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Guest Speaker: Erick Stakelbeck

Monday, October 7 // 7pm // Victory Christian Cener Guest speaker: Erick Stakelbeck.

Erick Stakelbeck is a sought after authority on terrorism and national security issues with extensive experience in television, radio, print and digital media. Stakelbeck has interviewed numerous lawmakers and world leaders as well as Islamic terrorists. He’s host of the weekly CBN program, Stakelbeck on Terror. Stakelbeck is also a regular contributor to Glenn Beck’s The Blaze TV, guest hosting the Glenn Beck Program and providing in-studio analysis and investigative reports.

For more information call 918.491.7700 // //

Fun Fest is sponsored by Victory Outreach 7700 S. Lewis Ave. 918.491.7845 // VictOry.cOm

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Defiant R a d i o with CaRol MCleod Monday-Friday 7:30am & 10:30am

JoyCe MeyeR

en J o y i n g E vE ryd ay l i Fe

Monday-Friday • 11:00am 4 


C o m m u n i t y S p i ri tma g a zi n OCT OBE R 2013

Primary & Specialty Care

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cover story

A Cry for Your Prayers

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14 (NIV)

America is under attack. Problems are mounting like never before...

Afghanistan – Although President Obama has ordered our forces to pull out of Afghanistan, reports indicate that the country is anything but stable and that the Afghani forces are not prepared to keep any semblance of peace. After investing the lives of over 2200 US soldiers and over 500 billion dollars, there seems to be little hope that the vacuum left behind as we leave won’t be immediately filled up by more bad guys.

IRAQ – In has now been 10 years since we moved troops into Iraq and toppled Saddam Hussein in hopes of setting up some form of democracy. That war, thus far has cost us well over 800 billion, the lives of over 4400 US soldiers, as well as injuring over 32,000 more. Iraq continues to be a very deeply divided, violenceplagued country, a country on the verge of another full-blown civil war.

Debt Crisis – America’s debt is out of control. In fact, the debt clock will soon hit 17 Trillion, even though it has become impossible to realistically even count the debt, as the Federal government has pulled accounting tricks to keep dollars off of the official debt scoreboard. 6 


C o m m u n i t y S p i ri tma g a zi n OCT OBE R 2013

Divided Stalemate in Washington – At a time when we so badly need leadership in Washington, the two parties seem to be so divided that neither side can get anything done. We go from one temporary continuing resolution to another, kicking the proverbial can of debt down the road for our children to fund.

TERRORISM – Although our leaders have done a great job of protecting us, terrorism has forced us to change, slowing growth, clogging our transportation systems and costing the government, private industry and even churches and schools huge amounts of dollars in added security. The threats are constant and real.

Decrease in Value of the US Dollar The “almighty dollar” is not so “almighty” anymore, as foreign investors continue to move their currency reserves out of the US dollar. Some even speculate that the Euro will eventually take over as the international trade currency.

Syria, Russia and Iran – After years not hearing much from Russia, the one time superpower, they are suddenly reemerging as the chief financier and advisor to the Middle East regimes. With their help, Israel is finding itself not only to be surrounded by enemies, but by wellarmed ones.

Christianity Under Attack in America – To us here in the Bible belt, the attack we feel is only a social one, but it is real and growing. We continue to lose the battles on everything from the right to continue Christmas displays to the right for our preachers to call homosexuality a sin. In the meantime, our churches slip deeper into social relativism…believers in name without holding to any absolutes.

The list obviously goes on and on, too many problems to mention in this article. But the point is clear. We are heading into troubled times. Some believe it is evidence that the coming of Christ is near. But whether it is or not, it is a time when believers must ban together. We must pray harder than we ever have and work harder than we ever have. This battle is a spiritual one that only God can handle. And so, Community Spirit asks or begs you to pray continually for our

country, for world peace and especially for the souls of those who have not encountered the life-saving belief in Jesus. Will you join us in prayer for the next 90 days? From October 15th – December 15th. Find us on FaceBook and add your name to those willing to take on this challenge. It is time for Christians to first bow to our Creator and then to rise up to be a voice for change.

Celebrate Veterans Day 2013! Lets pledge to not let Veteran’s Day pass by unnoticed this year. Stop and truly be thankful. Be open and vocal as you thank those around you who have served us.

Join us in our prayer list… 1. Thank you for Heroes 2. Ask God to Raise up New Heroes 3. Thanksgiving for Prayers Answered 4. A Prayer for Our Kids Protection 5. And finally, a Request for God to Heal Our Nation, for complete revival and for protection from both our enemies and from the attitudes and ideas which damage us from within.

Victory Christian Center to Host A Night to Honor Israel


ictory Christian Center in conjunction with churches from the metro area are gathering Christians together once again for a unique event. Entitled “A Night to Honor Israel,” the evening is a way for Christians to unite in support for Israel. Possibly, the timing of this year’s event might be the most important as Israel finds itself surrounded with enemies. Organizers believe the Bible commands us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6), to speak out for Zion’s

sake (Isaiah 62:1), to be watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem (Isaiah 62:6) and to bless the Jewish people (Genesis 12:3). They say that these and many other Bible verses have one overriding message-as Christians we have a Biblical obligation to defend Israel and the Jewish people in their time of need. 

 Some fear there is a threat of a new Holocaust looming in the future as more and more gather against Israel. They say that if we learned anything from the Holocaust, it is that when madmen and nations threaten genocide we must take them seriously. 
During the Holocaust, too many Christians were silent, and we were left to mourn the slaughter of 6 million Jews. Today, Bible-believing Christians are speaking up and standing up for

Israel. This year’s A Night to Honor Israel will be held at Victory Christian Center on October 7th at 7:00 p.m. Keynote Speaker will be Eric Stakelbeck. Stakelbeck is a sought-after authority on terrorism and national security issues with extensive experience in television, radio, print and digital media. Since 2005, he has been a correspondent and terrorism analyst for CBN News. He covers the global war on terror, U.S. national security, the Middle East and the growth of radical Islam at home and abroad for the network’s Washington, D.C. bureau. A Night to Honor Israel will also feature Maurice Sklar, reknown violinist as well as a full program of music directed by the Victory’s Miriam Springer. Special guests will include the new Israeli Emissary to Tulsa, Shiri Achaisas, Congressman Jim Bridenstine and Mayor Dewey Bartlett. Seats are free but an offering will be taken.

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paul andert

God, Family, Duty, Honor and Country “We are an unusual nation. The world is dependent upon us. But we are losing their respect. We can’t lead from behind; we have to get back in front. It hurts me to see how far we have fallen.” -Paul Andert


aul Andert ducked to the ground as a bullet whizzed by his ear. He lay there thinking why he had gotten himself into this mess, why he had been so crazy to lie about his age and join the military. Seconds passed as he momentarily allowed himself to question the chain of events that had put him in Africa, fighting with Patton’s famous 41st Armored Infantry. But then, he thought of the guys under his command. They were relying on him. They would not be scared if he showed them how not to be. From that moment on, he resolved to press on, be a leader and always move forward. 8 


After all, moving forward was something General Patton always demanded. “He always said that if the enemy was going to get us, they were going to have to get us when we were on the move. Patton also always told us that you can’t push spaghetti. If you are in the lead, you can pull it and it will follow you. But you can’t push it from behind,” said the 90 year-old veteran. It was a battle plan which would take the famous band of soldiers through Africa, Sicily and Europe as they participated in seven campaigns and three invasions. During 30 months of nearly non-stop and

C o m m u n i t y S p i ri tma g a zi n OCT OBE R 2013

sometimes hand-to-hand fighting, they had helped to cripple the Nazi forces. They were the guys on the very front lines. Paul explained that some 90 percent of the units in the war could be described as support, but that his unit was among the 10 percent who had to fight the battle faceto-face, eye-to-eye. They literally marched across Europe, saw and participated in things that he can’t describe and nearly froze to death during the Battle of the Bulge. Paul was wounded twice. He had the opportunity to go home the first time, but refused. Then, when he was shot the second time and was ordered back to the states, Paul went AWOL to rejoin his unit and fight some more. In fact, at the same time he was fighting in the Battle of the Bulge, court martial orders were being prepared for him. Paul was one of the lucky ones who made it through the battles and came home. But along with his Silver Star, three Bronze Stars and two Purple Hearts, Paul brought home memories that still spin through his head. He says he was able to work through the “battle fatigue” by focusing on making a living, raising his family and building a successful

