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October 2015


OC’s trusted authority in oral appliance therapy for snoring, sleep apnea and CPAP intolerance



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Contents 8 Reverse Mortgage Case Study: Retirement Planning 10 Perils of Joint Tenancy 10 12 COVER FEATURE:

Scott E. West, DDS

OC’s premier expert in oral appliance therapy for snoring, sleep apnea and CPAP intolerance.

16 Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy 18 Why You Should Consider Senior Living 22 Combatting Cold and Flu Season 24 Good foot care is essential for preventing neuropathy problems

20 10 Important Things about Medicare

26 Long-term Care Coverage with a Twist 38 Dining Out: Brio Tuscany Grille in Dana Point 40 October Events Day-byDay

28 Overcoming the Feeling of Loss when selling your home

30 Utopia Within and Awoken Life Brainwave Optimization - Conquering Stress and Balancing Your Life OCTOBER 2015



46 Senior Center and Community Center Classes around OC



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TESTIMONIALS “Our firm is pleased to be a contributor to the inaugural issue of Sorbet which will no doubt be a beneficial resource to the senior community. We have been in several other publications the Sorbert’s editor has created and they have always been a pleasure to read (Orange Magazine, HB Magazine, Newport Mesa Magazine, South County Magazine, Marmalade Magazine). As estate planning attorneys and fiduciaries, we serve the senior community and look forward to meeting many of Sorbet’s readers.” - Elaine Watrous, The Law Offices of Donald A. Hunsberger “I have been advertising with Community Publications consistently since the launch of South County Magazine several years ago. The primary reason for this continued investment is the results we get in terms of brand awareness, lead generation, and sales. Another good reason is Community Publications’ outstanding customer service and their sincere desire to contribute their advertiser’s success. My advice is to try them. I’m sure it will be worth it.” - C. Lawrence “Larry” Thomas, Long-term Care Insurance - Insurance 101 “When I was asked if I wanted to be included in Community Publications new magazine Sorbet, I had no hesitation. Working with Jody Robinson over the past few years, I knew she would create another professional, easy to read, and informative magazine that would appeal to seniors. I felt Sorbet would be the perfect fit for me to be able to inform seniors regarding Sleep Apnea treatment alternatives.” -  Scott E. West, D.D.S.    “As an Orange County real estate professional who specializes in the senior market, I am always looking for new and better avenues to reach new clients. With attractive design, interesting articles, and information pertinent to seniors, Sorbet is the definitive periodical for the growing senior market. Not only will it assist me in expanding my real estate business, Sorbet will also be a valuable resource to the expanding 55+ population in

the OC.” - Bruce Ballantine, Evergreen Realty

“Simply put, advertising in the magazines produced by Community Publications works. My participation has resulted in new customers and the process couldn’t have been easier. Not only did they offer design services at no charge, they created a great ad without needing much input from me because they took the time to really understand my business. The resulting ad does a great job of getting my ‘message’ out - I’m very pleased.” - Betty Darroch, Mission Wigs

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“I placed an ad in the community magazines produced by Community Publications to increase awareness of my product, but I had no idea the impact it would have! I’ve received great response and would definitely recommend these community publications to other local business owners.” - Kathy Crifasi, HipzBag OCTOBER 2015



A SoCal Senior Publication

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Editor’s Note


hank you for taking the time to peruse the pages of our newest issue! We launched Sorbet in July with the mission that each monthly edition will serve as a resource for our readership.

Because so many of our advertising partners are seasoned professionals in their respective fields, we’ve asked them to contribute editorial content designed to provide education, information and entertainment focused on the interests of mature adults in Orange County. Why “Sorbet” you ask? Our editorial team considered a number of options with the goal of finding a moniker that would communicate “light, active, fun” to an ever-growing younger population of 55+ adults. Sorbet is a fruit-flavored ice served between courses as a palate cleanser. We thought the name was particularly apropos for our audience – individuals poised to embark on the main “course” of their lives and all of the wonderful activities, accomplishment, entertainment and endeavors to come. We will strive to continually improve the depth and breadth of our editorial content. If you have a topic you’d like to see addressed or would like to share feedback or thoughts on any aspect of Sorbet, I encourage you to call or email me directly. We hope you enjoy reading this – and every – issue!

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Reverse Mortgage Case Study:

Retirement Planning By Howard Platte

The Case Study below is an excellent example of the FHA Reverse Mortgage Program being used as valuable retirement planning tool.


arold and Betty are clients that I have known for many years that have also grown to be good friends. I have helped them finance their homes and investment properties for many years.

estate prices do not include good options for $250,000 homes in their area. And, they cannot comfortably retire if they still have a mortgage payment.



Harold and Betty are 62 years old and thinking about retirement in a few years. They are very concerned they will not be able to retire in the lifestyle they are accustomed to. They spent much of their working life providing for their family, their 2 children’s education and generally making a good life for the four of them. Neither have a private pension and only have Social Security to look forward to as retirement income. Unfortunately they have not funded their own IRA or 401K to a level that is sufficient to allow them to live comfortably when they are eligible for full retirement benefits.

Betty called me to see if a reverse mortgage could somehow help them face a better retirement in the future. She had seen the many TV commercials but did not know how it could possibly relate to their situation. We talked for a while, and set an appointment to meet in person to determine their options and see if they qualify under the new guidelines.

THE SOLUTION After our initial phone call I determined they could qualify for a an FHA Insured Reverse Mortgage. The new Reverse mortgage was able to pay off their present mortgage and stop the required monthly payments immediately. Harold was able increase his 401k retirement savings at work to the maximum $2,000 per month contribution since he no longer had to pay an $1827 mortgage payment.

They pay $1827 per month on their $325,000 mortgage with 25 more years to go to pay it in full. Harold plans working another 5-8 years at most, but certainly not 25. Their home is valued at about $625,000. Although it seems as though they have $300,000 equity if they were to sell their home, the commissions and closing costs of selling and buying another home would reduce their net proceeds to approximately $250,000. So if they do not wish to have a mortgage payment, one choice is to sell their home and buy a $250,000 home. The problem is that none of the choices a $250,000 priced home provides are acceptable to them. Their friends, family and entire lives revolve around staying in their present home and real OCTOBER 2015

THE RESULT According to their financial planner, over the next 8 years before retirement Harold and Betty will be able to save somewhere between $200,000 to $250,000 8


in their 401k retirement account instead of making payments to a mortgage. With this new plan in place, eight years from now when they retire, they will have an additional $250,000 in their retirement account as well as have the right to stay in their beloved home as long as they wish. Their only cash expenses of owning are exactly the same as if they owned the home free and clear. That is taxes, insurance and maintenance.

THE BOTTOM LINE Harold and Betty are able to remain in their family home, without any new mortgage payment for as long as they live. If their home had already been paid for free and clear, there would be many other alternatives that could supplement their income. These include a lifetime tax free monthly income or an open line of credit. Either with no monthly payment required. Each borrower’s qualification and potential loan amount is based on his or her age, income and financial capacity. The numbers illustrated above are not the same for each scenario and cannot be relied upon in your own situation.


Laguna Hills Jazzercise Laguna HillsRdJazzercise 25260 La Paz Suite K 25260 Paz CA Rd Suite LagunaLaHills, 92653K Laguna Hills, CA 949-427-0137 92653 949-427-0137

View our class schedule at View our class schedule at JAZZERCISE.COM/FINDACLASS


The FHA Reverse Mortgage is a valuable tool in planning for retirement. It should be carefully considered as a viable option to supplement retirement income or preserve access to the equity in a retiree’s home.

Howard Platte is a contributing writer and veteran of over 30 years in the mortgage business. He is recognized as an expert on Reverse Mortgage Financing as well as traditional mortgage financing. He can be reached at his offices at Golden Empire Mortgage 714.572.0727. OCTOBER 2015



No No Joining Joining Fee! Fee!

Offer valid for new customers only or those who have not attended in sixcustomers months oronly longer. Auto payment Offer valid for new or those who have registration Otheror restrictions may apply. not attendedrequired. in six months longer. Auto payment Visit your local center for details. registration required. Other restrictions may apply. Expires 10.31.15. Visit your local center for details. Expires 10.31.15.

Perils of Joint Tenancy Ownership with an Adult Child By Elaine M. Watrous, CLPF

Joint tenancy is often referred to as a “poor man’s will” which is a simple and inexpensive way to avoid probate but it is not appropriate in many cases. Except between spouses, joint ownership is usually a bad idea. Joint tenancy property passes to the surviving joint tenant, regardless of your Last Will.


espite your best intentions, there’s a trap in holding joint tenancy ownership with an adult child when trying to avoid probate or for “convenience” that you may not have considered. While you may achieve the goal of delaying probate at the first death, your hard-earned assets may be jeopardized by your child’s debts, lawsuits or divorce, and are fraught with other problems.

their inheritance now, it is not the best strategy for a number of reasons. UNEQUAL DISTRIBUTIONS Upon mom’s death, the entire account or property will pass to the remaining account holder even though mom would have naturally wanted it to be divided equally among all of her children. Absent a better plan, if she would like to leave something to her grandchildren of the non-joint account holder, those grandchildren would lose out on their intended bequest as well. The surviving co-owner can do with it what they please, with no legal obligation to the others.

Joint tenancy ownership occurs when two or more names are placed on bank accounts, stocks, bonds, or real property deeds. By operation of law, when one of the joint tenants dies, the survivor automatically owns the entire asset. Having your joint tenant automatically receive your asset at your death may not be what you intend or may not even be in your heir’s best interest.

EXPOSURE TO CREDITORS In the event of an automobile accident (for example) and mounting medical bills that your joint tenant cannot or will not pay, your hard-earned assets will be subject to your joint tenant’s potential debts, lawsuits, liens, judgements or bankruptcy. In cases where government entities are involved, such as the IRS or Medi-Cal, joint tenant assets are likewise subject to seizure, sale or collection.

Even though there is no probate when the first joint tenants dies, the deceased owner has lost control over the asset and the property may still be subject to the probate process upon the second death. Consider a husband and wife who owns their home in joint tenancy. When the husband dies, the property passes to the wife. When the wife dies, the property will still be subject to probate, an expensive and time-consuming process.


