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February 2012

Vol. 1 Issue 3

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Interview with Rabbi Chef David Trakhtman, Host of Pesach in Anglsea Community Links: David, I know that many caterers, being busy throughout the year, take a well-deserved break during Pesach. What inspired you to launch a Pesach getaway? Would you not rather have a bit of a holiday, especially when you need to re-kosher your kitchen? David Trakhtman: We’re busy throughout the year. However, I love what I do. Even if I did take a holiday, I would still end up on the kitchen (just can’t help it). For some people Pesach is a burden but for me it offers a unique opportunity & challenge to prepare dishes that I would not necessarily bother making at other times. I resent using mass-produced ingredients. Many of them come from overseas and don’t justify the price they are sold at. It gives me enormous pleasure to feed people with natural produce that Australia has to offer. As far as re-koshering goes, we simply lock our kitchen as all the food-prep takes place in Surf Spa Resort CL: You claim that the food you will be preparing is gebroks (matzo meal) & kitniyot (legumes & grains) free. How do you get away without these essential ingredients as far as the binding agents and variety is concerned?

CL: Does that mean that your Pesach cooking is particularly suited for gluten intolerant? DT: Absolutely. It’s a sheer pleasure for people who can’t have wheat and somewhat detoxifying (you could say) for those who have a little too much throughout the year. CL: What about spices & herbs? Do you use any? DT: The only spice I use on Pesach is black pepper and plenty of fresh herbs (thoroughly washed & inspected). I love using spices throughout the year, but Pesach for me is


CL: Can you give an example of what you mean? DT: Last year I drove to Torquay (just 10 minutes away from Anglesea ), where I bought Black Russian Tomatoes. Their balance of flavor was simply incredible. They were sweet, sour and deliciously savory. They were perfect! I got upset with my kitchen hand when he wanted to add some crushed garlic. I know garlic is good with tomatoes. However, those particular ones were too good to mess up. I just added some sea salt, freshly ground pepper & Australian e/v olive oil. This is what I mean by savoring natural ingredients simply for what they are. CL: What about drinks? Will you be providing KLP CocaCola etc.? DT: There will be plain Mineral & Spring water. Instead of wasting a fortune on imported artificial drinks we’ll be making home-made syrups, using berries & citrus fruit as well as making stone fruit compotes. This way a person can adjust the amount of sugar he consumes by diluting it with more or less mineral water. CL: What can you say to our readers that will make them believe that you offer value for money and why your Pesach retreat is different from other Pesach retreats? DT: Other retreats are organized by people who employ catering companies to take care of the food. In this case 3 parties have to make a profit: accommodation owners, the catering company and the actual person/family that puts it together. In our case there is only 2 parties – ourselves as caterers and the accommodation owners. No other middlemen. It is for this reason we are competitively priced and can offer better accommodation & food. Our testimonial from families that joined us last year (which is featured on our website) can attest to it. CL: I know you’re also a Rabbi. Does that mean you provide supervision of your catering? Do you plan to lead the Passover Seder ? DT: While my basic knowledge of halachah comes in handy, I seek assistance of more senior & knowledgeable Rabbis from Kosher Australia, under whose supervision we operate. There will be a mashgiach at the resort, who will kosher the kitchen and stay for the entire period, while we’re preparing the food. I don’t provide supervision for my business. (It would be a conflict on interest if I did.) However, I will be leading one of the Sedorim, sharing some interesting insights into the holiday. TO ADVERTISE 0411.395.031


DT: We use eggs, which coagulate during cooking as well as starchy vegetables. Other vegetables & fruits contain fiber & cellulose, which contribute the right texture & consistency. For example, one can use capsicum puree as an emulsifying agent in binding vinegar & oil in salad dressings. It also provides its unique smoky flavor, which combines well with rosemary, which we use to infuse our olive oil. Many fruits contain pectin & sugar (fructose) which sets during cooking. For example, we cook rhubarb, which is quite acidic & tart. We combine it with raspberries and use as a dressing or a sauce. There is no need for matzo meal. We use nuts & potato starch in cakes, which actually makes them moister. There is plenty of things one can do without using legumes & grains. You will be surprised how vegetable matter can be manipulated, using different techniques to achieve great variety in texture & flavor.

about bringing out the innate flavor of seasonal ingredients. It is about the concept “the less the better”.