paul andert continued

“..I have lived long enough to see America go way downhill. They are trying to take God out of everything and just do as they please. If they succeed, we won’t have a country any more. Without God, we aren’t gonna make it. Without Him, I wouldn’t be here.” -Paul Andert life. However, the experience shaped him, forever forging his patriotism and his faith. Both continue to be the key subjects of the speeches he delivers to schoolchildren, civic groups and to most anyone who will listen. Never mincing words, the tough patriot continually cries out for America to stand up once again for God, Family, Duty, Honor and Country…always in that order. Sharp and direct, the 90 year-old is worried about America. “My friends tell me that I have just lived too long. But I have lived long enough to see America go way downhill. They are trying to take God out of everything and just do as they please. If they succeed, we won’t have a country any more. Without God, we aren’t gonna make it. Without Him, I wouldn’t be here.” He has been asked many times to go on one of the World War II Honor Flights to Washington, DC. Each time, the decorated war hero has refused because he says they have taken God out of the memorials. “They are trying to do away with God and they are not going to get away with it,” he says. “We are an unusual nation. The world is dependent upon us. But we are losing their respect. We can’t lead from behind; we have to get back in front. It hurts me to see how far we have fallen.” Direct and to the point, when Paul’s friends ask him why God lets bad things happen, his answer often puts them back on their heals. “That isn’t the question. The question is why do YOU let it happen? He (God) had a plan for you and how you were supposed to live. Not as you please, but as you should. You are not doing that and you expect Him to jump in and do everything for you when you are not doing a thing for Him. Its your fault, not His,” he says. When he speaks to churches, his message is as direct as an old-time Gospel preacher. He rails on members to stop being spectators, to get involved and practice their faith 7 days a week, not just on Sundays. “Its not what you gather in, its what you give out,” he challenges. At civic meetings, he is equally as direct, preaching for people to speak up and demand that our country be what it should be. He pleads for America to wake up and for us to return to the things 10 


C o m m u n i t y Spi ri tma g a zi n OCT OBER 2013

that made us great…God, Family, Duty, Honor and Country. When people say, “You can’t fight City Hall,” Paul dresses them down like the typical sergeant. “Why not? It only takes one man to get something started! If you don’t have the guts to fight for what is right, say it into a tape recorder or write it down. At least it will be out of your head and down on paper.” Recently, Sony pictures flew Paul out to California to meet with the screenwriters and producers of a new WWII film, Fury. They wanted to hear stories about the actual battles and life in the foxholes. Working as their adviser, Paul corrected them on everything from the timeline of specific campaigns to the cuss words and expressions they used and didn’t use. Paul was also recently awarded a special award by the Government of France. He was named a “Chevalier” of the French Legion of Honor. The medal given to him was one of the country’s highest honors and it was awarded with gratitude for his contribution towards the liberation of France. So what is next for this American hero? This month, he had a pace maker put in. “He will need it,” he says. “He has more to do. He has speeches to make, another book to write, as well as a video about his life. If you would like to invite Paul Andert to your school, church or civic group, contact us at Community Spirit and we will introduce you to him.

steve cox

Long-term Care Professionals – A Calling and a Blessing



ooking for a career that makes a real difference? You may want to consider the long-term care industry. For not only are employees needed in this industry, it can of.fer compensation far greater than what can only be counted in dollars and cents. Steve Cox, owner of three local, long-term care facilities, remembers that his friends from college thought he was crazy for going into this industry. “Why would you want to work in a nursing home,” they exclaimed. What they didn’t understand was that Steve saw the industry as being much more than simply healthcare for the elderly. He saw those patients as people who still had valuable days left, days that he knew he could make better. Steve dreamed of someday owning facilities where these patients would be treated like customers, where meeting every need was placed ahead of making money, and where people from every social class could expect to receive top quality care. Steve became interested in the job when he was still in high school. “My father owned a pharmacy and I used to deliver medications to the nursing homes for him. In time, I got to know the nurses and was impressed with how they loved and cared for every patient. They really were and are unsung heroes,” he explained. But caring didn’t seem to be enough. Steve also dreamed of ways to make the facilities cleaner, better and brighter, to develop the kind of places that he would enjoy if he were up in years. He also wanted places where the families of the patients would feel comfortable and where every employee placed the needs of the

residents ahead of everything else. He believes those goals have been met at Senior Suites and at The Cottage. However, in building a new facility in Owasso, he took his dreams to a whole new level. The Highlands at Owasso, opening in a couple of months, will be truly state of the art. It will contain amenities only found in the most expensive retirement complexes…a place to shop, a full-service beauty shop, a tornado shelter, a theatre and dining rooms with the variety and design to make you think you are in the nicest restaurants. And maybe most importantly, The Highlands at Owasso will provide private rooms and it will do all of this while accepting Medicaid patients. When Steve’s industry contacts question why he would spend the money to put so many extras in a facility which priced to be affordable by the average senior, he just smiles. He knows that fulfills a dream of doing things right. However, he quips back to them, “Does the word waiting list for 20 years mean anything to you?” But at the end of the day, it is not the architects and the building plans that excite Steve. It is walking through and talking with the residents and their families that make it all worthwhile. They all know him and he can hardly get through the all the hugs in the lunchrooms and the hallways. “It this industry, you never have to wonder if you have made a difference. It is very rewarding and you forge friendships which last forever. The residents and their relatives become like family to me. It is the best job in the world because you can truly make a difference in someone’s life, and even get paid for it.” Watch next issue of Community Spirit for a full story on the beautiful new facility, The Highlands at Owasso.

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Continuing What’s Right… Passing the Lessons On


C lea r -tone Hea r ing A i d Lab or ator ies I nc . PAUL JACKSON


our BEST hearing aid technology ever! A hearing aid so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing it!

• Unmatched comfort • VirtUally inVisible • enhanced clarity

Appointments are limited. CAll TodAy to reserve your space! ®




918-838-1000 or 800-722-8050 2323 S. Sheridan Rd • Tulsa, OK

C o m m u n i t y s p i ri tma g a zi n



t’s a principle taught throughout the scriptures. However, perhaps no one believed in teaching by example more than the apostle Paul. The most direct of his statements is found in 1 Corinthians 11:1. “Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.” In other places, he directs youth to “remember and imitate the faith of their elders. And likewise, he instructed shepherds not to be domineering, but rather to be examples to their flock. Some might say that teaching by example takes too much time. After all, we live in a society of instant Internet answers, downloaded quick fixes and fast-track degrees. We even poll for collective wisdom, quite often from FaceBook friends we hardly even know. But for Jim and Mike Feeley, owners of Clear-tone Hearing Laboratories Inc., there is no better way to teach than to demonstrate truth. “From the beginning, we have purposed to honor God by putting His word at the center of all that we do,” says Jim Feeley, President. Now it has been nearly 30 years since the two brothers turned their ideas into a thriving business and they know it is time to train and rise up others to take the business to the next level. To do so, they must not only teach how to run the business, more importantly, they feel they must instill their desire to invent products that truly make a difference in people’s lives. In 1987, they filed with the FDA to register as a Class I Medical Device Manufacturer. In doing so, they opened the gates to become more capable of providing quality customer service. Armed with the tools on-hand to make modifications to hearing devices right here in Tulsa, they were able to help their customers by avoiding the delays of shipping the instruments

back and forth. And as they continued to focus on making life better for others, God expanded their business. “God has honored us and met our needs as we put serving others as a priority in our work,” explained Mike Feeley, Vice President. Now it is time to pass on the knowledge and the responsibility. “We feel it’s vital to ensure the next generation of leadership has the same vision and commitment to the biblical principles on which we founded Clear-tone,” Jim said. They know that instilling these principles now and laying the right foundation will help Charley Feeley and Paul Jackson to make the right decisions in the future. And so, working side-byside with the young men, they continually demonstrate the most important principles like ensuring that every decision starts with asking the right questions. “They ensure that in each decision, we go through the thought process of asking… “Does this help or hurt our witness? How does this help people? How would Jesus approach this?” Charley explained. “Charley and I are excited to be following in the footsteps of Jim and Mike. Every day brings opportunities for God to lead us in developing unique solutions and innovations that help us help those we are called to serve,” Paul added.

