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ADVERTISER TESTIMONIALS "Our company recently started advertising in South County Magazine and we have already received a great return on our investment! There are obviously many options when deciding where to place your marketing dollars, but for my money, I'm very happy to be partnered with a publication run by people who truly care about helping my business grow. Jody and her team worked with me to develop a campaign that would maximize my exposure to new customers and generate the best possible results. Thank you from all of us here at The Other Guys." - David Marzluf, The Other Guys Awning & Tint Specialists "As local business owners and professionals, we are so lucky to have South County Magazine to reach our target customer through advertising and share our business 'stories" and philosophies through the editorial opportunities. Working with South County Magazine couldn't be easier. I was helped every step of the way - from the photography, writing and design - AND ALL AT NO EXTRA COST. Since participating, my business has tripled - a significant return on my advertising investment. Advertising with South County Magazine is simple, straight-forward and most importantly ... it works!" - Victoria Vannini, Howard Jones Salon, Dana Point

November 2014 Publisher Community Publications LLC. Editor Jody Robinson (714) 596-6611 Art Director David Perez

"It is an absolute pleasure advertising with South County Magazine. Wow! We were stunned by the overwhelming exposure and publicity from being on the front cover of South County Magazine. It put our Assisted Living Community on the map for South County. We felt special and like Rock Stars!"- Aileen and Paul Brazeau, San Clemente Villas by the Sea

Editorial Intern Jackie Grade Editorial Assistant

"Being new to San Juan Capistrano, I wasn’t sure what would be the best avenue for advetising and marketing. Thankfully I picked up a copy of South County Magazine at a restaurant and read the testimonials. They were not like any I’d seen – raving about the staff and Jody’s way of being more like a partner in your business than just an advertising publication. Jody met with me soon after I called. She listened to my goals and concerns, and then shared her thoughts and expertise with regard to what might be most effective for my unique business. Several months later, she is still in easy contact, never seeming like she’s trying to make a sale, but always wanting to be sure I don’t miss an opportunity to grow. I cannot say enough about what an asset Jody and her magazines are to our communities and businesses." - Catherine Darras, Catherine Darras Hypnotherapy, San Juan Capistrano

Alex DeFelice Sales & Marketing Marlo Andersen • Anthony Arcurio Eric Bergstrom, Bergstrom Media Kim Roberson Distribution Managers

"With many options when investing my advertising dollars, I decided to interview and research the local publications before I made a decision. After several interviews, it was clear we would put our trust into Jody and South County Magazine. Jody is a delight to work with, giving above and beyond professionalism and attention to detail. I feel she truly cares about the success of my ad and my business. Thank you Jody, South County Magazine is the best!" - Mary McPherson, Awoken Life Brain Wave Optimization, San Juan Capistrano "After searching for the best bang for my marketing dollar, I thought I hit a wall until I found South County Magazine. Great customer service is a priority to me, so when I met Jody and the staff, I was very pleased. They are very organized with a family feel. They want the best for your business and it shows. The best part of South County Magazine - it works! I have received many amazing clients due to this magazine. Thank you South County Magazine you are the best! !" - Brittany De Anda, Bronze by Brittany, San Juan Capistrano

Rolando Ruiz • David Starr Advertising Inquiries (714) 469-3495 Contributing Writers Beverly Blake • Stephanie Frisch Nicole Howard J.A. Makena Marangu, MD Mary McPherson • Tom Scott C. Lawrence "Larry" Thomas

"We have been in business for 9 years and we have always done advertising to reach new customers. Recently, we started advertising with South County Magazine and the calls began flowing in right away! Jody was so helpful and didn’t push us into a long-term contract. We believe that positive results are the only contract we need. We look forward to continuing to build our business even more with South County Magazine." - Scott & Suzie Sells, Spot Free Windows, San Juan Capistrano "Having built my business on word of mouth in the 40+ years I have been teaching piano, I was a little nervous about the process and cost of advertising in a print publication. But I couldn't be more pleased with how easy the South County Magazine staff made it for me - they really took the time to understand the message I wanted to convey, provided guidance on the best design ideas to communicate that message to potential clients and offered so many 'extras' that I didn't expect - and at no additional cost like complimentary ad design and an editorial feature on my business. There is no better vehicle for marketing your business to the local community than South County Magazine." - Irene Bressler, Tots & Keys, San Clemente NOVEMBER 2014



Elaine Watrous • Scott E. West, DDS Scott Young, DC Cover Photography Lana Farfan, Caught in the Moment Photography South County Magazine serves the communities of San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Dana Point, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Hills, Mission Viejo and Aliso Viejo. We will strive to continually improve with each edition and welcome feedback from our readers. For questions or comments, please e-mail the editor at


Medicare Part B Premium and Deductible: No Increase in 2015 20


Protecting Against Losses from Lost or Stolen Credit and Debi Cards 22 Do Hearing Aids Accelerate Listening and Speech Understanding? 24 Yoga, Pilates and Pregnancy 26


COVER FEATURE: Kyle Hatch, Insurance Specialist at Prescott Wealth & Tax Management Trustees Who Breach Their Fiduciary Duties - Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse 10

Showcase: Nate Kuchera, Senior Loan Specialist for Bank of Manhattan 28 Hearing Loss, Dizziness and Tinnitus from Whiplash 30 Business showcase: Mardi's Jewelry Design 34 Laser Therapy for Pain 36

Spotlight on: Scott E. West, DDS 14 Spotlight on: Hotel California by the Sea 40 Business Showcase: Bronze Brittany 18


Five Reasons to Get a Massage this Holiday Season 44



of their own. This is often difficult when the Trustee is also one of the beneficiaries. Trustees must consider the needs of the beneficiaries and must not undertake any transaction that would harm the beneficiary’s best interest. The duty to secure and safeguard trust assets means to identify to take and keep control of the trust property until the time comes for beneficiary distributions in accordance with the terms of the trust. Accompanying this duty is the duty to enforce all rights and claims of the trust against third parties including unruly beneficiaries. The duty to segregate and identify assets is an essential requirement of the Trustee that they do not co-mingle their personal funds with trust funds. If the Trustee fails to keep trust assets clearly separate from their own assets, the Trustee will be liable for any loss the property might sustain.

Trustees Who Breach Their Fiduciary Duties Ignorance of the Law is Not an Excuse by Elaine M. Watrous, CLPF It is shocking to see how many Trustees break the law and violate their fiduciary duties. The California Probate Code contains all the duties and responsibilities that Trustees must comply with in order to properly administer a trust yet so few family member Trustees are aware of the rules. There are rules on just about every action a Trustee must take and on actions the Trustee must NOT take from conducting proper notifications to interested parties upon someone’s death, marshalling trust assets and investing them according to the Uniform Prudent Investor Act, paying the decedent’s debts and issuing accounting reports to the trust beneficiaries, to every other action required of a Trustee in between. Yet, so often these many duties and responsibilities are simply ignored or not known by individual Trustees. But why do so many Trustees get it wrong? The biggest problem is lack of knowledge. Many individuals acting as Trustees have no idea about all of the requirements to follow under the Probate Code and under the trust document itself. They have never been educated, advised, or inquired about their duties at all. It seems shocking just how many people willingly assume the many duties as Trustee, but have no idea what those duties are. Trustees have a duty to administer the trust according to its terms and carry out the settlor’s intentions as stipulated word for word in the trust agreement. The trustee can delegate certain duties to advisors; however, the trustee is still personally responsible to monitor and supervise the actions of their agents in order to safeguard the beneficiaries’ interests. Standard of care, skill and caution must be used by a Trustee as if a reasonable person was dealing with their own property. Relying solely on the investment decisions of another is not considered reasonable without careful research and a plan in place to preserve and grow the trust estate.

Duty to invest and make property productive is an important obligation of the Trustee to consider for both the income beneficiary and the principal beneficiary with equal weight. The Uniform Prudent Investor Act requires that the Trustee diversifies trust assets under the Modern Portfolio Theory and applies its principals regarding risk and return. In certain situations the investment vehicle that would benefit one would not benefit the other so it is very important that the Trustee has clear records on the research they performed and the decision making process behind their investment decisions. The Trustee has a duty to account and must maintain clear and accurate accounting records during the time they are serving as trustee. Trust accountings are more complicated than regular accountings and may need to be prepared by someone with special skill in the event of a contentious administration. In the best of cases, clear and transparent written explanations of all income, expenses, receipts and disbursements of the trust assets must be presented to the beneficiaries at least annually and at the termination of the trust. Being a Trustee is often a thankless job and it comes with many rules as well as the risk for potential personal liability. One should not make the decision to accept a Trustee position without careful consideration and understanding of exactly what those duties entail. If I had to guess how many family member Trustees were in breach of trust when they first approached our law firm for guidance it would be close to 100% regarding at least some aspect of their duties. So when you are asked to act as Trustee of a California Trust, the first thing you should do is find out what duties and responsibilities you have. In the end, you’ll be glad you did because it will be up to you alone to prove you complied with those duties if you ever have to defend your actions as Trustee.

