards of Bow to Stern kicks off the seminar schedule at noon Friday. Edwards leads ‘Oriental’s Youth Sailing Program’ and will award a youth life vest as a door prize, compliments of West Marine in New Bern. length. Now’s the time to take advantage of incredible opportunities on Lot/Boat Slip package deals and call home!  252-249-3030. RADIO ISLAND MARINA, Slips 262 & 263, offers three great cruising yachts for in-water demos. In Beaufort, call 247-7580.

70 WEST MARINA OF MOREHEAD CITY, Slips 292 thru 294, has been a North Carolina landmark for more than 35 years with a reputation for impeccable maritime service. For new boat buyers, 70 West offers Regulator and Cobia lines. We also offer a wide selection of pre-owned boats and a competitive brokerage service to help you sell your boat. 70 West is proud to have certified mechanics for Volvo, Yamaha and Mercury engines as well as an on-site parts department open 6 days a week. Dry storage is available as well as 89- octane gas. Visit us at the Oriental Boat Show or at 4401 Arendell Street, or call us at 252-726-5171.

Mark Lucas, a master rigger with Sailcraft Services, says “I am constantly asked to fix things that are not broken.” His seminar at 3 p.m. Friday will examine the ‘interface’ between sailors and all of the mechanical gear on board a typical sailing vessel. Attendees will have an opportunity to win an official Neuse Sailing Association pennant donated by the well-known group of avid sailors.

JOHN RAHM OF ORIENTAL. See what he has to offer at Slip 305. RIVER DUNES, Tent G and Slip 252, elegant living with the beautifully restored “Ms. Grace” in the water SAILING SYSTEMS, Tent G, featuring the ‘Mack-Pack’ sail furling system, great for single-handed sailing. In Oriental, call 6651844. SCOTT’S YACHTS, Slip 238, offers a beautiful MacGregor 26 in-water. In Morehead City, call 670-4616. S E ACOA S T MARINE ELECTRONICS, Tent G, was incorporated in North Carolina in 2006.

Take to the water with BIGGER, BETTER COVERAGE. Travel Lift 35 Ton

Coverage for all types of drivers and boats at Nationwide®.

Mechanical & Electrical Repairs Cosmetic & Structural Repairs

Tommy Boyd


14104 Hwy NC 55 Bayboro 745-5121

Painting Rigging Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Full Service Boatyard #


1 Dealer in the Carolinas

1306 Neuse Drive Oriental, NC 28571



THANKS for Making Us #1 in North Carolina Auto




©2010 Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Affiliated Companies. Nationwide Life Insurance Company. Home office: Columbus Ohio 43215-2220. Nationwide, the Nationwide Framework and On Your Side are federally registered service marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. Not available in all states.We offer non-Nationwide homeowners insurance products only in FL.

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Week of April 15 - 21, 2010

Oriental In-Water Boat Show

The County Compass

SPOTLESS STAINLESS, Tent A, is the simplest most effective way to remove rust and free iron (that causes rust) from Stainless Steel. Spotless Stainless enables a tough oxide layer to protect Stainless Steel and extend the time between cleaning. No Rubbing, No Scrubbing, No Polishing! Spotless Stainless Makes Stainless Steel Sparkle. Call (919) 617-1409, or visit STARLING MARINE, Slips 260 & 261, in Wilmington is proud to announce the opening of its second location in Morehead City. Located at the former Morehead Marine store at 4957 Arendell Street, Starling Marine has been named the exclusive dealer in North Carolina for Parker Marine of Beaufort and for Pursuit Boats of Fort Pierce, Fla. along with the 37’ Spencer Yacht of Wanchese. Starling is coupled at both locations with Gregory Poole Marine Power and is an authorized service provider for Yamaha, Mercury, Mercruiser, Crusader, Honda Marine, Marine Diesel USA and Volkswagon Marine. Starling Marine is uniquely equipped to provide unparalleled sales and service. Call 247-6667.

