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Volume 2, Issue 1, Feb. 2010


Saskatchewan offers

potential growth Despite the slowdown in potash revenues indicated in the mid-year financial report, Saskatchewan is well-positioned to take advantage of future economic growth as the world’s economies continue their turn-around. “Our mid term financial report recorded an unprecedented reversal of fortunes when it came to potash revenue projections,” [Premier Brad] Wall said. “And while this will present challenges for our government, I’m confident we will be able to meet those challenges. We are very well positioned to continue our leadership as one of the strongest economies in Canada.” How do we know that? • Saskatchewan has the best job creation record in Canada – 9,000 new jobs created in 2009 while most other provinces were losing jobs;

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Saskatchewan has the lowest unemployment in Canada; Saskatoon has the lowest unemployment of any Canadian city, Regina is second;

On average, Canada’s nine leading economic forecasters are projecting an economic growth rate in Saskatchewan of 2.8 per cent for 2010—tied with BC for the best in Canada; and

Over the past year, our population has grown by 16,000 – the largest such increase in more than 50 years.

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Volume 2 Issue 1 For Advertising Information call Tel: (306) 979-3955 Fax: (306) 974-1172 Email: Publisher & Owner Canadian Aboriginal News Ltd. Karola & Marcel Guay Printed By Star Press 414 - 10th St. Wainright AB (780) 842-4403 Distribution Special Eyes Distribution (Saskatoon) Canadian Aboriginal News Ltd. (Saskatoon) King George School (Saskatoon) Work Experience Program

Reproduction of any photographs, artwork or copy is strictly prohibited without prior written permission of the publisher. The advertisers, associate publisher and the publisher are not responsible, or liable for misinformation, misprints, or typographical errors.

from the Editor/Missions Statement

The inception of Community Speaks has been a five year process. We began as an internet news service, and broke out into print medium one year ago. We have planted this tree, and our roots are firmly planted in the province of Saskatchewan. We are built on the entrepreneurial spirit, and in November 2009 Community Speaks became a provincially distributed newspaper. Community Speaks provides a vehicle for businesses and organizations to advertise and discuss their goals, accomplishments and vision for the future. We look forward to sharing your positive and compelling stories to bridge the information gap, and by doing so we hope to form lasting contacts and relationships in our business minded, rapidly expansive city. The advantages that print medium provides is that it is real, and timeless. Print is portable because it can be carried anywhere from the living room to the beach. You don't need a battery to read a newspaper, and there is also nothing to boot up and no compatibility issues. Compared to other mediums, print advertising gives the consumer more bang for their buck. Print is beautiful because the combination of words and images send the message to your customers about what your business has to offer. Also, with a free newspaper, one edition reaches a target audience of ten people. Print is credible

because having words and graphics in your hand to show others provides a degree of reassurance. The combination of these two factors make your ad more compelling and appealing to customers who are looking for a specific item, or who are ready to buy your product. Community Speaks is a free monthly publication, and the major benefit is that it is something tangible. It puts the customer in control because it can be read time and again at that persons leisure. Compared to radio advertising where a prospective client may forget a thirty second spot, or internet advertising where you will only reach the target audience who is specifically looking for a certain item, print advertising in contrast is a soft sell combined with branding repetition. This repetition can be used as a viable tool to gently remind the prospective consumer where to purchase the products they are looking for. To view Community Speaks' competitive rate card and our newspaper archive please go to “Advertise� menu for all of your inquiries. We look forward to serving our ever expansive, business minded community in 2010 by having a personal connection with our ever growing client base.

who we are

You may not be the only one reading Community Speaks

Dr. Marcel Guay Thd. President (306) 979-5829

Karola Guay Marketing Director MA/Clinical Pastoral Counsellor (306) 979-3955

Darrel Pratt Marketing & Sales Specialist (North Battleford) (306) 937-7462

Darlene Fulton Marketing & Sales Specialist (306) 653-3542 Cell: (306) 371-5377

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Habitat for Humanity Saskatoon

Habitat for Humanity Saskatoon formed in 1991 and has since built or renovated over 38 homes in Saskatoon. Habitat Saskatoon’s vision is a community where everyone has a safe and decent place to live. The mission is to mobilize volunteers and community partners in building affordable housing and promoting home ownership as a means to breaking the cycle of poverty. Habitat for Humanity reduces the cost of new homes by using modest designs, donated materials and volunteer labour.

flowing landfills. Last year, the Habitat for Humanity Saskatoon ReStore saved over 250 tons of reusable product from local landfills, making it one of Saskatoon’s largest recycling organizations. Donations of new and used overstock, discontinued, or salvageable building materials are accepted. If you have product you believe would be useful to the ReStore, drop by 122 Avenue D, Saskatoon, or come shop.

How to Get Involved In order to become a Habitat homeowner there are three main criteria; first is the level of need. The family income must be below the Low Income Cut Off level as set by the Canadian Revenue Agency. Second is a willingness to partner. Families must contribute 500 hours of sweat equity towards building their own home, other homes or to other Habitat activities. Lastly, families must have the ability to carry a Habitat interest-free mortgage. For more information on how to own a Habitat home in Saskatoon, please call 343-7772.

Habitat Restore The Habitat ReStore is a home improvement outlet that resells quality new and used building materials and home furnishings. Homeowners are given access to low cost building materials through the ReStore. The funds raised through the ReStore help build simple, decent homes for low-income families, while the store itself reduces the amount of materials that would otherwise be headed for over-



The average person is about a quarter inch taller at night.

When snakes are born with two heads, they fight each other for food.

About 70 percent of Americans who go to college do it to make more money (the rest of us are avoiding reality for four more years).

Spotted skunks do handstands before they spray.

Some toothpastes contain anti-freeze.

Most lipstick contain fish scales.

In Singapore, it is illegal to chew gum.

In Washington State, you can't carry a concealed weapon that is over 6 feet in length.

So, how can you get involved and why would you want to? Volunteers are a vital part of our history and our ongoing success. Habitat invites people of all backgrounds, races and creeds to build houses together in partnership with families in need. We depend strongly on our volunteers. They may be professional trades-people donating a portion of their time and expertise, or first time builders who have never hammered a single nail. Experienced builders gain the satisfaction of knowing they have contributed something of real value to people who need it most. Newcomers have the opportunity to learn construction skills in a supportive and safe environment, and feel the pride of giving back to their community. Other volunteers work behind the scenes – on committees, raising funds, supporting families and advocating in their own communities. Through their combined efforts, volunteers enable us to control the costs of home building, and make homes affordable. You can sign up today to volunteer on a build or in the Restore at

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Kudos to Projects

in Saskatoon, Battlefords and the North

Mechanical Pulp Receives $2.6 Million in Federal Funds - Meadow Lake Meadow Lake Mechanical Pulp will receive more than $2.6 million as part of the federal government’s Pulp and Paper Green Transformation Program. The funds will improve the mill’s energy efficiency and boost production.

Temporary Layoff Notices at Potash Corp of Saskatchewan - Allan Effective December 20, Potash Corp of Saskatchewan’s (Potash Corp) Allan operation will lay off 220 hourly employees for a 10-week inventory adjustment period. The company expects to find alternative work for affected employees in the $550 million expansion project currently underway at the site. This past October, Potash Corp issued temporary layoff notices to 700 employees at its Lanigan and Rocanville operations.

Housing Project - Mosquito First Nation - Cando Construction is underway on an eight-unit multiplex housing project at Mosquito First Nation in Cando. The $700,000 project will employ eight band members and should be complete by spring 2010. Human Resources and Skills Development Canada’s Aboriginal Skills and Employment Partnership Program initiated the project, which assists Aboriginal people with employment or help interest them into developing their own business.

Multi Purpose Recreation Facility - North Battleford Pre-construction work is underway in North Battleford on a multi-purpose recreation facility for the Battlefords and area. The centre will include an indoor pool, performing arts centre, curling rink, and soccer centre. The project is finally moving forward because of a partnership between the city of North Battleford, and Battlefords Tribal council, and the town of Battleford. Construction is expected to cost over $40 million and should start spring 2010 with completion scheduled for sometime in 2012.

