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THE DECADES ’30s –’80s BIG 500-Piece Double Puzzle


Complete the jigsaw, then identify the newsmakers The included Puzzle Key identifies 80 or more newsworthy celebrities, political figures and icons from the worlds of sports, news, science and the arts for each decade.

Each colorful 19˝ x 13˝ puzzle is packaged in an eco-friendly sized box with antique texture finish.


The Puzzle

Countertop Display Rack holds a total of 24 puzzles. Included with the display are 3 each of 1930s, ’40s and ’80s, 4 - 1950s, 5 - 1970s, and 6 - 1960s. Size: 16 1/4" wide 10 1/2" deep 25" tall + 8 1/2" for the header. The total cost of the rack is $174.00.

WHAT A YEAR IT WAS! Our lavish hardcover “scrapbook” is packed with stories, photos and artwork detailing the movies, music, shows, sports, fashion, news, people, places and events that make a year unique and memorable. A special dedication page completes a truly personal yearbook gift that will be treasured for years to come.

MOST YEARS FROM Great 1947 - 1970 AVAILABLE “OvertheHill” Item!

$12.50 each No minimum order.

9822 Independence Ave. • Chatsworth, California 91311 Made in the U.S.A. 800.541.3533 • fax 818.709.6522


Birthdays Anniversaries Reunions


DVD Video Greeting Card

Mailing envelope included.

The dedication page has plenty of space for a personal message.

Every card and disk is different — full of stories, lists, pictures, celebrity births. Makes you want to pick it up! Colorful entertaining DVDs featuring each year’s most exciting people and events. 6 Milestone Years! 1932, 1942, 1952, 1962, 1972, 1982.

An entertaining DVD program of the year’s news, sports, people and events. The inside features year-specific lists plus decade events and sports statistics.

All years 1929 through 1982 are covered.


‘2s’ Are Now Shipping! (1932, ’42

, ’52, ’62, ’72 & ’82)

The Milest Years are Alownayes Best-Sellers. O R D ER NOW!


Every back is unique, featuring year-specific stories and pictures plus celebrity births & passings.




The fun little hardback that comes packed with a year’s worth of pictures, stories and ads!

37 years 1946 through 1982

64 full-color pages in a 4" x 6" hard-bound shell brimming with news, entertainment, sports, fashion, fads and people — plus a generous serving of the year’s best ads.

4 Milestone Years! 1952, 1962, 1972, 1982

TRIVIA DECK plus regulation PLAYING CARDS all in one!

Each year is different ! 1942 - 1982 5 Milestone Years! 1942, 1952, 1962, 1972 & 1982 The shrink-wrapped deck is inside a hard plastic jewel case that protects and enhances these hi-quality plastic-coated cards. 52 different illustrated questions per deck — plus jokers — ranging from easy to challenging. Topics include entertainment, culture, world events, celebrities, sports.

Answers on a separate Answer Key card.


‘2s’ Are Now Shipping! (1942, ’52

, ’62, ’72 & ’82)

The Milest Years are Alownayes Best-Sellers. O R D ER NOW!





68" high + 10" with header. 1.5 sq. ft. footprint

MINI BOOK RACK Flickback Rack 17 has 42 facings and holds 108 Mini Books, (mixed load of 1946 through 1982 with extra milestone year bestsellers). The total cost of this rack is $513.

Rack 4 $686.00 DVD Video Greeting Card 36-Pocket Floor Spinner

Rack 8 - $520 Trivia Challenge Playing Card 40-Pocket Floor Spinner 75" high with header. Footprint less than 2 sq. ft.

68" high + 12" with header 1.5 sq. ft. footprint

FLICKBACK DVD VIDEO GREETING CARD RACK Flickback Rack 4 is a 36-pocket DVD display with 140 cards. The DVD pack consists of 2 each of all 54 years, plus more of all the best-sellers, especially the milestone years. Pocket dividers are provided to assist customers in finding their year. The total cost of the rack is $686.00.

TRIVIA CHALLENGE PLAYING CARD RACK Flickback Rack 8 is a floor display with 160 Trivia Decks in 40 facings with an ample representation of all 41 years. The total cost of this rack is $520. Flickback Rack 8 may also be ordered with 120 decks for $390. A countertop spinner rack with a 120-deck capacity is also available.

68" high + 12" with header. 1.5 sq. ft. footprint

COMBO TRIVIA CHALLENGE PLAYING CARD AND DVD VIDEO GREETING CARD RACK Flickback Rack 4-10A has the same 140 DVD card configuration as Flickback Rack 4 and also includes 6 hangers that hold 96 Trivia Decks. The Trivia Deck pack consists of 2 each of all 41 years plus additional milestone year best-sellers. The total cost of this rack is $998.

COMBO DVD VIDEO GREETING CARD AND MINI BOOK RACK Flickback Rack 18 is a 36pocket DVD display and 42- pocket minibook display. It holds the same DVDs (140) and Mini Books (108) as the Flick 4 & Flick 17. The total cost of this rack is $1,199.

Rack 18 $1,199 Combo 108 Mini Book and 140 DVD Video Greeting Card Floor Spinner. Rack pictured: 18-10a w/Trivia Cards, Minibooks & DVD Greeting Cards - $1,511. 68" high + 10" with header. 3 sq. ft. footprint.

REORDERS Minimum mix of any 12 units (individual products can be ordered in quantity of 1 each). Individual Pricing: Trivia – $3.25, DVD – $4.90, Puzzles – $7.25, Mini Books $4.75, What A Year It Was Books – $12.50


Rack 17 - $513 Mini Book 108 Book, 42-Pocket Floor Spinner

Rack 4-10A - $998 Combo Trivia Challenge Playing Card and DVD Video Greeting Card Floor Spinner

TRIVIA RACK ADDITIONS FLICKBACK RACK 10A (Can be used on Flick 4, Flick 17 & Flick 18) Rack additions for existing DVD Video Greeting Card retailers who want to add the Trivia Challenge Playing Cards without extra floor space may convert their existing rack by adding 48 Trivia Card pockets that hold 96 Trivia Card decks for $312.


9822IndependenceAve.•Chatsworth,California91311 800.541.3533•fax818.709.6522 MOSTYEARSFROM 1947-1970AVAILABLE $12.50each Nominimumorder. The...

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