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Section 4 – Toolbox •

U.S. Economic Development Administration - Economic Adjustment Grant - Public Works and Development Facilities Program - Planning Assistance for Economic Development - Technical Assistance Program

Michigan Department of Transportation - Transportation Economic Development Fund

Funds obtained from the aforementioned sources can be used to begin the process of remediation and redevelopment. This process will include: • • • • •

Environmental Assessment Buyer/Developer-Site Matching Financing Negotiating Project Implementation

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How is this Tool Best Used? The Grand Rapids BRA is a relatively new entity. Properties presently included in the Brownfield Plan are in the initial stages of the remediation and redevelopment process. The BRA functions as a centralized resource and mechanism for accessing funds and expertise with regard to brownfield redevelopment. It is in this way that neighborhood associations and other CBOs should seek to utilize the BRA when their economic development strategies call for the following elements: • Small Business Development Many small parcels that are considered brownfield sites are not suitable for large scale development, however, the remediation of a number of small parcels of land has the potential for usage by smaller businesses. This may in turn improve local job opportunities. •

Eligibility The Brownfield Redevelopment Zone incorporates all brownfield sites within the City limits. Properties included in the Brownfield Plan can benefit from the facilitation of financing environmental response activities and from tax incentives made available to property owners willing to invest in the redevelopment of brownfield sites. Unless an organization is planning to clean the property themselves, they are not eligible for funding. However, CBOs may still be involved in the planning process which may enable developers to acquire funds.

Aesthetic, Health and Safety Improvements To Commercial and Residential Areas A number of city neighborhoods struggle with maintaining their physical appearance and preventing blight from becoming widespread. The redevelopment of brownfield sites can improve aesthetics and the perception of residents and outsiders of these neighborhoods, thereby providing incentives for existing residents and businesses to remain, and for new residents and businesses to locate in central city neighborhoods.

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