$150 Million Refinery Constructed Near Langham Fortune Minerals Limited of London Ontario recently entered into an agreement to purchase land between Saskatoon and Langham to construct a metallurgical processing facility. The $150 million refinery would process ore from Fortune’s NICO gold-cobalt-bismuth-copper project in the Northwest Territories. The refinery would process bulk concentrates into high value metal products. Fortune expects the facility would employ 85 people in skilled professions, such as chemical and metallurgical engineers. The company chose this location over other southern Canada sites for several reasons including; • size of the land site and its distance to surrounding communities; • access to the Canadian National Railway; • access to the Trans Canada Highway; • access to power, natural gas, and water supply; • Saskatoon’s skilled work force and respected post secondary institutions. Construction is expected to start once the NICO mine permits and project financing are in place. The company expects to open the processing plant in 2012, when the NICO project also starts production.

Layoffs at Case New Holland - Saskatoon This past November, farm equipment manufacturer Case New Holland (CNH) reduced its staff by 300 hourly positions for an indefinite period. The Saskatoon plant now operates with one shift and a workforce of 550

people. This past June, 130 employees also received layoff notices. According to CNH, the layoffs are part of the company’s overall strategy to manage the economic downturn through reduced inventories, improved operation efficiencies, and cost control.

New Grocery Store in Downtown Saskatoon The Uptown Market, a full-service grocery store, will open on the ground floor of Second Avenue Lofts, located in the old Bay building in downtown Saskatoon. The store will also include a deli and a coffee shop. Owners plan to open by the end of this December, catering to downtown residents who have been without a grocery store since 2004.

Renovation Project for High School - Saskatoon Major renovations to E.D. Feehan Catholic high school in Saskatoon will start this January. The $5 million project will increase the school’s space, develop an on-site career training facility, and add a new day care that will accommodate up to 50 infants and preschoolers by summer 2011. The work will take 3 years to complete with the bulk planned during summers 2010 and 2011.

Trades and Skills Centre Expansion - Saskatoon The Saskatoon Trades and Skills Centre (STSC) training facility at Mount Royal Collegiate in Saskatoon will undergo a $3.6 million expansion. The new centre will create more training spaces and allow the types of training to change according to labour market needs. Once complete, the facility will offer more than 12 training programs ranging from aeronautical mechanics and masonry to culinary arts and English language classes. According to the provincial government two thirds of the people who took training courses through STSC in 2008 are currently employed in their field. The centre enrolled 60 students in courses this semester. This number is expected to increase with completion of the expansion in fall 2010.

New Day Care – Spiritwood Government of Saskatchewan will license and subsidize a fifty-one-spot day care centre for Spiritwood and surrounding communities. The facility will open March 31, 2110.

Physicians - Meadow Lake To address the physician shortage in Meadow Lake and northwest Saskatchewan, the Prairie North Health Region (PNHR) hired five new South African physicians. The health region has long-term plans to recruit Canadian medical graduates by building on Meadow Lake’s tradition of being a strong teaching centre for students. To help with recruitment the region has changed the fee for service policy to an alternative pay system where doctors receive a guaranteed income. PNHR also plans to recruit three new nurse practitioners to Meadow Lake. Along with treating Meadow Lake residents, doctors and hospital staff also treat residents from remote areas of northern Saskatchewan and communities in Alberta such as Fort McMurray.

Hotel Renovation and Expansion - Meadow Lake Renovations are underway at the former Capri Country Motor Inn in Meadow Lake. The $500,000 renovation on Meadowview Hotel and Suites will create 40 fully furnished hotel and rental suites. Twenty of these will be ready for occupancy in early 2010. Calgary-based Lucid Group of Companies bought the hotel in response to the region’s economic growth in energy exploration, agriculture, and the future development of the Saskatchewan oil sands. The company expects to invest in other real estate properties that result in capital investment and jobs for Meadow Lake and the regional economy.

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Work'in Man/Woman Blues Owning your own business can be both daunting and rewarding. There will come a time when you may need to hire staff to make your business flourish and run smoothly. It is difficult to diagnose a perspective employee through an interview, because a resume is only one form of introduction. When it is padded with smoke and mirrors it can be impossible to get to the root of what makes that person tick. This is the moment when you must go with your gut instinct because it will be your saving grace in the long run by safeguarding you against any future problems and legalities long before they start.

someone. If the employee is guilty of such offences as sexual harassment, or has shown himself or herself to be violent to the point of threatening the safety of the other staff, it is the employers responsibility to deal with these circumstances as efficiently as possible.

Speaking from the perspective of an employer, I can tell you that there are quite a few reasons that bad employees frequently don't get fired. While some of these may reflect the nature of an employer itself, many of them stem from circumstances beyond the employers control. Employers are not all knowing. They may overlook a destructive employee because they cannot be everywhere at all times, and also because they have put their trust in that person. Many bad employees seem to have a knack for hiding the truth from their boss. They are highly skilled in being two faced liars by doing things on the sly. Some examples are stealing, causing disruption amongst staff through gossip and a negative attitude, worst of all, taking large increments of time off, and still demanding full payment for work which was never done. Employers may have different standards of judgement in evaluating an employee. While some may think that performing every task quickly and adequately is the most important trait: employer's may in fact be looking for someone who has vision and the ability to handle dual roles in an organization, so the business can meet the high demand for excellence in a competitive market. Once an employer decides to fire an employee, for cause or whatever the case, he/she can't just go over to him and say “your fired”, that is, unless he wants an expensive lawsuit. In order to protect the business, an employer must document all infractions over a period of several months. This is especially true in cases where the employee might claim discrimination. Unless an employer is on a power trip, firing employees is typically his/her least enjoyable part of the job. Many people who are otherwise excellent supervisors have a fear of conflict, or fear hurting someone's feelings, after all a job is our bread and butter, and firing takes that security away from that person. Always safeguard your business by not becoming involved with that employee on a personal basis, because magnanimity makes it easier to reprimand and fire that person because you are in a business relationship. There are, however, certain situations in which a company risks being sued if they don't fire

“So, it's okay for me to expect my employees to work for their pay???” In essence, I am saying, that as a business owner you need to be engaged with everyone and everything around you, because the problems which fall through the cracks can cause you the most damage. If you have a Constantine for names sake, and see him being disruptive in small ways on a daily basis, this may be a clue that he may not be a good employee. There is nothing more frustrating for an employer than to be paying someone who has a bad attitude and bad work ethic. This employee is miserable from the time they enter the premises until they go home. They dislike you personally, loath the organization, and hate their job in general. These are the huddle and scuffle people because they pull other employees into their web of nonsense. Employers hold the reigns of the company, and by releasing this individual you are freeing yourself of destructive behaviour, and by doing so, you are giving that person the opportunity to find a job that they may be more suited for. Theft in the workplace is another hot button topic. It is estimated that 79% of workers admit either to stealing or consider stealing from their employer. These stats are startling, and while we might never think the stapler or the legal pad they pilfer means anything, one out of every three businesses go under because of employee theft. Even worse, the cheating culture has created an atmosphere that dissuades whistle blowers from coming forward and exposing this extremely pervasive practice that costs up to $600 billion per year. You may wonder why people steal. Workplace theft is usually not out of need, but out of greed and contempt. Moreover, people believe that once they see

their colleagues stealing and cutting corners, it is morally acceptable for them to do so as well. Statistically, it has been proven that the most loyal employees are the biggest thieves, and the most dangerous people are the employees with street smarts who are casing the joint everyday. Theft not only encompasses cash lost, but bogus sick days, bogus sick leaves, and theft of material wealth. Now, imagine yourself as an owner of a company, with this problem: multiply this by 150 people, you can more than likely guess that this will be the demise of your organization. Fighting workplace fraud is a huge daily problem, but there are a few preventative measures which you can take. Employees normally give off clues that they are stealing, there are video cameras, and also other employees who can become a witness because they have actually seen them act out. What is disturbing though is that when an employee steals from your organization, you as an employer are still responsible for paying them their regular wages, plus severance pay, and the final straw is that it is up to the employer to take them to court for any losses which have been incurred. To save yourself grief; make sure you document, document, document, and look up the labour laws on the internet, so that you are never caught on a technicality. A vengeful employee is like a tornado: they come in: take over, and if you are not careful, you won't know what has hit you. To be fair, there are many hardworking people out there who can give us a glimmer of hope. They will erase the bad foot print of your past employee, but unfortunately negative experiences from the past have left an indelible mark in your memory, making you more business savvy for the next time. An employee should work for their employer with as much excellence as they have. If your boss asks you to do something, don't slough it off to someone else. Demonstrate that you have a broad vision of the business, and make simple but effective suggestions of ways to make the work place more efficient and effective. If you create a situation for yourself that actively demonstrates your strengths in a subtle manner, there is a good chance that your employer will reward you for your positive work habits.