The problem is compounded if they have a blended family with children from different spouses. In this case, the husband’s children would be completely disinherited because they are not heirs of the surviving spouse.

If your child should get divorced, that child will be required to disclose all assets to their spouse, including

Joint tenancy ownership occurs when two or more names are placed on bank accounts, stocks, bonds, or real property deeds.

Even in marriages with common children, if the wife adds an adult child to her accounts or real property deeds for “convenience” in managing her day-to-day financial affairs, or thinks it is the best way to give them OCTOBER 2015



The advice of a knowledgeable estate planning attorney can meet your ultimate objectives, save significant taxes and avoid the pitfalls discussed in this article.

Protecting Yor Family Since 1998

any interest in joint accounts. Under the wrong circumstances, the divorce court could regard those joint accounts as marital property, which is divided in the property settlement.

There are over 500 scenarios for collecting your Social Security. Who will guide you? Nearly 100% of Living Trusts have conflicts that can be fixed. •

DECISION TO RE-CONVEY PROPERTY If you decide that you want to sell, refinance or otherwise re-convey your property, your joint tenant must agree and be willing to sign the deed and appropriate paperwork. If your joint tenant refuses, or no longer has capacity to sign, you may have to seek a court-order to protect your own assets.

Are you prepared for the next “market correction?”

Do you have a guaranteed plan to collect income for the rest of your life? •


You can pay for In-Home Care, tax free, for the rest of your life using your IRA. Ask us how. •

If you have a falling out with your joint tenant, your coowner will be able to take all of the money out of the bank accounts without your knowledge. LOSS OF STEPPED UP BASIS

Schedule an appointment for a FREE detailed report specific to your family.

Heirs are to receive the benefit of a “stepped up basis” for tax purposes when property is transferred at death. If an asset is owned in joint tenancy, then the percentage interest of the deceased person only gets the stepped up basis. When the asset is then sold, the surviving joint tenant may have to pay substantial capital gains tax on his or her portion of the asset.

Call today. 949.218.9036

As you can see, the downside of joint tenancy outweighs any upside. Please consider these risks carefully before holding property in joint tenancy with your adult child. A revocable trust is much better than joint ownership for estate planning. During the client’s lifetime he or she retains the right to use and enjoy the property and, when property is held in trust, there is no need for probate. With appropriate planning, many of the traps of joint tenancy can be avoided. The advice of a knowledgeable estate planning attorney can meet your ultimate objectives, save significant taxes and avoid the pitfalls discussed in this article.

Income Planning / Asset Protection Estate Preservation / San Juan Capistrano CA Lic OC 53805 /

Elaine Watrous is a licensed, professional fiduciary at the Law Offices of Donald A. Hunsberger. For more information, she can be reached at (714) 663-8000. OCTOBER 2015



Sweet Dreams and a Sweeter Smile

Scott E. West, DDS Orange County’s premier expert in oral appliance therapy for snoring, sleep apnea and CPAP intolerance by Jody Robinson photography by Lana Farfan, Caught in the Moment Photography

I bet you didn’t know you could sleep your way to a better life. That’s exactly what Scott E. West, DDS, helps his patients do. Focusing on Snoring, Sleep Apnea and CPAP intolerance, Dr. West has become the premier expert in oral appliance therapy.


type of sleep aid appliance, Dr. West works with many types of oral appliances.

hile CPAP masks are the most effective treatment protocol, it’s not always the best solution for individuals suffering from sleep apnea, a problem that affects the health and longevity of millions.

“We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to our patients,” says Dr. West, who is one of the few Medicare providers for this procedure.’’ ‘’I have developed a system of simple test where each patient can actually see which appliance will be most effective for them. For this reason, we have a very high success rate.’’

“The number one treatment for sleep apnea is the CPAP mask. But if you take 100 people who have been told they have sleep apnea, and know that the effects of sleep apnea are very damaging to their health, and you give them the CPAP, and then follow up with them a year later, 60% of them are not wearing it,” says Dr. West, a member of the Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and Diplomat of the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines. “They don’t do a lot of good in the closet.”

In the mid-1970s, Dr. West began his career as a general dental practitioner in Mission Viejo, where he focused on cosmetic and family dentistry. “From day one, I’ve truly enjoyed helping people,” says Dr. West. “I enjoyed staying on the cutting edge of aesthetic dentistry, but also became interested in ways to improve my overall health and the health of my patients.”

For patients who are CPAP intolerant, the oral appliance is the best alternative and dentists like Dr. West are the professionals licensed to work with these devices. While most dentists are trained on one OCTOBER 2015



I can’t tell you how good it feels to hear a patient tell me they’ve had the best sleep in years, or that they’ve been able to sleep in the same room as their partner again


SENIOR CARE “Providing The Care You Need From The People Who Care”

Because of this, it was a natural progression for Dr. West to find himself working closely with Holistic and Naturopathic practitioners and to begin approaching dentistry from a biological point of view. So, when a colleague contacted him seven years ago about an oral device he had developed to treat patients with Sleep Apnea and snoring problems, Dr. West expanded his practice to include treatment for sleep issues.

• Short Term & Long Term Care • Companionship Care • Hourly & Livein Care 24/7

“I can’t tell you how good it feels to hear a patient tell me they’ve had the best sleep in years, or that they’ve been able to sleep in the same room as their partner again,” he says. “I’ve seen a patient’s whole life change just because they got a good night’s sleep!”

• Meal Preparation • Errands & Shopping

His 95% patient success rate speaks volumes, but the countless husband and wives he’s helped take their testimonials a step further, crediting him with being something of a miracle worker.

• Bathing & Dressing • Transportation • Personal Care Assistance

If you think you might have a sleep problem or have participated in a sleep study and are interested in alternatives to the CPAP mask, Dr. West’s office should be the first phone call you make. Consultations are complimentary. Among the most common comments from patients is that Dr. West explains their condition and available treatment in such a way that it’s easy to understand and determine the best options to address their individual needs.

• Care Management • Medication Reminders • Monitoring of Vital Signs

Dr. West is now located in Lake Forest just blocks off the 5 freeway. With convenient parking right at his front door, he treats patients from as far North as Los Angeles and as far South as San Diego.

Family Owned and Operated

If you would like to know more about Dr. West, visit his websites, and www., where you’ll learn about what he can do for you. Questions about your insurance plan? Not a problem. His friendly and caring staff are ready to help you.

Call Today for a FREE Personalized Care Plan

949-916-5777 26941 Cabot Rd., Ste. 130, Laguna Hills

Connect with Dr. West by calling (949) 829-6700, visit or www.westwellnessdental. com, For detailed information about sleep apnea and available treatment options, see article on page 14. OCTOBER 2015 13


Understanding Sleep Apnea & Available Treatment Options By Scott E. West, DDS

Are you experiencing Daytime Tiredness, Morning Headaches, Mood Changes or Depression? Do you Snore? These symptoms are indicators of Sleep Apnea.


hen you share these symptoms with your physician he most likely will schedule a Sleep Study for you. Your doctor knows that patients with Sleep Apnea have a high potential of developing Heart Disease, Diabetes, Dementia, and Stroke. Why does Sleep Apnea cause so many medical problems? Essentially, Sleep Apnea deprives you of oxygen. Oxygen deprivation puts pressure on your cardiovascular system. This may lead to Diabetes, or Stroke. Deprivation of oxygen to the brain can also lead to Dementia, Depression, and obviously Tiredness. A Sleep Study allows your Doctor to assess the severity of your situation. As we age, the risk for developing Sleep Apnea gets higher. And, why is this? Most of us gain weight as we age. Do you weigh the same as you did at 21?

My practice website is There you will learn why the first alternative for treating Sleep Apnea is an Oral Appliance - something similar to a dental retainer that is worn on your teeth while sleeping to prevent Sleep Apnea.

This increased weight tends to close off the airway while sleeping, thus depriving your body of oxygen. Also, as we age, tissues collapse; this again tends to close off the airway. An expression I like to use is “Gravity Sucks.”

If you have symptoms of Heart Disease, Morning Headaches, Snoring, Tiredness, or Depression, you should schedule an appointment with your physician regarding Sleep Apnea. If you have already been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, and cannot wear the CPAP, call my office today to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain – including a good night’s sleep and better health.

The recommended treatment for Sleep Apnea is the CPAP mask. CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Air Pressure. Air pressure generated by the CPAP keeps the airway open and therefore avoids the negatives of oxygen deprivation. However, I see many seniors who find the CPAP mask too difficult to wear. Despite knowing it’s benefits, I’ll frequently hear from patients, “I just can’t wear it. I know it will help me, but I can’t do it.” That’s where I com in!

My staff can answer any questions you may have regarding Oral Appliance Therapy, schedule your free consultation, and review the use of Medicare or Insurance.

I am a Diplomate of the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorder Disciplines. I have worked closely with most of the Sleep Centers and Doctors in Orange County and they have witnessed my high success rate. With over 10 years experience is this field, I have developed a system to determine which dental appliance holds the best odds of successfully treating your Sleep Apnea. OCTOBER 2015

For more information, visit or call (949) 829-6700 for a FREE consultation. 14


“I am so proud to have served patients in San Clemente for the last 15 years and am excited to offer excellent dental care now in Laguna Niguel.’’


Tricia L. Williams, D.D.S.

VISIT OUR NEW LOCATION Williams Dental at Town Center 30131 Town Center Drive, Ste. 150, Laguna Niguel

949-495-2000 OCTOBER 2015



Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy By Ken Earwood

One of the most well-known investors of the 20th Century, Benjamin Graham, said that “the investor’s chief problem—and even his worst enemy—is likely to be himself.”


hat Graham understood—and modern research is catching up to—is the idea that we all have emotions and biases that affect our decisionmaking. The innate wiring built to survive pre-modern times can be counterproductive in our modern world, especially when it comes to investing. (1) Let’s take a quick look at a few of the human emotions and biases that can adversely impact sound investment decision-making.