The Trustee is under a duty of absolute loyalty to all of the trust beneficiaries by avoiding the appearance of self-dealing and putting the interest of the beneficiaries ahead

Elaine Watrous is a licensed, professional fiduciary at the Law Offices of Donald A. Hunsberger. For more information, she can be reached at (714) 663-8000 NOVEMBER 2014



The Prescott Tax and Wealth Management Team - From (L): Atish Bagrodia (Chief Investment Officer, CFA, CAIA), Ashley Graban (Administrative Assistant), Peter Prescott (Owner, CPA, PFS), Judith Mahaffa (Administrative Assistant), Kyle Hatch (Insurance Specialist) and Nicole Chung (Tax Specialist).

Prescott Tax and Wealth Management Servicing Your Health Insurance Needs by Ann Laurence • photography by Melisa Chandler, Chandler Photography hy suffer through the learning curve of Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) and health insurance when you can have a dedicated health agent with unparalleled client service?

Because he entered the industry right when the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) came into effect, Kyle believes the timing leveled the playing field as it were - it was all new information that had to be learned and that meant that nobody had a specific advantage. In fact, not having any outdated methods to unlearn gives Kyle the ability to provide a fresh perspective on the industry and in helping clients To say that the Obamacare is a game- navigate the oftentimes overwhelming decisions regarding changer is a serious understatement. their best health insurance options. For most individuals and business owners, navigating the myriad of new rules, "With regard to Medicare, if you are drawing Social Secubenefits, providers and the on-line in- rity prior to or at age 65, you will be automatically enrolled surance exchange is a daunting and into Medicare," says Kyle. "But if you missed your Initial overwhelming undertaking. What most Enrollment Period, the first 3 months before your people don’t understand is that the cost 65th birthday, the month of your 65th birthday, and the of insurance is the same if you purchase following three months after your 65th birthday, you will directly from the exchange, insurance com- need to sign up to receive Medicare. The Medicare pany or from a local agent who can service Open Enrollment Period began this year on October 15 your needs. and will end on December 7th, 2014. Coverage will begin January 1, 2015 for individuals who enroll during As a recent graduate of U.C. Santa Barbara with a degree in Psychology, Kyle this time. If you miss the deadline during this Hatch is ready to service your needs and have a long-term relationship with you. enrollment period, you'll have to wait until next year unless At first blush, it seems odd that Kyle would choose the upside down world of you have a qualifying life event such as loss of health insurance to start his business career. However, Kyle immediately realized employer group health coverage or you move out of the that since all of the rules of the game have changed, someone with a fresh mind plan's service area. The problem with delaying enrollment and attitude would have an advantage to master this new world. While many ex- is that when you do enroll, your late enrollment isting agents have decided to get out of the business due to the new learning penalty keeps accruing and if you experience any health curve and their advancing age, Kyle embraced these changes with energy and issues or have an injury, you are completely unprotected financially." passion.


Connect with Kyle by calling (949) 248-9815, email or visit Prescott Tax & Wealth Management is located at 30950 Rancho Viejo Rd, Ste 100 in San Juan Capistrano. CA Ins. Lic. #0115740 NOVEMBER 2014



For people looking for new health coverage, Kyle will analyze all of your Medicare, individual and Covered California quotes and provide a recommendation for new coverage to make sure you have the best plan and providers for your needs. Kyle adds that the penalties for late enrollment increase the monthly costs significantly to the individual who enroll at a later time. It is best to sign up at the earliest to reap the full benefits of Medicare. Kyle stays abreast of changes in the industry by paying close attention to the new laws and government policy changes and the implications for the average American. He also conducts thorough research on the size and scope of each individual carriers' doctor and hospital network in Orange County and the relationship patients have with their chosen health insurance provider. "There are significant penalties for individuals and families who do not carry health insurance," says Kyle. "They include a fine for 2% of your annual household income, with the maximum penalty being as much as the national average premium for a bronze plan or a fine of $325 per person with the maximum penalty per family at $975 - whichever is the greater of the two." The Open Enrollment Period (OEP) begins November 15, 2014 and ends February 15, 2015 for individuals or families who wish to enroll for the first time or change their existing health coverage. There are also opportunities outside of the OEP when an individual might qualify to enroll through certain life events, known as Special Enrollment Periods or SEPs. For people looking for new health coverage, Kyle will analyze all of your Medicare individual and Covered California quotes and provide a recommendation for new coverage to make sure you have the best plan and providers for your needs. He can also provide a comprehensive insurance review of all of your insurance coverage (life, health, disability, long-term care) to help you determine if you have the best plans of coverage in place for your specific individual or family needs. Kyle’s role is as Insurance Specialist at Prescott Tax & Wealth Management, a San Juan Capistrano-based firm with over twenty years in the industry. Kyle and his clients benefit from the added access to the other members of the Prescott & Tax Wealth Management team who can provide a big picture view of more than just your health insurance needs. Kyle follows a comprehensive approach outlined by the firm which combines effective tax savings, advance financial planning strategies and professional investment methodologies. "Health insurance premiums and medical costs are large budget expenses as we age," says Peter Prescott, CPA. "It is impossible to ignore the tax ramifications and financial consequences of poor planning in this area. The appropriate plan of coverage is often based upon one’s income level and tax bracket. We are able to take a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to reviewing each client's entire financial picture so we can make an appropriate recommendation for their health insurance needs." On a personal note, Kyle is a proud South County native. Kyle is a graduate of Capistrano Valley High School where he was a captain of the water polo team. Kyle has been serving and saving others over the last seven years as an O.C. Lifeguard. NOVEMBER 2014


Looking for a Lower Premium Medicare Health Plan? Come Learn What Your Options Are - You May Qualify For A $O Monthly Plan Premium

We Will Be Covering: • Medicare Advantage Plan • Stand Alone Prescription Drug Plans • Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Attend One of Our Free Upcoming Medicare Seminars to Find Out More (and the pie’s on us!) November 11 at 10 am and 6 pm November 17 at 6 pm November 18 at 10 am Marie Callender's Restaurant & Bakery

31791 Del Obispo St. San Juan Capistrano Please call to RSVP A sales person will be present with information and applications. For accommodation of persons with special needs at a sales meetings call (949) 248-9815 TTY 711. Neither Prescott Tax & Wealth Management nor its agents is connected with the Federal Medicare Program.

Prescott Tax & Wealth Management 31681 Camino Capistrano, Ste. 103 San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675 Phone (949) 248.9815 • Fax (949) 661.5395 • SOUTH COUNTY MAGAZINE

His 95% patient success rate speaks volumes, but the countless husband and wives he’s helped take their testimonials a step further, crediting him with being something of a miracle worker. For patients who are CPAP intolerant, the oral appliance is the best alternative and dentists like Dr. West are the professionals licensed to work with these devices. While most dentists are trained on one type of sleep aid appliance, Dr. West works with many types of oral appliances. “We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to our patients,” says Dr. West, who is one of the few Medicare providers for this procedure.’’ ‘’I have developed a system of simple test where each patient can actually see which appliance will be most effective for them. For this reason, we have a very high success rate.’’ In the mid-1970s, Dr. West began his career as a general dental practitioner in Mission Viejo, where he focused on cosmetic and family dentistry. "From day one, I've truly enjoyed helping people," says Dr. West. "I enjoyed staying on the cutting edge of aesthetic dentistry, but also became interested in ways to improve my overall health and the health of my patients."

Sweet Dreams and a Sweeter Smile Spotlight on ... Scott E. West, DDS

Because of this, it was a natural progression for Dr. West to find himself working closely with Holistic and Naturopathic practitioners and to begin approaching dentistry from a biological point of view. So, when a colleague contacted him seven years ago about an oral device he had developed to treat patients with Sleep Apnea and snoring problems, Dr. West expanded his practice to include treatment for sleep issues. “I can’t tell you how good it feels to hear a patient tell me they’ve had the best sleep in years, or that they’ve been able to sleep in the same room as their partner again,” he says. “I’ve seen a patient’s whole life change just because they got a good night’s sleep!” His 95% patient success rate speaks volumes, but the countless husband and wives he’s helped take their testimonials a step further, crediting him with being something of a miracle worker.

by Jody Robinson & Heather Evans If you think you might have a sleep problem or have parphotography by Lana Farfan, Caught in the Moment Photography ticipated in a sleep study and are interested in alternatives to the CPAP mask, Dr. West's office should be the first phone call you make. Consultations are complimentary. bet you didn’t know you could sleep your way to a better life. That’s exactly Among the most common comments from patients is that what Scott E. West, DDS, helps his patients do. Focusing on Snoring, Sleep Dr. West explains their condition and available treatment in Apnea and CPAP intolerance, Dr. West has become the premier expert in oral such a way that it's easy to understand and determine the appliance therapy. best options to address their individual needs.


