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A Soldier’s Wish p.10 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS with Political Candidates Randy Brogdon, James Langdon, and T.W. Shannon p.11


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FEATURES 8 Keeping Memorial Day Memories 10 A Soldier’s Wish 11 Intro to the Political Season 12 Profile on Senator Randy Brogdon 13 Profile on Congressman James Lankford 14 Profile on Speaker T.W. Shannon 16 Post Oak Lodge Retreats 18 Sister Act Coming To Tulsa 20 ORU 24 World No Tobacco Day 32 Palmer Continuum of Care 34 What the Noah Movie Missed 35 National Foster Care Month 36 Cancer Treatment Centers of America 38 The Renaissance Fair COLUMNS 26 Deniece Adsit 27 Mollie Myers 28 Lose it for the Kids 29 The Biggest Loser 30 ACT Financial Services 26 Cornerstone Christian Counseling Center 30 Deniece Adsit’s The Heart of the Matter



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memorial day

Keeping the “Memorial” in Memorial Day


hat will you do on Memorial Day this year? Will you spend it picnicking at the lake, out on the golf course, or even out buying a new fridge at the Memorial Day

sales? Instead, the folks at Moore Funeral Homes and Crematory encourage you to invest this coming holiday, May 26th, doing something more substantial…honoring family and fallen veterans. “It has always been a special day in my family,” remembers Dr. Joseph Moore. “For as long as I can remember, we have used the day to gather with family and visit the cemeteries to remember our loved ones. And while doing so, we also remember the many soldiers who served our country.” Dr. Moore believes this tradition is very beneficial for families. “It teaches the children a reverence and respect for the dead and in doing so, reminds them of the importance of heritage and honor. It also challenges each of us to invest our days wisely, doing good things that will make a difference in the lives of others.” The special holiday began back in 1868, three years after the Civil War. Originally called “Decoration Day,” it was a time when the nation was called to put flowers on the graves of the soldiers from both sides of the horrible war. In doing so, it helped heal our nation and reminded us of the human cost of battle. According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the first large observance was held at the historic Arlington National Cemetery, but it soon became a national tradition. Soon, families

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C o m m u n i t y s p i r it m agaz

May 20 1 4

all over the country were gathering to honor not only the fallen soldiers, but also all of their loved ones. The VA website explains, “By the end of the 19th century, Memorial Day ceremonies were being held on May 30th throughout the nation. State legislatures passed proclamations designating the day, and the Army and Navy adopted regulations for proper observance at their facilities. It was not until after World War I, however, that the day was expanded to honor those who have died in all American wars. In 1971, Memorial Day was declared a national holiday by an act of Congress, though it is still often called Decoration Day. It was then also placed on the last Monday in May, as were some other federal holidays.” Memorial Day has special importance for Dr. Moore. His wife’s family honors the day by having an annual reunion. Among the graves he decorates each year is that of his uncle, Lynnwood R. Moore, an Air Force colonel who flew 40 missions in World War II and came home to manage Moore’s Eastlawn Funeral Home for many years. “People aren’t taught this custom today and are losing sight of how to honor the dead. They just don’t realize how fortunate they are. We must teach this again,” insists Marty McKnight, Junior Past Commandant of the Marine Corps League. He is among many soldiers who continue to serve their country by assisting families in honoring their fallen veterans.

Ron Snow, Assistant Manager and Funeral Director at Moore’s Southlawn, emphasized that many veterans forget the benefits offered to them from the Federal Government. When requested, the family of each honorably discharged soldier can have a free American flag to drape the casket and military honors can be offered at the graveside or in the chapel. Non-commissioned soldiers can have a 3-man honor guard. Career soldiers or officers can have full honors including a 21-gun salute. There are also cash benefits (typically 300 to 500 dollars) available to the families of veterans who had been receiving a pension for injuries received in the line of duty. Ron says it is very important for all veterans to include a copy of their DD-214 form in their pre-arrangement information so they can receive the benefits offered. The form proves their service and their honorable discharge. If buried in a National Cemetery such as at Ft. Gipson or Lawton, the soldiers are entitled to a free grave (including liner) for both them and their spouse and a grave marker. Memorial Day will always be sacred to Kevin McDugle, a Marine who served in Saudi Arabia. The day reminds him of his grandfather who served in World War II, his father who served in Vietnam and of his buddies who died in Afghanistan and Iraq. “I remember them every day, but Memorial Day is a weekend designed so that we will never forget to say thank you. We would not have our

freedoms without the men and women who died for this country. It is important and we should never let this tradition die.” It has been said that history judges a society by the way they cared for their dead. Renew or start a tradition in your own family. Show a respect for life by offering a tribute to those who have died before us. Celebrate Memorial Day the right way. And be sure to take the kids and the grandkids. It is a lesson they need to hear from your lips.


When properly requested, the Veterans Administration provides the following benefits to qualified veterans and their spouse. • Outer burial container • Cemetery lot • Opening and closing of the grave • Headstone Marker • Perpetual grave care Professional advisors at Moore Funeral Homes can assist you and your loved ones in this process

C ommu n ity s p ir itmagazin

Ma y 2014

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soldier’s wish

Soldier’s Wish You Can Make Them Come True!


ur soldiers and their families are incredible. Some pay the ultimate sacrifice and don’t come home at all. Others deal with both emotional and physical wounds that they will carry forever. Still others come home seemingly unaffected, but need help getting back into society. Whatever the case, they all have sacrificed in their own way. They deserve our help and our salute. A special non-profit called Soldier’s Wish is doing just that. In the process, they are making a statement to all that the service of our military personnel will never be forgotten. It began when a group of like-minded citizens gathered together to create an event to raise funds to help honor and support our veterans and active-duty military. They raised approximately $50,000, which was donated to the American Legion to use for such purposes. Afterwards, several of those involved decided to create a charity to continue that mission. They soon established a board of directors and took the steps necessary to become a recognized 501C-3 nonprofit charity. After dotting all the I’s and crossing all the T’s, committees were named and the invitation went forth to all who would stand in the gap by helping meet the unmet needs of those men and women of America’s military who willingly put their lives on the line while serving to protect our nation from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Their goal was to fund the wishes of active military personnel, as well as honorably discharged veterans and/or their family members. Kevin McDugle, CEO of the organization explained. “All have sacrificed and we want to thank them for that sacrifice by granting

10  |

C o m m u n i t y s p i rit m agaz

MAY 2 0 1 4

special wishes.” Sometimes the wishes are granted for the soldier directly. Other times, it is the wish of a family member. Take Spencer for instance. While his father was in Afghanistan, Spencer wished they could someday take a vacation to LegoLand in Florida. Unfortunately, Spencer’s dad was killed in battle and the dream could never come completely true. However, Soldier’s Wish wanted to communicate to Spencer that his father’s sacrifice was appreciated. So, the group sent Spencer and his family not only to LEGOLAND, but to SeaWorld and Disney World as well. The list of granted wishes are piling up, such as sending the grandmother of another Marine who died in Afghanistan to spend time with her grandkids or the fishing equipment granted to the wounded soldier. (Singer, Tony Orlando, actually jumped in and with the help of Bass Pro, got the soldier a complete bass boat as well!)

“All have sacrificed and we want to thank them for that sacrifice by granting special wishes.”-Kevin McDugle Wishes continue to be granted as funds are available and the group runs as lean as possible to ensure as many of the donated dollars as possible go directly to grant wishes. In each case, the granted wish makes a statement to the family that their sacrifice will not be forgotten. Kevin McDugle donates his time to this wonderful cause. Why? “Because it is well worth it. I get to see the tears and give the hugs. I will never get tired of that.” You too, can be a part of granting these wishes. Go to www. and make a donation. You can make it a one-time gift, or set up a monthly donation. The needs are endless, but you can make a difference. Grant a Soldier’s Wish today!

The Political Season Has Arrived! A Note from Publisher, Tom McCloud


mericans have a love/hate relationship with election seasons. We love the freedom to choose our leaders, but we hate the continuous flow of radio, TV and yes, even print ads. I tend to fall into that hate part of the relationship a bit myself. My biggest gripe…yard signs! Oh, if they stayed in the yards they would be fine. But they litter the roads and the continual battle for dominance leads to signs on every corner, every telephone pole and even a house or two. Anyway, if you are like me, by Election Day, you’ve gone election crazy. Well, some bad news…the signs, the ads and the tap, tap, tap of aspirating candidates rapping at your chamber door will be at an all time high this year. In fact, my good friend, Charley Biggs, editor of the Tulsa Beacon, reports that here in Tulsa, we will be electing two U.S. Senators, one Governor, one Lt. Governor, one Superintendent of Public Instruction, one Labor Commissioner, one Insurance Commissioner, one Corporation Commissioner, one State Senator, five State House Members, five District Judges, two District Attorneys, one County Assessor and one County Commissioner. It all adds up to a uniquely crowded ballot. So, be patient, do your homework and hold on to your sanity. It’s going to seem like a million years till Tuesday, November 4th. Community Spirit promises to keep the political rhetoric to a minimum. Inherently, because of our size and our mission, we can’t cover every campaign and we won’t even try to. Nor will we necessarily cover all of the candidates in the races we do mention. But because we tend to tell the faith stories that other media don’t, we will offer you editorial on at least a few of the candidates. We believe it is in keeping with our mission.

