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THE PANOPLY PROJECT Roelof van der Schaaf

Project 1: transfer the past to the future



The Panoply Project Photography gives us lots of possibilities to build up an enormous amount of digital and analogue files. Thank the manufacturers and my clients. After years collecting my negatives in boxes and in the end suitcases, we are now forced to keep our digital files on the hard discs or online. The future of photography will change because of this. We take more photographs and throw more away because of storage and judgement problems.

social life and environment we used to live in: streets, the houses, parties, holidays and more, most will be gone because we can’t keep them.

We have no idea what we delete over the years. The ‘bad’ pictures can be more interesting than the ‘good’ ones because they may give us a mirror of

That means connecting an old analogue and new digital photography into new pictures. Some of these pictures were useless at that time but

We can’t keep them because we need a lot more storage and backups to save our work for the future. That is expensive. The Panoply project is based on used and unused photographs, analogue and digital, to melt them together into a new photographic perspective.

made visible again since I own a good negative scanner. The pictures are made in Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and Antarctica in the period from 1976 to 2011. In some pictures the mix of continents and history is creating a new unknown world. In this world there are no rules of lighting, perspective or even photography. That makes it a new free world we can never physically live in because it does not exist. It might not be the best world but the Panoply Project will continue to create a new view of the old and new world we live in today. I hope you like the results. Roelof van der Schaaf, photographer.

The Panoply Pro ject is a useless conspiracy against a colorful world Why do we live in a black and white world and where are the answers? Anybody? (The Panoply Project is a useless conspiracy against a colorful world Why do we live in a black and white world and where are the answers? Anybody?)

Once upon a time there was a plane in the air, a church waiting and the moon in the distance. The people in the little boat are on their way to the end of the picture, what they don’t know is that the picture goes on behind their view.

Humans work together and anticipate in the surrounding world. The global warming never seems to happen in mankind but in nature only. People need food, housing, work and education to be able to make a living. The real need is imagination, fantasy, poetry, dreams and pictures of history and the present to understand the future. The dish of art does needs a table but can survive when there are enough places booked in the restaurant of rubbish and empty chairs, Art needs cleaning up at times.

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Design and photography is a waste of time when you follow others

IS THIS DESIGN? [x] yes [x] no

Don’t underestimate the value of your old work and look at your new work with a fresh eye because it is history allready after taking a picture.

FEED the eyes

The photographer-author Roelof van der Schaaf studied photographic design at Gerrit Rietveld Academy (Amsterdam) and Medway College of Design (Rochester UK). He has been working as a photographer and designer in the (international) media branche for almost 30 years and has made photo trips to Asia, Europe, South America and Antarctica. Publications: For Terra Lannoo are Thuis in Friesland ,Van Pieterburen naar de Sint Pietersberg and Holland Panorama. For the county of Gelderland a visual essay about ‘De Achterhoek’. Colofon © 2011 Roelof van der Schaaf

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This is a low res of part 1 of the Panoply project. The project is about giving archived photography a new life by creating non existing wor...