While CPAP masks are the most effective treatment protocol, it’s not always the Dr. West is now located in Lake Forest just blocks off the 5 best solution for individuals suffering from sleep apnea, a problem that affects freeway. With convenient parking right at his front door, the health and longevity of millions. he treats patients from as far North as Los Angeles and as far South as San Diego. “The number one treatment for sleep apnea is the CPAP mask. But if you take 100 people who have been told they have sleep apnea, and know that the effects If you would like to know more about Dr. West, visit his webof sleep apnea are very damaging to their health, and you give them the CPAP, sites, and www.westwellnessdenand then follow up with them a year later, 60% of them are not wearing it,” says, where you’ll learn about what he can do for you. Dr. West, a member of the Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and the Academy Questions about your insurance plan? Not a problem. His of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines. “They don't do a lot of good in the closet.” friendly and caring staff are ready to help you.

Connect with Dr. West by calling (949) 829-6700, visit or NOVEMBER 2014




"Whatever your hair needs, I desire and appreciate the opportunity to make your hair dreams come true.”

Some people are born great; some people create their own greatness. For Victoria Vannini, creating with hair and giving her clients a style that reflects their personality and ‘true self ’ is more than just a “cut and color.”

“It begins with the consultation,” says Victoria. “I want to know about your lifestyle and career. [About] the hair products and tools you use. This is essential in evaluating the condition and texture of your hair and helps us to come to a place that is realistic - at the beginning and where we want to go for the future.” Education is an important element to Victoria’s career. After graduating from cosmetology school, Victoria continued at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Los Angeles. While apprenticing at the Carlton Hair Salon at Crystal Court for one year, she honed her skills with creative color and hair cutting. From there, she went on to be an educator for Paul Mitchell. She currently takes classes at the Unite Academy in Carlsbad.




Like surfers in pursuit of the perfect wave, who hasn’t taken part in the endless search for the perfect cut for their

unique face and hair type?

Victoria Vannini is here to tell you

that your perfect cut is closer than

you think; right in her styling chair.

“I want to stay current with color trends, foil placement, CONTACT new haircutting techniques VICTORIA VANNINI and strategies,” says Victoria, who sees her education as a (949) 584-3885 hair stylist as ongoing. “The inHoward Jones Salon dustry is currently on the cusp 32545 Golden Lantern of using ammonia-free color. I Dana Point, CA want to give my clients the newest and best products that are on the market that will keep their hair in BEAUTIFUL condition. Schwartzkopf's new color line 'Essensity' will do just that with 100% coverage without ammonia, odor, preservatives or alcohol! Also, all my highlights are done WITHOUT bleach!! Using Scrupples oil-based highlighing system ensures the quality of your hair stays intact." With over 12 years of experience with innovative color, corrective color and highlights, lowlights and glazing, Victoria is an award-winning colorist who prides herself in helping her clients "recharge" their hair with vibrant, pure color and luscious shine - all the beautiful hues with none of the harmful ingredients.“I've seen to many clients come in with over processed hair, in need of an 'In Salon' protein treatment to restore their damaged hair." “Every hairstyle has to be approached differently and requires thought. Just because a style works for Jennifer Aniston doesn’t mean it will work for every client’s hair texture and facial structure. Everyone is unique and it’s important to take the time to feel the hair to see how it moves, determine the best, most complementary hues and utilize top-of-the-line products that will enhance and strengthen the hair without any of the damaging ingredients."

From Fair to Faux

However, no longer do the young, newly weds saturate the spray tanning business. Bronze By Brittany by Jackie Grade regularly welcomes women of any age and encourages them to drop any presuppositions that spray he beach days and warm, tanning has its age and body type limits. summer sun have begun to fade and our Southern Cal- As a soon-to-be mom, Breanna Patten says, "Brittany ifornia golden tans are fol- is so amazing that I drive from San Diego just to get lowing suit. But everyone is sprayed by her. She is the best and really knows how losing that sun-kissed glow, to make you feel comfortable and you can tell she enright? I thought so joys what she does. Love her." too until I met Brittany De Anda and her clientele. In Even those with active lifeBronze by Brittany’s all-natural and styles such as Brittany Eastonly organic studio, customers of all wood’s, regularly return to and ages, sizes and shades of white walk trust in the lasting effects of a through her doors. Brittany takes Bronze By Brittany all-natural her time choosing the correct colorspray tan. "Brittany is the best ing for her clients, leaving each one spray tanner I have ever been with a gorgeous faux glow and the too! Talk about someone who confidence to once again dawn a cares about her work! I have repair of shorts or even brave a bikini. ferred multiple girlfriends and family who now use her on a Ashley Advincula called Brittany beregular basis. I would not recfore her wedding and received a ommend anyone else but Britflawless tan to last through the big tany. We need more business day. "Brittany gave me the perfect owners like her!" natural looking color for my wedding. She is quick and professional. I highly Brittany is also excited to have recently launched an recommend!" all natural, cruelty free makeup line for her clients. She encourages them to check out the website and Similarly, Breanna Badorek walked down the aisle with a nat- peruse the organic cosmetics. ural looking tan that caused her white dress to stand out and shine. "Brittany is amazing. She is super professional and “The line is called ‘Younique’ and it is a whole line of knowledgeable about her product. She made me feel very high end cosmetics that comfortable, and really listened to what I wanted. Every tan I are all natural, Paraben got was flawless, natural looking and gorgeous. That's why I Free, Cruelty Free and trusted her with the most special day of my life!" made in The USA.”



Ashley Advincula called Brittany before her wedding and received a flawless tan to last through the big day


Find Brittany in the London Hair Studio in San Juan Capistrano. Stop by 31952 Camino Capistrano C-18, or call 949.485.9237 for an appointment. To visit Bronze By Brittany’s website: To visit Brittany’s Younique website: NOVEMBER 2014



One coupon per transaction. Expires 11/30/14

One coupon per transaction. Expires 11/30/14

Medicare Part B Premium and Deductible: No Increase in 2015 by Stephanie Frisch f someone has paid into Medicare for 40 quarters, they’ve pay upfront all of their Part A Medicare premiums and pay nothing for the benefit of having it when they turn 65. Part B Medicare premiums are different, they do carry a small monthly premium and next year, premiums for beneficiaries with incomes below $85,000 will stay at $104.90 -- the same rate as the previous two years -- and deductibles will be unchanged at $147. Medicare Part B covers doctor's appointments, outpatient care and other services. Those with annual incomes of more than $85,000 pay more for Part B and D, but their sliding scale premiums also will remain unchanged.


Some Medicare costs will rise however. Costs for hospital and skilled-nursing facility stays will increase slightly. facility stays will increase slightly. Specifically, Medicare Part B beneficiaries in a skilled-nursing facility next year will pay $157.50 daily after 20 days, compared with $152 per day in 2014. Skilled nursing is only covered up to 100 consecutive days per stay under Medicare. The only insurance coverage that covers beyond 100 days in skilled nursing is long term care.

Deductibles for hospital admissions under Part A of the Medicare program will increase by $44 in 2015, to $1,260. The deductible is for the first 60 days of an illness period. After that, beneficiaries must pay $315 a day coinsurance for days 61-90, and days 91- 150 is the copay $630 a day. However, days 61-90 is only covered once in a beneficiaries life (lifetime reserve days). So, once it’s used you are never covered under Original Medicare for more than 90 days. Beyond the lifetime reserve days, you pay all costs. This is the reason why someone should never only have Original Medicare and nothing else. Please contact me to arrange for an appointment to discuss your options for Medicare Advantage plans and Some Medicare costs will rise however. Costs for hospital and skilled-nursing Medicare Supplemental plans.

Stephanie Frisch is the owner of Insurance 101 and is an independent insurance broker dedicated to helping others make “educated decisions” about their insurance choices when it comes to Medicare, Long-Term Care Planning, The Health Insurance Marketplace-Covered California and Life Insurance. For answers to your questions, or an in-home, no-fee consultation, call (949) 351-2443.




