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Section 4 – Toolbox

YouthBuild is currently not used in Grand Rapids, but has been used successfully in other urban areas in Michigan to revitalize economically distressed communities through homeownership and rehabilitation strategies, as well as the provision of employment opportunities.

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SMALL BUSINESS SUPPORT In Grand Rapid’s central city neighborhoods, small businesses play an important role in servicing local residents. Increasing the variety of services to meet the demand of the local communities may reduce the amount of local household income flowing out of these communities. The following tools are designed to support small business development in economically challenged areas:

Eligibility Youth in areas where YouthBuild Programs operate can take part in programs in their communities. Any organization that wishes to establish a program is eligiCommunity ble to do so. Development Corporations (CDCs) How is this Tool Best Used? The YouthBuild Program would be applicable in most Tool Description central city Grand Rapids neighborhoods to maintain CDCs are tax-exempt non-profit organizations that generally focus on projects within a single geographical and improve housing stock, and to possibly increase homeownership. Furthermore, it provides the oppor- area. Residents from that geographical area usually tunity to increase community involvement (particularly compose a majority of the Board of Directors. CDCs among a community's youth), which is something that can perform a variety of functions: • developing small business loan programs many neighborhood organizations are striving to • small business promotion and marketing achieve. • expanding consumer markets for local foods and products Contacts • affordable housing development YouthBuild U.S.A. • providing housing initiatives for first time 58 Day Street, P.O.Box 440322 buyers Somerville, MA 02144 Phone: 617/623-9900 Four CDCs currently operate in Grand Grand Rapids HUD Rapids. They are: Fred Washington • Heartside Non-Profit- The Dwelling Place Community Development Coordinator 339 S. Division Avenue Phone: 616/ 456-2100 Grand Rapids, MI 49503 Phone: 616/454-0928

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