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Welcome to Howard County …

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Residential/Real Estate

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Welcome to

Howard County … O

n behalf of the Big Spring Area Chamber of Commerce, its members, Board of Directors and staff, we are pleased to provide you with the 2014 Big Spring Area Chamber of Commerce Community Profile/ Business Directory Guide. This publication will provide a view of Howard County and what it has to offer. This publication represents the members who invest in the future of Big Spring, Coahoma and Forsan through their membership in the Big Spring Area Chamber of Commerce. This magazine would not be possible without their support. We urge you to patronize these Chamber members and purchase, or utilize, their vast variety of goods and services. Big Spring, Coahoma and Forsan residents are a determined people committed to our communities. We take pride in our efforts to make Howard County a better place to live, work and play. The renovation of the Settles Hotel, renewed interest in downtown, the many improvements in our downtown infrastructure, recent improvements in city recreational facilities, the Russ McEwen Family Aquatic Center, the Roy Anderson Sports Complex, our Municipal Golf Course, and construction of new educational facilities in Forsan, Coahoma, Big Spring and at Howard College all indicate the “can do” attitude of Howard County residents. The Chamber works with our many community partners to see our area prosper and grow. Our mission is to advance the civic, economic, cultural and social betterment and interests of its members and people of Howard County. Come by for a visit, our door is always open. Debbye ValVerde, IOM Executive Director, Big Spring Area Chamber of Commerce

… Friendly Folks, Great Fun, and a Beautiful Beginning.


Big Spring Area Chamber of Commerce

History An Oasis on the West Texas Prairie N

o one is certain who was first to come upon the “big spring” that later gave the town its name. It sure was visited by prehistoric creatures seeking water in the arid region and later by hunters with pointed sticks and crude stone tools and primitive Indians following herds of bison used for food, clothing and shelter. Cabeza de Vaca may have been the first white man to look upon the spring, which was chronicled in his journals of his journey in 1535. Capt. Randolph Marcy chronicled his visit to the spring in October 1849 as he sought to establish a leg of a transcontinental trail. Marcy noted that the spring appeared to be a favorite place of the Comanche Indians. The spring subsequently became the base for many army expeditions to the new territory and remained the home of several Indian tribes. Many skirmishes between

the two were recorded by several army officers, including Col. Robert E. Lee, in 1856, who later became commander in chief of the Confederate forces. The Texas & Pacific Railroad named the little village a division point between Ft. Worth and El Paso, from which water was supplied from the spring. This meant jobs for shops and road crews and corresponding growth and stability for the new town. By 1881 the rail had reached Big Spring and beyond, creating a sustainable economic base. Big Spring flourished, local county government was established, businesses sprang up, and farming and ranching operations were established all in a short period beginning in the early 1880s. Big Spring’s next big influence came with the discovery of oil in the county. In 1926 the

Otis Chalk No. 1 came in, after several earlier attempts to find oil, and the boom was on. Many of the early wells produced 3,000 to 4,000 barrels of oil a day. Hundreds of workers came to the area for work, and new oil-related businesses sprang up, along with refining. Today oil, rail, farming and ranching still provide the economic base for the community, and Big Spring remains poised for the next influence, which is wind energy. Big Spring’s unique topography is a mixture of wide-open plains mixed with the convergence of the northern limit of the Edwards Plateau and the southernmost hills of the Caprock. Big Spring is nestled in a gorge between two high foothills, creating beautiful vistas and an oasis on the West Texas prairie.


Residential/Real Estate

Central Location, Ideal Climate & Excellent Choices Heart of the City, Realtors® No One Knows the Country Like We Do®



Toll Free 888-893-9508 • Fax: 432-714-4560

Sherri Key - ABR Broker Owner/Agent Cell 432-270-3709

Traci Ryan - Broker Agent Cell 432-935-2078

Kara Freeman Agent Cell 432-213-3413

Diane Newton Agent Cell 432-213-0650

Linda Fernandez Agent Cell 432-816-3091

Donna Love Agent Cell 432-935-3870

Jeanie Ward Agent Cell 432-816-0119

Cindy Coleman Agent Cell 432-270-8195

Michelle Machwart Agent Cell 432-213-4141

Odilia Granados Agent 432-213-0674

Big Spring Area Chamber of Commerce


eal estate is one of the biggest investments people make in their lifetime. American homeowners consider it to be more than a simple financial investment. In the Howard County area, we have a variety of homes. Big Spring, Coahoma and Forsan are all school districts in the area, and many people make their choice because of a school district. You can live in the city or locate in the country in each of these communities. Howard County also has multi-priced homes. If a person is looking for a small property, median property or even an executive home, they will be able to find one in the surrounding area. Howard County has the luxury of the closeness of two lakes and many recreational areas. The climate is also a major factor for drawing people to West Texas. Many look forward to enjoying the slower pace while remaining close to several larger communities. Howard County is at the “Crossroads of West Texas,” 100 miles from Abilene, 90 miles from Lubbock, 45 miles from the Midland/Odessa communities and 90 miles from San Angelo. Big Spring is the 27th city to be named a “Go-Texas Certified Retirement Community.” Big Spring offers several retirement living facilities for the elderly and disabled. Some offer weekly housekeeping services with linen laundering and transportation. For the younger at heart, the oil boom brings many to Howard County. We continually have people moving in as well for employment with our established companies and hospitals. It is a buyer’s market in commercial, retail and residential properties, with several real estate agencies available to meet all your needs. For those looking for industrial property, Big Spring Economic Development is available to help you locate the right property to fit your needs. Howard County is full of friendly people ready to help you make Big Spring, Coahoma or Forsan your new home.

Howard County is at the “Crossroads of West Texas,” 100 miles from Abilene, 90 miles from Lubbock, 45 miles from the Midland/Odessa communities and 90 miles from San Angelo.


Business & Industry Building a Strong Community


ig Spring is located at the crossroads of U.S. Interstate Highway 20, State Highway 87, State Highway 350 and State Highway 176 in West Texas. Big Spring has a diverse and varied economy. Oil and gas production became a major economic force in the early 1900s and continues today. Present day, the economy has grow to include refining, manufacturing, wind energy production, agriculture, transportation, governmental services and a broad range of health care services.

Stre ng t hs & Ch a ll enges Big Spring EDC works to promote the current competitive strengths of the City of Big Spring and Howard County and to take advantage of


Big Spring Area Chamber of Commerce

competitive challenges. Big Spring EDC strongly markets the following Big Spring attributes:

Diverse Economy Businesses in Big Spring and Howard County include health care, oil and gas, wind energy production, and agriculture. With such a diverse economy, Big Spring has been able to weather any economic downturn.

Transportation Big Spring is well connected by highway, air and rail service. The city is located at the crossroads of West Texas and is easily accessible from any direction, making it part of the Ports to Plains Region. Along with highway access, Big Spring is east–west rail serviced by Union Pacific Railroad.

The city also has McMahon/Wrinkle Airport located in Big Spring, as well as an International Airport only 60 miles to the west.

Community Networking Big Spring and Howard County are fortunate to have a progressive leadership with excellent cooperation among the government, educational institutions and the citizenry, thus encouraging and allowing organizations to work to streamline the process of starting or expanding a business.

Quality of Life Big Spring is the home of caring residents, friendly families, beautiful landscapes, a comfortable climate and a multitude of cultural, sporting

and recreational events. The city has recently been designated as a Certified Retirement Community by the Texas Department of Agriculture and is a safe oasis to call home. Big Spring has struggled with the accessibility of skilled labor. With the educational support of Howard College and its vocational and technical training courses, we are developing a strong foundation for highly skilled labor, which will provide for a more skilled workforce for Big Spring.

Big Spring EDC’s S i x T a r g e t I n dustr i es Big Spring has the ability to target specific industries, activities and opportunities on which to focus recruitment and retention efforts. Matching location strengths to industry requirements and to industry demand patterns is critical in target industry identification and is an essential component of an effective development strategy. These defined industries are a likely match for the relocation or expansion of primary jobs in Big Spring.

Oil and Gas Energy West Texas and Howard County in particular have a strong tradition of oil and gas exploration and production. Oil, originally discovered here in 1926, has been a primary industry in the area and a major contributor to the local economic base. Today Big Spring is the home of one of the largest inland refineries in the United States and is a hub for oil and gas processing and distribution. Drilling, refining, carbon black production, oil well servicing, oil field supply and oil field equipment manufacturing represent a significant employment base for the area. Big Spring will continue to have a strong oil-related base, and efforts will continue to develop and retain oilrelated industry.

Transportation and Distribution Big Spring is situated at the “Crossroads of West Texas,” making it a natural transportation and distribution hub. Interstate Highway 20 is the major east–west artery, and Texas Highway 87 the major north–south artery. Big Spring is located on the Ports-to-Plains Corridor, linking Mexico with Canada, a major transportation path for good and services manufactured or grown in the Midwest and distributed worldwide. Big Spring is the former home of Webb Air Force Base and boasts an 8,800-foot runway capable of landing 737-class aircraft, a new state-of-the-art air terminal, and facilities that lend themselves to national and global shipping and distribution. Big Spring is serviced by Union Pacific Railroad on their primary


Big Spring Area Chamber of Commerce

east–west track, with thousands of railcars passing through Big Spring every day. These assets make Big Spring ideal for transportation distribution operations and a focus for the EDC to develop logistic operations.

Agriculture Before oil and gas, and before wind energy, farming and ranching were the economic engines of West Texas and Big Spring. Cattle and cotton production continue to have a significant impact on the local economy. Recently, Big Spring was selected by a major cotton storage distribution co-op to warehouse and market cotton nationally and internationally. BSEDC understands the importance of agricultural production not only locally, but nationally, and places a high priority on developing agriculture-related industry, manufacturing and distribution.

Renewable Energy Big Spring was one of the first sites for wind energy production in the central United States.


Some 12 years ago an over 34MW project was completed, and in 2008 another 250MW of capacity was added, with future projects being discussed. Utility-scale solar projects are now being planned for possible location in the Big Spring area. These projects are opening new doors for supply chain industries to locate in our region. Training programs for renewable energy jobs are now offered at the community college and high schools. This new industry diversifies the economic base and offers many new areas for job development and growth.

Health Care Big Spring has long had the reputation as being a center for health care in West Texas, with facilities including a 150-bed private hospital serving the general public, a Department of Veteran Affairs Medical Center, a State mental health facility and a Texas State Veterans Home. Big Spring is also home to one of the premier rehabilitation facilities in West Texas, providing physical therapy, occupational therapy, cardiac rehabilitation, audiology and wellness programs, along with a multitude of other services.

E nt r ep r e n e ur sh i p Big Spring Economic Development Corporation has partnered with Leading EDG. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, an emerging business owner or an established enterprise, Leading EDG can help you get where you want to go.


Big Spring Area Chamber of Commerce

Leading EDG is a nonprofit consortium of nine (9) resource organizations in Amarillo, Big Spring, Borger, Dalhart, Dumas, Pampa and Perryton, and our purpose is to connect Texas entrepreneurs with a variety of financial and consultative business assistance that helps minimize risk, maximize the likelihood of success and enrich the local economy. The primary benefit is having a business facilitator working in Big Spring to consult one-on-one with business owners. Matty McLain is the business facilitator working for Big Spring. His background includes sales, online businesses, guerrilla marketing, operations management and business startups. Matty earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship from the University of North Texas. He is a former small business owner and has experience in a variety of industries, including fundraising, recycling, website design, wholesale baking and construction.

F o r M o r e I n f o r m ati o n If you want to start a new business or grow an existing business, please contact Big Spring Economic Development for more information.

Big Spring Economic Development Corporation 215 West Street • Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-6032 •


A Community of Schools Committed to Excellence

Publ ic K–1 2 Big Spring ISD 708 11th Place • Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-3600 •

For well over a century Big Spring ISD has worked diligently to see that the 3,800 students in the community have been provided with the highest quality education. Every attempt is continuously made to educate the “whole child,” going far beyond the mere basics. Well-rounded students who become contributing members of society take every opportunity to participate in the myriad of activities offered in the school system and community, from fine arts to career and technical training. Furthermore, the use of technology is an important tool being utilized to further education. High school students are encouraged to take college-level courses (dual credit) while enrolled in Big Spring High School. This effort is made infinitely more accessible due to the presence of Howard College here in Big Spring. Many graduate from high school with over 30 hours of college credit, which will give them the upper hand as incoming college students. 

The support of the community and the school district is virtually unmatched anywhere in the area. Four new elementary schools were completed in 2012: Moss Elementary, Marcy Elementary, Washington Elementary and Goliad Intermediate.

