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La Compagnia della QualitĂ

La Compagnia della QualitĂ was founded to promote and market the best of the agricultural food production in Campania and Italy. Our basket accepts only quality guaranteedbrand roducts, organic and traditional. All products in our basket had a name, a certain and traceable identity. All our products are born and made using traditional techniques and best

environmental conditions: there is no quality without attention to the environment and quality is the first environment's friend.

Our privileged partners

La Compagnia della qualitĂ distributes agrifood products throughout the world for restaurants, pizzerias, shops, gourmet, delicatessens, small food shops, wine shops and wine bars, distribution networks organized, group of purchase family or social. We also offer a service of education and training, storytelling to accompany the better understan-

ding and improve the relationship with products. The aim is to create a stable emotion and closely with every product and manifacturer, thanks to the events, the magazines and to our Web Portal which provides information in multiple languages.

Our manufacturers

Our manufacturers are not anonymous companies: they are men and women, people we know, which we appreciate their efforts to ensure quality. they produce using traditional techniques, but always within the parameters of the European quality certification.

The quality basket

We have made a representative selection of quality products in thebasket. The basket is our basic proposal that can be expanded to meet specific needs.

Market fresh The Queen of fresh dairy products: “Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP� with designations of

origin under European Law. Processed within 24 hours of milking (100% buffalo milk) and delivered in Italy and in Europe within 24 hours of production. With the buffalo milk there is a whole range of fresh products: provole caciocavalli, which reflect the taste flavors and aromas of pristine areas of the Campanian Apennines

With the buffalo milk is a whole range of fresh produce from provole, the caciocavallo, alricotta. In the basket are all products of the cow's milk but also sheep and goats: milk products from farms with high quality, zones of high hills and mountains. Mozzarella, ricotta, milk cheese with their tastes and reflect their taste flavors and aromas-contaminated areas in the Apennines in Campania.

The fresh products in their different sizes are offered in 250 gr., 500 gr., 1 kg, and in correspondence to satisfy the demands of specific recipients.

Cheese and seasoned We have selected some of the major cow's milk cheeses, sheep and goat of our territories: Irpinia Sannio and Matese Cilento. cheeses made with milk from animals that live in the best natural and environmental conditions. Their main food source and a milk worked with skill and tradition of true master cheesemakers. Soft cheese and seasoned: Provolone del Monaco, Caciocavallo, Caciocavallo Castelfranco melee, Pecorino bagnolese, Caciocavallo Matese. In all the stages are followed rigid mindEuropean rules to protect the quality and health. The cheeses are offered the piece (with a weight from 1 kg to 10kg), or portions in vacuum packs.

Il Pomo d'oro San Marzano Tomates, the tomatoe for excellence, a Protected Designation of Origin under European law. It is produced with traditional techniques that evaluate its tastes and smells. Preserved, cooked, peeled or past, in cans and aluminum cans or glass.

tion of Origin Oils: “Cilento”, “Colline Salernitane”, “Sorrento”, “Ravece in Irpinia”, while the Sannio and Casertano are territories from which come a great oil production.

This oils are extraordinary for their taste, their organoleptic properties, for their low quantity of unsaturated fats and antioxidants.

Pasta Traditional product, manufactured using traditional techniques. It has an incomparable flavour and an unmistakable taste. Most famous are those of Gragnano and Torre Annunziata.

Oils Campania is the land of four Protected Designa-

Legumes and vegetables Exceptional beans such the “Controne” and the “Formella”, tile, chickpeas, lentils, grass peas: the flavors of the poor peasant cuisine are still alive today in extraordinary dishes of great nutritional value that is also boosted by the latest trends in gastronomy.


Cold Cuts

In our basket there is also a selection of fresh vegetables in oil (extra virgin olive strictly): white artichokes, eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, little Corbara tomatoes.

Soppressatta di Gioi, Salami of black pig, red Sausage of Castelpoto, Neapolitan Salami: these are some of the proposals of our basket with also bacon, capicollo, artisanal hams of great value and taste.

The Truffle The black truffle of Bagnoli Irpinia is another specialty of our basket: entire or in preparations and sauces always ensures unique taste and fra-

Sweets The Pastiera is probably the queen of the Neapolitan cakes. We chose some of the best Neapolitan pastry chefs, selected by ability and quality of raw materials used, to ensure a unique product.

sea. Blue fish dominates: anchovies in oil and salted anchovies. “Colatura di alici�, the leakage of anchovies: the gaurum of the ancient Romans. And then, Bluefin tuna in brine or oil tuna.

Wines And again: great value craft beers, strawberries and wild berries, nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts Giffoni, ...), Chestnut Honey by the scents and, of course, coffee, a rich mixture and a roasting that ensure to have the true Neapolitan coffee in your cup.

For several years now the wines of Campania territories are reviewed in all major international and national wine guides.

From the Sea Also rich is the proposal of the products of our Three names of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin (Taurasi, Fiano, Greco di Tufo), 18 DOC, 5 IGT: a wealth of taste to discover and appreciate. Our Wine Selection offer a full and qualitative range from various territories: so our Taurasi, Aglianico, Falerno, Lacrima Christi, Falanghi-

na, Solopaca, Fiano di Tufo Greek ... they are all great.

Liqueurs Among our proposals there are two spirits of great tradition, the “Nocillo” and the “Limoncello”, a Protected Designation of Origin made from lemons that come exclusively from the Sorrento Peninsula and Amalfi Coast.

We also have bitters and elixirs produced in the campanian monasteries with fine herbs and ancient techniques.

Our lands

For some special areas we thought an integrated range of productsso that they can be known and appreciated. Il Buono del Veusuvio: for its particular environmental conditions, as a result of various eruptions, the products of Vesuvius and MountSomma own special take on the characteristics

We have selected a product line of Vesuvius of particular interest:the Vesuvian apricot, wine Lacrima Christi, already muchappreciated by the Romans, and the Pomodoro del Piennolo, a Protected Designation of Origin. The peculiarity of the Pomodoro del Piennolo is to be grown with very little water, to have absorbed all the best volcanic soil, to be harvested in clusters that form a

singlestructure that is preserved for all the winter months.

The Gold of Naples: Naples is the only metropolis in the world thathas preserved on the slopes of the hills, a significant agricultural production which spend about a thousand families: wine, olive oil, preserves, fruit and vegetables in season, are grown and produced with the help of the Metropolitan Hills Park which brought together the producers distributed over an area of over 2000 hectares of greenery. In our basket of quality there are also these products.

Il Buono dell'Alta Irpinia e della Val Fortore: at the extreme eastern border of the Apennines there are lands rich in history and unspoiled by the environmental point of view: Alta Irpinia and Val Fortore in the provinces of Avellino and Benevento. Corn, tomatoes high hill, Meat, Milk, Cheese, Honey with qualities and tastes amazing. And for the Upper Irpinia, in addition, some of the best Italian wines. Bio Bio & Cilento: we have enriched the offer of different product lines with various proposals for certified organic production. In keeping with the philosophy that inspires us: the product DOP, IGP, DOC and DOCG, also offers a guarantee of environmental issues. With this Bio is strengthened further. Then the Cilento, the birthplace of the Mediterranean diet, with the Vallo di Diano and Alburni.


Our logistics network is integrated with the best skilled players in the transport and delivery industry. We can guarantee delivery on time and in absolute safety about the quality conditions of the product.

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La Compagnia della Qualità was founded to promote and market the best of the agricultural food production in Campania and Italy. Our basket...