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A message from the Chef:


t’s a big country, and we’ve got big solutions.

We’re lifelong small business owners,

We’ve worked with hundreds of leading

and we’ve been working with Chambers

communities in 47 states, over the years, and

of commerce for nearly two decades.

we’ve learned a lot along the way. We’ve

During that time, we’ve come to realize that

figured out, for example, that every place is

Chambers truly matter to the communities

unique and that no cookie-cutter solution for

they serve, and that too often, the difference

communicating its wonders should ever be

between relevance and apparent irrelevance

applied. We’ve learned the importance of

is tied not to your program of work, but to

balancing really great messaging that your

the degree to which you communicate

audience will actually enjoy against reasonable

effectively with your audience. So when we

revenue generation; not

work with our clients, we

simply using a media

don’t simply view the

campaign—regardless of

work we do through a lens

who sees it—to drag non-

of “how many members,”

dues revenue into your

or “how much royalty,” or

treasury. That’s a recipe

“how many sponsors,” but

for disaster, and for a

through the lens of “how

long-term breach of trust

can we get your audience

with the members asked

excited about what you’re

to support it. So we make

already doing to improve

sure A.) the content is awesome B.) distribution

the community through your organization?”

is active and comprehensive and C.) your

That, my Chamber friend, they will read



about in a magazine. Those are stories

creative services, responsive to their needs.

they’ll want to see and hear in video. So

We’ve noticed that you’re pretty busy and that

we emphasize ideas, important stories, and

your support staff may be smaller than it was

the people making them happen in your

a few years ago. So we keep our partnership

backyard. Because THAT’S what will create

simple and do all the heavy-lifting for you.

a relationship of trust between you and your

After all, you’ve got better things to do than to

audience. And that’s what we

babysit another project.

all want, right?



Craig Williams, (Chef C-Dub) Founder & CEO CommunityLink, a division of Craig Williams Creative, Inc.

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