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Discover Saskatchewan

Have you ever wanted to become an explorer in your own province? Even your own town or city? Join along and discover special spots in Saskatchewan that satisfy your tourist urges. Written and Photography by Jenn Smith Nelson

The perfect place to relax, rejuvenate and reminisce. There aren’t many places in the world that could boast they have a lake with minerals possessing therapeutic properties proven beneficial for the skin and body. Surely there aren’t many places on this planet where one can feel completely weightless. Unless of course you are an astronaut who gets the opportunity to defy gravity, the chances are you may have never experienced this feeling. Really, there couldn’t be too many places where even ‘a goat could float’.

Manitou Lake

Surprisingly enough, all of these places do exist in one spot: Manitou Beach, in Southern Saskatchewan. Unique to the Western Hemisphere, Manitou Lake is one of only three places in the world with such incredible properties. After hearing so much about this remarkable lake, also known as the “Dead Sea of Canada”, I needed to check it out. At the time of my visit the lake was still incredibly frigid so I decided to do my testing indoors at the Manitou Springs Resort Hotel & Mineral Spa, which, conveniently, was where I was staying. The water may have brought me to the area but it wasn’t the only gem I uncovered. In fact, I was surprised by how much the area offers especially in terms of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. After spending a weekend in the Manitou Beach area and its neighboring town Watrous, I discovered that it’s a great spot for downtime. So if the mood strikes, take a break and escape city life for a while for some serious R & R. Here are a few of my suggestions.

ineral Spa Manitou Springs M


Get in the water. Whether it’s in the actual lake or within the comfort of the warmed resort pool, it tops the list for relaxation. Nothing beats feeling like you can fall asleep floating. Really. Nothing. I have never been much of a floater but it is really true what they say, you float without effort. Now the goat theory on the other hand, I would like to see tested. Three things you should know before entering the pool: One, take a mint in with you. The taste of the water tends to stick with you if you ingest. Secondly, don’t be alarmed by the ‘golden’ colour of the water, it’s just filled with all those amazingly beneficial and therapeutic minerals, remember? And third, if you have an open cut it can sting a bit. Don’t worry. The minerals will do their magic and speed up the healing process. Most of all, enjoy, relax, lay back and let the water take you where it will. If you prefer the Zen of the outdoors, Wellington Park is a great little spot to go for walk and do some daydreaming, while listening to chirping birds and the flowing stream of the creek. Or one can simply sit on the bench and read a good book. It’s also the perfect spot to gather with your friends and family for a picnic and perhaps even cook a pizza in the recently built Doukhobor Oven.

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