World renowned pianist and motivational speaker Gershon Wachtel will grace the keys with his gifted fingers in Melbourne on February 28 for the benefit of a women's mikvah in the southern Israeli community of Arad. Concert Pianist//Motivational Speaker


POWER OF MUSIC… an exceptional life story from the concert hall to dealing with life’s hardest challenge - the death of a child…


Tuesday, February 28 at 8:00 pm.

5 Springfield Avenue, East St Kilda $40 a person, $75 a couple. Hors d'oeuvres catered by Daneli's Space is limited, RSVP or call 0411-395-031 www.gershonpiano.com_______________________ INFO@COMMUNITYLINKS.COM.AU

The mikvah – a ritual pool in which Jewish women immerse themselves each month – is in desperate need of repair Please join us for a fabulous opportunity to enjoy a world-class concert you won't want to miss, while raising funds to help a world-class community of Jews in Israel's Negev desert.



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Marriage is our way of connecting with HaShem, our partner, our selves and the world around us. This involves working on oneself, and being prepared to change. THE COMMUNITY LINKS is published bimonthlyand is distributed free to the Jewish Community of Melbourne THE COMMUNITY LINKS accepts no responsibility for typographical errors or reliability of Kashrus of any advertisers. All submissions become the property of THE COMMUNITY LINKS and may be shortened and/or edited for length and clarity. Articles published in THE COMMUNITY LINKS express the views of the individual writers and may not necessarily represent the views ofTHE COMMUNITY LINKS. No artwork or any part of the magazine may be reprinted or otherwise duplicated without the written permission of the publisher. Published By COMMUNITY LINKS MEDIA for MELBOURNE COMMUNTIY LINKS Printed by mpd – printing the news everyday Unit E1, 46-62 Maddox Street Alexandria NSW 2015, 2011


Choice recently did a survey of a huge range of cereals. Believe me, very few met the criteria of what I would classify an acceptable boxed cereal. Mark Surdut,

Dr. Kalman Rubin




Chanukah On The Other side Of The World

A Cake Of Mistaken Idenity

I have heard that they are the same shape as Haman's hat. But Haman was the man who wanted to wipe us out. Why would we immortalise him by eating cookies that bear his name?

It certainly made a contrast with Chanukah down under, and I look forward to experiencing it again when the opportunity next comes up.

Rabbi Aron Moss

David Werdiger

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Party Bazaar has the largest range of costumes for Purim. Plenty of Decorations & Balloons and Raashanim. Lots of Baskets for Mishloach Manot.

So why pay more??????? Full range of disposable plastic, aluminum and paper goods.




The Friendship Circle, a non-profit organisation, was established in Melbourne in 2003 to offer tailor made programs for children and young adults with special needs and their families in our community. What is it like to be a child or young adult with a disability? For many children with special needs, it’s lonely, very lonely. The Friendship Circle is changing this reality. We believe that every human being deserves the gift of true friendship. It’s through the Friendship Circle’s unique approach in bringing together teenage volunteers and children and young adults with special needs in one of our 5 weekly programs, school holiday day camps or at one of our our overnight retreats, offering companionship and indeed true friendships that makes it so appealingboth to the children and their families and for our caring volunteers . These shared experiences empower the children, while enriching the lives of everyone involved. Their parents and siblings receive much-needed respite and support from the Friendship Circle community, and all those who assist us. Our teen volunteers learn the priceless value of giving, the curative power of friendship, and the vital importance of integrating children with special needs into our communities Friendship has a ripple effect that impacts the lives of all involved, raising the consciousness of society at large. Join our walk4friendship Feb 26- Family Fun Day. Walk4Friendship is a great opportunity for individuals and teams to come together for a fun-filled event while making a difference in the lives of children and young adults with special needs. You and your teammates will take the 5 km or 3 km family walk in a proud demonstration of community awareness, festivity and unity. Show your support! Join us for an afternoon of family fun and community solidarity as we walk hand-in-hand to benefit children and teenagers with special needs and their families. To find out more about our up and coming walk please visit or visit us online. Visit us online For more information please calll Eli Engel 9528 6662 6 FEBRUARY 2012

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Robin’s Nest

Proudly serving the Jewish community for 8 years!

English & Hebrew Songs!

Great Gift Idea - Gift Certificates available!

