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Compare Broadband from PLDT and Globe With so many broadband providers in the market it is important to compare broadband to find the best price. The two largest broadband companies are PLDT and Globe Telecom. With each company acquiring minor players in the telecommunication industry both companies are now expanding their services to more consumers. Each company is constantly upgrading their services in order to achieve the top spot. If you compare broadband from PLDT and Globe, which one is the better one?

History Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company or PLDT was founded November 28, 1928 and considered as the leading telecommunications provider in the Philippines. Their fixed line, wireless, and information and communication technology is the largest telecommunication service all over the country with fiber optic and fixed line along with cellular and satellite networks.

GMCR Incorporation or Globe Mackay Cable and Radio Inc. were renamed in 1994 Globe Telecom Inc. It has expanded its service from cellular telephony to broadband business and subsequently to fixed line telephony thus challenging PLDT in its hold of the telecommunication industry.

Services In terms of the broadband services, PLDT’s DSL service is still unchallengeable as it holds the majority of fixed telephony users with internet subscription. Globe Telecom recent acquisition of BayanTel makes the competition more interesting as Globe fights back grasping the overall broadband domination in wireless and wired broadband products earning the highest broadband revenue in the industry with a 22% increase in sales.

Smart Broadband Inc., a subsidiary of PLDT provides wireless broadband services remain the main competitor of Globe Telecom. MyBro is Smart’s answer to Globe’s Tattoo with both offering a wide array of wireless service and products for home and mobile broadband. Both wireless provider offers prepaid and postpaid subscription plan to the consumer and a variety of devices including wireless router, smarthones, pocket wifi, and broadband stick.

If you compare broadband from PLDT and Globe you will see that both companies offers the same services and products. PLDT dominates the wired broadband area while Globe with its consumer friendly marketing strategy held the wireless broadband. Both companies are now offering fiber optic broadband, the fastest and the most expensive broadband service.

According to a report the Philippines compared to other Asian countries, experienced a rapid change in the adoption of the internet. A big number in the estimated 30% of the internet user population is using high-speed broadband. The report added that 80% of all the internet connections are broadband based services. PLDT and Globe Telecom played their part in increasing the population of internet user through their broadband services. In the end, the competition between these two major players will benefit the consumer.

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Compare broadband from pldt and globe  
Compare broadband from pldt and globe  

With so many broadband providers in the market it is important to compare broadband to find the best price. The two largest broadband compan...