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Earn Air Miles and Travel for FREE by CompareKing PH

How can one earn air miles and travel for free? That is a question that I need to answer as I never really understand how that could be possible. With my ever reliable laptop connected to my unreliable internet provider, I browse the net and lo and behold! It is true! It is possible to travel for free! So read on and let me share with you how it works.

Most banks or credit card companies offer specialty cards that specifically cater to a particular need. One of these specialty cards is for people who travels a lot or simply known as frequent flyers. By using the frequent flyer credit card, a member can earn air miles that can be used in exchange for airline tickets or claim rebates for other travel expenses. The bank sets how much mile point earns in every use of the specialty card. For every PHP 20 to PHP 40 spent equates to 1 mile point.

Other bank merges with the international credit card provider and gives the same features and benefits. Mastercard and Visa provide additional services acceptable worldwide in millions of establishments. Some banks also affiliate with airline companies thus making it easier to earn air miles to their clients It has all the other benefits of other premium card and when used to purchase travel ticket with the air miles card. It gives extra service and protection like VIP lounge access at the airport available 24/7 no matter what class or airline. You can be assured of travel insurance ranging from 10 to 20 million pesos in case of accidental loss of life. Also, you are covered with Travel inconvenience protection that includes missed flight, delayed or cancel flights and delayed or lost of luggage.

The redeeming air mile is done manually by calling the bank or credit card provider’s hotline services. The requirements for this kind of specialty card are almost the same in applying for a regular credit. The difference is you need to have higher annual income ranging from PHP 360,000 to PHP 1 million.

Remember, this credit card is a premium card and with all the great benefits and rewards it also has a higher membership fee, higher annual fee and higher interest rate. Maybe this is the reason you get to fly for free… you get high! Make the most out of your specialty card; earn air miles and travel for free! CompareKing PH News/Blogs “”. Earn Air Miles and Travel for FREE by CompareKing PH. December 7, 2013. CompareKing PH.

Earn Air Miles and Travel for FREE by CompareKing PH