Pink Magazine - Vol. 5 February 2016

Page 34

VALENTINE ’S DAY PARTY The stores are stocked with heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and kids are getting their class Valentine cards ready. Will you be planning a Valentine’s Day party this year? A Cupid’s Arrow party is a fun Valentine’s party theme both girls and boys can enjoy. Instead of traditional red and pink decorations, mix this one up a bit with pink camouflage decorations. There are plenty of fun activity ideas to keep kids entertained at this party! Decorations: Setting this party up outside would be perfect but that’s just not going to happen with our Saskatchewan winters. Instead, pull in a bit of the outdoors inside with flowers, plants and wooden serving trays. Work some pink camouflage into the party with a tablecloth, napkins, cupcake wrappers or paper dinner plates.

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Party Food: Cupid is known for his bow and arrow, so for a creative idea for party food, serve everything on skewers. Some tasty ideas include: • Chocolate fondue with fruit, cake pieces, marshmallows and candies for dipping • Cheese fondue with a variety of breads & meat for dipping • Chicken or vegetable kabobs • Cake pops • Candy kabobs – this would be a great party favour idea