ABOUT CLEAR-TONE Clear-Tone Hearing Laboratories Inc. was founded in 1984. Brothers, Jim and Mike Feeley soon realized that what the industry needed was an all-together new style of hearing instrument that would eliminate the fitting challenges associated with the traditional plastic ear molds that nearly all hearing aids used. It was from these experiences and what Jim and Mike believe was a God given vision that the team began working on the development of what would become the patented—the first-ever receiver-in-the-canal hearing device, which was introduced to the industry by Clear-tone and SeboTek in early 2003. Today, Cleartone’s patented receiver-in-the-canal technology has become the fastest growing product style in the world. ABOUT Paul Jackson Paul Jackson is the son-in-law of Jim Feeley. He graduated from Union High School in Tulsa in 2002, and from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Journalism in 2007. In 2007 Paul also earned a commission as a Field Artillery Officer in the Army, deploying to both Iraq and Afghanistan. Shortly after he returned from his last deployment, he married Jim’s daughter Jamie. ABOUT CHARLEY FEELEY Charley Feeley is the son of Mike Feeley. He graduated from Victory Christian School in Tulsa in 2003 and was licensed as a Hearing Instrument Specialist that same year. In 2007, he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Management from Oral Roberts University. He and his wife Ruth have 2 daughters, Aubrey (5) and Brooklyn. OC TOBER 2013 Communitys p ir itmagaz m



blessings international

Where Medical Mission Teams Get their Medicines



n 1980, an early morning men’s prayer group at a church in Tulsa, Oklahoma was planning a mission outreach to Guatemala. A member of that group, Harold Harder, a PhD pharmacologist and medical school professor, sensed a deep desire to help minister to the physical and spiritual needs of the Mayan Indians. Harold joined the team as its acting pharmacist. His role was to solicit donated medicines. In partnership with his wife, Linda, the Harders spent much time in prayer and praise in preparation for this trip. At the time, Guatemala was in the midst of civil war. Despite the apparent danger, the Harders sensed a genuine calling and knew that they had to be obedient to God. After returning from the trip to Guatemala, the Harders prayed about how they might help other teams going on similar

D R . H arold and L inda H arder 16 


C o m m u n i t y s pi ri tma g a zi n


short-term medical mission trips. As they prayed, a number of medical mission teams asked for help to obtain pharmaceuticals. The Harders were able to successfully obtain donated pharmaceuticals to help these teams. In June 1981, Blessings International was incorporated as a non-profit and opened its doors to a world in need of its service. Not originally intended to be a full-time effort, Blessings International grew slowly in its early years. As more and more ministries heard about Blessings International, the ministry started growing rapidly. In the summer of 1985, a career-changing decision led Harold to leave his faculty position in order to pursue the efforts of Blessings International full-time. According to Harold, “This was not an easily made decision, but the Lord made His guidance and will for my life absolutely clear to me. The first full year in our new walk required a lot of faith. Within a year, the Lord demonstrated that He would not allow our young ministry to flounder and sink.” Blessings International has grown and continues to expand. The ministry was originally created to serve as a source for donated and low-cost pharmaceuticals to mission trips. Today, Blessings International provides pharmaceuticals and medical supplies to clinics and hospitals in developing countries, and to some in the United States. Blessings International has expanded its territory to work with churches, non-governmental organizations, universities and medical institutions. Today, Blessings International maintains a staff of 12 fulltime employees and operates a 14,000 square foot warehouse and rebottling facility, all for the sake of providing medicines and medical supplies to teams, clinics and hospitals which are healing the hurting, building healthy communities and transforming lives with the love of Christ. The organization is in the middle of a major change. After 32 years of leading Blessings International, Harold Harder Ph.D. recently stepped down as CEO. Blessings International is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Barry Ewy (pronounced A-VEE) as the ministry’s new CEO. Dr. Ewy earned his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University Of Arkansas, Medical Sciences College of Pharmacy. Dr. Ewy also holds a Juris Doctor from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, School of Law. His pharmaceutical and legal experience, which includes six years as an adjunct professor for the University of Oklahoma, College of Pharmacy, as well as several years working as a lawyer for a number of Tulsa firms, makes Dr. Ewy uniquely qualified for the position. To find out more about Blessings International or to make a donation, go to

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

“I never felt like I was fighting my cancer alone.” Because God helped me discover the place I needed to be. Just a few years after my husband passed away, I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. My friend recommended Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) because of their unique treatment approach. The moment I walked into CTCA®, I felt the presence of peace and healing power. As a woman of faith, I prayed through my treatments—and my team prayed with me. I went to CTCA for their medical expertise, integrated care and spiritual support. Today, I’m back to my active life and feel truly blessed that God put me on the path to this wonderful place. If you or someone you love is fighting complex or advanced stage cancer, call or visit us online today.

-Kimalea Conrad

Stage 2 Breast Cancer Patient Telluride, Colorado


Hospitals in: Atlanta | Chicago | Philadelphia | Phoenix | Tulsa No case is typical. You should not expect to experience these results.

©2013 Rising Tide


Faith in the Face of Cancer Editor’s note: Kelly Flindt was featured in the October 2008 issue. Now, five years later, she shares her on-going cancer journey.


any people face cancer once in the course of their life, sometimes even twice. But what happens when cancer strikes a third time and it returns with a vengeance? While the natural reaction might be to respond with anger or disbelief, Kelly Flindt, of Owasso, fights back with quiet strength and seemingly unshakeable confidence. She is a veteran of this war, fighting this vicious disease for more than five years. Kelly was first diagnosed with stage-one breast cancer in 2007 and underwent a lumpectomy. In 2008, after completing radiation and chemotherapy at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa, her scans came back clear and she went into remission. However, in 2010, Kelly became concerned when she found two small bumps under her collar bone. Sure enough, her cancer had returned; this time it was in her lymph nodes, and Kelly knew she would have to begin treatment for the second time. As a seventh grade science teacher of 22 years, Kelly has a passion for her work and was not about to let cancer get in the way. “I did not want to miss school,” said Kelly. “When you love your job, you do not want to miss it.” She worked with her team of doctors at CTCA to formulate a treatment plan that would allow her to continue working as much as possible. After going through surgery to remove the affected lymph nodes, Kelly started five weeks of simultaneous chemotherapy and radiation, and didn’t miss a day of school. “I was so thankful that the treatment was such that I didn’t have to miss school,” she said. Once again, Kelly was in remission, and cancer was a thought of the past. Then, like a bad dream, in January 2013, Kelly found out her cancer had returned for a third time, spreading to her liver. She was devastated, but found reassurance through the words of her doctor and the support of her care team. Kelly recalled her medical oncologist Dr. Sagun Shrestha saying, “I know this



C o m m u n i t y s p i ri tma g a zi n


K elly enjo ys the tree p lanting ceremon y at C elebrate L i fe w ith her husband M att and long-time friend and C TC A nurse, K endra . scares you, but we can take care of this. We can do this.” Even though the news was discouraging, Kelly said she never lost her faith that God would heal, and she knew that she would not face this alone. “You are part of a team here,” said Kelly. “You are not an island; you are not alone. You are working together for that healing.” Kelly tried multiple types of chemotherapy, but her disease did not respond and spread to her abdomen and bone. Kelly talked with her husband the day she found out and confessed her fears that there would be nothing more that could be done. “My experience with that type of cancer where it has spread so much is that you are told to go home take care of your affairs.” To Kelly’s surprise and relief, Dr. Shrestha did not seem the least bit deterred, but rather prepared. Kelly remembered walking in to her appointment full of questions, and found that Dr. Shrestha had a plan and a long line of treatment options to discuss with her. Kelly smiled as she talked about her faith in her physician. “She just kept the hope alive that we can fight this and we can make it happen,” Kelly said. She is now receiving chemotherapy once a month, and during her five years of treatment at CTCA has enjoyed the complementary therapies provided such as acupuncture,

physical therapy, massage, and chiropractic services. “It has been absolutely wonderful to have those services here on site,” said Kelly. She referred to her naturopathic clinician and dietitian as “lifesavers.” “They have helped support my system going through this so I can work and have a life,” she said. This year in September, Kelly celebrated reaching her fiveyear milestone since receiving her first treatment at CTCA at the hospital’s annual “Celebrate Life” event. Every year, the hospital celebrates their five-year survivors by adding a brass leaf to the “Survivor Tree” in the hospital’s lobby. The event kicked off with a tree planting ceremony outdoors in the courtyard and a white dove release. Following the ceremony, the celebrants and their caregivers participated in a special activity called “Hope Rounds” where they had an opportunity to visit with and provide encouragement to patients currently undergoing treatment at the hospital. Throughout this journey, Kelly believes she would not have made it without her family and the support of her church and her school. “God has put people in my pathway to strengthen me, to support me, and that’s how He truly does answer prayers,” said Kelly. Her faith has undoubtedly been tested, but has emerged stronger than ever. “There comes a point where you have to say ‘Yes I truly believe,’ or else it all comes crashing down,” she said firmly. “Through it all, I have those markers where God has taken care of me.” Although Kelly has endured many unexpected changes in her life these past few years, her love for her family has remained the same. Her eyes light up and she smiles even brighter as she talks

about her three-year-old grandson Hudson and how they love to play. Being his grandma is one of her greatest joys and she says his hugs are truly “the best medicine.” Kelly calls her husband of more than 30 years her “rock” and says, “It is so wonderful that God pairs us with people who can take care of us.” As for the people who have taken care of her at CTCA, Kelly says, “There isn’t enough things I could do to thank them for what they have done and how they have changed my life, but they know I’m thankful from the bottom of my heart.”

