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The Incarna*onal  tradi*on     1.  Sacramental  living  :  what  is  it?  

2. Sacramental  living  :  joining  the  dots   3.  Sacramental  living  :  a  new  ordinary  

“Most good  things  have  been  said  far  too   many  4mes  and  just  need  to  be  lived.”     Shane  Claiborne    

1.  Sacramental living  :  what  is  it?   Crea4on;  God’s  image  &  his  breath  [Genesis]  

•   Spirituality  is  being  animated  by  God.   •   A  sacrament  is  a  physical  ac8on  that  brings  a   person  into  the  presence  of  God   •   Sacramental  events  becoming  rhythms  (7,2,0)  

Augus*ne of  Hippo   13  November  354  –  28  August  430  

A sacrament  is  a  visible   sign  of  an  invisible   reality.   Therefore  sacramental   living  shows  the  invisible   in  flesh  and  blood.    

The greatest  single  cause  of  atheism  in  the   world  today  is  Chris4ans  who  acknowledge   Jesus  with  their  lips  and  deny  him  by  their   lifestyle.   That  is  what  an  unbelieving  world  simply  finds   unbelievable.   Brennan  Manning  

1.  Sacramental living  :  an  introduc*on  

Crea8on; God’s  image  &  his  breath  [Genesis]  

2. Sacramental  living  :  joining  the  dots   3.  Sacramental  living  :  a  new  ordinary    

2. Sacramental  living  :  joining  the  dots  

Love God.  Love  yourself  &  others  with  every  part  of   you.  Mark  12  v38.  

•  Our  love  for  boxes   •   Personal  not  private   •   Sacred  /  Secular   •   Jesus  had  no  spiritual  life  

Adam hours  Mon-­‐Fri   2.5   7  

1.5 1  

sleeping working   girls   ea8ng   wife,  social,  house  stuff,tv  


Could everything  be  spiritual?  

I believe  in  Chris4anity  as  I   believe  that  the  sun  has  risen:   not  only  because  I  see  it,  but   because  by  it  I  see  everything   else.   C.S.  Lewis  

1.  Sacramental living  :  an  introduc*on  

Crea8on; God’s  image  &  his  breath  [Genesis]  

2. Sacramental  living  :  joining  the  dots  

Love God.  Love  yourself  &  others  with  ever  part  of   you.  Mark  12  v38.  

3. Sacramental  living  :  a  new  ordinary     The  word  became  flesh  and  moved  into  the   neighbourhood  

3. Sacramental  living  :  a  new  ordinary     The  word  became  flesh  and  moved  into  the   neighbourhood  [John  1v14]  

•  Incarna8on  as  unique  to  Christ.  Sacramental  living  in   community.   •   As  we  love  God  and  our  neighbour,  everything  becomes   sacramental.   •   How  can  we  learn  to  find  God  at  work  already  in  and   through  us?  

What we  look  for  is  what  we  find.     If  you  want  to  be  cynical  then  you   will  find  evidence  for  your  cynicism.   If  you  want  to  find  God  then  you  will   find  traces  of  the  divine.     Rob  Bell   Fun  theory..  

The world  around  us  is  beau4ful,  glorious,  and  delighMul— even  in  its  fallen,  broken  state.  God  rejoices  and  marvels  in  it,   and  invites  us  to  do  the  same.  And  in  the  incarna4on  of  Jesus   we  can  begin  to  glimpse  the  eternal  significance  of  our   everyday,  mundane  lives—our  families  and  workplaces,  our   neighborhood  and  communi4es.  Our  daily  lives,  our  small   concerns,  our  meals  and  conversa4ons,  our  friendships,  our   hobbies  and  interests—we  begin  to  see  that  all  these  are   invested  with  a  deep  spiritual  significance  in  Christ.  This   outward,  physical  world  is  freighted  with  inward,  spiritual   grace  for  those  with  eyes  to  see.  Your  life  is  a  sacrament,   made  holy  by  God’s  presence  within  it;  you  incarnate  the  life   of  Christ  in  your  home,  your  church,  your  community.     Christopher  Webb,  Renovaré  

Ques*ons to  reflect  with   1.  Where  do  we  need  to  remove  walls  to  allow   God’s  breath  more  space  in  our  life?   2.  What  in  our  daily  rou8ne  could  be  adjusted  to   help  others  see  more  of  God  made  visible?   3.  What  competes  with  God  as  our  compass  in   daily  living?   4.  What  do  you  now  think  sacramental  living  might   look  like  in  your  community  of  home,  work,   college  etc?   #pray  #share  #commit  #stop  #begin  #forgive  #act  

Sacramental Living talk SAS May 2013  

What does it mean to live sacramentally? How can we join all aspects of our lives up and both discover and point out God day to day?

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