power boats, new LaserPerformance boats, the world’s premier small boat builder, and an in-water demo featuring one of the small boats. Triton Yacht Sales is a complete marine business that includes boat/yacht brokerage, new boat sales, yacht transportation and a boatyard with dry storage and marine services. TRUE WORLD MARINE, Tent A and a trailerable near Tent A, is located a short distance south of Oriental on the ICW. They serve the boating community as a manufacturer of 28’ and 34’ sports fishing boats and with their new boat repair and service yard, which has a 75-ton lift. True World also paints boats, including bottoms, does FRP repair, woodwork, and provides many other services. Call 252-728-2541 or visit them at the Oriental In-Water Boat Show. Capt. Larry Walker of World Wide Marine Training co-hosts a questionand-answer session at 2 p.m. Friday. He displays a number of door prizes that will be awarded during seminars over the three days of the boat show. Attendees at Walker’s Q&A session will each have a chance to win an official Oriental Rotary Tarpon fishing/sailing shirt, compliments of the Oriental Rotary Club.

ST BARTS YACHTS, Slips 253 & 254, handles brokerage boats and is a boat dealer for new Beneteau and Sabre sailing yachts. Located in Oriental Harbor Village Center, we are staffed by knowledgeable professionals with many years of sailing experience. Come let us help you make your dreams come see the NEW Beneteau 31 and the Beneteau true! Tidewater Real Estate, Inc. of Oriental, 42 Center Cockpit at the Oriental Boat N.C. Toll-free: 1-866-249-9800 or visit us at Show. Call 249-7245. TRIDENT FUNDING, Tent D, TIDELINE MARINE offers trailerables near Tent C. See our beautiful lineup of is America’s largest independently owned Glastron, Proline, and Prolite. In Jacksonville, marine loan originator. In New Bern, call (800) 281-9639. call (910) 455-2979. TIDEWATER REAL ESTATE, Tent C: Waterfront dreams? Welcome to Tidewater Country! We represent some of the most beautiful and affordable waterfront homes and lots in the Sailing Capital of the Carolinas! Please contact us today and

TRITON YACHT SALES AND SERVICES, Tent G and Slips 249 thru 251, is proud to be one of the sponsors for the 2010 Oriental Boat Show. We will have brokerage boats and new boats on display. We will also feature a selection of pre-owned sail and

Luann Parins of Inner Banks Sails & Canvas displays the “SS Oriental” flag and cap donated by Oriental Harbor General Store, which is the door prize for her seminar titled “The Care and Feeding of Your Canvas and Sails.”

U.S. boat brokerage sales. “LIST your boat with someone else, but SELL your boat with United”. or call 800-797-5759 for 24 hour service. See our listings at

TYNDALL MARINE, with four trailerables near Tent A, manufacturers boats in nearby Bridgeton on Highway 17 just north of New Bern. See veteran boat maker Keith Tyndall for a close-up look at the best VETUS MARINE, Tent B, is the bowvessels for fishing the Neuse and Pamlico to-stern specialist in marine accessories and Waters. In Bridgeton, call 229-5678, or visit for complete photo technical equipment. In Morehead City, call 222-5612. gallery. U.S. COAST GUARD AUXILIARY at the dinghy dock offers boating safety information and free vessel safety examinations. In Pamlico County, call 2491821.

VILLAGE FOOD EMPORIUM (open Tue. thru Sat., 11 am to 7 pm.) at 702 Broad St., Oriental. Visit us at the Boat Show Food Tent. The Emporium offers an array of delicious, affordable, and freshly prepared carry-out foods, including made-to-order sandwiches/wraps, salads, dinner entrees, breads, snacks, drinks, soups, and baked goods. Provisioning, catering, and onsite dining available. Phone 252-249-FOOD (3663), or visit

UNITED YACHT SALES OF THE CAROLINAS, Tent G and Slips 295 thru 298, represents United Yacht Sales listings in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. With the main office in Stuart, Florida, United Yacht Sales is the largest independent yacht brokerage in the WNCT 107.9 FM is a proud sponsor of United States and currently represents over 800 listings.  In 2009, the New Bern office the Oriental In-Water Boat Show. Tune in sold millions in brokered boats and the our popular radio station for eastern North brokerage was in the top 5 percent of all Carolina’s best source of Motown, Soul, and