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H E A LT H & W E L L N E S S

Beauty & Spa Sun Kist Tanning Salon Inc. is located in the hub of the West side on 11th Street beside the the old Whites' Pharmacy location. Colleen and Carly Grainger opened Sun Kist Tanning Salon on October 24, 2009. Since Colleen and her daughters have been life long fixtures on the West side; it only seemed natural to open their salon in this ever expansive, business minded part of town. The location offers plenty of free parking, and is also accessible by foot. The Spa has filled a gap in this area of town. The Grainger's exemplify how Saskatoon has broken out for expansion: making Sun Kist Tanning Salon one of the cornerstones of our business community today.

Cold Weather Tips

for Your Pets

I asked Colleen and Carly why they decided to open the salon? You could sense the warmth, commitment and respect that they had for each other, and due to their connection, they decided that they could utilize their skills unilaterally to take on this joint venture. With their positive, outgoing personalities, this was a natural step because they both are visionaries, business minded, professional and intuitive about their clients unique needs. As you enter the salon, you are greeted by a serene atmosphere, mixed with a bit of electricity. The soft hues on the walls are a backdrop to the art and the overall trendy feel. Colleen and Carly offer above average customer service by making each and every visit a memorable and relaxing experience. Their connection, and integrity within the community has already built their ever growing repertoire of clients. It is Colleen's and Carly's desire to extend a feeling of family, and provide excellent customer care in this new meet and greet place. They are meticulous about cleanliness, and far surpass standards by monitoring their high end tanning beds so that they perform up to par. It is this dedication to excellence which allows their clients to achieve a superior tanning experience. The prices are competitive, and rival their competitors because you get a lot of bang for your buck. They offer a wide range of services: everything from Gel Nails, Tanning lotion, Tanning minutes or monthly rates, Weight Loss Body Wraps, Hairstyling, and Hair Extensions. One of the cutting edge services that the Grainger's offer is called a Galvonic Spa Treatment. This treatment is used to correct the signs of aging. The Galvonic Spa has a negative and positive serum which runs on a negative and positive charge, reducing wrinkles and firming the skin. The unit is available for personal purchase or can be accessed through a spa appointment. Colleen and Carly Grainger impressed me with their integrity, business savvy, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to customer service. These characteristics will surely make Sun Kist Tanning Salon a memorable experience which you will want to share with family and friends. They have definitely filled the void on the West side, and I am certain that they will leave their imprint on our community. For Appointments A List of Services Please Call: 665-5553

Simple, Fun Remedies for the Winter Blues

refresh your friend's faith and restore her perspective on life. Finally, if your friend's symptoms seem unusually severe, encourage her to see her physician for help. Light box therapy has proven effective in helping about 85 percent of SAD cases.

Cold weather and meagre amounts of sunlight make for dreary stuck-indoors days that often lead to winter depression. Oh, how long for spring? For the 14 percent of people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), this can be a particularly difficult time of year, leading to depression, weight loss or gain, withdrawal from society, increased irritability – even suicidal thoughts.

For those who aren't diagnosed SAD sufferers, the drawn – out months of late winter can make even the cheeriest person feel gloomy. If you are the one experiencing the winter blues, be your own caregiver -pick a a sweet scented bouquet to place on a bedside table or on your desk at work. The scent of spring will lift your sagging spirits, and perhaps make it a little easier to hang tough for a few more weeks. Spring is almost here!!!!

While light therapy is commonly prescribed for SAD sufferers, small kindnesses from friends can also be a big morale booster. Your card, small gift or visit can brighten even the dreariest winter day. Surprise your friend with bright-red tulips, sweet-scented hyacinths or cheery daffodils. These early flowering bulbs chase dark clouds away with their bright coloured petals and gentle spring scent. Create a “Care” package with delicacies that come into their own in springtime: strawberries, asparagus and Chinese snow peas. Throw in some chocolate – a year-round favourite and all-purpose mood lifter. Rent an Annette Funicello - Frankie Avalon beach party movie, then throw an indoor picnic. Commit to meeting with your friend weekly for a brisk morning walk. Just 20 minutes in the sunlight and fresh air can boost serotonin levels in the brain and help shake off winter “brain fog.” Share a favourite devotional or praise tape. Words of spiritual encouragement can help

God created four seasons for a reason, yet He also understands if we feel down when nature is dormant; that's why He gives us friends and early flowers – they revive hope and provide yet another taste of His amazing grace.

Most urban pets spend the majority of their time indoors, and don't have tolerance for extremely cold weather. Do not leave your pets outdoors unattended when the temperature gets below freezing! Pets must build up a thicker coat and get their footpads toughened for snow and ice. Pets that get too chilled could develop hypothermia or even frostbite. Ear tips are very susceptible to frostbite.

Outerwear Dogs with very short coats have the least tolerance for cold. Extremely short-coated breeds include Greyhounds, Dobermans, Boxers, Boston Terriers and Chihuahuas. These breeds shouldn't go outside without a sweater or a coat except for short times to relieve themselves. Small dogs with short coats (such as Chihuahuas, miniature Pinschers, and miniature Dachshunds) are especially vulnerable to cold. They may not tolerate any outdoor exercise in extremely cold weather.

Foot (Paw) Care Many dogs need boots in cold weather, regardless of coat length. If your dog frequently lifts up his paws, whines or stops on his walks, his feet are uncomfortably cold. Be sure to get your dog used to wearing boots before cold weather sets in. Another frequently seen foot problem is the formation of iceballs between the pads and toes of the feet, especially in dogs with long fur. Once iceballs form, they are very painful, much like walking on rocks. When dogs get these, they often whine, stop walking and start chewing at the bottoms of their feet to remove the painful iceballs. To help prevent iceballs, trim hair around your dog's feet. Apply a smalfeet after just a few steps on salted roads. Gently rub the bottom of the feet to remove the salt as soon as your dog is off the road.

Outdoor Pets If your pet spends a lot of time outdoors, let him get acclimated gradually to dropping temperatures. Once a pet is acclimated to either warm or cold, a long dose of the other extreme is hard to take. Outdoor pets need a sheltered place that is well bedded with DRY straw, shavings, blanket strips or other insulating material that traps warm air. Also, remember that animals drag a lot of moisture into their bedding areas from snow, rain and mud. Check it often and change it whenever it is wet, or your pets can't keep themselves warm. Northern dog breeds such as Huskies and Malamutes who actually work in the winter pulling sleds need more calories.

Indoor Pets

“The Renewal Of Life Is A Blessing From God.”

The rest of the pet population generally gets less active in winter. Consequently, cut back a bit on what you feed your animals, or your vet will be nagging you in spring about your portly pets.

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Ya’ Don’tSay!

Outta the Mouths of


The Insurance Claim Attention: Superior Health Insurance Claim Review Department This letter is in response to your recent letter requesting a more detailed explanation concerning my recent interment at Methodist Hospital. Specifically, you asked for an expansion in reference to Block 21(a) (3) of the claim form (reason for hospital visit). On the original form, I put “Stupidity”. I realize now that this answer was somewhat vague and so I will attempt to more fully explain the circumstances leading up to my hospitalization. I had needed to use the restroom and had just finished a quick bite to eat at the local burger joint. I entered the bathroom, took care of my business, and just prior to the moment in which I had planned to raise my trousers, the locked case that prevents theft of the toilet paper in such places came undone, and feeling it striking my knee, unthinkingly, I immediately, and with unnecessary force, returned the lid back to it's normal position. Unfortunately, a I did this I also turned, and certain parts of my body, which were still exposed, were trapped between the devices lid and it's main body Feeling such intense and immediate pain caused me to jump back. It quickly came to my attention that, when one's privates are firmly attached to an immoveable object, it is not a good idea to jump in the opposite direction. Upon recovering some of my senses, I attempted to re-open the lid. However, my slamming of it had been sufficient enough to allow the locking mechanism to engage. I then proceeded to get a hold on my pants and subsequently removed my keys from them. I intended to try to force the lock of the device open with one of my keys; thus extracting myself. Unfortunately, when I attempted this, my key broke in the lock. Embarrassment of someone seeing me in this unique position became a minor concern, and I began to call for help in as much of a calm and rational manner as I could. An employee from the restaurant quickly arrived and decided that this was a problem requiring the attention of the store manager. Betty, the manager, came quickly. She attempted to unlock the device with her keys. Since I had broken my key off in the device, she could not get her key in. Seeing no other solution, she called the EMS



What is the right age to get married?