What Not to Say to a Loved One with Cancer Hearing the word “cancer” can be a scary thing, and many people want to ease the stress of the journey for their friends and loved ones but don’t know what to say to help. Often times, in an effort to provide comfort, it is easy to say something that actually can make the situation worse. Reverend Michael Langham, director of pastoral care at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa provides his tips on what not to say to a loved one with cancer: •

K elly finds her leaf on CTCA’ s “S urvivor Tree ,” and celebrates reaching her 5 - year mark.

Do not say, “Call me if you need something,” unless you are truly willing to fulfill that need. If you are, then offer to help in practical ways such as bringing their family a meal, picking the kids up from soccer practice, or going with the patient to an appointment such as chemo or radiation. Do not say “I understand.” Even if you have had the same type of cancer as the patient, the journey you’ve taken may be completely different than theirs. Instead say, “Tell me how you are feeling.” This shows that you care, you can sympathize, and you are willing to listen. Do not say, “God only gives you what you can handle.” With this statement, essentially you are saying that God gave them cancer because they can handle this type of pain. Rather, express that God is with them during this struggle, and write an encouraging note, share a scripture, or send a meaningful book to the patient.

To learn more about Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa, visit or call 888-348-5492.

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ok health department

If I Should Die Before I Wake…

The Tragedy of SIDS and What YOU Can Do About It


t is a tragedy almost too awful to imagine. However, this year alone, right here in Tulsa County, 14 infants will die in their sleep. And the numbers are rising, up 13.2 percent from the previous 5-year study.

When cigarettes call your name, they call your baby’s name too. Quitting now can make a difference for life. To quit smoking today, talk to your doctor and call the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline for the free pregnancy program. Call 1-800-784-8669 today.

Sleep-related deaths account for 19 percent of all Tulsa County infant deaths and are the leading cause of death in infants aged 1 to 12 months. Oklahoma, as a whole has consistently exceeded national infant mortality rates and experts in the field are desparately searching for ways to identify the risks and teach moms, dads and other caretakers how to avoid them. A project called the Tulsa Fetal and Infant Mortality Review (TFIMR) is underway to aggressively address the issue. Where and how our children sleep is critical to their safety. In fact, studies show that 88.6 percent of sleep related deaths were considered to be in a non-safe sleep environment. Here are some statistics to consider. • •


TSET. Better Lives Through Better Health.

• 20 


C o m m u n i t y s p i ri tma g a zi n


61.4 percent of the infants who died last year were sharing a sleep surface with at least one other person. When sleep position was known, 56.3% (18) of infants had been placed in the prone or face down position. 63 percent of sleep related infant deaths occurred to mother reporting tobacco use. 55.1 percent of the deaths occurred while sleeping in an

adult-size bed and another 13 percent happened while sleeping in on a couch, loveseat or chair. Every parent should discuss these issues with their own pediatrician. However, here the recommendations developed by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development and recently published by the Tulsa Health Department. 1. Always place your baby on his or her back to sleep, for naps and at night. The back sleep position is the safest, and every sleep time counts. 2. Place your baby on a firm sleep surface, such as on a safetyapproved crib mattress, covered by a fitted sheet. Never place your baby to sleep on pillows, quilts, sheepskins, and other soft surfaces. 3. Keep soft objects, toys, and loose bedding out of your baby’s sleep area. Don’t use pillows, blankets, quilts, sheepskins, and pillow-like crib bumpers in your baby’s sleep area, and keep any other items away from your baby’s face. 4. Do not allow smoking around your baby. Don’t smoke before or after the birth of your baby, and don’t let others smoke around your baby. 5. Keep your baby’s sleep area close to, but separate from, where you and others sleep. Your baby should not sleep in a bed or on a couch or armchair with adults or other children, but he or she can sleep in the same room as you. If you bring your baby in bed with you to breastfeed, put him or her back in a separate sleep area, such as a bassinet, crib, cradle, or a bedside cosleeper (infant bed that attaches to an adult bed) when finished. 6. Think about using a clean, dry pacifier when placing the infant down to sleep, but don’t force the baby to take it. (If you are breastfeeding your baby, wait until your child is 1 month old or is used to breastfeeding before using a pacifier.) 7. Do not let your baby overheat during sleep. Dress your baby in light sleep clothing and keep the room at a temperature that is comfortable for an adult. 8. Avoid products that claim to reduce the risk of SIDS because most have not been tested for effectiveness or safety. 9. Do not use home monitors to reduce the risk of SIDS. If you have questions about using monitors for other conditions talk to your health care provider. 10. Reduce the chance that flat spots will develop on your baby’s head: provide “Tummy Time” when your baby is awake and someone is watching; change the direction that your baby lies in the crib from one week to the next; and avoid too much time in car seats, carriers, and bouncers. Source: Eunice Kennedy Shriver, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. Safe Sleep Top 10. Retrieved from sleep_gen.cfm#risk




Set an example. Quit smoking so they’ ll never star t. Call the O k l a h o m a To b a c c o H e l p l i n e or go online for free coaching and f r e e p a t c h e s , g u m o r l oz e n g e s .

918-595-4226 TSET. Better Lives Through Better Health.

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arrow heights baptist church

Local Artist Provides Art from the Heart



ob Thomason loves to paint. In fact his earliest memories of creating art were as a young boy drawing and coloring on brown paper sacks acquired from a recent trip to the grocery store with his parents. And with a couple of pencils, a big eraser and few crayons kept in a shoe box, Bob was transported into a world of his own, fueled by his young and expanding imagination. Bob in keenly aware of the fact that his artistic abilities and talent are a gift on loan from GOD that has been entrusted to him. “ It’s humbling to know the creator of all thing has chosen you to be one of His image bearers, and brush holders. I now know my part in God’s Heart is art.” Bob has been a full time easel artist for 30 years, working out of his small home studio in Broken Arrow, OK. In the past Bob has been represented by galleries in various locations across America. However currently he creates and markets his work directly now through his studio by commissions, art shows, and exhibits. A new planned website will be his primary marketing source, where people can view and become more familiar with Bob and his art. Working in a variety of mediums including oils, water colors, finished pencil and pen & ink drawings, Bob has begun working some in clay with hopes to create bronze sculptures to compliment his paintings in the future. Excited and inspired by a new studio venture and subject matter, Bob is introducing to his already highly collected art in the past, a new ongoing series of faith based and biblical theme paintings. This new subject will be unveiled to the public October 25, 2013 at Arrow Heights Baptist Church, Broken Arrow, OK.

This is something Bob has wanted to do for some time, and now it’s being realized in God’s perfect timing. Bob’s work can be found in public, private, and corporate collections throughout the United States and Internationally. A partial list of exhibits and collections include: The Franco American Institute, Rennes France-National Guard Chaplain’s Service Headquarters, Washington, D.C.-Oklahoma’s Governor’s Mansion, Oklahoma City, OK.-Cherokee Heritage Museum, Tahlequah, OK,- Plains Indian and Pioneer Museum, Woodward, OK.- Art Institute for the Permian Basin, Odessa, TX.- Favell Museum, Klamath Falls, OR., and exhibits on Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C. Bob’s work has been presented to the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library in College Station, Texas, as well as the office of Colin Powell when he was in Public Service, former U.S. Representative J.C. Watts, and U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe. Bob continues to pursue his art through research, field sketch trips, photo shots, and visiting with the people of this country. Bob hopes to continue and keep this country’s rich heritage, faith, and beauty alive by blending the past and the present, through him being one of the Lord’s brush holders. “I really have a desire to be a part of restoring the arts to the “Master creator and artist, the Lord Himself, to play a small part in helping draw His people closer, and to be a part of God’s passion and plan to save and restore His creation. With the Lord’s help that He promised me, I hope to continue the dream Kathy and I had to lend a helping hand to these willing to go in obedience to the great commission given by Jesus Christ, Son of God (Matthew 28:19-20) with the sale of art work. You are invited to come to Bob’s showing of his new faithbased work at Arrow Heights Baptist Church on Sunday, October 27 from noon to 6 pm. The showing is free to the public. You can see more of Bob’s work at In His Steps Art Studio, (918)-808-9630. Christian Art Showing Introducing the art of Bob Thomason, In His Steps Art Studio Sunday, October 27 Noon - 6 pm Free to the Public

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randy cowell | ACT Fi n an c i al

Note from the Publisher... We get lots of calls concerning Randy Cowell’s interesting articles. However, we have never had as much interest as we did when we ran this story. So, we decided it was worthy for a re-run, just in case you missed it the first time.

Why Long Term Care Insurance


hen my mother had a stroke from lung cancer that had metastised to her brain, I got a personal glimpse into the cruel world of eldercare. After her stroke, my brother and I transported her to my sister’s home in sunny Florida. What we thought would be a very short stay turned out to be a two-year ordeal. My sweet sister agreed to care for Mom and would not consider placing her in a nursing facility. “It will be just for a short time. I will take some time off and we will manage.” She would say. Well, a short time turned into two years and not only did my sister suffer financially from having to give up her job, but her health started to fail from the constant demands of caring for an invalid. At the end, my parents estate was all but wiped out and a lifetime of dreams were replaced with medical bills and heartache and indelible bad memories. Long-term care is a reality. My hope for you and your loved ones is that you never have to experience what many call the “living death”. The purpose of this article is to shed some light on the subject and create awareness.