Puppets, Musical Instruments, Bubbles, Parachute & More!

Also available for childrens’ parties!

Music & Movement Classes for Babies & Toddlers Ages 6 months - 3 years Mondays 11am or 3pm Tuesdays 9:30am or 10:30am Wednesdays 9:30am Thursdays 9:30am

Cost $10 per child $15 for two children (Discounted rate available when prebooking 4 classes)

For more information, please contact Robin Aron on 9530 3764 Find "Robin's Nest" on Facebook! INFO@COMMUNITYLINKS.COM.AU




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C i r P 2 1 0 2 m i r u P

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nt of e m ship lates. w e n co reat and cho g a eived sweets, c e r ave drin We h Lemeha er Kosh


y p p a H

tBaskets tBaskets Trrays ttTrays tBelgium tBelgium Chocolate ocolate Treats Treats tSweet tSweet & Gift Gift Arrangements tFruit tFruit & Vegetable Veeget egetable Baskets Baskets & Platters Platters tNuts tNuts & Dried Dried Fruits Fruits INFO@COMMUNITYLINKS.COM.AU

! m i r u P

283A Carlisle St (opposite Glicks) Phone: 0478027073 email:



Soup to Nuts

Your kashrus Questions. . . Answered

Written by Rabbi Yankel Wajsbort

A service of Kosher Austrailia 613 8317 2500

KOSHER CERTIFICATION Q. What is the process, and how long does it take, to get certified by KA for a home business?

A. Assuming that this business would operate with unannounced spot checks (Nichnas V’Yotse) then the main challenge is isolating & policing a home kitchen to ensure compliance with KA standards. Usually we recommend a separate, dedicated food preparation area. Timing depends on how long to set up the separate area. The assumption is that the business owner is Shomer Mitzvos and Kashrus otherwise the supervision would likely be full time.


Q. Do all spices have to have a hechsher, or can I buy generic ones? A. Pure single generic spices without additives are acceptable (check that they are not product of Israel which have terumah, maaser etc challenges – sweet paprika & tarragon are commonly from Israel) are accept-

able. Spice blends including things like onion salt, curry powder, zaatar etc should be purchased from Kosher approved sources.

EDGELL CANNED FOOD Q. Is Edgell canned food (ie peas, corn) kosher?

A. Select Edgell products are made at the Simplot facility at Bathurst and are Kosher approved at this stage (checked by the Kashut Authority in NSW). Beetroot is made at the Simplot plant in Echuca and not kosher due to shared equipment with meat based products.


Q. Does filleted fish have to be bought only from a Kosher fish shop, or can I bring my own knife and have any shop fillet my fish?

A. Providing that 1) you’ve identified that the fish has scales and 2) that the knives and filleting area are clean, then there should be no problems 3) that you keep your eye on the fillets at all times until handed to you (i.e. no possible chance of substitution)…. Get your kashrus questions answered here! Email

· free quoting · competitive pricing 0415033156 · REC 20169 10 FEBRUARY 2012

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“Where the atmosphere and the hosts make all the difference.”




Dr. Kalman Rubin


self or herself, feel happy for ones spouse and appreciate the other person.

In this article a few will be highlighted which hopefully will serve as reminders of the beauty of marriage, help things to flow in a stable and peaceful way and preserve the spark and flame of excitement we feel when we first get married.

It is also essential to reflect that there is something bigger than you directing us. This is the Torah. The Divine commandment to get married provides us with the absolute best framework on how to enjoy the optimal way to live. The key here is that this framework only provides the methodology the implantation is up to you. Whether you enjoy a happy marriage depends on how much you are willing to invest in the relationship.

e are very fortunate to be able to enjoy the benefits of marriage. It allows us to find an inner peace and sense of fulfillment. There are many important principals that can help safeguard the love we have for each other and the sanctity of marriage.