Coahoma ISD 600 N. Main Street • Coahoma TX 79511 432-394-4290 •

Coahoma Independent School District is located in Howard County and is in the heart of an agricultural and oil-producing area in west Texas. Coahoma is on Interstate 20 approximately 10 miles east of Big Spring. The district is comprised of approximately 840 students with one elementary, junior high and high school campus. All of the district facilities are located within walking distance of each other and have recently undergone extensive renovations and improvements thanks to the support of our community. Coahoma I.S.D. is small enough to give students the individual attention they need yet large enough to provide the latest technology and to offer the academic, vocational and extracurricular

programs that engage students. It is our goal to nurture, challenge, motivate and support students to achieve far more than they ever thought possible. We are focused on continually working to improve, and we are a close-knit community that truly cares about our students. Coahoma I.S.D. is a district with a proud past and a bright future. We welcome you to visit our schools and our community. More information can be found on the school’s website at

Forsan ISD 411 W. 6th Street • P.O. Drawer A • Forsan TX 79733 432-457-2223 •

Forsan ISD encompasses the southern and western sections of Howard County. The community of Forsan is home to the secondary campus, which hosts grades six through 12. This campus is approximately nine miles south of Big Spring on Highway 87, and then three miles east on Road 461. The elementary campus resides in the community of Elbow, also south of Big Spring on Ranch Road 818 just off the Garden City Highway.


Forsan ISD is currently a 2A district with approximately 690 students. It is a small school with small student-to-teacher ratios. The most recent Academic Excellent Indicator System (AEIS) reports the number of students per teacher at 13-to-8. Forsan ISD has a long history of academic success supported by extracurricular success. The district is rated by TEA as a Recognized District. The secondary campus is also Recognized, and the elementary is Exemplary. The secondary campus was recently awarded the title of “Higher Performing School” by the NCEA, which is its highest rating. The elementary was recently awarded the Title I Distinguished Performance recognition by the Texas Education Agency. Both campuses have taken a great deal of pride in Academic UIL competitions and have performed at the top of the eightschool UIL grouping, including nine straight years as academic champions at the elementary level. Financially the district is sound, having continually been recognized with the highest possible ranking on the state’s Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST). The district recently received the highest ranking in this part of the state on the FAST report, which was created by the comptroller’s office in an attempt to rate the efficiency of districts. Forsan ISD received 4.5 stars on a 5.0 scale. The tax rate for the district is the lowest in the immediate area. The district is considered a Chapter 41 “Wealthy” School District by the State. The Forsan ISD mascot is the buffalo. The athletic and band students have been highly successful in recent years, including back-to-back state championships in softball as well as a state championship in marching band and concert band. Football, baseball, tennis, golf, boys’ and girls’ basketball, power lifting, track, and cross country teams have all participated in the playoffs, with various individuals and teams making it deep into the playoffs, including state performances in cross country, tennis and track in the last year.

Howard College: f o r Le ar n i n g , f o r E a r n i n g , f o r Li f e ! 1001 Birdwell Lane • Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-5000 •

When you come to Howard College, you will most definitely be greeted with a friendly face and a warm West Texas welcome. Created in 1945, the main campus of Howard College is nestled in Big Spring at the crossroads of West Texas and offers a small-town, friendly atmosphere, while Interstate Highway 20 and U.S. Highway 87 allow students easy access to home and other more urban areas within a short driving distance. Over the years, Howard College has grown into a premier two-year higher education institution that continues to strive to meet the educational needs of all learners within the 13-county service area. Howard College believes that education is the primary purpose of the institution and that the programs and services of the college should be available to all citizens who are able to benefit from them. The college is committed to excellence in carrying out its purpose of education and in the efficient and effective use of its resources in meeting the educational needs of its students and the community. The Howard College service area includes 13 counties and hosts 29 independent school districts — proof that we touch many lives, both young and old, in our efforts to provide a top-quality higher education option in West Texas. We have varied educational opportunities available to meet the ever-changing needs of all learners through our four campuses: Big Spring, Lamesa, San Angelo and SouthWest Collegiate Institute for the Deaf (SWCID). Howard College offers a wide array of student activities on the Big Spring campus, including student organizations and clubs, intramural sports, and


Big Spring Area Chamber of Commerce

Howard College has grown into a premier two-year higher education institution that continues to strive to meet the educational needs of all learners within the 13-county service area. competitive athletics. In fact, Howard College is home to the 2009 NJCAA Division I Baseball JuCo World Series Champions, the 2010 NJCAA Division I Basketball JuCo National Champions, the 2010 CNFR All-Around Cowboy and Reserve Champion Steer Wrestler, and the 2011 NJCAA Division I Region V Softball Champions. The residential campus offers a supportive environment for students to focus on academics while enjoying a taste of college life! The Big Spring campus includes residence halls for men and women, a 90,000-square-foot coliseum complex, a baseball park, a softball park, and a football stadium with a seating capacity of 10,000, utilized and maintained by the Big Spring Independent School District. The Howard County Junior College District property includes 276 acres of land in Martin County, near Stanton, Texas, which is used as an agricultural research and demonstration center. The college also leases 20 acres three miles east of Big Spring that houses a rodeo arena and livestock pens. Howard College is governed by a sevenmember board of trustees elected by the voters in Howard County. Dr. Cheryl T. Sparks has served as president of Howard College since 1992 and continues to lead the college district, which includes the Howard College Big Spring Campus, SouthWest Collegiate Institute for the Deaf, the

Howard College San Angelo campus, the Howard College Lamesa campus and the Correctional Institutions Studies programs. It is the policy of Howard College to adhere to the highest ethical standards in carrying out its mission within the spirit and letter of federal law and regulations, state law and regulations, local ordinances, national and regional accrediting regulations, and the policies of the college district. Howard College accepts its responsibilities to those it serves and will meet those responsibilities with balance, fairness, accountability and ethical integrity.

SouthWest Collegiate Institute for the Deaf 3200 Avenue C • Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-3700 •

The primary purpose of SouthWest Collegiate Institute for the Deaf (SWCID) is to provide a comprehensive educational environment that will assist deaf students in achieving their educational and career objectives. SWCID offers courses in developmental/preparatory studies, college transfer programs and vocational/technical training while seeking to add state-of-the-art learning environments and technologies. Hearing individuals preparing for vocations in deafnessrelated fields may also pursue their educational and career objectives at SWCID. The interpreter

training program remains popular among those who are choosing to work in the deaf community. Additionally, professionals employed in the field of deafness are provided opportunities to upgrade their skills/knowledge through workshops and seminars sponsored by SWCID. SWCID offers students several educational programming options, such as self-contained classes offered on the SWCID campus by instructors skilled in the use of sign language and communication modalities; mainstreamed classes offered on the Howard College-Big Spring campus, facilitated through the use of skilled sign language interpreters; a combination of selfcontained and mainstreamed coursework, with some classes being taken on both campuses; and educational outreach provided through extension courses in Big Spring and in other communities. The SWCID campus sits on approximately 57 acres at the site of the historical Webb Air Force Base of Big Spring. The campus includes an administration/classroom complex, the BurkeMehen Residence complex (housing 92 students in dormitories and 18 students in apartments), the Maddux Student Center (offering a cafeteria, game room, auditorium, and meeting rooms for student events and activities), and the activity center, with a gymnasium, a racquetball court and a weight room.


West Texas VA Health Care

Health Care

Comprehensive and Compassionate Treatment

Bi g S p r in g St ate Ho s pi t a l 1901 North Highway 87 • Big Spring TX 79720 432 267-8216 BigSpringSH/default.shtm

Big Spring State Hospital is a 200-bed psychiatric hospital providing hospitalization for people 18 years of age and older with psychiatric illnesses in a 58-county area in West Texas and the Texas South Plains, which includes the major metropolitan areas of Lubbock, Big Spring, Abilene, Midland, Odessa and San Angelo. The hospital’s mission is to promote recovery from mental illness and a rapid return to community life by providing treatment, education and hope in a safe and supportive environment.


Big Spring Area Chamber of Commerce

The hospital was founded in 1938 and employs more than 600 employees, making it one of Big Spring’s largest employers. Many employment opportunities exist at Big Spring State Hospital, which may include stipends for nursing students, short-term housing and stateprovided car pools from outlying towns. Physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, direct care workers, social workers and nutritionists care for the patients when they are referred to the hospital for extensive psychiatric care. Patients are cared for in various hospital units, depending on the severity of their illness or their specific needs. Comprehensive treatment teams look after each patient and prepare them for life in the

community. Big Spring State Hospital believes patients can achieve their optimum level of wellness by being cared for in the least restrictive environment possible. Presently the emphasis is placed on quality treatment to shorten the period of illness, to rehabilitate, and to return the patient to the community as quickly as possible. In order to do this, treatment modalities have expanded to include a full range of rehabilitation therapies, education, individual and group psychotherapy, and family intervention as an adjunct to medication. Patients who come to the hospital are treated not only for their psychiatric problems, but also for any problem needing medical attention.

The hospital embraces a holistic approach within the least restrictive environment, encouraging physical and mental wellness through a variety of therapeutic activities. Recreation therapists focus on offering many fitness opportunities that promote physical wellness in an enjoyable and fun environment. Skills training groups use this time to engage patients in leisure activities and to identify community resources and recreational opportunities for patients to engage in once they return to the community. The hospital offers families visiting loved ones the use of the Family Visitation Center and the Don and Marilyn Newsom Family Lodge, which are operated by the Volunteer Services Council — one of Big Spring’s largest volunteer organizations. Volunteers provide special resources, including clothing and gifts for special occasions. The Fashion Salon provides clothing for patients while they are hospitalized, allowing them to shop in a boutique setting for articles of clothing. The Chaplain coordinates services in the Tollett All-Faith Chapel and participates with community ministerial organizations to provide information to the community church leadership toward understanding the mission of the state hospital and in gaining knowledge of the dynamics of mental illness.

tradition of caring for the health care needs of the Howard County community, working hard every day to provide care that not only meets, but exceeds, patients’ expectations for their hospital experience. We are committed to making SMMC your hospital of choice. While we strive to offer medical innovations, we know that what patients remember is not technology, but the personal touch of our staff. As part of our goal to exceed patients’ expectations of care, we continue to focus on initiatives like hourly rounding — where we check on every patient, every hour, to make sure their needs are taken care of. Additionally, we call patients after they leave the Emergency Department to make sure they understood discharge instructions and to see if they have comments that will help us improve the care we provide.

Our mission of compassionate care guides not only our approach to patient care, but also our efforts to upgrade our facilities and to expand hospital services and technology. In 2010, we completely renovated our Medical/Surgical Patient Services floor, updated patient rooms in our Women’s Services area, purchased new sleep chairs for patient rooms, and resurfaced our north and south parking lots. In late October, general surgeon Ladd Hoffman, M.D., began offering a new incisionless heartburn surgery that has already improved the quality of life for more than a half dozen local people. In March 2011, we completed the installation of new digital mammography equipment. Now the women of Howard County will have all of the advantages of digital mammography without leaving town. Our elevators have received

Sce nic Moun t ai n Me dical Cent e r : Your Com m un i t y P a r t ner 1601 W. 11th Place • Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-1211 • By Larry Rodgers, Chief Executive Officer

This past year at Scenic Mountain Medical Center (SMMC) has been a time of growth and change. We continue to build on our


a much-needed update, and visitors, patients and staff enjoy Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the facility. And on January 1, 2012, SMMC became a tobacco-free facility. In addition to our role as a provider of health care, SMMC serves as a community resource for health education. We offer a wealth of health education resources for the community and free childbirth education classes. Our Senior Circle chapter and Healthy Woman program support healthy and active lifestyles and good health care decision-making. You can learn more about education seminars, health fairs and free clinics we provide — as well as research hundreds of health topics — by visiting the Health Resources link on our website. Whether it’s through our hospital services, health fairs and education seminars, or our community support activities, every year we care for thousands of people from our community. But we’re proud to say that we also take good care of the community itself. We are the fifthlargest employer in Howard County, with more than 350 employees. The employees and medical staff of SMMC are some of our community’s most active volunteers and leaders. Both our patients and, ultimately, the entire community benefit from SMMC’s presence and involvement in the community. If you’ve ever been to our hospital, you know that we take patient care personally. And now you know just how personally invested we are in making this community a better place to live and work. Rest assured that SMMC will continue to enhance its services to meet the needs of our thriving community. On behalf of our medical staff, we appreciate your support and thank you for trusting us with the health care needs of you and your family. To learn more, visit our website or call us to schedule a tour.

