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A SoCal Senior Publication

November 2015

From (L): Stephen and Denice Merrill (Merrill Insurance) and M.J. Kazemi (OC Pharmacy)




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Medicare News OC Pharmacy and Merrill Insurance Services come together to help

8 Careful Giving 10 Long-Term Care 16 What is a Stretch IRA? 18 Invest in Your Home Before Selling - Think Like a Buyer 20 Understanding Sleep Apnea 22 The Importance of Immunizations

24 Travel Can Be Tough On Legs

26 Senior Living 30 Navigating Type 2 Diabetes 40 November Events Day-by-Day 34 Destination: Boston 34

38 Dining Out: Tannins Restaurant and Wine Bar




46 Classes In and Around OC

Reverse Mortgage Solutions

Common Misconceptions about Reverse Mortgages The Lender takes the house. You retain ownership of your home. The loan is secured by a deed of trustor mortgage just like a standard mortgage. The difference is you do not make payments as long as you live in the home.

My Family will be against it. Our experience has shown that heirs that have been educated about a Reverse Mortgage are in favor of its use. It can allow family members to remain in their home without placing a financial burden on the heirs.

I can owe more than my home is worth. Your obligation will never exceed the value of the home.

The costs of a Reverse Mortgage are too high. Compared to other mortgage loans, the benefits of a Reverse Mortgage will outweigh the costs in many instances, with the member’s ability to finance all closing costs (and thus avoid out-of-pocket expenses). The major benefit of a Reverse Mortgage is having NO monthly mortgage payment, as long as the property is occupied as the primary residence. In the long term, when the Reverse Mortgage is kept for the member’s life, the costs are comparable to regular mortgage loans.

Reverse Mortgage loan proceeds/income will affect my Medicare/Social Security income. Loan proceeds DO NOT affect Social Security or Medicare benefits. It is your “tax-free” money to spend as you please. However, please consult your tax advisor should you have any questions. If I need to downsize and move, I cannot keep my Reverse Mortgage. This is True, but you may be eligible to use the remaining Equity in your Home to Buy a Property with a Reverse Mortgage.

PLEASE CALL TO DISCUSS YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS AND SITUATION. (800) 708-5626 | (949) 250-1300 ext. 110 | 19782 MacArthur Blvd. Suite 250 Irvine, California 92612

Al W. Hensling, President BRE: 01154798 NMLS: 1942

TESTIMONIALS “Our firm is pleased to be a contributor to the inaugural issue of Sorbet which will no doubt be a beneficial resource to the senior community. We have been in several other publications the Sorbert’s editor has created and they have always been a pleasure to read (Orange Magazine, HB Magazine, Newport Mesa Magazine, South County Magazine, Marmalade Magazine). As estate planning attorneys and fiduciaries, we serve the senior community and look forward to meeting many of Sorbet’s readers.” - Elaine Watrous, The Law Offices of Donald A. Hunsberger “I have been advertising with Community Publications consistently since the launch of South County Magazine several years ago. The primary reason for this continued investment is the results we get in terms of brand awareness, lead generation, and sales. Another good reason is Community Publications’ outstanding customer service and their sincere desire to contribute their advertiser’s success. My advice is to try them. I’m sure it will be worth it.” - C. Lawrence “Larry” Thomas, Long-term Care Insurance - Insurance 101 “When I was asked if I wanted to be included in Community Publications new magazine Sorbet, I had no hesitation. Working with Jody Robinson over the past few years, I knew she would create another professional, easy to read, and informative magazine that would appeal to seniors. I felt Sorbet would be the perfect fit for me to be able to inform seniors regarding Sleep Apnea treatment alternatives.” -  Scott E. West, D.D.S.    “As an Orange County real estate professional who specializes in the senior market, I am always looking for new and better avenues to reach new clients. With attractive design, interesting articles, and information pertinent to seniors, Sorbet is the definitive periodical for the growing senior market. Not only will it assist me in expanding my real estate business, Sorbet will also be a valuable resource to the expanding 55+ population in

the OC.” - Bruce Ballantine, Evergreen Realty

“Simply put, advertising in the magazines produced by Community Publications works. My participation has resulted in new customers and the process couldn’t have been easier. Not only did they offer design services at no charge, they created a great ad without needing much input from me because they took the time to really understand my business. The resulting ad does a great job of getting my ‘message’ out - I’m very pleased.” - Betty Darroch, Mission Wigs

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“I placed an ad in the community magazines produced by Community Publications to increase awareness of my product, but I had no idea the impact it would have! I’ve received great response and would definitely recommend these community publications to other local business owners.” - Kathy Crifasi, HipzBag NOVEMBER 2015



A SoCal Senior Publication

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CAREFUL GIVING: Suggestions for Passing Gifts to Care Providers

PRACTICAL GUIDELINES In the common sense area, don’t take the health provider to see the lawyer, and don’t let your health provider be your trustee; get someone else. If you don’t have a family member or friend for the job, find a Private Fiduciary to take you to the lawyer and serve as your Trustee/Executor/ Agent. Otherwise, it looks like you’ve been steam-rolled, and it makes the government nervous.

By Donald A. Hunsberger

According to the Orange County Register, a 91-year-old woman from Brea died in mid-2014, and left her entire estate to her caregiver. After officials discovered the transfer, they removed her assistant as trustee and took away the home she left him.

Likewise, don’t discuss your plan with your caregiver, ever. This is something which leads to problems. Keep the process to yourself; don’t let him or her see the documents when they are done. Instead, spend time with outside persons other than your provider. Remember that the image of the isolated senior is what the courts and the agencies are looking for when they examine these cases for people who may have been victimized.


hy? According to the District Attorney and the ruling Judge, the facts of the case demonstrated “Fraud and Undue Influence” by the caregiver.

A caregiver has worked for you in your later years; How can you to safely include this person in your will or your trust? Can you avoid the accusations that destroyed this 91-year-old’s wishes?

Further, ask your lawyer about a “life estate” instead of making an outright transfer to the caregiver. This helps the provider during his or her life, and then delivers the asset to your friends, family or a charity following the caregiver’s death. Name a third party (not the provider) as the trustee (perhaps a private fiduciary) instead of the caregiver. This level of control on your part is not consistent with “undue influence,” and should calm the courts and placate the prosecutors.

To avoid the Brea woman’s result, consider a few specific rules from both the Probate Code and from common sense experience to show that the senior receiving the health care –the employer- has not been unduly influenced to name the care provider as an estate beneficiary. Probate law in California reflects years of problems with caretakers of the elderly. Following these rules may help to avoid both the appearance of – and actual—undue influence by the targets of the law.

At the same time, don’t name the provider as the sole beneficiary, or even the largest beneficiary. It just looks too suspicious. Name family, a Church, a School or a Hospital as beneficiaries along with the provider.


Remember, there are both good and bad people in every profession. The Probate Code is not there to punish the elderly, it exists to protect us. If there is a caregiver who objects to any of the suggestions above, it may be time to search for a new health care provider: this one may only be looking after his or her own well being, not for yours.

First, the statutes provide that a senior changing her planning documents to benefit a caregiver should not act either 90 days before or 90 days after the provider comes to work for her. That makes sense: nobody gives her estate to a person she just met three months ago unless she had somehow been “hypnotized” by being with the caregiver 24 hours a day. The senior in this situation should see an attorney and wait for the time to pass; don’t present the image of being hustled by a new health care giver.

Hunsberger Law is a full-service estate and business planning legal firm, with estate planning attorneys and a licensed, professional fiduciary on staff. Connect with Don Hunsberger by calling (714) 663-8000 or visit

Second, make sure your lawyer introduces you to an attorney who is not a part of her firm to interview you and complete the form provided in the Probate Code. Keep this Independent Review with the documents you receive. NOVEMBER 2015



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LTC 101: If qualifying for long-term care insurance is a problem, are there options? C. Lawrence “Larry” Thomas

The short answer is, well, maybe. While it depends on why a person is not qualified for longterm care (LTC) insurance, there is an option, a, single premium, fixed, deferred annuity that is designed with built-in long-term care benefits.


he advantages of this option are that it is easier to qualify for than insurance, has long-term care benefits, and if you don’t need long-term care, the money in the annuity can be used as income or passed on to heirs. What is a fixed annuity? Simply stated it is a long-term, tax deferred, insurance contract designed for retirement. With a fixed annuity the retiree creates a stream of income for his or her lifetime or a certain number of years, their choice. The money placed in the annuity grows by a fixed and guaranteed interest rate. Taxes are deferred until the money is taken out. The annuity option discussed here also features LTC benefits. These benefits are accessed in much the same way as the other forms of LTC coverage. To start the benefits, the covered person must need substantial assistance with two of the six activities of daily living (eating, bathing, dressing, continence, transferring, and toileting) or have a severe cognitive impairment. A medical professional must certify these conditions.

contract period, say ten years. If the decision is made to take the money out early, a “surrender charge” may apply. However, authorized LTC benefits are immediately available, tax–free, and with no surrender charge. The source for the funding of an annuity like this is usually money that is set-aside for a rainy day. Answering the question: “what would I need to liquidate if I needed long-term care tomorrow?” may put the source in focus. It may be another annuity or a CD.

Once LTC payments are approved, and after a waiting period, the benefits are paid tax-free. Some of these annuities also have an optional feature that continues longterm care benefits for up to 9 years (conditions apply). The continuation payments are also tax-free.

There are lots of details that you must understand before you select this option. Please give us a call for a personalized illustration and Outline of Coverage. There is never a charge for consultation.

One or two persons, called annuitants, can purchase these annuities. The LTC benefits can be paid to either annuitant individually or both at the same time. Long-term care insurance is medically underwritten. Generally an insurance applicant must be in averageor-better health to qualify. The annuity option is also medically underwritten, but the applicant’s state of health can be “fair” and still qualify. Medical underwriting is, of course, very specific to the applicant’s personal situation.

C. Lawrence “Larry” Thomas began working with long-term care and Medicare programs in the mid1980s. He is currently associated with Insurance 101 Services to provide longterm care solutions to seniors and those approaching. Larry can be reached at (949) 374-3316 or CA Insurance License # 0C79256.

This is a single premium annuity. That means that the annuitant(s) must deposit a large sum into the annuity which grows at a fixed rate of interest over an extended, NOVEMBER 2015






From (L): Stephen and Denice Merrill (Merrill Insurance Services), M.J. Kazemi (OC Pharmacy) and OC Pharmacy client Twila Warner.


OC Pharmacy and Merrill Insurance come together to help When you’re feeling under the weather and need your prescription filled, there is something said for speedy service that is professional and above all: caring. Chances are, you’ve spent more time than you wanted to in the waiting room at your doctor’s office.


ou don’t feel well, and the last thing you want to do is stop somewhere else to fill your prescriptions. All of it is enough to make you want to call your mother to come take care of you. Well, that’s exactly what the folks at OC Pharmacy had in mind when they opened for business.