Set Sail... Visit our Display at the Oriental Boat Show




The County Compass

Oriental In-Water Boat Show


Week of April 15 -21, 2010 WAYFARER’S COVE MARINA AND BOATYARD, Tent E, is a fullservice boatyard and marina complex. Our boatyard services include bottom cleaning and painting, gelcoat repairs, boat rigging and all types of mechanical and electrical work. We maintain a 60-ton travel-lift that accommodates haulouts for boats of up to 18’ 6” beam. We also have wet and dry storage facilities. We are located on Bennett Road in Minnesott Beach, and we are also the home of Dawson Creek Boatworks. Stop by or call Dr. Richard “Papa Doc” Hudson, Tom at 252-249-0200. offers advice on boating first aid at 1 p.m. Sunday. The door prize for this WETHERINGTON GLASS seminar is a top-of-the-line First Aid COMPANY, Tent B, is your Plexiglass Kit, compliments of West Marine in specialist for windshields, hatch covers, and New Bern. all types of boat enclosures. In Beaufort, call great Rock ‘n Roll. 726-5665. WACHOVIA is now part of Wells Fargo. With any merger comes change, but one thing that isn’t changing is our commitment to Craven and Pamlico counties. As we integrate our companies, our priorities of customer service and philanthropy continue to remain at the heart of all that we do. The more we serve our customers and our communities to the best of our abilities, the stronger we will be. WAVETOP TECHNOLOGY, Tent B, provides value added marine system services including troubleshooting & solving vessel electrical and corrosion problems. Owner, Jim Bonnett, is an ABYC certified “Master Technician” with over 30 years experience in marine systems service. He comes to your location with the tools, expertise & experience that lets him quickly solve electrical and corrosion problems. Based in New Bern, they can be reached at 252-636-0715 or for more information visit their website at www.

WORLD WIDE MARINE TRAINING, INC., led by Capt. Larry Walker, is based in Oriental and serves mariners all over the USA. WWMT conducts U.S. Coast Guard approved training and examinations for captains licenses, able seaman certifications and a host of other maritime credentials. They hold classes on the U.S. east coast, Great Lakes, Midwest and

‘Uncle Lou’ Midyette, founder of Oriental, may not have discovered this idyllic setting had he not spotted a light At noon Sunday, Veteran harbormaster where this house, owned by Jo Ann and Ross Pease will show sailors how to Ken Reed, now stands. polish their skills with ropes, lines, “Rivertyme,” owned by Jo Ann and and knots during a presentation titled Ken Reed, is one of six houses and “Marlinspike Seamanship.” West assorted gardens on the official “Tour of Marine in New Bern donated a stainless Homes and Gardens” set for Saturday, steel marlinspike knife, which Pease April 17, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the will award to one lucky attendee.

Village of Oriental. In the early 1870s, “Uncle Lou” Midyette, the founder of Oriental, ran aground in a bad squall near Smith Creek. Since the area looked deserted, he “clumb” a tree and spied a light in the only house around for miles. That house was on the current site of this home. Reed designed the airy residence with a wrap around porch and views of the Neuse River from almost every room. The 1800-style oak and walnut furniture blends well with the nautical artwork to create a relaxed atmosphere typical of Oriental living. The name, “Rivertyme”, comes from a book about the history of people living along the Neuse River in the 1800s.

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Week of April 15 - 21, 2010

Oriental In-Water Boat Show

The County Compass

Por t Vandemere — A 47 L ot Mar ina Communit y 1/2 Acre Lot & Slip Package Starting at $89,900 Photos taken April 12 2010

Final touches on utilities — docks are under construction.

First home underway, second home and clubhouse to start in May.

Prepping site of marina and clubhouse.

252-249-3030 •

Cedar Peg Log Home Cottage Models

Weather Tight Packages dried in starting at $60 sq. ft. Cedar Peg Homes has been custom designing and building log homes since 1980. Our homes are constructed with the Finest Northern White Cedar. Northern White Cedar is remarkably resistant to Rot and Insects as well as its superior Insulating qualities. We also feel that Northern White Cedar is a beautiful wood that provides a stunning back drop to your daily life style. Cedar Peg is now offering a Cottage collection custom designed to meet the growing demand for that getaway special retreat. Our Cottage collection keeps in mind your needs of today along with expansion in the future. This allows you to begin your dream home getaway now at a price within your budget. Our Cottages can come in an easy to construct kit with free instruction on site or we can build your home to your specifications on your lot. Let us make your dream a reality. Please feel free to call. We are here for you.