The race for Tom Coburn’s seat in the U.S. Senate is a great example of this. There are eleven candidates running for this one office, three Democrats, seven Republicans and one Independent. In this month’s issue, we will be covering only what we see as the three main contenders. In this case, they happen to all be Republicans. Its not that we don’t like the other guys, but these three are overwhelmingly thought to be the ones with the money and the political muscle. They also are all highly respected Christian men. And because the June Republican primary will probably (not necessarily, but probably) tell the tale on this particular election, we decided to introduce them to you. Quite frankly, we expect you will have a difficult time deciding between them. They are all incredible men and worthy of not only honor, but your vote as well. So here goes. Start the brass band and pull out your flag. Election season has arrived.

C ommu n ity s p ir itmagazin

MAY 201 4

| 11 

Randy Brogdon

Candidate for US Senate (Seat vacated mid-term by Dr. Tom Coburn)


enator Randy Brogdon is a scrapper. Known for shooting straight and telling it like it is, he doesn’t play favorites and doesn’t cozy up to the big money. It is a trait which doesn’t necessarily make him popular among the guys who write the big donation checks. In fact he says the money for his campaign comes mainly from the average guy in increments of $20’s and $50’s. And that is just fine for Randy. After all, there are absolute rights and wrongs and he doesn’t straddle any lines of gray. While serving two terms in the Oklahoma Senate, he developed a reputation for not only being a student of the Constitution, but also applying those principles and values to issues and on his fellow lawmakers no matter their party affiliation. He entered politics as a member of the City Council and then as Mayor of Owasso because he saw a need and felt a calling to try to help. Later, he was twice elected to serve in the Oklahoma Senate. While in the Senate, Randy received both praise and ridicule for being conservative. In 2003, the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee (OCPAC) named him “Legislative New Comer of the Year.” And after eight years of service, the Oklahoma Constitution Newspaper named Randy as “Senate Legislator of the Year” for having the most conservative voting record in the Senate. A natural leader, he was elected Senate Republican Whip and later served as the Assistant Republican Floor Leader. He offered controversial legislation such as “The Taxpayer Bill of Rights” (TABOR) and SB 1 “The Taxpayer Transparency Act.” He was also

12  |

C o m m u n i t y s p i rit m agaz

MAY 2 0 1 4

successful in leading the charge to opt out of the federal “REAL ID ACT” of 2005 in order to stop the collection of personal biometric information. In another standoff with Washington, Randy led the fight in Oklahoma to stop the so-called “NAFTA Superhighway,” the North American Union, and the Security and Prosperity Partnership. He was also the author of “Ballot Access” legislation, a “Term Limits” bill for statewide elected officials, which overwhelmingly passed as a Constitutional Amendment, and the “10th Amendment Resolution,” which was designed to protect states’ rights. In 2010, he ran for Governor and was narrowly defeated. However, although he battled a lack of name recognition, his “every county” campaign approach caught fire and the grass roots effort nearly got him elected with 40 percent of the vote. Now, he has his sites set on being Oklahoma’s next U.S. Senator, a job he feels a duty to do. And again, he is experiencing grass roots support. They say they support him for many reasons…for his integrity, his business experience (he owned a wholesale air conditioner business for 30 years), for his faith, for his love for this country, for his ability to cut through the red tape and maybe most of all for his grit. They believe he will stand firm in Washington and do what is right, no matter what. Senator Brogdon expects tough challenges in the U.S. Senate. “But it is amazing what you can accomplish when you are principled. It is also amazing what happens to our liberty by politicians when they are not. We are fighting a battle right now in the Republican Party. It is so important that we choose leaders whose rhetoric matches their record,” he said. Believing the best years of America are ahead of us and are worth fighting for, he is ready to stand up against the status quo. “I was a Tea Party guy before the Tea Party was cool,” he said with a grin. But underneath it, was a tough attitude that makes you want to believe him. Maybe Washington really can change and maybe this is where we start. For more information about Senator Randy Brogdon and his campaign, visit

James Lankford

Candidate for US Senate (Seat vacated mid-term by Dr. Tom Coburn)


ames Lankford is an accomplished public servant. Elected as the U.S. Congressman for 5th Congressional District in 2010, he has earned the respect of his fellow congressmen and has quickly moved up the ranks to serve on important committees including the House Committees on Budge and Oversight and Governmental Reform. He is the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Energy Policy, Health Care and Entitlements. He also serves as the Chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee. His impressive record in Washington might make you to believe he had been in politics his whole career. In reality, prior to running for Congress, he spent 22 years in ministry, 13 of those years serving as the director of Oklahoma’s largest Christian youth camp, Falls Creek. But whether he is in a traditional ministry role or debating bills on the House floor, James Lankford is unashamedly Christian in his worldview. It is what drives him to be a strong servant leader. Now, after 3 years in the Congress, he believes he is being called to serve Oklahoma in the United States Senate. Understanding the political process, he has proven he has the ability to keep both his faith and his integrity in tact even in the dirty world of Washington politics. He is willing to apply the lessons he has learned to serve in the Senate, in what he calls “the most contentious battlefield in our government.” Lankford believes God called him from the ministry into politics for a reason. He now looks back at his life and sees many ways God

prepared him. From his interest in debate, and speech, to the ways his librarian mom taught him the importance of critical research, he has been able to apply the lessons to be effective in his job. And, he adds that our country badly needs private citizens to enter politics because we bring a very different perspective, one focused on the people rather than on the “sport” of politics. He believes he is now prepared to join the Senate. “In the same way serving in Congress helped Dr. Colburn to be effective in the Senate, the experience has prepared me. It gives me the ability to understand the federal budget, the processes in place, the speed and pace of the decisions and the number of things that must be accomplished. The House is a good preparation for that,” he explained. He says that Washington, especially the Senate, can be a dark place and that the Washington insiders don’t like Christians who actually live their faith. “They don’t mind someone who has a Bible on their desk. They don’t mind someone who says they have a faith. But if people really live their faith, it bothers them. Lots say they are Christian, but not that many live it,” he said sadly. Lankford is a dedicated “prayer walker,” routinely walking the floor of his Canon Office Building. He feels a specific call to lead other government leaders to Christ. Thus far, he says he has been blessed with the opportunity to help lead another member of Congress as well as a lobbyist to Christ. He believes there are even fewer Christians on the Senate side. “But that is the nature of being salt and light. God typically doesn’t apply light to light places, He applies light to dark places,” he said. James Lankford is anxious to be that salt and light in the U.S. Senate. For more information on Congressman James Lankford and his campaign for the U.S. Senate, visit

C ommu n ity s p ir itmagazin

MAY 201 4

| 13 

T.W. Shannon

Candidate for US Senate (Seat vacated mid-term by Dr. Tom Coburn)


o call him a rising star in the Republican Party would be an understatement. When he was elected to the Oklahoma House of Representatives in 2006, no one knew much about Shannon, the youngest man to ever hold that district’s seat. But it wasn’t long before his ideas and people skills catapulted him into leadership roles within the House. Admired by his colleagues, in 2013, he was elected as Speaker of the House, becoming the state’s youngest Speaker and the first African American to ever hold that office in the state of Oklahoma. T.W. Shannon is the complete package. In fact if you were to try to construct the perfect profile for a national candidate, that profile might look much like Shannon. His 6 foot 4 inch frame and good looks help him to naturally take command of any room. But when he speaks, he communicates a genuine and likeable countenance which makes people want to trust him. His tendency for selfdefacing humor disarms even the most hostile crowd, allowing him to make his argument in a way which convinces more than it challenges. Beside him is his beautiful wife, Devon, breast cancer survivor and partner in the couple’s home-based public relations firm. They have a daughter and a son and the family is active at Lawton’s Bethlehem Baptist Church, the church where T.W. was raised and where he teaches Sunday School today. T.W. is an enrolled member of the Chickasaw Nation. In fact,

14  |

C o m m u n i t y s p i rit m agaz

MAY 2 0 1 4

after receiving his law degree from Oklahoma City Law School, he served the tribe as its chief administrative officer. Within the House, Shannon fought for legislation designed to help break the cycle of generational poverty and he routinely calls people to end their dependence on the government and move toward self-reliance. On a national level, he wants to repeal ObamaCare, restore the sanctity of life, value the definition of marriage between one man and one woman, defend our right to bear arms, protect our borders, shrink the size of government and cut the deficit. T.W. Shannon knows he is up against strong competitors for the seat in the US Senate. But although he claims to be the underdog in the race, national Republican superstars are stepping in to endorse him. GOPAC recently added him to its advisory board, the Republican National Committee named him one of its “Rising Stars,” and he has recently been personally endorsed by leaders such as Sarah Palin, Ben Carson and Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz. In a personal interview with Community Spirit Magazine, T.W. Shannon said that it is not enough for Republicans to be correct on the issues. “You have to have people who can sell and communicate that message,” he insisted. And Shannon believes he is the right guy to do that. He feels called to this office and is anxious to see what God does with that calling. Shannon quoted from the 13th chapter of Romans and then explained his reliance on God. “People who serve in ministry are ministers. Serving in a governmental capacity is like serving in any other ministry. We take the gifts and the talents we have been blessed with and apply them to the task at hand. Then, we leave the outcome to Him.” T.W. Shannon may well become our next U.S. Senator. If so, he should do very well in the role. However, if this proves not to be God’s timing, don’t lose sight of this strong man of Christ. It is evident he is destined for big things. For more information about T.W. Shannon, visit www.shannonforsenate. com.