FEAR AND GREED These are the two most powerful emotions that move investors and investment markets. Each emotion clouds our capability for rational and dispassionate decisionmaking. They are the emotions that lead us to believe that prices may continue to rise (think the Tulip price bubble of 1636) or that everything has gone so wrong that prices may not recover (think Credit Crisis of 2008-2009).

lessons failure can teach. Indeed, failure may be your most valuable investment.


Some investors have found a way to conquer these emotions and be brave when everyone else is fearful and resist the temptations of a too-exuberant market.

Humans have an innate desire to recognize patterns and apply these patterns to predicting the future. We erroneously believe that because “A” occurred and “B” happened that if “A” happens again, we can profit by anticipating that “B” will repeat. Market history is littered with examples of “rules of thumb” that have worked, until they no longer worked.

OVERCONFIDENCE Peter Bernstein, a noted economic historian, argued that the riskiest moment may be when we feel that we are right.(2) It is at that precise moment that we tend to disregard all information that may conflict with our beliefs, setting ourselves up for investment surprise.

Financial markets are complex and unpredictable. Our endeavors to tap their opportunities to pursue our financial goals are best realized when we don’t burden the enterprise by blindness to the inherent behavioral obstacles we all share.

SELECTIVE MEMORY Human nature is such that we tend to recast history in the manner that emphasizes our successes and downplay our failures. As a result, we may not benefit from the valuable

Ken Earwood is a professional financial advisor with more than 20 years of experience serving clients in the financial service industry. CA Lic. #: OC44710. He can be reached at 16531 Bolsa Chica St. Ste. 250 in Huntington Beach. E-mail: or call (714) 840-9283, ext. 2. Securities offered through Sammons Securities, LLC. Member FINRA/SIPC.

Market history is littered with examples of “rules of thumb” that have worked, until they no longer worked. OCTOBER 2015

1. Quotation Collection, 2014 2. Strategy in Practice, George Tovstiga. 2103, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.




this time. (We as agents do not get paid additionally for doing this ~ it’s just good business). I’m frequently asked “what do I owe you for your time?” The answer is nothing. This does not increase the cost of your plan to you in any way. We get a standard compensation from the carrier.

Medicare Review

Education is Key! Brokers must get certified with ALL of the plans they represent every year to be able to confidently and legally show more than one option. This is a true dedication and commitment to the industry.


f you have worked with an Agent that didn’t offer to review your medications to verify the plan you are on is still the best fit for you, they are probably not a Medicare Insurance Broker and you may want to consider reviewing with one this next year (2016 benefits).

Look for a local Medicare Broker in your area, not an 800# with an out of state telesales staff. Find us in publications like these.

All plans can change each year and are released Oct 15th – Dec 7th each year.

Clients love that we still make House Calls and are local…

The medications are the tricky part unless you do a review.

Denice Merrill

Orange County Local Sales Broker Co-Owner Merrill Insurance Services, Inc.

A Medicare Insurance Broker does not work directly for any one company/carrier and therefore can offer a number of different plans. One size does not fit all. Every company/ carrier has a different “formulary” list of medications they cover and can vary greatly in costs. Every year, I reach out to my clients and ask them to let me know of any Rx changes so I can protect them by doing a review to confirm they are still on a good plan, or if we should consider making a change during


Specializing in Medicare Plan Choices Over 10 years experience.

949-388-7332 Direct

CA LIC# 0D99790



Why You Should Consider Senior Living By Angela Clark, MBA, RN

Many seniors today are hesitant to consider senior living communities as a potential living option. You might still view senior living as “the home” or “a place for old people” but the opposite is really true.


• Do you find it difficult to get out to the store to purchase your groceries? Are you relying on family members for help?

oday you will discover senior living has evolved into extremely upscale vibrant communities offering resort style living with amenities such as chef prepared meals, full social calendars, transportation and much more.

Solution: It’s amazing the improvement in your quality of life with three chef prepared meals each day that are specifically designed with a senior diet in mind.

The ultimate goal of today’s senior living community is to provide you the opportunity to lessen your workload and increase your support and safety, with the added opportunities of having more relationships with likeminded people.

SAFETY RISK • Do you have a plan if you have a fall? Where are your phones? Who will you call? • Is your home cluttered? We all accumulate things over the years and this can create dangers in the home such a fire or fall. • Do you have rugs in common areas? Area rugs and doormats are beautiful but they are fall risks. • What household chores are you doing that might be a danger? Cleaning or even something as simple as changing a light bulb can turn your home into a dangerous place. One fall can change the future and your quality of aging.

Even if your decision might be down the road, planning now is the key to success. It is always better to be proactive when approaching important issues rather then waiting for a crisis to force a difficult decision. Always strive to be prepared for any eventuality and make decisions for the quality of life you desire. Senior living communities deal with many of the issues you might face today in your personal residence.

POOR NUTRITION • Are you heating up everything in the microwave or eating packaged meals? Many of these pre-packed options are high in salt, sugar, fat and other unhealthy additives. They certainly are not designed with a seniors nutritional requirements in mind. • Staying hydrated? This is a critical issue because UTI infections can occur very easy in seniors and may cause symptoms that present like memory loss or confusion. OCTOBER 2015

Solution: Senior living communities handle all your maintenance needs and the staff is trained to observe and correct safety concerns. Communities are staffed 24 hours a day.

SOCIALIZATION • Are you or your spouse lonely? Do you find yourself watching TV and would love company? 18


• Are you concerned about driving safety so you don’t get out as often as you once did?

Medicare can be complicated.

• Did you know medical studies show memory loss can occur if there is a lack of constant socialization?

We make it simple.

Solution: Senior living offers the opportunity to mix with hundreds of like-minded people each day.

HYGIENE • How often do you change the bed sheets or wash clothes regularly? • How often do you get you take a shower or wash your hair? • Has your social schedule changed because of personal hygiene concerns?

You have important decisions to make and we are here to help. If you have questions about your Medicare, our team has the answers you need.

Solution: Senior living communities have trained staff to aide in all your personal hygiene needs.

Don’t delay. Call today for a free 2016 evaluation. We make house calls.

FINANCES • Do your monthly bills fluctuate? • Are increased summer time energy and water bills a problem? • Do constant rising food and fuel prices limit your purchases? • Is it hard to keep up with paying all the various bills that come in each month?

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Solution: Senior living communities offers a single monthly price that includes your rent, food, entertainment, utilities, and they even provide a bus for your transportation needs.

Salt Creek Grill 32802 Pacific Coast Hwy, Monarch Beach Oct 20 10 A.M.

I highly recommend you take the leap of faith and visit one of your local senior living communities. We are happy to help you in any area of Southern California. There is no obligation with any visit and you might be surprised to find a vibrant, exciting community that will add a great deal of fun and fulfillment to your life.

Nov 3 10 A.M.


Sun Dried Tomato Bistro 821 Via Suerte, San Clemente Oct 17 10 A.M.

Even better most communities are happy to provide a free lunch or dinner. Take this opportunity to chat with many of the current residence and solicit their feedback. I am confident you will find the seniors love their communities and the biggest regret they always have is not making the decision to move earlier.

Oct 28 10 A.M.

Nov 14 10 A.M.

RSVP today. Ruth Page Orange County Local Agent

Angela Neale Clark MBA, RN is the CEO and Founder of Living Your Choice, a free Placement Company that guides seniors and their families to build a customized plan for senior living options. Angela has had over twenty years experience in the industry and has helped thousands of families. She can be reached at 800-419-9098, ext 801 or visit OCTOBER 2015

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10 Important Things To Know About Medicare Plans By Ruth Page

It’s that time of year again. Time to look at the benefits of your Medicare insurance plan and decide to keep what you have or make a change. Here are 10 important things to think about when evaluating a Medicare Advantage insurance plan.

7. A Medicare supplement plan (Medigap policy) is not a Medicare Advantage plan and is not a “PPO” plan. Medicare supplement plans are health insurance policies and are secondary to Original Medicare. When you purchase a Medicare supplement plan you also need to purchase a Part D plan. When you have a Medicare supplement plan you can see any doctor that accepts Original Medicare.

1. You must have Medicare Part A and Part B to be eligible AND you must continue to pay your Part B premium. 2. Joining a Medicare Advantage plan may affect your current coverage. If you have existing coverage or employer- provided health insurance and plan to work past 65, be sure to check to see how joining a Medicare Advantage plan could affect your current coverage. A Medicare Advantage plan can sometimes be less expensive than your employer provided plan. Most Medicare Advantage plans in Orange County have a $0 premium.

8. When you have a Medicare Advantage plan you use that member ID card and not your Original Medicare card when receiving services. This is another “advantage” of this type of plan; you no longer need to carry your Medicare card with your Medicare/Social Security number. 9. Even though Medicare Advantage plans are privately administered, you still have the same rights and protections as with Original Medicare; and, Advantage plans cover all the services that Original Medicare covers and usually offer additional benefits.

3. Once you stop working and you are 65 or over, you must have Part B of Medicare even if you have a retiree plan sponsored by your former employer. If you don’t take Part B when you are eligible, you will have a penalty when you decide to apply later.

10. The Medicare Advantage plans provide a built-in financial safety net with an annual out-of-pocket maximum. This assures you will never pay more than a certain amount out-of-pocket in a given plan year for covered medical services.

4. The use of a network of health care and pharmacy providers is typically required with Medicare Advantage plans. Using providers outside of the network may cost you more. Make sure your primary care doctor and specialists are part of the network. And make certain the hospital you prefer is also in the network. In an emergency, you can use any provider or any hospital.

To sum it all up, if you can say yes to the following five questions, then a Medicare Advantage plan is a good choice for you: Is your primary care doctor in the network? Are your specialists in the network? Is your preferred hospital in the network? Are your prescriptions drugs covered? Is the plan affordable? Call me today and begin saving money with a Medicare Advantage plan.

5. Depending on your financial situation, you may qualify for some help paying your plan premiums or Part D medications. This “extra help” comes on a sliding scale, so if you have any questions it is always a good idea to ask.

An independent insurance broker, Ruth Page is co-owner of PorterPage Insurance representing AARP United Healthcare and Secure Horizons. She can be reached by calling (949) 297-3917.

