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Republic of Burundi Key information 1. Geographic area 2. Total Population 3. Capital city 4. National Independence 5. National flag colours 6. National language 7. Official language 8. Business language 9. Currency 10. Exchange rate 11. Climate 12. Seasons 13. Religion 14. Time zone 15. GPS coordinates 16. Voltage 17. Electrical outlet

27.834 km² 8.1 millions Bujmbura 1st July 1962 Red (symbolizes Patriotism) Green (symbolizes Hope) White (symbolizes Peace) Kirundi French English and Kiswahili Burundi International Franc (BIF) 1€ = 1.600 BIF 1$ = 1.200 BIF Between 14°C and 28°C Dry (May to September) Rain (October to April) 60% Catholic, 18% Protestant, 12% Traditional Beliefs, 10% Muslim GMT +2 2°45’ and 4°28’ Latitude South 28°50’ and 30°53’30’’ Longitude East

220 V, 50-60 Hz 2 round pins












East Africa


Visa (All visas are delivered upon arrival) 1. Transit Visa 2. Single Entry Visa 3. Multiple Entry Visa 4. Working Visa 5. Permanent Visa 6. Resident Visa

20$ (72 hours) 60$ per month 90$ per month 20$ per month/300$ per year 500$ 1 000 $

Flights 1. SN Brussels 2. South African Airways 3. Kenya Airways 4. Ethiopian Airlines 5. Air Uganda 6. Rwandair Express




3 flights/week from Brussels 3 flights/week from Johannesburg 4 flights everyday from Nairobi 1 flight everyday from Addis Abeba 3 flights/week from Entebbe 3 flights/week from Kigali




In the very heart of Africa lies Burundi, a country of green hills and white sandy beaches, with friendly, welcoming people and a warm climate. The country is a kaleidoscope of different landscapes, cultures and colours and offers the visitor a distinct experience in each of its 17 provinces. It is here that the explorers Stanley and Livingstone met and where was discovered the southernmost source of the River Nile.


Burundi has an incredibly beautiful landscape and a rich and varied flora and fauna. From the shores of Lake Tanganyika, the deepest lake in Africa, the land rises abruptly to create dramatic rock formations, gorges with waterfalls, and hot springs. For animal lovers, the cloud forest in the northwest is a haven for primates, while the Rusizi Delta is an oasis of tranquillity and a paradise for birdwatchers. The hospitality and friendliness of the Burundian people is unparalleled and the country has plenty to offer the tourist. Its cultural heritage is distinctive and boasts not only a diversity of traditional dances and music but also the world famous Drummers of Gitega. The country has long been known for its handicrafts which include painting; basket weaving and wood carving making it difficult for tourists to choose which souvenirs to buy! Burundi's capital, Bujumbura, is a welcoming, vibrant city and growing business centre. It’s well equipped hotels offering the latest technological facilities. Tourists can spend the day exploring the city's museum, monuments and craft centre, then sample the exciting nightlife, with live entertainment in clubs and lakeside bars, and restaurants offering a wealth of International cuisine.


Lake Tanganyika

Kagongo, Rumonge

Kajaga, Bujumbura

Mvugo, Nyanza-Lac

Kajaga, Bujumbura

Kajaga, Bujumbura

Mvugo, Nyanza-Lac

Unique Attractions

Karera Waterfalls, Rutana

German Fault of Nyakazu, Rutana

Source of the Nile, Rutovu


Night view

City Centre

Leisure & Relaxation

Leisure & Relaxation

Parks & Reserves

Rusizi Reserve, Bujumbura

Lake of Birds, Kirundo

Cultural Heritage

Burundi Royal Drums

Abatimbo Drummers, Gitega

Traditional Female Dance

Traditional Female Dance

AGASIMBO Male Acrobatic Dance

INTORE Male Warrior Dance

Gusya, Household Activity

Traditional Female Dance Position

Cultural Heritage Burundian Hospitality

Traditional Clothing

Monuments & Museums

Livingstone & Stanley Rock

Burton & Speke

Gitega National Museum

Place of Independance, Bujumbura

Rwagasore MausorĂŠ Monument

A Must Experience

AKUKI Honey Wine

Lake of Birds Canoe Ride

Bujumbura Central Market

Souvenir Shopping

Modern Gastronomy

Local Gastronomy

Back on International Scene

Best African Exhibitor at ITB 2011, Berlin-Germany

2011 International Tourism Commodities Fair, Yiwu-China

Experience Burundi. The Heart of Africa awaits you !!

Murakoze Burundi National Tourism Office would like to thank the following for their support: United Nations Development Programme - BURUNDI KOMEZAKARANGA Folkloric and Cultural Group ABATIMBO Drummers of Gishora Bujumbura Ma Ville Magazin AndrĂŠ Vroon Teddy Mazina Ange-Chanelle Ngabire


National Tourism Of fice 2, Avenue des Euphorbes Po Box 902 Bujumbura-Burundi Front Office: +257 22 22 42 08 Marketing Dpt: +257 22 22 21 41

Burundi - The Beating Heart of Afrika  

Komm, und entdecke das Herz Afrikas! Afrikas – das kleine Nachbarland Tansanias ist wie ein ungeschliffener Diamant, noch unberührt von den...

Burundi - The Beating Heart of Afrika  

Komm, und entdecke das Herz Afrikas! Afrikas – das kleine Nachbarland Tansanias ist wie ein ungeschliffener Diamant, noch unberührt von den...