OK Mozart Festival 2014

Oklahoma’s Premiere Music Festival

June 7-14, 2014


• OK Mozart All-State Youth Orchestra and guest pianist Jon Kimura Parker with the Amici New York orchestra

• Spencer-Prentiss/Becky Wallace Chamber Concert with Miro Quartet and Amici New York ´ woodwind sextet • Grammy Award winner, Sarah Jarosz with Amici New York ensemble • Mozart’s opera “The Magic Flute” • Woolaroc Outdoor Concert with the Amici New York orchestra and a fireworks finale • The Grand Finale Concert with the Amici New York orchestra and Bartlesville Choral Society


TWO FREE Opening Celebration Block Parties • 50 FREE Daytime Showcase Events commspiritmag2.indd 1

C ommu n ity s p ir itmagazin

4/17/2014 4:52:54 PM

MAY 201 4

| 15 

post oak lodge

A Place for Your Next Family, Friend or Business Retreat re·ju·ve·nate verb \ri-ˈjü-və-ˌnāt\ 1. to make (someone) feel or look young, healthy, or energetic again 2. to give new strength or energy to (something)


s it time for a little “rejuvenation” in your life? Maybe its time for a family get-away? Or maybe, you want to get some friends together for a special life group? Whatever part of your life needs to be rejuvenated, POSTOAK Lodge is the place where it can happen. They have this “Lodge Away From Home” Special which is an amazingly great deal! For only $396 per night, you can lounge back in a four-bedroom lodge. It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a good time. Use it as a family get-away or you could gather up some of your friends and split the bill. Think of the laughs you will have eating together, playing a few cards, hiking, pitching horseshoes, soaking in the hot tub, fishing in one of the crystal-clear ponds, and taking long scenic walks. The “Lodge Away from Home” Special also includes continental breakfast for eight. Weekends and holidays are of course based upon availability, but pull out your calendars and settle on a perfect night or two. Larger lodges are often available as well at a slightly higher rate. And while you are there, you just have to take the Tulsa area’s

fastest, highest, and most beautiful ride. POSTOAK’s Canopy Tours offer you 2-3 hours of exhilarating fun. High in the trees, you and your guests will zipline your way down the beautiful Oklahoma

16  |

C o m m u n i t y s p i rit m agaz

m AY 2 0 1 4

hillside. Along the way, you will get breathtaking views of the downtown Tulsa skyline, just seven miles away. The Canopy Tours are a thrill you won’t soon forget. And, it is something you can do with a wide range of ages. Greg Robinson, Managing Member of Adventure Quest LLC, the company that manages the tours for POSTOAK, said that thus far the ages have ranged from a 10 year-old little boy to a 92 year-old grandmother! Both had the time of their lives! The Canopy Tours were constructed in the Spring of 2012 and have become a hit with Tulsa visitors, church groups and anyone who just needs a little excitement in their life. The tours are guided by true professionals who are insistent on both safety and having lots of fun. “Constructing a great Canopy Tour is all about length of the run, the fall or speed, and the view. POSTOAK has all three! And since the lodge has oriented itself as a retreat center which offers lots of outdoor adventure, the Canopy Tours fit right in. It provides multi-generational fun, is a great team building activity and is accessible to most anyone,” Greg explained. Safety is of top importance at POSTOAK Canopy Tours. In fact, the tour is equipped with a unique breaking system that is run

Post Oak Canopy Tours are perfect for families, friends, corporate groups, Church Groups and classes! • Includes: 6 ziplines and 7 platform stations • Duration: about 2 hours • Cost: $79 (always call for current rates); $69 for youth aged 10-15; $69 for groups of 8 or more • Typical zip days/times are Saturdays and Sundays at 9 a.m., noon, and 3 p.m. Click on Reservations to see actual date/ times available. by a trained guide. All the rider has to do is step off and enjoy the ride,” he said. Oklahoma’s first zipline canopy tour is an adrenaline rush from the get-go. POSTOAK Canopy Tours takes thrill seekers and nature lovers soaring above the treetops along a network of more than 3,865 feet of cable line. And you are going to enjoy every foot of it! The tour takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete and costs $79 per person. Group rates are available at a discounted price of $69 per person. Everything is provided. All you must do is strap on a helmet, grab a harness and hold on for a wild ride.

Post Oak Lodge and the Canopy Tours are located about 7 miles northwest of downtown Tulsa. For a map, photos, booking information and all the details, visiting Post Oak Lodge truly is your “Lodge Away from Home.” And it is only minutes away. How could there possibly be a better place to rejuvenate from…whatever ails ya?

C ommu n ity s p ir itmagazin

ma Y 2014

| 17 

celebrity attractions

Sister Act Comes To Tulsa Performing Arts Center May 13-18

18  |

C o m m u n i t y s p i rit m agaz

MAY 2 0 1 4

Welcomed by Primeaux Kia, SISTER ACT performs at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center for a limited engagement of one week only May 13-18. The performance schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Evenings at 7:30 p.m., Friday and Saturday Evenings at 8 p.m., Saturday and Sunday Matinees at 2 p.m. and Sunday Evening at 7 p.m. Prices start at $20. Tickets may be purchased via phone at 918.596.7111, in person at the PAC Box Office, or online at You are also invited to “Get social with Celebrity Attractions” by becoming a fan on Follow the Tulsa, Oklahoma engagement of SISTER ACT on or join the conversation using #SisterActTulsa. The national tour of SISTER ACT is a production in the Celebrity Attractions’ 2013-2014 Broadway Season that also includes the return of WICKED! Celebrity Attractions is proud to have The Tulsa World, News On 6 and American Airlines as sponsors for this spectacular season. For more information, please visit

– The Huffington Post

Photo by Joan Marcus


ISTER ACT, the family friendly, over-the-top spectacle with nuns that rock makes its way to Tulsa! Presented by Celebrity Attractions, SISTER ACT opens at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center on May 13 through 18 for a limited engagement of eight performances only! Tickets go on sale Thursday, April 17. Produced by Whoopi Goldberg, Stage Entertainment and Troika Entertainment, SISTER ACT received five 2011 Tony® Award nominations: BEST MUSICAL, BEST ORIGINAL SCORE (Alan Menken (music)/ Glenn Slater (lyrics)), BEST BOOK OF A MUSICAL (Cheri & Bill Steinkellner and Douglas Carter Beane), BEST ACTRESS IN A MUSICAL (Patina Miller) and BEST FEATURED ACTRESS IN A MUSICAL (Victoria Clark). Now, Tulsa will be able to enjoy the show right here in our own back (church) yard! The show stays pretty close to the script of the movie. You might remember the storyline…When disco diva Deloris Van Cartier witnesses a murder, she is put in protective custody in the one place cops are sure she won’t be found - a convent! Disguised as a nun, she finds herself at odds with both the rigid lifestyle and an uptight Mother Superior. Using her fabulous disco-ness and killer voice to inspire the choir, Deloris breathes new life into the church, but in doing so blows her cover. Soon it’s nun-on-the-run time but she finds salvation in the heavenly power of her newly found sisterhood. Based on the mega-hit feature film, SISTER ACT features an original Alan Menken/Glenn Slater score with a vast inspiration of musical styles from Motown, soul and funk to great big disco anthems and Barry White inspired musical comedy. SISTER ACT features an original score with music by multiAcademy, Grammy and Golden Globe Award-winning composer Alan Menken (Little Shop of Horrors, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and Enchanted), lyrics by Tony and Academy Awardnominee Glenn Slater (The Little Mermaid), and a book by multiEmmy Award winners Cheri and Bill Steinkellner (“Cheers”) with additional book material by Tony and Olivier Award nominee Douglas Carter Beane (Xanadu, The Little Dog Laughed). Directed on Broadway by four-time Tony Award winner Jerry Zaks (Guys and Dolls, A Funny Thing…Forum, Smokey Joe’s Café), the production features choreography by Tony and Olivier Award nominee Anthony Van Laast (Mamma Mia, Bombay Dreams) and is based on the Touchstone Pictures motion picture Sister Act written by Joseph Howard. SISTER ACT features scenery by Klara Zieglerova, costumes by Lez Brotherston, lighting by Natasha Katz, and sound by John Shivers. The music department includes Musical Supervisor Michael Kosarin, Music Director Brent-Alan Huffman, and orchestrations by Doug Besterman.