Gwinn Hedrick • 252-249-3010 • Dealerships available

Oriental, NC • Since 1980 • Cedar at Pine Prices • Page 16 of 20

Points of View

The County Compass


Week of April 15 -21, 2010

Personal Points of View Beaufort County acquires public access for Blounts Creek Dear Editor: At the April 5 meeting of the Beaufort County Commission, we held a public hearing regarding Beaufort County’s option to purchase approximately eight acres with frontage on Blounts Creek located near the Crisp Landing Road and Cotton Patch Road intersection. The purchase price is equal to the appraised value of $470,000. The county will benefit from an approved Coastal Area Management Act ‘Water Access Grant’ and a potential Parks and Recreation Trust Fund Grant to assist with a minimum of 75 percent of the purchase price, up to and possibly including 100 percent. The county may suffer other acquisition costs beyond the purchase price. These include such costs as attorney and survey fees. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission is considering a site plan to develop boat and paddle launch facilities at this Blounts Creek location. There was a large crowd at the public hearing with 11 citizens offering comments. The majority voiced support for the project. There were concerns on upkeep, safety, and the wake zone. One speaker wanted us to evaluate other locations and another said we should not spend any money at this time with the way the economy is.

I did not hear any objections that cannot be overcome. As far as another location is concerned, we know of none. As far as the cost to Beaufort County is concerned, it can be anywhere from 25 percent of the $470,000 purchase price to zero depending on the pending application to the North Carolina Parks and Recreation Trust Fund Grant. The seven-member Board of Commissioners for Beaufort County unanimously approved purchase of the Cotton Patch Landing property. With the loss of Whichard’s Beach, I believe this is an excellent opportunity to provide water access to the south side of the river and do not believe we are likely to see another opportunity to compare to the one we approved. There are a few remaining issues, but I believe they can be addressed. Sincerely, Al Klemm, County Commissioner Beaufort County

Painting Tea Party folks as intolerant misses mark Dear Editor: An old adage says that a lie can get halfway around the world before the truth can get its pants on. The perfect example is the fabric of malicious myths being manufactured by Nancy Pelosi and her cronies, distributed by her sympathizers in the Mass Media, and parroted by her acolytes like Dr. Leo

Edwards Jr. in Aurora (Personal Points of View in The County Compass of April 8.) Edwards demonized the Tea Party patriots as somehow being “racist” or “violent” and preaching “hate” or even armed insurrection. These outlandish attempts to smear peaceful protesters, who are concerned about unfair taxation and out-of-control government, are merely a sign of desperation due to a lack of a valid argument against the Tea Party’s call to action. I have been to a number of Tea Party events in various locales, and have never once seen the kind of behavior Dr. Edwards is recklessly alleging. I would ask how many such events he has personally witnessed? However, I think I know what the answer is: None. Particularly odious is his irresponsible attempt to link these patriots, and their friends in the Party of Abe Lincoln, to the KKK (a terrorist group formed by pro-slavery Democrats), when the only Klansman in government today is Democrat Senator R. Byrd. If Edwards wants to talk about hate, he can look in the mirror. With all the media exposure these events have gotten, and especially now that anyone with a cheap cell-phone video camera can be a citizen-journalist, it is completely reasonable to expect that there would be an abundance of video clips to serve as evidence of these outlandish accusations. So far, we are waiting to see the first one. I’m sure the Mainstream Media would be eager to pounce on the first available opportunity to embarrass the protestors,

if there were any truth to the falsehoods being blithely spewed about them. I would encourage everyone to go check out a Tea Party event as soon as possible to see for themselves -instead of blindly swallowing the reckless mischaracterizations being spread by the intolerant who wish to stifle legitimate dissent. Sincerely, Mike Butler Killingworth, Conn.