Medicare plans are not great at communicating. What they don’t tell you is that your plan may change every year. The plan that you currently have is supposed to inform you of any changes, but it’s usually by mail and either gets lost or tossed out with the junk mail. OC Pharmacy and Merril Insurance have always had great communication and a common goal to help our senior population. Now we are taking it to the next level by helping seniors nail down the best plan for 2016.

We’ve covered OC Pharmacy in the past, however, this issue is a little bit different. This fall, OC Pharmacy has teamed up with Merrill Insurance Services, two small businesses that call South Orange County their home, to help our seniors better understand and navigate one of the most complicated life events: signing up for Medicare.

This fall, OC Pharmacy began offering free Medicare prescription drug plan (PDP) reviews to the community seniors. You don’t have to be a current OC Pharmacy patient to participate, just call them up to make an appointment. They will sit down with you, verify your medication list, and review your Medicare drug coverage for 2016 and what your options are, all at no cost to you. You’ll be able to see

You may thinking, “that’s not hard at all, I was auto-enrolled without doing a thing and have had that plan for years!” If you’re one of those people then you are in for a surprise. NOVEMBER 2015



Photo credit: Nicole Staab, ROF Industries

exactly how much you will pay out of pocket for things like co-pays. You’ll know ahead of time whether a medication will need a pesky prior-authorization come January so OC Pharmacy can prepare for it now instead of in January when the medical industry is in a frenzy adjusting to all the new changes that come annually. You can even see which plans will try to force you to switch to their mail order services, or even worse, to CVS! Now, the drug portion of your Medicare plan is only one part of your whole multi-part Medicare coverage. To keep it simple, think of Medicare as two portions: (1) Drug coverage, and (2) Medical coverage. Of course, there is more to it than just those two segments, but those 2 will probably impact you the most: your medical coverage determines what doctors you can see, what hospitals you can go to, what your office-visit co-pays are, etc. and your Drug coverage determines what drugs you’re allowed to take, when you’re allowed to take them, and your copayment amounts. While OC Pharmacy doesn’t have the necessary tools to help you with the medical coverage portion of your plan, Merrill Insurance Services can help you identify the best medical coverage for you. For this issue, we sat down with Omeed Askari from OC Pharmacy and Denice Merrill from Merrill Insurance Services to answer some questions about Medicare Enrollment: Sorbet: When should seniors start thinking about scheduling their appointments with OC Pharmacy and Merrill Insurance Services?  Owner/Compounding Pharmacist MJ Kazemi (center)

Merrill Insurance Services: NOW is the time to call. Get in this month The deadline to make changes is Dec 7th.

surrounded by the OC Pharmacy team (from left) Casey Ringler, Jacob Barby, Sadaf Bahadoran, Omeed Askari, Ellie Delune and Patteeh Manalo

Sorbet: Why should a person contact your agency “Merrill Insurance Services, Inc” rather than using their Financial Planner, Auto Insurance Provider, or a general Insurance Broker?

Sorbet: Why is the system so complicated? OC Pharmacy: Medicare used to be a lot easier to handle when it was a single-payer, federal-run insurance system. Medicare was semi-privatized under the Bush jr. administration in 2003 under the “Medicare Modernization Act”. This meant that private insurance companies would create Medicare departments, with their own rules, payment structures, etc. This change really complicated things, and made them more expensive, for seniors as well as doctors and pharmacists. We all lost. Only the insurance companies gained.

MIS: Merrill Insurance Services, Inc. focuses on Medicare choices exclusively, not a shop that tries to do multiple insurances. Look for a “Medicare Broker” and ask this question specifically! We are Medicare Brokers which means we are licensed to represent a large variety of plans in your area.

This fall, OC Pharmacy began offering free Medicare prescription drug plan (PDP) reviews to the community seniors. You don’t have to be a current OC Pharmacy patient to participate, just call them up to make an appointment. NOVEMBER 2015

Sorbet: Other than contacting you to get enrolled for 2016, what can patients do to make the Medicare part of their life simpler? OCP: Unfortunately, Medicare is very political. The only way to effect change in Medicare is to contact your elected officials. Luckily, at OC Pharmacy, we have a political expert to navigate the field. We can help you deliver a decisive 13


At the moment no other brokerage in the area is offering this type of partnered-service like OC Pharmacy and Merrill Insurance Services.

Medicare plans and they are experts when it comes to enrolling a patient in their Medical coverage plan. Sorbet: Denice, can you explain what a preferred pharmacy is? MIS: OC Pharm is a “Preferred Pharmacy” with many Medicare plans and this is going to become an even more important aspect as our Medicare benefits change over the next few years. “Preferred” status allows for seniors to get their medications locally at a lower cost.

message to your representatives. We need to do this as a community; we need to tell our representatives they’ve lost our votes if they don’t take the greed out of Medicare. Private companies are setup to make a profit, and it seems wrong to us at OC Pharmacy that insurers should take advantage of our retired seniors like that. Now is the time to make your voices heard! If you live in San Juan, your Reps are either Dana Rohrabacher or Darrell Issa. It’s also important to reach out to our California Senators, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein.

Sorbet: Omeed, how can your joint-services with Merrill Insurance Services make the enrollment process easier for patients? OCP: When we know the plan details in advanced of the 2016 effective date, OC Pharmacy can pro-actively call the doctor’s office directly to discuss medications that may be equivalent or alternatives in cases where a medication may be very costly and look for lower cost options.

Sorbet: As a patient, what is the most effective way to contact my elected official?

Sorbet: Why come to Merrill Insurance Services and OC Pharmacy over other brokers and pharmacies offering similar services?

OCP: Great question. The best method is a bit old school: writing a letter. All you need to do is write a letter addressed to your representative, but send that letter to your local newspaper’s editor. Staffers from the offices of elected officials put together a daily report showing any editorials from the top newspapers in their district. For example, trying to reach Rep. Darrell Issa of San Juan (District 49)? Send a letter to the editor at the Capistrano Dispatch. Trying to catch Senator Boxers attention? Send a letter to the editor at the OC Register. So few people do that these days that your letter is bound to be published and end up on your representative’s desk the following morning!

MIS: At the moment no other brokerage in the area is offering this type of partnered-service like OC Pharmacy and Merrill Insurance Services. The insurance industry has changed significantly over the last few years and unless you have a broker that really knows Medicare, you can be lead down the wrong path. Some insurance agents only work with or for one company you’ll only hear how great that company’s benefits are, but not know if there may be better alternatives especially when it comes to medications. Sorbet: How do Medicare Plans come up with the co-pays amount?

Sorbet: Why not use Merrill Insurance Services for selecting both the prescription drug portion and the medical portion of a Medicare plan?

OCP: Every Medicare insurance plan has different costs on the medications they cover. This is called a formulary. OC Pharmacy and Merrill Insurance Services review all plans in your area to help you make the decision that best fits your needs. This is where Merrill Insurance Medicare Brokers & OC Pharmacy staff members will work together to help seniors to find their best solutions for 2016!

MIS: OC Pharmacy is doing something that other pharmacies have never done which is to pro-actively gather the seniors list of medications from history and help to provide choices that would help them to stay with their local pharmacist. Research has shown that seniors that utilize a local pharmacy with personal contacts are more likely to take their medications regularly and overall have better success.

Sorbet: So what do seniors need to do to get started? OCP: Just call us at (949) 429-5102, ask for Sarah, and schedule your Medicare Enrollment Review today!

Sorbet: Omeed, why should seniors use Merrill Insurance Services instead of enrolling in a new plan with you? OCP: While we’re able to help a patient enroll through the whole process, when it comes to the Medical coverage portion of a Medicare plan we just don’t know enough in the pharmacy. Denice and Stephen at Merrill Insurance Services have many years of experience navigating NOVEMBER 2015

Connect with OC Pharmacy by calling (949) 429-5102. OC Pharmacy is located at 31654 Rancho Viejo Road in San Juan Capistrano. Denice Merrill can be reached by calling (949) 388-7332. 14



SENIOR CARE “Providing The Care You Need From The People Who Care” Randy and Caryn Rose & Chris Sumer

• Short Term & Long Term Care • Companionship Care • Hourly & Livein Care 24/7 • Meal Preparation • Errands & Shopping • Bathing & Dressing • Transportation • Personal Care Assistance


• Care Management • Medication Reminders • Monitoring of Vital Signs

Family Owned and Operated Call Today for a FREE Personalized Care Plan

Hearing exam is always free. This is not a medical exam and is intended for amplification only. Offers cannot be combined with other offers or previous purchases.

949-916-5777 26941 Cabot Rd., Ste. 130, Laguna Hills NOVEMBER 2015



What Is a

Stretch IRA? By Ken Earwood

The Investment Company Institute reports that there is roughly $6.5 trillion in Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA). To help put that in perspective, that’s well over one-third the annual gross domestic product of the U.S.


the inherited IRA must begin taking RMDs based on his or her life expectancy. (See illustration.)

f you have a traditional IRA, you may have the opportunity to stretch it out, meaning the account may be structured to extend its tax-deferred status across multiple generations.3

This gives the money in the inherited IRA a longer time to remain tax Fast Fact deferred. Keep in mind, however, that there is no guarantee that the person who inherited the IRA will continue the tax-deferred treatment of the account.

With a traditional IRA, the account holder must begin taking required minimum distributions (RMD) by April 1 of the year after he or she turns 70½. These payments are based on the IRS’ tables for life expectancy. To calculate an RMD, divide the account balance by the account holder’s anticipated lifespan.

HOW ABOUT A ROTH IRA? Stretching a Roth IRA follows similar rules to a traditional IRA. But remember, a Roth IRA does not require any

CASE STUDY Let’s assume, for example, a 73-year-old has an IRA with a balance of $250,000. According to the Internal Revenue Service’s 2014 lifespan table, the person’s life expectancy is 14.8 years, so the RMD is:

Stretching an IRA can be a powerful strategy. But it’s critical to understand the limitations and benefits before following the approach.

$250,000 ÷ 14.8 = $16,891.89 At that rate, it may take several years to deplete the account — in some cases, longer than the account owner is likely to be alive. So what are your options? First, you can name your spouse as beneficiary of the traditional IRA, and he or she can roll the balance into a new account. If your spouse is over age 70½ when you die, he or she must begin taking RMDs based on his or her life expectancy. When your spouse dies, the second-generation beneficiary may transfer the balance into an inherited IRA. Then, the owner of NOVEMBER 2015



RMDs. If you name your spouse as a beneficiary, he or she can roll the balance into a new Roth account. Since it remains a Roth IRA, your spouse is not required to take RMDs either. When your spouse passes, the beneficiary must begin taking distributions. The distributions will be tax-free since it’s a Roth IRA. Stretching an IRA can be a powerful strategy. But it’s critical to understand the limitations and benefits before following the approach.