Just the Facts Ma’am (Dragnet) Trends in the long-term care industry indicate that insurance companies are taking a hard look at the viability of long-term care insurance and many have decided that the risk is too great. Companies such as Metropolitan, Alliance, and AIG have discontinued selling the product. The obvious answer as to why can be found in our aging population. With 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 every day coupled with the fact we are living longer and the probability that some type of long-term care need is in the cards for most of those that live, has convinced insures they have a proverbial “Tiger by the Tail”. Put your insurance hat on and think like an insurance executive. Looking at some of these statistics can give you an idea as to why companies are getting out of the market. And why the ones that are choosing to stay are raising their premiums and making it more difficult to get coverage. The end result to the consumer is that it is becoming more and more difficult to get coverage. Let’s look at some of the statistical data: The population segment of the “very old”, older than 85, is the fastest growing age group in the country. Obviously, the older the person the more likely they will need some sort of long-term care. Based on current estimates of the rate of long term care, 30 years from now we can expect about 17 million elderly Americans will be receiving long term care. (Abstract of the United States, 2005). With the top ten insures paying $11,000 per day can you blame them for wanting out of the market? The projected cost 30 years from now for two years of long-term care is $500,000! (New York Time, 2012) In the midst of all this gloom and doom, let me share some good news. According to a 2012 Market survey of Long-term cost, Oklahoma is the cheapest state in our region to take care of someone 24 24   | |

Co ty p i ri ri tma ga Cm om mu mn uin i tsySpi tma gzi an n OCT OCTOBER OB ER 2013 2013

requiring nursing home care. The average private room rate is $147 per day versus the national average of $248 A New Strategy There is a new version of LTC insurance that is gaining in popularity. It is called asset based long-term care. The premise is simple. Give an insurance company a lump sum of money and if you are unfortunate enough to qualify for long-term care benefits you get a multiple of the amount you deposited back to pay for longterm care. The great news is you get the money tax-free. Yes, it takes a major monetary commitment up front, but there are many payoffs with this strategy. First, there are no future premiums. One of the complaints of traditional LTC is that policyholders do not like paying ongoing premiums. There are no future premiums and if you do not use the benefits you get your money back, sometimes with interest! This is a major difference between traditional LTC and the asset-based type. Another benefit to this type of coverage is the premiums are guaranteed not to increase. With insured individuals receiving premium increase notices at an ever-increasing rate, this is a huge advantage! For additional information on long-term care and strategies on how to pay for it please contact my office. I have been told that I get passionate when the subject of longterm care comes up. I suppose that is true. If we ever have the good fortune to meet, I hope to share other experiences, good and bad, about the trials and tribulations of long-term care. In the meantime if you would like to discuss this topic of long-term care and strategies on how to pay for it, please give us a call at 918-664-0081. We would love to visit. A special thanks to Will Baxter and Jordan Woodall for their research assistance. RANDY C. COWELL ACT FINANCIAL Randy C. Cowell is a columnist and President of ACT Financial Services, Inc. in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is the author of “God Good-Debt Bad”. Randy welcomes your thoughts and prayers. He can be reached at 918-664-0081 or by e-mail at



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red letter initiative

Modern Day Orphan… by mollie my ers


is eyes are blue, but it is hard to tell because they are brimming with tears. “I want my mom.” he hoarsely chokes out, his expression shouting the pain and confusion he is experiencing. “I know,” I say. “Can I read you a story?” But he is inconsolable. He doesn’t want a story. He wants his mom. As the newest admission to the Laura Dester Children’s Center, John (not his real name) is nine years old and has been removed from his home for his own protection. As he settles in with more than 25 other kids who live in the Middle Cottage for elementary aged children, John prepares to spend his first night in the Center by choosing pajamas, underwear, and socks out of a bin for boys. He lines up with the other kids to have shampoo dispensed on his washcloth and waits for a shower to open up. Normally, he would have a room to himself, but the Center is pretty full and children are on cots in the TV room and the quiet room typically used for homework. The Center, located on Pine between Sheridan and Memorial, is an emergency shelter designed to house about 85 children for 48 hours as they are cared for in the wake of being removed from their home. Unfortunately, the center is routinely full or over capacity as there are not enough foster homes in Tulsa to receive all the children who are brought to the Center. Many children end up staying for days, weeks, even months in some cases. The 111Project was birthed three years ago in direct response to a plea from the Department of Human Services (DHS) for help in recruiting foster families. The 111Project team works on a volunteer basis all across Tulsa to raise awareness about foster care issues and encourage churches to find ways to engage their faith family in the plight of these children. At 9:30 am on October 3, the 111Project will host The Foster Care Forum at the Tulsa Event Center. This 26 


gathering is designed to be an informative platform to educate church leaders about the crisis that continues to impact these children and how to become a part of the solution for them. Not every person can fulfill the role of a foster parent, but every person can do something to minister to a foster child. Therefore, churches are encouraged to develop a multi-faceted approach. For instance, The Church at Battlecreek coined the approach of CPR, which stands for Care, Prayer, and Revive. For every foster family in their congregation, the church asks for three care families, one prayer family, and one or two revive families to develop a community of support around them. Care families are ones that have a friendship relationship with the foster family and interact in casual ways. Prayer families commit to pray for the foster family on a consistent basis. Revive families serve in an extended family role, like a grandparent or aunt and uncle. These families will undergo a more intensive approval process in order to have foster children in their home. Countless others in the church can support the family in any number of creative ways beyond these specific roles, from mowing the yard unannounced to dropping off lasagna and salad occasionally There are currently 25-30 churches in Tulsa involved in the 111Project-- of over 500 in the Tulsa area. If your church is not yet involved in foster care, please consider contacting the 111Project to see how to begin by visiting the website at 111project. org or emailing the Tulsa team at You may also register for The Foster Care Forum through their website at Unite My City exists to foster a sense of unity in the Body of

C o m m u n i t y s p i ri tma g a zi n


Christ and is pleased to partner with the 111Project. This effort is just one example of how the Church can come together and make a kingdom sized difference in an issue. There are far more foster children in Tulsa than one church can handle, but there are not too many for the Church. Visit for a local view or for a global one on ways the Church is working together. dangerous! (Unite My City is a Red Letter Initiative of World Compassion Terry Law Ministries) Associated links: Tulsa Foster Care Forum

cornerstone assistance network

Oct 15th Dinner Invites Christians & Churches to Unite to Show Jesus’ Love to Thousands in 2014 cornerstone assistance network...


014 will be a great year for churches who want to see a great change happen in the community and in the lives of the thousands of men, women and children suffering in poverty across the greater Tulsa County area. From inner-city after-school programs, summer-long camps, multi-site revivals & festivals, to urban/suburban church partnerships and discipleship efforts designed to help substance abusers recover lost lives, several initiatives will be introduced to engage a growing number of churches from many denominations to work together in activating their congregations to serve the poor in 2014. Keynote Speaker: CCDA Chair Leroy Barber The keynote speaker for the Spoudazo Gala is Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) Chair Leroy Barber. For more than 20 years Barber has worked in cities across America to change the course for thousands of children and families in poverty. He is known for starting projects nationwide that shape society ranging from homeless services to private inner-city schools. (For more information on Barber, go to Dinner’s Goal: Partnering Churches to “Eagerly” Remember the Poor Hosted at the Greenwood Cultural Center on Tuesday, October 15 at 6pm, this special dinner is being provided for area Christians, churches, ministries and businesses who want to team up to be a part of larger community-wide Christian initiatives than what could be accomplished individually. The evening, known as the Spoudazo Gala, will be coordinated by the many partners of the Tulsa Cornerstone Assistance Network. Spoudazo is the Greek word for “eager” and is used in Galatians 2:9-10 by the Apostle Paul: “and when James, Cephas and John, who seemed to be pillars, perceived the grace that had been given to me, they gave me and Barnabas the right hand of fellowship, that we should go to the Gentiles and they to the circumcised. The desired only that we should remember the poor, the very thing which I also was eager to do.” Spoudazo (spoo-dad-zoe) means more than the “eager”

definition we think of. Spoudazo means to exert oneself, make every effort, give diligence, make haste, be zealous, strain every nerve, and further the cause assiduously. Spoudazo combines thinking and acting, planning and producing. It sees a need and promptly does something about it. The word covers inception, action and follow through. The dinner is named Spoudazo Gala because its primary goal is to encourage more Christians to eagerly serve the poor. Year-Round Inner-City Youth Transformation One of the initiatives that will receive much attention during the evening is the new YouthWorks effort, which invites churches to partner with North Tulsa churches to run summer-long camps and Fall and Spring after school programs for inner city children. Christians can sign up to tutor children in reading, take them on daily field trips, help them start their own service learning pizza restaurant, teach character lessons, or engage them in fun sporting activities or arts & crafts. Dozens of local churches and businesses have been coming into North Tulsa over the past 5 years to change the statistical destinies of North Tulsa children through this initiative. Spring Koininia Outreach Festival Also introduced at the Spoudazo Gala will be the public launch of a 5-site Spring revival and service festival simultaneously hosted North, South, East, West and Downtown. Anchor churches will be announced and partner churches will begin to sign up to activate members on different nights of the festivals, which will feature outreach efforts to the poor through food distribution, kid zones, gospel presentations, bands, etc. RSVP Today The October 15 Spoudazo Gala invites all area Christians, churches, ministries and businesses to a very dynamic evening of fellowship, inspiration and information on how to make community and life turn-arounds possible. For information on attending or sponsoring this event, call 918-734-0471 or email