Coastal states protest change in highway funding formula Dear Editor: NC 20 is a non-profit economic development organization representing the 20 counties affected by the Coastal Area Management Act. As President of this group, I recently sent the following letter to the North Carolina Department of Transportation: We object to any change in the equity formula for Department of Transportation funding. The formula, as you know, was established to ensure that the transportation needs of rural counties were not ignored. Economic dvelopment is heavily dependent on good roads, particulary four-lane highways. The surge in Piedmont metropolitan growth was a direct result of transportation invetsments made there in the last 40 years. The current Continued on Page 18

Award-winning designer Alice returns with a lovely LUNCH ON THE LAWN 11:00 - 2.00

Jewelry Show Tuesday, Apr. 20th 3 to 6 p.m.

Don’t miss this year’s spring presentation.

Marsha’s Cottage Casually Elegant

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Points of View


Week of April 15 - 21, 2010

The County Compass

Continued from Page 17 clamor for more money to treat the resultant traffic problems there could, if satisfied, create a spiral that would lead to a perpetual cycle of building urban loops that would attract more development, hence more traffic. The state is witnessing a huge growth rate in the metro areas; most of the industrial announcements in the past several years have been in the Piedmont Crescents, and five counties garnered 60 percent of all the incentive money, a sad statistic in a state with 100 counties. I cannot overemphasize the role of transportation in this pattern of development. A very large percentage of manufacturing plants demand to be on, or within, 25 miles of an interstate highway. Please ensure that the rural areas of the state do not get ignored in the construction of strategic corridors. NC 20 is particularly concerned with the completion of U.S. Highway 17, the ‘missing link’ in our state’s economic integration with the northeastern United State -- the richest single region in the world. Very Truly Yours, Tommy G. Thonmpson President, NC 20

Personal Points of View has begun counseling sessions at the VA Riverkeeper’s hospital in Martinsburg, West Va., and he sounds much better. son recovers from Having a new girlfriend doesn’t hurt wounds in Iraq the situation, either!  We will continue Dear Editor: I hope you will indulge me in remembering an anniversary today. One year ago today on April 12, 2009, our son, Mitch, was hit by an improvised explosive device, also known as an IED, while on patrol in Baghdad. The events that took place as a result of this incident were scary, troublesome and nerve racking…but in the end, it was evident that what we experienced, while tragic in some ways, was in fact a miracle that things did not turn out much worse. The injuries to Mitch, and to his gunner, Miller, while fairly serious, were not lifethreatening.  And for that, we look to the power of prayer, and the support of family and friends, and especially the grace of God for sparing the lives of these two guys, as well as the rest of their unit. Mitch has recovered well from the injury as far as his physical being.  It is his emotional and inner turmoil that we have been concerned with, and have been encouraging him to address.  He

to keep an eye on him and see that he is getting the professional care he needs and deserves. Miller has had a tougher road, and is still stationed at Walter Reed Military Hospital outside Washington, D.C. He is able to make trips home, though.  He has had numerous surgeries on his leg, and there seems to be some progress.  He is able to walk with the aid of a cane. It is my firm belief that both Mitch and Miller are here because God has great plans for them.  It will be exciting to see where they go. My wife Diane has been an absolute Godsend to me in getting through this last year.  And she has been extremely good to, and for, Mitch.  Mitch’s mom has even realized the goodness in Diane and has spent many hours in conversation and by texting about how things are going.  Diane is one of those rare creations from God who knows where and how to use her Larry Baldwin compassion with and for anyone who Lower Neuse Riverkeeper New Bern needs to be comforted.


PET GROOMING by Muffin Schmidt

of all Grooming Fees donated to P.A.W.S. with this ad! Call for an appointment! • Home-Like Setting • 30 Years Experience • Award Winning

249-1715 57 Indian Trail • Arapahoe

It should never be assumed that we have taken the thoughts, prayers and support from our family and friends. It has been those people, and even people who we don’t know, but who are touched by what happened to Mitch, that has given us the greatest comfort.  Most of you have never met Mitch personally, and surely none of you have met Miller, but it has been as if they were a part of your family.  And that has not been because of me or Diane, but because there is a real caring and concern in this country for the sacrifices that have been made by former military, and now for those men, and women, who are protecting this country all around the world. All I would ask of you on this day, and every day, is to say a short prayer for our military, past and present.  They are the ones who make it possible for us to live as we do.  And when you see a member of the military, take the time to stop and shake their hand and tell them how much they are appreciated.  That simple act means as much to them as anything.