W e st T e x a s V A H e al th C ar e S y ste m 300 Veterans Boulevard • Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-7361 •

The West Texas VA Health Care System (WTVAHCS) serves over 17,000 Veterans in an area spanning 53,000 square miles and 33 counties in West Texas and New Mexico. The WTVAHCS is a part of Veterans Integrated Service Network 18. The WTVAHCS is a teaching institution, providing patient care services utilizing state-of-the-art technology. Comprehensive outpatient health is provided in medicine, dentistry, ophthalmology, audiology, mental health, and physical and rehabilitative medicine, with referrals to other VISN 18 facilities and community resources as needed. Long-term extended care and respite and palliative care are also provided. Substance abuse and readjustment counseling is provided in a Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program in our state-of-the-art domiciliary. Care is provided at the parent facility in Big Spring and through our Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOCs) and Outreach Clinics. It is our vision to be a model of clinical and organizational excellence.

A ddi ti o n a l H e al th C ar e Lamun-Lusk-Sanchez Texas State Veterans Home 1809 N. Highway 87 • Big Spring, TX 79720 432-268-8387

This newly constructed, modern, skilled-care facility provides large, comfortable semi-private and private rooms. It is Medicaid- and Medicarecertified and equipped with an Alzheimer’s unit with a separate, secured courtyard. Other amenities include central dining areas; comprehensive rehabilitation programs, including physical, occupational and speech therapies; recreational activities, a library; community volunteer programs; and more.

West Texas Centers 319 Runnels • Big Spring, TX 79720 432-263-0007 •

West Texas Centers provides a wide array of developmental and mental health services in approximately 65 sites across the service area, which includes Howard County, through the dedication of approximately 340 staff. For persons with developmental disabilities, the center offers a service array that includes home- and community-based service (HCS), residential group home programs, supervised living service, case management, and vocational training. These are just some of the many services that West Texas Centers provides in Howard County.

Dora Roberts Rehabilitation Center 306 W. 3rd Street • Big Spring, TX 79720 432-267-3806 •

Named to honor Howard County’s legendary pioneer mother, Mrs. Dora Ann Roberts, the center has been improving lives for 47 years. DRRC provides comprehensive rehabilitation services to everyone in need regardless of their ability to pay. All rehab services are provided on a sliding scale, and many individuals receive the entirety of their care on a fee-forgiven basis. Services provided at DRRC include physical therapy, occupational therapy, cardiac rehabilitation, audiology, wellness programs and employment drug testing.


Big Spring Area Chamber of Commerce


Families of Faith


he churches of Howard County are an integral part of the city’s landscape, and they play a very important role in meeting the needs of the community through faith-based programs. Area congregations offer programs designed specifically for people of any age or walk of life, including community service programs that not only meet the spiritual needs of participants, but also physical, social and emotional needs as well. Outreach programs include child care options, food pantries, clothing ministries and family counseling, just to name a few.

Many congregations in Howard County – Big Spring, Coahoma, and Forsan date back to the late 1800s and early 1900s. First United Methodist Church has serviced worshipers for 130 years in the Howard County Community. The diversity of size and worship styles ensures that residents and visitors alike will find a place to exercise their faith in an atmosphere that meets their needs. Visitors and new residents to Howard County – Big Spring, Coahoma, and Forsan are encouraged to stop by the Big Spring Area Chamber of Commerce at 215 W. 3rd or to call the Chamber at 432-263-7641 for a list of houses of worship in the area. Information on Chamber-member churches is also available in the directory in the back portion of this publication.

Tel: 432-714-4930 Fax: 432-714-4932 Email: Web: Pastor: Msgr. Bernard L. Gully Cell: 432-466-9211


Recreation & Tourism

Big Sky — Big Heart — Big Spring.


trip to Big Spring can be as action-packed or low-key as you wish; with so much to see and do, the choice is yours! Big Spring is full of opportunities for entertainment and fun — everything from wonderful parks and excellent sporting venues to museums and historical sites.

Parks Natural beauty characterizes the area, and numerous parks let visitors take full advantage.

Comanche Trail Park Comanche Trail Park, home of the city’s namesake (The Big Spring), is ideal for active types with opportunities for hiking, biking, picnicking, tennis and fishing. The park is home to the Comanche Trail Municipal Golf Course, an 18-hole course tucked against the hills on the south end of Big Spring. The Comanche Trail Municipal Golf Course is the only rolling hills golf course in West Texas. It features 6,576 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 72. The park also has a one-of-a-kind 36-hole disc golf course that draws players from all around the region.


Big Spring Area Chamber of Commerce

Comanche Trail Park also has great opportunities for kids at the beautiful Russ McEwen Family Aquatic Center and the Kids Zone Playground.

Roy Anderson Sports Complex The Roy Anderson Sports Complex has recently been renovated and expanded and is a fantastic addition to the City of Big Spring Parks Department. It provides a recreational sports facility to the citizens and includes seven softball fields, two baseball fields, five soccer fields, two football fields and one practice field. New concession stands, restrooms, playground and picnic tables add to the improvement of the facility.

Big Spring State Park The Big Spring State Park spans 382 acres within the city limits of Big Spring in Howard County. Dramatic views from the CCC-built 3-mile loop road are one of the featured attractions of the park. Early morning or sunset, joggers, walkers and cyclists circle the loop, enjoying these views as they exercise. Many of the area’s numerous and varied bird species can also be observed at the park. Other activities include picnicking, stargazing, nature study and sightseeing.

Moss Creek Lake Moss Creek Lake was constructed in 1938 by the City of Big Spring with help from the Army Corp of Engineers. The city is proud to offer approximately 640 acres for recreational use. There are 26 sheltered campsites and pavilions for reservations. Recent additions include a playground, beach swimming area and ATV Trails.

Mus eum s & His t o r i c a l S i t es The Heritage Museum History buffs will appreciate The Heritage Museum, home of displays depicting the community’s cultural and historical significance. The Heritage Museum, once the home to pioneer Dora Roberts, was organized in 1971. Renovations to the building were completed in 1992. The museum’s permanent exhibits tell the story of Big Spring’s diverse history. These informative displays range from early Native American life to the oil industry in West Texas. The temporary exhibit gallery displays the work of local artists and traveling exhibits from around the nation.

The Potton House This residence will be a lasting tribute to Big Spring’s turn-of-the-century architecture. The house was built in 1901 as an investment by Mr. Joseph Potton and was leased until his retirement in 1912. The house was kept in and maintained by the family until 1975, when it was purchased with a grant from the Dora Roberts Foundation by the City of Big Spring.


Hangar 25 Air Museum

Municipal Auditorium

The Hangar 25 Air Museum is a restored World War II flight hangar with a remarkable collection of Big Spring Bombardier School and Webb Air Force Bases exhibits. It is unique in its construction, history and appeal. From the moment you drive up to the front of this impressive red brick structure, set against a massive Texas sky, the experience begins.

The historic Big Spring Municipal Auditorium was built in 1932 and is a center for cultural activity both past and present. The auditorium seats 1,412 people. Famous personalities from the past, including Elvis Presley, Wayne Newton and Hank Williams Jr., have performed in the auditorium. It is currently the home of the Big Spring Symphony Orchestra.

Vietnam Memorial

Hotel Settles

The Big Spring Vietnam Memorial, dedicated in 1991, stands in memory of those killed in action during the Vietnam War. A UH-1 Huey Helicopter, F-4E Phantom II Jet, Abrams Tank and Cobra Helicopter are displayed. The memorial is located on the grounds of the former Webb Air Force Base.

Sitting on what once was railroad property, the corner of 3rd Street and Runnels has been through many changes over the years. During the oil boom of the late 1920s W.R. Settles bought the property and began the construction of the historic Hotel Settles. The cost of original construction was reported to be $500,000 — a fortune in those days. Opening in October 1930 to great fanfare and support by the local community, the Settles Hotel was often compared to the finest hotels of its day. In its prime, the Settles hosted dignitaries and celebrities such as Elvis Presley, Lawrence Welk, Herbert Hoover and many others. Purchased by a hometown businessman in 2007, the Hotel Settles has undergone extensive renovations. The hotel features historic and luxury hotel rooms, retail shopping, and restaurant and meeting facilities.

E v e n ts In addition to its many parks and historical sites, Big Spring is home to many events that provide entertainment to visitors throughout the year. Enjoy the Big Spring Symphony at the park’s limestone amphitheater at the annual Pops in the Park, or be one of 10,000 attendees at the popular Comanche Trail Festival of Lights


Big Spring Area Chamber of Commerce

in December, which provides a magnificent display of lights featuring huge lighted poinsettias. Big Spring has been designated the “Lighted Poinsettia Capital of Texas” because of this event. Each August the McMahon Wrinkle Airport, formerly Webb AFB, is the the site of major hang gliding championship tournaments, including the U.S. and World Hang Gliding Championships.  Annual events including the Big Spring Cowboy Reunion & Rodeo, the Gem & Mineral Show, the Rattlesnake Roundup, AKC Dog Show, Howard County Fair and Big Spring PowWow, along with many others, keep residents and visitors entertained all throughout the year. The annual Comanche Warrior Triathlon is held each year in Comanche Trail Park. Athletes from all over the country come to participate. The Big Spring Symphony Association was organized in 1980 to bring quality symphonic music to Big Spring each year. The group performs concerts in the historic Municipal Auditorium and Comanche Trail Amphitheater.

O ther Recr eat i o na l A ctivit ies • Golf: Big Spring Country Club Golf Course is located on 180 acres and is a 18-hole par-71 course. It also features a full practice tee and driving range. • Bowling: Big Spring Bowl-A-Rama • Miniature Golf: Park & Putt Family Fun • Movies: Cinemark Cinema 4, located in the Spring Town Plaza

For Mor e I nfor ma t i o n Big Spring Convention & Visitors Bureau 215 W. 3rd Street Big Spring TX 79720 Toll Free: 866-430-7100 Phone: 432-263-8235 Fax 432-264-7431

The historic Big Spring Municipal Auditorium was built in 1932 and is a center for cultural activity both past and present. Famous personalities from the past, including Elvis Presley, Wayne Newton and Hank Williams Jr., have performed in the auditorium. It is currently the home of the Big Spring Symphony Orchestra.



Meet the Neighbors

Coahom a Coahoma — “Small in Number … Tradition is rich in the tiny town of Coahoma, located on Interstate 20, 10 miles northeast of Big Spring in east central Howard County. Coahoma took its name from an Indian word meaning “signal,” from a nearby hill that is called Signal Mountain. After the 1881 arrival of the Texas and Pacific Railway in the area, Coahoma grew into a retail trade center and shipping point. The residents built the first school in 1891. By the time its second school was built in 1904, the town had a post office. Machinery and oilfield supplies became the most important goods distributed from Coahoma after the major oil strike of 1926. In 1928 the town had 600 residents, and its school district served 205 pupils. Between 1936 and 1956 the community’s population rose from 620 to 802, and the number of commercially rated businesses went from 18 to 23. Coahoma has a strong farming and ranching heritage, as well. To date the population of Coahoma is 817, and the town is still home to several businesses, including a bank. Coahoma was once the home of one of the greatest high school and college football coaches, Spike Dykes, who coached at Texas Tech, the University of Texas, Baylor University and Texas A&M. He coached in Coahoma in the ’60s, leading them to the state finals in Austin. The Athletic Department at Coahoma School is very competitive, offering girls’ and boys’ basketball, track, tennis, powerlifting and golf, as well as football, baseball and softball. The softball program has a rich tradition, having claimed a state title in 1998 and making numerous return trips to the state tournament in following years. Coahoma ISD has three campuses, including elementary (Pre-K through fifth grade), Robert Ethridge Junior High (grades six through eight) and the high school (grades nine through 12). With small class sizes and low student-to-teacher ratios, each campus offers individual attention for the students to help ensure academic success for all. Legendary rodeo clown of more than 35 years, Quail Dobbs, makes his home in Coahoma. Dobbs was instrumental in starting the historic Kindergarten Rodeo in 1987. The annual event honors age-old rodeo traditions and events such as barrel racing, bull riding and calf roping, with


Big Spring Area Chamber of Commerce

students participating on handmade stick horses. No rodeo event would be complete without a rodeo queen and her court as well as the famous rodeo clowns, led by Dobbs himself.

… Coahoma — BIG in Pride!!”

F o r sa n Forsan — “Built on Energy, Education and Family” The community of Forsan is located in south Howard County, approximately 12 miles from Big Spring. According to a Big Spring Herald article dated January 26, 1986, Forsan was named for the four crude-producing sands at its location. Oil discoveries in 1919 and again in 1926 created this boomtown. The population grew to about 4,000 people at one point and boasted stores, filling stations, hotels, a theater, two dance halls and several churches. Today, the community of Forsan is made up of several oil-field-related businesses, the “Four Sands Café,” Forsan Baptist Church, Forsan Jr./ Sr. High, city offices, the volunteer fire station and a post office. The population is close to 200. The Jr./Sr. High hosts athletic and academic events as well as plays and concerts that bring many people to this small community. A recent competition from the Rural Community College Initiative (RCCI) developed the mantra, “Forsan: Built on Energy, Education and Family,” which aptly sums up this small but proud community.