Welcomed by

MAY 13-18 918.596.7111 • TULSA PAC Groups of 10+ receive a discount, call 918.796.0220

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ma Y 2014

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OneHope President Robert Hoskins Elected As Oral Roberts University Board Chair substantial and effective global ministry, has a deep understanding of the opportunities for the globalization of ORU into the future. I look forward to working with Rob and the entire Board of Trustees as we dream about how we can equip students around the world in the 21st century.”


he Oral Roberts University (ORU) Board of Trustees unanimously elected Robert Hoskins board chair. Hoskins is stepping into this role that was filled by Mart Green since the new board was founded six years ago. Green will remain on the board as vice chair. “I am thrilled for the opportunity to serve the Board and the University as we continue to build Spirit-empowered leaders that will impact the world with the hope of Jesus Christ,” said Hoskins. “Mart Green’s leadership was instrumental in establishing a dynamic and hard-working Board of Trustees that changed the course of this institution. The board is deeply grateful for Mart Green and his tireless service to ORU. We are committed to carrying on this tradition of excellence in governance.” “I commend the Board for choosing Rob Hoskins as the next board chair for this world-renowned university,” said ORU President William M. Wilson. “Rob, who successfully leads a very

Hoskins is currently President and CEO of OneHope, a global ministry committed to engaging every child in the world with God’s Word. OneHope has already reached more than a billion children and youth in more than 140 nations and in 100+ languages. Hoskins produced “The GodMan,” an animated children’s film done in ten cultural worldview versions and translated into over 50 languages. The film is shown to millions of children every year. Due to Hoskins’ strong belief in forming and sustaining unified mission collaboratives he serves on the board of the Forum of Bible Agencies International, is founder of the Visual Story Network and served on the steering committee of the 4/14 Window Movement. He is also serving on the Strategy Working Group for the Lausanne Movement. Hoskins earned his B.A. from Vanguard University and is an ordained general appointed missionary of the Assemblies of God. He is the recipient of John Maxwell’s Equip Leadership Award and recognized by Charisma magazine as one of the emerging leaders of the church of tomorrow. The officers for the ORU Board of Trustees also include Dale Wilkerson as treasurer and Glenda Payas as secretary. About Oral Roberts University Oral Roberts University is a world-renowned Christian university located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Founded in 1963, ORU serves students from 50 states and more than 70 countries, representing over 40 denominations. ORU offers more than 60 undergraduate majors, 13 master’s programs and two doctoral degrees, plus NCAA Division I athletics. For more information on ORU, visit 

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MAY 201 4

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ORU Faculty Member Receives National Dissertation Award


ral Roberts University Assistant Professor Charlene Martin received the 2014 Distinguished Dissertation in Teacher Education Award from the Association of Teacher Educators (ATE). The intent of the award is to encourage, recognize, and promote exemplary doctoral level research that substantially contributes to the improvement of teacher education. “It is an honor to be recognized by the Association of Teacher Educators for contributing to the improvement of teacher education,” said Martin. “My research was conducted in the hope that I could empower teachers around the nation to improve their techniques for literacy instruction and implement best practices in the classroom.” Martin’s dissertation is titled “A Study of Factors that Contribute to Preservice Teachers’ Sense of Efficacy for Literacy Instruction.” In it she discussed efficacy, meaning the confidence and belief an

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instructor possesses regarding their ability to perform a task in the future. This sense of efficacy enables teachers to implement research-based best practices in their respective classrooms. “ORU is blessed with a passionate faculty that seeks to contribute to student growth as well as the education industry,” said Dean of the ORU College of Education Kim Boyd. “We are proud of Charlene and her professional accomplishments. Her research has immense implications for teachers around the nation.”

ORU Adds Sports Management Degree Program


he sports industry is one of the largest revenue generating industries in the United States and globally, generating over $400 billion per year. In light of this, Oral Roberts University will be adding a new sports management degree program in the fall of 2014. The sports management degree program will prepare students for advanced work in all sectors of the sports industry by providing a broad understanding of the field, while also teaching specific management skills in the areas of finance, sports personnel management, law, sports marketing and facility or event management. Graduates will gain the knowledge and skills needed to excel in a variety of careers with professional and collegiate organizations, individual colleges, public and private organizations, media and entertainment agencies, and facilities and events operations. ORU has also created strategic relationships with professional

sports organizations to assist qualified students with internships and other hands-on experience. These relationships include the Tulsa Shock (WNBA), Tulsa 66ers (NBAD), OKC Thunder (NBA), Tulsa Oilers (CHL), Tulsa Drillers (AA-MLB), PGA, LPGA and NCAA Division I athletic departments. “ORU offers students many opportunities to work with thriving sports programs in the area,” said ORU student Natalie Donahue, who is currently pursuing a sports management minor. “I can’t say enough about the professors who go above and beyond to connect and teach students how to succeed in the sports industry.” Donahue was hired to assist with game operations for the 2013-2014 OKC Thunder and Tulsa 66ers season.

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MAY 201 4

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oklahoma health department

World No Tobacco Day 2014 Set for Saturday, May 31st


Set an example this holiday season. Quit smoking. Call the O k l a h o m a To b a c c o H e l p l i n e or go online for free coaching and free patches, gum or lozenges.

918-595-4226 TSET. Better Lives T h r o u g h B e t t e r H e a l t h .

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C o m m u n i t y s p i rit m agaz

MAY 2 0 1 4


here are the typical holidays, Christmas, Columbus Day, President’s Day and so forth. Bet you didn’t know there was a “World No Tobacco Day!” The World Health Organization (WHO), the authority for health within the United Nations, started this day and is promoting it all over the world. Their aim is to inform the public about the dangers of using tobacco and make them aware of the business practices of tobacco companies. In the process, they hope to educate people about the work WHO undertakes in fighting the global tobacco epidemic. World No Tobacco Day is to be held on Saturday, May 31st. The World Health Organization’s website ( explains that tobacco companies spend billions of dollars on advertising each year, portraying people who smoke as being cool, glamorous, macho and having other valued after traits. When in reality, cigarettes are highly engineered products designed to cause addiction and which often kill. Cigarettes are highly addictive due to the presence of nicotine in the tobacco. However, over the years executives from the major tobacco companies have denied this. “While there are more restrictions on how tobacco companies

can advertise their products in developed countries such as the United States, in other parts of the world people are still subjected to the more aggressive and manipulative advertising tactics. There are fewer restrictions in these countries, international sales will keep these tobacco companies going,” the organization says on its website. “The global tobacco epidemic kills nearly 6 million people each year, of which more than 600 000 are non-smokers dying from breathing second-hand smoke. Unless we act, the epidemic will kill more than 8 million people every year by 2030. More than 80 percent of these preventable deaths will be among people living in low-and middle-income countries. Therefore, WHO and its partners are calling on countries to raise taxes on tobacco, reduce consumption and save lives.” Research shows that higher taxes are especially effective in reducing tobacco use among lower-income groups and in preventing young people from starting to smoke. A tax increase that increases tobacco prices by 10% decreases tobacco consumption by about 4% in high-income countries and by up to 8% in most low and middle-income countries. For information,visit About THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION WHO is the directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations system. It is responsible for providing leadership on global health matters, shaping the health research agenda, setting norms and standards, articulating evidence-based policy options, providing technical support to countries and monitoring and assessing health trends. About THE OKLAHOMA HEALTH DEPARTMENT The Oklahoma State Department of Health, through its system of local health services delivery, is ultimately responsible for protecting and improving the public’s health status through strategies that focus on preventing disease. Three major service branches, Community & Family Health Services, Prevention & Preparedness Services and Protective Health Services, provide technical support and guidance to 68 county health departments as well as guidance and consultation to the two independent city-county health departments in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Join the Tobacco Free Coalition for Tulsa County to help make our community a safer and healthier place to live! Contact Vanessa Hall-Harper 918-595-4226 TSET. Better Lives Through Better Health.

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MAY 201 4

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unite my city W I T H


Friday Groceries with Joyce Meyer by Jason Law


ulsa churches, along with civic and corporate leaders, are hosting Joyce Meyer on Friday, June 6th, to serve and unite our city. The goal is to serve up to 10,000 people with groceries, lunch, medical care, toys, and an inspiring message by Joyce Meyer. Guts Church is serving as the lead coordinating church for this event. With 16.2% of Tulsa’s population considered at or below poverty level, this event will help meet an immediate need in the lives of the families served on June 6th. When local churches come together to feed and serve this many people it sends a message to our city that “the Church is here and we are here to help.” This message is being communicated by the many churches who are already serving throughout our city, but we hope the collaborated effort on June 6th will help strengthen that message. Each church that partners in the outreach has the opportunity to serve people and invite them to their own church. This allows local churches to continue following up with the people served that day, providing the sustainable care and discipleship they need. By rallying around a common cause, we hope this event will provide the opportunity for stronger relationships to develop among church leaders and become another catalyst for the local church community to continue working together. In this way, we

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expect we will ultimately make a bigger impact and more effectively serve people in our city. Individually, each of our organizations can make an impact, but together we can accomplish so much more. As the church prays, problem solves, serves, and seeks to honor God together there is tremendous opportunity to see true transformation come to our city. Friday Groceries with Joyce Meyer will be held at ONEOK Field  on Friday morning, June 6th, at 10:00AM.To learn more about how you or your church can participate, visit  fridaygroceries@ or call 918-622-4422.