OPEN FOR SEASON Vine Ripe Tomatoes Okra Snap Beans Strawberries Bedding Plants Produce Hanging Baskets

21045 NC Hwy 55, Oriental • Mon. - Sat. 10 - 6 • Sunday 10 - 4 • David Paul • 252.249.2550

AURORA FOSSIL MUSEUM • View a variety of ancient fossils from local sources including the nearby PCS Phosphate Aurora Mine • Enjoy a video about the mine and local geological history • Learn about Eastern North Carolina’s prehistoric Native American residents • Mine your own 15 million year old fossils from the Museum’s fossil piles!

AP R I L SP E C I A L S all Novelties, Buckets, & Screens Monday-Saturday • 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Now Open Sundays






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HIGHWAY 55 • BRIDGETON Bridgeton Commons Shopping Center

Country Music Fans!


Live classic country band Every Saturday night 7:30-10:30

(Formerly Newman’s Tree Care)

Specializing in: • View Enhancement • Tree Preservation • Hazardous Tree Removal • Portable Saw Mill for custom lumber

Presented by Ed Terry Music, LLC Line Dancing Thru. Beg. 6:30 - 7:30 Adv. 7:45 - 9 p.m. No drinkin, no smokin, no cussin

Mulch Available FREE ESTIMATES

Down the County Opry Theater

- A Full Service Tree Company Serving Pamlico County Since 1991

A Pete Newman Company

Bryan Scott, P harmD

675-TREE (8733) • 249-0003

Highway 55 • Grantsboro • 745-3682

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Classified Points

Week of April 15 -21, 2010


BRITTHAVEN of PAMLICO is now seeking Full Time employment for our 7-3 and 3-11 Certified Nursing Assistants Positions. Please apply in person at 290 Keel Rd, Grantsboro NC M-F 9am – 4pm. AAE/EOE.

HOME IMPROVEMENTS BLINDS, SHADES, SHUTTERS WIND AND SOLAR $3250.00 installed R e s i d e n t i a l - C o m m e rc i a l . on your boat. Engines-Mechanical- Call GREATWINDOWS Today! Electronics-Plumbing-Electrical Boat 252.728.3373. Free Estimates. Repair and Updating 252-670-3159. BRYAN JOHNSON BUILDERS When quality is what matters most! BUSINESS FOR SALE Repair – Remodel – Refurbish THE BARKING DOG is available for – Renovations – Additions – Decks its next adventure! Several purchase – Painting – Plumbing - Electrical – options available for either a single Waterproofing - NO JOB TOO SMALL. or double cart operation, accessories H a n d y m a n - C r a f t s m a n - I m a g i n e e r included. Call 617-9247 or email reinventing the look of your home with for quality craftsmanship. Call Bryan Johnson 252-349-1500 more details. (References upon request) BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES

REAL ESTATE – COMMERCIAL TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR FUTURE! 50 year old Distribution Company RENTALS Looking for Online Trainers. Flexible hours; Work from home www. COMMERCIAL/OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT. ORIENTAL -307 Broad St. Office spaces with half baths. Several configurations form $450 to $750. FOOD-EVENT CATERING PARTIES FOR ALL OCCASIONS at Bay River Commons, 210 Vandemere Road (Highway 304), Bayboro. Package includes complete theme decorations, paper goods, etc. Catering available. Birthdays (all ages), Bridal/Baby Showers, Receptions, Reunions, Meetings. Call Anna Simeon at Party’s Plus 252-745-5629 or 671-3097.

FOR SALE 12000 BTU HEAT AND COOL UNIT “HEATPUMP” fits window or through the wall. $399.00 Discount City, Havelock. 447-1880. 1997 BLACK FORD EXPEDITION, Like new, 1 owner. Total electric, 6 disc CD changer. Third row seating, accommodates 8 passengers. $5000.00 call 252-322-5022.