With This Coupon. Exp. 11/30/14

With This Coupon. Exp. 11/30/14

With This Coupon. Exp. 11/30/14

With This Coupon. Exp. 11/30/14

With This Coupon. Exp. 11/30/14

With This Coupon. Exp. 11/30/14

With This Coupon. Exp. 11/30/14

With This Coupon. Exp. 11/30/14

With This Coupon. Exp. 11/30/14

With This Coupon. Exp. 11/30/14

Be sure to follow up a verbal report with a letter or email. Include all the pertinent facts. Document all conversations and keep all correspondence. You may need this record later.

Two Be sure to routinely check your statements for any unauthorized use. Don’t cut corners. If there is an unauthorized use on the statement, the clock is ticking. Be sure to report anything unusual… say a charge for a few cents. That could be a trial to verify that the card is good.


If you have a loss, report it to the issuer quickly. Acting fast limits liability.

Four Be sure to follow up a verbal report with a letter or email. Include all the pertinent facts. Document all conversations and keep all correspondence. You may need this record later.

Protecting Against Losses from Lost Five or Stolen Credit and Debit Cards

Be sure to check with your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance carrier to determine if such a loss is covered.

by C. Lawrence "Larry" Thomas


hey seem awfully frequent, news stories of security breaches and the loss of customer credit or debit card data. Some shrug it off saying that it is the new “reality” of doing business in the modern age. Not really, there is a lot that consumers and the businesses they deal with can do to protect against losses from credit or debit card theft.

Financial institutions of all types devote a tremendous amount of time and money to protecting their customer’s personal data. Federal and State regulators have emphasized data security for a long time and continue their close scrutiny of bank and credit union security policies and procedures. Other industries, such as retail, are stepping up their data security, especially in light of the breaches that have occurred in the past few years. The primary effect of these breaches has been the theft of credit, ATM, or debit card numbers. We consumers can also do a lot to minimize our financial risk from credit, ATM, or debit card theft. Here are a few ideas from the Federal Trade Commission:

One Be sure to check with the card issuer to be sure you understand their procedures and guarantees in the event of the unauthorized use of the card. Your protection depends on the type of card that is compromised and when the loss is reported. Federal laws do limit the consumer’s liability (not a business’s) in these cases.

Other industries, such as retail, are stepping up their data security, especially in light of the breaches that have occurred in the past few years. The primary effect of these breaches has been the theft of credit, ATM, or debit card numbers.

If the consumer’s credit, ATM, or debit cards are lost or stolen, protection is offered by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCBA) and the Electronic Fund Transfer Act (EFTA). Under the FCBA, the consumer’s liability for the unauthorized use of his or her credit card is capped at $50. However, if the card is reported lost or stolen before it is used, the FCBA says that the consumer is not responsible for any unauthorized use. If only the number is stolen, say by a security breach, the consumer is also not responsible for any unauthorized use. ATM and debit card are a little different. If the card is reported lost or stolen before any unauthorized use, the consumer is not responsible. If the report is within two business days of learning of the loss or theft, the consumer’s liability is capped at $50. If the report is more than 2 business days, but less than 60 calendar days after the statement was sent, the maximum liability is $500. More than 60 days and the consumer is totally responsible for all losses. Best advice, stay on top of all debit card, ATM, or debit card transactions and report problems quickly. That way your loss is minimized or, possibly, eliminated.

C. Lawrence “Larry” Thomas is First Vice President and South County Regional Manager of Independence Bank. The South County Regional Office is located at 32291 Camino Capistrano, Suite A in San Juan Capistrano. Larry can be reached at (949) 373-1578 or visit NOVEMBER 2014






Overall, measures of speed of processing speech to hear and to understand, the new hearing system with digital precise measurements improve speed of listening, as well as, better understanding in noise. There should be no reason for people not to seek help when their hearing becomes blurry. The difference between hearing and listening is comparable to the difference between sound and thought. We are able to accurately describe hearing with audiograms of detection of input signals defined acoustically in terms of relative loudness in decibels and spectral content expressed in hertz.

Do Hearing Aids Accelerate Listening and Speech Understanding? by Randy W. Rose

Going on multiple testing of patients for hearing loss and having nearly identical outcomes, the main difference in their speech perception and listening comprehension abilities, both in quiet and in noise, is based on the accuracy of their auditory nervous system. It is important to note that each individuals cognitive ability to make sense of the delivered auditory information. When the same loudness and cues “spectral and spatial” delivered to multiple patients (with almost the same amount or degree of sensorineural hearing loss measured by audiogram), will most likely be perceived differently by each person being tested based on their cognitive abilities. It is important to note that new research shows that those people with the highest cognitive abilities are more efficient and more accurate in extracting meaning from acoustic stimuli “Hearing Aids” this is ever more apparent when in challenging noisy environments.

ver the years that I have been fitting and dispensing hearing aids I have known that those clients who wear their hearing system most of the time Then as Hearing Care Professionals tasked with maximizdo much better and keep the ability to understand speech much longer. ing human hearing, we must consider the ultimate speech We have talked a lot about how we hear with the brain over the last several processor, the human brain. The brain influences and inyears and the cognitive effect that happens by not seeking help. teracts with hearing via cognitive and other abilities.


As we age, cognitive information processing slows and auditory temporal processing becomes affected or disrupted, with the dual results being that listening becomes slow and weak, somewhat sluggish. The fact is the easier it is to hear the faster we can process the sound, and the information flows better, which helps with the ease of listening. This could all be improved with Hearing Aids. Generally, we do a word test with and without amplification, and the word tests take 3 – 4 times longer without the Hearing Aids, than it does with the proper amplification in place. We also find that the word scores are almost always better with the use of the Hearing Aids.

Hearing Aids can improve the negative effects of hearing loss on cognitive function by improving the quality of auditory signal reaching the auditory cortex, older adults have showed improved quality of life when they use hearing aids full time.

The findings found that listening could be made faster and easier by making sure that the signal quality is clear, which improves bottom up processing, and listeners learn to use Harmony(congruent) semantic context and expectations to guide listening (improving top-down signal processing via the knowledge and expertise of older adults). It seems in this standard should be adapted to demonstrate the advantages of signal processing by hearing aids. We are looking at the literal decision that provides a measure of speed of information processing during listening. Other methods such as eye tracking (lip reading) we found how the listener follows speech as it happens. Additional research using eye tracking has confirmed just that, the words were correctly identified. Literal processing is slower when words were given in quiet compared to when they are presented in noise. There is an age related slowing only in some conditions, such as, when elements differentiating competing candidates rely on hearing the initial consonant.

The longer someone waits to seek help the harder it is to achieve the desired results, the brain begins to shrink and loses its cognitive ability to recognize words. Hearing tests are quick and easy, we do not charge for this service, and will also inspect your ears with a fiber optic video otoscope, just like getting your eyes checked, we should all have our hearing checked every two years.

Randy W. Rose is a hearing instrument specialist and owner of Rose Hearing Aid Center in Dana Point. Connect with him by calling (949) 388-5703, visit Rose Hearing Aid Center in the Dana Point Harbor at 24981 Dana Point Harbor Dr., Suite E-130 or visit NOVEMBER 2014



Yoga, Pilates and Pregnancy by Nicole Howard and Cara Fraser ilates and yoga are one of the best things for a healthy mind and body, and for moms to be it doesn’t have to stop during pregnancy. Mindful exercise has been proved to contribute to an overall healthier pregnancy and birth experience. By using gentle exercises and poses that are designed to strengthen, add flexibility, plus stamina pilates and yoga can work wonders.


According to the Mayo Clinic, a 2012 study found that prenatal yoga can help to prevent complications during pregnancy, and those who practiced for one hour, three times a week were less likely to have low birth weight babies, pregnancy related diabetes and high blood pressure. The benefits are endless, so get that baby bump on the mat for an overall healthier pregnancy experience. Due to changes in posture and weight distribution, as pregnancy continues women can experience a loss of balance, low back/pelvis pain, fluid retention, leg cramps, and varicose veins. Yoga and pilates naturally address these issues. Strengthening the core combats low back pain, and the movement of legs and hips helps alleviate many of the not-so-fun side effects of pregnancy. Additionally, a strong core is crucial in pushing during delivery. Breathing is a key focus when practicing pilates and yoga, and those same patterns can be highly beneficial for pregnancy and labor. Good air exchange is important for the health of the mom and the baby as it grows. And as the baby develops stiffness in the upper back and ribs can result in shallow breaths for the mom. Many exercises help open up this area, releasing tension. Controlled breathing is also a very important aid during labor. The anticipation of becoming a parent and the every day stresses can affect the overall pregnancy experience. When pregnant it’s important to carve out a few hours a week for selfcare. Pilates and yoga are great ways to relax and reflect on the present moment and the physiological changes in the body. By staying in shape during pregnancy the recovery time of childbirth and post-partum side effects are highly reduced. At Align Pilates Center you will find quality classes to only enhance the pregnancy experience, ease in childbirth and recovery, creating an overall healthy mom and baby.