(as indicated on your form in block 21 (b) (1).

Twenty-three is the right age because you know the person FOREVER by then. Camille, age 10

After approximately 15 minutes, the EMS arrived, along with two police officers, a fire-rescue squad, and the channel 4 On-The Spot news team. The guys from the fire department quickly took charge as this was obviously a rescue operation. The senior member of the team discovered that the device was attached with bolts to the cement wall that could only be reached once the device was unlocked. (His discovery was by means of tearing apart the device located in the stall next to the one that I was in). (Since the value of the property destroyed in his examination was less than $50, my deductible, I did not include it in my claim). His partner, who seemed like an intelligent fellow at the time, came up with the idea of cutting the device from the wall with the propane torch that was in the rescue truck. The fireman went to his truck, retrieved the torch, and commenced to attempt to cut the device from the wall. Had I been in a state to think of such things, I might have realized that in cutting the device from the wall several things would also inevitably happen. First, the air inside of the device would quickly heat up, causing items inside the device to quickly heat up, causing items inside the device to suffer the same effects that are normally achieved by placing things in an oven. Second, the metal in the device is a good conductor of heat causing items that are in contact with the device to react as if thrown into a hot skillet. And, third, molten would shower the inside of the device as the torch cut through.

How can a stranger know if two people are married? You might have to guess, depending on whether they seem to be yelling at the same kids. Derrick , Age 8 What do you think you're mom and dad have in common? Both don't want anymore kids. Lori, age 8 What do most people do on a date? Dates are for having fun, and people should use them to get to know each other. Even boys have something to say if you listen long enough. Lynette, age 8 On the first date, they just tell each other lies and that usually gets them interested enough to go on a second date. Martin, age 10 What would you do on a first date that is going sour? I'd run home and play dead. The next day I would call the newspapers and make sure they wrote about me in the dead columns. Craig, age 9 When is it okay to kiss someone? When they're rich. Pam, age 7 Is it better to be single our married? I don't know which is better, but I'll tell you one thing, I'm never going to have sex with my wife. I don't want to be all grossed out. Theodore, age 8

The one bright note of the propane torch was that it did manage to cut, in the brief time that I allowed them to use it, a hole big enough from a small pry bar to be placed inside of the device. The EMS team then loaded me, along with the device, into the waiting ambulance as stated on your form.

Mind Wind C AN DY

Due to the small area of your block 21(a) (3), I was unable to give a full explanation of these events, and thus used the word which I thought best described my actions which led to my hospitalization. Sincerely Harvey Stupid

Einstein Dear Einstein:






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French theatre company La Troupe du Jour Saskatchewan's

professional French theatre company, La Troupe du Jour, is

presenting its new play Encore,a romantic comedy by Mac Prescott. The play is in French with English subtitles. Ian C. Nelson is directing the play, which is showing at the Refinery on Dufferin Avenue in Saskatoon from February 4 to 14. It’s a romantic comedy for grown-ups.

Arts & ENTERTAINMENT When first we met I ne’er was struck before that hour, with love so sudden and so sweet. Her face is bloomed like a sweet flower, and stole my heart away complete. My face turned pale, and deadly pale, my legs refused to walk away. And when she looked what could I ail, my life and all seemed turned to clay. And them my blood rushed to my face, and took my eyesight quite away. The trees and bushes around the place, seemed midnight at noon day. I could not see a single thing, words from my eyes did start. They spoke as chords do from the string, and blood burnt around my heart. Are flowers the winter’s choice, Is love’s bed always snow. She seemed to hear my silent voice, not love appeals to know. I never saw so sweet a face, as that I stood before. My heart has left it’s dwelling place, and can return no more.

Local actors Catherine Harrison and Bruce McKay play the roles of Madame and Monsieur, a couple who re-enact their first date every year in a hotel bar, repeating the same actions and words, hoping to reproduce the powerful emotions of that night. It becomes a ritual, a game of seduction, but what happens when one of them stops playing by the rules? Six of the eight shows are presented with English surtitles written by the author. The English text is projected on the back of the set. And with Valentine’s Day approaching, La Troupe du Jour offers couples a dinner-date package in conjunction with local restaurants Calories, Bliss, Weczeria and Sushiro.

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Hearth & Home Realty Home Decor Renovations Coming in March


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Karola Guay Clinical Pastoral Counsellor

is the Target

of being led by our fickle nature, we need to be moved forward towards Christ in love. Jesus experienced every emotion, suffering and feeling you and I do without sinning. What halts our ability to move forward is that our pain could be so intense that thinking about forgiveness feels like an improbability and an impossibility. As believers, we need to extract the word impossible out of our lives because Christ yielded his life for our atonement. It is through the simple act of grace that we will find peace. Therefore, by raising it up to the Lord we are released from the web of bondage because God is in the business of fixing things which cannot be done with human hands. People seem to be under the assumption that forgiveness is an unconditional act of love with no boundaries our accountability. It is not. Forgiveness, therefore is not denying that a hurtful situation exists, or that your feelings were hurt, or that you are willing to lie down and accept that persons behaviour. Forgiveness is an act of acceptance. Forgiveness is not about condemnation; but rather about moving forward by having the ability to put the situation into perspective so that you can find healing. Having a nature of unforgiveness and malice towards others only brings about bitterness. Do you really think that the person that has hurt you is thinking about you right now? The answer is no. They are going about their daily business. You are the one who still feels victimized flailing your fist in the air cursing them for how they have made you feel. This irrational behaviour is unhealthy and in the end only fuels our sinful nature by keeping us poisoned and imprisoned because we are following the devil. Forgiveness, therefore, is an act of our personal will in obedience and submission to God's will by trusting him to bring us emotional and spiritual healing.


celebration of the New Year has come and gone, and you are saddened because you have made a commitment to change, yet it has not come and you are still left carrying the same strongholds around your heart. The power of unforgiveness is keeping you shackled and enslaved. Your life feels overwhelming, and where to start to repair it is as daunting as counting the stars up in the heavens. Change can only occur with one small step at a time. God has given us His promise that through his deliverance, we can achieve peace which will give us a more abundant life. People are stuck in the perpetual penance of guilt and self condemnation because it is much simpler to nurse your pain by allowing it to fester than to do the work that it takes to forgive those who have hurt you. Begging the question; if Christ forgave me for all of my transgressions, and loved me unconditionally, then why can't I forgive those who have caused me personal pain? Perhaps, it is because our wilful nature dominates our actions to the point that we are blinded to the fact that God is filled with grace, and through His grace He not only forgives, but also forgets each and every one of our transgressions. Forgiving someone can be defined as “me giving up my right to hurt you for hurting me”. It is impossible to live on this fallen planet without getting hurt, offended, misunderstood, lied to and rejected. Learning to respond properly to our emotions is one of the basics of Christian life, and instead

God himself brings us face-to-face with certain realities because He has the power to know when it is the proper time for us to deal with those painful issues in our lives. If you rush to the finish line you will not be able to taste victory; struggle is part of the process which we all need to go through to mature. Maturity allows us not to be so outwardly affected by our outcomes because we know how to take them in stride. This maturity is a progression towards wisdom which allows us to come to terms with our emotions, and by doing so helps us keep them in check. It is during our life's journey that God is telling us to stop mourning over what has happened; He wants us to take back the authority in our lives by living for today and everyday for the rest of our lives. Forgive others as Christ forgave you “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.” (Ephesians 4:32) We forgive in obedience “For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you” “But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.” (Mathew 6: 14-15). We forgive others to gain control of our lives from hurt emotions (Genesis 4: 1-8) Receive forgiveness and forget your sin because when we confess our sins to God he has not only forgiven them but has forgotten them. “No longer will a man teach his neighbour or a man his brother saying, “Know the Lord: because they will all know me from he least of them to the greatest, “declares the Lord, “For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more.” (Jeremiah 31:34)