HOW DOES IT WORK? A single father, age 55, rolls over $250,000 from his employer’s retirement plan into a traditional

IRA and names his son, age 25, as beneficiary. At age 70½, the account owner starts taking RMDs. When he dies at age 80, his son moves the assets into an inherited IRA and starts taking RMDs based his life expectancy. By the time it’s exhausted, the IRA will have lasted 85 years and paid out over $2 million in benefits — all from a $250,000 rollover. This is a hypothetical example used for illustrative purposes only. It is not representative of any specific investment or combination of investments. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Actual results will vary.

Ken Earwood is a professional financial advisor with more than 20 years of experience serving clients in the financial service industry. CA Lic. #: OC44710. He can be reached at 16531 Bolsa Chica St. Ste. 250 in Huntington Beach, CA 92649. or call (714) 840-9283, ext. 2. Securities offered through Parkland Securities, LLC. Member FINRA/SIPC.

Investment Company Institute, 2014; As of December 31, 2013 U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2014 Contributions to a traditional IRA may be fully or partially deductible, depending on your individual circumstance. Distributions from traditional IRA and most other employer–sponsored retirement plans are taxed as ordinary income and, if taken before age 59½, may be subject to a 10% federal income tax penalty. Generally, once you reach age 70½, you must begin taking required minimum distributions. To qualify for the tax-free and penalty– free withdrawal of earnings, Roth IRA distributions must meet a five-year holding requirement and occur after age 59½. Taxfree and penalty-free withdrawal also can be taken under certain other circumstances, such as a result of the owner’s death. The content is developed from sources believed to be providing accurate information. The information in this material is not intended as tax or legal advice. It may not be used for the purpose of avoiding any federal tax penalties. Please consult legal or tax professionals for specific information regarding your individual situation. Some of this material was developed and produced by FMG, LLC, to provide information on a topic that may be of interest. FMG, LLC, is not affiliated with the named broker-dealer, state- or SEC-registered investment advisory firm. The opinions expressed and material provided are for general information, and should not be considered a solicitation for the purchase or sale.

Have you ever reviewed your Rx with a Medicare Insurance “Broker?”


A Medicare Insurance Broker does not work directly for any one company/carrier and therefore can offer a number of different plans. ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL.

f you have worked with an Agent that didn’t offer to review your medications to verify the plan you are on is the best fit for you, they are probably not a Medicare Insurance Broker.

Clients love that we still make House Calls and are local… Here is a typical response after meeting with a new client….

“I never knew that I could have someone like you come to my home, offer various Medicare Plans in the area, do an analysis on my specific medications and keep the doctors I need. Wow, and at no cost! Thank you so much!!”

I’m frequently asked “what do I owe you for your time or how can I compensate you?” The answer is NOTHING. As an independent Agent/Broker, we do get paid from the Insurance Company per enrollment as we are Independent Licensed representatives. We get paid the same regardless of which plan you are enrolled with – completely unbiased. This does not increase the cost of your plan to you in any way.

Denice Merrill

Orange County Local Sales Broker Co-Owner Merrill Insurance Services, Inc. Specializing in Medicare Plan Choices Over 10 Years Experience 949-388-7332- Direct CA LIC# 0D99790

EDUCATION IS KEY! Brokers must get certified with each of the plans every year to be able to confidently and legally show more than one option. This is a true dedication and commitment to the industry. Look for a local Medicare Broker in your area, not an 800# with an out of state telesales staff. Find us in publications like these.




Invest in Your Home Before Selling…

Think Like A Buyer By Bruce Ballantine

If you’re ready to downsize, consider the following to make your home appealing to the millennial generation of new homebuyers.


emember when you bought your first home? Remember feeling the angst and uncertainty whether or not you could afford the mortgage payment? Can you picture the decorating and the general condition of that first home? For today’s young millennial buyer (age 21-35) jobs can change often and quickly. The world has changed from when you settled into your career. Back in the day (an overused but accurate saying) when you achieved your full-time job status, most employers prided themselves in retaining their employees for their entire working career. Years ago a stable job was most common in the workplace. Depending on today’s millennial outlook they will have 4-8 different employers throughout their working lifetime. This job movement has an affect on their buying decision when searching for their first home. Much of their decision involves the question, “will I have trouble selling this home in a few years if I have to sell, and will its value support my next move.” Therefore the condition of your home is critical when deciding to enter the real estate market ready to sell.

make sure you take care of any major structural issues and present your home de-cluttered and clean. Otherwise, you will be disappointed in the lack of results when you try to sell your home. My best advice is to start with a real estate agent you trust. Have them stop over to do a walk through and give you their opinion as to what improvements are needed to achieve your price point goal. You can sell your home in any condition but the price must reflect the structural and cosmetic condition. There can be a large difference in sales price from a home presented beautifully and structurally sound to the home that shows poorly and needs structural upgrades. If you do decide to stage your home and use a professional stager as they are are trained to spend the least to gain the most for you the seller

When your real estate agent visits you to begin a game plan and assess your home’s value, be prepared for a discussion about investing in your home. Try to have an open mind because a little bit of paint, flooring and positioning of furniture can reward you with thousands of dollars when it comes to an offer. Today’s buyers do not want to paint, scrub and upgrade. In many cases they have great incomes but very little in reserves for upgrades. Therefore when they see a home that is in ‘move in’ condition, a properly priced home will sell quickly. They will make a fabulous offer and in many cases compete with other buyers for your home. Many well-prepared homes are getting over-asking in a matter of days!

There are almost 80 million millennials (some called generation x) many of whom are either living with their parents or delaying starting a family. This group is getting ready to leave the nest and start their families. This may be the best opportunity in 8 years. Interest rates are still at record lows and buyers are out in great numbers. If you are thinking of selling, it is best to think like a buyer.

Speaking of buyers, we are experiencing a surge in lender pre-approvals (an approval of a buyer’s credit and purchasing power before putting in an offer), which means that there are a multitude of young purchasers just waiting for the right home. The right home refers to the well-appointed property that has no structural defects. Younger buyers are looking for well-appointed homes that they can move into right away. Structural defect refers to the condition of the roof, furnace, plumbing, electric systems, etc. If you decide to do nothing cosmetically, NOVEMBER 2015

Bruce Ballantine is a Seniors Real Estate Specialist and Certified Senior Advisor/Realtor Associate with Evergreen Realty. CalBRE #001783833. He can be reached by calling (949) 632-2923 or bruce. 18


non surgical

top of head hair system for women BEFORE


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Understanding Sleep Apnea By Scott E. West, D.D.S., F.A.G.D. Diplomat of the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorder Disciplines

Recently in the media there has been a lot of buzz about Sleep Apnea. I would like to clear up some of the mystery surrounding this important medical issue and hopefully leave you with a better understanding as to cause, steps to treatment, and better health. So, let’s review the symptoms of Sleep Apnea. 1. Waking up with a very dry or sore throat 2. Loud snoring 3. Waking with a choking or gasping sensation 4. Sleepiness or lack of energy during the day 5. Sleepiness while driving 6. Morning headaches 7. A restless sleep pattern 8. Forgetfulness, mood changes, and decreased interest in sex

see studies where nearly all Sleep is N-1 and N-2 Sleep, which I call “Junk Sleep.” As with “Junk Food” - no real benefits come from it. If it is found you have Sleep Apnea, your doctor will recommend CPAP therapy. CPAP stands for “Continuous Positive Air Pressure.” It is a mask which fits over the mouth and nose, or nose only. It delivers air at a certain pressure to prevent the collapse of the airway. However, over 50 percent of those patients who know they should wear the mask either can’t wear it or simply won’t.

Next, what are the medical effects caused by Sleep Apnea? 1. Hypertension 2. Heart Disease 3. Stroke 4. Depression 5. Diabetes 6. Alzheimer’s Disease 7. Again, forgetfulness, mood changes, and decreased interest in sex 8.  Premature Death

So what can you do to get a better night’s sleep? Find a dentist that has a good background in treating Sleep Apnea patients with “Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT).” OAT is the best alternative to the CPAP. And unlike the CPAP mask, compliance is over 95%.

If you are regularly experiencing any of these symptoms, see your doctor! Let him know how you’re doing and ask about Sleep Apnea. Your physician will most likely suggest a Sleep Study. Here they collect all the data needed for diagnosis and answer some very important questions. The study will determine if you have Sleep Apnea, and if so, how severe (number of events per hour which are closing off your airway). The scale goes, 0-5 events per hour is normal, 5-15 is considered mild, 15-30 moderate, and 30 and above severe. If you are having over 5 events per hour, treatment is recommended.

The following are some pointers for finding the right dentist. Has he worked closely with the Sleep Centers and medical doctors in the community? Is he able to interpret your Sleep Study, analyze your situation, and make an appliance customized to your needs? How many years has he been making Sleep Appliances? Does he work with more than one type of Appliance? And, what is his success rate?

Another key item used for diagnosis are the Stages of Sleep. Ideally it is good to have at least 20% REM Sleep. You may have heard of this, it stands for Rapid Eye Movement. This is the stage of Sleep were dreaming takes place, the mind’s organization of memories, and retention of learning. You also need to have about 20% N-3 Sleep, or what is called “Restorative Sleep.” This is when you get some real rest, at the same time growth hormones are released while your body is repairing itself. I very often

Essentially, treating Sleep Apnea properly will make a huge impact on your life. Don’t wait any longer, call today!


Finally, is he a Medicare provider with a staff knowledgeable in both Medicare and Medical Insurance?

Scott West D.D.S. F.A.G.D. practices in Lake Forest CA. For more info, call (949) 829-6700 or visit 20


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The Importance of Vaccinations

for Older Adults

You might think that staying up-to-date with vaccinations ends when you are a child. The truth is older adults also need to follow a regular vaccination schedule to reduce the risk of spreading diseases, developing serious illnesses, and even death. Immunizations play a role in lowering your risk of contracting diseases, and are an integral part of staying healthy.


accines have played a huge part in reducing and even eliminating severe illnesses, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). However, thousands of adults in the United States are hospitalized, treated, and even die from diseases that have vaccines available. Our immune system weakens after the age of 60, increasing our risk of being unable to recover from deadly ailments.

to develop into blisters. Although shingles aren’t life threatening, a vaccination can help reduce your risk of catching this painful illness.