6. A Part D late-enrollment penalty is an additional amount that will be added to your Part D premium if you go without Part D coverage for longer than 63 days in a row after your Initial Enrollment Period. OCTOBER 2015






Combatting Cold and Flu Season According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), most flu activity occurs from October to May. But, you can still catch the flu or a cold anytime during the year. The office, the grocery store or any other public place can act as an incubator for cold and flu viruses.


goes on and on. Sneezing or coughing into your hands and then transferring the germs onto these surfaces spreads them fast! Make sure you use a tissue or elbow to reduce the amount of contact your ailment has with others.

ome of us get out of flu season without contracting the dreaded illness, while others are not so lucky. This season CalOptima, the health insurance provider for thousands of adults throughout Orange County, offers these helpful tips to protect yourself and your loved ones.



Washing your hands is one of the best defenses we have against colds and the flu. Rinsing your hands with hot water and using soap for at least 20 seconds multiple times a day can help you stay healthy.

The cold and flu virus can infect your body when germs are transferred from your hands and onto your face.



Eating healthy (meals with plenty of fruits and vegetables), getting enough sleep and exercise helps keep your immune system stay strong. This means the body can better protect itself against a cold or the flu.

We touch many public surfaces everyday – door handles, phones, grocery carts, menus – the list

• DISINFECT SURFACES. Disinfecting surfaces you regularly come into contact will significantly lower the spread of unwelcome germs. Using rubbing alcohol, sanitize the surfaces you touch most such as your phone, doorknobs, computer keyboard, etc. • GET A FLU SHOT. Making sure to get a flu shot at the beginning of each flu season is one of the best ways to protect your health and they can help reduce the length of illnesses. It’s convenient to get vaccinated – visit your doctors’ office or local pharmacy and get protected. The cold and flu are caused by a virus that can’t be treated with antibiotics. If you have been sick for several days and aren’t feeling or getting any better, contact your doctor. CalOptima is a county organized health system, and provides publicly funded health care coverage for low-income children, adults, seniors and people with disabilities in Orange County. In total, CalOptima serves more than 740,000 members with a network of more than 7,000 primary care doctors and specialists, as well as 30 hospitals. OCTOBER 2015



Only the



for Your

Health WHAT IS A COMPOUND? A compound is what pharmacies call a drug that is made in-house in the pharmacy’s laboratory. Before big drug companies existed in the US, all drugs were compounded at your local pharmacy by a pharmacist and his or her technicians. Compounds are customizable medications created for an individual patient’s needs. Anyone can use a compound in place of traditional drugs and there are many benefits in doing so.

Call us today to see if a compound is right for you.

31654 Rancho Viejo Road, Ste. N San Juan Capistrano (949) 429-5326

WHY COMPOUNDS? • Made in the USA! Many drugs are manufactured in other countries. Do you know what goes into the pills you put into your body? Support a quality American healthcare brand like OC Pharmacy. • You can visit the lab where your medication was made - you can even watch your medication be made. • You can meet the technician that made your medication. • Many pharmacists may recommend a compound because customized medication may have better and/or faster outcomes. • Compounds are customizable - Have an allergy? No problem! • Compounds are safe - we follow strict industry guidelines for safety and are audited to ensure safety of the drug, the lab, our staff, and obviously the patient. • Cut the drug company out of the picture - know that your doctor isn’t taking kickbacks from big drug companies. • OC Pharmacy doesn’t skimp on ingredient quality, we use only the best from PCCA and Medisca - two of the leading suppliers of the raw materials used in compounding.

Good foot care is essential for preventing neuropathy problems Learn what to look for in diabetic socks. By Livia De Los Rios, president and CEO of Allied Medical Supply

Diabetes is a chronic illness that can require lifelong treatment and care. If you have diabetes, you’re at risk of developing serious complications like foot infections and neuropathy (nerve damage) – the most common of which affect the nerves in the feet.


Proper diabetic foot care involves checking your feet for injuries and infections. It can also mean wearing the right shoes and diabetic socks, like Jobst® SensiFootTM

ood, consistent diabetic foot care – including choosing appropriate diabetic socks - is essential to avoid amputation of the toes, feet, or even the entire leg below the knee. Symptoms of diabetic neuropathy include: • • • •

sharp pains in the feet that are worse at night tingling or burning sensations in the feet and toes foot deformities and ulcers numbness in the feet and toes


If you have diabetic neuropathy and lose feeling in your feet, it’s possible to get injured and never feel it. For example, if you had a small rock stuck in your shoe, it might rub against your foot and results in a small ulcer. If you don’t routinely check your feet for injuries, they could get worse and become infected.

Socks for people with diabetes are designed to minimize foot injuries and keep feet warm and dry. While there are different types on the market, they typically share many of the same general characteristics – they are seamless, moisture-wicking and breathable (to keep feet dry to prevent infections), fitted and square-toed.

Proper diabetic foot care involves checking your feet for injuries and infections. It can also mean wearing the right shoes and diabetic socks, like Jobst® SensiFootTM

Seams can rub against your skin and cause blisters or ulcers so most diabetic socks are made without them. Many diabetic socks are fitted to the foot and leg to keep loose fabric from rubbing against the skin. If you don’t have neuropathy, select the socks that are the most comfortable. Conversely, if you have neuropathy to the point where you have numbness in your feet or toes, you should consider wearing fitted socks so there’s no loose fabric to bunch up and rub against your skin. Having said that, if you have poor circulation – be aware that limited blood flow to your feet can make diabetic foot injuries worse and slow the healing of wounds.

Livia De Los Rios is president and CEO of Allied Medical Supply located at 424 S. Main St., Suite M in Orange. She can be reached by calling (714) 935-9200 or visit OCTOBER 2015



INSURANCE SERVICES FOR SENIORS AND THOSE APPROACHING Medicare/Health Insurance Marketplace-Covered Calif./Life

Call STEPHANIE FRISCH 949.351.2443

(CA Lic: 0F18674) | Long-term Care Coverage/Annuities/Life Insurance

Call LARRY THOMAS, 949.374.3316 (CA Lic: 0C79256) |

Subject of the Month: Financing Long-term Care Services Financing long-term care services (assistance with eating, dressing, bathing, toileting, and transferring – i.e., from a bed to a chair and walking) either in a facility or at home can be very costly; $7,000 to $10,000 per month is common today. There are three choices for financing this assistance: Choice 1, Self-fund: Liquidate and spend your personal assets or receive personal or financial assistance from family or friends. Choice 2: Liquidate and spend your personal assets until you qualify for MediCal long-term care coverage which will pay for all or part of you care depending on you personal situation. Choice 3: Fund this care through an insurance company by the purchase of either long-term care insurance or innovative long-term care coverage combined with life insurance or an annuity With this choice, if you never need long-term care or don’t use the entire benefit, you still have the end-oflife benefit that will transfer to your beneficiaries. For details, give us a call. There is never a charge for information or consultations.

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR AN ALTERNATIVE TO THE CPAP MASK? FACT: Oral Appliance Therapy has been proven to be the best alternative treatment for Sleep Apnea and Snoring

FACT: Oral Sleep Appliances are made by dentists.

Q. SO, HOW DO YOU SELECT THE RIGHT DENTIST TO MAKE AN APPLIANCE THAT WILL BE SUCCESSFUL FOR YOU? A. GET A YES TO THE 10 QUESTIONS BELOW: 1. Does the Dentist have over 10 years experience in this field? 2. Does the Dentist work with more than one type of appliance? 3. Is the Dentist able to show you his Success Stories? 4. Does the Dentist work closely with Sleep Centers in your area. 5. Does the Dentist follow-up with you to make sure you get the best results? 6. Is the Dentist a Diplomate of a Sleep Academy? 7. Does the Dentist have good reviews on Healthgrades and Yelp? 8. Is the Dentist a Medicare Provider? 9. Is the Dentist’s Staff well trained on billing Medical Insurance? 10. Does the Dentist have an informative website on this subject.

CALL Y TODA (949) 829-6700



SCOTT E. WEST D.D.S., F.A.G.D. • Diplomate of the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorder Disciplines • 22672 Lambert St. #603, Lake Forest CA, 92630 OCTOBER 2015




Long-term Care Coverage with a Twist By C. Lawrence “Larry” Thomas

Traditional long-term care insurance can do a lot for you. It covers non-medical assistance with the “acts of daily living (eating, dressing, bathing, continence, transferring, and toileting).”


t pays for the assistance we need to stay at home and the cost of care in a facility. It provides peace of mind, allows us to be independent longer, prevents us from being a burden to loved-ones, and conserves our assets. But what if we never really need it? The insurance man in me wants to answer that with “what you paid for is insurance against the risk of needing that care.” And that is true; like fire insurance or auto insurance, you pay for it and hope you never need it. Now I have another answer, “consider asset-based longterm care insurance.” With asset-based (sometimes called “hybrid”) long-term care coverage, the premium pays for more than just longterm care. Yes, you get all the coverage that traditional long-term care insurance provides (and benefits are triggered the same way), but you get more for your money because it also includes life insurance or annuity features. If you never need long-term care, there are “living” benefits and, if needed, a death benefit goes to your beneficiaries. The “living” benefits include access to cash. These policies can provide access to cash it in the same way as other “permanent” life insurance or annuities do.

The cost of asset-based long-term care coverage is surprisingly affordable. It compares favorably to traditional long-term care, especially considering the additional features offered. It should be noted that there are conditions that apply to the approval of the features of these policies. A consultation is required to determine how the coverage will apply in each specific case. At Insurance 101 we never charge for consultations. While this coverage may not be well known, it has been around for decades. There are highly rated and financially strong insurance companies we represent that offer coverage of this type.

You select which type of coverage you want, life insurance with long-term care or an annuity with long-term care. Life insurance with long-term care requires a screening and is underwritten much like any such insurance. It can be paid for with periodic premiums, in ten annual installments, or in one lump sum. This coverage can be purchased inside an IRA (individual retirement account) or with RMDs (required minimum distributions) from an IRA or 401K plan.

Asset-based long-term care is definitely worth considering. Its flexibility is very valuable in planning for the future. Details are just a phone call away. C. Lawrence “Larry” Thomas began working with long-term care and Medicare programs in the mid-1980s. He is currently associated with Insurance 101 Services to provide long-term care solutions to seniors and those approaching. Larry can be reached at (949) 37403316 or CA Insurance License #0C79256.