Connect with the Align Pilates team by calling (949) 481-3577, stop by the studio at 26850 Ortega Hwy., Suite K in San Juan Capistrano or NOVEMBER 2014



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Dad-preneur: Nate Kuchera Bank of Manhattan's Senior Loan Officer on Balancing Work & Family by Jody Robinson • photography by Lana Farfan, Caught in the Moment Photography

ortgage companies have dropped off like flies in the last few years, and you have to figure that those left standing are doing so because they’re doing something right.


his priority. He would get up at 4:15 am to exercise, get to work and work very hard, then make sure he got home in time to be with his kids. I don’t think he or my mom missed many events while we were growing up, yet my dad was successful and well respected in his work. The biggest thing I’ve learned from that is balance. Now that I have a family, I’ve tried to implement some of those principles from my parents. I feel very fortunate that my job enables me to spend time with my kids in the morning before school and in the evenings. I am however, very dedicated to making sure my clients and my business partners' needs are taken care of, so my co-workers and I work to make sure it all runs smoothly. Overall I think the new perspective I have is gratitudejust being thankful that we’ve been able to survive and thrive in our business while having a young family, despite all of the changes in our industry.

Many mortgage lenders work as if they are in it for the one-time payoff, and are seemingly not all that concerned about what happens next – to the client or to their own companies. Which is why it’s so refreshing to meet a seasoned professional like Nate Kuchera who believes it only makes sense to service your clients in such a way that they’ll want to come back to you again in the future - a philosophy that has served him well, both profession- M: Three tips for families looking for the right loan partner? ally and personally. NK: Make sure the loan agent you are working with is truly work“Growing up I knew I wanted to help people in some way, so I tried to bring ing to find you the best option for your needs. That may mean a different approach to an industry that needed honesty, transparency and telling the family that purchasing that new home right now may sound advice,” says Kuchera, senior loan officer for the Newport Beach- need to wait, as an example. Typically in our business word of based Bank of Manhattan. “Our business can be like many others, where mouth referrals are great, so ask friends and family members you the focus is mainly about ‘closing deals,’ but I’ve learned if you don’t take trust to advise who they’ve worked with. care of the borrower from the beginning, middle and potentially months or M: What are some of the heartaches and headaches families can years after the transaction, you will just be status quo.” avoid if they work with the right mortgage lender? Bank of Manhattan, N.A., is a full service bank headquartered in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, California with five full-service offices in El Se- NK: One of the biggest problems with borrowers is just not being gundo, Manhattan Beach, Pasadena, Glendale and Montebello as well as six prepared for what is entailed in the process. These days, whether mortgage loan production offices in Southern California. Founded in 2007, you are purchasing or refinancing, you need to be prepared to Bank of Manhattan specializes in delivering relationship banking services provide 2 years of tax returns, W2’s, recent pay stubs, and a couand residential mortgages to entrepreneurs, family-owned and closely-held ple months of bank statements. If you can get these in an elecmiddle market businesses, real estate investors and professional service tronic form- great, most places prefer this format. It’s usually best to have these items reviewed along with a recent credit refirms. port. Having these items up front and early in the process can Nate has “personally gravitated to the jumbo and super jumbo loans as a save big potential problems down the road. Loan transactions specialty” in response to demand from his clients, but he also covers all as- can have very important deadlines that if missed, can potentially cost a lot of money, or cause you to lose a home you are trying pects of residential lending including construction and multi-family. to purchase. These potential problems can all be mitigated with Marmalade: How has becoming a father given you a new or different per- just a little planning and working with the right mortgage lender. spective on your work? M: First-time homebuyers - any advice or special thoughts for Nate Kuchera: When I was growing up, I watched my father make our family them? (continued on page 29)

Nate encourages readers to feel welcome to give him a call or email with any mortgage related questions, even if you’d just like some advice with no strings attached. His direct office line is 949.999.7923, his cell is 949.633.6464 and email is or visit NOVEMBER 2014



(continued from page 28)

Having these items up front and early in the process can save big potential problems down the road. Loan transactions can have very important deadlines that if missed, can potentially cost a lot of money, or cause you to lose a home you are trying to purchase. These potential problems can all be mitigated with just a little Mon – Sat drop off by 10 a.m.

planning and working with the right mortgage lender.

NK: For first time home buyers, it’s extremely important to get pre-approved before you start looking for homes. Make sure to have a credit report run, complete a loan application and have your financials reviewed. Let the loan agent know if you are going to use your own funds for the down payment, or if you may be having a family member provide a gift towards the down payment. Make sure to discuss the various options that are available, whether it’s a conventional loan, a combo 1st mortgage with an equity line, a FHA loan, etc. Obviously working with a real estate agent who is knowledgeable is equally as important, so take time to find someone you trust, and possibly put your mortgage lender in contact with the agent before you submit offers or open escrow.

20% OFF Household 30% OFF Items (Comforters, Dry Cleaning and Laundry Shirts/Blouses

Bed Spreads, Sheets & Rugs)

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M: What it comes to the right loan and home, would you offer parents of young kids different advice than those with older kids or teenagers? If so, what would those different pieces of advice be? NK: We work to provide our clients the best loan products based on where they are in their life, and of course their plans for the future. For example, a younger family may think a 15yr fixed is best so that they can pay off their loan early, but the best approach may be a 30yr fixed, so that they have some cushion to handle unexpected expenses that may arise. They may not realize that you can still accelerate the mortgage and treat it like a shorter term loan. If we don’t take the time to discuss specific questions with each of our clients, we are not doing our job properly. Anyone qualified can go online or to a bank and get a mortgage, but if you want it handled properly and to potentially have someone who is looking out for you for a long time and is truly a mortgage “advisor,” take the time to find the right person. NOVEMBER 2014




“We are committed to treating each client with compassion, dignity and respect,” says Executive Director BJ Hickman. “For a treatment program to be effective, it is paramount that the treating clinicians really understand the man seeking help. Adult men who are struggling with addiction respond well to a level of service commensurate with their station in life. Many of the men who come to our program have accomplished a great deal in their careers and family lives, and they often have a great deal of financial responsibility. Although the daily schedule will vary, every client can be assured a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan, a healing environment with the highest privacy standards and every resource needed to begin life in recovery.”

Hotel California by the Sea

Individualized approach The Hotel California by the Sea treatment team understands that whatever is motivating a man to seek help is unique to him. For this reason, they strive to create a luxury addiction treatment program that is as individual as he is. Upon admission, clients undergo assessments that will provide their experienced addiction clinicians with the information they need to create a customized treatment plan.

The treatment team will consult with each client and one another throughout the course of an individual’s program to meet his specific needs as he progresses through the process of recovery. Some of these needs may relate to his current professional life or family life. by Ann Laurence To this end, HCBTS builds in flexibility so the men in its addiction programs have the best chance of sucou might think you know what an alcoholic cessful recovery and transition back into life. or addict looks and acts like. There’s a perception that people who abuse substances “Hotel California by the Sea offers true luxury accomlive substandard lives. But if you review modations for executive and well established men who current statistics regarding the growing number want recovery,” says Mosen. “Recovery and learning of high-functioning and successful abusers, to live substance free can be uncomfortable, that is you’ll realize nothing could be further from the why we make sure everything else is shrouded in first truth. class comfort. From our beachside accommodations to our yacht meetings, we make sure that our men are Here in Orange County – arguably home to some taken care of while they learn to take care of themof the country’s most affluent zip codes – men selves.” struggling with addiction are lawyers and doctors, high-profile athletes, executive level man- Perhaps the best testament to the successes achieved agement, entrepreneurs and government at Hotel California by the Sea can be summed up in officials. The abusers who fall into this category the words of a 30-year-old professional who experihave money in the bank, well-mannered children enced recovery through its luxury drug and alcohol in good schools, prestigious addresses and suc- treatment program: Carl Mosen, Chief cessful careers. We might not think of men in Executive Officer high-powered positions as substance abusers “I think the most important aspect of this program is because their trappings of success enable them the focus on age and maturity. Clientele is absolutely to hide their addiction so well. paramount towards its success. They’ve assembled the right staff. It helped being able to use my laptop “The disease of addiction and other behavioral health issues is complex and each per- and cell phone. They create an environment where son’s treatment needs are unique,” says Carl Mosen, Chief Executive Officer of the you have every opportunity to get better. It’s only a Newport Beach-based Hotel California by the Sea (HCBTS), a luxury drug and alcohol matter of reaching out. I’m pleased. I was here to learn treatment center. “So it stands to reason that a rehab and recovery process that works how to go about fixing the deep seeded issues that well for a teen male or a man in his 20s requires an entirely different approach for a drove me into insanity. I feel really good about what I professional man in his 40s. learned here. I have the opportunity interface with smart people who know the solutions. Hotel California This philosophy is at the core of the Hotel California by the Sea mission – to provide a by the Sea offered me the tools to recovery. The masafe environment and addiction treatment for professional men seeking treatment for ture clientele was the difference. I have a solid foundependence on alcohol and other substances. dation.”