ABOUT UNITE MY CITY Unite My City exists to help rally and serve local churches in collaborated service projects in order to more effectively serve and transform the lives of people in our city. Several local churches, who partner together, are already seeing positive results using this model in the P-61 After School Program for under-resourced kids living in the 61st and Peoria area. You can learn more at,

the heart of the matter


Restore Me When I Fall


everal years ago I worked with someone I found extremely challenging. As a project manager his job was to see that projects were completed on time and on budget. This didn’t always happen, so he would find creative ways to spend money that had not been approved, and then to try to hide the expenditures so they would not be recognized. His propensity to break all the rules put him at odds with virtually everyone in the accounting department. And most people would just back down rather than try to deal with him. It became a daily battle for me. His actions were wrong. My response to his actions was equally wrong. On one particular occasion, I became so angry that my spontaneous outburst was totally inappropriate. A well-respected co-worker calmly but firmly said, “Now that was not a very Christian thing to do.” Still in the heat of the moment I responded out of sarcasm, “Well, thanks a lot for pointing that out!” He moved closer to me, and again said calmly, “No, seriously, that was not a very Christian thing to do.” That time I responded sincerely, “Thanks for pointing that out.” The embarrassing thing about this was that the entire scene played out in front of the whole accounting department. The good thing about this was that the whole department heard it all – one follower of Christ gently and lovingly restoring another follower of Christ. These are the moments that even in our failure (or especially in our failure) our response to Biblical correction can shine a greater light on God’s process for forgiveness than those around us might otherwise encounter. A visual demonstration is much more profound than a lot of words on paper.

Brothers and sisters, if someone is caught in a sin, you who live by the Spirit should restore that person gently. But watch yourselves, or you also may be tempted. - Galatians 6:1

The Bible really only gives us a few methods to deal with those whose actions are consistently sinful. We can forgive, again and again (Matthew 18:21-22). We can pray for them (Matthew 5:44). We can talk with them, and hope they hear; or we can put a distance between us and them.

“If your brother or sister sins, go and point out their fault, just between the two of you. If they listen to you, you have won them over. But if they will not listen, take one or two others along, so that ‘every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.’ If they still refuse to listen, tell it to the church; and if they refuse to listen even to the church, treat them as you would a pagan or a tax collector. - Matthew 18:15-17 If we are the one entangled by bad choices and someone reminds us of our heritage in Christ, we have only one response: contrition. It really serves no one to put up walls or keep talking about how we are the injured one. We know in our hearts when our attitudes have caused us to sin, and we will never feel completely above the issue – whatever it is – until we own our response to the situation. This particular incident was not the first time I had gone off-script while dealing with others, and I’m certain it will not be the last, even though I try. But if (or when) these times occur, I pray my response will always be, “Restore me when I fall.”

ABOUT DENIECE Deniece has a passion to minister to women. You are going to grow to love her and the way she tells stories, always getting to the real heart of the matter.

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MAY 2014

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lindsay nieman

10 Ways to Grocery Shop Without Blowing Your Diet


our months into the Lose it for the Kids challenge, publisher Tom McCloud is finding that while getting lots of exercise is critical, the pounds just don’t come off without eating right. His “go to” expert is nutritionist, Lindsey Neiman. She not only knows the chemistry, she understands people. In fact, she now helps a long list of folks like him to hit the “restart button” of nutrition, proving that it is never too late to take control of all sorts of habits, even eating. Whether people need to lose or gain, Lindsey has a proven ability to help them conquer those food demons which tend to whisper negative things in our ear. Food issues can be conquered and Lindsey knows how to throw them out with yesterday’s garbage. To Lindsey, it is not at all about “dieting.” Instead, it is about learning to make good choices. Those choices start in the grocery store. Here are some great tips on buying right. After all, making wise choices on what goes in your grocery basket is the first step to eating right.

10 Grocery Store Do’s and Don’ts 1. Stock up on fruits and veggies. Increasing fruits and vegetables not only boosts the amount of nutrients in your diet, but the fiber will also keep you full longer. Try to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables and don’t be afraid to try something new or prepare it in a new way. Just because mom never made it, doesn’t mean you aren’t going to love it! 2. Switch to whole grains. It’s easy to swap things like pasta and rice for the whole grain option. Make sure the nutrition label says 100% whole grain. Many labels will say wheat flour or multi grain; these are not the same as 100% whole grain. If your family does not like the taste of whole grains, try to mix pasta or rice half and half and then gradually make the transition. 3. Beans are cheap and nutritious! Stock up on different kinds of dried beans to enjoy in soups, as a side dish, refried beans etc. Most dried beans can be easily prepared in a slow cooker.

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4. Go Greek! Many people are wondering the difference between regular yogurt and Greek yogurt. The main difference is the protein content. Greek yogurt has more protein than regular yogurt. Protein is essential for building muscle and it also keeps you full longer. Make sure to check the label for varieties that add a lot of extra sugar. It’s easy to keep plain yogurt and add your own sweetener. 5. Buy high quality proteins. Animal protein, as well as eggs, offer our bodies a complete source of protein that is easily absorbed by our bodies. Other great protein sources include dairy products, beans, nuts, and nut butters like peanut butter. 6. Limit processed and packaged foods. Although these products may be easier, a lot of time they offer very little nutritional value. Make sure to check the labels. If there are a lot of added ingredients you don’t recognize, then it’s likely that the nutrient value isn’t that high. These foods are not off limits or “bad,” we just want to consume less of these. 7. Take a survey of your grocery store. Generally, the wholesome foods listed above are located around the outside edges of the store and the processed items such as cookies, chips and so forth are in the center isles. Remember, there is no rule which says you must walk every aisle. If an aisle tempts you to buy more than you need, feel free to avoid it altogether. 8. Make a list and know what you are going for! Avoid impulse buying. Make a list before you ever leave your house. Then promise yourself you won’t buy on impulse. Both your checkbook and your waistline will be the better for it. 9. Don’t shop when you are hungry! It is an old rule, but it is absolutely true. When we are hungry, everything looks good. So why tempt yourself? If you will go full and with a plan, that bag of cookies won’t mysteriously hop into your basket. 10. Learn to read the labels and never fall for the calorie per serving mistake. If you are not careful, it is easy to think there is only 100 calories in that can, when actually, there are 3 servings of 100 calories. Buyer… and eater beware. Thanks Lindsey! we are convinced most of us need help. Losing weight, at least losing a lot of weight, requires the help of experts. Get yourself a physical trainer who customize exactly the right plan for you and will keep you accountable. Then, find a nutritionist who can “re-train” you on what and what not to eat. The pounds WILL come off. With the right help, you CAN do this!

lose your quit B Y


Don’t Worry

P H O T O C O URTE SY O F NB C Community Spirit is excited to have Danny Cahill as one of our featured, monthly writers. Whether you wrestle with your weight or not, you will enjoy Danny’s motivating column. We all cheered Danny on when he was on The Biggest Loser. Now, he continues to gain our applause while he shares his testimony with others. Danny loves the Lord and is not shy about telling people about Him. It is a blessing to the magazine to have his monthly article. Be sure to watch for Danny’s article each month.


he other morning was a good teachable moment for my son David. He woke up, came into the living room, and screamed, “Oh no! I left my binder at the main High School! It has all my stuff in it! What am I going to do?! Oh no!” I calmly replied, “Get in the shower and get ready for school.” He continued to panic, and I told him again, “Get in the shower and get ready.” He asked me, “Don’t you care that I might get bad grades if we don’t find it?!” I again replied, “Get in the shower, and get ready for school.” When he came out, I told him to get in the car so we could go to the main High School and look for the binder. He replied, “It won’t be there! Someone probably took it! The band room won’t be unlocked! I don’t even know where the office is!” I remained silent and drove. Again, David asked, “Dad, don’t you even care?!” We pulled up to the school and sure enough, the band room was locked. David came out in a panic, “I told you! We’ll never find it!” Then I asked a student where the office was located. He told us and David went to the office. They told him the band room would open at 7:30am when the band director came in. We drove back over to the band room, and David went inside and he came out carrying the binder. He got in the car in silence looking straight ahead. He

looked at me and said, “It was the first thing I saw when I walked in.” We laughed and I proceeded with the teachable moment. The night before, we had watched the movie GRAVITY with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. I said, “Do you know what I noticed last night in the movie? When she panicked, she couldn’t function. She couldn’t focus or do anything at all! Then, she’d calm down, breathe in and out, focus, and get herself out of the situation.” He answered, “Dad, that’s a movie!” I then told him, “Most people die in life threatening situations because they panic – they worry about what might happen before it happens. Survivors find ground and center, breath in a controlled manner, and then respond to the situation by doing what they can do now.” When we worry, we often live out the worst possible scenario. I’ve found in life that the worst possible scenario rarely happens. If you worry about it, you’re guaranteed to live that scenario in your mind anyway! What a waste! Mark Twain said, “I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.” Luke 12:25-26 says, “Can all your worries add a single moment to your life? And if worry can’t accomplish a little thing like that, what’s the use of worrying over bigger things?” (NLT) As a man in the airport once said to me when I was in a panic, “STOP! You are scaring yourself!” So I tell you, do what you can do in the moment. Worry accomplishes nothing. Figure out what you can control, and do that. I then told David, “I told you to get in the shower and get ready for school because there wasn’t anything we could do until we got there. When we got there, if we couldn’t find the binder, then we’d cross that bridge. And look, that bridge didn’t even have to exist – except for your worry creating it in your mind.”