Marriage is our way of connecting with HaShem, our partner, our selves and the world around us. This involves working on oneself, and being prepared to change. It also means giving to another person and realizing the importance of being a friend to your spouse and caring for them. This is one of best ways to maintain a healthy relationship. There have been many studies conducted around longevity in marriages and one of the most important qualities of happy marriages is that spouses maintain a strong and vibrant feeling of friendship. Friendship is both inherent in relationships especially at the beginning when we are so appreciative of the fact that we found someone who accepts us and we accept them, and also essential to develop and cultivate throughout marriage. This involves being mindful of the other person, seeing what is important to them, caring about them, doing nice things for them and also caring about oneself. Friendship can involve doing things together like going for walks, going shopping, wanting to be in the other person’s company and enjoying being in their company. We need to work on friendship and this is one of the best investments we can make. Friends can resolve differences and allow the other person to be him12 FEBRUARY 2012

So here are a few tips each needing a much fuller explanation: In marriages it is often better to be happy than right. Many fights in marriages result from one or both parties stubbornly believing that they are right and that the principles they hold dear are without argument. Pity, however there are many relationships that are sinking in the quagmire of endless fighting, misery, and circular and dysfunctional patterns due to being so right. Just think how much easier it would be just to get along and enjoy each others company like you did when you were dating and learn to resolve differences in a positive and constructive way. This brings us to the second point as noted above is to maintain your friendship with each other. This is one of the most important ingredients to maintaining happy, healthy, fulfilling relations as well in maintaining a positive emotional closeness and intimate life. Learn to care about each other. Don't get lost in the "I" infection. It not all about me, it's equally about everyone. Take an interest in the other person and their needs, this will leave you feeling happy and you will enjoy a wonderful life together. Research shows that couples that cultivate their TO ADVERTISE 0411.395.031

friendship have the happiest marriages. By the way, if your relationship is lacking, not to worry, without a doubt things can improve and things definitely can turn around, though it may take some work, it is worth the effort. Next tip: remember that your partner is you; you are one soul, together on the journey of life together. You can have joyous and pleasant times together, if you choose too. Remember if the right hand cut the left hand by accident the left hand would not retaliate. Your spouse is you ‌ so take care of them.

New Name. Same People. Great Results.

Everyone fights or has disagreements: this is normal. An important axiom to remember about anger and resolution is that there are two times to keep your mouth shut; once when you are angry and once when you’re swimming underwater. While it is important to work through things when you are upset or hurt, be careful what you say as once the words come out they cannot come back. So it is better to say less as you always have a second chance to say more. Also the better your friendship the easier it is to resolve differences and actually get closer. This is another reason for building strong friendships. Admitting you are wrong in an argument with your friend doesn't necessarily mean you think you're wrong it just means you value your friendship over your ego. Another important axiom is not forgiving someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to pass away. We need to always remember to forgive our spouses, children, other people and ourselves and be compassionate. In this day and age it is very important that we enjoy happy relationships and each other, as this will strengthen the family and world at large. Our children see more of what we do than what we say. One of the best gifts we can give them, give ourselves and the community is healthy and happy marriages filled with love and purpose. We are fortunate as we have the Torah as our eternal blueprint on how to live, yet how to implement it is up to us. Kalman Rubin is a practicing Psychologist since 1980 and specializes in clinical therapy, couples and marriage/ family counseling, individual work and family law mediation. He runs pre-marriage seminars both in Melbourne and around the world, including to the Semicha program, Kollels around the world, girls seminaries and privately. He can be contacted on either 0438 180 190 or INFO@COMMUNITYLINKS.COM.AU

For prompt, reliable and ĂŤUVWFODVVVHUYLFH

contact Joey Eckstein your Shomer Shabbos Real Estate Agent at Wilson on 9528 8888 mobile 0419419199 MHFNVWHLQ#ZLOVRQDJHQWVFRPDX



Inkerman Medical Group would like to announce our new expanded premises. We have new doctors starting, and are accepting new patients We now also offer shared maternity care. Please phone for an appointment

9527 4355 290 Inkerman St East St Kilda 3183 Dr. Stephen Szental, Dr. Debbie Herbst Dr. Anthony Schneeweiss, Dr Eskell Goldberg Dr Lillian Chizik, Dr, Ilana Laser, Dr. Elena Sigalov Family Medicine, Womens Health & also Travel Medicin


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14 FEBRUARY 2012





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Come check out our new sweet chilli mango sushi and summer salads!