Luxury Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Men Over 30


For more information, call (866) 558-0083 or visit NOVEMBER 2014





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Second To None: Mardi's Jewelry Design by Ann Laurence

t’s that sentimental, giving time of year. And even if it wasn’t, it’s almost impossible not to think about buying jewelry for someone without getting that old funny feeling. Chances are, you belong to someone that’s one in a million and the jewelry you select should reflect exactly that.


When it comes to the best place to find that perfect piece, Mardi's Jewelry Design in Laguna Hills is second to none. Known not only for their impeccable reputation for customer service, Mardi's Jewelry Design is renowned for its stunning array of estate pieces and unique designer jewelry - from pendants, necklaces and bracelets to rings and earrings. While many large jewelry stores are vying for your attention through catchy ads and exclusive attitudes, Mardi's Jewelry Design customers enjoy personal attention, incredible, unbeatable prices, and the highest quality designs. "We specialize in fast, on-site jewelry repair services - most of which is done in one day or less," says Maral Mardirossian, who owns Mardi's Jewelry Design with her husband Garo. "As an official Philip Stein retailer and repair center, we offer a variety of services to our customers from all over the United States via our easy 1-2-3 Philip Stein repair system. Our custom design experts will sit down and help bring your dream piece to life using CAD imaging. We can also custom design using your own stones or old jewelry and transform them into a piece of art that will be exceptional and personal."

Maral and Garo have been working in the jewelry industry for a combined 35 years in the field. Since she was just 14 years old, Maral began learning the ins and outs of the jewelry business. Her love and passion for jewelry motivated her to complete gemology school and she is now a certified GIA diamond appraiser. Maral's keen eye for fashion and quality allows her to personally handpick the stores unique merchandise. Garo, who has been in the jewelry business since the age of 18, worked in the diamond district in New York as a diamond setter before owning his own business. Combining their gem expertise with incredible business savvy, the couple opened Mardi's Jewelry Design in 2000 with the idea that customers should have it all: quality diamonds, unique pieces and custom designs at wholesale prices - with premium service. In fact, Mardi's customers rave about their seamless selection process: "You will always find at least one or two new pieces that no one else has. Mardi's has great taste and a friendly staff that is very educated in all types of fine jewelry. Highly recommend this store to anyone looking for a jewelry store in the Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo area...or for South Orange County for that matter!" "We take pride in our customer service and satisfaction," says Maral. "We want your business for life and strive on building strong customer loyalty by providing quality services and competitive prices. Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our customers."

Mardi's Jewelry Design is proud to have served South Orange County since 2000. Family owned and operated, they are ready to show you what a quality jewelry purchase is truly about. Connect with Owners Garo and Maral Mardirossian by stopping by their showroom at 25620 Alicia Pkwy in Laguna Hills, call (949) 470-9500 or visit NOVEMBER 2014



Randy and Caryn Rose

Hearing exam is always free. This is not a medical exam and is intended for amplification only. Offers cannot be combined with other offers or previous purchases.




WHAT CONDITIONS HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFULLY TREATED? Tendon and ligament injuries Soft tissue injuries Muscle strains and tears Sore muscles and joints Degenerative joint conditions Neurological pain Chronic non-healing wounds

Understanding Laser Therapy for Pain Management A Q & A with Dr. John S. Fidone, BA, DC aser Therapy is the use of specific wavelengths of light to treat painful and debilitating conditions. Laser Therapy, known as Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT), is currently being used in 70 countries, as well as by Harvard Medical School, NASA researchers, the US Navy and a multitude of professional sports organizations.


South County Magazine: How does laser therapy work? Dr. Fidone: Light energy enters the damaged cells and stimulates inter-cellular activity. This reduces pain in the area and speeds recovery of the damaged cells. Once the cells recover, the healing process is complete. SCM: What can a patient expect to experience during treatment?

General pain musculoskeletal disorders Pre and post surgical treatment Anti-inflammation applications BENEFITS OF LASER THERAPY Non-Surgical Treatment No Sedation Necessary No Side Effects Rapid Results

Dr. Fidone: Laser treatment is painless therapy that usually lasts several minutes. Patients may experience a comfortable sensation at the point of application.

Speeds Healing Process

SCM: What can I expect after treatment? Dr. Fidone: Most patients see a positive result in one to three treatments. Swelling is greatly reduced and there is rapid relief of pain. Chronic conditions can be controlled with regular treatments. Acute conditions usually subside quickly, typically within one set of treatments. SCM: Is Laser Therapy safe and effective? Dr. Fidone: Over 200 clinical trials and over 1,000 laboratory studies have shown that laser therapy has proven more effective and safer than pharmaceutical anti-inflammatories across a broad spectrum of musculoskeletal conditions. Laser therapy has been proven to improve healing, and reduce muscle damage and fatigue. In fact, Prof. Michael Hamblin of the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology states that "the use of low levels of visible or near infrared light for reducing pain, inflammation and edema, promoting healing of wounds, deeper tissues and nerves, and preventing cell death and tissue damage, has been known for over forty years." NOVEMBER 2014



For more information, Dr. John S. Fidone, BA, DC. can be reached by calling 949 281 6854 or visit Cold Rush Wellness is located at 30251 Golden Lantern, Suite B in Laguna Niguel.

Pets of the Month Five month old Justice is a pretty, little kitty who has tons of love to share. Justice enjoys spending her days bird watching from her favorite perch at the window or batting toys around the room. However, her all-time favorite thing to do is settle in by your side for some relaxing petting. Do you have a nice warm lap to offer to a needy kitten?

This handsome devil is appropriately named Blue, for his gorgeous blue eyes. Smart as they come, Blue is a clever kitty who likes to investigate his surroundings and even learned how to open doors! When he is finished exploring, he mostly likes to lounge around and watch the birds go by his window. Blue would be great company for someone looking for a big, adventurous cat.

Meet Karl, a 10 month old Dachshund mix. Karl is tons of fun and loves to play with toys or other dogs in the yard. When he isn’t running around outside, he is pretty easygoing and enjoys unwinding with a nice belly rub. If you’re looking for a dog who is a real sweetheart, Karl is as sweet as can be!

Troy is a 3 year old neutered, English Spot dwarf mix. He is looking for a home that will give him lots of attention, treats, and pets. He has a sweet personality and a mild demeanor. While he is sometimes initially nervous of being picked up, once he's in your arms he is right at home. Troy would love to find someone that understands him and would make a spectacular bunny companion!

San Clemente-Dana Point Animal Shelter 221 Avenida Fabricante, San Clemente • (949) 492-1617




949.388.3525 • Monarch Bay Plaza • Dana Point

Holiday Open House November 12 11 am - 6 pm Custom Silk Floral Design •

Home & Holiday Decor •


949.443.1783 32291 Camino Capistrano #B • San Juan Capistrano NOVEMBER 2014



Fortunately, many patients resolve with no treatment or minimal treatment, but for those with significant injury, early assessment and careful planning can make a world of difference.

Hearing Loss, Dizziness, and Tinnitus from Whiplash by Dennis A. Colucci, Au.D., M.A., FAA eck trauma is characterized by damage to the cervical spine from a direct insult such as a blow to the neck or from a whiplash-type injury. The most common whiplash scenario occurs in rear-end automobile accidents but, may also be a result of sport injuries, fall accidents, and head shaking. Trauma of this nature may cause hearing loss, balance disorders, and ringing in the ears (tinnitus) amongst other symptoms. According to Wikipedia, one million whiplash injuries occur in the U.S. annually from automobile accidents with 5000 neck injuries resulting in quadriplegia at a total cost of $40.5 billion. For most cases, the symptoms of neck trauma may be transient and resolve in a few weeks to months, but for some they can develop into ongoing quality of life issues that can last for years.


logical consequences. In some cases, the difficulties related to the injuries result in depression and this can often produce a more severe tinnitus and sound sensitivity. Risk factors for long term impairment include, pre-existing conditions such as degenerative disc disease, aging, female gender, and head position at the time of the accident, and pre-existing psychological stress. When combined with head trauma a more significant issue arises such as traumatic brain injury.