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7 7- Eleven Stores - Big Spring

Tony Sparks 10716 Hwy. 191 Suite 11 Midland TX 79707 432-254-0430.....Fax: 432-561-5510 432-561-5422 tsparks@scstores.c om myalon.c om Convenience Stores

A Across Texas Appraisals

Terry McDaniel P.O. Box 987 Big Spring TX 79721 432-714-4570.....Fax: 432-267-1331 terrym@acrosstexasappraisals.c om w ww.acrosstexasappraisals.c om Real Estate Appraisers

Adrian Calvio State Farm Insurance Agency

Adrian Calvio 801 E FM 700 Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-1275.....Fax: 432-263-1412 adrian@calvioinsurance.c om w ww.calvioinsurance.c om Insurance

Advantage Inn & Suites

Dilip K. Patel 804 W I-20 Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-5200.....Fax: 432-263-5462 advantageinn@yahoo.c om Hotels & Motels

AFLAC - Eve Nieto Insurance

Eve Nieto 501 S. Birdwell Lane, Ste. 7 P.O. Box 1975 Big Spring TX 79721 432-264-6616.....Fax: 432-264-6616 enieto1977@att.n et w ww.AFLAC.c om Insurance

African American Research

Clarance Hartfield PO Box 614 Big Spring TX 79721 432-267-1806.....Fax: 432-267-1806 432-264-0406 chart1942@suddenlink.n et Research

Al’s & Son Bar-B-Q

Chuck Bagwell 1810 S. Gregg Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-8921 432-267-5020 als@suddenlinkmail.c om Restaurants Catering

Alexander, Ray Individual Member

Ray Alexander P. O. Box 121 Big Spring TX 79721 432-263-4992.....Fax: 432-264-7724 Individual Members

Alon USA Big Spring Refinery

Jimmy Crosby PO Box 1311 200 Refinery Rd. Big Spring TX 79721-1311 432-263-9332.....Fax: 432-263-9335 432-263-9272 jessica.rivera@alonusa.c om w ww.alonusa.c om Petroleum Products & Related Business

American Cancer Society

Brett Barnes 2304 W. Wadley Midland TX 79705 432-683-6375.....Fax: 432-687-5360 432-334-6815 w Non-Profit Organization

American Red Cross

Atmos Energy

Diane Newton 2002 E. FM 700 Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-6171.....Fax: 432-264-9043 432-267-3539 diane.newton@atmosenergy.c om w ww.atmosenergy.c om Public Utilities

ATS Telcom

Gene Moses 504 East Third Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-8433.....Fax: 432-263-0813 Telephone Systems & Service Telecommunications

B B K Self Storage

Burt & Kathy Sheppard 1409 N FM 700 Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-1810 432-816-9416 bkselfstorage@yahoo.c om Self Storage RV Storage

Stephanie Murphree 9601 Wright Drive PO Box 60310 Midland TX 79711 432-563-2267.....Fax: 432-563-0796 w Non-Profit Organization

B & M Fence Company

Anytime Fitness

Barbara Ezell 4500 S. Hwy 349 Midland TX 79706 432-685-1082 800-499-0754 Fax: 432-685-1381 Toilets - Portable

Reid Hix 2602 Gregg Street, Suite 10 Big Spring TX 79720 432-213-0978 rdunagin@rjaa.c om bigspringtx@anytimefitness.c om Fitness Center

Area Wide Phonebook

Tina Fina 201 E. Illinois Ave. Midland TX 79701 432-687-1756.....Fax: 432-687-4907 tfina@area-wide.c om localedge.c om Advertising Phone Book

Ashley Automation and Technology Inc.

Jeremy Burt 1308 E. 4th Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-2100.....Fax: 432-263-2102 kuhlmant@ashleyautomation.c om Electrical - Oil & Gas

Robert Marquez PO Box 1324 Big Spring TX 79721-1324 432-263-1613.....Fax: 432-267-7020 Fence Construction

B & W Chemical Toilets

Back in Motion Chiropractic Center

Jody Reid 1113 Scurry Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-2225.....Fax: 432-267-2228 tessa@backinmotionbigspring.c om backinmotionbigspring.c om Chiropractors

Basin 2 Way Radio, Inc.

Kevin Calley 1808 Scurry Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-7034.....Fax: 432-263-1953 sales@basin-net.n et w ww.basin2way.c om Computer Networking/ Internet Provider/Web & Hosting Computer Services & Repair

Basin PBS

Big Spring Collision Center

Bean’s World Cafe

Big Spring Community FCU

Daphne Dowdy P.O. Box 8940 Midland TX 79708-8940 432-563-5728.....Fax: 432-563-5731 w Television Stations

Amber Griff 100 Main St. Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-1133 w ww.beansworldcafe.c om Restaurants Cafe

Bent Tree Apartments

Michelle Enriquez One Courtney Place Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-1621.....Fax: 432-263-0041 benttree@mcdougal.c om w ww.mcdougal.c om Apartments/Home Rental

Better Business Bureau serving Central, Coastal, Southwest Texas & the Permian Basin

Trish Powell 306 W. Wall Street, Suite 1350 Midland TX 79701 432-563-1880.....Fax: 432-561-5506 800-592-4433 w Non-Profit Organization

Big Spring Abstract and Title Co., Inc.

John & Jenny Bryans 207 Goliad Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-7306.....Fax: 432-263-4605 432-263-7307 bscc@crcom.n et Automotive-Paint & Body

Tamera Barber 503 E. FM 700 Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-1361.....Fax: 432-263-5916 800-299-6761 w Credit Unions

Big Spring Country Club

Jim Landsaw PO Box 1027 Driver Road Big Spring TX 79721-1027 432-267-8241.....Fax: 432-268-1431 manager@bigspringcountryclub.c om w ww.bigspringcountryclub.c om Country Clubs

Big Spring Cowboy Reunion and Rodeo

Glenn Berry P.O. Box 1107 Big Spring TX 79721 432-394-4802 - Glenn Berry w ww.bigspringrodeo.c om Organizations

Big Spring Economic Development Corp.

Tammie Paige 208 W. 3rd Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-1604.....Fax: 432-267-1815 amy@bigspringabstract.c om Title Companies Abstract Company

Terry Wegman P.O. Box 3359 215 W. 3rd Big Spring TX 79721 432-264-6032.....Fax: 432-264-6047 800-215-6019 info@bigspringtx.c om bigspringtx.c om Economic Development

Big Spring Automotive/ Napa Auto Parts

Big Spring Education Employees FCU

Jackie Wilks 306 Gregg Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-6308 Automotive Parts & Supplies Machine Shops

Big Spring Classical Academy Donna Sue Looney PO Box 454 501 Birdwell Lane Big Spring TX 79721 432-296-3888 dslooney@yahoo.c om w Schools-Private

Linda Park PO Box 1110 1110 S. Benton Big Spring TX 79721-1110 432-263-8393.....Fax: 432-263-4817 bseefcu@crcom.n et w ww.bstcu.c om Credit Unions

Big Spring Gin

Brad Mikeska P.O. Box 2306 Big Spring TX 79721 432-263-3701.....Fax: 432-263-0735 bigspring.gin@pcca.c om Cotton Gin

The information in this membership directory has been provided and reviewed for accuracy by the Big Spring Area Chamber of Commerce. CommunityLink and Craig Williams Creative Inc. assume no responsibility for omissions or errors of any kind.


Big Spring Harley Davidson

Robert Walker P.O.Box 1015 908 W. 3rd Big Spring TX 79721-1015 432-263-2322.....Fax: 432-267-3796 432-267-4073 harleyd@suddenlinkmail.c om TheHarleyDavidsonShop.c om Motorcycle Sales/Services Retail

Keith Crane P.O. Box 2684 Big Spring TX 79721 432-267-5449.....Fax: 432-267-2265 800-665-7391 becky@blastmastersinc.c om w ww.blastmastersinc.c om Exhaust Cleaning

Blissful Boutique

Mindy Sedberry 1305 Scurry Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-6524 bshealthfoodstore@yahoo.c om Health Foods

Laura Kemper 1801 E. FM 700, Suite E 1 Big Spring TX 79720 432-714-4448 Fax: Same lrkemper@hotmail.c om facebook.c om/shopblissfulboutique Retail Apparel

Big Spring Herald

Blue Bell Creameries

Big Spring Health Food Store, Inc.

Glenn Stifflemire PO Box 1431 7l0 Scurry Big Spring TX 79721-1431 432-263-7331.....Fax: 432-264-7205 publisher@bigspringherald.c om w ww.bigspringherald.c om Newspapers Advertising/Public Relations

Big Spring Holiday Inn Express

Dina Wilkinson 1109 N. Aylesford Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-5400....Fax: 432-263-5401 hie.dinaking@yahoo.c om w ww.hiexpress.c om Hotels & Motels

Big Spring Independent Schools

Steven Saldivar 708 11th Place Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-3600.....Fax: 432-264-3646 ssaldivar@bsisd.esc18.n et w ww.bsisd.esc18.n et Schools-Public

Big Spring Industrial Foundation

Don Reynolds P.O. Box 3191 Big Spring TX 79721 432-267-5293.....Fax: 432-267-2058 Organizations

Big Spring Printing

Buddy Powell PO Box 29 112 W. 2nd Big Spring TX 79721-0029 432-263-7644.....Fax: 432-263-7645 Printing

Big Spring Rotary Club Jan Foresyth P.O. Box 1503 Big Spring TX 79721-1503 Organizations

Big Spring Symphony Association

Keith Graumann PO Box 682 Big Spring TX 79721-0682 432-264-7223.....Fax: 432-267-8155 432-213-0645 graumann@suddenlink.n et w ww.bigspringsymphony.c om Organizations


Blast Masters, Inc.

Faron Bell 401 E. I-20 Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-8500.....Fax: 432-263-8537 432-263-8510 Faron.Bell@bluebell.c om w ww.bluebell.c om Dairies/Distributors Ice Cream/Distributors

Blum’s Jewelers

Greg Brooks 1801 East FM 700 Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-6335.....Fax: 432-267-6336 800-643-6336 greg.brooks5877@yahoo.c om Jewelry-Retail

Bob’s Custom Woodwork

Bob Noyes 409 E. Third St. Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-5811.....Fax: 432-267-7488 432-267-6095 noyes_robertjr@hotmail.c om http://w ww.bobscustomwoodwork.c om Remodelers/ Commercial & Residential

Bond Web Designs

Lane Bond 2605 Ann Dr. Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-4033 432-213-0391 cell lane@bondwebs.c om bondwebs.c om Internet Web Design & Hosting Photography

Border States Electric

Charles W. Miller 3202 IS 20 E Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-7832.....Fax: 432-263-1442 432-398-5434 w ww.borderstateselectric.c om Electrical Equipment & Supplies-Whsl.

Boy Scouts of America, Buffalo Trail Council

David Chapman 1101 West Texas Ave. Midland TX 79701 432-570-7601 w Non-Profit Organization

Big Spring Area Chamber of Commerce

Boyce Galvanizing LLC

Cole Morgan PO Box 3618 Big Spring TX 79721 432-714-4491 info@boycegalvanizing.c om w ww.boycegalvanizing.c om Hot-Dip Galvanizing

Boyd’s Auto Glass, Inc.

Marvin Boyd 600 E. 3rd Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-8800.....Fax: 432-263-2455 bag600e3@hotmail.c om Automotive - Glass

Brenda’s Hilltop Cafe Brenda Stansel 1307 E. 4th Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-1777 Cafe Restaurants

C Cain Electrical Supply

Paula McCullar 204 Johnson Street Big Spring TX 79721 432-263-8421.....Fax: 432-267-6879 Electrical Equipment & Supplies-Whsl.

Canterbury Retirement Homes Shannon Nabors 1700 Lancaster Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-1265.....Fax: 432-263-1907 432-263-1266 Retirement Center

Carpet Store, The

Larry Reese 2810 E FM 700 Big Spring TX 79720 432-268-0008.....Fax: 432-268-0011 w Floor Coverings-Retail Remodelers/ Commercial & Residential

Dr. Manuel R Carrasco, M.D. Manuel R Carrasco 1501 W. 11th Place, Suite 302 Big Spring TX 79720 432-714-4500 mrcarrascomd@yahoo.c om w ww.drcarrasco.c om Physicians & Surgeons

Cary Services, Inc.

