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Business & Industry


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Downtown Revitalization

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Location & Transportation

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Location & Transportation

Regional Map Great infrastructure and convenient location make Mt. Vernon–Jefferson County a gateway for Southern Illinois and a prime location for manufacturing and logistics companies.

Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce



City .......................................................................... Distance (Miles) St. Louis, Mo. ..................................................................75 Evansville, Ind..................................................................90 Paducah, Ky. ...................................................................95 Champaign, Ill. ..............................................................145 Bloomington, Ill..............................................................200 Louisville, Ky..................................................................200 Peoria, Ill. ......................................................................210 Indianapolis, Ind.............................................................215 Memphis, Tenn. .............................................................230 Nashville, Tenn...............................................................235 Chicago, Ill. ...................................................................274 Lexington, Ky. ................................................................280 Kansas City, Mo.............................................................340 Airport ..................................................................... Distance (Miles) Mid-America Airport ........................................................57 Lambert-St. Louis International Airport..............................91 Source: Google Maps

sion of Veterans Memorial Drive to the west and the lengthening of Davidson Drive to the south to meet it. Funding for this $4.5 million loop was obtained from the state of Illinois through the Capital Bill. The city plan is on schedule, the right-of-way has been acquired, annexations are completed, and the engineering has begun. The project is to be completed within 22–24 months. Additionally, the process has started for the development of a TIF district in this area. Further plans for traffic flow and commercial development are under way with the Davidson Avenue extension north of Route 15. This project will complete the loop through the Rolland Lewis Industrial Park and open up more acres for development. The “shovel-ready” status of this project enabled the city to acquire funding through the 2009 ARRA stimulus bill. “This is where advanced planning really came into play. We had the project ready and sound justification for it in terms of economic growth. The timing was perfect,” Mayor Chesley said. “Again, this is where I have to commend the City Council and the city manager for the proactive approach to economic development, planning, and improving the quality of life for our residents.”


reams really can become a reality — if you plan well enough. On October 27, 2007, after 12 years of planning, determination, and teamwork by city, state, and federal leaders, a groundbreaking ceremony began a $15.5 million IDOT project that added a second Mt. Vernon interchange to I-64/I-57 and an auxiliary lane linking the new interchange to Route 15. Completed ahead of schedule in the fall of 2009, the project, which relieves the growing congestion along Broadway, is also the first step in an overall infrastructure plan for economic development and job growth. Mt. Vernon Mayor Mary Jane Chesley says the positive impact of the new interchange is already being felt. Use of the exit continues to grow, not only by the local residents, but also by the local workers, businesses, and industries in the area. The interchange has also spotlighted Mt. Vernon as a center for future development; indeed, potential growth and development has already started to the east of the interchange. On April 28, 2010, Good Samaritan Regional Health Center held a groundbreaking for a new $237 million, state-of-the art hospital, surgical center, and medical offices. With the completion of the interchange, the next phase of development begins: the exten-

Ongoing infrastructure projects put Mt. Vernon in the spotlight for growth and develop4ment.

Location & Transportation

A Bridge To Opportunity


Location & Transportation

Mt. Vernon Outland Airport

MVN offers award-winning amenities, facilities, and activities. 618-242-7016 •


Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce

ocated east of town on Illinois Route 15, Mt. Vernon Outland Airport (MVN) has become an integral part of the Jefferson County community and plays a vital role in Southern Illinois aviation. This fully commercial-rated airport, capable of handling everything from light sport aircraft to Boeing business jets, fulfills the area’s needs for cargo, corporate, charter, instruction, sales, and recreational aviation services.


sRt Aviation

safety Features

MVN’s resident fixed based operator (FBO), SRT Aviation provides quick-turn fuel and maintenance. SRT is a Western Skyways-authorized “Gold Seal” repair facility for both turbine and reciprocating engines, and it attracts business from throughout the Midwest. “[SRT is] a really experienced fixed base operator that can fix anything from light sport airplanes to jets,” MVN Manager Chris Collins said. “They have a certified repair station license — the only FAA-certified repair station in Southern Illinois.” SRT Aviation also provides amenities for pilots and passengers, such as wireless Internet, comfortable surroundings, snacks, and on-land transportation options. Four certified flight instructors and two rental aircraft, including a new Jabiru light sport aircraft, await those interested in training. The Southern Illinois Light Sport Training Academy is the only opportunity of its kind in downstate Illinois.

MVN also prides itself on providing a safe environment, with emergency services available 24-7. A joint city/airport fire station located at the airport is home to a state-of-the-art rapid intervention vehicle, a 750-gallon pump truck, AMKUS extraction equipment, and ALS-equipped paramedics. Also located at the airport is an Air-Evac Lifeteam super-base. Air-Evac EMS, the largest independently owned and operated air medical service in the United States, established a base at Mt. Vernon in 2000 and built a new facility there in 2006 to include a maintenance station for its aircraft in the region.

eric evans Aviation MVN-based Eric Evans Aviation, selling Jabirus to jets, is a one-call contact for new and used aircraft. Evans Aviation is the exclusive dealer for Jabiru light sport aircraft and the fully certified Expedition aircraft.

Leading the Way in LsA Stringent medical criteria and the expense of obtaining a traditional private pilot license have led to an overall decline in flying. In 2005, the FAA made an effort to counteract this trend with the creation of a new category of lightweight, easy-to-fly planes known as light sport aircraft (LSA). Recognizing this new classification as a big opportunity, the Mt. Vernon Outland Airport

MVn Facts & Features • 6,500-by-150-foot main runway, capable of handling up to 757-size aircraft. • Precision and non-precision approaches, including ILS. • Commercial air-carrier certificated (14CFR Part 139). • On-site regional FAA Designated Flight Examiner for license and additional ratings testing. • Fixed-wing and helicopter flight training. • Grandma’s Landing on-field family restaurant • Comfortable pilot and passenger lounges, as well as flight planning room. • New 10,000-square-foot hangar coming soon. • Numerous non-aviation on-site tenants, with room to expand. • 2007 Illinois General Aviation Airport of the year.

Passenger and Freight Services Jefferson County is easy to get to and around.

Location & Transportation

people, despite the fact that we were plagued with poor weather for the entire three days of the show.” The 2010 Midwest LSA Expo is scheduled for September 23–25. Complementing the new expo, SRT Aviation opened the Southern Illinois LSA Training Academy in January 2010. The knowledge portion of the course is primarily home-study, with classroom options available as needed. It includes 20 to 30 hours in the air with one of the academy’s four instructors and testing by the on-site FAA Designated Flight Examiner in order to achieve a Sport Pilot License. Overall cost for the program is around $3,400. In addition, to Evans Aviation’s Jabiru dealership, SRT Aviation has become an official Jabiru service center, making Mt. Vernon a “one-stop shop” for every aspect of the LSA experience.

Drivers aren’t the only ones who can take advantage of Mt. Vernon’s convenient access to major highways and interstates. The city is also home to several bus and shuttle services, providing convenient commuter transport and charters to regional destinations, LambertSt. Louis International Airport, and the Amtrak station in nearby Centralia. A Greyhound terminal on Potomac Boulevard near the interstate provides bus service nationally. The city is also a convenient point of origin for freight transportation. Jefferson County is served by three major railroads, with CSX and Norfolk Southern Railroads offering extensive networks to the east and Union Pacific Railroad providing transport to the west. The nation’s No. 2 rail hub is located only 45 minutes away in East St. Louis, and Mt. Vernon is home to the headquarters of National Railway Equipment Company, which manufactures new locomotives and is the world’s largest supplier of re-manufactured locomotives. Jefferson County is served by a number of independent trucking companies and national carriers capable of everything from hauling heavy equipment to handling small packages. General commodity carriers include UPS Freight, Fed Ex Freight, Roadway Express, and Guaranteed Air Freight, while small box carriers serving the area include UPS, Fed Ex, DHL, and SpeeDee Delivery.

Board of Commissioners and Management, SRT Aviation, Eric Evans Aviation, and local economic development agencies teamed up to make Mt. Vernon a focal point for the LSA industry by initiating a national aviation expo and creating the Southern Illinois Light Sport Training Academy. Collins explained that LSA aircraft have opened aviation to many. “If you’re healthy enough to have a driver’s license, you’re healthy enough to earn a Light Sport Pilot License,” Collins said. “Buying one of these new airplanes and/or achieving the sport pilot license is approximately one-third to one-half of the cost of a certificated aircraft and/or traditional private pilot license, so people are able to get into aviation cheaper.” With a two-person capacity, the LSA also boasts technologically advanced safety features like slower stall speeds. “Some of them, like the Jabiru on the line at MVN, even have traffic collision avoidance and autopilot,” Collins said. Because the LSA is still relatively new, manufacturers have been searching for venues that will generate excitement and allow for comparison shopping. Mt. Vernon Outland Airport jumped at the opportunity, hosting the first annual Midwest LSA Expo in the fall of 2009. “The city of Mt. Vernon, the airport, the JCDC, and the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce teamed up to put on this event,” Collins said. “The Midwest LSA Expo is truly a national event, and we’re really proud of it. Last year we had approximately 40 different airplanes on display, and we hope that this year the number of exhibitors will continue to climb. Attendance was around 1,000



h p m u i r T o t y d e g a r T m o Fr M t . Ve r n o e a r n e d i t n ’s r e s i l i e n c e the royal m onik


“The King C i t y. ”


Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce

uring the es tablishment of Jefferson land to serve County in 1 as the county 819, the stat seat and hon e designated Mt. Vernon ored George p 20 acres of la n ta ti o n. While off W often referred as h in gt on by namin icially named to by a royal g it after his to n h ickname that onor a presi that was roo dent, Mt. Ver it earned nea ted in traged n rl on is also y y seven decad but inspired On Februar es after its bir by resilience y 19, 1888, th . ; a moniker Mt. Vernon dents, destro was the vict yed 450 buil im o d f in a gs m , as and left most so great that sive tornado Clara Barton of the busines that killed 3 , founder of 7 resis district in ru recovery effo th e American in s. rts. As aid p T h e d ev R as ed ta o ti C u o ross, came to red in from n was and immedia across the co personally su tely began th unty, the peo pervise the e ta sk o p f le rebuilding th The reconstru of Mt. Verno eir wounded n came toge ction of Mt. ther city. Vernon was rebirth that m more than ju ade the city st b a et re te turn to its fo r than ever. In paper editor rmer self; it spired by the J.V. Baugh re became a ferred to Mt. determinatio reminder of Vernon as “T n of the com the men and m h e u K n it in y, newswomen who g City,” a nic kname that endured and still serves as overcame. a



Restoring the Crown Jewel Welcome back to the Granada!

his was taken during a 1943 war bond movie,” David Lister said, pointing toward a photo of a filled-to-capacity audience and then bringing his finger to rest on one face in the crowd. “That’s Jeane Kirkpatrick, Ronald Reagan’s U.S. ambassador — the first female U.S. ambassador to the U.N. She grew up in Dahlgren. And if you’ll look, you can see it’s mostly women and very old men in the audience, because all of the men were off fighting the war.” Lister, a board member for the Granada Center for the Performing Arts, was my tour guide during

a visit to the old Granada Theater on 9th Street in Mt. Vernon. As we stood in the lobby, he told stories of the theater’s past — a history that can be felt as much as heard while standing in the light of the antique chandeliers. Built by the Fox Theater Corporation in 1937, the Granada Theater came along near the end of the Art Deco period. The theater officially opened on December 16, 1937, with the world premiere of True Confessions, starring Carole Lombard, Fred MacMurray, and John Barrymore. The pre-roll that evening featured a community sing, a Pete Smith

short film, a new Donald Duck cartoon, and Fox Movietone News. With its lighted marquis, Italian chandeliers, and highly stylized beams, the new Granada displayed such grandeur that the 1,200seat theater soon became known as “the Crown Jewel of Southern Illinois.”


The Granada remained vibrant for many years and became the source of fond memories for the community at large.