CalOptima, the health insurance provider for thousands of adults and children throughout Orange County, recommends visiting your health care professional to review your immunizations record. They offer the following vaccination recommendations for older adults:

INFLUENZA: influenza, or the flu, is caused by a virus that can spread very quickly. It is also one of the leading causes of hospitalizations and death in older adults. It is important to get your flu vaccine at your doctor’s office or at a local pharmacy every year.

SHINGLES: known as the Zoster vaccine, it is typically administered to protect against shingles in people 60 years and older. Typically, it is characterized by a rash that tends

PNEUMONIA: pneumonia is a bacterial or viral infection in your lungs or bloodstream. The two-part pneumococcal vaccine is recommended for those over the age of 65. It is especially important to become vaccinated if you have long term health problems such as asthma.

Being informed is the first step to staying healthy. CalOptima recommends you to consult your primary care physician about your past, present, and future vaccination record.

CalOptima is a county organized health system, and provides publicly funded health care coverage for low-income children, adults, seniors and people with disabilities in Orange County. In total, CalOptima serves more than 740,000 members with a network of more than 7,500 primary care doctors and specialists, as well as 30 hospitals. NOVEMBER 2015



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Subject of the Month: Financing Long-term Care Services Financing long-term care services (assistance with eating, dressing, bathing, toileting, and transferring – i.e., from a bed to a chair and walking) either in a facility or at home can be very costly; $7,000 to $10,000 per month is common today. There are three choices for financing this assistance: Choice 1, Self-fund: Liquidate and spend your personal assets or receive personal or financial assistance from family or friends. Choice 2: Liquidate and spend your personal assets until you qualify for MediCal long-term care coverage which will pay for all or part of you care depending on you personal situation. Choice 3: Fund this care through an insurance company by the purchase of either long-term care insurance or innovative long-term care coverage combined with life insurance or an annuity With this choice, if you never need long-term care or don’t use the entire benefit, you still have the end-oflife benefit that will transfer to your beneficiaries. For details, give us a call. There is never a charge for information or consultations.

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR AN ALTERNATIVE TO THE CPAP MASK? FACT: Oral Appliance Therapy has been proven to be the best alternative treatment for Sleep Apnea and Snoring

FACT: Oral Sleep Appliances are made by dentists.

Q. SO, HOW DO YOU SELECT THE RIGHT DENTIST TO MAKE AN APPLIANCE THAT WILL BE SUCCESSFUL FOR YOU? A. GET A YES TO THE 10 QUESTIONS BELOW: 1. Does the Dentist have over 10 years experience in this field? 2. Does the Dentist work with more than one type of appliance? 3. Is the Dentist able to show you his Success Stories? 4. Does the Dentist work closely with Sleep Centers in your area. 5. Does the Dentist follow-up with you to make sure you get the best results? 6. Is the Dentist a Diplomate of a Sleep Academy? 7. Does the Dentist have good reviews on Healthgrades and Yelp? 8. Is the Dentist a Medicare Provider? 9. Is the Dentist’s Staff well trained on billing Medical Insurance? 10. Does the Dentist have an informative website on this subject.

CALL Y TODA (949) 829-6700



SCOTT E. WEST D.D.S., F.A.G.D. • Diplomate of the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorder Disciplines • 22672 Lambert St. #603, Lake Forest CA, 92630 NOVEMBER 2015



Travel Can Be Tough on Your Legs Medical compression stockings and socks are a travel essential By Livia De Los Rios


any people travel long distances and have to remain seated for two or three hours or even longer. They might not think much of it, but when movement is constrained, the blood circulation in the legs is restricted. This can contribute to heavy legs, leg pain and swollen feet and ankles.

to help avoid heavy, tired and achy legs and the swelling of feet and ankles.

Unlike the products available at your local drugstore, • Wear comfortable JOBST™ medical compresclothing sion stockings and socks are • Drink plenty of fluids recommended by physicians (avoid alcohol) for their clinically proven gra• Stand up and stretch dient compression benefit. several times during Medical compression prodtravel ucts reduce swelling and • Wear gradient helps prevent the pooling of compression legwear fluid in the venous or lymph systems. The stylish cotton blend dress socks and compression hose available today increase tissue pressure to help balance the flow of fluid across the capillaries of the limb.

Prolonged sitting is also a major risk factor for the development of phlebitis and Deep-vein Thrombosis (DVT). Deep-vein Thrombosis involves the formation of blood clots (thrombi) in the deep leg veins during prolonged inactivity. In some cases, blood clots can migrate to the lungs resulting in a pulmonary embolism. When seated without moving for a few hours – whether by plane, train or automobile the risk of DVT could be four times higher and can happen to anyone during travel, regardless of age, weight or lifestyle.

 JOBSTTM compression socks

Livia De Los Rios is president and CEO of Allied Medical Supply located at 424 S. Main St., Suite M in Orange. She can be reached by calling (714) 935-9200 or visit

JOBST™ medical compression stockings and socks are a simple and comfortable way NOVEMBER 2015

Tips to reducing the discomfort and risks associated with prolonged inactivity:



Medicare can be complicated. We make it simple. If you have questions about your Medicare, our team has the answers you need.

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You Don’t Have to Dodge the Conversation By Angela Clark, MBA, RN

Senior living can be a scary conversation for many people while in fact most don’t know where to start or even what options are available in their local community.


oday, it’s still common for people to still use terms to describe senior living options as “The Home,” “Facility” or a “Room” while in actuality senior living communities offer stylish apartment type living with restaurant-style dining including many services such as entertainment, housekeeping and transportation. Today, there are a wide variety of options to meet any social or medical need spanning from true independent living to research based programs that support a better quality of life for those afflicted with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

a senior living option before a crisis occurs?” Additionally, the idea of sifting through all the many choices can be a both overwhelming and confusing. After all, this decision will probably be one of the more important decisions you and your family will make - so it is important to do your research and make the best decision that will enhance the aging process. Here are a few tips to start the process:


The biggest question tends to be “How do I start the conversation with my parents or spouse about researching

Don’t wait for a crisis to start the conversation. Plan early and make sure it is an ongoing discussion. In a crisis you will often be rushed to make quick reactionary decisions. Senior Living communities have a lot to offer and you want to be able to take advantage of all they have with their services.

Senior living choices can be as simple as to downsize your home, have housekeeping services, provide socialization, or transportation. Times have changed and these are not “old folk homes.”



It’s always best to work with an expert in senior living someone who not only knows all the options, but is willing to sit down with you and your loved ones to truly understand the needs and desired lifestyle.





In the end it is important that your communication states your concern and avoids judgment or criticizing. Share your own emotions and concerns in relation to what you are seeing and feel your loved one requires. For example, “Dad I am really concerned that you are having pain, it’s getting harder for you to clean the house and cook nutritious meals consistently. This can really affect your health in the long run. There are some options we can explore that might make life easier for you.”

Touring senior communities is truly the best way to educate yourself on all the many choices available today. How can you make decisions on something you have never experienced? Many people have a perception of what senior living is. Go experience it firsthand.


Making any change often creates fear of the unknown. Seniors often make statements such as: “I am not ready,” “I am not moving from my home,” or “I don’t need that yet.” Senior living choices can be as simple as to downsize your home, have housekeeping services, provide socialization, or transportation. Times have changed and these are not “old folk homes.” It is important to listen to the concerns of the senior and then address those concerns again when you are visiting communities to keep the conversation headed in the right direction.

Lastly, it is always important to share that you are concerned and this is about a peace of mind for everyone. The right senior living decision is always an informed one.

Angela Neale Clark MBA, RN is the CEO and Founder of Living Your Choice, a free Placement Company that guides seniors and their families to build a customized plan for senior living options. Angela has had over twenty years experience in the industry and has helped thousands of families. She can be reached at 800-419-9098 ext. 801 or visit


Engage other seniors you may know that have already made the move to senior living to talk to you or your loved one. Ask them to come with you as you tour your options. If you don’t have friends that have made the decision yet, ask the community to match you with likeminded individuals so you can ask questions about their experience. This is the best way everyone can get a great picture of what life can be like in a community.

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The 6 Reasons We Hear Better with Two Ears

by Randy W. Rose, President - Rose Hearing Aid Centers


ver the years of helping people hear well again, I get this question “Can I just wear one hearing aid” and I always say you can but you lose a lot in the ear you choose not to help. There are those ‘situations” which allows for one hearing aid. One reason is the ear is completely deaf and the other ear is correctible, in which case you could wear just an aid in the correctible ear. However, we sometimes use a Bi-Cross to bring the sound from the bad ear to the correctible ear. This allows the person to feel as though they are can hear with both sides and in many cases gives back the sense of direction. The following are the six reasons we hear better with two ears:

both ears, but decide to only wear one instrument in the ear that needs help the most, the ear that is deprived of stimulation might get even lazier. This condition is known as “Auditory Deprivation,” and the only way to combat it is to keep both ears active.

1 WHEN TWO HEARING AIDS ARE WORN VS. ONE, LESS POWER (GAIN) IS NEEDED. When the ears are working together a lower volume setting is needed for comfort.


Clearer and efficient Hearing is the experience you will have wearing two hearing aids vs. wearing only one. Sounds that are loud will be more comfortable and the ability to listen and block background noise will lessen your stress level.

Whenever several people are talking at the same time, such as in a restaurant, it becomes difficult to understand the people at the table with you. With one listening ear, a person hears all the voices blending together. Voice discrimination in noise is difficult with two ears and becomes almost impossible with only one ear. New digital hearing instruments “binaurally” will give you the best advantage to hearing in noise.

2 STEREO LISTENING GIVES DEPTH PERCEPTION. Anyone has enjoyed music in stereo, compared to mono, knows the difference. Mono makes all sounds seem shallow, flat and unnatural. Your brain has the ability to hear in stereo. But, to do so requires that the sounds be delivered by both ears. Not only are the sounds more natural, they can also be understood more clearly.

6 QUALITY OF LIFE THROUGH BETTER SOUND. The majority of hearing instrument users who have worn both binaural and monaural hearing instruments report a significant difference in sound quality. Those people who now use binaural hearing instruments will tell you that “Listening with two aided ears is the only way to fully enjoy the 3D world in which we live.”

3 DETECTING SOUND DIRECTION SAVES EMBARRASSMENT AND SAVES LIVES. A listener with one ear is always wondering “Where is that sound coming from?” when someone speaks. The listener has great difficulty determining the direction from which the sounds are coming, unless it is seen. Hearing with two ears provides the ability to determine sound. Binaural listening gives the listener a sense of location and the ability to locate sounds, not only horizontally, but also vertically.

