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Vulnerable Children

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child says that children everywhere have the right to survival, and that governments should ensure protection from harm, abuse and exploitation. But what about children who technically don’t exist: the stateless, displaced, abandoned?

Burma Thailand


It is estimated that there are over stateless children living in Thailand; many have and persecution in Burma.

These children are unprotected and most will face lives of poverty and injustice. They are more likely to be uneducated, abused or exploited.

Compasio’s Response

Prevention of Abuse



Drop-in center for street children

Crisis hotline and emergency response Family-at-risk monitoring and assistance




Care program for abandoned infants Safehouse for children who have been abused Emergency shelter Shelter for children of prisoners and reintegration

Empowerment and Education

School Sponsorship for disadvantaged children Mobile medical care and health training Vocational and community-based training



love empowers.

YOU can help protect vulnerable children.

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Love. Protect. Empower

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