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Internationally-Known Speakers Announced for “The Gathering at ORU”


ral Roberts University announced four internationallyknown speakers to share at “The Gathering at ORU.” “The Gathering at ORU” will air live on GEB America October 7-9, 2013. Speakers include Judy Jacobs, co-pastor of Dwelling Place Church International; Gary Keese, founder of Forward Financial Group and pastor at Faith Life Church; Dr. Dave Martin, founder of Dave Martin International; and Dr. Kenneth C. Ulmer, senior pastor of Faithful Central Bible Church. Jacobs is the co-pastor of Dwelling Place Church International with her husband Jamie Jacobs in Cleveland, Tenn., and leads the International Institute of Mentoring program for helping people pursue their purpose. A gifted singer since childhood, Jacobs has recorded eight solo albums and hosts His Song Ministries at global conferences. She has also authored several books. Keese is the founder of Forward Financial Group, Faith Life Now and Faith Life Church. Faith Life Now comprises

Financial Revolution Conferences all around the U.S. and the world; a weekly television program; and one-on-one financial ministry through which over 100,000 families have personally benefited thanks to the “Practical Plan to Financial Freedom.” Martin is the author of several best selling books including “The Force of Favor” and “Name Your It.” His Ultimate Life Seminar’s attract thousands of people each year around the world. His television program, “Wisdom for Winning”, is seen weekly around the world. He regularly appears on TBN, Daystar, Cornerstone and many other television programs. Ulmer serves as the senior pastor-teacher of Faithful Central Bible Church in Inglewood, Calif. Under Dr. Ulmer’s steady leadership, Faithful Central Bible Church has grown from a congregation of 350 to several thousand. Ulmer is the former President of The King’s College and Seminary in Los Angeles, Calif., where he is also a founding board member and an adjunct professor. During the broadcast, viewers will enjoy powerful Scripture teaching and worship. Information will also be shared about the world-changing work going on at Oral Roberts University and through its alumni around the world. Viewers will be given the opportunity to contribute to the Whole Person Scholarship program, which will empower ORU students on their quest for wholeness – Spirit, Mind and Body. For more information, please go to GEB America is focusing on helping the 34 million Baby Boomers of faith to live well –Spirit, Mind and Body. From the campus of Oral Roberts University comes a place of hope for today and the promise of a better tomorrow. Built on the network’s vision founded by Chancellor Oral Roberts, GEB America leaps into the 21st Century providing SpiritEmpowered Edu-tainment. GEB America reaches more than 21.7 million households in North America and can be viewed on DirecTV Channel 363, Tulsa TV-53, KUGB TV 28.1 Houston, Trinidad and Tobago, SkyAngel and

About Oral Roberts University Oral Roberts University is a world-renowned Christian university located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Founded in 1963, ORU serves students from 48 states and over 60 countries, representing over 40 denominations. ORU offers more than 60 undergraduate majors, 14 master’s programs and two doctoral degrees, plus NCAA Division I athletics. For more information on ORU, visit

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Afame Ooceeh


f you ask Afame Ooceeh how he got to ORU, be prepared for an amazing personal story of someone who knows in full God’s miraculous power. Abandoned by his mother on the streets of Maiduguri, Nigeria, when he was two days old, Ooceeh passed through many homes in his early years. As a 7-year-old, he became a house servant to a Muslim family. While running errands one night four years later, Ooceeh noticed a crusade taking place in the streets. He heard a Nigerian evangelist talking about hell, and how Jesus could save people from a life of suffering. “I wanted something better,” Ooceeh said, “so I went up and prayed. I experienced an unusual peace I had never known before.” From that moment on, Ooceeh considered himself a servant of the Lord—a very unpopular notion in northern Nigeria with its predominantly Islamic population. The Muslim family Ooceeh served would beat him every week when he returned from church, but that did not deter him. He would pursue the life he knew the Lord had for him. At 17, he took and passed the high school equivalency test 30 


C o m m u n i t y Spi ri tma g a zi n OCT OBER 2013

and went on to pass Nigeria’s annual college entrance exam. Three times in six years, Ooceeh performed well enough on the exam to qualify for the Nigerian version of a pre-med program. Each time he lost the opportunity due to lack of funds. And then, Richard Roberts came to his church and talked about Oral Roberts University. Intrigued by the possibility of going to this school, Ooceeh wrote to the Admissions office, applied and was accepted for the fall 2008 semester. Again, a lack of financing curtailed his dreams. He applied to ORU once more and was accepted for the spring 2010 semester. Ooceeh eventually made it to Tulsa with one change of clothes, his suitcase of books and absolutely no money. He arrived in time to take part in the Quest Whole Person Scholarship event and soon after was able to begin another new chapter in his life. “I prayed for 10 years for my miracle to happen,” Ooceeh told the ORU TV program Face to Face.

Georgia Frazier


he high points of Georgia Frazier’s life—Whole Person Scholarship recipient, 2013 Miss Oklahoma Second Runner-Up, Miss Oklahoma’s 2009 Outstanding Teen— are right out of many girls’ dreams. Her dreams were met by severe challenges along the way, though, and it’s the way she conquered those challenges with faith, grace and determination that truly qualify her as an inspiration. After graduating from Jenks High School in a suburb of Tulsa, Georgia originally chose to attend the University of Oklahoma. Days before her sophomore year began, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Initial treatments were successful but the cancer returned almost a year later. Georgia transferred to ORU, where one of her older brothers had played basketball and the other had committed to play baseball before being selected in the Major League Baseball Amateur Draft. She was chosen for a Quest Whole Person Scholarship, which allowed her to be close to home during her treatment and to be part of a strong Christian community that provided unconditional support and faith in the healing power of the Holy Spirit.

She has been cancer-free since Feb. 24, 2013 and has enjoyed participating in the Miss Oklahoma scholarship pageant while excelling in her studies. After winning the Miss Oklahoma State Fair crown, Georgia went on to win second runner-up at the 2013 Miss Oklahoma pageant, held in ORU’s Mabee Center. The 21-year-old won the interview and swimsuit portions of the pageant, along with a $4,000 scholarship. Her talent was a vocal performance, “I Dreamed a Dream,” and her platform is cervical cancer awareness. Georgia is pursuing a degree in Communication with plans of becoming an event planner. “God has a plan for me and it brought me to ORU,” she said. “This is a place where I can make my dreams a reality and the Whole Person Scholarship makes it all possible.”

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Cornerstone Community Church sand springs, ok

Eastland Baptist Church tulsa, ok

Owasso First Assembly of God Church owasso, ok

rhema bible church broken arrow, ok

Carbondale Assembly of God tulsa, ok

BELIEVERS Church tulsa, ok



CHURCHES BY DANIELS 918.872.6006 Broken Arrow, Oklahoma


Question: My mother has cancer and the doctors have told her she has six months or less to live. He suggested we consider hospice care. I feel like that would mean we are giving up on her. What advice can you offer?


any people think that providing hospice care to someone means you are giving up. Actually, by bringing in hospice you are allowing the patient to be more comfortable in managing his or her symptoms. Hospice care can sometimes help a patient extend his or her life and more importantly have a better quality of life. Sometime we will see patients improve to the point that they no longer require hospice care. This is just one of the many myths we often hear concerning hospice care. Here are some other common myths and misconceptions about hospice.

Myth: Hospice is only for cancer patients. Reality: While we do have cancer patients who are on hospice care, a large number of our hospice patients have other illnesses such as congestive heart failure, Alzheimer’s disease or dementia and chronic lung disease.