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God is Big Karola Guay Clinical Pastoral Counsellor

A number of years ago there was a Monty Python skit about a minister who's sermon consisted of saying over and over that GOD IS BIG. Even then in the 60’s before the Hubble telescope no one really could see or did fully know that the galaxy we inhabit on Earth is an insignificant planet in a vast pinwheel of stars in such an incredibility vast number of many such groups. No one could have dreamt that black holes long thought to be vacuum cleaners sucking in stars may instead be the generators of stars and that they may spit out galaxies greater than ours and more numerous than we can even count. If you start to think about how big our galaxy is, how many galaxies there are, and then place that in the context of the Bible, which starts with God creating the heavens, perhaps we have made God too small in our attempts to see Him as an easy to understand, superhuman. God must be BIG to have created such an ever churning recreating system of stars. Put that thought beside the fact that we have been invited by Jesus the Son of God to worship God in spirit and in truth addressing God as “our father”, and there is no way not to become humbled by the invitation. How could such a “BIG” God care about us? Why should such a great

Creator want to be our father? It is clear that the opposite thought is that we are small, insignificant and unimportant. However, I know from Fr. Casteline’s in St. Mary’s High School that we are invited to say the “Our Father” because he was always having us say it as penance. The Creator wants us to think of Him as a father, a close relative who will protect us, care for us and help us. We are therefore BIG in God’s estimation, we are significant and we are important, why, because of love. God loves us. Love isn’t reasonable. It doesn’t look at the facts and decide a course of action based on the logic of it. Love ignores the facts and carries on in spite of reality.

If we are to worship God in truth we must accept that our God is the Creator of a vast system of galaxies, greater than we can count or imagine. If we are to worship God in Spirit and in Truth as Jesus said, what are we to do? First we must accept that God does love us and reply to that love in the same spirit. That is, we must reply to God in a Holy Spirit of love. We must accept the truth that God is a magnificent God and that He loves us. We are to be in the family of a truly great God.

That still leaves us with little more than awe and wonder. So it was made clearer when Jesus said that the Ten Commandments can be summarized as two: first, love God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might and second we must love our neighbours as ourselves. So simplifying that even further we must love God with our mind, spirit and body and we can best express that by showing love for our neighbours. Small children know that our neighbours are the people who live next door. It is simple, who lives across the street, and in the apartment next door? Our neighbours. What should we do about our neighbours? If we loved them as ourselves, our neighbours would never be hungry, poorly clothed, badly educated, have poor health, or be in any need. Why? Because when we love ourselves we try to make sure we are not in any need. If that means asking for outside help so be it. So if everyone took heed to these two commandments we would all be helped by each other all the time. If we achieve this we will be in the kingdom of God as the great and wonderful God of creation intends.

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Facts About Credit Visa cardholders alone conduct more than $1 trillion in annual volume. Average household debt in Canada surged to over $90,000 last year Backgrounder: 51 percent of the Canadian population has at least two credit cards. In the winter of 2008, the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada (CGA-Canada) embarked on a second consumer survey on the topic of household debt and consumption in Canada. A similar survey was commissioned by CGA-Canada in the spring of 2007. The purpose of this particular survey seeks to understand the extent to which the economic and financial crisis worsened financial positions of Canadians having already experienced some financial strains.

K E Y R E P O RT H I G H L I G H T S Increasing debt load

Economic factors

❖ Household debt is at an all-time highreaching $1.3 trillion in 2008 and the escalation of debt is primarily caused by consumption motives rather than asset accumulation.

❖ The Canadian economy has been recession free for 17 years before

❖ The three main indicators of household indebtedness (debt-to-income,

❖ Recent data on the job losses and bankruptcies leaves little doubt that

debt-to-assets and debt-to-net worth ratios) deteriorated significantly in the past two years and particularly during 2008.

❖ Canadian households are financing consumption activity and fuelling gross domestic product growth with unearned money as families increasingly reach for credit to finance day-to-day living expenses.

❖ The majority (58%) of survey respondents with rising debt said that day-to-day living expenses are the main cause for the increasing debt. This was higher than the 52% reported in 2007.

the events of 2008. The most recent recession took place over a 12 month period between April 1990 and March 1991. the situation of the household sector has worsened.

❖ Canadians, though, perceive their financial condition to be better than it is and many are not aware of how the economic downturn has impacted their financial situation.

❖ Nearly one quarter (24%) of those surveyed did not think that a moderate decrease in housing or stock market, an increase in interest rates, cuts in salary, or reduced access to credit would noticeably affect their financial situation.

❖ Lines of credit and credit cards account for the largest proportion of consumer debt, with 85% of indebted Canadians reporting that they have outstanding debt on a credit card.

❖ A large proportion of Canadians acknowledged their debt as increasing. The proportion of respondents with rising debt went up from 35% in 2007 to 42% in 2008.

❖ 84% (vs. 81% in 2007) of Canadians are concerned that household debt is rising. 21% of Canadians who are in debt say they are in over their heads and can no longer manage their debt load.

❖ Interestingly enough though, 79% of indebted Canadians are still confident that they can either manage their debt well or take on more debt load.

❖ The majority of respondents (65%) felt that debt limits their ability to reach financial goals in at least one of the critical areas of retirement, education, leisure and travel, or financial security in unexpected circumstances.

Lack of savings ❖ One third of Canadians do not commit any resources to savings and deteriorating economic conditions have not yet had the usual effect of encouraging increased savings.

❖ Even with the temporary relief of a credit card or line of credit, one quarter of Canadians would not be able to handle an unforeseen expenditure of $5,000 and 1 in 10 would face difficulty in dealing with $500 unforeseen expense.

❖ The majority (78%) of surveyed said they would not change their saving patterns in order to build or rebuild the financial cushion.

Vulnerable Canadian households ❖ Certain socio-economic groups are particularly susceptible to increasing debt. The most vulnerable are the hardest hit – low income, households with children, young adults, the retired.

❖ Canadian families in particular are struggling with increasing debt. Households with one or more children under the age of 18 reported debt as rising more often than those with no children, with 49% reporting their debt had substantially increased.

❖ Respondents with lower income were much more likely to report increasing debt compared to the respondents in other income groups. And, those with low wealth continue to sink into debt and to experience further deteriorating in their net worth positions.

❖ Debt-free households do exist of course and 88% of debt-free respon dents lived in one or two-person households and were significantly less likely to have children under the age of 18.

Regional differences ❖ There are regional differences for those carrying household debt. ❖ As many as 56% of British Columbians told us their debt increased compared to the Canadian average of 42%.

❖ Some 30% of residents in the Atlantic Provinces maintained an unchanged debt level compared to 23% of the total respondents who said their debt remained the same.

❖ Debt-free respondents were more likely to be Ontario residents.

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Lightning Beate Korchak

Granny’s kitchen is warm and smells of cinnamon and apples and has always been a refuge from the harsh realities of life. Today I am grateful for the sanctuary and smile as Granny bustles around the kitchen. She brings a plate of homemade gingerbread cookies to the table and pours tea. I pick up the mug and wrap my hands around the cup and peer over the rim at Granny. Despite the comfort of Granny’s love I feel miserable. I clear my throat nervously but words fail me for I am afraid to burden Granny with my troubles. I square my shoulders, summon the courage to speak, and charge ahead, a bull running at a red cape and tell granny that my husband doesn’t love me anymore. Granny removes her reading glasses, squeezes her eyes shut and pinches the bridge of her nose. When she opens her eyes she blinks at me owlishly but doesn’t say anything. Tears of humiliation fill my eyes. I don’t want to cry so I make a feeble attempt at humor and tell her that my husband traded my forty in for two twenties. Grandma doesn't respond to my news. Instead she tells me a story she's never told anyone besides my mother. She divulges that in her day divorce was a nasty word and when she was in her early 30’s her husband left her to raise my mother alone. A small smile lifts the corners of her mouth and her graygreen eyes become distant as she remembers a different time and place. . . "When your grandfather left me I never thought I would love anyone again. For the longest time I didn’t. Your mother was only five when we moved back to my childhood home in Minnesota. The monotony of the long drive back to Minnesota was exactly the same as I remembered from 1965 when I left Minnesota as a newlywed. The only apparent difference was the absence of the Burma Shave advertisements. Those Burma Shave signs were a combination of humor, safety tips, pure fun and good old fashioned down home wisdom. Like the one, on curves ahead remember sonny that a rabbit’s foot didn’t save the bunny or my favourite one, my job is keeping faces clean and nobody knows the stubble I’ve seen. Finally your mother and I arrived in Minnesota. We passed buildings I didn’t recognize any longer. There was a Chinese Restaurant where the Penny Arcade used to be and I just intuitively knew that Lake’s Drug Store wouldn’t have a soda fountain anymore. Your mother and I turned onto Lincoln Street and pulled into the driveway of the house with the evergreen colored roof and gable where I had grown up.

