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Community Transport Organisation Ltd (CTO) provides peak body and sector leadership services for the Community Transport Industry. Community Transport responds with care, to support and deliver a service that is individualised, informed and holistic to the community, regardless of where they live, culture or ability to pay. The CTO partners with members to build a transport sector that is responsive to the local environment, flexible and innovative. We envision a Community Transport Sector that is aspirational, and innovative. A human centric sector which focuses on connection and wellbeing. Where we support individuals, share tools, relationships and resources for a thriving transport ecosystem. This two year strategic plan focuses on :  Advocacy and leadership; and  Building sector resilience, as we transition through a time of Government reform. In the past 12 months the CTO has focused on relationship building and cementing the structural foundations of the CTO. We emerge as an organisation ready to embrace forward-thinking leadership to support our members, taking on the challenges of transition and change from a position of strength. We are proud to support a sector that is integral to living a self-determinate and connected life for many Australians.

from the Board.

The Community Transport sector finds itself at the centre of reform, transition, and change. To be a part of the sector at this time and to be leading the organisation as a part of the CTO Board is indeed a privilege. Community Transport is a diverse and critical service for our communities across metro, regional, rural and remote areas. The CTO Board embraces its obligation to support each other, to embrace all perspectives and to find a way forward that ensures a strong and vital community transport sector remains available for all Australian communities. The CTO Board will continue to invest in sector research that supports advocacy from a place of strength. We will draw upon independent empirical data to support the impact that community transport has on community. This will allow us to look forward and set a strong and relevant strategic direction. However, there is still a long way to go. We embrace the work that needs to be done to continue to strengthen our sector. We seek to build stronger collaborations between providers, to actively seek partnership relationships and to identify opportunities for innovation and growth. It is a time of challenge and opportunity – the CTO Board looks forward to partnering with providers to realise our vision for a thriving and vital community transport sector.

CTO Board Members & Management left to right: Paddianne Archdale, Tara Russell, Ben Jackson, Kathy Dickson, Isaac Smith, Vicki Lennox. Missing from photo: Greg Stanger, Debbie Organ, Sally Walters, Kathryn Akre

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vision. is entirely connected transport.

core values. we care about all people. we support our members. we advocate to government. we respect our staff, members & the wider community. we innovate and adapt towards change. we always act with integrity.

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objectives. A vibrant and sustainable CTO working to support and progress the interests of our members.

Support the sector to embrace and embed the values of wellness and reablement within service provision. Seek to support business transformation that promotes a vital community transport sector, where funding is available for service delivery in the community, regardless of where a person lives, their culture or ability to pay. Seek opportunities to build a CTO that is financially sustainable, vibrant and responsive to a thriving community-focused transport sector. Develop and provide sector-wide programming elements that are relevant, current, measurable and are considered valuable by our members. Develop and disseminate information that is relevant and current for the sector in a timely and cohesive way. Provide capacity building and sector promotion opportunities for the community transport industry. Brokering, coordinating and delivering training and education to community transport service providers, workforce, Board Members and consumers. Continue to identify and build relationships that grow stakeholder engagement. Identify, offer responses and mitigation for risks affecting the sector. To embrace a representative model – continuing to represent all member organisations regardless of service type, size, location or client base. To provide a stable and regional representative leadership. Being engaged, active and conscientiously working to provide transparent, accountable and responsible governance standards.


Advocating for an accessible, safe, sustainable connected and holistic transport system.

Advocate to the Australian Government to promote the recommendations in the Royal Commission into ageing that recognises Community Transport as an integral path to independence and self-determination.

Advocate against transport disadvantage experienced at any age, and due to any trigger.

Build a coalition of stakeholders to ‘lift up’ and promote the community transport sector. Work with research and public/private sector organisations to develop, explore and collaborate innovative forward thinking strategies that build sector capacity. Work to streamline bureaucracy to promote productivity and efficiency. Participate in the National discussion about the future of in home and community aged care with an emphasis on the role of transport. Provide a community transport response to discussion papers, engagement opportunities and industry surveys and participate in sector relevant discussions. Provide a community transport response to sector engagement and consultation opportunities.


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Tara Russell, Executive Officer 0426 243 411 Vicki Taylor, Member Services & Project Officer 0426 818 911