Myth: Patients can only receive hospice care for a limited amount of time. Reality: Medicare as well as most private insurance will cover the cost of hospice care as long as the patient continues to meet the necessary criteria. Patients may come on and off hospice care, and can re-enroll in hospice care as needed.

or less to live. Many of the patients served through hospice continue to lead productive and rewarding lives. Together, the patient, family, and physician determine when hospice services should begin. For more information about Grace Hospice, please call us at 918744-7223 or visit


Executive Director, Grace Hospice Ava is Executive Director of Grace Hospice of Oklahoma. Grace Hospice is the largest independent hospice in Northeastern Oklahoma. Ava has been with Grace Hospice for more than 10 years and was named Executive Director in 2010 where she leads a staff of more than 80 employees. Ava received a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work and Health Care from the University of Houston. She’s a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a trained Executive Leader for hospice through the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO). She is also a volunteer and board member of the Case Management Society of America. Ava also volunteers with the P.E.O. Sisterhood as the State Educational Loan Fund Chairman for Oklahoma, assisting women in furthering their educational goals. Ava’s an avid supporter of animal rescue and is the Foster Coordinator and a board member of Great Plains Mastiff Rescue.

Myth: Hospice care is expensive. Reality: Most people who use hospice are over 65 and are entitled to the Medicare Hospice Benefit. This benefit covers virtually all hospice services and requires little, if any, out-of-pocket costs. This means that there are no financial burdens incurred by the family.

Myth: To be eligible for hospice care, a patient must already be bedridden. Reality: The requirement for hospice is a diagnosis of six months

Because every moment counts...

Grace Hospice helps you embrace every moment. We provide expert medical care and counseling services to our patients including: � Nursing services 24 hours/7 days a week � Medications related to the terminal illness � Pain and symptom management � Emotional, spiritual and bereavement counseling � Family support services for friends and family Grace Hospice serves all of Northeastern Oklahoma. Please call 918-744-7223 to learn how we can help you and your family.

Phone (918) 744-7223 • Toll Free (800) 659-0307 Not affiliated with Grace Living Centers.

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Community Spirit is excited to have Danny Cahill as one of our featured, monthly writers. Whether you wrestle with your weight or not, you will enjoy Danny’s motivating column. We all cheered Danny on when he was on The Biggest Loser. Now, he continues to gain our applause while he shares his testimony with others. Danny loves the Lord and is not shy about telling people about Him. It is a blessing to the magazine to have his monthly article. Be sure to watch for Danny’s article each month.

Projection W

e’ve all got dreams, life goals, and things we want to make happen. So what’s the first step? Projection. When you watch a movie, there’s a machine that takes a digital file and PROJECTS it onto a screen so the movie goers can see it. Without the projection, it’s just a file - something that is there, but it’s not being realized, or even perceived! Your dreams, goals, and aspirations are there. They are real. They just need to be realized. And the first thing you need to do is to PROJECT it for you and others to see! In Proverbs 18:21 it says, “The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences.” (NLT) This is so true! Your tongue is a PROJECTOR of your dreams and goals. What you project out of your mouth has the propensity to come alive! If you continually say, “I can’t,” that is what you will bring to life - both in your head AND in your heart. Speaking life over your dreams and goals is the first step to making your dreams come alive - and it begins by convincing yourself it is possible. I just wrote a new praise and worship song about this! I am speaking God’s truth about my problems - that what He says about them is bigger than the problem itself. And when I sing this song, the solution seems to rise up in my heart and mind, and the problem seems to fade into the background! It has happened so many times in my life - with my marriage, my finances, my weight, my music, and my addictions. In Genesis chapter 1, “God SAID” is there 9 times. It is CREATION. We were created in God’s image, which means unlike any other being on earth, we are creators. Each time God created something, he said, “Let...” Look at the definition of let: to cause to; make: to let one know the truth. Let your dreams come true. Begin by projecting them into life by speaking them into existence. Write them down, speak them out; create them in your life. When you begin to believe



C o m m u n i t y Spi ri tma g a zi n OCT OBER 2013

they are possible, you’ll see progress towards your dreams. That begins by you projecting the story (your dreams & goals) with your projector (your mouth/pen) onto the screen (your mind; your ears; other’s ears; your journal; and most importantly, your heart) so life can be brought to them. I read somewhere the following statement: “What we think is what we believe. What we believe is what we speak. What we speak is what we create (reality).” So begin to speak life, and choose to let death go. I’ll end this the same Darci and I ended our book “Losing Big.” This is what you should project with your mouth when it comes to your dreams: “I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.” (Deuteronomy 30:19 NIV)


B Y D eniece adsi t

About Deniece Deniece has a passion to minister to women. You are going to grow to love her and the way she tells stories, always getting to the real heart of the matter.

The Least of These


t a situational leadership class sponsored by my employer, the speaker told some of us we needed to stop smiling so much to be more effective and to have more influence over others. Apparently, when people smile it gives their power to the person at whom they are smiling. This left me wondering when we, as a society, determined that politeness was a bad thing. Are we not all searching for the same ultimate goal – to walk through this life together, and become the people God designed us to be? We have not all been gifted with the same talents, nor have we all come from the same place of affluence, but we are all God’s children.



C o m m u n i t y Spi ri tma g a zi n OCT OBER 2013

This class spurred my thinking toward the way I treat others who are less affluent, or dealing with struggles, particularly the homeless on the streets begging for money. I found that instead of smiling at them, I would pointedly look away…almost pretending they weren’t there. Now I realize that is not what Jesus would do. When I look at the way He treated Zacchaeus, by calling out to him and going to his house, I see how He intended us to treat others. Yes, Zacchaeus was wealthy, but he did not belong to Jesus’ inner circle. Would this have looked differently if Zacchaeus had been poor, or disabled and begging for food? I don’t think so.

Teaching in parables, Jesus said it something like this:

Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’ “Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’ “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ (Matthew 25:34-40 NIV)

Later Peter and John put Jesus’ message into action in this way: There was a lame man laying at the gate called Beautiful, where he begged for money. As Peter and John were entering the temple, they stopped and looked at the man. Then they took him by the hand, and blessed him by passing along the power of Christ to him, causing him to be healed and walk. The disciples not only looked directly at the lame man, they actually reached out and took his hand! They were living out the leadership Christ had taught them. They passed their power to him by actually touching him…not a strong arm to hold him back, but a gentle strength to lift him up. The more I read this story, the more I am committed to smiling at those with whom I come in contact, especially those who are different than me, even if it means I am giving away my power. I feel humbled to be able to share Christ’s power with those I meet, by giving away what power I might think I have. I truly believe this is what Christ would have done…not only by smiling, but by reaching out and touching…not with a strong arm, but with a gentle strength.

marriages that last

Wisdom to Live By H olding O n

L et it G o

Why do you feel justified hanging onto your hurt,

Cornerstone’s mission is to provide people with the

anger, resentment and bitterness when it comes to

relational expertise they need to navigate successfully

your marriage, or any relationship for that matter?

through the unexpected twists and turns in life.

What scar or nail hole that Jesus endured entitles

Through our services, we offer hope and healing

you to hang on to your selfishness and self-serving

for individuals, families and marriage based on the

desires? Jesus came to set you free. Don’t cheapen

guidance of God’s truth and wisdom.

his perfect sacrifice by holding onto the very things He came to destroy. Love conquers all. Try it in your marriage and watch God move mountains.

Dr. Kevin Nieman, LMFT Cornerstone Christian Counseling Services Cornerstone Christian Counseling Services is proud to announce that we are now in our newly remodeled offices. We are also pleased to announce that our new website is active. We are excited about bringing hope and healing to those hurting in our community, blending our Christian beliefs with our professionalism.

OC TOBER 2013 Communitys p ir itmagaz m



castle at muskogee




t’s October and for many, that means it is time for a little oldfashioned, scary fun! You will find plenty of it at The Castle of Muskogee’s Halloween Festival – October 4-5, 11-12, 1819, 25-26, 31 & November 1 & 2 (Hours: 6:00p.m. – 10:00p.m. - Halloween Land open 6:00p.m. – 9:00p.m.). Expect something different this year! In fact, there are eleven great Halloween events, all in one, incredible location… Oklahoma’s 60 acre Halloween Theme Park! You’ll find thrills for the entire family, both inside and outside the Castle, located a short 35-minute drive from Tulsa on the Muskogee Turnpike.