Charlie Beall 1320 E. 4th Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-7919.....Fax: 866-497-8426 325-695-7283 careyservices.c om Air Conditioning/ Heating Repairs & Sales

CASA of West Texas

Patty Pisklak 310 Scurry Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-4162 432-683-1114 Fax: 432-263-4836 Non-Profit Organization Court Appointed Special Advocates represent abused children in court who have been removed by CPS.

Richard Cauley, DDS

Richard Cauley 701 Johnson Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-4544.....Fax: 432-267-4870 Dentists/Dental Labs/Dental Care

Ceram-Kote Coatings, Inc.

Dr. John Freeman P.O. Box 2119 Big Spring TX 79721-2119 432-263-8497.....Fax: 432-263-5269 432-263-8498 freecom@ceram-kote.c om w ww.ceram-kote.c om Manufacturer Protective Coatings for Pipe, Tanks, Aircraft, Ships, Floors

Chicken Express

Melissa Crawford 2000 E. FM 700 Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-2300.....Fax: 432-263-2308 w ww.chickene.c om Corporation

Choate Well Service, Inc.

Dusty Choate P.O.Box 2191 8500 E. Moss Lake Road Big Spring TX 79720 432-393-5231.....Fax: 432-393-5838 432-393-5931 choatewellservice@yahoo.c om Well Services

Coahoma ISD

Amy Jacobs 600 N. Main P.O. Box 110 Coahoma TX 79511 432-394-5000.....Fax: 432-394-4302 ajacobs@coahoma.esc18.n et w ww.coahomaisd.c om Schools-Public

Coca-Cola Refreshments

Dan Barnes 201 S. Pagewood Ave. Odessa TX 79761-6100 432-580-8080....Fax: 432-580-2940 dabarnes@coca-cola.c om Distribution/Soft Drinks

Colorado River Municipal Water District

John Grant P.O. Box 869 Big Spring TX 79721-0869 432-267-6341.....Fax: 432-267-3121 w Public Utilities

Comet Cleaners

Randy Evans 1500 E. Marcy Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-2584.....Fax: 432-267-1715 432-935-1864 Cleaners, Clothes, Rugs,Etc

Christy’s Hair Studio & Spa

Congressman Randy Neugebauer

Churchwell Insurance Agency

Contempo/Ventura Co., The

Citizens Federal Credit Union

Cosden FCU

Christy Brorman 100 E. 3rd Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-466-2268 om Hair Salon Spa

Tommy Churchwell 2303 Goliad Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-3857.....Fax: 432-267-2680 Insurance

Jim Weaver 701 E. FM 700 PO Box 425 Big Spring TX 79721-0425 432-267-6373.....Fax: 432-268-6121 jweaver@citizensfcu.c om w ww.citizensfcu.c om Credit Unions

City of Big Spring

Larry McLellan Mayor & Gary Fuqua 310 Nolan Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-2401.....Fax: 432-263-8310 432-264-2400-Gary Fuqua lgamble@mybigspring.c om w ww.mybigspring.c om Government Agencies

City of Coahoma

Warren Wallace 122 N. 1st PO Box 420 Coahoma TX 79511 432-394-4287.....Fax: 432-394-4095 432-394-4288 tammy.griffith@live.c om w Government Agencies

Lisa Brooks P.O. Box 54175 Lubbock TX 79453 806-687-5086.....Fax: 806-796-3962 w ww.randyforcongress.c om Government Agencies

Judy Smith PO Box 1772 Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-2655 Real Estate-Management & Rentals

David Roman 400 E. Marcy Dr. Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-2600.....Fax: 432-264-2620 800-725-2673 w Credit Unions

Cowboy’s Steakhouse Leon & Frances Hobbs 404 E. FM 700 Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-0181 Restaurants

Dr. Reg Cranford, DDS

Reg Cranford 501 S. Gregg, Suite B Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-2532 Dentists/Dental Labs/Dental Care

Crispy’s Cafe

Charlie Crisp 1904 S. Birdwell Lane Big Spring TX 79720 432-517-4520 crispyscafebigspring@gmail.c om Cafe

Crooker, Mr. & Mrs. Bill Couple Members Bill & Joyce Crooker 2802 Parkway Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-2566 432-853-3086 Individual Members

Crop Production Services

Ronnie & Diane Wood PO Box 2352 Big Spring TX 79721-2352 432-263-3382.....Fax: 432-714-4453 diane.wood@cpsagu.c om Farm & Ranch Supplies

Crossroads Baptist Association

John B. McCullough Jr. 1204 W. 4th Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-1673.....Fax: 432-263-1950 john@ Churches Non-Profit Organization

Crossroads Collision Center

Matt Dahmer 1609 E. 4th Street PO Box 1511 Big Spring TX 79721 432-264-1490.....Fax: 432-264-1412 crossroadscollisioncenter@gmail.c om Automotive-Paint & Body

Crossroads Friends of the NRA Jack Cannon PO Box 3605 Big Spring TX 79721 432-270-8971.....Fax: 325-617-4470 812-360-2532 ddbarr@hotmail.c om Non-Profit Organization

Crossroads Refrigeration

Donald W. Fitzgibbons PO Box 2048 Big Spring TX 79721 432-270-0501.....Fax: 432-935-6138 crossroadsref@suddenlinkmail.c om crossroadsrefrigeration.c om Air Conditioning/ Heating Repairs & Sales Restaurant Equipment Repair

Currie, John Individual Member

John Currie P. O. Box 1271 Big Spring TX 79721-1271 432-267-8656.....Fax: 432-267-1553 432-264-2151 - work Individual Members


Day’s Inn

Jagdish Patel 2701 S. Gregg St. Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-5237.....Fax: 432-263-6452 tulsi14@hotmail.c om Hotels & Motels

DeCoty Coffee Company

Bo Ramirez 902 S. County Rd West Odessa TX 79763 800-588-8003.....Fax: 432-332-2725 432-332-7642 bodecoty@att.n et w ww.decoty.c om Coffee Service

Dell’s Cafe

Cathy Paige 1608 E. 4th St. Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-9323 Restaurants

Design Place, The

Bill Brooks 2513 Wasson Drive Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-3251.....Fax: 432-267-3251 designplace@sbcglobal.n et Signs

Diana’s Hair Designs Diana Arsiaga 808 S. Gregg Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-269-8563 dianaarsiaga@gmail.c om Beauty Salons

Displays of Splendor

Sheree Moates 700 E. FM 700 Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-6444 displaysofsplendor@yahoo.c om themoatescollection.c om Framing/Gallery

Domino’s Pizza

Jim Gerety/ Cassie Gerety 2111 S. Gregg Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-4111 Local 432-570-1990 Midland Fax: 432-432-683-2632 Midland dominos.c om Fast Foods Restaurants

Don’s Tire & Truck Service

Don Taylor 700 N. East I-20 PO Box 3816 Big Spring TX 79721 432-267-5205.....Fax: 432-267-1683 432-267-5742 betty@donstireco.c om Tire Dealers Truck Repairs

Donelson, Delbert Individual Member

Delbert Donelson 1101 Highland Dr. Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-0786 ddonelson@suddenlink.n et Individual Members

Donnie Reid Farms

Donnie Reid 1301 Culp Coahoma TX 79511 432-270-3240.....Fax: 432-394-4089 drreid@crcom.n et Agriculture

Dora Roberts Rehabilitation Center

Penny Phillips 306 W. 3rd Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-3806.....Fax: 432-267-3809 pphillips@dorarobertsrehab.c om w ww.dorarobertsrehab.c om Health Care/Rehabilitation

Downtown Revitalization Association Christy Brorman 100 E. 3rd Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-466-2268 432-268-3115 om Non-Profit Organization

Drug Screen Compliance

Nicole Canales 501 Birdwell Lane, Suite #17 Big Spring, TX 79720 432-264-7506.....Fax: 432-264-7512 432-264-7510 bigspring@drug-screen.c om w ww.drug-screen.c om Health/Laboratory/Screening DNA

Duncan Drilling Company

James Duncan PO Box 109 402 E. FM 700 Big Spring TX 79721-0109 432-263-7721.....Fax: 432-267-3348 Oil & Gas Exploration



Tim Blackshear PO Box 2319 Big Spring TX 79721-2319 432-263-8456....Fax: 432-267-8161 432-263-8457 earthco@basin-net.n et General Contractor

Edward Jones - Buddy Everett Buddy Everett 410 E FM 700 Suite C Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-0460.....Fax: 866-462-8412 w ww.edwardjones.c om Investments/Properties Stock Brokers

Edward Jones Jimmy Newsom

Jimmy Newsom 708 Main Big Spring TX 79720 432-268-8814....Fax: 877-877-2410 edwardjones.c om Stock Brokers Investments/Properties

Edward Jones Raul Benavides

Raul Benavides 2108 Scurry Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-2501.....Fax: 888-638-1707 raul.benavides@edwardjones.c om w ww.edwardjones.c om Investments/Properties

Elbow Creek Hay & Feed Hugh & Nancy Raney 5101 W. FM 818 Big Spring TX 79720 432-270-5001 hnraney@gmail.c om w ww.raneyhay.c om Agriculture - Hay

Elrod’s Furniture

Dee & Lynda Elrod 2309 Scurry St. Big Spring TX 79721 432-267-8491 elrods1@sbcglobal.n et elrodsfurniture.c om Furniture/Retail Baby/Bridal Registry

Encompass Home Health

Betty Bennett 1900 Gregg Street, Suite C Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-0044.....Fax: 432-264-0855 800-750-3851 bbennett@ehhi.c om w ww.ehhi.c om Home Health

Erath Iron & Metal Inc.

Emily Howle 3608 N. Hwy 87 Big Spring TX 79720 254-968-6401.....Fax: 432-268-1522 432-268-1512 recycleemily@our-town.c om Metal Recycling

Federal Bureau of Prisons of Big Spring

Karen Edenfield 1900 Simler Ave. Big Spring TX 79720-7799 432-466-2300.....Fax: 432-466-2556 Government Agencies

ERF Wireless, Inc.

First Christian Church

Eric Escamilla Farmers Insurance

First Church of the Nazarene

Brian Cubley 2911 South Shore Blvd., Ste. 100 League City TX 77573 281-538-2101.....Fax: 281-538-2155 w ww.erfwireless.n et Internet Provider

Eric Escamilla 205 W. 15th Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-2398.....Fax: 432-267-9787 eescamilla@farmersagent.c om Insurance

Express Employment Professionals

Samantha Clark 111 S. B Street Midland TX 79701 432-570-8666.....Fax: 432-570-8505 samantha.clark@expresspros.c om w ww.expresspros.c om Staffing

Eye Associates

John Marshall 2311 Scurry Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-2501.....Fax: 432-263-6883 432-267-5539 eyeassoc@crcom.n et Health Care-Eye Care


Familia Dental

Ken McIntosh 911 Goliad Big Spring TX 79720 432-517-4821.....Fax: 432-517-4822 fcbs125@yahoo.c om w Churches

Calvary Callender 1400 Lancaster Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-7015.....Fax: 432-267-7055 w Churches

First Service Air Conditioning Contractors

David Grosse 3009 Garden City Highway Midland TX 79701 432-267-1633.....Fax: 432-685-3629 Air Conditioning Contractor

First United Methodist Church

Bill Ivins, Senior Pastor P.O. Box 1229 400 Scurry Big Spring TX 79721 432-267-6394....Fax: 432-267-2609 432-267-7511 secretary400@suddenlinkmail.c om w Churches

Fish Ophthalmology Clinic, PA

Erin Brinkman Dynek 1915 S. Gregg Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-0205.....Fax: 847-496-7202 847-915-3004 edynek@familiadental.c om w ww.familiadental.c om Dentists/Dental Labs/Dental Care

Larry & Silpi Fish 207 E. 7th Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-3649....Fax: 432-267-2861 fisheyemd@yahoo.c om Health Care-Eye Care

Family Faith Center

Trev & Christie Larson 819 W 3rd St. Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-7961.....Fax: 432-267-8004 flo-lite@att.n et Screen Printing Embroidery

Samuel, A. Segundo 810 E. 11th Place P.O. Box 507 Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-6001.....Fax: 432-264-1344 432-517-0620 Churches

Family Medical Center

Mitzi Knight 2301 Gregg Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-5531.....Fax: 432-267-2025 mitzi_knight@chs.n et Health Care Clinics

Faye’s Flowers

Mary Schuelke 1013 South Gregg Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-2571.....Fax: 432-267-8818 800-634-4393 flowers@fayes.c om w ww.fayes.c om Florist Gifts

Flo-Lite Screen Printing & Embroidery

Foresyth, Jan Associate Member

Jan Foresyth c/o Howard College 1001 Birdwell Lane Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-5051.....Fax: 432-264-5623 432-263-3532 Associate Member

Forsan ISD

Randy Johnson 411 W. 6th P.O. Drawer A Forsan TX 79733 432-457-2223.....Fax: 432-457-2225 rsjohnso@forsan.esc18.n et w ww.forsan.esc18.n et Schools-Public


Four Seasons Insulation & Siding, Inc.