The Granada remained vibrant for many years and became the source of fond memories for the community at large. The late 1950s brought a new cinemascope screen. The theater was renovated in 1981, including the construction of a wall that split the main theater to create two smaller cinemas. In 1985, local artists Bob Troutt and Jim Orrision added charm to the lobby through a mural depicting many of the great movie characters that graced the theater’s screen. Finally, in 1994, owner Kerasotes Theaters closed the Granada and turned the building over to the city upon completion of a new eight-screen theater in town. Over the next eight years, the vacant building ultimately fell into disrepair. But in 2002, a group of area citizens joined together to save the old gem from being demolished or re-purposed as office space. They filed for, and received, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization status as the Granada Center for the Performing Arts (GCPA) and purchased the building from the city at the price of one dollar. Initially, it took nearly two years and around 500 hours of volunteer labor to repair water damage in the lobby and bathrooms. The dividing wall was removed, and an anonymous donor supplied $40,000 dollars to repair the ceiling and refurbish the walls. Donors Kay Fultz and Old National Bank supplied $5,000 each for a new motorized movie screen, and Rend Lake College donated seats for the facility while renovating their own theater on campus. “With in-kind donations and cash, you’re looking at close to $350,000 worth of work that has been done on this building already,” Lister said. “As you can see, every facet of this community has stepped forward to help us propel this project forward and do it right.” The GCPA currently rents the facility out for concerts and special events. They also host at least one classic movie event per week, including the

Diana L. Thomas Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce

Employee Benefits Specialist


618-242-7744 Specializing in Group Benefits 4114 N. Water Tower Place Suite E Mt. Vernon, IL 62864

free Classic Kids Matinee on the second Saturday of each month from September through May. Nine local banks pay the royalty fees for the films, and each one provides a $100 U.S. savings bond to a lucky child every month. The kids also flock to the Granada for the regular Wii parties, which let them play their favorite games on the big screen. Nostalgia and affordability have made the Granada an appealing place for both local movie goers and wedding receptions. “We’re showing these old movies that the parents saw here as kids, and they want to bring their kids in here and experience that with them. It’s so important. We make a little bit of money off of the concessions, but it’s a public service as well,” Lister explained. “We also have a lot of people wanting to have wedding receptions in here. There have been a lot of wedding receptions here in the lobby already where both the groom’s and bride’s parents had their first dates here. We get that all the time.” The GCPA won a Governor’s Hometown Award in 2009 for getting the historic Granada back in action, but there is still much to do. One of the plans is to build tiered floor space with tables and seating in the main theater for receptions and dinner theater events — a $100,000 project. The GCPA board is also actively engaged in seeking grants to complete major roof repairs and purchase new projection and audio equipment. Lister says the going has been tough, but they are optimistic and still moving forward as they hope for better economic conditions. “It’s a labor of love, and we have 13 board members and about 70 or 80 other people that volunteer throughout the year. When you’ve got that kind of commitment, you really have a good shot at making this thing happen.”

Downtown Revitalization


“Main Street is about revitalizing your downtown — that’s the focus,” Mitchell said. “It’s about revitalizing, developing economic growth, preserving your historic structures and culture, and making it a pedestrian-friendly place.


he Downtown Mt. Vernon Development Corporation (DMDC) has had a number of accomplishments over its nearly 30-year history, but a flurry of revitalization activity that began in 2002 is now invigorating the historic downtown at an unprecedented rate. Approximately $7 million was invested in the downtown area between 2002 and the summer of 2009, creating momentum and synergy that the city hopes to build on in the years to come. One of the catalysts for the surge in improvements to Mt. Vernon’s downtown was the Renovation Assistance Program, otherwise known as RAP. This program divided $170,000 among qualifying property owners who would restore vintage downtown structures. “Some people were motivated enough by the program that they bought property and renovated it,” DMCD Director Cyndy Mitchell explained. “But then, the activity enticed others to invest downtown even after the program had expired.” Another program that the DMDC wanted to get involved with in 2002 was Illinois Main Street; but the state discontinued it before Mt. Vernon met the qualifications. The city continued to complete the requirements in hopes that Illinois Main Street

would return, and that foresight paid off in 2006 when Mt. Vernon was approved as a Main Street community. This was important because it gave the city and downtown property owners access to helpful design resources and grant information provided by Illinois Main Street and the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency. Mt. Vernon also received a $20,000 grant to became a pilot city in a program that helps communities create wireless Internet networks in downtown business districts. “Main Street is about revitalizing your downtown — that’s the focus,” Mitchell said. “It’s about revitalizing, developing economic growth, preserving your historic structures and culture, and making it a pedestrian-friendly place. They inform you of grants that are available and they give you a heads-up on a lot of things that you can apply for to help you move forward. Like our first ITEP — Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program — grant that did our new streetscape, for example. We were informed by Main Street that the grant was available.” Through ITEP, the city completed the addition of railed flower beds, new lights, trees, benches, and sidewalk improvements in the summer of 2009. A second ITEP grant application has been

submitted for similar enhancements to Broadway and 9th Street. “If we do all of those things, we attract more businesses to downtown. We believe that by preserving and trying to revitalize our downtown, it doesn’t just help downtown business owners, it helps the whole community,” Mitchell said. She relayed the story of a developer who insisted on viewing the downtown to get a feel for the community as a whole. “He knew the importance of that, even though he actually was going to build outside of the downtown area. It just shows that we did have a little influence on the bigger picture of our community, and I think that goes back and forth either way.” As a means of adding even more momentum to the economic development of the downtown and beyond, the city of Mt. Vernon has now established a downtown TIF district. In 2009, the Tavern on 10th and State Beauty Supply became the first businesses to qualify for TIF benefits as they turned aging downtown buildings into thriving establishments. Many more applied for TIF incentives in 2010, and interest in putting new enterprises in downtown Mt. Vernon is on the rise.

Introducing Mt. Vernon’s new Old Downtown.


Business & Industry

All Together Now

The economic development teams in Mt. Vernon aren’t just located together — they work together.


Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce

he timeless design of the Municipal Building at 200 Potomac Blvd. in Mt. Vernon gives it a very modern appearance, despite the fact that it was built almost 30 years ago. From its inception, the structure was intended not only to provide a place where the city could promote tourism, but also to house other offices related to making Jefferson County a better place. Living up to that expectation, the building currently serves as the home of the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce, the Mt. Vernon Convention & Visitors Bureau (MVCVB), and the Jefferson County Development Corporation (JCDC), making it an economic development “one-stop shop.” More than just next-door neighbors under a common roof, the leaders of these three organizations combine their efforts to become greater than the sum of their parts as they serve the community. “It’s really convenient for businesses coming into Mt. Vernon and considering the area to have all three entities in one location,” said Mary Ellen Bechtel of the JCDC. “It’s also convenient for us. If there’s information they need that would typically come from the Chamber, it’s just a few steps over to their door to get that information. If it’s a company that’s related to tourism and hospitality and they need information related to tourism, it’s just a few steps in the other direction. “Every community does things differently,” Bechtel continued. “Sometimes chambers do economic development, and sometimes tourism is part of a chamber. We happen to all be separate groups, but we certainly work together and leverage all of our resources to make things happen.” MVCVB Director Bonnie Jerdon concurs, noting that if people come into the building with an incorrect assumption about what they need or from whom they need it, the close proximity makes it a simple matter to help them get them going in the right direction. “A lot of times when I’m talking to someone, it turns out that what they really need is a Chamber membership to reach their maximum potential here in Mt. Vernon,” she said. “In a case like that, I’ll take them over and introduce them to Brandon and Shelly in the Chamber office, where they can explain the benefits of membership.” “If there was a really basic slogan, it would be that the JCDC brings the business here, the Chamber takes care of them and makes sure they’re well networked inside our community, and then Bonnie’s office brings in people from outside to show them off,” said Chamber Executive Brandon Bullard. “What the



One visit with Bechtel, Bullard, and Jerdon and it becomes obvious that they not only help each other, but they also legitimately enjoy working together.

Business & Industry

three of us do is, of course, much broader than that, but that would be a good way to generally describe our areas of expertise.” Bullard also points out that while there is some division, the three groups overlap and work jointly to help each other with many projects, including the annual State of the City Address and the yearly campaign to promote local shopping. “From my side, our biggest project where we lean heavily on the JCDC and tourism office is the ‘Shop It Here’ program that the Chamber does,” he said. “It’s about a six- or seven-month program with a form of action where receipts are saved and redeemed, and there’s numerical data that we capture. The JCDC and MVCVB have helped immensely, first of all to get it started and then to keep it going. We certainly appreciate that.” One visit with Bechtel, Bullard, and Jerdon and it becomes obvious that they not only help each other, but they also legitimately enjoy working together. The door to 200 Potomac Blvd. may lead to three different development offices, but thanks to this spirit of cooperation, there is one common purpose in the building. “We all have the same goals,” Jerdon concluded. “We want to see Mt. Vernon grow, prosper, and do well. When we’re working from the basis of our goals, we work hand in hand.”


Business & Industry


A look at Jefferson County by the numbers. All information courtesy of the Jefferson County Development Corporation

total Population City of Mt. Vernon .............................................................................16,269 Jefferson County ..............................................................................40,046 15-mile radius..................................................................................61,805 30-mile radius................................................................................182,664

Labor Force 15-mile radius..................................................................................29,235 30-mile radius..................................................................................84,029

Major employers Employer ....................................................No. of Employees .........................Industry Continental Tire of the Americas.................2,400 .................Auto/truck tires Walgreens Distribution Center ....................1,600 ..........Regional distribution Good Samaritan Regional Health Center ......950 .........................Health care Crossroads Community Hospital..................312 .........................Health care Mt. Vernon District #80...............................268 ........................... Education City of Mt. Vernon .......................................180 ........................ Municipality National Railway .........................................174 .................... Manufacturing Mt. Vernon Township High School ...............172 ........................... Education NAPA Distribution Center ............................. 90 .......................... Distribution Physician’s Filing Service ............................. 85 .......Medical Reimbursement

Expanding, Growing, Succeeding Jefferson County boasts many recent business success stories.


he Jefferson County business community continues to benefit from both expansion within its existing core businesses and an influx of new enterprises. The opportunities for growth and job creation are diverse, ranging from energy production and manufacturing to the health care and retail industries. Jefferson County Development Corporation (JCDC) Director Mary Ellen Bechtel said that some of the close-at-hand opportunities for new job creation include mining, coal gasification, and the medical industry. While the economic development teams in the area are excited about many of the new businesses that continue to move into the area, Bechtel also points out that there is a strong focus on helping existing local businesses grow stronger. “Most of the jobs in our area are created by companies and industries that are already here,” she said. “We really depend on our retention and expansion efforts to maintain our companies and help them expand, so we work hard to keep them in the know about what’s going on. We try to find opportunities for training for them, we write grants for them, and we try to let them know what’s happening at the state level so they can stay globally competitive. We want to help them keep their costs down, because when they can keep their costs down, then they can add jobs.” Below are just some among the growing list of success stories in the Mt. Vernon area.

top 10 industries by employment Occupation.................................... 15 Mile Radius......30 Mile Radius......Percentage Manufacturing .............................. 4,710 ...............15,498 ..................18.5 Health care/social services ........... 3,686 ...............10,937 .....................13 Retail trade................................... 4,109 ...............10,167 ..................12.1 Education services........................ 2,398 ................6,560 .....................7.8 Construction ................................. 1,618 ................4,410 .....................5.3 Accommodation/food services ...... 1,471 ................4,307 .....................5.1 Transportation/warehousing .......... 1,428 ................4,052 .....................4.8 Other services .............................. 1,295 ................3,837 .....................4.6 Public administration .................... 1,166 ................3,893 .....................4.6 Agriculture/forestry/fishing ..............801 ..................2,454 .....................2.9

Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce



Property Tax Taxing Body ...............................................................................Tax Rate City of Mt. Vernon ............................................................................ 1.2517 Jefferson County ............................................................................. 0.6394 Mt. Vernon Township High School .................................................... 1.8056 Mt. Vernon District #80 Schools ....................................................... 2.6190 Sales Tax Taxing Body ...............................................................................Tax Rate State of Illinois..................................................................................... 6.25 City of Mt. Vernon Home Rule ................................................................... 1 Jefferson County ................................................................................. 0.25 Total sales tax inside incorporated Mt. Vernon ...................................... 7.75 Total sales tax outside incorporated Mt. Vernon .................................... 6.75

expanding Local businesses • Continental Tire of the Americas has been involved in three major expansions over the last five years, including an upgrade to tandem mixers, the addition of a new 250,000-square-foot warehouse, and, most recently, an equipment and technology update that included over $10 million in investment. Total investment within the facility for the three projects has been over $60 million, leading to the hiring of approximately 75 more employees. • Good Sam Regional Health Center has broken ground on a new 359,000-square-foot replacement hospital that will not only be double the size of the existing facility, but will also create well over 100 additional jobs once it is completed.

new to the neighborhood • Intermountain Electronics, a service company for the mining industry, is building a new 50,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Rolland Lewis Industrial Park. The new facility, which is expected to create approximately 25 jobs, is a $5.5 million investment and is anticipated to be complete by the end of 2011. • National Belt Service, which also serves the mining industry, has moved into a 20,000-square-foot building in Mt. Vernon. The sales and service facility currently has eight employees. • Regional delivery service SpeeDee Delivery has expanded into a 10,000-square-foot facility in Mt. Vernon. The company has created 12 jobs locally. • Clothing and housewares retailer Kohl’s begins construction in 2010 on a new store that is expected to open in the second quarter of 2011. • G.J. Grewe Inc. has completed a 10,000-square-foot retail strip mall on state Route 15. It’s currently home to Jimmy John’s, Game Stop, and Verizon. • State Electric Supply is currently negotiating on a site in Mt. Vernon for a new sales and service facility. • In a competitive effort against other communities, Mt. Vernon was chosen by the U.S. government as the home for a new $24 million, state-of-the-art National Guard/ Reserves Joint Facility. It will be one of the first of its kind and will be used for training as well as equipment storage and maintenance. Ground was broken for the project in 2008, and the facility is expected to be operational in 2010.