Sometimes I forget myself. I actually wanted to take you back to something that happened to me in my childhood first. We had had a snowstorm when I was a young girl and I was walking home from school. The going was tough and I had to battle huge snowdrifts. I was miserable and cold. When I reached the driveway I slipped on the ice, fell and dropped my armful of books. The books wheeled crazily across the slick surface. Bright tears of self-pity stung my eyes. Through my tears I saw a tall man with a white dog standing there. To my surprise I recognized him. He was a recluse who lived in our neighbourhood and he never spoke to anyone. He crouched down beside me and told me not to cry and that everything would be all right. Oddly enough I believed him. He picked up the scattered books, tucked them under one arm and lifted me up with the other and escorted me the rest of the way home. At the door he let go of my hand, returned my books and bowed. As he straightened up I noticed that when he smiled it was a lonely smile that didn't quite reach his eyes. I went inside and the heavenly aroma of freshly baked bread wafted up to greet me and I instantly forgot about dropping my books, slipping on the ice or the kindly man who had helped me. I didn’t even tell my mom what happened. There are many things I regret, but none as much as forgetting about the recluse. Finally spring came, flowers bloomed and offered enough temptation to bring people out of doors. That was the spring when I learned that the recluse had passed away during the long winter all alone with only his dog for company. I couldn't help but think that if I had taken even one moment to stop by his house and thank him for helping me maybe he would still be alive.

knocked. Streak Lightning came to the door and said hi. I asked him why he hadn't ridden his bike and he told me that someone had stolen his bike. He explained that the Huffy-Dial A-Ride was special and that it was only being built this year. I walked back to my house with a full appreciation of exactly how much that bike meant to Streak for I had witnessed the misery on his face first hand. His face brought to mind another pair of eyes, older eyes that had also been full of pain. This was my chance to help. This time I was ready. I took the old wagon from the shed and went door-to-door canvassing for empty Pop bottles. Everyone gave what they had and I collected so many bottles I had to walk back and forth to Sterling Convenience five or six times pulling that wagon of clinking glass behind me. I wasn't sure how much a new bike like the Huffy-Dial-ARide would cost but the metal tin in the empty wagon jingled merrily with coins. I stopped the wagon outside of Streaks house and raced up the front steps and rung the doorbell. Streak opened the door and I thrust the tin full of money at him and told him that here was some money for a new bike. He stared into the metal tin with a dumbfounded expression on his ten-year-old face. Two days later my sleep was interrupted by the melody, Love Letters in the Sand. The music wafted up through my bedroom window and I jumped out of bed, parted the curtains and saw Streak Lightning astride a new Huffy bike.

I vowed that next time someone was in need I'd be there to help. It was mid-July when a family moved into the recluse’s home. Everyday I saw the same boy riding a flamboyant red bike with white and black trim. The rims and fenders were all chrome. Dad said it was a Huffy Dial-A-Ride bicycle. It was very innovative for the 1950’s with a built in radio built right in the tank. The batteries for the radio were housed in the rear carrier and an antenna ran along the down tube. That boy rode up and down Lincoln Avenue every day with his legs pumping to the beat of Elvis Presley or Buddy Holly. His bike was fast, sleek and much more modern than anyone else’s. All the kids called him Streak Lightning behind his back.

It was important to tell you about that childhood event so that the rest of the story will make sense to you. Now back to when your mother and I moved back to Lincoln Street. Two years passed and the pain of being divorced began to recede. Life didn't seem so bleak. It was at the end of that second year on Lincoln Street in the springtime when it happened because I remember I had opened my window and the gentle breeze filled the bedroom with the scent of new beginnings. One night that spring I woke up to a familiar song from my childhood, Love Letters in the Sand. I climbed out of bed and walked to the window and parted the curtains. There was Streak Lightning himself straddling the seat of a Huffy-Dial-A-Ride bike. He looked ridiculous for his legs were far too long for the Huffy. Streak Lightening was my second chance at love. It took me a long time to realize he had been there all along.

At the end of August I waited on my front porch for Streak Lightning to zoom past. He never came that day or the next. My curiosity was piqued sufficiently at his absence that I summoned my courage and walked over to his house and

I told you about this because I want you to realize that your second chance at love will come one day. Life is full of expectations, disappointments and challenges. You never know what life holds in store for you."

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Karola Guay

Talking To The Wall RESOLUTIONS If you are like me, you have made a New Year's Resolution for 2010. I can almost guarantee that this will not last because we are creatures of habit and New Year's resolution challenged. There are approximately ten resolutions that people resolve to undertake year after year: •

To stop smoking.

To get fit.

To Lose Weight.

Eat a little less or more depending on the tilt of the scale.

Exercise a little more.

Learn something new.

Live a calmer life and spend more time with family and friends.

Clean the clutter out of the house.

Stop spending quite so much money.

Have a positive attitude in all that you do.

Being a seasoned New Year's Resolution breaker, I have devoted my life to finding sure fire remedies for the malady of resolution breaking . These solutions cover all the pitfalls which prevent you from backsliding because you are awesome the way that you are.



No longer bore your boss with the same excuses when you need time off; instead, think of more challenging ones to keep him on his toes.

Do less laundry, and use more deodorant.

Resolve to work with neglected children....your own.

Spend less than one hour on the internet, this will be hard to estimate because you don't look at the damn clock anyway.

Read the manual....just as soon as you can find it in the garbage where you filed it.

Find out why the correspondence course on “mail fraud” that you purchased has never shown up.

Memorize the meaning of medical terms, so that when you don't want to do something, you can write your own doctor's notes.

As a business woman, I will make my mark in the world by watching out for guys with big erasers.

The bigger the hair, the closer to God.

Inner beauty won't get you laid.

Come to terms with the fact that your mother doesn't just enjoy guilt trips, she runs the entire travel agency.

Grandchildren are God's reward for not killing your kids.

It's better to have loved and lost, than to live with the loser the rest of your life.

Learn what the hell “resolution” means.

Going on a diet will only make you lose 30 days.

It's not whether you win or lose, but how you do your hair.

Chocolate will NOT get you pregnant.

Always check for toilet paper under your shoes after leaving the restroom.

Accept the fact that food has replaced sex in your life, because now, you can't even get into your own pants.

To marriage: no thanks, we are not meant to mate in captivity.

I'm positive “till death do us part” is just a saying.

Refuse to spend time reliving the past; instead, spend it worrying about the future.

I will not obsess...I will not obsess...I will not obsess...I will not obsess.

Resolve to change the things you cannot accept, and accept the things you cannot change.


