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Web 2.0 for the 3.0 NGO: Unleash the power of online donations through Web 2.0 communities

Andrian Lee AsiaPay Philippines

Who we are AsiaPay provides one of the most comprehensive, secure, cost-effective payment solutions and services to banks, merchants and individuals. First in Asia •

First leading electronic payment service provider and gateway solutions provider in Asia • Currently serving 11 leading banks in HK / Asia • Serving over 2,000 leading merchants in HK / Asia

Market leader in HongKong, now expanding to the rest of Asia.

First in the Philippines • The premier payment and eCommerce solutions provider affiliated with the leading bank & Philippine credit card acquirer: BDO • PesoPay – the affordable eCommerce payment service to Merchants • eBigay – the first to enable the non-profit organizations to receive online donations

Financial Financial&&Merchant Merchant Partner PartnerReference Reference

Financials eBusinesses

Philippine PhilippineMerchants Merchants

What PesoPay can do for you Increase Affordability PesoPay can make your products simulate the way Filipinos love to pay. •

eCommerce is eTingi. • Filipinos appreciate minimal amount of payment in buying products. • PesoPay enables your customers to avail of your products by allowing them to pay a minimal amount using their credit cards.

eCommerce is eGives. • Filipinos like to pay through recurring payments. • PesoPay enables you to create recurring payment products for your customers.

eCommerce is eHulugan. • Filipinos have the concept of advanced prepayment. • PesoPay enables your customers to do advanced prepayment for your products.

Expand Availability •

Filipinos are not just in the Philippines, there are 15M Filipinos who are working and living in 190 countries.

PesoPay enables you to reach this exploding global Filipino market with great purchasing power who use their credit cards from anywhere in the world.

Philippine Developing Economy Snapshot Population: 90,000,000 •Per Capita Income (GDP): $1,007 •Mobile Users: 37,000,000 (40%) •Prepaid Mobile User: 97% •ARPU Per User: USD $7 •Internet Users: 9,000,000 (10%) •Internet Café Users: 85% •ARPU Per User: USD $8 •


(IDC, CIA, Philippine industry sources)

Philippine Youth Snapshot Population under 21: 45,000,000 (50%) Technology adoption driven by youth 

Urban youth technocentric spend dominance: Disposable Income Spent Online: 29% Disposable Income Spent Mobile: 27% Technocentric Spend: 57% 

TAKEAWAY: ARE YOU MAXIMIZING YOUR TECH SAVVY YOUTH? (Philippine National Census, McCann Inter-Generational Study)

Philippine Overseas Workers Diaspora Number of workers abroad: 9,000,000

900,000+ deployed yearly

Number of countries where Filipinos are deployed: 190 countries

$12.8 billion USD remitted back to Philippine economy in 2006 Online mobile is the dominant and most affordable communication channel between parents & siblings abroad and family left behind 


Philippine technoculture trends

Small and incessant content: rise of Web 2.0 content sachets Creation of virtual communities through FREE Web 2.0 apps Socialization via FREE content sachets Communities building around content aggregators Mobile will be the On-the-go community tool 


Silicon Valley is waking up to their Web 2.0 populated by the 3.0 World

Alexa Rankings

As the unintended target, the third world has fallen in love with Web 2.0

Alexa Rankings

2/3 of Philippines top websites are Web 2.0 

1. Friendster - leading global social network emphasizing genuine friendships and the discovery of new people through friends.


2. Yahoo! - Personalized content and search options. Chatrooms, free e-mail, clubs, and pager. 3. YouTube - a way to get your videos to the people who matter to you. Upload, tag and share your videos worldwide!

4. - 

5. Google - Enables users to search the Web, Usenet, and images. 

6. - 7. Microsoft Network (MSN) - Dialup access and content provider. 8. Megaupload - a "leading website of the world" for transferring files easily, with complete security and free of charge. 9. - IMEEM is an online community where artists, fans & friends can promote their content, share their tastes, and discover blogs, photos, music and video.

Alexa Rankings

10. Wikipedia – online collaborative encyclopedia. 11. - Free, automated weblog publishing tool that sends updates to a site via FTP. 12. Myspace - Social Networking Site. 13. Photobucket - image hosting and photo sharing. 14. - 15. Microsoft Corporation - Main site for product information, support, and news. 16. - The official site of the National Basketball Association. Includes news, features, multimedia, player profiles, chat transcripts, schedules and statistics.