Business & Industry

IndustrIal • ManufacturIng dIstrIbutIon • coMMercIal Executive Director - Mary Ellen Bechtel 200 Potomac Blvd. • PO Box 523 Mount Vernon, IL 62864

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• Coming off a successful ICU expansion in 2007, Crossroads Community Hospital is now completing an expansion and renovation of its surgical facilities. Ground was broken for the 2,000-square-foot expansion in February 2009, and the addition was completed in January 2010. The previously existing surgical facilities have been renovated and are expected to be operational soon.


Business & Industry

BIZ BRIEFS Walgreens Distribution Center BY VIVIKA VERGARA

What does the Web-savvy Walgreens shopper in Chicago have in common with other online buyers from Anchorage to Zanesville? The answer is Southern Illinois’ Walgreens Distribution Center (DC) in Mt. Vernon. This facility carries every product ordered on and serves more than 600 area locations. Additionally, it houses all cosmetics and regional foods for every store. It’s no wonder this massive, 865,000-square-foot facility can fit 12 football fields inside its walls! Technology plays a vital role. From scheduling incoming freight, to automated guided vehicles and merchandise sorters that run at a maximum speed of 180 cases per minute, this is the busiest Walgreens DC by volume. For 20 years, Walgreens team members have helped the community. Last year, the DC raised funds for Shriners Hospital. Now, it’s helping the Southern Illinois Autism Society. For nearly 10 years, team members have donated countless hours to the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life. In 2007 Walgreens formalized plans to employ more people with disabilities with the opening of the first of its newest DCs in Anderson, S.C. Employees with disabilities are trained to work side-by-side with other team members — with the same productivity goals and pay. Due to Anderson’s success, the company created a goal to fill 10 percent of its production jobs at all DCs with people with disabilities by the end of 2010. Locally, the company partners with Illinois’ Vocational Rehabilitation Services to help attract and train candidates. Today, more than 40 people with disabilities work at this facility.

get to know: bill bush Bill Bush is area director at Mt. Vernon’s Walgreens Distribution Center, making sure the massive facility runs efficiently. It’s a big jump compared to some smaller companies Bush worked for, where he led about 100. Numbers aside, company size isn’t what stands out. “In my five years here, you’d be amazed how much technology has changed,” Bush said. “Our equipment can process information quickly and efficiently. It makes it easy for everyone to stay on track.” Bush is involved with the Jefferson County Economic Development Board and the Rend Lake College Foundation.

Continental Tire BY DAWN HEACOCK

The Mt. Vernon location of Continental Tire the Americas, LLC, was constructed in 1973 and is one of the largest employers in Southern Illinois. Continental Tire has a total of 2,400 employees coming from 110 different zip codes, working shifts to cover the 24-hour operation. The plant has grown over the years from investments and expansions and is today 70 acres under roof — and still growing. The Mt. Vernon plant produces an average of 25,000 passenger and light truck tires and 8,000 commercial vehicle tires a day. The plant prides itself on producing quality tires. Continental’s Mission, “Performance Is Our Passion,” drives us to be the best tire manufacturing plant within the Continental Group. We strive to be the employer of choice, providing excellent customer satisfaction and quality tires through exceptional processes while remaining

cost-competitive and fostering our safety-first culture. We do this by meeting our commitments to both our internal and external customers. Continental Tire the Americas, LLC, is a division of the Continental Corporation and offers a complete premium line of ultra-high-performance passenger and light truck and commercial vehicle tires that instill confidence and a passion for driving. Continental tires are fitted as original equipment on many of the world’s finest cars and trucks. With sales of approximately 24 billion euros in 2008, Continental is among the leading automotive suppliers worldwide. As a supplier of brake systems, systems and components for powertrains and chassis, instrumentation, infotainment solutions, vehicle electronics, tires and technical elastomers, Continental contributes enhanced driving safety and global climate protection. Continental is also a competent partner in networked automobile communication. Continental currently employs approximately 134,000 at nearly 190 locations in 37 countries. Learn more about Continental Tire by visiting us at

Tavern on 10th 618-244-7821

“This building was never a restaurant or a bar, so when I bought it, we gutted the first floor and I basically built everything you see,” Chris Campo, owner of Tavern on 10th, explained. “The building was built in the late 1800s, but I’ve bumped it up to a

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GUY WOOD INSURANCE 1400 Broadway • Mt. Vernon, IL 618-242-2050

We are pleased to offer special discount rates from Auto-Owners Insurance Company on business and personal insurance - to members of company approved organizations like yours! Fast, fair and efficient service from The “No Problem” People.® Todd Piper Sheila Piper Ben Piper

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dish on the square 877-236-3474 •

For business owner Brenda Breeze, the story of dish on the square began when the space it’s housed in was still the Breeze family’s Byrd-Watson Pharmacy. Brenda had maintained a small gift area within the pharmacy for a number of years, but when the family relocated the pharmacy to a new building in 2007, she took over the space and created a store that both matches her passion and fulfills a niche in the region. “I love to cook. I love to be in the kitchen, and over the years I’ve found a lot of interesting things that make cooking much easier. Anything that makes it easier makes it more fun, and that’s what I was hoping to pass along to customers — especially new brides, because many of them are just learning to cook,” Breeze explained. “This store was born because I wanted to give the cooks in town, and those learning to cook, some better choices.” With that mission in mind, Breeze has assembled a primary product mix of high-quality, brandname tableware and kitchen items that shoppers can’t find at big-box discount stores, drawing customers from larger towns more than an hour away. By customer request, the store also maintains a small section of useful baby gifts and carries the “Little Me” line of clothing for infants, as well as offering some bridal and domestic items. The other part of the equation that has made dish on the square successful is customer service. The shop offers gift registry assistance and other services such as free gift wrapping on bridal gifts and on products priced $25 or more. But Breeze said that it’s the enthusiasm of the staff that makes shopping at dish a great experience. “The young women that I hire have as great a passion for the shop as I have. It’s always exciting to see someone buy items that will make their home more beautiful and their kitchen more functional.”

Providing Electrical, Environmental, Mechanical, Structural and Transportation Engineering throughout the Midwest.

Carlyle, IL 618-594-3711

Troy, IL 618-667-5940

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Mount Vernon, IL 618-246-9904

Arnold, MO 636-296-8600

Also in Libertyville, IL and Elgin, IL

1920s theme with all of the subway tile, octagon tile, and Mission-style wainscoting that we threw in.” The exposed brick walls, rough-sawn oak, and riveted beams inside Tavern on 10th still pay homage to the vintage building’s history, but the modern updates that were added to create this new restaurant and bar shout “night life.” A spacious bar and dining area are complemented by a private dining room, game tables, and large-screen televisions, but Campo feels it’s the stage that really sets his establishment apart. “Now we’re going the route of restaurant, bar, and music venue, because we just got our new stage in,” he said. “When the bands come in and see it, they’re kind of shocked to find a nice, big stage in a bar down here. The last three months we’ve made a conscious decision to try to bring in some big-name bands that might not normally play in a smaller town like Mt. Vernon. If we were going to do that, we needed to provide a good stage, and we’re pricing out a professional P.A. system right now.” The restaurant serves a full menu, including steaks, pastas, sandwiches, and gourmet salads, while the bar offers a wide span of liquors that includes common varieties and some top-shelf selections. They also have a large assortment of beers on tap, including domestics, imports, and a few surprises. Regular drink specials on Tuesdays and Thursdays and an open microphone for local talent on Wednesdays draw weeknight crowds, with live music packing the house on weekends. Campo is pleased with the popularity, but says he wasn’t shocked by it. “We saw the niche for this. We needed a nice, upscale establishment where some of the locals who normally wouldn’t go out to a bar could come and feel comfortable … We’re trying to provide a place where people don’t have to second guess coming here; they know they’re going to have a good time, be surrounded by good people, and hopefully hear a good band.”



Mt. Vernon Public Schools Mt. Vernon FFA members learn to succeed in competition and beyond.


Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce

he National FFA Organization chapter at Mt. Vernon Township High School was named best in Illinois for student development in 2009, and its ninth place overall ranking in the state added to a string of top 12 finishes that covers 19 of the last 20 years. Chapter Adviser John Kabat also has his share of accolades, having been named “Outstanding Ag Teacher of Illinois” four times in his 25-year tenure, but he says that getting students to continue school and pursue good careers, rather than winning awards, is the real goal of the program. “The biggest highlight is just seeing young kids do well,” Kabat said. “I just like to see kids try to make something of their lives, and I’m on them all the time about doing their best.” One of the things that helps set this chapter apart is the number of activities available to its over 230 members. Offering 280 activities per year and opportunities in 38 different categories of competition is time-consuming, to say the least, but Kabat feels that variety and options are critical to developing students. “I’ve researched ag programs and said, ‘How can you have the best program possible for the kids?’ To me, that would be to give them as many chances to succeed as possible in as many different areas as possible,” he



explained. “you should give them a chance to try a lot of areas, even some they don’t think they would like, to see what areas they have skills in.” Kabat and co-adviser Cherie Rogier are also focused on instilling characteristics in their students that will be of value whether they choose one of the 300 agriculture careers they are exposed to or decide on some other line of work. “What we teach in FFA is what businesses want; they want teamwork, good attitude, willingness to learn, problem solving, to be diversified, and workers who do a job the right way,” Kabat said. “Our job … is to try to teach the kids not to just do the job to get it done, but to do it until it’s done right. I think we teach all of that in our program for the 300 agriculture careers that they say make up one-third of our workforce, but if students do those things right in FFA, the other two-thirds of employers will want them too.”

About Mt. Vernon Public schools Mt. Vernon City School, District 80 618-244-8080 •

• Our mission: To challenge all students to seek a brighter future. Our vision: Always seeking, always learning. • Majority of teachers hold advanced degrees, with 100 percent highly qualified. • Support services range from speech and physical therapy to enrichment opportunities. Registered nurse and counselor on staff at each attendance center. Nutritionally balanced breakfast and lunch program has a high participation rate. • State-of-the-art technology, including SMART Boards and Internet access in all classrooms. • Benjamin Franklin Early Childhood Center: Birth to 3, prekindergarten, and Head Start programs, serving 350 students. Caring staff trained not only in early childhood education but also in child development, infant and child CPR, and first aid. Provides developmentally appropriate curriculum and services; vision, hearing, and developmental screenings conducted routinely.