Randy W. Rose is a hearing instrument specialist and owner of Rose Hearing Aid Centers in Dana Point & Encinatas. Connect with him by calling (949) 388-5703, visit Rose Hearing Aid Center in the Dana Point Harbor at 24981 Dana Point Harbor Dr., Suite E-130 or visit

4 KEEPING YOUR EARS “IN SHAPE.” We hear with the brain, the ears are instruments that send signals to the brain. If you have a hearing loss in NOVEMBER 2015



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void the biggest mistakes most individuals make…..waiting too long to plan and invest for their retirement. With people living into their 90’s and beyond, you need to plan for a longer retirement time period than your parents did. Be smart with these actions steps:

1. Obtain a professionally prepared FINANCIAL PLAN that high-

lights your income, expenses and provides a statistical probability of meeting your goals.

2. Obtain a professionally prepared SOCIAL SECURITY analysis to

assist you in determining how and when to start receiving your social security benefits.


termine if your plan makes the most sense for your needs and bud-

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Navigating Type 2 Diabetes

Do you feel shaky, sweaty, dizzy or weak, have a headache, blurred vision or are confused? You might be suffering from hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, which might mean that you have Type 2 diabetes.


iabetes affects the way your body metabolizes sugar (glucose), which can lead to high blood sugar, or hyperglycemia, and is marked by increased thirst, urination, tiredness and blurred vision. If you don’t keep your blood sugar levels in the recommended target ranges, you can damage your heart, kidneys, eyes, feet, and nerves. Additional serious complications can include blindness, kidney failure and stroke. There’s no cure for diabetes – this is why it’s so important to consult your doctor to best manage your condition.

Rest assured you can still live a relatively normal life with Type 2 diabetes. Your physician might recommend medications and insulin therapy in addition to eating well, exercising, maintaining a healthy weight. CalOptima, the health insurance provider for thousands of adults and children throughout Orange County, offers these tips to keeping your blood sugar in check: • LIMIT YOUR INTAKE OF ALCOHOL AND JUICES: more often than not, drinks that are tasty usually aren’t even healthy. This is true for alcoholic and sugary juices. Instead, drink more water – and remember to stay hydrated throughout the day. If you’re not a fan of the taste of water, add slices of lemon, cucumber, or mint to give it a different flavor.

• USE A BLOOD GLUCOSE METER: doctors often recommend that patients monitor their sugar through daily blood glucose meter tests. Typically, this involves using a device to prick your finger and capture a drop of blood on a test strip to calculate your current glucose level. Remember to test your blood glucose meter at least once a week to make sure that it is still working.

• EAT AT THE SAME TIME EVERY DAY: skipping meals or eating inconsistently throughout the day can throw off your blood sugar levels. Eating at the same time and on schedule is best.

• MAINTAIN A HEALTHY WEIGHT: your physician may ask you to lose weight to help manage your diabetes. Eat three well balanced meals that contain a variety of foods from vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins – limit sweets, fats and alcohol. Additionally, participating in regular physical activity, such as daily walks, will help you lose weight and control your blood sugar levels.

Living with Type 2 diabetes isn’t easy, but it is manageable. Make a point to avoid smoking – also, take your medication as instructed. Remember to make regular appointments with your doctor to make sure that your health is on track.

• MIND STARCHES AND CARBOHYDRATES: breads, rice, pastas, tortillas, cereals and beans are staples of almost every local resident’s daily diet. While they supply us with much needed energy, our bodies also convert them into sugar. So, eat these foods in moderation and instead focus on adding servings of lean protein (e.g. fish and eggs) and vegetables to your diet. NOVEMBER 2015

CalOptima is a county organized health system, and provides publicly funded health care coverage for low-income children, adults, seniors and people with disabilities in Orange County. In total, CalOptima serves more than 717,000 members with a network of more than 7,000 primary care doctors and specialists, as well as 30 hospitals. 30


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HIFU for Prostate Cancer Treatment

An interview with Robert Pugach, MD - one of the most experienced HIFU surgeons in the United States by Yvette M. Manard, MPH


ccording to the American Cancer Society, almost 250,000 prostate cancer cases will be diagnosed annually in the United States and will result in 29,000 deaths every year. These are frightening numbers. But, with prevention strategies and education about new treatment options, you can help do a lot to prevent becoming one of these statistics.

minimally invasive procedure that I am very excited about is High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU). HIFU is a treatment for prostate cancer that utilizes ultrasound waves to heat and destroy cancer cells without an incision! Q: How does HIFU work?

Dr. Robert Pugach, Medical Director of Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center, answers questions about concerns regarding the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer and how HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is advancing treatment and improving outcomes.

A: Precisely focused ultrasound waves raise the temperature of the targeted prostate tissue in a matter of seconds. It can destroy cancer cells while leaving structures outside the targeted tissue unharmed. Side effects of traditional treatments, like urine leakage and erectile dysfunction, are dramatically reduced.

Q: Why are there so many cases of prostate cancer cases? Can it be prevented?

Q: Since HIFU isn’t performed in the United States where do you treat your patients? A: Currently HIFU isn’t being performed in the US as it is going through the rigorous FDA approval process. It’s unfortunate that we don’t offer it here yet, and that’s due to our FDA. But it’s available throughout the world – from Europe to Asia, the Middle East, South and Central America, Mexico and Canada. The technology is not new to the United States as it originated in 1970’s at the Indiana University School of Medicine! I travel outside of the U.S. every 2 months to treat patients with prostate cancer with HIFU.

A: This common cancer strikes men far too often. One reason is our increasing life expectancy – prostate cancer is a disease of getting older and most men now live long enough to develop it. I am a strong advocate of annual PSA screening and a simple physical examination. Most cases of prostate cancer can be cured when it is detected at an early stage. New research is showing us the genetic basis of prostate cancer. We’re now able to look at prostate cancer at a molecular level to understand which tumors are aggressive and which ones can be observed without treatment. Common substances like Vitamin E may actually increase the risk of developing prostate cancer while natural additives like flaxseed and lycopenes may help to prevent it.

Q: I understand that you are the 4th most experienced HIFU urologist in the US. What has been your experience with this technology? A: I am pleased to be among the most experienced urologists in the US to use HIFU technology. Many years ago, I became fascinated with the HIFU technology because it is a non-invasive treatment for prostate cancer that significantly improves outcomes related to a man’s quality of life issues. HIFU fit perfectly within the focus of my minimally invasive urologic practice and I gained a great deal of experience to offer this treatment to my patients. We are now at the cusp of being able to treat small prostate cancers in less than an hour and allow patients to return to normal activities within a few days without the side effects of erectile dysfunction or incontinence.

Q: How is prostate cancer treated? I’m scared about the side effects! A: Historically, the conventional treatment for prostate cancer is the surgical removal of the prostate. While, nowadays, surgery is done robotically, it still has the potential to cause significant side effects, such as permanent urine leak- age and erectile dysfunction. Radiation may slow the cancer growth but it often allows it to grow again, making future treatment difficult. At Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center, we’re focused on keeping you whole if you need treatment for prostate cancer. Q: Are there non-surgical options to treat prostate cancer that don’t use radiation?

Connect with Dr. Pugach by calling (888) 735-4336 or visit

A: Yes! One procedure is called cryoablation. It utilizes subfreezing temperatures to kill cancers cells. A more advanced, NOVEMBER 2015



Boston Uncommon By Ann Laurence

Boston feels like a small town where you can’t turn around without bumping into a gravestone of a Son of Liberty, running into an historical landmark or stumbling upon a legendary building. It’s the Cradle of Liberty full of lessons from history; it’s Beantown, heavy with cultural significance; it’s America’s Walking City, full of pedestrians who dig their rickety old subway cars because they’re the oldest and the coolest.


oston famously offers its Freedom Trail, a path of bricks that takes a walker throughout the city past its most significant sites. The Freedom Trail Tour took us from Boston Common to Faneuil Hall, past the Granary Burying Ground where Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, John Hancock and others are buried, including all five victims of the Boston Massacre; and past the Old State House where those five were slain and where the Declaration of Independence was first read aloud to the public. Along the Freedom Trail are the most politically significant landmarks but also several “oldests” and “firsts” such as the Omni Parker House and the Union Oyster House, the longest continuously running hotel and restaurant in the country, respectively. The Freedom Trail makes it easy to discover your nation’s history on your own, but there are also excellent tours that are educational and entertaining – for our two “professional tours,” we chose to travel by land and by sea on the Boston Duck Tour ( and strictly by sea aboard a Boston Harbor Cruise (

BOSTON DUCK TOUR For a particularly fun tour of the city by land and water, hop aboard one of the candy-colored fleet of duck boats that roll through the city before splashing into the Charles River. NOVEMBER 2015



The name “duck boat” is derived from DUKW, the acronym given to a six-wheeled amphibious vehicle developed by General Motors during World War II. The “ducks” were used by the Army and Marine Corps to carry ammunition and supplies from ships to shore during the invasions of Normandy and Sicily. Once they were phased out, they were modified to cater to the tourism industry. This tour is great all ages. Our 65-minute excursion started in front of the New England Aquarium (the other two departure sites are the Museum of Science and at the Prudential Center) and every seat was sold out as the jaunts are a popular draw for tourists and locals. The sightseeing tour starts on land then continues on water, where

the Charlestown Navy Yard (home to the U.S.S. Constitution, aka “Old Ironsides”) and Bunker Hill. Both are worth a visit for history buffs and the area around Bunker Hill has a number of quaint streets.

Boston Duck Tours

the “conDUCKtor” lets the youngsters sit up front and spend a few minutes steering the amphibious vehicle. This “duck’s-eye view” of the city includes include a humorous yet informative narration pointing out Boston facts, along with an ample amount of its fables and legends (for the land part of the tour, we rolled by The Beantown Pub, which is across the street from the Granary Burying Ground, final resting place for Paul Revere, John Hancock and other notable patriots, the Old State House, Faneuil Hall, through Government Center and over toward the north side of Beacon Hill). The transition from land to water is the most exciting part as we splash down in the Charles River and float past landmarks like the Hatch Shell while we enjoy skyline views of Boston and Cambridge.

BOSTON HARBOR CRUISES Stroll down to the waterfront and climb on board a boat to feel the ocean breeze, taste the salty air, and enjoy the city’s spectacular skyline. Boston Harbor Cruises (BHC) offers a full roster of sightseeing tours on a double-decker passenger ferry. From April through November, the USS Constitution Cruise gives passengers the chance to get off the boat and explore

Boston Harbor Cruises NOVEMBER 2015



From May to early September, other options include longer sightseeing cruises, sunset cruises and brunch cruises. Longer cruises might head further out to the Harbor Islands, including a view of the historic Boston Light. Cruise during the day for best expansive views, set sail in the evening for a spectacular sunset; or opt for a night tour cool cocktails and city lights.