What Should I Do? The most important action to take after being involved in a rear-end automobile accident is to go to the emergency room to be evaluated by a physician, especially if there is any degree of head injury. Frequently, patients will complain of hitting their head on the steering wheel, sun visor, or side window. The early symptoms may be judged as minimal; however, in many cases, symptoms may not become serious immediately, but within hours to a day or two the extent of injury will be revealed as inflammation and nerve damage sets in.

How Does It Happen? Whiplash injury is a result of rapid acceleration and deceleration of the head; first being extended backwards and then being whipped forwards. Just think of the head as a bowling ball on the end of a big spring and the brain inside the skull as an egg being bruised as it is bounced around. Even at 5 mph, i.e. bumper car speed, the positive acceleration of the head can be as high as 8.2 G’s. This is dramatic when taking into consideration that according to Wikipedia the reentry of Apollo 16 was 7.19 G’s. Even though the head motion may not appear to be excessive, the action of the head and strain on the neck may be more serious than initially considered. Whiplash can result in damage to a variety of cervical structures such as ligaments, vertebral joints, discs, muscles, and nerves. Although other mechanisms are involved, the sudden changes in blood flow that occur from the whipping action may result in concussion to the inner ears or brain making a whiplash injury very serious business.

What Are The Warning Signs? Symptoms of injury include complaints of neck and shoulder blade pain, a heavy head, and headaches, hearing loss, tinnitus, instability or vertigo, TMJ pain, reduced sound and light tolerance, auditory processing difficulty, and psychological consequences such as memory loss, sleep deprivation, anxiety and depression, and post-traumatic stress in the most severe cases. Whiplash Associated Disorder (WAD) is the medical term used to classify the results of this type of injury. This is broken into 5 categories ranging from no neck pain or physical signs to significant neck injury with fracture or dislocation of the vertebrae or discs, severe chronic pain, and psycho-

Fortunately, many patients resolve with no treatment or minimal treatment, but for those with significant injury, early assessment and careful planning can make a world of difference. Getting a review of the brain and neck followed by medical treatment, physical therapy, hearing and tinnitus management, and cognitive training can take advantage of the body’s spontaneous recovery period and reduce the over-all effects. I occasionally see patients that are engage in litigation and find that they had no care for months thinking that it would pass. Eventually, when the symptoms worsen they realize the connection between the whiplash they sustained in the motor vehicle accident and their changes in hearing, onset of tinnitus, and problems with sound sensitivity.

Dennis A. Colucci, Au.D., M.A., FAA is a clinical expert and educator specializing in evaluating and treating newborn, pediatric, adult and geriatric patients with hearing and balance disorders. Connect with Dr. Colucci at Colucci 20/20 Hearing Center by calling (949) 830-5770 or visiting NOVEMBER 2014



You Are Invited!

Thursday, November 6th & 11th

FREE Seminar 6:00pm • Please call to RSVP on Laser Pain Management Limited To The First 10 Guests with Dr. John Fidone. Discover what this Located in the Laguna Heights Marketplace state of the art technology and do for you. 30251 Golden Lantern St., Ste B Laguna Niguel Complimentary refreshments provided. 949.281.6853




town, and you’re out of time! Take 60 min. and let someone else release your stress-fighting hormones while you forget about your to-do list. 2. It’s cold: When the temperature drops, muscles get tight. It happens every year. The warm loose muscles of the summer months are long gone and achy backs/hips/knees have arrived. Let a massage therapist warm up those muscles and joints and help relieve your pain. 3. You’re doing too much: You haven’t stopped moving; you’re carrying heavy bags, putting up lights, carrying boxes out of the crawl space, cleaning your house, etc. Your body isn’t used to standing while baking cookies for 10 hours, or spending a day on a ladder putting up your lights. You’re bound to get some kinks along the way. Massage therapy can help you recover faster.

Five Reasons to Get a Massage during the Holiday Season by Michelle Bryant he holidays are here and this time of year is all about giving, making other people’s holiday wishes come true, and selflessness. But what about you? What have you done for yourself lately? Certainly it wouldn’t hurt to treat yourself while you are out taking care of everyone else. These are the top 5 reasons to get yourself a massage this holiday season.


4. It’s not a luxury anymore: If I have said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times- Massage is no longer considered a luxury, but rather an effective treatment for many medical conditions. Help prevent further injury and dysfunction by having a professional clinical massage therapist work on you today. 5. Use the time to pick up a few gifts: After getting your massage, realize how wonderful you feel and how other people on your shopping list could use the same great feeling! What a great gift. And since you are already here, just pick up a few gift cards so you have them on hand for those you have in mind, or the surprise person who shows up with a gift for you!

Hopefully this helps you realize that you need to take care of yourself too 1. Stress: This is the most stressful time of year for the average this holiday season. Besides, if you don’t stay healthy, who is going to person. Your shopping list is two miles long, your in-laws are in make sure you have the perfect Griswold family holiday season?!

Michelle Bryant is the owner of the San Juan Capistrano-based Massage Associates. To connect with her, visit 31952 Camino (in the Mercado Village), call(949) 489-7924 or visit







Ivar E. Roth, DPM, MPH, Diplomate American Board of Podiatric Surgery. Located 29 years in Newport Beach.



This new treatment is quite amazing. Using a combination of three different proven techniques, I will custom match your treatment solution to your problem nails. Depending on the nail and its severity, we may use different treatments on different nails. I am so confident that this new technique works that I am offering an unheard of money-back guarantee. In addition, as a way to say thank you to my former patients whose nail fungus has returned or failed to respond, I am offering a 50% discount on all nail treatments plus the same money-back guarantee.

Reg. $315. Expires 11/30/14


20/20 eye-charts help optimize our vision, 20/20 hearing brain-reprogramming optimizes our hearing. (Ears don't "hear," they collect noise. It's our brain that translates noise into vowels and consonants and words that make sense). A Board Certified Doctor of Audiology's 20/20 Hearing Chart provokes precision brain reprogramming maximizing hearing clarity. When the brain is optimally programmed, it hears what you want to hear. Clear, wonderful words. Clear, sweet, beautiful music. Clear everything.




pure. love. yoga.

Photo Credit: Terry Yaqui


"My late husband Ken, who was a very successful businessman, always told me...You hire the people who are at the very best at what they do.... and then you give them the freedom to do it," says Angela. Angela's late husband Ken Treaster is an inspiration for creating this space. His love for life, people, and following one's passion is undoubtedly felt in the studio. In fact... he's the reason for the "love" in The studio is not just about yoga (at least in the way most people think of it)... it's about community. From the moment you walk in you feel like family. This is not to say the physical practice of yoga is not important at as the studio is home to some of the most sought after & experienced yoga instructors in Orange County. But there's a lot more going on here besides chatturangas & downward facing dogs..The studio aims to include the community on many levels. From selling retail from local artists to facilitating potlucks and community events... this studio is all about the people. On Saturday nights the studio holds a 5pm yoga class accompanied by live music from a local artist. Those are just a few ways the community is involved in this very special space.

here's a new yoga studio in town... and they are changing the game on how yoga studios operate! San Clemente welcomes A yoga studio dedicated to community, sustainability, service, and collaboration. Owner Angela Treaster purchased the studio with the vision of creating something truly authentic, beautiful , and unique in San Clemente. The business model is like nothing else you'll see in Orange County. The studio functions almost as a Co-Op. Angela is the Owner & Studio Director but has pulled together a team of well-known and experienced teachers to help in fulfilling the vision of a community based, collaboratively operated yoga studio.. making yoga accessible to all students from beginners to advanced practitioners. The leaders include: Creative Director Laura Love, Seva Direc- "Our intention is to create something truly beautiful... where tor Jamie Hanson, Retail Director Laura Anderson, Media Director Marjorie the physical practice of yoga is just one layer," says Creative Woodbridge, Student Advisor Golden Trout. Director Laura Love.


pure. love. yoga. is located at 415 E. Avenida Pico, Suite M in San Clemente.








Water in the Garden by Jody Robinson

A koi pond is clearly much more than a backyard water garden feature. It is a living, breathing eco-system which requires the expertise of a pond professional. for the previous homeowner for several years and it was clear from our first meeting that he was committed to quality care and customer service. Serving Orange County since 1999, Glenn specializes in “total koi pond and water garden maintenance,” repair, construction, hen we moved into our new home last year, the property came pond and filtration design and consultation. with a very pretty pond stocked with colorful koi and goldfish. But for someone who can barely keep a potted plant alive, the Aside from feeding the fish, Glenn literally takes care of everyprospect of being responsible for the livelihood and longevity thing during his weekly visits, including removing excess debris of these beautiful fish was daunting – I don’t have a clue about and dead plant matter, inspecting the pond equipment for the right ratio of additives in the water or the importance of proper function and making adjustments as needed and inspecting the fish for signs of distress algae or how to combat fish disease. or disease. He also tests the water A koi pond is clearly much more than a backyard water garden feature. It is a quality, back-flushes the filters and living, breathing eco-system which requires the expertise of a pond profes- adds bacteria or other agents as needed and offers 24-hour emergency sional. service. In short, he keeps our pond Thankfully, we also inherited the services of Glenn Cecil, owner of the South looking beautiful and our fish healthy County-based Water in the Garden. He had maintained this particular pond and happy.