Ken Stallings PO Box 2122 Big Spring TX 79721 432-264-8610.....Fax: 432-268-9552 432-563-9541 kenny@fsisinc.c om w ww.fsisinc.c om Insulation Companies/Contractors Contractors/General

Franklin & Son Big Spring

Bonnie Franklin 408 Runnels Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-6337.....Fax: 432-267-6942 432-756-3429 (Home) terry@crcom.n et AutomotiveWheel & Tire Sales/Service Tire Dealers

G G & M Auto Care

George & Mary Leatham 900 East 3rd Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-1091.....Fax: 432-263-7512 432-263-0808 Autodoc900@hotmail.c om Automotive-Repairs

Gary Wilson Affordable Heat and Air Gary Wilson 204 N. Gregg Big Spring TX 79720 325-660-0132 gary.affordable@gmail.c om Heating & Air

GEO Group, Inc.

Dwight Sims P. O. Box 3470 1701 Apron Dr. Big Spring TX 79721-3470 432-264-0060.....Fax: 432-267-6522 jbishop@geogroup.c om geogroup.c om Government Agencies

Gill’s Fried Chicken

Maria Estrella 2100 S. Gregg Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-4391 (local) 432-213-4829 Fax: 512-353-2835 (San Marcos) Fast Foods

Girl Scouts of the Desert Southwest

Marnell Fox 5217 N. Dixie Blvd. Odessa TX 79762-4346 432-550-2688.....Fax: 432-550-9754 w Organizations

Goodwill - West Texas

Cindy Haley 701 S. Gregg Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-7107.....Fax: 432-264-7119 Non-Profit Organization

Graumanns Inc

Keith D. Graumann PO Box 2195 304 Austin Street Big Spring TX 79721-2195 432-267-1626.....Fax: 432-267-8155 432-267-1627 graumann@suddenlink.n et w ww.graumanns.c om Oil Field Equipment/Repairs/Service


Great Dane Storage

Terry Hansen 1510 W 4th Street Big Spring TX 79721 432-263-3222 432-816-9340, 432-935-8099 greatdanestoragebstx@gmail.c om Self Storage

Great Scott Marketing

Cynthia Scott 1907 Birdwell Lane, Suite B Big Spring TX 79720 432-517-4525.....Fax: 432-267-2012 432-268-3022 scottsquare@suddenlink.n et Advertising Specialties/Items

Great Western Dining, Inc.

Director 1001 Birdwell Lane Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-5052....Fax: 432-264-5625 Catering

Greater Opportunities of The Permian Basin, Inc.

Betty, J. Carter P.O. Box 3922 Odessa TX 79760 432-337-1352.....Fax: 432-337-3773 w Schools-Public

Green & Fillingim, Pc

Glenn & Casie Fillingim PO Box 949 1001 Scurry Big Spring TX 79721-0949 432-264-0008.....Fax: 432-264-6254 tax@crcom.n et Accountants/Certified Public

Greenhouse Photography

Carla Harrold PO Box 1991 Big Spring TX 79721-1991 432-267-4557.....Fax: 432-267-4557 ghp1102@basin-net.n et greenhousephoto.c om Photography Studio

Haddad Urology Clinic

Rudy Haddad 1501 W. 11th Place, Suite 103 Big Spring TX 79720 432-714-4600.....Fax: 432-714-4604 moe@crcom.n et Physicians & Surgeons Urology

Hampton Inn & Suites

Mitesh Patel 805 W. I H 20 Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-9800....Fax: 432-264-9801 Mitesh.D.Patel@hilton.c om w ww.bigspringsuites. hamptoninn.c om Hotels & Motels

Hangar 25 Air Museum

Genevieve Stockburger 1911 Apron Dr. Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-1999....Fax: 432-466-0316 hangar25@crcom.n et w ww.hangar25airmuseum.c om Museum

Hansen, Jan Individual Member

Jan Hansen 501 Westover Road Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-2616 432-816-9342 jhhansen46@yahoo.c om Individual Members

Harris Lumber & Hardware, Inc.

Steve Herren 1515 E. FM 700 Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-8206.....Fax: 432-267-3617 432-267-6355 w ww.harrislumber. homeappliances.c om Hardware-Retail Building Materials/ Home Improvement Supp

Heaven’s Best Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Jerry & Katie Grimes 1604 Osage Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-3129 jkgrimes@suddenlink.n et Individual Members

Lance E. Reid PO Box 384 Coahoma TX 79511 432-268-3759 l.reid@heavensbest.c om http://bigspringtx. heavensbest.c om/ Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Guthrie Oil & Gas LLC

Helena Chemical

Grimes, Jerry & Katie Individual Members

Mark Morgan 611 S. Main Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-8481.....Fax: 432-263-5706 Oil & Gas Properties


H & R Block

James T. Richmond 1512 S. Gregg Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-1931....Fax: 432-263-1402 432-263-4572 Tax Services


Randy Versteeg 2000 S. Gregg Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-3000.....Fax: 432-263-3032 S051AA@heb.c om w ww.heb.c om Grocery Stores/Supermarkets Photo Processing, Printing, Supplies, Etc

Big Spring Area Chamber of Commerce

James Hill 3104 N. Hwy 87 Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-9963.....Fax: 432-264-9030 Chemical Companies

Heritage Museum of Big Spring

Nancy Raney 510 Scurry Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-8255.....Fax: 432-267-9998 heritagemus@gmail.c om bigspringmuseum.c om Museum

Higginbotham-Bartlett Bldg. Ctr.

Loyd Mashburn PO Box 870 1900 E. FM 700 Big Spring TX 79721-0870 432-263-7441.....Fax: 432-263-8503 432-267-1686 bigspring@higginbothams.c om w ww.higginbothams.c om Building Materials/ Home Improvement Supp Farm & Ranch Supplies

Highland Animal Hospital of Big Spring P.C.

Scott Burt 3600 HWY 87 South Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-8291.....Fax: 432-267-8292 hah@highlandanimalhospital.c om highlandanimalhospital.c om Veterinary Clinics/Hospitals

Hillside Properties

Maruca Haas 2501 Fairchild Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-3461.....Fax: 432-263-1115 mhaas@hillsideprop.c om w ww.hillsideprop.c om Home Rentals & Sales

HNB Mortgage

Louis Dunnam - N.M.L.S. #214358 410 E. FM 700, Suite B Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-6312....Fax: 432-263-6314 louis@hnbmortgage.c om w ww.hnbmortgage.c om Mortgage Companies

Holy Trinity Catholic Parish

Bernard L. Gully PO Box 951 Big Spring TX 79721-0951 432-714-4930....Fax: 432-714-4932 432-714-4931 htcch@suddenlinkmail.c om w Churches

Home Hospice

Megan Chandler 111 East 7th , Ste A Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-7599....Fax: 432-264-7597 mchandler@homehospicewtx.c om w ww.homehospicewtx.c om Hospice

Home Realtors

Kay Moore 110 W. Marcy Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-1284 800-295-8938 Fax: 432-263-4663 Real Estate, Residential Real Estate, Commercial Home is where the Heart is, and Home Realtors is where the people make the difference!

Honest Air & Appliance Repair Dan Thomas 3509 E. Hwy 350 Big Spring TX 79720 432-270-0390 honestair_152@hotmail.c om Air Conditioning/ Heating Repairs & Sales

Hotel Settles

Mike Knowles 200 E. 3rd Street PO Box 1471 Big Spring TX 79721 432-267-7500 mknowles@hotelsettles.c om hotelsettles.c om Hotels & Motels Restaurants

Howard College

Cindy Smith 1001 Birdwell Lane Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-5000....Fax: 432-264-5000 432-264-5051 w Schools-Colleges

Howard County 4H Adult Leaders

Ed Miller PO Box 790 Big Spring TX 79721 432-466-3131.....Fax: 432-264-2239 432-264-2236 Non-Profit Organization

Howard County A&M Club Chris Olsen 2100 S. Monticello Big Spring TX 79720 432-466-3956 432-816-1162 westexags.c om Organizations

Howard County Abstract & Title Co.

Bonnie & George Franklin 106 W. 3rd Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-1782.....Fax: 432-267-2169 howardcoabstract@sbcglobal.n et Abstract Company

Howard County Appraisal District

Ronny Babcock PO Drawer 1151 315 S. Main Big Spring TX 79721-1151 432-263-8301.....Fax: 432-263-8303 Government Agencies

Howard County Community Health Center

Judy Madura 1300 S. Gregg Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-517-4557 806-894-7842 x129 Fax: 806-894-3378 Medical/Dental Community Health Center HCCHC is a full service health center for all of your family’s needs including Medical, Dental, Optometry and Pharmacy services. HCCHC accepts all Insurances, Medicaid, Medicare and provides a sliding fee scale for those without coverage.

Howard County Council on Aging - Mobile Meals Macaria Cantu PO Box 765 Big Spring TX 79721-0765 432-263-4016 m.meals@yahoo.c om Non-Profit Organization

Howard County Fair Association

Janeice Barnes P.O. Box 2356 Big Spring TX 79721 432-263-8642 432-816-5161 info@howardcountyfairoftexas.c om w ww.howardcountyfairoftexas.c om Organizations

Johansen Landscape Contractors and Nursery

Carl & Terri Johansen 700 Johansen Road Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-5275....Fax: 432-267-1201 terri.carl@gmail.c om Landscaping Contractors Nursery

Howard County Humane Society

Jo Stone P.O. Box 823 5710 IH 20 West Big Spring TX 79721 432-267-7832 info@ Non-Profit Organization

Hughes, Heath, CPA

Heath Hughes 307 C. West 16th Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-3659....Fax: 432-267-3654 hhughes@crcom.n et Accountants/Certified Public

I Ingram Concrete LLC

Bobby Robertson 605 N. Benton Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-6348....Fax: 432-267-6380 rrobertson@ingramconcrete.c om w ww.ingramconcrete.c om Ready-Mix Concrete

InsureAll of West Texas

Agent 408 E FM 700 Ste 1 Big Spring TX 79720 432-517-3477.....Fax: 432-517-3474 insureallofwesttexas.c om Insurance

Isaiah 58

Paul Smith PO Box 1103 Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-4758 432-268-1270 (Paul’s Home) psmithp@suddenlink.n et Non-Profit Organization

J J. Rutledge Realty

Jeannie Rutledge 1600 Gregg Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-714-4900.....Fax: 432-714-4903 432-270-1478 jrutledge@jrutledgerealty.c om w ww.jrutledgerealty.c om Real Estate

J. Williams Cleaning Services Jessica Williams P.O. Box 2878 Big Spring TX 79721 432-699-2090 jwilliamsmgmt@gmail.c om jwilliamsmanagement.c om/ jwilliamscleaning.c om Professional Cleaning/ Janitorial Services

Jake Witzel Gifts & Interiors Jonna L. Morgan 223 S. Main Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-517-4569 jonna@jakewitzel.c om Retail Gifts

John Crane Production Solutions

Mike Rowland 3604 Bethel Dr. Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-4600 Fax: 432-263-6673 Manufacturer Optimize Production - Improve Run Life - Solve Problems Fiberod Sucker Rods, Steel Sucker Rods, Down-Hole Pumps

Joshua Hamby, P. C.

Joshua Hamby 107 W. 4th Street Big Spring TX 79720-2514 432-263-8395.....Fax: 432-263-4798 hamby@suddenlinkmail.c om Attorneys

Karns & Son Machine Shop, Inc.

3411 Jesse Rd. Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-2065....Fax: 432-463-0379 karnsmis@yahoo.c om Machine Shops

KBEST Radio Group

Malinda Flenniken PO Box 1632 608 Johnson Big Spring TX 79721-1632 432-267-6391.....Fax: 432-267-1579 432-267-1490 w ww.kbst.c om Radio Communications Advertising/Public Relations

Keep Big Spring Beautiful Jan Hansen PO Box 1350 Big Spring TX 79721 432-263-4980 Organizations

Kelly Newton Insurance Agency, Inc.