Sunday-Thursday: 11am-9.30pm Friday: 8am - 1 hr before Shabbos Tel: 9527-7014 328a Carlisle St. Balaclava




The Nutritionist’s (Mark Surdut)

Top FIVE Super-FOODS Tomatoes are rich in the carotenoid antioxidant Ly- best? Old fashioned oats porridge, made with your copene which is one of the most well studied nutrients choice of milk (rice milk is my favourite) and/or water, in the prevention of prostate cancer and other illnesses. with a small squirt of maple syrup and a few fine slices Nutrition Tip: cooking the tomato with a small amount of banana – makes for a powerful cholesterol lowering of olive oil, releases even more of the food and wonderful for the health of your magic Lycopene into your system. Also guts too. Being a wholegrain, it also conan excellent source of vitamin C and tains B vitamins, vitamin E and various When vegetables fiber. Contrary to popular belief, the skin minerals. are boiled, some of the product is not the best part. Re- vitamins and minerGreen leafy vegetables are high in move the skin before using your tomafiber and packed with disease preventing als leak into the toes or use canned tomatoes in cooking. antioxidants like the Flavonoids. Green cooking water Grape juice. The Shabbos Antioxi- making nutrient rich veggies get their colour from chlorophyll. dant. That’s right, grape juice like wine Also contains Vitamin K and a good water. Mark Surdut (but without the problematic alcohol), is source of Calcium too. Note: Spinach advises saving the a source of the disease preventing however is high in oxalates that block the cooking water for Resveretrol – a naturally occurring plant absorption of calcium, so focus more on soups and sauces. polyphenol which may also play a key Steaming results in broccoli, bok choy and other greenies. role in cardiovascular function. It’s high Sweet potato are high in fiber and less vitamin loss. in sugar too, higher than most fruit juices have a lower glycaemic index that regular in fact, so watch the size of your cup! A potatoes – that means it's more filling and resveretrol supplement is also available. gives more longer lasting energy. Rich in beta carotenes Oats. What an underrated breakfast. Choice recently and lutein (great for eye health) and other antioxidants. did a survey of a huge range of cereals. Believe me, very Also a great source of Vitamin B6 and C. few met the criteria of what I would classify an acceptFor further help contact Mark able boxed cereal (low in sugar, high in fiber). What’s

YOUR FEET ARE UNIQUE. When it comes to foot ca care re and and orthotics, orrtth thotics, one siz size e does not fit all. FFor or pers onalized exper re, ssee ee Dr Ri chard Cha sen. personalized expertt ca care, Richard Chasen. oot pa in, Dr Cha sen sspecializes pecializes iinn cus tom o rthotics, el iminating ffoot Chasen custom orthotics, eliminating pain, tr eatment o oot aand nd aankle nkle iinjuries, njuries, na urgery aand nd ggeneral eneral po diatry. treatment off ffoot nailil ssurgery podiatry.

Dr Ri Richard chard Cha Chasen sen B. B.P.&O. P.&O. B. B.Pod Pod (Hons) (Hons) M Master aster o off Hea Health lth Sci Science ence ((Podiatry) Podiatry) M M.A.Pod.A. .A.Pod.A. P Podiatrist, odiatrist, FFoot oot & Ankl Anklee O Orthotist rthotist 558 G Glenhuntly lenhuntly Rd, Rd, Elsternwick. Elsternwick. Telephone: Teelephone: 9532-7455. 9532-7455.

16 FEBRUARY 2012

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Why do we eat Hamantaschen on Purim? I have heard that they are the same shape as Haman's hat. But Haman was the man who wanted to wipe us out. Why would we immortalise him by eating cookies that bear his name? This may be a cake of mistaken identity. These Purim cakes were originally called mohntaschen, which means 'poppy seed pockets'. Today most hamantaschen are filled with jam, but poppy seed used to be the more popular filling. It was a short linguistic jump from mohntaschen to Hamantaschen, as people assumed there was a connection between the food eaten on Purim and the villain of the Purim story. The real reason for eating Hamantaschen is that they symbolise the very nature of the Purim miracle. If you read the story of Purim you notice that it was a string of seeming coincidences that saved the Jewish people from annihilation. There were no open miracles, no seas split, no plagues, just some twists and turns of history that, when viewed as separate events, seemed quite natural. Only at the end of the story was it revealed that a

18 FEBRUARY 2012

miracle had occured. Jews can always find a food to tell a story. In this case, it is the Hamantasch. The outside of the Hamantasch is just plain dough. The true flavour is concealed inside. Beneath the very ordinary veneer, the heart of the Hamantasch is bursting with sweetness. Our lives are much the same. At times it seems that we are being pushed and pulled by accidental forces. Things happen to us that seem haphazard and random, there seems to by no system in place, no direction to this cold and harsh universe. This is not true. There is a system. But it is hidden. Below the surface there is a sweet hand and a warm heart that directs the universe. Rarely do we get to see this hand. Purim is one day when it was revealed, when a crack opened in the outer shell of nature and we glimpsed what lies beyond. Purim reminds us that all those coincidences are no coincidences, and nothing is random. We are still in the middle of our story, so it is hard to see the full picture. But in the end we will see that it's all one big Hamantasch.