17. -

18. -

19. Windows Live - Search engine from Microsoft.

20. -

Web 2.0 for the 3.0 World Use the free tools for your cause!

Why is Starbucks promoting its coffee and music in social networking sites?

Why does Nike’s free profile in lead to its shopping page?

Why does Motorola get more visits in Web 2.0 than its official website?

Why does WWF promote their cause in Web 2.0 sites?

Why does Greenpeace’s free profile in lead to its donation page?

Greenpeace has 70,000 friends in this one profile alone! There are 1.9 million associations between Greenpeace & My Space alone in Google!

Your donor community is already in Web 2.0! 

Your potential donors are living in Web 2.0; just join and don’t reinvent the wheel; STAKE YOUR CLAIM! It's FREE: no fees, no hosting, no massive project expense; can be done in hours Interact directly with your target donors, supporters, and volunteers Use whole range of content-driven communities to match your organization (social networking, media, blog, music)

Web Web 1.0: 1.0: Online Online Shopping Shopping Fixed Fixed

-Portalized -Static -Complicated -Infrastructure hungry

eCommerce eCommerceEvolution: Evolution:Internet Internetis isthe theonly onlycommon commonlink. link. Experience ExperienceeCommerce eCommercein inaamultitude multitudeof ofuser userexperiences experiences

Web 2.0 Social Media

Acquring Bank Internet with SSL

Web Server

Retail Call Centre

Bank Interface Program

Frame Relay

Database Server Application Server

Internet with SSL

Merchant's Online Shop Firewall

PDA with mCert Telco

Wireless POS

Notebook with Wireless device SMS to Mobile Phone

Web 2.0 Online Mobile Social Interactivity

Load Balancer

AddMeApp: AddMeApp:New NeweCommerce eCommerceFront FrontEnd EndFreed Freedfrom fromthe theWebpage Webpage

Retail / kiosk

Card Capture

Web 2.0 Social Media MERCHANT Acquiring Banks in the region

Card Capture

Direct Connection

Web 2.0 Mobile Social Interactivity

Online Store

Customer Side

Internal Users

Merchant Side

Payment Gateway Side Acquirer/ Schemes

The Next Generation of eCommerce Design: Copy & Paste eCommerce

Copy Copy&&Paste: Paste:Take Takeany anywebsite websiteadd addinstant instantecommerce ecommerce

Take Takeaawebsite website++add addthe theshopping shoppingpage page++ go goto topayment paymentlink link

The Next Generation of eCommerce Design: Social Networking eCommerce

ShopPay: ShopPay:Free FreeViral ViralTool Toolto toreach reachthe theFriendster FriendsterGeneration Generation

Choose Chooseand andCopy Copyembed embedcodes codes

Step Step3: 3:embed embedShopPay ShopPaywidget widget

embedded embeddedShopPay ShopPaywidget widget

go goto toyour yourdonation donationpage page

make makethe theonline onlinedonation donation

tell tellyour yourcommunity communityto toadd addyour yourShopPay ShopPayin intheir theirprofile profile

Success Stories Web 2.0 Fundraising & Advocacy


Virtual Candlelight Vigil


MySpace Virtual Community

Slide 44 DvM1

the only example I found in Holland using virtual community is: but it is not a great example. You needs to be a Hyves user to see a page. I think we need to discuss on the phone to see if we include this or not. Diana van Maasdijk, 03/01/2008

YouTube Video Fundraising

The behavior of Online communities, three important similarities 

A recent study of a MySpace group and a major corporate intranet showed that 5% of the users produced almost all content. 95% listened. (Lesson: Find and nurture the “super-users”) Users like to take actions often – but give only occasionally. (Lesson: Keep them busy) Users like to experiment. (Lesson: Keep feeding new ideas – or give users permission to do it themselves.)

Ways to think about online networks (social and professional)   


As “virtual chapters” of supporters As a “publishing solution” for reports, news As a “megaphone” for your most active supporters As a “focus group” of younger prospects Other?

Web 2.0 for the 3.0 NGO: Unleash the power of online donations through Web 2.0 communties

Andrian Lee AsiaPay Philippines

Andrian Lee & Dick McPherson_How to unleash the power of Web 2.0  

Web 2.0 for the 3.0 NGO: Unleash the power of online donations through Web 2.0 communities Andrian Lee AsiaPay Philippines Financials Financ...

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