To connect with Glenn directly, call (949) 872-3833 or visit





Preserving Your Stone's Natural Beauty Call For Detai


Locally Owned and Operated • STONE & GRANITE REPAIR • Granite Countertop Polish and Sealing • CONCRETE STAINING • Marble/Natural Stone CLEAN & POLISH • Flagstone & Pavers • Tile and Grout Maintenance

Licensed and Insured

15 + Years Experience Maintaining and/or Restoring Your Flooring to Like New Condition

With proper care, we can extend the life of your flooring investment CALL tODAY (949) 637-6840 NOVEMBER 2014









SOUTH COUNTY DINING & ENTERTAINMENT There is evidence that the Christmas ghost story tradition stretches back at least to Shakespeare’s time.

A Ghostly Winter’s Tale Adapted from an article by Vic Zoschak Submitted by Beverly Blake and Tom Scott Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol story embodies the goodwill associated with the Christmas season - and it has the Victorians’ favorite elements of a good Christmas story: ghosts. Why this obsession with ghosts at Christmas time? By Dickens’ time, Christmas was not much of a holiday. In fact, for most people it was still a work day. The Industrial Revolution meant fewer days off for everyone, and Christmas was considered so unimportant that no one complained. The date of December 25 was shrewdly chosen by early Christian officials who wanted to replace pagan rituals with Christian ones. The day was selected because of its association with two pagan holidays, Yule and Sol Invictus (the birthday of the Unconquered Sun). Both were celebrated in conjunction with the winter solstice, the longest night of the year. On this night, the boundaries between the physical and spiritual worlds



were considered particularly permeable. It was believed that spirits would return to Earth to finish unsettled business - exactly what Jacob Marley does in A Christmas Carol. There is evidence that the Christmas ghost story tradition stretches back at least to Shakespeare’s time. In “A Christmas Tree” (1859), Dickens writes, “There is probably a smell of roasted chestnuts and other good comfortable things over time, for we are telling Winter Stories–Ghost Stories, or more shame for us–round the Christmas fire.” That phrase “winter stories” and its variant “winter’s tale” had mostly fallen into disuse by Dickens’ day, but it refers to a fantastical yarn that one would weave to entertain interlocutors around a wintertime fire. Camino Real Playhouse will be sharing a “winter’s tale” with their presentation of A Christmas Carol: A Ghost Story of Christmas which has been adapted by Michael Wilson.



Contemporary Italian Cuisine BUY 1 ENTREE, GET 1 ENTREE AT

50% OFF

Not valid with any other offers or promotions.

Happy Hour 3:30 - 6:30pm Half-Price Appetizers & Wine LIVE ENTERTAINMENT! Open for Lunch and Dinner DANA POINT’S “BEST’’ LOCAL SPOT!

949.443.1476 24050 Camino Del Avion • Dana Point NOVEMBER 2014




The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel Hosts Surfing Santa and Surfboard Auction in Support of Children with Autism Two Annual Holiday Events that Benefit Surfers Healing he Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel is proud to present the Seventh Annual Holiday Surfboard Auction and Fifth Annual Surfing Santa Competition. Honoring the resort’s Community Footprints commitment to supporting worthy causes, these two seasonal events support Surfers Healing whose mission is to enrich the lives of people living with autism by exposing them to the unique experience of surfing.


The Holiday Surfboard Auction showcases an amazing selection of surfboards that are displayed at the resort and auctioned off to benefit Surfers Healing. The auction opens on Saturday, November 22 and bidding closes at noon on December 31. Surfboards are on dis-

play at The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel throughout this timeframe. The auction runs as an online auction and can be found at The Surfing Santa Competition takes place on Saturday, November 22 at Salt Creek Beach. The competition features four heats with prizes in six categories including: Surfing Rudolph (Pro/Am – short board for men 18 and older) · · Candy Cane Pro/Am (short board for girls of all ages) · Santa’s Elves (short board for guys 17 and under) · Yule Loggers (open longboard for guys and girls of all ages) · Sleigh Ride (open body board for guys of all ages) · Sleigh Bells (open body board for girls of all ages)

Contestants in all divisions would be eligible for a $1,000 Big Air prize, which will be based on contestable air points throughout the day. Competitors can register for the competition at

Japanese & French

ZAKURA Dining & Bar

Now Open for Lunch & Dinner! Happy Hour Daily 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm

949.218.0877 for reservations 30100 Town Center Drive • Suites Y-Z • Laguna Niguel THEZAKURA.COM NOVEMBER 2014








Jody Jody Robinson Robinson (South (South County County Magazine) Magazine) and and Teresa Teresa Razo Razo (Villa (Villa Roma Roma Restaurant) Restaurant)

South County Magazine Celebrates Its October Issue! It's impossible to say what we love most about our issue release parties, especially the most recent one at Villa Roma! Situated in a shopping center just off La Paz at McIntyre (25254 La Paz Rd) in Laguna Hills, Villa Roma serves up amazing Italian and Argentine cuisine. When it comes to deciding between hand battered and fried calamari, bufalo mozzarella appetizers, mini chicken, garlic and pesto pizzas or incredible wine paired with the best company and live music, I mean, you can’t choose just one thing! Guests noshed on the aforementioned apps and raved about the flavor in every bite. You won't find deep-dish-American-football-sweatpants pizza here. No. They serve handmade, crispy, flaky crust pizza. The prosciutto and arugula, complete with a soft flurry of mozzarella is the kind of pie you sip wine with, reflecting on the old country while a hot steam of freshness rises poetically around you. Or, as others put it: one heck of a tasty pizza. Villa Roma has an incredible selection of fine wines, great specials (on facebook), and the kind of attentive-yet-unobtrusive service you’re always hoping to get. Visit website: for their menu and catering options. For reservations, call (949) 454-8585 or visit






Where Too Much of A Good Thing Can Be Truly Wonderful

Now Accepting Reservations For Your Holiday Parties! Social Hour Monday-Friday 3PM-6PM Dinner Daily Live Music Friday & Saturday

Private Rooms & Catering Join us for Wine Wednesdays & Martini Mondays.

31111 Rancho Viejo Rd. San Juan Capistrano

949.240.8100 NOVEMBER 2014




Check out our November episode of South County Safari as we show you what you missed at the Eco Expo in San Juan Capistrano. You won't veg out in front of the TV as Marianne Taylor and her crew bring you the leading experts in Horticulture and we even give you a lesson on the birds and the bees. So watch South County Safari every Saturday at 11:00 am and 9:30 pm on Cox channel 3. Watch South County Safari every Saturday at 11 a.m and 9:30 p.m. on Cox Channel 3. NOVEMBER 2014




Soka Performing Arts Center Presents: Prague Philharmonic Choir Thursday, November 6, 2014 at 8 pm Celebrating the International Year of Czech Music. The Prague Philharmonic Choir is a first-class vocal ensemble and one of the most renowned representatives of Czech music worldwide. The choir performs with leading Czech and foreign orchestras and world-famous conductors; it is a regular guest at prestigious music festivals, and records for major international labels. Progam to include: • Antonín Dvo ák - Moravian Duets op. 32 • Antonín Dvo ák -Three Male Choruses on Folk Texts op. 43 • Antonín Dvo ák - In Nature's Realm op. 63 • Johannes Brahms - Love Song Waltzes op. 52 A Tribute to Gerald Wilson • Friday, November 14, 2014 at 8 pm Celebrate Gerald Wilson’s 70th anniversary as a big band leader with this very special performance. Wilson is not only recognized as a great band leader, but also as an arranger, having written arrangements for the bands of Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Dizzy Gillespie. Sundays at Soka with Pacific Symphony: Favorite Violin Concertos Chad Hoopes, Violin

Sunday, November 16, 2014 at 3 pm Our third Sundays At Soka series is devoted to the great violin concertos. 19 year old American violinist, Chad Hoopes, has been appearing with numerous ensembles throughout the world since he won the first prize at the Young Artists Division of the Yehudi Menuhin International Violin Competition. Program will include: • Mendelssohn - Concerto in E Minor for Violin & Orchestra, Op. 64 • Mendelssohn - Symphony No. 4 in A Major, Op. 90 (Italian)

For tickets and further information: Contact the box office at (949) 480-4278.






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