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Sheva Balkany-Freilich, BS HOLISTIC DIETITIAN

weight and feel great e s o L

0478 074 866


20 FEBRUARY 2012

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For more For more information information please contact: contact: pesachfamilyr JJacobs acobs F Family amily - (02) 9369-3530 Rebecca R ebecca - 0404 460 460 (Sydney) (Sydney) Avi A vi - 0404 010 273 (M (Melbourne) elbourne) w INFO@COMMUNITYLINKS.COM.AU






bout a year ago, I wrote an articlefor an online magazine considering the differences between the way Chanukah is celebrated in the northern and southern hemispheres. This past summer (northern winter), we were fortunate to have spent Chanukah in Israel, and what an experience that was! For the first few days of Chanukah, we were in Eilat. Coming from the start of an Australian summer, that was itself a bit odd. During the day, the weather was delightful – sunny with the temperature in the mid 20s. But as early as 3.30 in the afternoon, it started to cool down, and by 5pm it was nearly dark and a bit chilly. This is actually a blessing in disguise – usually it’s so difficult to get small children to bed in the summer, and here we had the best of both worlds: summery weather, and early nights! 22 FEBRUARY 2012

By David Werdiger

The hotel at which we stayed advertised a public lighting at 6pm. Well before this, the lobby of the hotel was set up with two long tables covered with menorahs. We brought our own (with disposable solid oil), and put them out early. That was a mistake! By the time we came down a bit later to light (which was still before 6pm), one of our menorahs had disappeared, and another was already lit by another family. We grabbed a marker and wrote our names on our menorahs to ensure this wouldn’t happen again. The hotel lighting ceremony was beautiful. Guests gathered around as the hotel Rabbi lit a very large menorah near the main entrance to the hotel, and everyone sung maoz tzur together to some musical accompaniment. Huge baskets of hot mini-doughnuts were passed around – they were just delicious. Families were TO ADVERTISE 0411.395.031

lighting their individual menorahs and singing; the festive atmosphere was all around. After a few nights of our stay in Eilat was over, and we drove back to Jerusalem. As we reached the outskirts of the city, the highway was lined with neon menorahs on the power poles. What a spectacular sight! It certainly made a pleasant change from driving down St Kilda Road or Lygon St at this time of year. After benching licht in our apartment, we went out into the streets in search of food (as one does). On a dark, winter night, the streets were lit up by menorahs in glass boxes outside apartment blocks or seen through street-facing windows in a most beautiful display of pirsumei nisah (publicizing the miracle of Chanukah). The restaurants all had lit menorahs, and we were greeted with a warm chag sameach by the staff. Even the taxi drivers wished us a chag sameach! Chanukah was everywhere, and it contributed to a fantastic atmosphere wherever we went. There were large Chabad menorahs in prominent places around the city – in squares, atop buildings, and even in front of the Prime Minister’s residence! The bakeries all carried a vast assortment of fantastic doughnuts. The range of fillings and decorations were as endless as the queues out the doors. Doughnuts are best when they are fresh and warm, and I was fortu-

nately able to prove this through extensive practical experiment. Fortunately, I was also able to offset the effect of this by walking around town as much as possible! Walking home through the Jewish Quarter in the Old City after Shabbos, we saw families gathered outside their apartment buildings lighting their menorahs and singing maoz tzur together. The Mamillah mall was completely lit up (like the proverbial Chanukah menorah), and only once, on that motzei Shabbos (24th of December) did we see a group of carollers outside the Mamillah hotel to give us some indication that the world was celebrating some other holiday at the same time. There were no barbeques to be had, and no late and sultry summer nights keeping the kids up for candlelighting. I missed the former (just a little), but didn’t miss the latter. Chanukah with small children is definitely easier during winter. It certainly made a contrast with Chanukah down under, and I look forward to experiencing it again when the opportunity next comes up.