EMPLOYMENT BRITTHAVEN OF PAMLICO is now seeking a part time Activity Aide with the possibility of going full time in the future. Qualifications must include 2 yr degree, proof of strong community involvement, must be organized, out going, & able to multi - task, and be proficient with computer skills. Please apply in person call for an appointment with Chantelle Henries at 290 Keel Rd, Grantsboro NC M-F 9:00 to 4:00 to make an appointment pm. AAE/EOE



252.745.4607 11097 NC Hwy 55 • Grantsboro

Hodges Street behind 307 Broad St. Shop Building 400 sq. ft. $150 Corner of 306 and Kershaw Rd. 1200 sq. ft. Commercial Building with lots of paved parking. $1250.00

MINNESOTT BEACH, LOTS FOR SALE Two lots, together or separate, located in the heart of the town of Minnesott Beach. Complimentary Country Club social Membership for pool and grill privileges included in sale. Existing septic permit for each lot. Currently wooded, can have cleared. $39,400 per lot . Call 252-571-4449.



NOW TAKING ON HOUSES TO CLEAN. I am an honest, hardworking woman. I use my own supplies and am very thorough. Prices very fair! Looking for homes in the New Bern, Fairfield Harbor, and Pamlico County areas. If you are in need of someone to keep your house tidy and clean weekly, biweekly of monthly please call me at 252-229-7481 or 252-249-2447

FOR SALE BY OWNER Reduced by $5000.00. Lovely home on golf course. 3BD/2BA 2 car garage. Appraised at $175K, asking $158K. Call (252) 626-7621

PONCE HAM MOWING SERVICE Have all the equipment necessary to beautify your yard. Call anytime. Reasonable Rates. Ponce Ham 249-1030 or 6718236

LAWNMOWER REPAIR AND SERVICE: - All makes, all models. Pick up/Delivery service available. Factory trained technicians on site. Have your mower ready for the upcoming season. Spring Service Special until April 16th. FOR SALE-2300 SQ. FT. HOUSE with Call Pamlico Parts Co. 2 car garage, located on the fairway at 252-745-3912 Minnesott Beach golf course. 3 BD/2 BA, Jacuzzi in master bath, bamboo THE PET PAL Professional in -home pet care and Canine massage floors, stainless steel appliances, therapy. Now available: granite countertops, sunroom with Dog training: obedience and bbq. Deck. Asking $275K.Rent to own problem solving. Fully insured, option available. Make offer? Creative excellent references. THE PET financing. Please call Daniel (252) 670PAL (252) 249-3034 www. 2960 or (252) 745-0655. 224 S. 6TH STREET, Aurora $50K 1994 Doublewide 3BR/2BA, living room & den. Out bldg with plumbing/electric. Country feel in town. Ready to move in. Visit code# 569972 for more information or call Paula 252-413-9339


MUSIC LESSIONS available at One Stop Music Shop (210 Vandemere Other options, please call owner at 252- 2 &3 BDRMS. Central AC, Appliances, Road, Suite A). Learn to play the drums, guitar, or bass guitar. Very reasonable 675-3062 New Floors, New Paint. Reelsboro. rates. For more details call 665-3769. No pets; Smoke-Free Low as $475 mo + MEDICAL OFFICE FOR RENT in deposit. 670-3862; 249-2297 YARD SALES Professional Center, Havelock. 2000 sq. ft. Call 252-514-7117. FOR RENT: Finest selection of rentals available, including long and short term, FUNDRAISING SALE for Imari RESTAURANT FOR RENT in Cherry fully furnished vacation rentals, and Simmons-Gibbs Jabberwock fund. Plaza Shopping Center, Havelock. $700 mini-storage units!--Call Tidewater Real Saturday, April 24th. Hwy 55, Reelsboro, month. 252-514-7117. Estate, Inc. 252-249-9800 or www. Heading east just past the fire station on the right. 6167 Hwy 55. Candy Apples will be sold. Call for more information REAL ESTATE FOR SALE – LAND (919) 913-5554 SCHOOL ENROLLMENT NEUSE RIVER, ARAPAHOE, WATERFRONT LOT – extraordinary PAMLICO CHRISTIAN ACADEMY will FALLING PRICES Everything goes at views, sunrises and sunsets. Fishing, open in August of 2010! Call 252-229- our yard sale. Select pieces of lumber boating and swimming from your 0757 for enrollment, employment and $3.00 any size, pre-hung interior doors property. Boat ramp and golf within volunteer information. Monthly meeting $25.00, screen doors $10.00, wall 10 minutes. No community fees or are held the 3rd Monday night of each cabinets $25.00, used water heaters regulations. Water, septic, electric month at 7:00pm at New Life Praise and $ 40.00, guaranteed windows $25.00. and building ready. Bring your plans. Worship in Grantsboro. Please come Don’t miss it. Discount City, Havelock. $189,000. Brian 917-699-0409. join us. 447-1880.