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How to Avoid

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Marcel Guay


the Pitfalls of a Worthless Education How should one prepare to take an active part in Saskatchewan’s future job market? Both the major universities in Saskatchewan have based their offerings on “disciplines” such as political studies or psychology which, at the first degree or BA level, prepare people for jobs in middle management. Both universities have engineering programs and the University of Saskatchewan has a large Agriculture program and these do prepare people for careers in resource extraction or production of materials and so aim at wealth production. However 90% of people attending university are looking for jobs which will be non-wealth creating, service or management jobs, such as government positions, management or administration. Universities have lost the way to creating wealth producing, cutting edge thinking individuals and have opted for what worked in the recent past preparing their middle management job. What sort of jobs should we be preparing for instead? Surprisingly, the answer is in the art and design, exporting education expertise and not so surprisingly in technology development. Movies make as much money in 2009 as large corporations: for instance to Finding Nemo $339,714,978 worldwide so far, Titanic $1,842,879,955 and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End made $139,802,190 in one day. Avatar made $10.9 million in 2009. Clearly one idea being missed is the future is investing in the arts. This means throwing out many misconceptions about risks in film production for instance, and instead developing crew and technical skills plus production facilities and distribution networks. Similar numbers and logistics can be found in all areas of design, especially in production of consumer goods and as well in other aspects of arts such as music, video and audio production. Fine arts should be developed much as physics is, and thought of as the “pure research” side of design. Someone thinks up the real origins of beauty and this is later found to be useful in something like television or iphones. Saskatchewan has a high literacy rate, excellent university facilities and a vast supply of ready to work youth. The problem is in the direction these resources

have pointed for the last several decades. Although one may not believe in the environmental meltdown of the earth in 2012, it is easy to see that things like wind and solar energy products, batteries and solar or space platforms and moon development are in our near future. The time to redirect our best brightest towards these kinds of jobs or work careers is the sooner the better. Unfortunately the educational system moves at what used to be termed glacial speed (now needing to be updated to take into account the global warming). Someone, in the Advanced Education, Employment and Labour ministry needs to take note of these new economic trends and start drastically cutting programs from the middle ages, and replacing them with what is really needed now. It is the same department ministry that needs to reduce the nickel and dime education and training programs such as is found in SIAST and hangers on like Universal Career College to replace them with programs that will help Saskatchewan in the present century. We don’t need more people in web design or crash courses in workplace literacy as much as we need people in computer science and engineering and entrepreneurship. These are the real basis of technology, not web site maintenance training, or medical technician courses. We will soon need people to do the actual work of thinking up production companies, setting up better environmental programs or distance medical delivery systems. The other direction the advanced education ministry should look at is selling Saskatchewan’s wonderful university training outside of the province. That might mean developing courses for use by other countries, training medical workers, or teachers on site in their own countries for work in their own countries. The staff working on website initiatives developed by Continuing Education was dead center on this before they were eliminated by some false idea that web training is inferior to face to face lectures. Saskatchewan taxpayers have always accepted the wealth drain of training people for export. It is time to stop that and develop education specifically for international export and use that system to pay for education inside Saskatchewan.

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D I S T R I C T By Randy Pshebylo

The Riversdale Business Improvement District (RBID) was initially petitioned by members of the Riversdale Businessmen’s Association led by Dr. Stephan Dershko and Mr. Edward Klassen on November 23, 1989. With the original boundary proposed containing 31 blocks on either side of 20th Street West from Idylwyld Drive to Avenue P. South, and 181 notices sent to eligible property owners, there were only six opposed to the establishment of the RBID. City Council, at its meeting held on February 12, 1990, adopted Bylaw No. 7092 thereby establishing the Riversdale Business Improvement District. Current Executive Director, Randy Pshebylo, says the conversations with former property owners and Board members at the time, along with newspaper clippings from 20 years ago show the reasons why the RBID was formed: Prevalent crime and public drunkenness and the resulting closure of businesses due to lack of customers. The area was not a focus of the proper kind of attention, and sparse public financial resources were not necessarily the answer. Specific targets were identified and public funds were now being invested in infrastructure and programs. History will show how the united and concerted efforts of the commercial property owners began to form the partnership with the City of Saskatoon to create the Riversdale BID and strategically identify remedies and solutions to halt the decline of the area. With the success of the RBID through the next few years demonstrating the collective efforts of the City of Saskatoon and the member stakeholders of the local businesses, the 20th Street Masterplan was implemented in 1993. The first three blocks of 20th Street West were redesigned and featured new street lights, planters, trees, paving stones, sidewalks, and street banners. Five large wall murals were commissioned and erected, and the area began to make the ever so slow transition as a troubled and neglected part of the City back to the vibrant commercial district that it once was. It prompted the creation of the Folkart Circles Project 1996 with partners being the RBID, City of Saskatoon, Princess Alexandra, St. Mary’s, and Pleasant Hill Schools. The boundaries of the RBID were expanded to the north up to 22nd Street West, and to the south to 17th Street West which now meant 67 blocks were now able to be managed and assisted in many ways. It is important to note that these local businesses and property owners were then voluntarily agreeing to impose a levy in addition to their property taxes in order to fund the RBID and begin the transformation of the area. With the transparency and public accountability of the organization by way of the Bylaw No. 7092 and City Council, coupled with the entrepreneurial management and business acumen of the property owners and managers, the Riversdale BID began the arduous

answers to many of the challenges and there were some aggressive targets identified: • To secure completion of the South Bridge by the year 2010 (Target date of October 2012) • To obtain a commitment within one year to study the development of a major attraction such as an open air market in or near the Riversdale area. (Saskatoon Farmers’ Market) • To decease the vacancy rate of commercial space in the Riversdale-West Central area from its current rate of 27% to 15% within 10 years. (Currently the rate is 8.2%) • Development of a (business) Incubator System (Ideas Inc.) • Development/attraction of Special Events (Wintershines Festival; ‘Dark Bridges and ‘Silence is Golden’ Film Festivals) The Olympic Flame makes it’s way past the Riversdale Busness Improvement District on January 11, 2010.

process of creating a district that had suffered from years of neglect and inattention. Some have pondered what caused the increase in vacancies in the area and there are numerous theories and opinions. Whether the concept of literally being on the other side of the train tracks was truly believed by many to avoid frequenting the area, or the theory that the 20th Street extension to the downtown area took the wind out of the sails of Riversdale, negative perceptions are now beginning to fade with a new generation of residents. The Board has always maintained a focus and recognized the rich cultural diversity that has been a consistent and valuable asset on which to build and attract businesses and customers. The Riversdale BID with the cooperation of the Chinese Community hosted the start of what would eventually become Saskatoon’s largest Chinese New Year Celebration on February 13, 1999, the Year of the Rabbit. It was a pivotal year as many people came to witness the culture, but it was also a time to visit some businesses and buildings that had not been opened for some time. One of those was the Roxy Theatre. Today this annual event attracts hundreds of spectators, many performers, and showcases an area of Saskatoon where the Chinese community has been welcome for over a century. This was the foundation from which another first for the city was recognized, and that was the World Premiere of the play ‘Two Gun Cohen’ with a host of community actors at the newly renovated Roxy Theatre in November of 2005. There were two major turning points for the RBID and one was the most comprehensive document compiled with detailed information and resulting recommendations released in June of 2001 and became the basis for much of the change we see in the district today: The Riversdale-West Central Business Development Strategy. It contained the

• Police sub-station needs to be re-established in Riversdale” (Little Chief Station and Beat Patrol (Cops) • To obtain a commitment within one year to build a grocery store in the Primary Study Area (Giant Tiger, An-An Eastern and Western Market; encouraging more choices of healthy foods in existing retail stores) • Promote performing arts, artists, and other cultural activities” (Paved Arts; AKA Gallery; Saskatchewan Native Theatre Company; La Troupe du Jour; Hot Yoga on 20th) …and this list continues for many pages. What is important to note is that the Board and member businesses did not leave this document on a shelf. They implemented whatever they could, and continue to follow the recommendations as the area starts to change. The second major turning point was a series of news articles which not only put Riversdale on the national scene, but Saskatoon in particular in November of 2001. The information that Globe and Mail journalist, John Stackhouse, printed in the ‘Welcome to Harlem on the Prairies’ article created a lot of discussion and caused the greater Saskatoon community to contribute in a positive way to ensure the challenges were addressed in a comprehensive way. The result has been a more cohesive and united approach to the remedies and value that needs to be placed with Saskatoon’s historic and core neighbourhoods. Ironically, several Board members attending the International Downtown Association conference in New York City had the pleasure of touring Harlem and met the Honorary Mayor of Harlem, Mr. Leslie Wyche. Seeing the dramatic transformation and revitalization underway in Harlem first hand and experiencing what the area has to offer, is in fact a compliment for Riversdale to be compared in that manner. (continued)

