PINK Magazine - Vol. 2 July 2013

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third level slack lines for more than 3 seconds without hands, you have got us beat! Leaving the course exhilarated and exhausted we rested up as it was the kids turn for adventure. The mini-zips proved to be irresistible to my naturally born monkeys. Three different lines ranging between 76 and 100 feet allowed them to (most fittingly) swing through the trees. After a very long while, they decided to move onto the rock-climbing wall. Once the staff outfitted them with harnesses and helmets, they were set. One thing that I have to say about Cypress Hills Eco Adventure Ltd., is that safety comes first and that is very clear. Our boys, ages 4 and 6, were in great hands as they participated in their first rock-climbing experience. They took to it easily, though it was clear that the ability to self propel downwards via the belaying system seemed to be much more appealing to them than the upward climb. Once they came back down to earth, all of us tried to master our balance on the slack lines. So much harder than it looks, each cable tied between two trees offers different levels of challenge as they all have varied give to them. None of us did especially well but they were a lot of fun and again produced a lot of laughs. The last foray of the day brought us back up to play in the trees some more, this time on the zip lines. The course consists of six zips and provided for more fun, laughter and excitement for me and my husband. We had a blast horsing around up high and trying out some creative zipping positions. Held up by our rear ends, the ‘superman’ position was funny beyond words. Imagine someone heading down the zip line experiencing the world’s worst wedgie. Hilarious. Immersing ourselves fully in the experience also meant practicing some ‘monkey see, monkey do’ moves. Staff guides easily zipped along upside down without hands on the last line. So of course we needed to try that. If you like adventure, we highly recommend changing up the normal zip stance for one or both of these positions! Jori Kirk, creator and owner of Cypress Hills Eco Adventure Ltd., has built a must-visit attraction for anyone interested in adventure travel. He explained that the park is ever evolving and he continues to switch up courses and add new elements. Thrill seekers will be pleased to hear the newest addition coming this year is a 45-second parachute free fall! This unexpected and unique to the province adventure park perfectly complements the idyllic backdrop found within its hills while utilizing its best asset, the trees. Though our initial reason to visit to Cypress was to fulfill our lust for adventure, we fully enjoyed our stay and recommend it for many other reasons. Visitors can camp, rent a townhouse or cabin at the Resort at Cypress Hills. And, there are a ton of onsite activities to try. Resort activities include extensive trails for hiking and wildlife viewing, volleyball, horseshoes and stargazing (recognized as a Canadian Dark Sky Preserve). If you love birds, this is a great place to visit with over 220 species to be found! We easily spotted a few varieties of woodpeckers, dark eyed juncos and mountain chickadees to name a few. Outside of the resort several other family friendly activities can befound including mini golf, fishing, golf, horseback riding and more. I am certain that whatever brings you to Cypress Hills Provincial Park will not be the only thing you enjoy while there.

About the writer: Jenn Smith Nelson is a freelance travel writer/blogger/photographer who is a sky lovin’, prairie wanderer at heart. With enthusiasm she seeks to explore, capture and promote the beauty of our province and share it with those who are curious to learn more. You can read more about her travel experiences and life in Saskatchewan at


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