Annuities with long-term care coverage are also medically underwritten but easier to qualify for than the life insurance option. The funding of this annuity-based coverage can also be through an IRA. Both life insurance and annuity coverage is available for one or two insured persons on one policy and the longterm care coverage can be extended to lifetime coverage. OCTOBER 2015



non surgical

top of head hair system for women BEFORE


Book yourself online Or call 949-300-3625



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Securities Offered Through Sammons Securities Co. LLC. Member FINRA/SIPC Titan Financial & Ins. Svcs. is independent of Sammons Securities Co. LLC




Overcoming The

FEELING OF LOSS When Selling a Home By Bruce Ballantine

It dawned on me recently when I read an article that describes the 5 stages of mourning and grief typically experienced when we lose a loved one that these same feelings can be experienced when selling and moving from a long-term home.

- I should have gone to the doctor sooner; we should have purchased that ranch years ago and on and on. We make deals with our higher power to put off the inevitability of the situation. In the end, step 4 is the result.


have been fortunate to help seniors and their families make the transition from the home where they have lived, loved and raised their families for decades to downsize into condominiums, senior apartments and senior communities. Your home represents so much more merely just the structure – it is about family, memories, neighbors, and what you have known for so many years.


We are now getting closer to step 5 and therefore can fall into a low point as we begin to worry about the process. It is in this stage that depression can lead to isolation. This is a time for families to talk about what is happening. It may entail a visit to the doctor as well as a family meeting.

The five stages of normal grief that were first proposed by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in her 1969 book “On Death and Dying.”


This is a gift that not all of us will get to. Many may remain in one or all of the previous stages and may result in a crisis that involves immediate action and little planning. But for those who do reach this phase relating to a loss of one’s home, a peace and calm may follow.


The first reaction to any traumatic circumstance is to deny the reality of the situation as it relates to loss. With regard to the loss of one’s home, it is common for family members of the senior to observe this rejection of the reality of their situation. It is hard for the child of a senior to watch mom or dad resist and ignore what is happening around them.


Understanding the grieving process as it relates to selling your long-time home will help lessen this process of moving from a home you love to a new situation that offers that same love and security that you have experienced over the years. “Know thyself” is the mantra. Understand we are all made of the same stuff and grief and mourning with the 5 stages discussed are expected. Acceptance comes sooner for some, but for others a bit of time and patience is needed.

It is so difficult when facing a home that was once the center of family gatherings falling to disrepair, with steps that can’t be navigated or does not provide the wide hallways and bathrooms outfitted with appropriate equipment for safety. This is difficult to accept for any of us, but at some point in all of our lives, change is a requirement to remain fully active and healthy.

In the end we all want what is best for our loved ones and ourselves.


How many of you have been so angry loved ones you are trying to help perceive your best intentions as an invasion of their privacy and intellect? When faced with a move that you know is right for you or a loved one, it’s understandable to feel a sense of bereavement and loss.

A Seniors Real Estate Specialist and Certified Senior Advisor, Bruce Ballantine is a Realtor Associate with Evergreen Realty. CalBRE #001783833. He can be reached by calling (949) 63202923 or email


The need to control the situation is a normal reaction to a feeling of helplessness. We get into “scolding ourselves” OCTOBER 2015



Full Strands, Inc. By Jody Robinson

It’s exceptionally rare to find hair artists who truly cares about their customers’ needs and are dedicated to finding the perfect solution – and have the skill and experience to actually achieve your desired results.


ith years of experience in helping women who have fine and thinning hair challenges “feel beautiful again,” Debora Routhe and Carly Elliott are the “dream team” behind the Mission Viejo-based Full Strands, Inc. – the go-to professionals for clients searching for non-surgical hair replacement options and hair extensions. Debora is an American Board Certified Haircolorist and cutting specialist while Carly is an extension expert with vast experience in adding volume and length to any type of hair. “When it comes to hair extensions or hair restoration/ replacement, it’s not one size fits all,” says Debora. “What sets our business apart from others is our dedication to continuing education. We continually seek to discover better products and techniques to give our customers the hair of their dreams. Further, we are full-time behind the chair hairdressers. We are well versed in all aspects of color, design, and styling. This experience allows us to make all hair systems and extensions look incredibly natural and undetectable.”



their fine and thinning hair. We have seen self-confidence come back for the clients we serve. They no longer feel self conscious or embarrassed of their appearance. We are excited to come to work every day and transform our clients into the best version of themselves. We live to make people feel beautiful!”

Eight years ago, after an increasing number of her clients came to her with fine and thinning hair concerns, Debora made it her mission to find ways to help.

Equally passionate about giving back to the community, Full Strands supports South County Outreach, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing hunger and homelessness by helping people help themselves with a food pantry, homeless prevention counseling, and rapid re-housing programs.

“I sought out solutions and became certified in numerous techniques,” she says. “Our business in the non-surgical hair replacement industry has grown by word of mouth from our satisfied customers. We are truly making a difference for women who felt for so long that they had nowhere to go and could find no acceptable solutions for

“The most rewarding aspect of owning this business is that we get to do what we want to do,” says Debora. “We get to choose the products, the hair systems, extensions, and the tools we work with. We selected the salon decor and pick the music we listen to. We have created a wonderful environment for our clients to enjoy an in which our creativity can flourish.” Book online at Full Strands is located at 27741 Crown Valley Parkway, Suite 201, Studio 21 in Mission Viejo. Debora and Carly can be reached by calling (949) 300-3625.







* Get back to your tennis game or yoga, social time with friends and family!

* Get rid of messy pads!


URQLOGY Medical Center


ATTACHED Enjoy More. Forget Less. Hipzbag keeps your cell phone, keys and credit cards safe and at your ďŹ ngertips. OCTOBER 2015







Utopia Within and Awoken Life ® Brainwave Optimization

offer many ways to conquer stress and balance your life By Jody Robinson Photography by Lisa bakeR, Lisa Renee PhotogRaPhy

If you feel like your stress is robbing you of your life, your connection to your loved ones, and a deep feeling of joy, it’s probably because it is. Recent research has pointed to stress as a trigger for inflammation, which plays a significant role in the development and progression of a multitude of chronic conditions, from digestive problems to heart disease, from weight gain to diabetes to sleep issues.


egardless of the physiological mechanisms, it’s clear that if we want to be physically and mentally well, we must conquer our stress. A tall order for any Southern Californian. If you could use a “reset” to break out of your negative patterns – whatever the cause – Utopia Within and Awoken Life Brainwave Optimization® may be just what you need. Based in San Juan Capistrano, this comprehensive center offers a new and innovative approach to stress reduction where “advanced technology meets ancient techniques.” The Utopia Within team helps you address the stressors that are leading you to feel unwell and unhappy.

Some of these modalities include Brainwave Optimization®, Tibetan Singing Bowls, hypnotherapy, meditation/guided visualizations, Reiki, individual and group life coaching, and more. Mary McPherson Founder of Awoken Life and Utopia Within, holds a degree in chemical engineering and has earned numerous certifications in the healing arts including

Want to feel more stress-free? The path awaits you, let’s begin ... Simple steps Knowledge Daily actions Restful sleep

... Peace of Mind OCTOBER 2015



Mary McPherson: Brainwave Optimization is an amazing EEG-based technology that helps one’s own brain relax in a deep and profound way to achieve dynamic flexibility. The benefits from this flexibility are increased cognitive performance, better sleep, enhanced self-regulation and diminished feelings of anxiousness, sadness, and hopelessness. Brainwave Optimization® acts a catalyst to support the brain to optimize itself in a way unlike any other approach that has come before.  

Certified Advanced Specialist for Brainwave Optimization. Michelle Newell, associate and Brainwave Optimization Specialist, also holds certifications and specific knowledge that make her a unique addition to the team. 

At Awoken Life, we start with a complimentary consultation to fully explain the process and answer any questions. Then we conduct a comprehensive assessment and design customized sessions based on your specific brain patterns. Each brain is like a fingerprint - unique to you as an individual.  This noninvasive procedure offers measurable results in as little as five days!

Through Utopia Within, Mary and Michelle are able to combine their education, skills, talent and training with a deep desire and passion for helping people live their best lives. 

SCM: What do you feel sets your office apart from others in the industry?

Mary has also put together a team of skilled professionals who’s proven, cutting edge techniques with highly personalized care can help individuals get back to balance – or find it for the first time ever.

MM: Our office approaches every client as an individual and takes into consideration their unique circumstances and overall goals to create a personalized program.  

When I met with Mary for this feature, it was immediately evident that she loves what she does – helping individuals “awaken their limitless potential” by focusing on providing the highest level of personal care to each and every client. For the many clients who have come to Mary over the years suffering from a feeling of “being disconnected from themselves,” Utopia Within is quite literally an oasis – a sanctuary in which to rediscover a sense of happiness and joy that comes from within.  “In life, there are moments and decisions that define the course of your future,” says Shana, age 40, of San Juan Capistrano. “When I found Mary and the team at Awoken Life, I knew I had come upon something that would help elevate my health and life to a new level. As a nutritional coach, I have tried many healing modalities over the course of my life and none have had the powerful impact of Brainwave Optimization. Shana continues that she believes that Brainwave Optimization “is a 21st century tool to maximize your human potential and live a balanced, peaceful and productive life. I found Mary to be professional, kind and deeply passionate about her work. The additional modalities offered at Awoken Life serve to deepen and support the work of Brainwave Optimization and provide a rich canvas on which to create a life that inspires you.” In the following interview, I asked Mary to share her thoughts on common questions prospective clients might ask when considering incorporating these holistic modalities into their lives. South County Magazine: Many of our readers have not heard of Brainwave Optimization®. In layman’s terms, please explain what it is and how it can benefit individuals suffering from a wide range of ailments including sleep disorders, depression, feelings of anxiousness and inability to focus.