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MAY 201 4

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marriages that last


Slow Down


wo four letters words that need to be spoken more in our marriages. Sadly, many marriages are in such disarray that there are many four letters words spoken in anger. Emotions run wild while words are being thrown out with little thought of the consequences to follow. I can’t help but wonder if maybe part of the problem with communication today is that we struggle to slow down. With the continued philosophy of “keeping up with the Jones,” we find ourselves chasing an ideal that in reality doesn’t exist. Every parent wants to provide the very best for their child. We spend countless dollars on fulfilling their wishes and desires hoping that maybe they’ll be the next pro athlete or super star within their chosen discipline. The overwhelming majority of households today consist of two incomes because their choices make dual incomes a necessity to pay the bills and maintain the fast-paced life. Even then, the vast majority of families live from pay check to pay check, doing everything they can to keep their heads above water. With that constant demand on the marriage partners, it is not difficult to see why so many marriages are struggling today. Most people have good intentions, rarely do they wish ill will on their spouse. With craziness all around—work, bills, stress, and jumping through the hoops of everyday life, couples drift apart. This separation does not come all of a sudden, but is like a gradual heating up of the pot, the constant additions of “just one more thing” into our lives. I’ve yet to meet a couple on their wedding day talking about their future divorce and yet so many end in that way. Why? Just like the process of birth, where we start to die the moment we’re born, I believe husband and wife come under attack from the moment they say “I do.” Much of my work centers on broken relationships and the pain that comes with them. Many (ok, all) of the problems could have been avoided if couples were connecting the way God intended them to. Marriages begin to feel the effects of this over-involved, highly entertained, keeping-up-outward-appearances society. Most

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C o m m u n i t y s p i rit m agaz

MAY 2 0 1 4

couples struggle to find even a few minutes a day to connect and discuss relational issues, leaving most issues unresolved, which creates and nurtures an ever-growing intimacy gap. A seemingly simple homework assignment I have been giving clients lately is to “slow down.” Sounds simple enough but it is amazing how difficult it is for many to do. Here’s the challenge: stop looking into the past worrying about things you have no control over; and stop looking into the future being anxious for tomorrow. Focus on today, the task or person in front of you right now. Become comfortable being still. Stop running in all directions wondering why you are not hearing God’s directions. Stop. Listen. Oftentimes, God will speak in the simplest of forms but if we’re so busy with our priorities, we will blow right by his calling. Practice sitting still in a chair for 10 minutes without your mind wandering to the things you have to get done. I know, it sounds easy but try it. Can you do it? When you walk into your house at night, put your cell phone down and stop carrying it around with you in the house. Create times that your house is an electronicsfree zone. Like any addict, you’ll go through withdrawals at first but with time you’ll find your relationships deepening. In the coming days, slow down to show your loved ones that you really do love them. Bless them with your time, not just good intentions. Check out Cornerstone’s website for information on services. Dr. Kevin Nieman, LMFT Cornerstone Christian Counseling Services Cornerstone Christian Counseling Services is proud to announce that we are now in our newly remodeled offices. We are also pleased to announce that our new website www. is active. We are excited about bringing hope and healing to those hurting in our community, blending our Christian beliefs with our professionalism.

CORNERSTONE Christian Counseling Services

Let us help you get your life back on track. Call today: 918.392.4008

4930 S. Sheridan Rd.

act financial


Getting Your Legal Matters in Order First of all let’s get this announcement out of the way. I am not an attorney but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night. Okay, I know it’s an old joke but since we are on the subject can we have a candid conversation about estate planning? In a recent national Wills & Estate Planning Survey conducted by, several startling facts were revealed concerning Americans and their estate planning. The most alarming statistic discussed is the fact that there has been a steady decline since 2007 in the amount of demand for estate planning documents. The survey suggested that due to the ailing economy, Americans are more focused on the essentials rather than their future. Because of the economic downturn, 73% of those polled agreed that economic struggles made it more difficult to plan for the future. 71% said they were forced to focus on immediate needs rather than planning long-term. With regard to the basic estate planning documents, since 2007, both wills and trusts have declined in numbers. Wills have declined from 45% to 35%, and the numbers of those completing a trust slid from 31% to a disappointing 18%.

Reasons We Don’t Do Estate Planning The survey clearly indicates that lack of finances is one factor that keeps individual(s) from planning. But what are some other reasons for estate planning procrastination? There has to be a reason that 32% of Americans would rather do their taxes, get a root canal, or give up sex for a month than create or update their will! I decided to ask James P. Melone, III, who is an estate planning attorney in Tulsa that has been practicing for twenty years, why there is an absence of the basic estate planning tools such as wills, trusts, living wills and powers of attorney for healthcare and finances. There are a variety of reasons people are hesitant to go forward with estate planning: the cost involved, lack of understanding, and the time and thought required. However, once people discover that without proper planning the State of Oklahoma determines who is entitled to receive their estate upon death, most people become motivated to take a more proactive interest in their planning. In my twenty years of practicing law, I have found that most people like to remain in control of their property as long as they are capable and that they wish to keep their estate planning private. For these people, a living trust is their estate plan of choice. Assets held by a trust avoid probate upon death while also allowing full use and enjoyment while living. Some people erroneously believe that a trust is only for the “rich and famous.” However, in my experience once they understand that a trust is merely a way of holding assets while living and for distributing assets upon death without the requirement of a court proceeding, the simplicity and privacy of a trust for their own estate planning becomes very attractive.

one else. There may be a number of reasons as to why you have not prepared your estate planning documents. The bottom line is that at the end of the day, if the wrong situation occurs that involves the need for the proper legal documents, the reasons you have procrastinated won’t matter. Can we be honest here? If you were in my office now I would be sliding the rock your way.

We Can Do Better I am teaching my four year old grandson, Kellen, how to play tennis. Originally he would get frustrated because he couldn’t hit the ball to his satisfaction. One day he had a minor meltdown. I took him aside and we agreed he could do better and that getting upset only made things worse. Much to my amazement from that point forward every time he missed the ball his new self-talk was “I can do better”. Folks, when it comes to our estate planning, “We can do better!” While there may be several reasons why we don’t plan for that future, none really hold water when put to the ultimate test. The reality is that we are ALL terminal. If you are married one day you or your spouse will be single. Those words may be harsh but we can do better. We must do better. The scriptures teach us to get our spiritual house in order, but if we link that thought with the instructions that we are to leave an inheritance or legacy for our children’s children, our mission is clear. If you would like to have a candid discussion about your estate planning we would be delighted to meet with you and help get you on the right track.

RANDY C. COWELL, M.S., LUTCF, CFP®, CRPC® ACT FINANCIAL Randy C. Cowell is a columnist and President of ACT Financial Services, Inc. in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is the author of “God GoodDebt Bad”. Randy welcomes your thoughts and prayers. He can be reached at 918-664-0081 or by e-mail at

I have a rock on my desk that is inscribed with the words “NO EXCUSES”. It is used to remind me that when there is a problem in my office there are “no excuses”. I am responsible for me and no C ommu n ity s p ir itmagazin

MAY 2014

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Palmer Continuum of Care


Local Non-profit Offers Hope from Substance Abuse and Addiction

Palmer Continuum of Care provides FREE treatment of substance abuse and addiction for adolescents, women and their families


rug abuse is a thief. It steals identities, hopes, dreams and futures. It ruins lives. But Tulsa is blessed to have a special team of folks who are fighting back. Armed with expertise, experience and a double dose of compassion, they have an impressive history of helping families recover. And, unbelievably, they do so at no cost to the patient. Their mission is to provide quality treatment for substance abuse and addiction in ways which promote a sustained recovery. You might say they know how to help people hit the restart button on lives, giving them the hope of a better, healthier future. Their focus is to work with adolescents, women and their families. Their secret weapon is the gift of encouragement. Tour Palmer’s unique residential program at the Tulsa Women and Children’s Center (TWCC) and you’ll see first-hand what this compassion looks like. One of the few programs in the nation where women can keep their children with them as they go through

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C o m m u n i t y s p i rit m agaz

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treatment, the facility feels more like a family living room than a treatment center. But don’t be mislead, treatment, counseling, training, coaching, mentoring are intertwined in the lessons taught to both the moms and their children. Age-appropriate classrooms provide the setting for quality education for the kids. Each mother and her children live in their own bedroom and from the great food prepared daily by Chef Chris Ford, to the 24-hour nursing care, the facility is a place of peace and respect. By every standard, moms and their children are happy here. The program and the results are impressive. Palmer works. Just ask people like Brittany, a young mom who came to the Tulsa Women and Children’s Center in 2012. Desperately hooked on drugs for over 10 years, she had lost her four kids and was living under a bridge prior to being introduced to the programs at Palmer. Recovery was not easy, but after the first 90 days, she was beginning to learn who she was and what had led her

on such a path of destruction. Seven months later, she was restored to her family and had a real hope for the future. She now works in the nursing field, but routinely takes time to visit TWCC to be an inspiration to other mothers in the program. To Patty Crisp, Program Director, working at the Tulsa Women and Children’s Center is more than just a job. Like the other employees there, she sees it as having great purpose. “As long as I have breath, I will do this. I personally believe in purpose and calling. I believe it is my calling to be here. I know what works. It’s not being arrogant. I have lived it and I know it. Not a lot of people know how to do this in an effective way. So being here is very invigorating. We get to see transformed lives and that gives me oxygen,” she said. Across town, Barry Hesson, manages another valuable Palmer program…providing Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs for young people ages 12 to 21. He works with kids to promote abstinence from drugs, while improving their overall functioning at home, school and in the community. Palmer’s trained professionals meet with each young person and his or her family for the assessment before recommending a personalized treatment plan. Family participation is encouraged with the understanding that the client’s success in recovery is partly dependent on the family’s knowledge of addiction and the recovery process. Treatment is FREE and the total program length can range from four education sessions to six weeks or more of combined group, individual or family counseling sessions as well as relapse prevention and recreational activities. Treatment sessions are offered in both the afternoon and evening hours at several locations to accommodate schedules of teen clients and their families. Palmer is the exclusive provider for the New Vision Drug School for Tulsa Public Schools. Headquartered at the alternative school, TRAICE Academy, Palmer counselors are in a position to hit the youth drug problems head on. When kids in Tulsa Public Schools