Education Trust A Specialty Practice For The Skin You’re In

Dermatology Skin Cancer Surveys & Treatments Comprehensive Acne Treatment Mole Removal • Warts • Psoriasis • Rashes Blue Light & Photodynamic Therapy


Titan For Total 3D Photo Rejuvenation TM Pearl • Laser Hair Removal Vein Sclerotherapy Laser Facial/Leg Vein Treatment Laser Skin Rejuvenation Age Spot Removal Chemical Peels • Botox • Facials Microdermabrasion Dermal Filler • Skin Care Products

Medicare & Most Major Insurance Accepted

Skin Care Center Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce

of Southern Illinois


George T. Nahass M.D. Board Certified Dermatologist Marilyn Stombaugh, PA-C Rex Stombaugh, PA-C, MPAS 4107 S. Water Tower Place • Mt. Vernon, IL 1054 Martin Luther King • Centralia, IL (Wed. Only)


• Primary Center: Kindergarten through third grade, serving more than 700 students. Standards-based curriculum as well as exploratory classes in P.E., art, music, and technology. Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program models, reinforces, and rewards good behavior. • J.L. Buford Intermediate Education Center: Fourth and fifth grades, serving more than 300 students. Basic concepts such as reading with comprehension, critical thinking, and speaking and writing fluently linked to broad base of knowledge and a well-developed vocabulary. Enrichment opportunities include a comprehensive music program, a well-equipped library, tech lab, and fine arts instruction. PBIS program reinforces positive behavior choices. • Zadok Casey Middle School: Sixth through eighth grades, serving more than 450 students. Each student assigned to academic team to assure a sense of belonging. Standards-based curriculum, with exploratory classes in art, music, applied technology, Spanish, career exploration, and other skills useful in the future. Wide variety of academic, music, and sports-related extracurricular activities, as well as service learning projects. On-campus, full-service fitness center for students and staff. Mt. Vernon Township High School 618-244-3700 •

• Established in 1905 and accredited by the State of Illinois and the North Central Association for Colleges and High Schools. • Diverse student body of approximately 1,325 students. • Eleven-building campus on 32 acres. • Courses and programs for special-needs students. Advanced placement and dualcredit college courses for gifted students.

• • • •

Career and technical programs draw students from neighboring districts. State-of-the-art technology and computer access in all classrooms. Vast library/media center available before, during, and after school. Faculty average teaching experience of 13.5 years; over one-third have a master’s degree. Competitive ACT scores, with approximately 60 percent of graduates going on to higher education. Excellent facilities and a host of extracurricular opportunities in music, the arts, and athletics. Over two dozen clubs and organizations, including state and national awards for youth and Government, Mock Trial, FFA, Skills USA, and FBLA groups.

Woodlawn Public Schools An unconventional, hands-on approach wins a small-school teacher two big-time awards.


oodlawn Grade School science instructor Charles Simer didn’t originally set out to become a teacher, but it certainly seems to be his calling. This former firefighter was working on a degree in fire science when an injury sustained at a fire forced him to find an alternative career; so he opted to change his major and begin a career in education. In 2009, which was only his fifth year of teaching, he was honored with two very prestigious awards: the Illinois Outstanding Science Teacher Award from the National Association of Geoscience Teachers and an Illinois Science Teacher’s Association/Exxon Mobil award. Simer feels that this recognition of both him and the district is largely due to his unique

About Woodlawn Public Schools

Other Area Schools dodds Community Consolidated school #7 618-244-8070

Farrington Community Consolidated school 618-755-4414 •

Franklin & Jefferson Counties special education 618-439-7231 •

Happy time education Center 618-244-2462

ina CCsd #8 618-437-5361

McClellan Community Consolidated school #12 618-244-8072

Woodlawn Community Consolidated #4

Mckendree university

618-735-2661 •

800-232-7228 •

• Over 80 percent meets/exceeds for 7 years in a row.

Mid Continent university

• Student body of about 350; class size average of 16 students.

888-628-4723 •

• Average teaching experience is 12 years.

opdyke-belle Rive school

• Courses and programs for special-needs students; many extracurricular opportunities.


• Majority of faculty trained in gifted education. Many of the lower-grades faculty and staff trained in autism.

Rome Community Consolidated school district #2

• WGS is a Positive Behavior school, stressing character education and relationship-building strategies.

618-266-7214 •

• Active Parent Teacher Organization puts on events such as the annual Open House, Family Reading

st. Mary’s Catholic Church & school

Night, PTO Carnival, Book Fairs, etc.

Woodlawn Community High School District #205 618-735-2631 •

• Established in 1920 and accredited by the State of Illinois. • Diverse student body of approximately 200 students. • Three-building campus on five acres • Courses and programs for special-needs students; dual-credit college courses and Honors Program for gifted students; career and technical programs available. • SmartBoards and Internet access in all classrooms. • Two computer labs and two mobile computer labs. • Library/media center available before, during, and after school. • Faculty average teaching experience of 15.4 years; 39 percent have a master’s degree. • Competitive ACT scores, with approximately 75 percent of graduates going on to higher education. • Excellent facilities and extracurricular opportunities in music/drama, the arts, and athletics, including


experiments. How bizarre, you ask? Two of the class favorites include dissecting and analyzing unused baby diapers to learn about polymers and dissecting owl pellets to find and reconstruct digested mouse skeletons. “If you walk in here, you never know what we’re going to be doing,” Simer laughed. “Our poor principal — sometimes he just looks in, shakes his head, and walks away.”

618-244-1559 •

summersville grade school district #79 618-244-8079 •

university of illinois Jefferson County extension 618-242-0780

Waltonville Community unit school, district #1 618-279-7211

approach to teaching junior high science. Not only has he restructured the progression in which students receive information, but he also uses activities, rather than textbooks, as the primary means of teaching important concepts. “I teach differently than a lot of other middle school teachers,” he explained. “Many of them teach students life science their eighth grade year, physical science their seventh grade year, and earth science their sixth grade year; but I integrate all three of them every year. Then we build upon it year after year so they’re not losing what they learned in sixth grade. To do that, we do a lot of hands-on activities, which takes a lot of money and a lot of preparation, so I submit for a lot of grants to help.” It’s worth noting that the hands-on projects in Mr. Simer’s class are what make the lessons so memorable. They range from having students do joint projects with lower grades to truly bizarre

state runner-up in boys’ basketball in 2009.



In-District 618-437-5321 • Toll-Free 800-369-5321

Rend Lake College (RLC) offers more than 100 distinct associate degree and occupational certificate programs and serves thousands of in-district residents annually through its main and satellite campuses. RLC has experienced tremendous enrollment growth over the past decade, with record enrollment being set almost every year. On Nov. 30, 2009, Community College Week released a study that named RLC Illinois’ fastest-growing community college with 2,500–4,999 students. Rend Lake enrollment from fall 2007 to fall 2008 jumped from 4,821 students to 5,761 — a 19.5 percent increase. The growth placed RLC 13th on CC Week’s national growth chart for two-year public colleges of comparable size. RLC was the only Illinois college to make the nation’s top 50 in that category. “This is a great accomplishment for Rend Lake College,” said RLC President Charley D. Holstein. “I believe students are seeing substantial value in the rich learning environment RLC offers at a fraction of the price one would pay to attend a public or private university. Students weighing where they want to go to school can consider these findings a cue to make Rend Lake College their choice for continued education.” With enrollment above 5,000 for nearly two years now, RLC will be considered in a new category for future studies like this. Holstein sees that as another milestone for the college.

Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce

Meet RLC President Charley d. Holstein


Charley D. Holstein was officially named president of Rend Lake College on April 1, 2009, after serving nine months as the school’s interim president. He’s in charge of approximately 600 employees, 13,500 students, three campuses, and a budget of roughly $38 million. By the time he took the position permanently, the 46-year-old retired Army officer had already proven to be a key part of many accomplishments at the college. While he was interim president, RLC was awarded the maximum 10-year


Rend Lake College (RLC) offers more than 100 distinct associate degree and occupational certificate programs and serves thousands of in-district residents annually through its main and satellite campuses.

Returning, Retraining, and Recharged at RLC “I knew that it wasn’t going to last forever. My husband and I had a long talk about it, and I started taking night classes just to get myself up to speed and to see what I could do when I got completely laid off.” When talking with Joann Willmore, you get the sense that she walks through life with her eyes open and looking toward the future. A couple of years

• Main Suites

• Smoking & Non-Smoking Rooms

• Mini Suites

• Handicapped Rooms

• King Beds

• Mr. F’s Atrium Cafe

• Two Double Beds

• Sports Grill and Bar

• Queen Beds

• Room Service

• Guest Laundry

• Convention & Meeting

• Business Center • Cable TV with HBO, CNN, and ESPN • Free High-Speed Wireless Internet

Space for up to 600 People • Sales & Catering Staff • Group Rates • Indoor Swimming Pool • Whirlpool • Fitness Room

Holiday Inn Mount Vernon | 222 Potomac Boulevard | P.O. Box 849 | Mount Vernon, IL 62864 t: 618.244.7100 | f: 618.242.8876 | |

• 223 Guest Rooms

ago, with the recession creeping up on workers nationwide, the Mt. Vernon resident looked ahead and realized that the job she had held for almost 30 years could soon be in jeopardy. But rather than panicking, she got proactive, researched the job market, and began preparing for a new start. “I talked with the Allied Health Department at Rend Lake College, and they helped me outline a schedule where I could take individual classes mirroring several different programs so that when the time came, I would already have some of it behind me,” she said. “I initially talked to the head of the department, and if she hadn’t been so certain I could do this, I don’t know that I would have been so certain I could do it.” Despite her adviser’s encouragement, Joann now laughingly admits that she had a lot of apprehension and that her first night in the classroom was still a “knee-shaking” experience. “The school experience itself is a little intimidating when you’re old enough to be the mother of 90 percent of the people in the room, but I’ve found the young people to be very accepting and open and they get past the age difference really fast.” Joann officially lost her job in 2009, but she told ManTraCon about her college goals, and they helped her switch from a part-time class schedule to full-time status financed under the WIA program. Maintaining a straight-A average as she marches toward her new career as a medical lab technician, she has nothing but praise for both the college and ManTraCon. “I can’t say enough nice things about them. I do what they tell me to do, and they do what they promise to do,” she said. “Scholastically, I find that the college challenges me and I think it’s been fun to see and learn something new. I’ve been very fortunate, and I would encourage anyone to give it a try.”


accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission; a multi-year faculty contract was successfully negotiated; ground was broken on the new 20,000-square-foot coal mining training center; creative financing was used to help offset funding shortages for a new state-of-the-art welding laboratory; and $100,000 in donations from local industry for the coal mining training center was secured. He also reached out beyond the college’s borders, initiating a peer-to-peer process in which upper-level administrative members of his cabinet visit their counterparts at neighboring colleges, and vice versa, to identify best practices. Since being named president, he has continued to demonstrate his skills as a proactive leader and communicator. Holstein holds dual master’s degrees in management and human resources from Webster University in St. Louis, a bachelor’s degree in pre-law and administration of justice from SIUC, and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. A graduate of the Army’s prestigious Command and General Staff College — and a firstin-class, distinguished military graduate of the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) at SIUC — he led troops in Alaska, South Korea, New Mexico, and for two years of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Bronze Star recipient retired from the Army in 2007 after more than 20 years of service. “The college’s history of quality, affordability, responsibility and accessibility is worthy of our continued best efforts, and I will give my full attention to keeping Rend Lake College a close partner with the communities we serve and a champion of student learning here in Southern Illinois,” Holstein said.


Health Care Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce


Good Samaritan Regional Health Center/St. Mary’s Good Samaritan St. Mary’s is building on a strong heritage. 618-242-4600 •

Good Samaritan Regional Health Center is a not-for-profit organization that has been carrying out its healing ministry in Southern Illinois for nearly 70 years. Good Samaritan is a member of SSM Health Care, one of the largest Catholic health care organizations in the country, and is the firstever health care recipient of the prestigious Malcolm

Baldrige National Quality Award. Since 1996, Good Samaritan has participated in a successful joint venture with St. Mary’s Hospital of Centralia to form one of the largest health care networks in the region, with over 120 active physicians, approximately 1,800 employees, numerous specialty programs, and a network of rural outreach facilities. St. Mary’s Good Samaritan blends two cultures through the development of a shared mission statement and a


Good Samaritan Regional Health Center is a not-forprofit organization that has been carrying out its healing ministry in Southern Illinois for nearly 70 years.