WHERE TO STAY We couldn’t have picked a better “home base” than The Langham, Boston (www.langhamhotels. com). Housed in Boston’s former Federal Reserve Bank building (which originally opened in 1922), this AAA four-diamond hotel is a national architectural landmark that fashionably blends history with a contemporary style featuring “classic interiors with hints of its 1920s Renaissance Revival heritage” (more on this later). Known as the “Cradle of Liberty,” the city of Boston played a crucial role in the story of America. Dozens of historic Boston Attractions and


The Langham, Boston

One of the country’s oldest cities, Newport was founded in 1639 and transformed into a major port city in the 18th century. The picturesque city of around 25,000 residents once served as the “Summer White House” for Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy. Known for its stately historic mansions, waterfront shops and dining, Newport made for a wonderful day trip ( is a great resource to find attractions, recreation, dining, etc.).

structures have been preserved and maintained so that visitors can experience both colonial and contemporary Boston.

The Langham, Boston

The same could be said of The Langham, Boston. Its location in the heart of downtown made it super convenient to access virtually every destination on our sightseeing “wish list” – from the waterfront and historic sites to iconic attractions like Faneuil Hall Marketplace and Boston’s North End (aka “Little Italy). The property features 318 classically styled rooms and suites characterized by pale cream and gold interiors complemented by upholstered sofas and dark wood furnishings. Each room offers dramatic and expansive views of downtown Boston including historic Norman B. Leventhal Park at Post Office Square, the bustling Financial District and the city skyline. The service was nothing short of spectacular from start to finish – from the warm welcome at check-in to the friendly (daily) assistance of the hotel’s knowledgeable concierge. The hotel’s signature “Blissful” beds were just as advertised and the in-room amenities and thoughtful modern conveniences made this a particularly relaxing, pampering retreat and a quiet escape in the bustling city.

DINING OUT During our stay, we sampled many great “eats” – from casual farmer’s market fare to more formal dining – but two establishments are worth a special mention: Salvatore’s in Boston’s Theater District (www.salvatoresrestaurants. com) and Pier 6 (www.pier6boston) in the Charlestown Navy Yard. Pier 6 is a three-story eatery perched on the pier it’s named for and boasts windows overlooking the city skyline and water below, but the rooftop NOVEMBER 2015



The Vanderbilts and Astors have been gone for decades, but the town that was once the quintessential summer playground of the uber-wealthy continues to draw tourists of all ages and life stages to its dramatic seaside attractions. Located along Newport’s eastern shore, “Cliff Walk” is world famous as a public access walk that combines the natural beauty of the New England rocky shoreline with the architectural history of Newport’s Gilded Age. If you’d prefer to experience the opulence of the 10 colossally beautiful homes that make up the historic Newport Mansions from the inside, The Preservation Society of Newport County offers guided and self-guided tours (visit for operating schedule). Visitors can either follow a tour guide or pace themselves with an audio tour where you can listen to detailed personal accounts of the residents and servants. If you only have time to tour one, The Breakers mansion is the crown jewel of Newport Rhode Island mansions and is the most popular attraction in the entire state with 300,000 visitors

deck was the place to be. We sat down to dinner about a half an hour before sunset to take in the spectacular views of the harbor and downtown Boston by day and dusk – that coupled with the great atmosphere, attentive service and great seafood made our dining experience one to remember.

annually. Designed by Richard Morris Hunt for Cornelius Vanderbilt II, President and Chairman of the New York Central Railroad, The Breakers is a 13-acre estate overlooking the Atlantic. Decorated with both French and Italian fashions, the mansion has 70 rooms (33 for the help) and the Great Hall has 45-foot high ceilings. Open daily yearround except for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, Cornelius Vanderbilt II’s great-grandchildren still live on the third floor of the mansion (closed to visitors) during the summer.

We started with a dozen delicious oysters on the half shell – Wellfleet from Cape Cod and Freeland Creek from Canada. Popular small plates range from an Antipasto Board which arrives as an assortment of Italian cured meats and cheese, olives and dark rye and the herbed Feta Salvatore’s dip, sundried tomato and basil hummus, vegetables and warm pita to the Rhode Island-style calamari accompanied by spicy aioli and the grilled octopus paired with fingerling potatoes and charred scallion vinaigrette. For the main course, we went with the Grilled Half Chicken with rosemary potatoes, kale and black trumpet cream sauce and the signature Pier 6 Burger – cooked to perfection and topped with Vermont cheddar and bacon. Situated directly between the Opera House and Paramount Theater, Salvatore’s served up casual, classic Italian dishes with an international twist. The cuisine, which incorporates seasonal flavors and emerging food trends, is defined by an ever-changing menu – from popular pastas and scrumptious salads. Our table sampled a bit of everything – I opted for the grilled salmon salad which arrived with chopped mixed greens, gorgonzola, grilled asparagus and red onion while my husband chose the Saltimbocca, a delicious entrée of all-natural chicken, prosciutto, provolone, white wine sage sauce and accompanied by seasonal vegetables. Pier 6

Newport Harbor is one of the most historic, exciting and beautiful harbors in New England and a harbor tour or late afternoon Smugglers Cocktail Cruise on Rum Runner II is a great way to “relive the speed and thrill of the chase of the smuggler boats from the days of Prohibition.” Classic Cruises of Newport ( restored Elco Motor yacht cruises through local waters by Newport mansions and former speakeasies that were fueled by seaborne smugglers back in the 1920s and 30s.

GHOST TOURS OF NEWPORT For something different, the “Olde Town Ghost Walk” is one of two tours offered nightly by Ghost Tours of Newport ( Take a lantern-led guided evening stroll down historic Newport’s shadowy lanes and discover the ghosts, ghouls, and legends of this haunted city by the sea. Who haunts George Washington’s Revolutionary War headquarters? Was Lizzie Borden acting on her own accord... or just following in her family footsteps? Why do people continue to hear a mysterious drum beat as they walk the bricks of Blood Alley? What are the strange winged skulls crowning the tombstones of New England’s dead? Tours depart nightly, rain or shine, from Fathom’s restaurant at the Newport Marriott hotel, 25 America’s Cup Avenue.




Tannins Restaurant and Wine Bar


By Sara Watt

outh County locals looking for the ideal destination for fine wine, delicious cuisine and live entertainment need look no further than Tannins Restaurant and Wine Bar in San Juan Capistrano. Located at 27211 Ortega Highway, Tannins is characterized by a blend of Old World charm and rustic décor artfully enhanced with a modern flair – from its strong focus on wine and food pairings to its expansive menu of Northern and Mediterranean and Southern Italian cuisine along with delectable desserts and specials prepared fresh daily. I personally love Tannins for a few reasons; the food is exquisite, the service always exceeds expectations and the ambiance is unforgettable. On a recent visit, my friends and I enjoyed our meal in the restaurant’s “Cave,” a dining room that make you feel as though you are sampling Italian fare in the roaming hills of Tuscany. Fragrant fresh from the oven bread and a flavorful olive tapenade arrive within minutes of seating. Tannins features one of the most comprehensive – and extensive - selections of wines by the glass in the region with over 40 different varietals from which to choose. And its menu showcases a vast array of signature starters and salads, seafood, poultry, lamb, beef and pasta dishes. For starters, the Artisan Cheese Board arrives with goat, Brie, blue and cheddar cheese, grapes and berries, candied pecans and honey crostini – perfect when paired with a glass of your favorite red or white. Other popular picks include the Braised New Zealand mussels braised in garlic and white wine sauce and the bruschetta which tops lightly toasted Italian bread with chopped tomatoes, olive oil, vinegar, capers, Kalamata olives, basil and mozzarella.

Entrees range from a lamb chops grilled to perfection and accompanied by red roasted potatoes, asparagus and lamb au jus and the risotto paella which combines fresh clams, green-lipped mussels, Tiger prawns, scallop, fresh fish and Spanish saffron rice. With Happy Hour all night on Mondays and a menu that keeps your fork in hand long after you have had your fill, Tannins successfully pairs memorable moments, fine dining experience and friendly service. More of a pizza person? Tannins pizza menu offers a plethora of possibilities – including gluten- and dairy-free accommodations. The Gourmet Veggie Pizza - topped with Roma tomatoes, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, roasted garlic, spinach, goat cheese and a light pesto sauce –   immediately caught our attention and didn’t disappoint. The Butternut Squash Ravioli garnished with sage, hazelnut and truffle oil butter and the Fettuccini Toscana served with sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, basil and grilled chicken are among the restaurant’s most popular pasta creations. Whatever you do, save a little room for a sweet treat – the Chocolate Bomba Spumoni is decadent strawberry, pistachio and chocolate gelato delight coated in hard chocolate.

Tannins Restaurant and Wine Bar is located at 27211 Ortega Hwy in SJC. For reservations, call (949) 611-8466 or visit NOVEMBER 2015



CONCIERGE PODIATRY NEWPORT BEACH: Proudly announces the acquisition of the newest laser technology for treating nail fungus.

With summer approaching, bring back the toes you remember.

Concierge Podiatry’s Dr. Ivar Roth

Fungus lives under the nail surface, which makes getting rid of it very difficult. Earlier medical lasers require manual operation to destroy fungus. These often miss areas of infection and can burn sensitive skin.

Mention this ad for a free tube of Foot Rejuvenation Gel with your first visit. A $50.00 value.

Concierge Podiatry is the first medical practice to offer the Noveon NaiLaser in Southern California.

For a personal consultation contact Concierge Podiatry

949-650-1147 For more information visit

The FDA-approved Noveon Nail Laser TM uses patented photobiology and computer controlled operation to quickly and completely destroy fungus. The Nail Laser is fully automatic, able to treat multiple toes simultaneously, bathing each toenail with a computer controlled mix of light wavelengths specifically selected to destroy fungus while controlling heat. Fungus nail care is now available for the low price of $399 for the first visit, $299 for follow-up visits and $150 for follow up visits without laser.

November - Arts & Entertainment

Day by Day


Pacific Chorale presents: Brahms A German Requiem John Alexander, conducting Brian Mulligan, baritone Brahms’ A German Requiem is one of the undisputed masterpieces of choral music — a universal, non- sectarian requiem of comfort and hope. It’s also one of Pacific Chorale and John Alexander’s most frequently requested pieces. Join us for our season-opening performance of this glorious masterwork! November 1, 2015 | Sunday at 5:30 p.m. Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall. Tickets start at $25.