“Most of the kids we see have begun experimenting with drugs by the age of 12 to 13” -barry hesson are identified as having a drug and alcohol problem, the Disciplinary Review Committee transfers them to TRAICE Academy where Palmer provides counseling throughout much of the day. “It is not always an easy population to work with, but we have successes,” Barry said. Barry Hesson is also called upon to give lectures and seminars

to churches, schools and other organizations about drug abuse. Passionate about his role, he contends that drug abuse education should begin in early grade school. “Most of the kids we see have begun experimenting with drugs by the age of 12 to 13,” he explained. The Palmer Continuum of Care begins with these adolescents and extends to mothers at the Tulsa Women and Children’s Center. But Patty Crisp sees it as being very connected. “Experts tell us that at whatever age drug abuse starts, that is where a person stops developing emotionally. So, both programs are really working on the same problem. Our goal is that the children of our moms don’t end up being the clients of the adolescent program,” she said. “But no matter the age, the greater community should not be willing to live without these kids. We need them. There is no economy that can afford disenfranchising the people. These kids are worth investing in.” “The programs work,” she insists. “And it is a true blessing to be able to walk with these kids for a while and offer them tools and encouragement…eyes that say you are worth it and that I believe in you, even if you don’t believe in yourself yet.” Palmer has been serving clients in Tulsa since 1981 and has been a Tulsa Area United Way member agency since 1989, is certified by CARF, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, for alcohol and other drugs programs, and is certified by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. The Child Care Program at TWCC is accredited by NAEYC, the National Association for the Education of Young Children, and is licensed as a Reaching for the Stars Three-Star Child Care Center by Oklahoma Child Care Services. Palmer services are offered without regard to race, creed, sexual orientation, disability or ability to pay. For more information, visit or call 918832-7764.

An Evening with the Pioneer Woman Palmer Continuum of Care cordially invites you to an exclusive gala event, An Evening with the Pioneer Woman, on Thursday, May 29. The evening will honor Ree Drummond, a woman whose down-to-earth hospitality and feisty spirit makes us all proud to be Oklahomans. The gala event will be held at the Cox Business Center, formerly the Tulsa Convention Center, where guests will be entertained by tributes to Ree and hearty cuisine prepared from Ree’s own recipes. Please mark your calendars and reserve your spot by contacting Laura Chalus at 918-633-8508 or Online reservations can be made at Event Sponsors include George Kaiser Family Foundation, 
Cyclonic Valve
, Magoon and Associates Insurance Specialists
, Steven W Fooshee DDS, Inc.
, Claremont Corporation
, Jana and Jim Ecrette Family Trust, and 
Arvest Bank.

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What the Noah Movie Left Out... the movie is not Biblically correct. It’s a Hollywood version written by a man who has yet to embrace Christ as his Lord and Savior, so his imagination is different than the way believers would interpret it. None-theless, the movie is a great platform and opportunity for us to witness to our co-workers, friends and family members.” If you had the opportunity to stop everyone from leaving the theatre and they were willing to sit there as you told them the real story of Noah, what would you tell them?


ollywood understands one thing, Bible movies sell tickets. The recent blockbuster movie Noah sold over 43 million dollars in tickets on opening weekend alone. And now moviemakers are licking their chops as they capitalize on the heroes of the Bible to continue to fill the theatre seats. In fact, 20th Century Fox is scheduled to release “Exodus” later this year starring Christian Bale as Moses. But, not everyone was delighted with the Noah production starring Russell Crowe. In fact, many Christians were outraged at the wide differences between the movie and the Biblical text. Facebook is filled with arguments between well-meaning Christians as to whether the film should be applauded or picketed. So, we thought it would be interesting to ask Victory Christian Center’s Pastor Paul Daugherty, one of Tulsa’s rising, young preachers, for some insight. Paul had an interesting philosophy about the movie. He says that he did tell the church that Noah is probably not a movie for baby Christians, those trying to understand the Word of God. After all, the movie is unbiblical. But he would neither ridicule people for seeing the movie or not seeing it. Instead, he left it up to their convictions. “Just don’t go trying to get doctrinal or theological belief because

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Without hesitation, Paul said, “I would explain that this is just a glimpse of what happens when we accept Christ into our hearts. We are saved from a flood of what we really deserve. Everyone in this room is a sinner. No matter how many good works you do, if you don’t accept Christ, if you don’t walk into that ark which is Christ, then you are going to Hell. There is a real Hell and a real Heaven. There is none of this universalistic theology where everyone is going to end up in the ark. This story of Noah shows that God is willing to separate those who come into the ark from those who refuse. Noah was a preacher of righteousness (1 Peter). Even though the movie shows Noah pushing people off the ark, the Bible says that Noah was trying to convince people that a flood was going to come. Through Noah, God was begging them to listen.” “In Christ, we find peace, refuge and eternal salvation. He is our only way into Heaven. We can get there only through Christ, not through religious acts or good deeds, or some other religion. Jesus said, “I am the Way the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father but through Me.” He was really saying, “I am the ark. Come in. I am standing at the door knocking, waiting for you to give me a chance.” “Because of the New Covenant we have with Christ, EVERYONE is invited into this ark. Don’t miss your chance. A flood will absolutely come and God is begging all to give their lives to Christ before it is too late. Just like there was that first drop of rain, there will be a trumpet sound and then it really will be too late.” ABOUT VICTORY CHRISTIAN CENTER Victory Christian Center is located at 7700 S Lewis Ave, Tulsa, OK 74136. For more information, visit

national foster care month

May is National Foster Care Month! So…How About You? Is God Calling YOU to Become a Foster Parent? There is a tremendous need here in the Tulsa area for foster parents. Kids need loving homes, special people who will shelter them from the tragedies of life. Totally innocent, they cry out for help. Will you respond to those cries? The following excerpt from the St. Francis Family Service website might answer a few of your immediate questions. But take the first step. Make some calls and get involved. God may be calling you for such a time as this.

“There are 1580 children in DHS custody in Tulsa County, and only 233 Foster homes.” I Don’t Think I Am Foster Parent Material Great foster parents come from people in all phases of life. You could be better foster parent material than you think! Foster care parents are often… • Active church members who feel a sense of mission in serving children • Community minded people who want to help kids stay in their own town or city • Adults, now empty-nesters, looking to have children in the home • People who will help a relative or provide brief respite care for other foster parents • People from all professions and stages of life, who share a common bond in helping children.

What Does It Take To Be A Foster Parent? Just be willing to open your heart and your home to help provide a sense of love and safety that will help kids get through the life experiences that brought them into foster care.

Qualifications and Requirements for Becoming a OKDHS Foster Parent All applicants must:
 • be at least 21 years of age and preferably no more than 55 years older than the child considered for placement; • have healthy relationships whether married, single separated or divorced; • have the ability to manage personal and household financial needs without relying on the foster care reimbursement; • fulfill the OKDHS policy on background investigations for all household members 13 years and older by completion of criminal history background checks; there must also be no history of alleged or confirmed child abuse, neglect or sexual abuse; • have a working vehicle; • provide appropriate sleeping arrangements for each child placed; • be in good physical and mental health; • provide references; • complete all required training in a timely manner; • not smoke in the home or automobile when the child is present; • comply with OKDHS rules on discipline; • be able to work as part of a team with social workers and biological parents.
 Complete details about foster parent qualifications and certification requirements are available in OKDHS policy

What can bring hope to a child who’s been abandoned or abused? Who can bring stability and make a lasting difference in the life of a young boy or girl? The answer is a parent.

Together, we can make a difference. Learn more about becoming a foster parent at or call us toll-free at 877-263-1890.

Strong families make children’s lives better. Since 1945, Saint Francis has remained dedicated to that simple, singular idea. It is our honor to serve children, families and communities.