Brainwave OptimizatiOn is an amazing eeg-Based technOlOgy that helps One’s Own Brain relax in a deep and prOfOund way tO achieve dynamic flexiBility. OCTOBER 2015



We deeply value each client’s time and pride ourselves on supporting their growth and education. Our goal is to help each person understand how life experiences, including injuries and traumas, may result in a nonoptimized life and how Brainwave Optimization® supports the brain’s own ability to heal itself.  SCM: After four years as Awoken Life Brainwave Optimization, why are you introducing Utopia Within and adding so many new modalities? MM: In the four years since I founded Awoken Life, I have come to realize that one of the greatest obstacle people face is ongoing stress. People find it hard to relax and just take a moment to breathe. It’s important to us that our clients know we care about their journey to wellness. With that in mind, we opened a new branch of our business -  Utopia Within – to expand our services to incorporate several complementary modalities that support stress reduction, greater cognitive performance and personal awareness such as hypnotherapy, life coaching, nutritional counseling, Reiki, Tibetan Singing Bowls, meditation classes and self-improvement workshops. Clients can incorporate any of these modalities into their Brainwave Optimization package or participate in any or all a la carte.

SCM: You mentioned Tibetan Singing Bowls. Can you tell me more about that?

Mary and Michelle

MM: The Tibetan Singing Bowls are an ancient practice that utilizes sound vibration to promote a deep state of relaxation and quiet the mind. This can lead to pain reduction, improve immune function, lower blood pressure and dramatically reduce stress levels.   The bowls have been shown to have miraculous results.   The external vibrations of the bowls cause our cells (which are estimated to be 83% water) to resonate. The sound waves (like the waves from a stone thrown into a pond) spread in concentric rings into larger and larger circles through the blood, flesh, organs and bones, relaxing them and at the same time harmonizing and energizing them.  We are very honored to provide our clients with a large variety of certified healing grade Tibetan Singing bowls and many specialized techniques gained through our completed extensive upper level certification program. SCM: And I see you are also a certified hypnotherapist? MM: Yes, I have practiced hypnosis since 2007 and the technique I use is to guide people into a deep state of relaxation to tap into the subconscious mind and change negative and self-sabotaging behaviors.  Hypnotherapy can also help improve self-esteem, self-confidence and self worth by changing your inner programming. We have added the benefits of hypnosis into several of our Brainwave Optimization® Packages to create a greater impact for our clients’ success.   One of my specialties is Past-Life Regression.  I truly enjoy being the guide for those who are intrigued and ready for this unique experience.

ing, therapeutic vibration of the bowls lulls them into a place of relaxation and calm.

SCM: Another aspect of your business encompass educational workshops and group meditation.   MM: The workshops cover a variety of topics ranging from relaxation through art and our connection with nature to spiritual awakening education.  Group meditation is a powerful way to relax the mind and take a break in your busy day for rejuvenation. We combine the Tibetan Singing Bowls that bring you into a deep state of relaxation with guided visualizations to further deepen the experience. SCM: Can children and young adults also benefit from Brainwave Optimization and the modalities offered at Utopia Within? MM: Children feel very comfortable here – our office is designed to be very soothing and is done in warm earthy colors with many interesting things to look at. Children do well with Brainwave Optimization and parents are happy to know it can be fast acting and noninvasive.  Kids also love the Tibetan Singing Bowls and love to learn how they work and how to make them sing. Stress and anxious feelings are so prevalent in our children today, the stress reduc-

SCM: In closing, is there anything I didn’t ask that you would like to share with our readers? MM: Utopia Within and Awoken Life Brainwave Optimization have always been focused on providing the highest level of personal care to each and every client. Our goal is to help you streamline your life by offering a broad range of services and amenities. Knowing you are in control of your own wellness is a powerful place to be in these uncertain times. For more detailed information about available workshops and the group meditation classes, please visit Utopia Within’s Facebook page-Calendar of Events.

Utopia Within and Awoken Life Brainwave Optimization® is located at 30320 Rancho Viejo Road, Suite 104 in San Juan Capistrano. For more information, please call (949) 661-6909, email or visit Brainwave Optimization with RTB is not intended to treat, cure, heal, or diagnose any disease, mental illness or symptoms. Brainwave Optimization is intended to balance and harmonize brainwaves. Individual results will vary. OCTOBER 2015



25 Anniversary th

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1 Month Free Rent

One Bedroom Apartments Currently Available.

Heritage Pointe is a non-profit 200-resident community in Mission Viejo, providing independent, assisted living and memory care services for our seniors while incorporating Jewish traditions and lifestyles. Amenities Heritage Pointe offers 24 hour staff coverage, convenient transportation, housekeeping, health & wellness programs, delicious kosher cuisine in our dining room and so much more...

AUTHENTIC & Call 949-364-9685 to schedule a tour today!

Inventive Argentine

visit our website at

and Italian Cuisine

Grilled Steaks • Seafood • Pasta Pizza • Chicken • Salads and More!

Market & Deli Next Door Live Music Thursday - Sunday Voted Critic's Choice for Best Steakhouse in OC

Catering & Special Events villaromarest

25254 La Paz Rd Laguna Hills

949.454.8585 OCTOBER 2015



We began our dining experience with great conversation and a glass of wine. We ordered a glass of Kaiken, a Malbec, Farfalle Primavera rich with blueberry and plum notes and a velvety finish. For starters, we settled on the Mare Platter which arrived with buttermilkbattered calamari fritti, seared ahi tuna and wild pacific blue shrimp scampi. Absolutely delicious and great for sharing! Another popular appetizer is the Antipasto Italiano Platter that includes a variety of flavorful cured meats (Proscuitto di Parma and artisan salame), fresh buffalo mozzarella, Tuscan olives, grilled artichoke hearts, roasted bell peppers and toasted ciabatta bread.

Owner Enzo Scognamiglio

Mangia! at Brio Tuscany Grille Exceptional cuisine, live entertainment and unobtrusive service define this popular Dana Point restaurant


By Sara Watt

For the main course, I went with the Penne con Salsiccia Italiana- Grilled Italian sausages, sautéed with roasted bell peppers, sweet baby peas, mushrooms and house made marinara sauce (they even offer a glutenfree pasta). The authenticity of this dish and generous portions reminded me of dinners at my Italian grandmother’s home, savoring one of her amazing home cooked meals. Italian food is always my first choice when dining out, and I would highly recommend Brio Tuscany Grille for any occasion – it’s the perfect destination for a romantic date night or fun evening out with friends.

hanks to Brio Tuscany Grille, I recently indulged in an evening filled with impeccable service, amazing Italian food and live music. If you haven’t had a chance to try this restaurant out, it will undeniably exceed your expectations.

From the moment I walked in I knew I was going to have an enjoyable experience. I didn’t have a reservation, but they graciously sat our party right away. The lighting was turned down and the live music was just starting, adding to the overall ambiance. The music to made us want to get out of our chairs and dance, but wasn’t so loud that we needed to raise our voices to be heard across the table. Our server was extremely accommodating and patient with our indecisiveness over the menu (everything just sounded so good!).

Brio Tuscany Grille is located 24050 Camino Del Avion in Dana Point. For reservations, call (949) 443-1476 or visit OCTOBER 2015




CONCIERGE PODIATRY NEWPORT BEACH: Proudly announces the acquisition of the newest laser technology for treating nail fungus.

With summer approaching, bring back the toes you remember.

Concierge Podiatry’s Dr. Ivar Roth

Fungus lives under the nail surface, which makes getting rid of it very difficult. Earlier medical lasers require manual operation to destroy fungus. These often miss areas of infection and can burn sensitive skin.

Mention this ad for a free tube of Foot Rejuvenation Gel with your first visit. A $50.00 value.

Concierge Podiatry is the first medical practice to offer the Noveon NaiLaser in Southern California.

For a personal consultation contact Concierge Podiatry

949-650-1147 For more information visit

The FDA-approved Noveon Nail Laser TM uses patented photobiology and computer controlled operation to quickly and completely destroy fungus. The Nail Laser is fully automatic, able to treat multiple toes simultaneously, bathing each toenail with a computer controlled mix of light wavelengths specifically selected to destroy fungus while controlling heat. Fungus nail care is now available for the low price of $399 for the first visit, $299 for follow-up visits and $150 for follow up visits without laser.

October - Arts & Entertainment

Day by Day


Pacific Symphony presents: Beethoven’s Ninth “Ode to Joy” has thrilled listeners around the world for nearly two centuries. When it premiered in 1824, conducted by Beethoven himself, he heard not a note, so profoundly deaf was he. Nor did he hear the five standing ovations for the most epic choral work ever composed! Also on this concert, Pacific Symphony’s composer-in-residence debuts his OC-inspired composition. Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 October 1 – 3, 2015 | Thurs – Sat at 8 p.m. Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall. Tickets start at $25. First Thursdays Art Walk Laguna Beach The art season in Laguna Beach flourishes year round with First Thursdays Art Walk. This educational monthly art event, held on the first Thursday of every month from 6 – 9pm, celebrates the diverse cultural art scene of Laguna Beach and is free to the public. PCH Laguna Beach.

Taking its cue from the knockout hit Rocky, Forbidden Broadway’s latest round of fun-poking celebrates the current season of Tony-worthy musicals in an uproarious evening of lyric-twisting. Octo 1 – 4, 2015 | Thurs – Sat at 7:30 p.m. and Sun at 6:30 p.m. Samueli Theater. Tickets start at $79. Vintage Food & Wine Festival The Vintage Food & Wine Festival showcases the best of San Juan Capistrano! This great annual event is held at the beautiful, historic Mission San Juan Capistrano on More than twenty local restaurants, bakeries and other dining establishments offer tastes of their great cuisine. Local wineries, breweries and spirit makers offer samples of their drinks as well. This is one event that you won’t leave hungry. “Family Style,” a local R&B band is back for their fourth year headlining the event, due to immense popular demand. 2680l Ortega Hwy., San Juan Capistrano. 6-10pm.