Happy Hour at Bar Top- Casanova Ristorante. 33585 Del Obispo 3:30-pm. (Nightly)


Surf City Nights is a Weekly Street Fair and Certified Farmers Market Every Tuesday from 5 pm to 9 pm, 90 vendors presents unique handcrafted wares: furniture, jewelry, art, clothing, live music, street performers, community groups and kids’ activities. Orange Farmers Market Affiliated with Orange County Farm Bureau Sponsored Certified Farmers’ Markets. California certified farmers’ markets are the real thing - places where genuine farmers sell fruits, nuts and vegetables directly to the public. Every farmer who sells at a certified market is inspected by the county agricultural commissioner

to make sure he/she actually grows the commodity being sold. 9 AM - 1 PM (rain or shine). Irvine Regional Park 1 Irvine Park Road, Orange.


Laguna Beach Live! Jazz Wednesdays at The Ranch at Laguna Beach. Enjoy top jazz musicians while The Ranch provides food and beverages in the patio overlooking Ben Brown’s Golf Course in Aliso Creek Canyon. Tickets: $17 in advance, $22 at the door (includes valet parking).


Ina Garten: The Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten, the Emmy Award-winning host of the Barefoot Contessa television show on Food Network and The New York Times best-selling author, comes to Segerstrom Center for the Arts. Garten will bring her natural approach to food; entertaining tips, stories and maybe even some recipes. She will be joined on stage by moderator Tori Ritchie. Garten will deliver a charming insider’s view of the hit TV show, now in its 11th season, and the pleasures of good food, cooked with love and passion, engaging the audience with an interactive Q&A. 7:30 p.m. Segerstrom Hall. Tickets start at $49.50. www. First Thursdays Art Walk Laguna Beach The art season in Laguna Beach flourishes year round with First Thursdays Art Walk. This educational monthly art event, held on the first Thursday of every month from 6 – 9pm, celebrates the diverse cultural art scene of Laguna Beach and is free to the public. PCH Laguna Beach.


Michael Feinstein As “Ambassador of the American Songbook,” Michael Feinstein devotes his career to the uniquely American sound captured during the Golden Age of American popular music. Inspired by Frank Sinatra, the Rat Pack, Gershwin and others, the multi-platinum singer has selected a sulNOVEMBER 2015



try and swingin’ music set perfect for a swanky nightclub! November 6 – 7, 2015 | Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall. Tickets start at $25.


Diamond Ball- The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel is proud to host The Diamond Ball, an evening of inspiration committed to saving lives. The mission of The Diamond Ball is to raise funds for animal charities that save lives. The evening includes a silent and live auction, a four-course dinner presented by the resort’s Executive Chef, and music and dancing. The evening also includes The Diamond Drop, an opportunity where guests can donate gems and jewelry in support of the cause. The RitzCarlton, Laguna Niguel One Ritz-Carlton Drive Dana Point.


Dana Wharf Whale Watching The premier year-round whale watching facility in Southern California if you are coming to Whale Watch you want to do it from Dana Point with Dana Wharf the pioneers of the industry. Dana Point Harbor 10am, 12 noon, 2pm. 34675 Golden Lantern, Dana Point. (949) 496-5794


La Bella Moda Fashion and Prosecco at The Resort at Pelican Hill Learn about the season’s fashion trends and get the look of the Newport lifestyle with casually chic coastal fashions by Ella Moss, Joie, Vince Camuto and Kendra Scott. Enjoy Chef Marco’s special prosecco brunch menu featuring dishes inspired by the cuisine of Milan, one of the world’s top fashion capitals. 11 a.m. $49; includes gift bag. 22701 Pelican Hill Road S.., Newport Coast, 844.464.0943.


42nd Street The quintessential backstage musical comedy classic, 42nd Street is the song

2015 - 2016 SEASON

NOV 1 Jean-Yves Thibaudet, Solo Piano Works by Schumann & Ravel NOV 7 Red Chamber Ancient Chinese instruments with traditional & modern compositions from classical music to bluegrass NOV 10 San Diego Symphony Orchestra

Sarah Chang, Violin Works by Greenstein, Bruch & Tchaikovsky

NOV 15 Sundays @ Soka with Pacific

Symphony | Anne-Marie McDermott & Yen Yu Chen All Mozart Program: Concerto for Two Pianos and Symphony No. 39

1 University Drive Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 949.480.4278 |





NOVEMBER - ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT and dance fable of Broadway with an American Dream story and includes some of the greatest songs ever written, such as “We’re in the Money,” “Lullaby of Broadway,” “Shuffle off to Buffalo,” “Dames,” “I Only Have Eyes For You” and, of course, “42nd Street.” Based on a novel by Bradford Ropes and Busby Berkeley’s 1933 movie, November 10 – 22, 2015 | Tuesday – Friday at 7:30 p.m., Saturday at 2 and 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 1 and 6:30 p.m. Segerstrom Hall. Tickets start at $25.

for the Arts, 600 Town Center Dr., Costa Mesa, 714.556.2121.




Fauré Quartett Germany’s Fauré Quartett has established itself as one of the world’s most adventurous piano quartets with a repertoire spanning the centuries, from classical to modern. The much-recorded ensemble’s 2007 collaboration with popular singer/songwriter Rufus Wainwright and later crossover album, Popsongs, demonstrates its determination to push the boundaries of chamber music. For its Center debut the quartet offers an extraordinary range of works, from Mozart and its namesake French composer to Bohuslav Martinů’s Piano Quartet No 1, a Center premiere! November 11, 2015 | Wednesday at 8 p.m. Samueli Theater. Tickets start at $29.


Gem Fair Shop for fine jewelry, gems, beads, minerals, crystals, findings and more at manufacturer’s prices. Plus, find nearly 200 exhibitors from around the world, classes, demonstrations, jewelry repair, ring sizing and free hourly door prizes. Oct. 16-18 & Dec. 11-13, Friday Noon-6 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m.-6 p.m. & Sunday 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Address: 88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Admission: General $7 weekend pass Children 11 & younger are free Phone: 503-252-8300


Pippin at Segerstrom Center for the Arts Nov. 11-23. Experience the thrilling 2013 Tony Award-winning musical described as “an eye-popping, jaw-dropping, visually stunning extravaganza” and “the thrill of the season!” by NY1. Pippin tells the story of a young prince on a death-defying journey to find meaning in his existence. Will he choose a happy but simple life or will he risk everything for a singular flash of glory? $39-$99. Segerstrom Center

Cirque Du Soleil: KURIOS - Cabinet of Curiosities KURIOS - Cabinet of Curiosities™ premiered to the world in Montreal in April 2014 and is Cirque du Soleil’s 35th production. Written and directed by Michel Laprise, KURIOS is a tale in which time comes to a complete stop, transporting the audience inside a fantasy world where everything is possible. Weekly Show Times Tuesday-Friday* 8 p.m. Saturday* 4:30 p.m., 8 p.m. Sunday 1:30 p.m., 5 p.m. *Special Schedule Notes: - Additional 4:30 p.m. show on Fridays, Oct. 16, Nov. 13, Nov. 27. OC Fair & Event Center. 88 Fair Drive Costa Mesa. 714-708-1500. Price: $40-$290


Holiday Tree Lighting at Fashion Island Nov. 14-15. Join Fashion Island for the annual celebration hosted by Mickey Mouse & Friends from the Disneyland Resort. Sing along to festive wintertime tunes as the shopping center’s towering Christmas tree twinkles to life with a custom light display along with magical snowfall. 6 p.m. Free. Neiman Marcus/ Bloomingdale’s Courtyard at Fashion Island, 401 Newport Center Dr., Newport Beach, 949.721.2000. shopfashionisland. com


Happy Hour at Brio Tuscany Grill Half Price Appetizers and Wine. 24050 Camino Del Avion, Dana Point. 3:306:30pm.


Taco Tuesday Ricardo’s Place Mexican Restaurant. 32082 Camino Capistrano San Juan Capistrano. 11am-9pm (every Tuesday). NOVEMBER 2015




Affiliated with California Federation of Certified Farmers’ Markets. The certified farmers market concept is an effort to re-establish the traditional link between farmers and consumers in California. Irvine Kaiser Permanente CFM . 6670 Alton Parkway, Irvine. 9 AM - 1 PM


Native American Basket Weaving Experience the art of basket weaving at Mission San Juan Capistrano on the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of each month. Learn the traditions and capture the culture of basket weaving. Wednesdays (1st & 3rd of each month). 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.


HB DOWNTOWN ART WALK The Huntington Beach Downtown Art Walk is held on the 3rd Thursday of each month from March to October held from 6-9pm. Between 35 - 50 artists fill the sidewalks on Main Street between PCH and the Art Center and also on The Strand. Check in at the HB International Surfing Museum Parking Lot for a map of artists and locations so you can begin your self-guided tour. 6-9pm. Main Street & The Strand 315 3rd Street, Suite E. Huntington Beach Philharmonic Society of Orange County presents: Flamenco Fire The Compañia Flamenca José Porcel, one of Spain’s longest-standing and most distinguished groups devoted to the art of flamenco, brings a program celebrating the fire and passion of this colorful dance form. Flamenco Fire, an all-new show for 2015, blends traditional and modern flamenco with breathtaking results. Thursday at 8 p.m. Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall. Tickets start at $20 (Please note single tickets go on sale in August).

A World of Holidays By Beverly Blake and Tom ScoTT

Mankind has found causes for celebration from earliest recorded history. These early celebrations often had important social, political and religious implications, and often were not so different from the champagne, parties and fireworks of today.


he Greeks celebrated the New Year beginning around midsummer at the new moon before the summer solstice. From the music, singing, and dancing at the festivals of Dionysus developed the dithyramb (choral lyric with exchanges between the leader and the chorus) which ultimately became Greek drama.

The Greek festival Lenaea took place in the beginning of winter and celebrated the birth (final fermentation) of the season’s wine. Many of the great Greek tragedies originated during this festival. The festivals’ performances often combined Tragedy and Comedy symbolizing grief that the God has died and joy that He has returned from the Dead.

The Egyptian New Year was celebrated when Sirius—the brightest star in the night sky— first became visible after a 70-day absence. Recent discoveries revealed that the first month of the year played host to a “Festival of Drunkenness.” This massive party was tied to the myth of Sekhmet, a war goddess who had planned to kill all of humanity until the sun god Ra tricked her into drinking herself unconscious. In honor of mankind’s salvation, the Egyptians would celebrate with music, revelry and—perhaps most important of all—copious amounts of beer. In Ancient Rome the Winter Solstice festival Saturnalia began on December 17 and lasted for seven days. Saturnalian banquets were held from as far back as 217 BC. Grudges and quarrels were forgotten while businesses, courts and schools were closed. Wars were interrupted or postponed and slaves were served by their masters. Masquerades often occurred during this time. Honoring revered figures in our religions as well as special events in our families is a long standing human tradition no matter the era or country of origin. The playhouse welcomes you to celebrate this season with a warm family story of A Child’s Christmas in Wales. May your holiday season be filled with your own special family traditions and the creation of lasting memories.