Kelly Newton Tucker P.O. Box 1549 1701 Lancaster Big Spring TX 79721 432-263-55l7......Fax: 432-263-5516 877-570-5517 - toll free kellyt@crcom.n et w ww.kellynewtoninsurance.c om Insurance

Kitty Galore’s Vintage Store

Stephanie Piercefield 2307 Morrison Dr. Big Spring TX 79720 432-853-1989 teffy10@hotmail.c om w ww.juiceplus.c om/tsp11334 Nutritional Programs

Casey Bobbitt 704 Main Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-816-4435 432-816-9280 caseybobbitt@hotmail.c om w ww.facebook.c om/ kittygaloresvintagestore Clothing/Apparel-Retail Gifts

Just Peachy Cafe

Kiwanis Club of Big Spring

Juice Plus

Kandi Burris 505 Scurry Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-7000 peachycafe@yahoo.c om Restaurants

Just Us Salon & Boutique Brandi Rodriquez 406 E. Marcy Big Spring TX 79720 432-935-6725 justusboutique@gmail.c om Salon

K K. C. Steaks & Seafood,Inc. Fred Green P.O. Box 830 Big Spring TX 79721-0830 432-263-1651 w ww.kcsteaksandseafood.c om Restaurants

Karat Patch, The

Jay Phinney 997 E. FM 700 Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-1480.....Fax: 432-267-1344 jandkim@thekaratpatch.c om w ww.thekaratpatch.c om Jewelry Manufacturing Jewelry-Retail

Bruce Griffith PO Box 347 Big Spring TX 79721-0347 432-267-7886 bnc_schaffner@suddenlink.n et Organizations

Klassic Kleaners

John Paul & Kristen Nichols 2107 Gregg Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-7004 klassickleaners@sbcglobal.n et Cleaners, Clothes, Rugs,Etc

Knollwood Heights Apartments

Gloria Martinez 1900 Martin Luther King Blvd. Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-1735.....Fax: 432-264-1761 knollwoodheights@ wilhoitproperties.c om w ww.wilhoitproperties.c om Apartments/Home Rental


Brad Dawson P.O. Box 60150 Midland TX 79711-0150 432-567-9999.....Fax: 432-567-9992 w ww.newswest9.c om Television Stations

L La Quinta Inn & Suites

Lusk, Charles W. Individual Member

Lamar Advertising

M Marcy House by Assisted Living Concepts, Inc.

Hemant Patel 1102 I H 20 W Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-0222.....Fax: 432-264-0840 lq6401gm@laquinta.c om LQ.c om Hotels & Motels

Chris Stokes P. O. Box 10586 Midland TX 79702-7586 432-683-8571.....Fax: 432-683-8595 800-583-8571 cstokes@lamar.c om w ww.lamar.c om Advertising/Public Relations

Lamun-Lusk-Sanchez Texas State Veterans Home

Lavonne C. Murphy 1809 N. Hwy 87 Big Spring TX 79720 432-268-8387.....Fax: 432-268-1987 lcmurphy@sears-methodist.c om w ww.sears-methodist.c om Veterans Home Nursing Home

Lee, Reynolds, Welch & Co. Pc

James Welch P.O.Box 3469 417 Main Big Spring TX 79721-3469 432-267-5293.....Fax: 432-267-2058 firm@lrwpc.n et Accountants/Certified Public

Leonard’s Pharmacy, Inc.

Larry McLellan PO Box 671 701 Scurry Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-7344.....Fax: 432-263-0106 432-263-1002 leonards@crcom.n et w ww.leonardsinc.c om Pharmacies/Drug Stores

Life Church

Clint Collins 1004 Johnson Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-7714 golifechurch.c om Churches

Limestone Ridge Apartments

David Hales 1401 N. Hwy 87 Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-7300.....Fax: 432-263-7301 432-213-7699 limestoneridge@uahmgt.c om Apartments/Home Rental

Little, Jim Bill Individual Member Jim Bill Little #5 Coachman Circle Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-2818 Individual Members

Lone Star State Bank

Ron Brooks 600 E FM 700 Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-7717....Fax: 432-264-7894 432-264-7819 rbrooks@lonestarwtx.c om w ww.lonestarwtx.c om Banking & Financial Services

Charles W. Lusk 1300 Virginia Ave. P.O. Box 2341 Big Spring TX 79721-2341 Individual Members

Emily Birdwell 2301 Wasson Road Big Spring TX 79720 432-268-9041.....Fax: 432-268-9092 432-268-9091 esellers@alcco.c om w ww.alcco.c om Assisted Living

Mary Kay Cosmetics/ Dene Sheppard

Dene Sheppard 25 Village Road, Apt. J Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-5845 dsheppard3@suddenlink.n et w ww.marykay.c om/dsheppard Cosmetics Retail


Natalie Meredith Big Spring Marketplace 111 E. Marcy Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-7516 radnat25@aol.c om w ww.maurices.c om Clothing/Apparel-Retail

McDonald Bobby Individual Member

Bobby McDonald 611 Runnels Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-1234.....Fax: 432-267-7653 bmre@crcom.n et Individual Members

McDonald’s Restaurants

Jesse & Anne Carrillo 2600 S. Gregg Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-7730.....Fax: 432-561-5513 432-561-5582 jessecarrillo@sbcglobal.n et Restaurants

McEwen Agency LLC, The

Laura McEwen PO Box 988 900 S. Main Big Spring TX 79721-0988 432-267-1413.....Fax: 432-267-3618 laura@mcewenagency.c om Insurance

McMahon-Wrinkle Airport & Industrial Park

Jim Little 3200 Rickabaugh Drive West Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-2362.....Fax: 432-264-2367 apdir@mybigspring.c om w ww.mybigspring.c om Airport Industrial Park

Merle Norman Cosmetics Sherry Phillips-Hargrove 1210 S. Gregg Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-6161 chewyrae1@yahoo.c om Cosmetics Retail


Merrill Lynch

Patrick Clark 2 Village Dr Abilene TX 79606 325-691-4373.....Fax: 325-480-4263 patrick_g_clark@ml.c om Financial Advisor

Midway RV Park

Russell Adkins 6305 E. Midway Road Big Spring TX 79720 325-206-2874.....Fax: 325-387-2182 raa13@verizon.n et RV Park

Moore Office Supplies

Jimmy Moore PO Box 3462 104 W. 24th Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-714-4780.....Fax: 432-714-4782 jbmoore@crcom.n et getmooresupplies.c om Office-Supplies/Furniture

Morgan, Mark L. Individual Member

Mark Morgan PO Box 3709 Big Spring TX 79721-3709 432-263-8481.....Fax: 432-263-5706 mark@mlmorgancpa.c om Individual Members

Moss Creek Ranch

Bob Price P.O. Box 2258 Big Spring TX 79720 432-393-5455.....Fax: 432-267-1694 gloria.redmesa@gmail.c om w ww.mosscreekranch.n et Hunting Lodge/Ranch

Mouton & Mouton Attorneys at Law

Drew & Glynna Mouton PO Box 1030 Big Spring TX 79721-1030 432-263-7676.....Fax: 432-263-8686 432-263-8397 drew@moutonlaw.c om / glynna@moutonlaw.c om w ww.moutonlaw.c om Attorneys

Moving Specialist

Will Sanders 1913 56th Street Lubbock TX 79412 806-543-5179 888-623-4622 willsanders54@yahoo.c om Google Moving Specialist Expert Moving Service

My Favorite Place

Denise Wagner 1800 Scurry Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-3283 myfaveplace618@gmail.c om myfaveplace.n et Day Spa

Dr. John Myers, DDS

John Myers 1702 W. FM 700 Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-4521.....Fax: 432-267-4943 Dentists/Dental Labs/Dental Care


Myers & Smith Funeral Home

Bill & Charlsa Myers PO Box 2760 301 E. 24th Big Spring TX 79721-2760 432-267-8288.....Fax: 432-264-9112 billmyers@myersandsmith.c om w ww.myersandsmith.c om Funeral Service/Supplies/Equipment

Parks Agency Inc.

Ray Kennedy PO Box 230 900 S. Main Big Spring TX 79721-0230 432-267-5504....Fax: 432-267-3618 rayk@parksinsurance.c om Insurance

Parks Fuels, Ltd. N Nalley-Pickle & Welch Funeral Home & Crematory

Kasi Welch-Baker PO Drawer 2511 906 Gregg Big Spring TX 79721-2511 432-267-6331.....Fax: 432-263-1321 obits@npwelch.c om w ww.npwelch.c om Funeral Service/Supplies/Equipment

Names and Numbers

Justin Fields 3406 W Loop 250 N Midland TX 79707 432-689-3376.....Fax: 432-689-3807 Yellow Pages

Neighbors Auto Sales

A. C. Neighbors 1300 E. 4th Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-0822.....Fax: 432-268-8735 432-268-8733 neighborsauto2000@yahoo.c om Automotive-Used, Sales Automotive-Dealers

Noltex Truss

Jason Nolte 1700 Rickabaugh Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-4700....Fax: 432-267-4702 nolruss@gmail.c om nolruss.c om Building Components



Jim Clements 1701 W Interstate 20 Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-5755.....Fax: 432-264-5746 jim.clements@oncor.c om w ww.oncor.c om Public Utilities


Papa Chon’s

Plaza Inn

Parks, Jim

Pollard Chev/Buick/Cadillac

Jim Parks 503 Highland Drive Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-2232 Associate Member

Parkview Nursing and Rehabilitation

Kristi Beauchamp 3200 Parkway Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-4041....Fax: 432-263-4067 kristi@parkviewnursing.n et Health Care/Nursing Homes

Partee Drilling, Inc.

Stan & Sue Partee 110 West 22nd Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-1228.....Fax: 432-263-6449 Oil & Gas Exploration

Paydirt Trucking Inc.

Yolanda Perez 709 N W 5th PO Box 3201 Big Spring TX 79720 432-816-0919.....Fax: 432-267-7721 paydirt2011@yahoo.c om Trucking

Permian Basin Underground Water Cons. Dist. Leatrice Adams P.O. Box 1314 708 W. St. Peter St. Stanton TX 79782 432-756-2136.....Fax: 432-756-2068 permianbasin@sbcglobal.n et w ww.pbuwcd.c om Government Agencies

Phillips Fabrication

Chon Rodriguez 310 Owens Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-1711.....Fax: 432-264-1814 rodrigueziichon@yahoo.c om Restaurants

Park Village Apartments

Pirkle-Weir Insurance Agency

Parkplace Retirement Living

Amanda Cole Calvio 501 W. 17th Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-1353....Fax: 432-267-1313 amandadiancole@hotmail.c om parkplaceretirementliving.c om Retirement Living Apartments

Big Spring Area Chamber of Commerce

Keith Herrley 1702 Gregg Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-1381.....Fax: 432-263-0340 325-573-3542 david.fort.pzzi@gmail.c om w ww.pizzainn.c om Restaurants

Bob C. Parks 303 E. 1st Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-0033.....Fax: 432-267-5761 432-263-0063 Petroleum Products & Related Business

Randy Phillips 1305 E. Airpark Drive Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-6600.....Fax: 432-267-7629 432-264-0240 randyphillips@philfab.c om Metal Fabricators

Michelle Grandt 1905 Wasson Road Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-6421.....Fax: 512-494-8205 512-494-8200 michael@delphihousing.c om Apartment Complex

Pizza Inn

Derek Wash 1602 Scurry PO Box 2510 Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-5053.....Fax: 432-267-2731 432-263-1278 pirkleweirins@crcom.n et w ww.pirkleinsuranceagency.c om Insurance

Pizza Hut

Deborah Gutierrez 2601 Gregg Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-4153.....Fax: 432-268-9231 w ww.pizzahut.c om Restaurants

Mayur Patel 700 W. I - 20 Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-1601.....Fax: 432-267-6916 pbryhotelinc@yahoo.c om Hotels & Motels

Bill Pollard, Sr PO Box 1550 1501 E. 4th Big Spring TX 79721-1550 432-267-7421.....Fax: 432-267-2672 w ww.pollardchevrolet.c om Automotive-Dealers

Pope, Pamela J., CPA

Pam McMillan PO Box 2218 506 E. 4th Street Big Spring TX 79721-2218 432-267-8636.....Fax: 432-267-3044 pjpmcpa@sbcglobal.n et Accountants/Certified Public

Power Resources,Ltd

Jerry Baker P. O. Box 2700 Big Spring TX 79721-2700 432-263-8468.....Fax: 432-267-9772 Electrical Power Generation

Prescription Services, Inc.