Tustin Tiller Days Tustin Tiller Days has been a regular event in Tustin since 1957. The event provides an opportunity for Tustin to celebrate Orange County’s agricultural heritage. Features Parade (on Saturday at 10 am), carnival, rides, food and entertainment. Columbus Tustin Park, (corner of Prospect and Irvine Blvd). October 2nd-4th



Orange Farmers Market 9 AM - 1 PM (rain or shine). Irvine Regional Park 1 Irvine Park Road, Orange. OCTOBER 2015


Segerstrom Center for the Arts presents: Poncho Sanchez & Eddie Palmieri Segerstrom Center’s first Jazz Weekend begins Friday night with incendiary percussion and piano from two international sensations: Poncho Sanchez and Eddie Palmieri Salsa Orchestra! Fri at 8:00 p.m. Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall. Tickets start at $49



Golden West College Opening Art Exhibit, “Best Coast: Artists Reflect On Orange County” Golden West College Art Gallery presents “Best Coast: Artists Reflect on Orange County”, an exhibition of works by ten Orange County-based artists who represent the people, places, and lifestyles of coastal Orange County. Recurring daily through October 24th. 6-8pm.

Segerstrom Center for the Arts presents: Forbidden Broadway (Center Premiere)

Disney’s THE LION KING Tony Award-winning director Julie Taymor brings to life a story filled with hope and adventure set against an amazing backdrop of stunning visuals. October 6 – November 1, 2015 | Tues – Fri at 7:30 p.m., Sat at 2 and 7:30 p.m. and Sun at 1 and 6:30 p.m. Additional 2 p.m. performance on Thurs, Oct 29. Segerstrom Hall. Tickets start at $31.



San Clemente SeaFest The Seafest features a Chowder Cook-off, Fishermans Lobster, Business Exposition, Arts & Craft Show, Surf Contest, Children & Teen Contests, Children’s Complementary Arts & Crafts, Entertainment and a U.S. Coast Guard Search & Rescue Demo Operation all taking place at the historic San Clemente Pier area. 9:30 am - 3:00 pm.




The Heritage Festival and Parade Since 1965, this celebration of the city’s heritage includes a parade and fair booths. The events begin with the Chamber of Commerce pancake breakfast followed by the parade and band review. The festival begins at 10 a.m. and features many exciting activities for the entire family including the annual car show, a crafts fair, food booths, kids games and more. Tri-City Park, 2301 N. Kraemer Blvd, Placentia. Segerstrom Center for the Arts presents: Ramsey Lewis & Sérgio Mendes North American soul jazz and South American bossa nova come together in

performing under the iconic blue-and-yellow Big Top


OC FAIR & EVENT CENTER in Costa Mesa: October 15 through November 29, 2015

URIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities™ premiered to the world in Montréal in April 2014 and is Cirque du Soleil’s 35th production. Since its debut, the critics have been raving: “KURIOS is Cirque du Soleil’s strongest act in years…one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen on a stage” (Toronto Star) and “KURIOS is the best Cirque du Soleil show in a long time.” (San Francisco Chronicle).

In an alternate yet familiar past, in a place where wonders abound for those who trust their imagination, a Seeker discovers that in order to glimpse the marvels that lie just below the surface, we must first learn to close our eyes. In his larger-thanlife curio cabinet, the Seeker is convinced that there exists a hidden, invisible world – a place where the craziest ideas and the grandest dreams lie waiting. A collection of otherworldly characters suddenly steps into his makeshift mechanical world. When the outlandish, benevolent characters turn his world upside down with a touch of poetry and humor in an attempt to ignite the Seeker’s imagination, his curios jump to life one by one before his very eyes.

Written and directed by Michel Laprise, KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities™ is a tale in which time comes to a complete stop, transporting the audience inside a fantasy world where everything is possible. In this realm set in the latter half of the nineteenth century, reality is quite relative indeed as our perception of it is utterly transformed. The name of the show refers to the humble and strange characters that inhabit the Seeker’s Cabinet of Curiosities.

Photo: Martin Girard / Costumes: Philippe Guillotel © 2014 Cirque du Soleil OCTOBER 2015



Tickets are now available by visiting or calling 1-877-9 CIRQUE (1-877-924-7783).

SEPTEMBER - ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT one landmark double bill of hit music. Ramsey Lewis and Sérgio Mendes bring a half-century of jazz hits to Saturday night. A must-hear night of hits from across the hemisphere! 8 p.m. Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall. Tickets start at $49 Dana Point Oktoberfest German bands, great authentic German food and large selection of German and Craft brews on tap. It is also Southern California’s largest free Oktoberfest Celebration. Fun for the entire family featuring activities for the kids too. Sea Terrace Park is located at the corner of Niguel Rd. and PCH in Dana Point just outside of the St. Regis Hotel. Noon - 7 pm. Sea Terrace Park Dana Point


Segerstrom Center for the Arts presents: Salsa Dance Party on the Plaza It will be a hot Salsa Sunday as the Center’s DJ kicks up the heat and music spills over to the Arts Plaza for a free afternoon party - 4 pm – 6:30 p.m. Arts Plaza. FREE. Segerstrom Center for the Arts presents: Orquestra Buena Vista Social Club® Adiós Tour The Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club® phenomenon began as an impromptu recording session by Cuba’s most venerated singers and musicians and went on to captivate the world with a Grammy-winning album and Oscar®-nominated film. 7 p.m. Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall. Tickets start at $49.


Doggie Date Night It’s a patio party for your pup! Bring your best friend down to Fred’s Mexican Cafe on Monday nights for Doggie Date Night and get a free doggie dinner with the purchase of an entree. Fred’s Mexican Café 300 Pacific Coast Hwy., #201 Huntington Beach.



Taco Tuesday Ricardo’s Place Mexican Restaurant. 32082 Camino Capistrano San Juan Capistrano. 11am-9pm (every Tuesday).


Handel and Haydn Society - The Bicentennial Celebration Tour Harry Christophers, Artistic Director and ConductorAisslinn Nosky, Director and Violin. Program includes works by

Handel, Vivaldi and Bach. 8 p.m. Soka Perfomring Arts Center, Aliso Viejo San Juan Capistrano Farmers Market Each Wednesday, residents and visitors can enjoy purchasing fresh flowers, produce, and specialty foods at the San Juan Capistrano Farmers’ Market. Held at Yorba Street and Camino Capistrano right in the heart of downtown San Juan Capistrano. 3-7pm


HB DOWNTOWN ART WALK The Huntington Beach Downtown Art Walk is held on the 3rd Thursday of each month from March to October. Check in at the HB International Surfing Museum Parking Lot for a map of artists and locations so you can begin your self-guided tour. 6-9pm. Main Street & The Strand 315 3rd Street, Suite E. Huntington Beach


Silverado Days Held each October, this community festival includes a parade, food and game booths. Featured contests include World Amateur Arm Wrestling Championship, Custom Car Show, a pie-eating contest, International Chili Society Chili Cook off, hog calling, sexiest/hairiest legs, Little Miss Chili Pepper & Mr. Hot Stuff Baby Contest, dog show and Karaoke Contest. October 16th-18th. William Peak Park, 7225 El Dorado Drive, Buena Park. Segerstrom Center for the Arts presents: Zoltán Mága: From Budapest with Love - LIVE IN CONCERT Zoltán Mága, Hungary’s foremost violin virtuoso and PBS television star, brings his fiery Gypsy music to Segerstrom Center for the Arts, for one night only. Joining Mága, direct from Budapest, will be beautifully- costumed folk dancers, a cast of hand-picked singers, ballroom dancers and his orchestra. 8:00 p.m. Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall. Tickets start at $29.


Philharmonic Society of Orange County presents: Lang Lang in Recital Hailed by The New York Times as the “hottest artist on the classical music planet,” internationally acclaimed pianist Lang Lang has played on the world’s grandest stages including the 2014 World Cup concert in Rio with Plácido Domingo to celebrate the final game. 8 p.m. Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall. Tickets start at $45 OCTOBER 2015



Laguna Niguel/Aliso Viejo Farmers Market Local honey, lots of fruit, and a vast array of Asian and Western greens are among the draws. Many prepared foods, but no crafts and/or other non-food items. 9am1pm. 27068 La Paz Road, Aliso Viejo.


San Clemente Farmers Market Bundles of flowers, fresh produce and much more every Sunday on Avenida Del Mar. Rain or shine. 9 a.m.–1 p.m.


Seal Beach Farmers Market This small Tuesday market is convenient for nearby Leisure World residents. Around 15 vendors that and include many familiar to other Orange County farmers markets. Seal Beach Village, 13960 Seal Beach Blvd., Seal Beach. 9 am - 1 pm


Segerstrom Center for the Arts presents: Emerson String “The Emerson,” as it’s affectionately known worldwide, has through its many visits almost made the Center a second home. Along with Bartók, an Emerson specialty, and the dazzling Haydn “Fifths” quartet, this year’s program features a rarely performed yet sumptuous Schubert work demanding seamlessly committed ensemble playing – the very thing the Emerson consistently delivers. 8 p.m. Samueli Theater.


Dana Point Farmers Market Each Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm. The Dana Point Farmers Market is located in La Plaza Park on Pacific Coast Highway near the Clock Tower. The first Saturday of each month features a Craft Fair that runs until 3 pm.


Pacific Symphony presents: Phantoms of the Orchestra A Halloween spectacular uniting the orchestra and visual theater: The maestro and his terrified assistant use the power of the baton to control a ghoulish orchestra! The story of the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” is brought vividly to life in this concert, which also features instantly recognizable selections from Bach’s Toccata and Fugue and Mussorgsky’s “Night on Bald Mountain.” Saturday at 10 am and 11:30 am. Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall. Tickets start at $15.

The Sherlock Pastiche By Tom ScoTT and Beverly Blake


Back in the early 1900’s George Bernard Shaw said that the three most famous names in history were Jesus Christ, Sherlock Holmes and Houdini. ir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes, is almost as famous as the characters he created, but have any of you heard of a novel entitled The Narrative of John Smith? This was a first novel by Doyle, found in family papers and published 128 years after it was written. John Smith exhibited exceptional observational skills and the early novel hints broadly at other now familiar characters including a doctor who partners in adventures, a long suffering housekeeper and even London detectives.

