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Section 4 – Toolbox

Neighborhood associations that are interested in carrying out redevelopment have the opportunity to affect the redevelopment process by attending BRA public meet- HOMEOWNERSHIP AND ings, which are held monthly. The meetings are a forum for HOUSING the discussion of ongoing and future plans. The BRA welREHABILITATION comes public participation. Involvement in this process may consequently allow neighborhoods greater access to brownfield funding and resources. In addition, it will keep In many central city neighborhoods the high number neighborhoods informed about what is happening through- of rental properties negatively impacts neighborhood out the community. stability. Increased homeownership and housing rehabilitation are strategies that may improve neighborhood stability. The following programs have been Contacts identified as tools designed to improve the housing Rick Chapla stock and encourage homeownership in Grand RapBrownfield Redevelopment Authority ids’ central city neighborhoods: Redevelopment Specialist The Right Place Program 111 Pearl NW Grand Rapids, MI 49503 Phone: 616/771-0328 Publication: Grand Rapids Brownfield Redevelopment Plan, 1998. Publication: Brownfield Redevelopment Guide, 1997 Consumers Renaissance Development Corporation 212 W Michigan Avenue Jackson, MI 49201 Kelly Feneley: 517/788-7201 Greg Norththrup: 517/788-2111 Bruce Rasher: 517:/788-0331 Environmental Response Division Michigan Department of Environmental Quality P.O.Box 30426, Lansing, MI 48909 Phone: 517/373-9837

Grand Rapids Homebuyer Assistance Fund (HAF) Tool Description This program provides homebuyers with downpayment and closing cost assistance (up to $3,000) for the purchase of a home. Areas with the greatest share of Homebuyer Assistance Fund purchases include the Garfield Park and West Grand neighborhoods. The program has been very successful and further funds are being applied for by the City. Homebuyers submit their HAF application along with their mortgage application to their mortgage lender, who will forward the application to the Community Development Office at City Hall. Once approved, HAF funds are available upon closing.

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