Raising a Hospital — Raising the bar Coming in December 2012, Good Samaritan will continue its healing ministry on a brand-new, $237 million medical campus including a state-ofthe-art hospital, medical office building, and outpatient surgery center. “Our new hospital will raise the bar for health care throughout the region,” explained Mike Warren, president of Good Samaritan. “It will include all private rooms with accommodations for family members, safety features to reduce patient falls, nature elements to promote a healing environment, green concepts to save energy, room service menu selection to improve the patient experience, and a convenient layout for outpatient services and parking.” The new medical campus will be located on Veteran’s Memorial Drive, directly adjacent to the new interchange for I-57 and I-64. Two of Good Samaritan’s joint venture projects are already located on the site: the Orthopedic Center of Southern Illinois and the Center for Comprehensive Cancer Care. Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Brandon Bullard believes the new campus will make the city a health care destination for an even wider geographic area. “They are not just building a community hospital; they are building a regional health center,” Bullard said. “With all of the specialists they have and the lines of services they offer, they can compete with hospitals in St. Louis, Cape Girardeau, and Springfield. The campus is going to attract people from throughout the Midwest.”

to measure against best practices of the health care industry in areas such as patient care and safety, customer satisfaction, and financial performance. St. Mary’s Good Samaritan is a 2003 recipient of the Lincoln Foundation for Performance Excellence Gold Award — the highest honor awarded by the Illinois quality foundation.

Nature Trail Health Care Center

1001 SouTH 34TH STreeT MT. VerNoN, IL 62864

Health Care

shared set of values. Building upon each hospital’s strong heritage, St. Mary’s Good Samaritan continues to expand through the establishment of tertiarylevel programs, such as interventional cardiology and open heart surgery.

TeL: 618.242.5700 Fax: 618.242.1572

The Finest in Retirement Living RESIDENTIAL LIVING CENTER is a quality retirement community situated in a park-like setting on the east side of town. Here we invite you to experience a new way of life — a life of independence and freedom, making new friends and enjoying each day to its fullest.

• Three delicious meals daily • Housekeeping and laundry • Scheduled transportaton • Fun, interesting activities • Friendly, helpful staff 24 hours a day


608 E. IL Hwy 15 • Mt. Vernon, IL 62864

St. Mary’s Good Samaritan is a vital part of the regional economy. Last year alone, the organization provided over $35 million in charity care and uncompensated Medicaid and Medicare services. “We are known for our culture of caring, and this is reflected in the overwhelming community support we have received for our new medical campus,” Warren said. “Although we are embarking on a massive financial commitment, we have always been careful stewards of resources. We are proud to offer the most comprehensive services in the area while keeping our hospital charges among the lowest in the region. In addition, we generously give back to our community through numerous outreach programs and substantial charity care.”

A Culture of Continuous Quality improvement Committed to continuous quality improvement, the organization uses a variety of methods

our Work is a Mission


Health Care


Community Hospital “Caring people … Caring for people” 618-244-5500 •

Over the last four years, Crossroads Community Hospital in Mt. Vernon has done much to extend its ability to provide medical services, including successful expansions of its intensive care and surgical units. The hospital staff also works hard to maintain their high accreditation scores in technical and procedural treatment of medical conditions, but it’s the way they treat patients as people that often leaves the most lasting impression.

Community Cares

Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce

Committed to providing patients with a good hospital experience, one of the Crossroads’ most valuable programs has been “Community Cares.” Inspired by the philosophy set forth by Quint Studer in his book Hardwiring Excellence, this program ingrains positive communication practices into every aspect of hospital interaction so that patients are not only well cared for, they also understand that they are cared about. At its core, Community Cares uses the acronym AIDET to create a better standard of communication that becomes second nature for all staff members. The acronym reminds everyone to announce their presence, introduce themselves, specifically communicate durations to relieve patient anxiety, explain important details precisely, and to always thank the patient for choosing the hospital to provide their medical care. Another important aspect of Community Cares is a coordinated process of communication referred to as “rounding,” which provides for increased contact between nurses and patients, daily interaction between administrators and staff, and daily access to a hospital administrator for each patient. Better than a passive suggestion box, rounding has become the hospital’s proactive way of identifying better ways to satisfy patients and seeking out opportunities for improvement or excellence wherever they may be found. Crossroads has invested a great deal into training the entire staff in Community Cares procedures and rewarding those who exceed expectations,


Health Care but this program to improve patient satisfaction is only one of the ways the hospital shows its concern for people. Their themed Bone and Joint Unit has been designed to help patients recover without treating them as though they are sick, while the “Surgical Safari” program relieves anxiety in children prior to pediatric surgery. The “Senior Circle” program provides social and healthrelated activities for over 1,300 members of the community ages 50 or above, and Crossroads’ free “Healthy Woman” program is currently empowering over 1,400 local women with information and resources to help them make better-informed health care decisions. The hospital even provides a free health resources library on its website for the community. Inside its walls and beyond, Crossroads Community Hospital continues to live up to its slogan: “Caring people … Caring for people.”

Hospital Highlights • Joint Commission accreditation and Medicare approved. • 57 licensed beds, with 56 active and 18 courtesy physicians. • Over two dozen different specialties, including family practice, internal medicine, pulmonology and cardiology, oncology, radiology, and many others. • Wide variety of services, including imaging, rehabilitation, a sleep disorder center, endoscopy, and more. • In 2009 Physician Satisfaction Survey, 100 percent of physicians said they were satisfied with the hospital. • Sponsors and volunteers in dozens of community events. • 2009 United Way Champion of Hope Award recipient.


Recreation & Culture

Cedarhurst Center for the Arts Arts and nature meet in Southern Illinois’ cultural haven.

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The arts continue to play a major role in defining Jefferson County. From the photography of James Hitchcock in the 1870s, to unique and classic architecture and Mt. Vernon’s Art in the City, the arts are center stage in this Southern Illinois community. Described by many as “a jewel in the crown of Southern Illinois’ King City,” the largest and most visible venue for the arts in Jefferson County is Cedarhurst Center for the Arts. The Mitchell Foundation, established by the late John R. and Eleanor R. Mitchell, created and maintains Mitchell Museum at Cedarhurst. Southern Illinois residents, as well as thousands of visitors to the area, have enjoyed Mitchell Museum and the many programs and exhibits offered at Cedarhurst for over 37 years. Cedarhurst Center for the Arts expanded its facilities in 2008, adding 20,000 square feet to the Mitchell Museum building, which features the 4,200-square-foot Performance Hall, the Bonan Permanent Collection Gallery, the Beck Family Education Center, and the Grand Corridor Gallery, as well as the renovated Main Gallery and the open-year-round Cedarhurst Chow Family Gift Shop, which offers a beautiful selection of art-inspired gifts, including unique jewelry, ceramics, wood, pewter, and fiber art items. One of the most well-known events at Cedarhurst is the annual Cedarhurst Craft Fair, which celebrated its 34th anniversary in September 2010. The two-day juried craft fair, featuring over 125 artists, is an outdoor event held on the grounds at Cedarhurst the weekend after Labor Day in September. Each year over 13,000 visitors flood the county for the entertainment, food, and beautiful handmade art during Craft Fair weekend. Throughout the year, Cedarhurst offers a variety of art exhibitions at Mitchell Museum, an outstanding performing arts program, Shrode Art Center’s classes and exhibitions, and the outdoor Kuenz Sculpture Park, all situated on a picturesque 90-acre campus. Visitors to Cedarhurst have the opportunity for a variety of art and nature experiences that’s unparalleled in Southern Illinois. The Mitchell Museum hosts an exquisite Permanent Collection of late 19th-century American paintings by well-known artists such as Mary Cassatt and Andrew Wyeth. In addition, four galleries feature a variety of world-class exhibitions from well-known artists and many exhibits of works by regional artists. Cedarhurst’s Kuenz Sculpture Park is one of the top 15 contemporary sculpture collections in the United States. It’s home to the famous “chrome bumper” horse Kimball and Gorilla by sculptor John Kearney, as well as more than 50 contemporary works by


national and regional artists, including Alexander Lieberman, Fletcher Benton, Chakaia Booker, Martha Enzmann, and Thomas Sternal. The Beck Family Education Center boasts many exciting and educational areas to encourage parents and children to explore the arts, including a three-dimensional walkin painting and a lifesize, take-apart puzzle that replicates one of the outdoor sculptures! In addition, the center offers many hands-on and interactive areas to encourage young and old to discover the many facets in the world of art. Cedarhurst Performing Arts programming offers a variety of music and theater productions to satisfy the artistic appetite. Indoor as well as outdoor concerts are often on the calendar, in addition to the nationally recognized six-concert Chamber Music season, which performs in the Cedarhurst Performance Hall. Many art classes, programs, and workshops are offered at Shrode Art Center on the campus at Cedarhurst. Classes including painting, woodcarving, ceramics, basket weaving, stained glass creation, and fiber weaving are offered throughout the year. Art classes designed specifically for children, as well as a summer art camp, are also offered at the Art Center. Class schedules are posted at Nature trails throughout the 90-acre Cedarhurst estate offer a fascinating experience to all who visit. Walk the Sculpture Park trail, stroll the paths through the woods, enjoy the serenity of the lake, view the exhibits, or simply sit and relax at Cedarhurst. The grounds and exhibits are open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. for your enjoyment! Admission to Cedarhurst is free; however, some events do have ticket charges. Memberships to Cedarhurst are available, providing many benefits, including reduced ticket prices. The quality programming, facilities, and educational opportunities at Cedarhurst are made possible by the support of members and program sponsors.

Rare are the people who find their life’s work during childhood, but Jefferson County’s Sarah Capps was compelled to create visual art even as a toddler. Born and raised in Belle Rive, this highly acclaimed artist said that she received her first art lesson at the age of 3 from her older sister, Jan. “I was drawing my sister at the kitchen table, and she was coaching me,” Capps recalled. “She said, ‘draw my forehead; now draw my nose,’ and so on. I was drawing what she said, and all of a sudden it was magic — I could make her appear on my paper! I knew then I was going to be an artist, and I never wanted to be anything else. I was called to be an artist; I really believe that.” Capps’ first widespread recognition came from a national scholastic art award that she won while attending high school in Mt. Vernon. She continued her education at Southern Illinois University, where she earned a bachelor’s in art and a master’s in metals and jewelry before beginning a 29-year career as a college-level art teacher. While she ultimately became highly renowned for her photo-realistic watercolors, many of her fans would be surprised to learn that there was a time when painting had turned sour for her and her focus was solely on metals and jewelry. “I was a replacement teacher for a year in a metals program in Milwaukee and then got a job at Eastern Kentucky University, where I taught metals for many years. During that time I didn’t pick up a brush, so I would say there was a good 10 years that I didn’t paint at all.” Ultimately, Capps returned to Jefferson County to continue teaching, and coming home seemed to rekindle her love of drawing. It was during this time that she also found her gift for watercolors — or more aptly put, watercolors found her. “My chairman asked me to do a painting for her, and she wanted a watercolor. I hadn’t touched it in years, but I tried it. Well, I liked it, and I thought, ‘This is fun, I may do some more.’ I’m pretty much a self-taught watercolor artist. I didn’t really have any instruction in it, and I’m glad, because I developed my own style and nobody was around to tell me I was doing it wrong. I think my style is unique among watercolorists. I’m not one of the ‘swishee-swashee’ kinds of watercolorists; I tend to use watercolor techniques, but on a more minute scale so I get good detail.” Now retired from teaching, Capps continues to compete at art shows and has won over 30 awards in her career. Her works can be viewed at the Mitchell Art Museum at Cedarhurst and the Southern Illinois Art & Artisans Center, as well as in many private, corporate, and public collections all over the country.

Recreation & Culture

Answering an Artistic Calling

Sarah Capps:


Recreation & Culture

GenKota Winery

Enjoy the fruits of the vine in Southern Illinois.

Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce

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Located near the intersection of interstates 57 and 64, GenKota Winery in Mt. Vernon has become a popular destination on the Heartland Rivers Wine Trail. Opened in December 1997, this Amish-built winery provides award-winning wines, a variety of beers, artistic gifts, and gourmet foods in a stylish, rustic environment that is perfect for special events. GenKota produces around 30,000 bottles of wine annually. Approximately 90 percent of the grapes used in the process are grown locally, and all of the produce used for their fruit wines is grown in Jefferson County. Offerings include five red wines and four white wines, as well as “Thunder Chicken Apple” and seasonal fruit wines such as “Strawberry Moon.” Best sellers “Three Dog White,” “Casey Creek,” and “Drake Port” make up three of the five GenKota selections that have been Gold Medal recipients at the Illinois State Fair. GenKota’s wrap-around deck and unique decor provide a great atmosphere for events and entertainment. Outdoor entertainment on the deck is provided two to three times per month during nice weather, and new owners Kent and Sheree Easton hope to increase the size and frequency of winter events by creating an indoor conversation area adjacent to the tasting room. The winery also hosts annual wine and art festivals on the grounds in summer and fall, participates in the Heartland Rivers Wine Trail Summer Solstice event, and holds the three-day GenKota Fest each May. Perhaps their most unique event, and a big crowd-pleaser, is the annual Grape Stomp competition, held each year in September. “A number of local businesses put teams together, usually of three or four people,” Kent Easton explained. “They can dress in costumes or do any kind of theme they want, and when the music plays they can dance and stomp grapes any way they like. A panel of judges determines the winner — they basically judge them on who’s having the most fun. It’s just a really good time.” The winery is decorated with attractive consignment pieces from local artists, giving visitors the opportunity to purchase unique gifts and home accessories. The artwork is rotated frequently, and Easton says they’re always on the lookout for out-of-the-ordinary items to enhance their visitors’ experience. “When people are here, we want them to look around, not just taste wine and leave. We want them to think about what they’ve seen, take some time, and enjoy themselves.”

Recreation & Culture and holds regular events at the shop that draw riders from a two-hour radius. Event highlights in the past have included celebrity visits, the famous Bigfoot monster truck, and a NASCAR simulator. Harley-Davidson owners based in Mt. Vernon can also join the local Harley Owners Group. The King City HOG chapter is over 100 members strong and has a number of fun rides each year, including an annual trip to Moonshine, Ill. — population 2 — for their famous “moonburgers”; the Blessing of the Bikes ride to the scenic Bald Knob Cross in the Shawnee National Forest; and participation in Harley’s national Million Mile Ride event.


he motorcycle culture is alive and thriving in Southern Illinois, and cyclists in Jefferson County will find plenty of like-minded people and fun riding opportunities from spring through fall. “We’re originally from St. Louis, and we moved over here 10 years ago. I think Illinois, on the whole, is a bigger biking community than Missouri is,” said Matt Waterkotte, owner of Dale’s Harley-Davidson in Mt. Vernon. “I don’t know what it is about it, but it seems like every day it’s 50 degrees or more, there are bikes out on the road, and there’s always something going on.” Poker runs and motorcycle rallies are on the rise in the Midwest, and Mt. Vernon is a great starting point or stopover for riders en route to events like the Hog Follies rally in Posey County, Ind.; the Little Sturgis rally in Sturgis, Ky.; or the Coach Kill Cancer Fund poker run in DuQuoin, Ill. Dale’s Harley-Davidson also hosts its own poker run, the LCpl Kyle Price Memorial Ride, each year in April,


Recreation & Culture

green Hills golf Club 618-244-3961 •

Designed to provide challenge and enjoyment for players of all skill levels, this 18-hole course plays over 6,700 yards from the championship tees and offers a choice of four different sets of tees per hole. A semi-private course, Green Hills allows out-of-county visitors to play without membership, offers limited availability to in-county guests, and hosts a number of tournaments that are open to the public each year. The course also has a fully stocked pro shop, a full-service restaurant and lounge, and a PGA professional on hand to provide instructional programs. 618-629-2353 •

Just 20 miles south of Mt. Vernon, the Rend Lake Golf Course has long been considered one of the finest public courses in the Midwest and has earned a 4.5-star rating from Golf Digest. The beautifully groomed, 27-hole course features zoysia fairways, bent grass greens, and nice views of the lake. With five tees per hole, golfers may choose to play the course at distances ranging from 4,900 to 6,900 yards for a round of 18. Amenities at the course include a state-of-the-art lighted driving range and practice facility, which offers raised target greens and a practice bunker. An additional putting green is available near the first tee. The course also has a full-service pro shop, with instruction available through the Rend Lake Golf Academy.

Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce

Mt. Vernon is also a perfect base for vacationers enjoying the many natural destinations of Southern Illinois. Approximately an hour’s drive west of Rend Lake is Pyramid State Park, the largest state park in Illinois. To the southwest, sites such as Little Grand Canyon and Giant City State Park showcase the rugged beauty of the Shawnee National Forest, while Kinkaid, Cedar, and Crab Orchard lakes offer additional fishing and hunting opportunities. All of these are less than two hours from Mt. Vernon, the perfect I-57 gateway for a loop that explores all of these scenic locations.

Well maintained and highly acclaimed, the links in the Mt. Vernon area have become a destination for regional golfers.

Rend Lake golf Course



Life on the Fairway


Water, Woodlands, and Wonders Rend Lake brings rich recreational choices to the region.


ocated less than 20 minutes south of Mt. Vernon, the Rend Lake Recreation Area is one of the state’s finest outdoor recreation venues. With over 19,000 acres of water surrounded by public land and facilities, the lake is a premier destination for water sports enthusiasts, sportsmen, and anyone who loves the natural beauty of Southern Illinois. The waters of Rend Lake have long been popular with water skiers, boaters, and swimmers in the region. Over two dozen boat launches located around the perimeter, as well as two marinas, offer convenient access to the water for boating, while public beaches on the south end are a draw for swimmers, sunbathers, and sandcastle builders. Flooded roadbeds and the many shoreline coves create perfect habitat for game fish such as bass, bluegill, crappie, and catfish, which has made Rend Lake popular for both tournament and casual fishing. The lake also provides some of the best waterfowl hunting in Illinois, with a wide variety ducks and geese pouring into area during their annual migrations. But adventure on the water is just the beginning of what Rend Lake has to offer. Campgrounds and

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picnic areas line the lake’s shores, with hiking, biking, and equestrian trail systems nearby. The public lands surrounding the lake are also a hotspot for wild game, particularly deer, creating opportunities for wildlife viewing and excellent hunting. Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park, which encompasses a 3,000acre peninsula along the eastern shore, participates in the Illinois DNR’s controlled pheasant hunting program, providing hunters with an additional upland hunting experience. Adjacent to the park, the state-of-the-art Rend Lake Shooting Complex offers a sporting clays course, lighted trap houses with voice activation, and a lighted skeet field for recreational shooters. One of the defining features of the Rend Lake area is the beautiful Rend Lake Resort & Conference Center. The lakeside resort’s stylish facilities and scenic surroundings have made it a popular place for corporate conferences and weddings, and a variety of lodging options make it perfect for family vacations or romantic getaways. There is an on-site restaurant for casual fine dining, and the resort’s marina offers direct access to the water.

Find delicious eats and unique treats at these proud Chamber businesses.

eaton’s Flowers

Mt. Vernon tV & Appliance Center

shoe stop

229 S. 10th, Mt. Vernon 618-242-0616

3006 Broadway, Mt. Vernon 618-242-1579

321 Potomac Boulevard, Suite D Mt. Vernon 618-242-5680

newell Furniture & gift gallery

steffy Home Furnishings, inc.

205 N. 44th Street, Mt. Vernon 618-244-4116 •

Lena’s Flowers & things

200 E. Main, Woodlawn 618-735-2000

700 S. 42nd, Mt. Vernon 618-242-3146

dish on the square

Midwest truck Accessories

the olde Homestead

times square Mall

328 S. 10th Street, Mt. Vernon 618-241-9009

53 Crownview Drive, Mt. Vernon 618-246-1055

3917 Broadway, Suite 22, Mt. Vernon 618-244-4560

Carl’s For Men and Women 3004 Broadway, Mt. Vernon 618-242-1912

dale’s Harley-davidson

104 S. 9th, Mt. Vernon 618-241-3474

640 Fairfield Rd, Mt. Vernon 618-244-0567

Recreation & Culture

Mt. Vernon’s Many Festivals Come celebrate with us. This highly anticipated September festival, held on the grounds of the Cedarhurst Center for the Arts, features the works of over 100 craftsmen. Artistic works in glass, ceramics, jewelry, fiber, wood, two-dimensional art, and many other forms of media are displayed. Special activities for children, tasty treats at food booths, and a variety of live music add to the event’s appeal. Shuttle services from Times Square Mall are available. Visit to learn more.

salute to Freedom Festival Each year on the 4th of July, families from Jefferson County and the surrounding area flock to Mt. Vernon Outland Airport to round out their Independence Day celebration with an evening of patriotic fun and fellowship. The Salute to Freedom Festival features live music by local talent, concession vendors serving delicious “fair food,” and a children’s area packed with fun games and activities. The evening culminates with the young Marines flag display and amazing fireworks. Gates open at 5 p.m.

Heritage Festival Held at the Jefferson County Historical Village, this festival celebrates the region’s history and traditions. Craftsmen demonstrate traditional techniques as they create pioneer-era arts and crafts, which visitors can purchase as keepsakes. The festival also features

Cuisine bob evans Farms, Co. 4424 Fairfax Drive, Mt. Vernon 618-241-9566 •

Cactus Jack’s burrito shack 819 Jordan, Mt. Vernon 618-242-7400

Chili’s 4511 Broadway, Mt. Vernon 618-244-4687

Cracker barrel old Country store 4225 Fairfax, Mt. Vernon 618-242-9110

dairy Queen 519 Main Street, Mt. Vernon 618-242-3900

great food, village tours, and live music with an old fashioned flavor. The Heritage Festival is a two-day weekend event that takes place in October. Call 618246-0033 or e-mail to learn more.

southern illinois Harvest Festival Held in October, this weeklong series of events has a little something for everyone. Past festivals have included pageants, fun contests, a charity walk, live musical performances, fishing and golf outings, the Harvest Festival Wine & Art Fair, a parade, and much more. See to find a schedule of events and learn how you can get involved.

More Fantastic Festivals APRIL downtown After 5 Downtown Mt. Vernon

MAY the iris Farm Iris Farm, Wayne City

AUGUST downtown Car show/Cruise night Downtown Mt. Vernon

steel guitar show Some of the world’s best professional and amateur steel guitar players make their way to Mt. Vernon for this annual event. The show takes place in April and is held at the Holiday Inn. For more information call 618-2182517 or visit

Midwestern Herb & garden show This three-day February event at Times Square Mall gets everyone excited about the upcoming gardening season. Venders and exhibitors from throughout the Midwest offer herbs, seeds, books, and garden items, while guest speakers provide valuable information that will enhance the gardening experience. For show details, see

el Rancherito of Mt. Vernon

Long John silver’s

4303 Broadway, Mt. Vernon 618-244-6121

3920 Broadway, Mt. Vernon 618-244-3449 •

Fazoli’s Restaurant

Mcdonald’s Restaurants

4209 Broadway, Mt. Vernon 618-244-1947

102 Potomac Boulevard, Mt. Vernon 618-241-9469 •

grandma’s Landing

Pizza Hut of Mt. Vernon

100 Aviation Drive, Mt. Vernon 618-242-1050

3519 Broadway, Mt. Vernon 618-244-5288

krieger’s sports grill

sonic drive-in

222 Potomac Boulevard, Mt. Vernon 618-204-5421

Little Caesars Pizza 3300 Broadway, Suite F, Mt. Vernon 618-242-8200

Little House on tolle Lane 17593 N. Tolle Lane, Mt. Vernon 618-214-9807

4801 W. Broadway, Mt. Vernon 618-241-9191

the tavern on 10th

224 S. 10th Street, Mt. Vernon 618-244-7821

SEPTEMBER Midwest LsA expo Mt. Vernon Airport

Wine & Art Festival Southern Illinois Art & Artisans Center

DECEMBER downtown Christmas Parade Downtown

Christmas in the Park Veterans Park For more information on these and other special events in Jefferson County, visit Calofev2.htm.