Nutcracker Craft Boutique – Brea. Get your holiday shopping done at our Nutcracker Craft Boutique! The Boutique features unique, hand crafted gifts from over 200 vendors. You will be able to find something for everyone on your shopping list. $2 admission with proceeds benefit the City of Brea’s Youth and Family Programs. The Brea Community Center 695 E. Madison Way (Corner of Madison & Randolph)


Cheyenne Jackson Cheyenne Jackson, the versatile theater and TV super star (Glee, 30 Rock) lends his beautiful voice to your favorite songs from film. With a full orchestra and many special guests, Jackson will perform the richest musical gems from Gypsy to Little Shop of Horrors as well as the soundtrack standouts from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Casablanca, The Wizard of Oz and James Bond films, the debonair secret agent man who took his martinis “shaken not stirred.” Saturday at 8 p.m. Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall. Tickets start at $39.

13960 Seal Beach Blvd., Seal Beach. 9 am - 1 pm


San Juan Capistrano Farmers Market Each Wednesday, residents and visitors can enjoy purchasing fresh flowers, produce, and specialty foods at the San Juan Capistrano Farmers’ Market. The market features up to 30 vendors and is held at Yorba Street and Camino Capistrano right in the heart of downtown San Juan Capistrano. 3-7pm


Plymouth Rock N’ Run 5k - Anaheim Hills Thanksgiving Day The 5k and 10k course is around the perimeter of the Yorba Regional Park, and the Santa Ana River bike trail. There will be live music throughout the event, courtesy of CSUF jazz combomusic, prizes, food, and a 1k kids fun run for 12 & under. All of the funds raised by sponsors and race participants will help Reeve-Irvine research to battle spinal cord injuries and other neurological afflictions such as stroke, Alzheimer’s, and multiple sclerosis. Yorba Regional Park Anaheim Hills

in La Plaza Park on Pacific Coast Highway near the Clock Tower. The first Saturday of each month features a Craft Fair that runs until 3:00pm.


A Child’s Christmas in Wales Honoring revered figures in our religions as well as special events in our families is a long standing human tradition no matter the era or country of origin. The Camino Real Playhouse in San Juan Capistrano welcomes you to celebrate this season with a warm family story of A Child’s Christmas in Wales. May your holiday season be filled with your own special family traditions and the creation of lasting memories. Camino Real Playhouse is located at 31776 El Camino Real in San Juan Capistrano. For more info, visit


Sawdust Winter Fantasy See the festival grounds as they are transformed into a winter wonderland. 175 artists create, display and sell original creations including jewelry, clothing, fused and blown glass, ceramics, woodwork, forged metals, painting, photography, sculpture and more. Enjoy live entertainment, outdoor cafes, art classes and demonstrations, petting zoo and Santa. Perfect for holiday gift-buying. Weekends Nov. 22-Dec. 21 10 a.m.-6 p.m. 935 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, 949.494.3030.


Late Night Happy Hour at Savannah Chop House $6 Small Bites/ $5 Cocktail Specials. 32441 Golden Lantern. 8:30pm- Close.


Seal Beach Farmers Market This small Tuesday market is convenient for nearby Leisure World residents. Around 15 vendors that and include many familiar to other Orange County farmers markets. Seal Beach Village,

Turkey Trot - Dana Point Thanksgiving Day California’s Largest Thanksgiving Day Run Event - The Dana Point Turkey Trot - One of America’s Most Scenic Runs... hosted by The Dana Point Chamber of Commerce. Tour the beautiful beach, majestic cliffs and coves of Dana Point. The Dana Point Chamber of Commerce, the host of the Dana Point Turkey Trot, has partnered with the Dana Point 5th Marine Regiment Support Group to help our Marines during the Thanksgiving Holidays.


Dana Point Farmers Market Each Saturday, California farmers bring fresh produce to sell at the Dana Point Farmers Market from 9:00am to 1:00pm. The Dana Point Farmers Market is located


San Clemente Farmers Market Bundles of flowers, fresh produce and much more every Sunday on Avenida Del Mar. Rain or shine. 9 a.m.–1 p.m.


Holiday Gingerbread Lighthouse at Island Hotel Newport Beach Witness Pastry Chef Andy de la Cruz and the culinary team put the finishing touches on the larger than life-sized gingerbread lighthouse with twinkling lights and thousands of candies. The spectacle will adorn the lobby during the holidays and will serve as the perfect spot for family photos. 12 p.m. Free. 690 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, 866.554.4620.

Have an event to showcase? Email NOVEMBER 2015



Happy Hour Daily!

Classes around OC:

Arts & Crafts, Entertainment, Fitness and More! (this list represents a sampling, call each center for additional schedule of classes) Dorothy Visser Senior Center

117 Avenida Victoria San Clemente, (949) 498-3322

Pilates- Mon 9-10am Balance and MobilityMon 9-10:50am Aerobics-Mon 10-10:50am Bridge- Mon and Thurs 1pm Aerobics & NutritionMon 4:15-6:05pm Yoga- Tues and Thurs 9-10:25am

San Juan Capistrano Community Services Senior Club 25925 Camino Del Avion San Juan Capistrano, (949) 493-1171

Stretch and Tone ClassMon, Wed and Fri 8:30am Sit N Fit Chair- Mon, Wed and Fri 10:15am

Community & Susi Q Center

380 Third Street Laguna Beach, (949) 497-2441

Bingo With Prizes- Mon-Th 10:30-11:30am Monday at the MoviesMon 12:30-2:00pm

Sea Country Senior & Community Center

24602 Aliso Creek Road Laguna Niguel, (949) 425-5151

Geri-Fit- Mon and Wed 1:45-2:30pm Arthritis Exercise - Tues and Thurs 11:30am-12:30pm Zumba Gold- Wed 9:15-10am

Norman P. Murray Community and Senior Center

24932 Veterans Way Mission Viejo, (949) 470-3062

Movie Time- Mon 12:45 Walking Groups- Mon, Wed & Fri 8am Bridge Duplicate- Mon 12:30-4pm

Ping Pong- Mon, Wed & Fri 8am-12pm Bunco- Tues 12:30-4pm Bingo- Wed and Fri 1pm-3pm Crafty Ladies- Wed 9:30am-11am

Rancho Senior Center 3 Ethel Coplen Way Irvine, (949) 724-6800

Melt Hands and FeetTues 9-10am Melt Soft Roller- Tues 10-11am Walking Club- Thurs 9-10am Zumba Low ImpactTues 4:30-5:30pm

Lakeview Senior Center Woodbridge Community Park 20 Lake Road Irvine, (949) 724-6900

IECSA Tai Chi- Wed 3-5pm Ping Pong- Mon and Fri 5-6pm, Tues 2:30-6pm Zumba IntermediateMon 4:30-5:30pm

Oasis Senior Center

801 Narcissus Ave Newport Beach, (949) 644-3244

Hula- Mon 11-noon Beading- Tues 12:30-2:30pm Barre Stretch & StrengthFri 10:15-11am Chair Exercise- Mon and Wed 9:30-10:30am Iyengar Yoga- Mon and Thur 10-11:15am Pilates Beginning- Tues 8:45am-9:45am

Orange Senior Center 170 S. Olive St. Orange, (714) 538-9633

Bingo - Daily at 9:15 am (except on party days) Live Entertainment - Mon, Th and Fri 10:30 am – 11:30 am. Bridge - Mon, Tues and Wed 1 pm. Chess - Tues 1 pm. Scrabble - Thu 1 pm. Backgammon - Thu 1 pm. Bible Sharing -Thu 10 am.

Stamp Club - Weds 9 am. Computer Workshop Fri 9 am.

Anaheim Senior Center 250 E. Center St Anaheim, (714) 765-4510

Balance & Mobility- Tue & Thu 12:30 pm Tone Chime Choir- Wed 12pm Dapper Tappers- Fri 10am Hatha Yoga- Tue 10am Line Dance- Tue 9am & Wed 8:45 am Physical Fitness- Tue 2pm & Thu 9am Spanish Beginning- Tue 8:30 am Spanish Beg & Inter – 9 & 10am Tai Chi- Mon 9am Watercolors- Mon 11am

Brea Senior Center 500 South Sievers Ave. Brea, (714) 990-7750

Zumba Gold- Wed 10:3011:30am and Fri 11am-12pm Line Dancing- Mon 1-3pm Yoga- Tues 8:30-9:30am Health and Wellness Exercise Class- Tues 10-11:50am and Thurs 9:30- 11:30am Longevity Stick Exercise Class- Wed 9-10am and Fri 10-11am Table Tennis- Tues-Thurs 1-4pm Tai Chi- Mon and Fri 8:30-10am Tai Chi 42- Wed 8:30-9:30am Better Balance- Mon 10-11:50am

Yorba Linda Senior Center 4501 Casa Loma Yorba Linda

Watercolor- Mon 9am Horseshoes- Wed 8-9am Bingo- Wed 12-3pm Cribbage- Thurs 11:30am-2pm Bunco- Fri 12:30-3pm * Registration Required




Senior Medicare Review:

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(949) 388-7332 Thurs Nov 5 at 10 am Best Western/San Clemente Fri Nov 6 at 8 am Polly’s Pies/Laguna Hills Fri Nov 6 at 10 am Marie Callenders/San Juan Capistrano Sat Nov 7 at 10 am St Joes/Mission Hospital Mission Viejo Mon Nov 9 at 10 am Dana Point Senior Center Tues Nov 10 at 10 am and 2 pm Carrows Restaurant/Mission Viejo Tuesday Nov 10 at 2 pm Marie Callenders/Culver in Irvine Wed Nov 11 at 6pm St Joes/Mission Hospital Mission Viejo Thu Nov 12 at 2 pm San Juan Senior Ctr/San Juan Capistrano Sat Nov 14 at 3 pm Cocos / Crown Valley Pkwy Mission Viejo Tues Nov 17 at 10 am and 2 pm Carrows Restaurant/Mission Viejo Wed Nov 18 at 10 am Courtyard Marriott/Laguna Hills



Postal Customer

A SoCal Senior Publication C/O Community Publications P.O. Box 73188 San Clemente, CA 92673



SOUTH COAST SAFE ACCESS First Official Measure BB Licensed Medical Marijuana Facility ! Physician’s Recommendation Required for Treatment of: Anxiety | Chronic Pain | Diabetes | Insomnia | Arthritis | Glaucoma

21 Years and Over

All Products Lab Tested

25% Veterans Discount 10% Disability Discount 10% Senior Discount FTP 7 Gram 1/8th

HOURS: Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm • Sunday 11am-7pm (Conveniently Located Off the 55 Freeway)

1900 Warner Ave. Ste. A • Santa Ana • 949.474.7272

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Sorbet november issue