Of course Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character, inspired by Dr. Joseph Bell who mentored Conan Doyle in his early years of medical study. Bell’s keen observational skills of his patients helped him in his diagnosis and formed the basis for those uncanny observations we now call Sherlockian.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle penned 60 stories featuring Sherlock Holmes (4 novels, 56 short stories). Other not so famous characters by Doyle include: Professor Chal-




lenger series (5 novels); Brigadier Gerard series (18 short stories); and other miscellany (19 novels, 115 short stories, 13 plays [2 cowritten], 81 poems, 12 pamphlets). Sherlock has since been re-created innumerable times in a pastiche of books, plays, movies, art and museum exhibits and most recently a few different television series, all of which are testimony to the enduring creativity of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes: The Maple Leaf Murder is a perfect example of such as pastiche. Inspired by the work of playwright Chris Stancich, whose plays have entertained our Sherlock fans for the past 4 seasons; The Maple Leaf Murder finds Sherlock unwillingly thrust into an 1890s ranch house in the mountains near Calgary, Canada helping out his friend Wyatt Earp to solve the murder of a wealthy ranch owner.

SEPTEMBER - ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT Orange County Seafood & Wine Festival The Orange County Seafood Festival is all about Seafood and you can expect to have a wide variety on hand such as Ceviche, Lobster, Crab, Fish Tacos, Shrimp of all kinds and more. Also at this event will be live music, art exhibit California Wine Festival, Brew Festival and more! Sea Terrace Park Dana Point

Classic has raised over $16 million in the past 16 years for its lead beneficiary Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian as well as other Orange County charities. “Swing for the Green” E-Recycling - Recycle old electronics and receive 2 Good Any One Day Tickets October 26-November 1, 2015. Newport Beach Country Club.



Segerstrom Center for the Arts presents: Lila Downs - Day of the Dead Concert Grammy® Award-winning MexicanAmerican music star Lila Downs, who fuses popular music genres and indigenous Mexican music, celebrates Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) at Segerstrom Center for the Arts. 6 p.m. Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall. Tickets start at $49


Toshiba Golf Classic One of the most successful tournaments in Champions Tour history, the Toshiba

Surf City Nights is a Weekly Street Fair and Certified Farmers Market Every Tuesday from 5 pm to 9 pm, 90 vendors presents unique handcrafted wares: furniture, jewelry, art, clothing, live music, street performers, community groups and kids’ activities.


Yappy Howl-O-Ween Canines and their companions are invited to the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel for tricks and treats in celebration of HowlO-Ween. This seasonal Yappy Hour celebration is a chance for pups to strut their stuff in their favorite costume. A panel of judges will determine which canine will

take home the prize in the costume categories of scariest, funniest, most glamorous and, of course, best in show. First place prize in each category is a hand-painted dog bowl by Debby Carman of Faux Paws Productions. Cost to enter the costume contest is $10 per canine. 4 p.m.-7 p.m. 1 Ritz Carlton Drive, Dana Point,


A Taste of San Clemente - San Clemente Held under the stars, this annual event serves up culinary masterpieces from over twenty of the areas finest restaurants, as well as sixteen premium wineries from throughout California, ice cold Microbrews and more. Tickets are limited to 250 guests. The ticket price ($95 - no tickets sold at the door) includes a complimentary “Taste of San Clemente” wine glass or beer mug, food, wine, entertainment and valet parking. 6 pm – 10 pm.

Have an event to showcase? Email

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Happy Hour Daily!

Classes around OC:

Arts & Crafts, Entertainment, Fitness and More! (this list represents a sampling, call each center for additional schedule of classes) Dorothy Visser Senior Center

117 Avenida Victoria San Clemente, (949) 498-3322

Pilates- Mon 9-10am Balance and MobilityMon 9-10:50am Aerobics-Mon 10-10:50am Bridge- Mon and Thurs 1pm Aerobics & NutritionMon 4:15-6:05pm Yoga- Tues and Thurs 9-10:25am

San Juan Capistrano Community Services Senior Club 25925 Camino Del Avion San Juan Capistrano, (949) 493-1171

Stretch and Tone ClassMon, Wed and Fri 8:30am Sit N Fit Chair- Mon, Wed and Fri 10:15am

Community & Susi Q Center

380 Third Street Laguna Beach, (949) 497-2441

Bingo With Prizes- Mon-Th 10:30-11:30am Monday at the MoviesMon 12:30-2:00pm

Sea Country Senior & Community Center

24602 Aliso Creek Road Laguna Niguel, (949) 425-5151

Geri-Fit- Mon and Wed 1:45-2:30pm Arthritis Exercise - Tues and Thurs 11:30am-12:30pm Zumba Gold- Wed 9:15-10am

Norman P. Murray Community and Senior Center

24932 Veterans Way Mission Viejo, (949) 470-3062

Movie Time- Mon 12:45 Walking Groups- Mon, Wed & Fri 8am Bridge Duplicate- Mon 12:30-4pm

Ping Pong- Mon, Wed & Fri 8am-12pm Bunco- Tues 12:30-4pm Bingo- Wed and Fri 1pm-3pm Crafty Ladies- Wed 9:30am-11am

Rancho Senior Center 3 Ethel Coplen Way Irvine, (949) 724-6800

Melt Hands and FeetTues 9-10am Melt Soft Roller- Tues 10-11am Walking Club- Thurs 9-10am Zumba Low ImpactTues 4:30-5:30pm

Lakeview Senior Center Woodbridge Community Park 20 Lake Road Irvine, (949) 724-6900

IECSA Tai Chi- Wed 3-5pm Ping Pong- Mon and Fri 5-6pm, Tues 2:30-6pm Zumba IntermediateMon 4:30-5:30pm

Oasis Senior Center

801 Narcissus Ave Newport Beach, (949) 644-3244

Hula- Mon 11-noon Beading- Tues 12:30-2:30pm Barre Stretch & StrengthFri 10:15-11am Chair Exercise- Mon and Wed 9:30-10:30am Iyengar Yoga- Mon and Thur 10-11:15am Pilates Beginning- Tues 8:45am-9:45am

Orange Senior Center 170 S. Olive St. Orange, (714) 538-9633

Bingo - Daily at 9:15 am (except on party days) Live Entertainment - Mon, Th and Fri 10:30 am – 11:30 am. Bridge - Mon, Tues and Wed 1 pm. Chess - Tues 1 pm. Scrabble - Thu 1 pm. Backgammon - Thu 1 pm. Bible Sharing -Thu 10 am.

Stamp Club - Weds 9 am. Computer Workshop Fri 9 am.

Senior Medicare Review:

Learn about 2016 Benefits

Presented by Denice Merrill,

Merrill Insurance

(949) 388-7332

Anaheim Senior Center

Tues Oct 13th 2 pm Shorecliffs Golf Course

Balance & Mobility- Tue & Thu 12:30 pm Tone Chime Choir- Wed 12pm Dapper Tappers- Fri 10am Hatha Yoga- Tue 10am Line Dance- Tue 9am & Wed 8:45 am Physical Fitness- Tue 2pm & Thu 9am Spanish Beginning- Tue 8:30 am Spanish Beg & Inter – 9 & 10am Tai Chi- Mon 9am Watercolors- Mon 11am

Tues Oct 20 2 pm Shorecliffs Golf Course

250 E. Center St Anaheim, (714) 765-4510

Brea Senior Center 500 South Sievers Ave. Brea, (714) 990-7750

Zumba Gold- Wed 10:3011:30am and Fri 11am-12pm Line Dancing- Mon 1-3pm Yoga- Tues 8:30-9:30am Health and Wellness Exercise Class- Tues 10-11:50am and Thurs 9:30- 11:30am Longevity Stick Exercise Class- Wed 9-10am and Fri 10-11am Table Tennis- Tues-Thurs 1-4pm Tai Chi- Mon and Fri 8:30-10am Tai Chi 42- Wed 8:30-9:30am Better Balance- Mon 10-11:50am

Yorba Linda Senior Center 4501 Casa Loma Yorba Linda

Watercolor- Mon 9am Horseshoes- Wed 8-9am Bingo- Wed 12-3pm Cribbage- Thurs 11:30am-2pm Bunco- Fri 12:30-3pm * Registration Required




Thu Oct 22 2 pm Polly’s Pies/Laguna Hills Thu Oct 29 10 am Mimi’s Cafe La Paz/Laguna Niguel  Mon Oct 26 2 pm Dana Point Sr Ctr/Dana Point  Sat Oct 31 3 pm Coco’s/Mission Viejo Fri Oct 16th 6 pm St Joe’s/Mission Hospital Mission Viejo Sat Oct 24th 10 am St Joe’s/Mission Hospital Mission Viejo Tues Oct 20 10 am Courtyard Marriott/Laguna Hills  Mon Oct 26th 10 am Marie Callendars/Culver Dr. Irvine  Weds Oct 28th 2 pm Carrow’s Restaurant/ Mission Viejo 

Feed Your the

Best Friend

Best Food!

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Vet-Formulated Recipes 9 9 9 9

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a healthier pet means less trips to the vet!

FOR DOGS (all dishes include coconut oil, fish oil and multi-vitamins) • USDA Chicken & Jasmine Rice, Veggies • USDA Turkey & Jasmine Rice, Veggies • USDA Beef & Sweet Potato, Veggies • USDA Alaskan Cod, Veggies • USDA Chicken, Liver, Heart, Gizzard, Veggies • USDA Turkey, Liver, Veggies • Puppy Dog - USDA Chicken, Sardine, Veggies • DermaDog - Alaskan Salmon & Cod, HPK Derma Oils

Human Grade Meats and Produce Shiny Coats, Less Shedding Smaller Stools, Solid, Less Smelly Meets or Exceeds AAFCO & NRC Requirements


9 9 9 9

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FOR CATS • USDA Chicken & Veggies, Cat Vitamins, Taurine • USDA Alaskan Cod, Veggies, Cat Vitamins, Taurine • USDA Turkey & Veggies, Cat Vitamins, Taurine Main Location Dana Point 33611 Del Obispo St • (949) 488-8900

NOW SOLD IN SAN CLEMENTE Camino Veterinary Clinic 620 Camino De Los Mares #D • 949-661-1255

******************ECRWSS***** Postal Customer

A SoCal Senior Publication C/O Community Publications P.O. Box 73188 San Clemente, CA 92673


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