JEFFERSON COUNTY HISTORICAL VILLAGE: Located just moments north of downtown Mt. Vernon, the Jefferson County Historical Village provides a journey into Southern Illinois life in the mid-19th century. Experience the past as you tour the cabins, school, church, store, blacksmith shop, jail, medical building, print shop, and museum.

Cedarhurst Craft Fair



Central Christian Church A new generation on a firm foundation. 301 N. 10th Street, Mt. Vernon 618-242-4185 •

Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce

A nondenominational church, Central Christian Church, established in 1853, began with just 21 members. Over 150 years later, Central is not only still around, but it’s attended by over 1,700 weekly, thanks to its strong focus on outreach. Central began providing both traditional and contemporary worship services in the 1990s and currently offers three different contemporary weekend services to complement the traditional service on Sunday morning. The church also offers separate worship services for elementary,



Among a variety of ministries, Central Christian Church offers children’s and student ministries, communion preparation and serving, creative arts and music, facilities maintenance/service projects, guest services and hospitality, the Library Ministry, stage and broadcast media, mission teams, prayer teams, recreational sports, scholarship programs, small group leadership, transportation service, and Cafe 301 (Central’s coffee shop, located in the basement and open to the public).

middle school, and high school students, which run simultaneously with the adult contemporary worship schedule. Midweek small group programs are available for middle and high school students as well.

Q&A With Jamie Allen In his 10th year as senior pastor at Central Christian Church, Jamie Allen has seen tremendous growth in the congregation. He answered a few questions about what Central is offering to attract new members and help them grow. How has offering multiple services in two distinct styles impacted the church? We have a number of people who still enjoy traditional worship — hymns, readings, etc. But we also have found that younger people in particular enjoy a more contemporary style of worship … more contemporary music and different styles of teaching. We’re reaching a lot of young families here with our outstanding children’s and youth programs, and the parents of those children seem to gravitate more toward our contemporary services. Many children actually bring their parents to church because they enjoy it so much, and I think that’s one of the keys to our growth. How difficult is it for people to develop close connections in a large church, and how do you combat that? We actually have a couple of things here that we do to try to get people connected. Everyone who comes is encouraged to get involved in one of our small groups — 10 to 12 people who meet during the week, usually at someone’s

home, for fellowship, Bible study, and prayer. And we try to get everyone involved in some sort of ministry — when they volunteer in an area, they get connected with others who are already serving. How did all of these organized ministries come about? Some of the vital ministries we have here have been going on for 30 or 40 years. We’ve been involved with the soup kitchen ministry here in town for about 15 years; people in Mt. Vernon can get a hot meal every night of the week there. Our food pantry program feeds about 90 families every month, and that’s a ministry that has been around for around for about 30 years. Our ministries bubble up from the membership. Someone in the pew will see a need, envision a ministry, we provide them with help and support, and they run with it.

More Mt. Vernon Houses of Worship First united Methodist Church 1133 Main Street, Mt. Vernon 618-242-1030 •

Harlan Road Church of god 1704 Harlan Road, Mt. Vernon 618-244-1337

Logan street baptist Church 601 S. 21st Street, Mt. Vernon 618-244-4100 •



Housing the County


hrive where you are planted; Jefferson

always had an economy that simmers —

County is a place to thrive. With a

sometimes up to an almost rolling boil in high

strong base of agriculture, industry,

times — but is never less than steady, even if

and service, Jefferson County is not a “boom

the rest of the country seems to be boiled dry

and bust” economy. Instead, this county has

and bottoming out.

Bevis Real Estate LLC 815 Broadway • Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 Office: 618.244.9500 • Fax: 618.244.5650 Toll Free: 877.526.7362 Email:


(618) 242-4200 Offering

experienced prOfessiOnal

real estate services

Myron G. Foley: President/Managing Broker Multi-Million Dollar Producer

Residential • Commercial • Rentals • Email: 2019 Broadway • Mt. Vernon, Illinois

Personal Attention, Professional Results.

Invest with confidence.



We’re Selling Homes... Because we listen ... it’s what we do best. By listening to you, we are able to assess your needs, and how we can serve you better. Whether your move is across town or across the country, our professional agents and staff are experienced, motivated and focused on satisfying our customer and client needs.


Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce

1907 Broadway


• Mt. Vernon, IL


Tom Cox, GRI

Managing Broker / Owner

Phone: 618.242.8383

“There’s a lot of optimism in our area,” said Myron Foley, broker owner of Foley Real Estate in Mt. Vernon. “It appears that real estate sales are on the upswing.” What that means to the housing and real estate market is that residential prices stay steady, and commercial property — especially agricultural land — can even see an up-tick during economic slowdowns that have the rest of the country crawling towards recovery. Cindy Bevis, owner broker of Bevis Real Estate, has diversified her practice into property management. “The rental property market is red hot right now,” she said. “My office gets dozens of calls each week from people looking to rent three- to four-bedroom houses.” During the nation’s most recent economic crisis, Southern Illinois had pockets of prosperity, and although it couldn’t be called a “deep” pocket, Jefferson County could certainly be counted as one of those areas where real property not only held its value, but enjoyed a modest step up. “During challenging periods in the national real estate market, Jefferson County has proven to remain relatively insulated and has experienced less effect than other parts of the country,” said Cross Davison broker owner Dorothy Wood. “Those considering a real estate purchase in the region should understand that the local market may not produce extreme appreciation on property, but it does offer a lower risk ratio, which may better suit their needs. This can be especially important when there is uncertainty and weakened confidence in the overall market. In our opinion, Jefferson County is a market you can invest in with confidence.” Economic indicators cited by The Southern Business Journal (SBJ) in its June 2010 edition prove the fact of a steady Jefferson County housing market. While 11.8 percent fewer homes sold in the first quarter of 2010 than during the same quarter the previous year, the average price of a home rose 9.1 percent. And 2010 sales gained strength as the year went on, with 41 homes sold during May 2010. “It is paramount to the area that real estate professionals educate themselves,” said Egyptian Board of REALTORS®’ President Dave Thompson, an active real estate professional since 1971. With this in mind, Jefferson County’s real estate agents work hard to keep technology fresh in their daily dealings with clients. Scratch the surface of any local real estate pro and you will find a true advocate for Jefferson County.

Homes AT CENTURY 21 ALL PRO REAL ESTATE, we are... ...dedicated to serving you and all of your real estate needs. Our agents are trained in the art of FULL-service real estate, which means whether you’re buying or selling, we’ll be by your side from beginning to end protecting your interests. Because of the information, support, and service we provide both before AND after the sale, we know that once you’ve used our services, you’ll never use another real estate broker for your future real estate needs! We look forward to helping you with your real estate needs!

Contact Us for a FREE Market Evaluation Relocating? Call Us for a Free Relocation Package!


Directory of Advertisers Abstract/Titles

Jefferson County Title Company, LLC 716 Main St. P.O. Box 402 Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-242-3212 Fax 618-242-9113

Jefferson County Title Company, LLC, formerly known as King City Abstract Company, is a provider of title insurance, abstracts, record searches, and real estate closings.

208 Zachery St. Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-244-5580 Fax 618-244-5699

1033 South 42nd Street Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-241-9518 Fax 618-241-9516

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You’ll be proud to call Heritage Woods of Mt. Vernon your new home. An attractive community that is comfortable, safe, secure, and affordable. We offer assistance with activities of daily living, three meals daily, weekly housekeeping and laundry, and interesting programs and events.

Residential Living Center 608 East IL Hwy. 15 Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-244-9318 Fax 618-244-9321

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• Online Backup • PC Sales • PC Repair • Laptop Repair • Cable Installation • Server Installation • On-Site Repair Service • Dell Authorized Reseller • Dell Certified • Wired & Wireless Networking

Contractors – Glazing

Mt. Vernon Glass Company

Clint Eilerts 104 East Jackson Carbondale, IL 62901 618-351-1599 Fax 618-519-9617

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Serving the glass needs of Southern Illinois since 1947. Specializing in contract glazing work for jobs of all sizes, auto glass replacement, and custom mirrors and showers. • Auto • Business • Home

Day Care/Preschool/Child Development

Happy Time Education Center 104 South 32nd Street Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-244-2462 Fax 618-244-3340

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Arthur loves brainstorming on the beach and strategic thinking by a warm fire. If you like sexy marketing plans and all-night advertising campaigns and are looking for more than a hook-up, Arthur is looking for a long-term relationship. Size not important.

Auto Parts

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Central Christian Church 301 North Tenth Street Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-242-4185 Fax 618-242-0818

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Central Christian Church: “Loving God and Loving People” Contemporary worship: Friday 6:00 p.m., Sunday 9:15 & 11:00 a.m. Traditional worship: Sunday 8:00 a.m. For more information, please e-mail us at


Roy Walker CommunicationsMt. Vernon Communications

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Mt. Vernon Communications, a division of Roy Walker Communications, Inc., is a Motorola 2-Way radio dealership. Since 1975, supplying your communication needs with locations in Mt. Vernon and Makanda.

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Bryan Cross 1714 Broadway Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-244-8040 Fax 618-244-8073

Skin Care Center of Southern Illinois offers a full range of medical/surgical/cosmetic dermatology services for all ages and all skin types. Trust a specialty practice for the skin you’re in!

4206 Williamson Place, Suite 3 Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-244-9212 Fax 618-244-9310 (TTY) 618-244-9575 (V/TTY) 800-938-7400

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Employment Agencies

Manpower - Mt. Vernon IL

200 Potomac Blvd. Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-244-3554 Fax 618-244-7533

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Manpower is a global staffing company that offers a wide array of job hunting options. Whether you need employees or employment, Manpower can help. Temporary and permanent placements.

1075 Lake Road P.O. Box 70 Carlyle, IL 62231 618-594-3711 Fax 618-594-8217

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Henry, Meisenheimer & Gende, Inc. is a consulting engineering firm established in 1966. Offering roadway, structural, environmental, electrical, and mechanical engineering services as well as land surveying, utility rate studies, and grant procurement through its Carlyle, Mount Vernon, and Troy offices.

Farm & Feed

OFA-CIL is a community-based, non-residential, not-for-profit organization serving persons with disabilities in Clay, Clinton, Edwards, Effingham, Fayette, Hamilton, Jasper, Jefferson, Marion, Wabash, Washington, Wayne and White counties with information and referrals, peer advisory, skills training, and individual and systems advocacy.

Jefferson County Development Corporation

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Economic Development

Over $8 million in inventory to meet your automotive, farm, home, marine, and industrial needs. NAPA — Get the good stuff!!

320 S. 7th Street Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-246-5908

HMG Engineers

Disabled Persons – Services & Organizations

100 South 45th Street Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 Store 618-242-1901 DC 618-244-5440 Fax 618-244-4692

• Benjamin Franklin Early Childhood Center — Pre-K/Head Start • Primary Center — K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd • J.L. Buford Intermediate Education Center — 4th & 5th • Zadok Casey Middle School — 6th, 7th, 8th Our mission: Challenging all students to seek a brighter future Our vision: Always seeking, always learning

4111 N Water Tower Place, Suite D Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-242-0690 Fax 866-312-4795

4107 S. Watertower Place Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-244-0031 Fax 618-244-0056

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Opportunities for Access

NAPA Distribution Center

2710 North Street Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-244-8080 Fax 618-244-8082

Regional Superintendent of Schools

Skin Care Center of Southern Illinois


Arthur Agency

Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce

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We Offer the Finest in Retirement Living by Providing: • 3 Delicious Meals Daily • Housekeeping and Laundry • Scheduled Transportation • Interesting, Fun Activities! • Friendly, Helpful Staff 24 Hours a Day


2020 Broadway Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-242-7514 Fax 618-242-7518

1409 Salem Road P.O. Box 644 Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-242-0182 Fax 618-242-0047

Heritage Woods of Mt. Vernon

441 Church Camp Road Makanda, IL 62958 618-529-3301 Fax 618-457-4985

Kunce Computers

Mount Vernon Township High School

Adult Care/Senior Living

GreenTree Assisted Living

Mount Vernon City Schools District 80


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Mt. Vernon Elevator Co. 11675 North IL Hwy. 37 Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-244-1146 Fax 618-244-1152

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Grain Elevator; Feed Mill; Purina Feed Dealer; Livestock, Pet, Wildbird Feed; Lawn and Garden Seed; In Business 30+ Years; Hours 8:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m. Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m.–noon Saturday.