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(continued from pg. 17) Recognizing that diversity has attracted many new people to start businesses in the area and share cultural assets with the rest of the community, the Saskatchewan Native Theatre Company (SNTC) has also made its home in Riversdale since 1999. The SNTC has celebrated many local First Nation actors and playwrights, directors and producers emerging from this area onto the national scene. The Rez Christmas Story has continually entertained audiences and the Anskohk Aboriginal Literature Festival brought Riversdale into the International spotlight. The French Theatre group, La Troupe du Jour, has also made its home in Riversdale. This dynamic group has purchased property and is undergoing massive renovations in a former pawn shop on 20th Street. The production Rearview was the only Canadian feature presented at Le Carrefour international de theatre in Quebec City, and truly showcases the talents of our local residents here and to the world. The area has also been home to many established businesses like the Great Western Furniture Co. which was founded in 1905. The former Quaker Oats building is now operated by Parrish & Heimbecker in the structure that was built in 1913. Some have enjoyed decades of family ownership like Al Anderson’s Source for Sports. Mr. Anderson has been at the same location for over 55 years and has continually sought out new technologies for the sporting community in Saskatoon. Today they have the only Rapid Shot Hockey Training System in the province which is similar to a ‘batting cage for hockey.’ As the recipient of the Saskatoon Citizen of the Year for 2010, we are proud to call Mr. Anderson one of our own from the District. Former Board Member Audrey Matushewski from Nestor’s Bakery has diligently maintained the busy bakery for many years. And who hasn’t had the famous doughnuts or bread from the Pleasant Hill Bakery? Shirley’s Service has been a prominent automotive repair shop and many people recognize one of Western Canada’s top Stock Car racers by the name of Dan Shirley of this family. The name of Trent Seidel as a leading race car driver is also located in Riversdale with his business, and there are many more highly specialized automotive technicians employed in the area. Prairie Autohaus Ltd. and Eurosport Auto Service provide services to many loyal customers owning BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Ferrari and Porsche along with domestic vehicles. Financial Institutions like the Bank of Nova Scotia have been at the current location on 20th Street & Avenue C. since 1948 and in the district

Mr. Frank Brandon wins 2 tickets to the World Jr. Hockey Tournament presented by Denton Ostlund of Market Tire.

since the 1920’s. New Community Credit Union has been in the district for over 70 years, and Affinity St. Mary’s Credit Union has been a fixture on 20th Street and Avenue P. since 1949. Historic buildings are gracefully showing new adaptive re-uses like the Riverhouse Gallery on Spadina Crescent which was once the home of City Councillor Max Adilman; the Little Chief Police Station at Avenue D and 20th Street which was the former Texaco Service Station that was opened August 17, 1929 by Mr. J. N. Walters, and later owned by Mr. Frank Carr; Mr. Grant Unrau and Stun Collective, a strategy, marketing and design firm has purchased the former General Automotive Engine Rebuilders/Boomtown Outfitters building at 210 20th Street West. The structure which partly dates back to 1905, will undergo a sympathetic heritage façade restoration with a throwback to the 1940’s. The former Albany Hotel (originally the Iroquois Hotel) was built in 1905 and after significant renovations in 2001 was converted into the highly successful Meewasinota Custodial Care Facility. The Habitat for Humanity ReStore has established itself in the refurbished Hub City Curling Club which when it closed its doors people were saying that no one would ever move in there. Customers come from all parts of the city and surrounding area to visit and do business at all of these examples of adaptive re-use. Brownfield Redevelopment Projects and the Municipal Enterprise Zone have played out and accomplished the original intent of the incentives, and more needs to be done. When one considers there were over 65 publically owned properties with varying degrees of environmental contaminants and today those have been eliminated or remediated, it is remarkable how far the area has come. The former A. L. Cole site with many ‘surprises’ during remediation to the present day River Landing with the Farmers’ Market show to what extent positive change can do for a neighbourhood. One of the most successful Giant Tiger stores in Canada is paired with a very busy Tim Horton’s on a former brownfield site on 22nd Street and Avenue F. Michaelangelo Marble and Granite Company has invested over one million dollars building a production facility on 17th Street and the new Home Building Center has equally contributed to the West Industrial portion of the district. “People need to recognize how far we’ve come and what kind of commitment and investment by individual owners has been made in the area to appreciate the steady change for the better. The problems this area used to be known for are no longer acceptable, and the Board and many private businesses are slowly changing the image and perception” said Pshebylo. “For every dollar of public money invested in the Municipal Enterprise Zone the private sector has invested over $81.00. That is tremendous leverage and very effective and focussed management of public funds, which has spurred development and rejuvenation to now start paying dividends to our city. We need to keep doing this.” The southwest corner of Avenue P. and 20th Street West - once vacant, becoming an impromptu and unsightly parking lot, remaining in an unkempt state for over 15 years - has now become one of the more vibrant corners of retail and commercial activity. So much so that traffic in the area requires management into and out of the property. Fire Creek Gas & Grill is located on

North Star Apparel staff: left to right, Barry Ursake, Murray Lindsay, Lee Storm, Jim Fleming

One Arrow’s Urban Reserve, the second and newest Urban Reserve in Saskatoon. This partnership with City of Saskatoon is closely studied by other centres in North America as a leading example of economic development by First Nations. With its success, One Arrow sponsors the postsecondary education of its members and is a good corporate citizen focussing on sponsoring children’s programming in the area. Constant and fluid change within the BID is healthy for the area as it continually renews itself. This is evidenced with the signs of opportunity in the windows of storefronts for lease, and even some owners who would like to retire and sell properties and businesses and implement succession plans. It all comes together with the vision from the Board of Management working closely with the City of Saskatoon and the Community Associations of Pleasant Hill and Riversdale. Local Area Plans (LAP’s) have been completed for those neighbourhoods and also include the West Industrial area. With the expected completion of infrastructure to the River Landing area by 2011, and future construction planned onsite, we are starting to see interest in commercial property that will eventually lead to opportunities for live-work space, renovated buildings and even new construction. Residential rental property is slowly becoming owner occupied and renovations are maintaining some of the original character of the neighbourhood and bringing new optimism here. As the RBID Board continues to fulfill its mandate of improving the area for businesses and residents, the vision has become more sharply focused on continuing to attract businesses and homeowners to the area and provide more amenities for residents. Working with the Saskatoon Police Service and targeting infrastructure improvements with Urban Design, new opportunities exist with proposed bike lanes in the district, parking improvements, and further Streetscaping being planned. It all comes together with a healthier neighbourhood that all residents of Saskatoon will continue to visit, shop, and see the changes as they occur. The Riversdale Business Improvement District celebrates 20 years of ‘turnaround’ success stories and has a bold vision for the years to come. As one of Saskatoon’s founding communities, there is a quiet confidence emerging now of what the area is. And a strong fortitude of what the area will become.

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Firehall No. 2 , Avenue B & 21st St. Bu;t om 1911

Riversdale Looking West Circa 1912-1913

Adilman’s Department Store & Bank of Nova Scotia,1928

Safeway Store #303. 20yj St. & Ave. D.1930

Last Atmosphere Theatre west of Ont. Roxy Movie Theatre Circa 1930’s

way back when

Iroquis Hotel 1912 Albany Hotel 1912- 2001


Birney’s Hardware Circa 1939

Adilman’s Department Store September 28,1949

U.G.G. Store Hrdware and Farm Supplies 1952-1959

July 22, 1958 Prince Phillip & Queen Elizabeth Motorcade

Veteran’s Cafe 1948 -1965

Best Decorated Store Front - Pion-Era Days 1967 Pauls Music & Book Supply Store

* All photos courtesy of the Sasktoon Public Library - Local History Room

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Nostalgia and history are alive and well on 20th Street and will be experienced February 5 & 6, 2010 when




Improvement District (RBID) celebrates its 20th Anniversary in conjunction with the Roxy Theatre’s 80th Anniversary. With plans and arrangements from New York City, the RBID is hosting the ‘Silence is Golden’ Film Festival showcasing the silent movie science fiction classic “Metropolis” in beautiful 35mm print film, along with the orchestral score performed by the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra. Even though the Roxy opened with ‘talking motion picture shows’ it is highly unlikely many will have experienced the rarity today of a live music score to a motion picture. This is what keeps Riversdale unique with the ability to showcase something so interesting in the only remaining atmospheric theatre west of Ontario, along with the talents of our local symphony orchestra. Metropolis is hailed as the movie which was ahead of its time in 1927 for cinematography and special effects and the ‘great grand daddy’ of modern day films and techniques utilized today.

While the RBID officially celebrates 20 years February 12, 2010, it was appropriate to






Wintershines Festival, Saskatchewan Archives week, and share the successes with a larger audience. Performances will be held at 7:00 p.m. nightly at the Roxy Theatre, 320 20th Street West with a ticket price of $25.00. Two shows only. Advanced ticket purchases recommended.

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