We’re at Your Service Call Julie at 252-571-4449 to place your ad Photography by Emma Lupton. Lifestyle photography. Carpentry - Boat, Home, Furniture Repairs, Improvement, Studio or location. Senior, wedding, family and special occa- Special Projects or call Bob 671-3732 sion portraits. Call 252-670-1844 or Visit www.emmaluptonDanny Boys Salvage Will pay top dollar for your junk cars and trucks. Also buying insurance wrecks. Call (252) 7455661 ALTERATIONS PLUS Alterations of everyday wear, prom and formal dresses. Handmade Jewelry. Quilting and Crafts. Babysitting in your home. Evenings and weekends excelCall Phyllis Rowe (252) 617-7790 lent References. Call Julie 252-571-4449 Pain and Stress Relief Call Oriental Healing Arts for your massage therapy appointment. Licensed Massage Therapist TUPPERWARE Free Gift with order! Consultant: Phyllis Rowe. Call (252) 617-7790 or visit #8441 Brenna Wilcox (508) 280-8651 com/phyllisrowe Professional Disc Jockey Services for weddings, beach parties, corporate events. Discount Packages available now Handyman – knowledgeable in many trades. Greg can tackle any electronic, computer, plumbing or yard job. Reasonable @ Call Bob 671-3732 rates. Call Greg (252) 269-7116 Retaining Walls—ROCK, BLOCK & P.T. TIMBER—Retaining Avon Representative in Pamlico County. For appointment, walls. Call (252)637-ROCK.(637-7625) www.rocknyards. party planning, or Brochures visit my website www.youravon. com com/lrobinson5019 or call Lori 252-675-0198.

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Week of April 15 - 21, 2010

News Points

The County Compass

UNION, Continued from Page 1

Pamlico County Board of Education At Large Candidate

Bill Moore I am your no-nonsense candidate for this incredibly important position in the Pamlico County School System. No obstacle is too great in the quest to educate our cherished young people.

governments that would allow public safety employees, like police, firefighters, and deputies, to form and join unions, and to bargain over salaries, and terms and conditions of employment. The federal law, if approved, would compel states, at a minimum, to: • Grant public safety officers the right to form and join a labor organization that is, or seeks to be, recognized as the exclusive bargaining representative of the employees. • Require public safety employers to recognize the employees’ labor organization and agree to bargain with the union. • Provide for bargaining over hours,

wages and terms and conditions of employment North Carolina’s Congressional delegation is likely to get an earful not only from elected officials in county and municipal governments, but also from rank-and-file constituents. To join an expected barrage of phone calls and faxes, please note the following: Congressional Contact Information: Sen. Richard Burr (202) 224-3154 • Fax: (202) 228-2981 Sen. Kay Hagan (202) 224-6342 • Fax: (202) 228-2563

I intend to fight every ‘bureaucratic war’ necessary to ensure that all of our kids can read, write, and do math by the time they reach the third grade. As a former County Commissioner with 30-plus years of experience as a state employee, I understand the business end of government. I refuse to let our kids fall thru the cracks. I am willing to stand up and fight for the futures of our children even if I must confront the ‘education establishment.’

VOTE BILL MOORE ON MAY 4 Notice: All registered voters in Pamlico County may cast a ballot for the At Large Seat on the Board of Education. Unlike other elections that are decided in November, the Board of Education has only the May 4 election to determine representation on the seven-member board that supervises the Pamlico County School System.

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Bill Moore THE PAMLICO RESTURANT Open for Breakfast 5 a.m.

Breakfast Sandwich Specials $

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April 15, 2010  

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