David Werdiger is a Melbourne businessman, community activist, and writer. He writes regularly for and also on his personal blog

Mordi Adelist p: 0430398573 e: “sound of a full band for the price of one” INFO@COMMUNITYLINKS.COM.AU






Friday Night February 10thFriday Night Live, Burgers and Bourbon 6:30pm-8:00pm with special kids program during the service North Eastern Jewish Centre, 6 High Street, Doncaster



Monday Night February 20thMonthly Shiur Series"The Naked Truthis honesty really the best policy?" 8-9pm North Eastern Jewish Centre, 6 High Street, Doncaster



Walk for Friendship, Sunday Feb 26 3:00 PM,




Chof Beis Shvat!! Tuesday Feb 14th Save the date

Huge garage sale at 12th Caulfield Scout Group, No. 1 Beavis St, (just off Glenhuntly Road in the Elsternwick Shopping Area, next to Coles Loading Bay).

A beautiful evening is being organized with a moving performance by Zahava Pinson.




Please continue dropping your good but unwanted goods (cloths, baby stuff, shoes, small furniture, kitchen things, whatever!) at 26 Poplar st, Caulfield South,

Chabad Youth and Keren Tov presents: an evening of music and inspiration. Gershon Wachtel in Concert

and we will sell it for Wizo.



World Class Concert with Gershon Wachtel,

To benefit a women's mikvah in Arad, Israel RSVP: Chanie Grosberg 0411-395-031

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Melbourne, Australia

Miriam’s Recipe Corner FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 2011 Light Candles at: 8:14 pm ••• FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2011 Light Candles at: 8:07 pm ••• FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2011 Light Candles at: 7:59 pm ••• FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2011 Light Candles at: 7:50 pm ••• FRIDAY, MARCH 2, 2011 Light Candles at: 7:41 pm ••• FRIDAY, MARCH 9, 2011 Light Candles at: 7:31 pm ••• FRIDAY, MARCH 16, 2011 Light Candles at: 7:20 pm ••• FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2011 Light Candles at: 7:09 pm

For All Your

Beauty Needs r .B.+;8@ =1;.*-270 r .B.+;8@ =27=270 r /*,2*5 =1;.*-270 r 1*2; ,>= *7- ,858;


From my kitchen to yours!

Hamentaschen Ingredients 65g (1/4 cup) margarine 1/4 cup white sugar 1 egg (lightly beaten) 1/2 cup plain flour 1/2 cup self-raising flour Jam Beaten egg to glaze Directions Method Cream together the margarine and sugar until creamy and pale in colour.Add the beaten egg, half at a time, mixing well.Mix in the flour to form a stiff dough. Knead lightly. Cover the dough in plastic wrap and refrigerate for approximately 30 minutes.Divide the dough in half. Keep half the dough covered. Preheat the oven to 190 degrees Celcius. Line two cookie sheets with baking paper. Roll out the dough to approximately 4mm thick. (You may find it easier to roll between two sheets of baking paper.)

Cut the dough into 6cm rounds. Try not to twist the cookie cutter as it will shrink the dough. Place 1/2 tsp jam into the centre of each round. Fold up the sides to form a triangle as shown in diagram. Pinch each of the sides well to ensure that the filling will not leak out during baking. Place the hamentaschen on the lined trays and glaze with the beaten egg. Bake for 15 minutes or until golden. Enjoy! This recipe was provided to you by Devorah Leah Schachter of Cakes Of Art 0425-701-232 COMMUNITY LINKS


26 FEBRUARY 2012

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1. There is an extra light on the roof. 2. A box of Tefilin has been added. 3. A picture on the window is missing. 4. The yellow bag has moved under the table. 5. The thermostat is missing. 6. A yarlmukeh is now red. 7. The table on the bottom has been removed. 8. The windows became one long window. 9. Black line from the front of the Tallis is missing. 10. The bima changed colors.

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A group of yungeleit in Melbourne have recently established a new unhurried minyan for Shachris."We hope that this will inspire others," says one of the new Minyan's organizers. Can you spot the differences in these two pictures?





Community Links Melbourne #3  

Community Links Melbourne, Our third edition for the Purim holiday!

Community Links Melbourne #3  

Community Links Melbourne, Our third edition for the Purim holiday!