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cancer treatment centers of america

A Legacy of Faith D


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ebbie Moore is no stranger to heartache, and while hardship might weaken the strongest of women, Debbie has not just survived but she has grown to be a beacon of faith and perseverance. In November 1986 at 24 years old, Debbie was experiencing some pelvic area abnormalities, despite regular checkups. “I went to the doctor to find out what it was, but I waited too long,” Debbie said. “It turned out it was cervical cancer.” “I was a new Christian at that time and I was kind of searching for God,” Debbie recalls. “I didn’t have the relationship with the Lord like I do today. I didn’t know that prayer could help me.” Her mother, Sue Reilly, suggested that Debbie attend a prayer meeting. “All of the sudden I felt heat come through my head, all the way through my body and out of my toes,” Debbie said. Those who had prayed over Debbie assured her that she had received her healing, and that she had to “stand on it and tell the world about it.” Even before receiving any treatment, Debbie returned to her doctor with a determination that she had been healed. Still, doctors insisted that a hysterectomy was the only way to ensure recovery. However, the cancer, originally thought to have been contained in her cervix, had spread to her lymph nodes and her doctor chose not to perform the hysterectomy due to the extent of the damage. Despite complications, Debbie continued to proclaim her healing as she underwent two months of radiation. “I kept saying that I was healed, but my doctor felt like he was just prolonging my life at that point,” she recalls. At Debbie’s insistence, tests were run prior to further treatment. The results showed that the cancer was no longer in her lymph nodes or her cervix. Her healing, though it was not immediately clear, came after months of faithful perseverance. Between 1986 and 2014, Debbie’s faith would be tested time and time again. Her and her husband of six years, Jay Woodmansee, went through a long adoption process — one that was initially disheartening, as each

possible adoption opportunity slipped through their fingers. In 1996, Debbie and Jay were finally able to adopt Brooklyn. Eight years later, Debbie, Brooklyn and a young friend arrived at the scene of a wreck on their way home from a church party. Jay, Debbie’s husband, had been driving home separately from the same party and died instantly after being hit from behind into oncoming traffic. Despite the life-altering event of her husband’s death, Debbie found solace and purpose amidst the tragedy. “It was amazing how God worked that day because my daughter never had friends over on the weekends because of family day, but she had asked four times for a friend to come over — which meant Brooklyn needed to ride home with me instead of Jay,” Debbie said. “My saying yes saved her life — God had that little girl save my daughter’s life.” Not only did Brooklyn not ride home with her dad, as usual, but when 125 people committed their lives to Christ as a result of Jay’s death, Debbie’s faith continued to grow. In 2008, Debbie met Don Moore and they married two years later. True to form, in April 2013 life surprised Debbie once again. A swollen leg and unusual sores on her pelvic area led Debbie’s doctor in Springfield to perform a biopsy, and though it was assumed that the sores were non-threatening, Debbie soon received news that she again had cervical cancer, and it had already spread to her lymph nodes. “The whole time I knew God was going to heal me and I kept standing on that,” she said. “But there were some things that kept coming against us during this time, and I know the devil tries so hard to beat us down, so at one point, I just thought, ‘You know God, go ahead and take me because I can’t deal with all this pressure.’” Despite overwhelming uncertainty, Debbie began to experience moments of reassurance and peace even though her five-month chemo treatment was not yielding good results. “I knew I wasn’t going to waste my time having the chemo if it wasn’t going to work,” Debbie said. In her decision to no longer treat, Debbie was bombarded by a series of inquiries about Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA). “People kept coming up to me talking to me about Cancer Treatment Centers of America — family members, friends and different people,” Debbie said. “Finally, the eighth person came to me after Sunday school and said, ‘Debbie, I don’t know if this is from God, but I just keep seeing and envisioning and hearing the words, Cancer Treatment Centers of America.’” The following week, Debbie with her sister, Kathleen, a registered nurse, called CTCA for a second opinion. “I knew from day one that it was a Godly place to be, it was family oriented and loveable. Love just poured off of people and I wasn’t used to that,” Debbie said. After visiting CTCA, Debbie, with her supporters by her side,

was sure she had found the right place to begin battling again. “I could feel God’s presence and all the love, and you could tell this is the place for her,” said Debbie’s mom, Sue. Though her previous doctors chose to remove radiation treatment as an option, the team at CTCA safely worked Debbie into a radiation and hyperthermia regimen that produced positive results. On January 13, Debbie received test results that showed her cervical cancer had responded well to treatment. Two months later, Debbie returned to CTCA for a check-up, and learned that though her cervical cancer was still not a threat, she now had cancer in her colon. “At first I was thinking, ‘This can’t be and I released it on the faith that God is still a healing God,” she said. “I just have to keep on believing that God has a plan. The devil’s not going to take me out now — I’ve got too much to fight for.” With a new diagnosis of colon cancer, Debbie decided to go ahead with chemotherapy, but to wait on surgery for now. With complete trust in her doctors at CTCA, Debbie, with Sue, Don and Brooklyn by her side, is prepared to fight again. “Stand on the word that God said you are healed,” she said. “It says so in his word and you need to embrace it and not let anyone tell you otherwise.” No case is typical. You should not expect to experience these results. To learn more about Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa, visit or call 888-348-5492.


Nutrition is much more than the sum of numbers on the side of a cereal box — nutrition plays a vital role in treating cancer patients and living a healthy lifestyle. Since there is not one magical superfood that serves as a cure-all, dietitians at CTCA have a few general guidelines for a well-rounded diet. • Strive for five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables daily • Try to eat the rainbow: select fruits and vegetables that are red, yellow, green, purple, orange and blue • A healthy plate consists of half vegetables, one-quarter whole grains and onequarter protein • Oftentimes, patients are limited in what they are able to eat, but since nutrition is such a significant part of treatment, it is important to find easy recipes that still provide all the necessary nutritional elements

Black Bean Vegetable Salad • • • • • • • • • • • • •

2 cans of black beans, drained 1 zucchini 1 carrot, shredded 1 green pepper, diced 1 red pepper, diced ½ cup corn 2 tablespoons lime juice 1 clove garlic, minced 1 jalapeno pepper, diced ½ cup cilantro, chopped 1 ½ tablespoons canola oil ½ teaspoon cumin Combine all ingredients, serve chilled

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renaissance festival

Celebrating the Spirit of the Renaissance! 19th Annual Oklahoma Renaissance Festival

Not acquainted with The Renaissance Period of History? It was a rebirth of the human spirit, igniting a passion for beauty expressed through poetry, art, music, intellect, and romance. This pivotal time cultivated a desire for a noble life, for a freer opportunity for expression, and for the melding of intellectual curiosity, diverse culture, and exotic commerce.


he Oklahoma Renaissance Festival is like nothing you have ever experienced. Year after year, Community Spirit readers tell us that although the period of history was pretty dark and dangerous, their entire family had a great time learning about it. So, we encourage you to load up your crew and see it for yourself. You will experience a rich cultural tapestry, and the beauty and grandeur of Renaissance England, right here in Oklahoma! You’ll be transported back to the 16th Century as Castleton Village comes alive with over 600 costumed stage and street performers, merchants, and artisans providing an entertainment experience fit for Royalty. Enjoy special daytime events like the Queen’s Tea, the Royal Luncheon, and the King’s Smoker. And be sure to get tickets for the after-

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The Royal Gauntlet Birds of Prey present thrilling conservation education with raptors. Then, move to the new seating area for the Living Chess Match and cheer on your favorites. Stroll down twisting, tree-covered village lanes filled with quaint shops displaying one of a kind, hand-crafted goods. Don the latest Renaissance fashions found in the marketplace, and stop at one of the inns for a flagon of ale. Follow the aroma of fire-roasted food, let the kids play some of the games, or watch the performers while you enjoy a huge smoked turkey leg.

No matter your tastes, you will find entertainment for all ages at the 2014 Oklahoma Renaissance Festival! Dates and Hours: Weekends: May 3 - June 1, plus Memorial Day, Monday, May 26th, 10:30am-6pm (*Student Day May 9, 9am - 3pm*) For more information and online discount ticket purchase: Like us on Facebook as The Castle of Muskogee

hours entertainment at the Masqued Ball, the Pirate’s Feaste, and the Ceilidh. The Castle welcomes new performers for 2014! Wolgemut, formed in 1997 in Berlin, performs historical music on original instruments. Sirena is a spectacular group of singing mermaids, and The Swordsmen perform sharp-edged comedy! OKRF welcomes Circa Paleo back to The Cave for a limited engagement. And you’ll find all your other favorite acts appearing on the 15 stages on the Castle grounds. You’ll also find a dazzling array of artisan creations at the Festival’s 134 Renaissance merchant shops. In fact, OKRF is proud to include new merchants in the Village! Jezzy’s Treasures features hair adornments. Find the spices you need to bring life to your kitchen creations at Garlic Festival. Twisted Family Creations, a “Made in Oklahoma” business, crafts unique items from sustainably harvested wood. Ye Jams and Jellies is another MIO company and offers delectable and unique homemade spreads. And, be sure to visit the new Masque Shoppe adjacent to the Italian Quarter. For everyone’s comfort, seating in the Tournament Arena has been expanded. Here, you will see the Heroic Knights of Old clash with sword and lance in full contact jousting. You can also watch

EVERY WEEKEND, MAY 3rd - JUNE 1st (Plus Monday, May 26, Memorial Day) 10:30 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. Free Parking • Accessible

Fun and educational for all ages!

15 Stages of Great Entertainment Full Contact Jousting every weekend Hundreds of costumed actors

Like Us On Facebook • 1-800-439-0658 C ommu n ity s p ir itmagazin

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“I believe our rights are God-given. It’s time conservatives take back our liberty and restore the America we love.” – T.W. Shannon

“I still believe we are `One Nation Under God,’ and with His favor, we can reclaim our liberty.” “Hard work creates prosperity. Government handouts create dependency, robbing individuals of human dignity.” “Debt is the enemy of freedom which makes it the enemy of America. Join me; let’s take back our country.” Paid for by Shannon for Senate • P.O. Box 18182 • Oklahoma City, OK 731

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May 2014 | Community Spirit Magazine