C o m m u n i t y s p i ri tma g a zi n


As the brave among you enter the ten thousand square foot Dark Castle, you will be issued an infrared assault weapon that fires special “Zombie Bullets” to protect yourself and kill Zombies while you search for survivors of the raging Zombie wars inside. For you other courageous souls, try a walk through the woods along the Trail of Blood where the lost souls of those who have gone before will guide you; the Torture Chamber shows what really happened in medieval times in the depths of the dungeons; Casa Morte is a labyrinth through the 12th Century Castle with doom and mystery around every corner; Domus Horrificus takes you to the areas where your favorite horror monsters dwell; the Ultimate Maze where most of you will find your way, the rest of you, well….. For those of you with faint heart, there is always the Haunted Hayride, a trip that is sure to keep you on your toes as you ride through the Halloween Festival grounds; the Enchanted Boardwalk is your chance to stroll on the boardwalk filled with Halloween inflatables; experience live entertainment on the Chessboard Stage with the Magic of Matthew VanZee and the Raks al Hassana Mummy Dancers. For the little ones 8 years of age and under, The Halloween Festival hosts

Halloween Land – an old school carnival of kid-friendly games, face painting, prizes with absolutely no scares! Plus, there is a fantastic Pumpkin Patch. The Halloween Village, with Free Admission is the place where everyone experiences the very best of Halloween-ghost stories, dancing to great music under the DJ tent, hot & cold food and drinks, games and bounce houses. Parking and admission to The Halloween Village is FREE. Tickets must be purchased for events and the prices range from $2.00 to $15.00. Advance tickets may be purchased on-line. Go to to check out ticket prices, combo packages and specials. Everyone under the age of 21 must have a picture I.D. to enter. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. The Castle at Muskogee is located in Muskogee, Oklahoma at 3400 West Fern Mountain Road. Their phone number is 918-687-3625. Learn more at

be safe this halloween!

FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! 11 Events From NOT Scary to VERY Scary!

Hunt For Zombies in the Dark Castle

Oct. 4-5, 11-12, 18-19, 25-26, 31 Nov.1-2 1-800 / 439-0658 OC TOBER 2013 Communitys p ir itmagaz m



video revolution

Shopping for Electronics Made Easy at Video Revolution


went to one of the box stores to buy a TV. Now granted, the television “set” I was replacing was the 75-pound variety, a dinosaur back from a time when “plasma” was something

you donated at the blood bank and LED and LCDs were probably only some sort of military acronyms. After a while of watching the same cartoon on 50 different TVs, I finally got someone to wait on me. Once he realized that 40 


C o m m u n i t y Spi ri tma g a zi n OCT OBER 2013

I didn’t know the lingo or even the brand names, he quickly took me to the end where all the lower priced televisions were displayed, pointed to one and said, “How about this one? Pretty picture, huh?” Although I don’t know electronics, I wasn’t born yesterday and so I decided to go elsewhere in search of that one perfect blend of technology and price. A friend told me about Video Revolution so I thought I would give it a try. Their showroom was packed full of inventory…every size and style television you can imagine. But an older, obviously experienced salesman greeted me. He had a unique sales approach. He didn’t show me a television at all, but instead insisted on getting to know me first. He asked all about what we liked to watch, what size the room was, and how light it was. And after narrowing down our likes, dislikes as well as our targeted budget amount, he finally directed me to some options. I was impressed that he didn’t make me feel stupid, but rather explained the new technology and terms, putting me in charge

training my wife and I on how it worked. They even programmed everything to run from the one remote control, making it all really simple for us.

Here are some reasons I will send my friends to Video Revolution…

of my own decision. With his help, the whole process was easy. I choose what I thought was the best for us, based upon his explanations. The next day, the Video Revolution installation team came out to my house and did an expert job of not only putting it in, but also

1. They listened first, then suggested options that would work for me 2. They have experienced, professional sales people – It is what they do for a living. 3. They have the top names…Sony, Samsung and Sharp 4. As they say, they offer “from mild to wild” 5. They didn’t make me feel stupid 6. They provided the electronics to fit MY room 7. They made the installation and the training easy Video Revolution is located at 7030 South Lewis.

We Are Your Complete Source For


AUDIO VIDEO We are headquarters for the best selection of cutting-edge technology for that ultimate home theater experience—indoor and outdoors —plus business environments. We invite you to consult with our skilled professionals when considering a home theater, home automation and business communication. We proudly offer the best products and expert installation, backed by our 30 years of experience serving northeastern Oklahoma.

7030 South Lewis Avenue (Northwest Corner of 71st & Lewis)


Barco • Definitive Technology • Digital Projection • Integra • JVC • Klipsch • Lutron • Panasonic • Pioneer Elite RTI • Samsung • Seura • Sharp • Sonace • Sonos • Sony • Toshiba • Universal Remote Control • Yamaha

OCTOBER 2013 Communit ySp ir itmagaz



mabee center

Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame Chooses Mabee Center for 2013 Concert


hen you think Oklahoma music, Mabee Center just has to be on the short list for historical venues. That is what Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame’s board decided as they toured the center’s newly launched eMuseum. The fascinating website takes visitors on a tour of 40 years of musical events held at the Mabee Center. In the seventies, the Mabee stage hosted such greats as Amy Grant, Anne Murray, Barry Manilow, The Bee Gees, The Imperials, John Denver, Johnny Cash, Johnny Mathis, Kenny Rogers, Natalie Cole, Neil Diamond, Olivia Newton John, Sonny & Cher, Tom Jones and it was the location of one of Elvis Presley’s last performances back in 1976. But the 80s and 90s were just as grand featuring such names as The Judds, Lionel Riche, The Oak Ridge Boys, Randy Travis, Roy Clark, Tina Turner, Wayne Newton, Frank Sinatra, Garth Brooks, Hanson, Andy Williams, Kenny G, Merle Haggard, Steven Curtis Chapman and Vince Gill. And in the last 20 years, the list of greats continues with Gordon Lightfoot, Kelly 42 


C o m m u n i t y s pi ri tma g a zi n


Clarkson, Loretta Lynn, Luciano Pavorotti, Michael W. Smith, Reba McEntire, Tony Bennett, Willie Nelson and MercyMe. Such rich musical history makes The Mabee Center a logical place to hole the 2013 induction concert of the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame. And you are invited to come watch on October 15th as the Swon Brothers headline the concert with opening performances from some of Oklahoma’s musical greats! Over a year in the making, this is a momentous occasion. It will also be an opportunity for Oklahoma to honor the impact the facility and all the Mabee Center employees and volunteers for serving Tulsa with such pride. Good job Mabee Center. We send our prayers that God will continue to use your skills for good as you bring quality entertainment and lifechanging speakers to our hometown.



he hardest thing for a doctor of veterinary medicine to do is put an animal to sleep. A close second, and I do mean close, is have an animal come into your clinic that appears abused or neglected. There is a difference between abuse and neglect. One is aggressive, the other is passive. Whether the doctor dares to report the cruelty or not is out of the doctor’s hands. The American Veterinary Medical Association requires to report abuse. Most states have Good Samaritan laws which provide legal protection. However, if abuse is unable to be proven the accused can spread bad stories about the doctor. But, a veterinarian is faced with, “If not me, then who.” Now enters a very, very defining circumstance which makes reporting this brutal act even more imperative. Animal cruelty is often a “sentinel act”, an act which is often associated with

domestic violence or child abuse. Studies have shown that over 70% of all animal cruelty cases coincide with human cruelty. If you notice something is odd or suspicious that is something you may want to deal with in your neighborhood. Keep a diary with dates and acts with pictures if possible and other neighbors providing witness if possible BUT, when you contact the authorities explain to them that you desire anonymity Doing a good deed will not protect your windows and tires. Take care.

R. Scott Nicholson, DVM, is a respected Broken Arrow veterinarian. Dr. Nicholson’s clinic is located at 816 S. Elm and he can be contacted at 918-806-6074

OC TOBER 2013 Communitys p ir itmagaz m





C o m m u n i t y s pi ri tma g a zi n


When was the last time you reviewed your Last Will & Testament? During our lifetime, changes occur – marriages (or re-marriages) happen, children are born or adopted, deaths occur, you move from one state to another. A change in any of these circumstances often triggers the need to change your will. No estate is too small for a proper will.

Because family is important to you, we are here to help you plan. Our goal is to serve you and your family and to help you put the best plan together. If you would like assistance on how to create or update your will, please let us know. This service and charitable financial planning are confidential and free of charge. To learn more about ways to leave a legacy for future generations through your will, please contact us today.

John 3:16 Mission is sponsoring a free educational seminar to help answer your questions. October 15th, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. OU Tulsa Campus (41st & Yale) Learning Center Room 145 Enter campus off Yale by McDonalds, building is on your left as you enter

RSVP – Mindy Harper 918-587-1186

and it’s

FREE! Sunday, October 27 9 6-8PM

Park Plaza

9 Family Friendly

9 Candy Candy Candy! 9 Costumes 9 Safe, Easy & Free

Church of Christ 5925 E. 51st Street 918.627.3201

9 Carnival Games 9 Inflatables



E! decked o trunks wut car ith goodies !

Bring the family! Have a blast! It’s FREE!!!



C o m m u n i t y Spi ri tma g a zi n OCT OBER 2013

October 2013 | Community Spirit Magazine  
October 2013 | Community Spirit Magazine  

This issue features Paul Andert, and American Hero, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Blessings International, Clear-Tone, Danny Cahill,...