Financial Institutions

Community First Bank of the Heartland

• Detailed information on available land and buildings • Site selection tours to fit your project • Information including workforce, incentives, wages, demographics • Business network assistance


Mission Possible Coalition 120 North 11th Street Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-204-5075 Fax 618-204-5637

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The Mission Possible Coalition is a collaborative organization that increases awareness, education, support, civic and community capacity and engagement to strengthen prevention efforts addressing youth substance use and juvenile delinquency.

117 North 10th Street Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-244-3000 Fax 618-244-3013

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Community First Bank is proud to be a part of Jefferson County and is committed to bringing you banking services with the “Personal Touch” you deserve. Come and see why we were voted the Best Bank in Jefferson County in 2009 and 2010.

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400 South 34th Street Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-246-7354 Fax 618-246-7362

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Health & Fitness

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301 North 27th Street Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-246-1287 Fax 618-246-1287

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413 S. 34th St. 522 Main St. P.O. Box 908 Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-244-4777 Fax 618-244-1797

Jefferson County Comprehensive Services, Inc. Page 15

Texico State Bank 13766 E. Dix-Texico Rd. P.O. Box 85 Texico, IL 62889 618-266-7670 Fax 618-266-7689

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Fitness Center 1304 Broadway Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-242-5345 Fax 618-242-5902

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Government 200 Potomac Boulevard P.O. Box 1708 Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-242-3151 Fax 618-242-6849

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Mt. Vernon is home to Cedarhurst Center for the Arts, an authentic log cabin village, a winery, acres of public parks, outstanding golf courses, unique shopping, and colorful events.

Health Care

Crossroads Community Hospital

#8 Doctors Park Road Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-244-5500

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Orthopaedic Center of Southern Illinois

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4121 S Water Tower Place, Suite A Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-242-1421 Fax 618-244-0940

Specialized orthopaedic care is the cornerstone of this unique organization where continuous adaptation to the latest cutting-edge orthopaedic procedures, treatments, and rehabilitation is the rule … Serving the region for over 35 years!

Diana L. Thomas 4114 North Water Tower Place, Suite E Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-242-7744 Fax 618-242-5615

102 North 9th St. Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-246-1000 Fax 618-246-1250

For Your Insurance Needs • Auto • Homeowners • Life • Farm • Commercial • Boats • Motorcycles • Recreational Vehicles • Workers Compensation • Business Insurance • Bonds

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SISA is a durable home medical equipment business specializing in home oxygen, nebulizers, CPAPS, mastectomy products, breast feeding products, wheelchairs, and much more to make your quality of life better.

4100 Willow Springs Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-242-4907 Fax 618-242-9495

8618 East Richview Road Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-244-4260/214-5583

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C.E. Brehm Memorial Public Library Page 23

101 South 7th Street Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-242-6322 Fax 618-242-0810

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C.E. Brehm Memorial Public Library offers databases, children’s programs, adult programs, genealogy, Internet, free Wi-Fi, books, DVDs, CDs, newspapers, magazines, and microfilm. Check out our website for hours and more information.


Willow Springs Apartments

Lee’s Trees & Landscaping

Landscape Design & Installation CAD-Based Drawings plus Photo-Renderings “Before & After” Sarah F Lee, Landscape Designer & Horticultural Consultant Est. 1971 – Over 35 Years of Experience

Hotels/Motels/Bed & Breakfasts 222 Potomac Blvd. P.O. Box 849 Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-244-7100 Fax 618-242-8876

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Employee Benefits Specialist • Group & Individual • Health • Life • Dental • Vision • Disability • Medicare supplements

Holiday Inn - Mt. Vernon IL

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Walk in - Call in - Mail in - Click in. Whatever way is most convenient for you to reach us, that “Good Neighbor” service is what you get with our office. Our hours are Monday–Friday 9 a.m.–5 p.m. and Saturday morning for your convenience.

The Insurance Store

233 guest rooms and suites designed with your comfort in mind. Dine in Krieger’s Sports Grill, relax with a cocktail in Krieger’s Lounge. Visit Mr. F’s Atrium Cafe for breakfast. Pets allowed in designated rooms with fee.

• 24-Hour Emergency Room • Advanced Radiology Services • State-of-the-Art Surgery Center • Home Care Services • Intensive Coronary Care Unit • Expanded Laboratory Services & Technology • Respiratory Services • Top-Notch Physicians

Southern Illinois Surgical Appliance Co.

State Farm Insurance - Tony Wielt

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1001 South 34th Street Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-242-5700 Fax 618-242-1572

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Stop by my office or give me a call. My staff and I are available to provide “Good Neighbor” service. My regular office hours are: Mon.–Fri. 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Saturdays by appointment.

Health Insurance

• 40 aerobic classes per week, including yoga • Full-service fitness center with free weights, cardio equipment, and state-of-the-art techno-gym equipment • Call today for your FREE tour and orientation

Mt. Vernon Convention & Visitors Bureau

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Nature Trail Health Care Center

4121 Veterans Memorial Drive Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-242-3778 Fax 618-244-5016

Offering friendly service for over 90 years. Member FDIC

YMCA of Jefferson County

16338 North Illinois Highway 37 P.O. Box 428 Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-242-1510 Fax 618-242-6392

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Personal Insurance: • Auto/Homeowners • Boat - Motorcycle • Life - Long-Term Care - Disability Income • Health - Medicare Supplement • Flood Commercial Insurance: • Commercial/Business Insurance • Group Health • Fleet • Contractor Bonds Since 1923 — “We’re On It”

2501 Broadway Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-244-5757 Fax 618-244-1072

Community-based, affordable, quality treatment for mental health and substance abuse problems. Habilitation and vocational training for developmentally disabled adults. Nutrition and transportation services for senior citizens.

Peoples National Bank, voted best bank in Jefferson County three years running, offers a wide variety of products and services to fit your needs.

1400 Broadway Ave Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-242-2050 Fax 618-242-2055

State Farm Insurance - Allan Laird

Health care

Peoples National Bank


Guy Wood Insurance MVIBI

Curves of Mt. Vernon IL

Home of the Saluki Debit Card! Old National Bank — Your Bank for Life

2419 West Broadway Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-244-5952 Fax 618-244-0191

605 North 12th Street Mount Vernon, IL 62864 618-242-4600

Serving nearly 300,000 people in a nine-county region, St. Mary’s Good Samaritan, Inc., is one of the largest health care providers in Southern Illinois. With two regional hospitals, over 120 physicians, seven family health centers, and numerous specialty programs, St. Mary’s Good Samaritan brings the most advanced health care services to Southern Illinois.

• Established 1909 • Local Ownership • Personal Service • Mortgage Loans • Business Loans • Personal Loans • Safe Deposit Boxes • Certificate of Deposit • Savings • Checking • Member F.D.I.C. • Equal Housing Lender

Old National Bank - Mt. Vernon IL

St. Mary’s Good Samaritan

Directory of Advertisers

312 North Main St. P.O. Box 100 Dix, IL 62830 618-266-7444 Fax 618-266-7459 900 South 42nd St. Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-242-2004 Fax 618-242-5414

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Continental Tire The Americas, LLC Page Inside Back Cover 11525 N. IL Highway 142 P.O. Box 1029 Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-242-2009 Fax 618-246-2668

• Began Production in 1974 • Largest Employer in Southern Illinois • Manufacturer of Passenger and Truck Tires • Union-Free Facility • ISO Certified 9001 and 14000 • 64 Acres under one roof • 2,400+ Employees

First State Bank of Dix


Directory of Advertisers

National Railway Equipment Co. 1100 Shawnee P.O. Box 1416 Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-242-6590 Fax 618-242-4503

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Founded by Lawrence Beal in 1980, National Railway Equipment Co. has grown to become the world’s largest independent supplier of remanufactured and new locomotives and components.

2600 Richview Road P.O. Box 923 Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-242-1236 Fax 618-242-9530

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Cedarhurst visitors enjoy Art Galleries, a Permanent Collection Gallery, Family Center, a Performance Hall, and a Creative Art Center in addition to the outdoor Sculpture Park featuring 60 large-scale sculptures.


Byrd-Watson Drug

1200 Main St. Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-242-2800 3401 Broadway Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-244-5400 Byrd-Watson Drug voted “Best of the Best Pharmacy” in 2009. Independent and locally operated pharmacy for 100+ years. Two Mt. Vernon locations to serve your pharmacy and medical equipment needs.

Pools & Spas

Beverly Hills Pools & Spas 521 Rt. 142 East Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-244-2772 Fax 618-244-7439

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18245 East IL Hwy. 15 Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-204-5545 Fax 618-204-5545

2019 Broadway P.O. Box 688 Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-242-4200 Fax 618-242-0443

Bevis Real Estate, LLC 815 Broadway Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-244-9500 Fax 618-244-5650

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Bevis Real Estate LLC is a full-service real estate company dedicated to helping you with your home buying or selling decisions.

Century 21 All Pro Real Estate 13035 N. Shiloh Dr. Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 877-242-3069

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Backed by specialized training and state-of-the-art resources, Century 21 All Pro Real Estate Sales Professionals are here to help make every aspect of your buying or selling a home easier and more successful.

Coldwell Banker Associated Realtors - Tom Cox 1907 Broadway P.O. Box 1808 Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-242-8383 Fax 618-242-8388

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Coldwell Banker Associated Realtors has been serving the real estate needs of Jefferson County residents for over 20 years and consistently ranks among the top real estate companies in the area.

1301 Logan St. P.O. Box 1763 Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-244-6918 Fax 618-244-7168

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Kendrick Paper Stock Co., Inc. 1000 Salem Road P.O. Box 1385 Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-242-4527 Fax 618-242-4537

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Accepting cardboard, newspaper, junkmail, magazines, office waste paper, plastics; PET 1, HDPE 2 (water, soda, detergent, and milk jugs) shrink wrap, plastic film, grocery bags, aluminum and steel cans daily. Serving the recycling needs of the community over 50 years.


Fazoli’s - Mt. Vernon IL

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Mt. Vernon DQ Grill & Chill

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4209 Broadway Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-244-4680 Fax 618-244-4680

Retail 104 South 9th P.O. Box 1179 Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-241-DISH (3474) Fax 618-241-3475

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Dish on the Square is a wonderful tabletop and kitchen shop that handles top-of-the-line appliances, kitchen essentials, dinnerware, table linens, grillware, baby clothing, and toys.

Times Square Mall

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Wal-Mart Supercenter - Store #224

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42nd & Broadway Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-244-4560 Fax 618-244-4565

110 Davidson Avenue Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-244-7119 Fax 618-244-1781

Towing & Auto Repair

Rick’s Towing, Inc. 1900 South 8th St. P.O. Box 2339 Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-242-4500 Fax 618-242-2237

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Specializing in heavy-duty towing and recovery. We also have 9 tow trucks for passenger cars. We have 38 years of experience. We do light auto repair work. No job too small, no job too big.

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A family owned and operated business for over 50 years, contracting for special education and handicapped busing.

Winery 301 North 44th St Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-246-9463 Fax 618-246-9465

Dish on the Square

Real Estate


GenKota Winery

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Radon-induced lung cancer is a health risk that can be managed. Order test kits online at Test. Fix. Save a Life.

Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce

We have the most experienced agents in Jefferson County and treat all clients with honesty and integrity. Turn to us for help making your next relocation as seamless as possible.

• Ice Cream • Burgers • Fries • BBQ • Chicken Strip Baskets • Fish • Quesadillas • Iron Grilled Sandwiches • Sweet Deals • Dining Room • Drive Thru


Allied Radon Services, Inc.

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Dyel Transportation Services

519 Main St. Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-242-3900

• In-Ground Pools • Above-Ground Pools • Wood Decks • Pool & Spa Chemicals • Wood & Gas Fireplaces • Traeger Grills


4140 Broadway P.O. Box 613 Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 618-242-1234 Fax 618-242-1868

M.G. Foley Real Estate - Cheryl Foley


Cedarhurst Center for the Arts

Cross Davidson Real Estate

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Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce

Location & Transportation

Jefferson County, IL 2010 Community Profile and Resource Guide  

Jefferson County, IL 2010 Community Profile and Resource Guide

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