Prosperity Bank

Bill Spiller 1411 Gregg Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-5564.....Fax: 432-267-2402 432-267-5555 bill.spiller@prosperitybanktx.c om prosperitybanktx.c om Banks & Banking Associations Banking & Financial Services

Prudential Financial

Troy Tompkins 401 Austin, Ste 105 Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-0180 troy.tompkins@prudential.c om http://w om/us/ t.tompkins Insurance Investments/Properties

Q Quail Run Apartments

Jami King 2609 Wasson Road Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-1781.....Fax: 432-263-3954 quailrunapt@suddenlinkmail.c om w ww.quailrunapt.n et Apartments/Home Rental

Quality Inn & Suites

Bob Patel 300 Tulane Ave. Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-7086.....Fax: 432-264-7995 Hotels & Motels

R Red Barn Studio, The

Larry, G. McLellan 1002 S. Main Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-2711.....Fax: 432-267-1575 432-267-2712 rxs@crcom.n et Pharmacies/Drug Stores

Bruce Schooler 6414 S. Service Rd. Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-7728.....Fax: 432-264-7728 432-466-3315 schoolerphoto@suddenlink.n et w ww.theredbarnstudios.c om Photography Studio

Price Construction, LTD

Red Mesa Grill

Bobby Price PO Box 1231 2701 E. Hwy 350 Big Spring TX 79721-1231 432-267-1691....Fax: 432-267-1694 info@priceconstruction.c om w ww.priceconstruction.c om Construction Companies

Professional Concepts Advertising

Ruby Bruns PO Box 51 Big Spring TX 79721 432-664-1943.....Fax: 432-263-3224 rubybruns@yahoo.c om w ww.rubybruns.c om Advertising Specialties/Items

Professional Pharmacy

Denys Coates 1000 S. Main St. Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-2546.....Fax: 432-267-7217 432-267-2547 ppp@crcom.n et Pharmacies/Drug Stores

Bob Price 2401 S. Gregg Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-517-4601 Restaurants Catering

Reese, Amy E., D.D.S., P.C.

Amy Reese 710 S. Main Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-4102.....Fax: 432-267-7747 areese@suddenlinkmail.c om w ww.amyreesedds.c om Dentists/Dental Labs/Dental Care

Reliable Self Storage

Gary Gillihan 1908 Wasson Road Big Spring TX 79720 432-517-4860.....Fax: 432-517-4861 lrgillihan@gmail.c om w ww.bigspringstorage.c om Self Storage

Reznik Orthodontics

Michael Reznik 804 Gregg Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-7111.....Fax: 432-333-9490 888-256-7105 drmreznik@grandecom.n et odessabraces.c om Orthodontics

Robinson Drilling of Texas

Myra Robinson PO Box 311 607 Main Big Spring TX 79721-0311 432-267-5277.....Fax: 432-267-5280 Oil & Gas Exploration

Ruby Blooze Boutique

Ashley Crawford 305 S. Main Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-0253 rubybloozeboutique@yahoo.c om w ww.facebook.c om/ rubybloozeboutique1 Boutique

S Salvation Army, The

Orville Chambless PO Box 1248 811 W. 5th Big Spring TX 79721-1248 432-267-8239.....Fax: 432-267-7540 432-267-8230 Organizations

Samaritan Counseling Center

Susan Barron PO Box 60312 Midland TX 79711 800-329-4144.....Fax: 432-561-8611 432-563-4144 w Marriage & Family Therapy

Scenic Mountain Medical Center

Larry Rodgers 1601 W. 11th Place Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-1211.....Fax: 432-263-0151 432-268-4902 w ww.smmccares.c om Hospitals

Sears Hometown Store (Benchmark Marketing, Inc.)

Mary K. Richins 1801 E. FM 700, Suite C-6 Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-1127.....Fax: 806-416-3612 806-638-8060 benchmarkgroup@rocketmail.c om w ww.searshometownstores.c om Retail

Seaton, The Law Offices of R. Shane

R. Shane Seaton PO Box 2211 1301 S. Gregg Big Spring TX 79721 432-264-1800.....Fax: 432-264-0785 432-264-1802 shane_seaton@msn.c om BigSpringLaw.c om Attorneys

Serenity Spa

Tessa Reid 1115 S. Scurry Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-6651.....Fax: 432-267-2228 info@escapetoserenityspa.c om w ww.escapetoserenityspa.c om Day Spa

Sherry Wegner Ins. Agency

Sherry Wegner P.O. Box 3550 Big Spring TX 79721-3550 432-267-2555....Fax: 432-263-0609 800-874-7451 sherryw@swcia.c om w ww.swcia.c om Insurance

Sherwin-Williams Co.

Stormie Dugan 2307 Scurry St. Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-7377....Fax: 432-267-6595 sw7443@sherwin.c om Paints/Paint Supplies/Mfg

Sid Richardson Carbon & Energy Co.

Ken Pope 1211 N. Midway Road Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-7389.....Fax: 432-263-4724 432-263-7380 kapope@sidrich.c om w ww.sidrich.c om Carbon Black Production

Southwestern A-1 Pest Control Max F. Moore 2008 Birdwell Lane Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-6514.....Fax: 432-267-8190 432-263-0441 1-800-346-0441 office@swa1pc.c om w ww.swa1pc.c om Pest/Weed Control

Spanish Inn

Ida & Ignacio Rodriguez 200 N.W. 3rd Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-9340 432-267-5871 Restaurants

Sparenberg Building, The Sister’s Studio Double Trouble

Karie Holsenbeck 1907 Birdwell Lane Suite A Big Spring TX 79720 432-466-3621 Photography Studio “Preserving all your precious memories”

Slate, Mark Individual Member

Mark Slate 1801 Virginia Avenue Big Spring TX 79721-0550 432-267-3601.....Fax: 432-263-4589 w ww.slateland.c om Individual Members

Smith Engineering Company

Ralph E. Truszkowski, PE 4305 N. Garfield Suite 226 Midland TX 79705-4337 432-682-9400.....Fax: 432-682-9409 w Engineering Services

Sneed, Sharon Associate Member

Sharon Sneed 2509 E. 25th Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-2337 432-270-1661 Cell cherokeesneed@yahoo.c om Associate Member

Sonic Drive-In

Mike Abusaab 1200 Gregg Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-6790.....Fax: 432-267-7801 Fast Foods

Sonic Drive-In #2

Mike Abusaab 601 E Marcy Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-2700.....Fax: 432-268-1308 432-268-1307 sonicdrivein.c om Fast Foods

South Plains Implement, LTD

Nate Avey 3011 Hwy 87 North Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-8344.....Fax: 432-267-2757 porterhenderson.c om Tractors/Farm & Ranch Supplies

Vicki Scott 309 S. Main Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-7828.....Fax: 432-263-6686 calhoun@crcom.n et Office Supplies/ Business Cards/Stamps Bookkeeper/Payroll

Sparks, John Richard Individual Member John R. Sparks 2619 Coronado Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-8527 (Home) Individual Members

Splurge Boutique LLC

Kristen Partee 308 Scurry Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-935-6477.....Fax: 432-935-6478 splurgeboutiquebigspring@gmail.c om splurgeboutiquetexas.c om Retail

Spring City Security Inc.

Tonyia Grigg 2410 E. 24th Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-816-4421.....Fax: 432-517-4773 tonyia_lei@yahoo.c om springcitysecurity.c om Security Services

Spring Creek Fellowship

Derrick Looney 501 Birdwell Lane PO Box 2070 Big Spring TX 79721 432-714-4584.....Fax: 432-714-4585 Churches

Spring Town Plaza, Inc.

Standard Sales

Brian Thomma 3639 South Jackson Ave. San Angelo TX 76904 325-944-2241 bthomma@standardsales.c om w ww.standardsalescompanylp.c om Distribution/Beer

State National Bank

Richard Steel PO Box 1271 901 Main Big Spring TX 79721-1271 432-264-2100.....Fax: 432-267-1553 w ww.statenb.c om Banks & Banking Associations Banking & Financial Services

State Senator Kel Seliger

Stefanie Wilkerson 401 Austin, Suite 101 Big Spring TX 79720 432-268-9909.....Fax: 432-268-9899 512-463-0131 (Austin - Capitol) stefanie.wilkerson@ Government Agencies

Stellar Automation Inc.

Matt Scroggins 1309 S. Gregg Street PO Box 910 Big Spring TX 79720 432-517-4502.....Fax: 432-517-4538 mscroggins@stellarpartners.n et w ww.stellarautomationinc.c om Automation


Mark Parrish c/o Accounts Payable P.O. Box 130489 Tyler TX 75713-0489 432-267-3821.....Fax: 432-264-0779 432-681-6500 w ww.suddenlink.c om Cable Television Services Telephone Systems & Service

Suggs Hallmark

Ricky or Deborah Suggs 1801 E FM 700, Suite F-6 Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-4444.....Fax: 432-263-4444 Gifts Bridal Selections

Sun Laundromat

Greg Birrell 1510 S. Lancaster Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-517-4196 Laundromat

Judye Pumroy 1801 E FM 700 Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-3853.....Fax: 432-267-3490 springtownplaza@ suddenlinkmail.c om Shopping Centers

Super 8

Spry Marketing

Supreme Car Wash

Corky Jayce Mitchell 12401 E. Interstate 20 Coahoma TX 79511 512-944-8736 corky@sprymarketing.c om w ww.sprymarketing.c om Advertising/Public Relations Internet Web Design & Hosting

Sam Tran 2900 I-20 East Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-4553.....Fax: 858-764-2710 w ww.super8.c om Hotels & Motels

Richard Wright 1509 E FM 700 Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-0720 Car Wash

Surety Title Co.

Cindy Pittman 805 S. Scurry Big Spring TX 79720-3016 432-263-2407.....Fax: 432-263-4693 cindysurety@crcom.n et Title Companies

SWCID Community College for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Pers

Nancy Bonura 3200 Avenue C Industrial Park Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-3700.....Fax: 432-264-3707 432-264-3752 http://w Schools-Colleges

T Taco Villa Restaurant

Fred Phillips 1501 S. Gregg Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-3511.....Fax: 432-263-3593 432-967-8949 fphillips@bobbycox.c om w ww.tacovilla.n et Restaurants Fast Foods Catering

Tate Plumbing, Heating, A/C & Electrical

Ken Haas PO Box 2172 Big Spring TX 79721-2172 432-267-6401.....Fax: 432-267-6402 Service Retail

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance

Richard Atkins 1205 E. 11th Place Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-7466.....Fax: 432-267-8043 ratkins@txfb-ins.c om Insurance

Texas R. V. Park of Big Spring

Bobbye Hill 4100 S. US 87 1001 Hearn Street (GPS Address) Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-7900.....Fax: 432-264-0327 info@txrvpark.c om w ww.txrvpark.c om RV Park Campgrounds

TexaStone Quarries

Brenda Edwards PO Box 38 Garden City TX 79739 432-354-2569.....Fax: 432-354-2669 TexaStone.c om Stone quarry, fabrication of stone

C.E. (Mike) Thomas III Attorney

Mike Thomas P. O. Drawer 2117 Big Spring TX 79721-2117 432-263-4142....Fax: 432-267-2763 432-263-4143 c.e.mikethomas@gmail.c om Attorneys

Thursday Night Ladies Card Club

Dorothy Sheppard 2608 Lynn Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-4483 - Dorothy 432-267-1867 - Patsy jrwood4suddenlink.n et Organizations

Tumbleweed Smith

Bob Lewis P. O. Box 95 Big Spring TX 79721 432-263-3813.....Fax: 432-263-6347 ts@crcom.n et tumbleweedsmith.c om Individual Members


U U.S. Realty c/o College Park Shop. Center

Michael Morgan 615 Upper N. Broadway Suite 101 Corpus Christie TX 78401 361-561-1700.....Fax: 361-561-1703 apinon@aetnarealty.c om Shopping Centers

United Country Heart of the City Realtors

Sherri Key 1209 Gregg P.O. Box 1551 Big Spring TX 79721 432-714-4555.....Fax: 432-714-4560 skey@unitedcountry.c om w ww.heartofthecityrealtors.c om Real Estate

United Way of Big Spring/ Howard Co

Sandy Stewart P.O. Box 24 215 W. 3rd Street Big Spring TX 79721 432-267-5201.....Fax: 432-267-7901 uway@bigspringtx.c om w Organizations

UTPB Small Business Development Center

Enrique Romero 4901 E. University Blvd. Odessa TX 79762 432-552-2455.....Fax: 432-552-3455 w Business Development

V Variety Self Storage

Preston & Keisha Harrison P.O. Box 332 Big Spring TX 79721 432-270-3070 or 432-213-5315 432-394-4362 harrison@crcom.n et Self Storage

Veolia Water Americas Industrial Business

Gordon McDaniel P.O. Box 1311 Big Spring TX 79721 432-263-9548.....Fax: 432-264-9732 432-268-6403 cheryl.kennemur@veoliawaterna.c om veoliawaterna.c om Industrial Equipment/Supplies

Victim Services of Big Spring

Shann Courtney P.O. Box 2137 Big Spring TX 79721-2137 432-263-3312....Fax: 432-267-3626 shannvs@suddenlinkmail.c om w ww.vsofbigspring.c om Organizations

Volunteer Services BSSH

Jamey Stegall 1901 N. Hwy 87 Big Spring TX 79720 432-268-7535.....Fax: 432-268-7803 432-268-7536 Government Agencies


W Waldrop Construction Company, Inc.

Paul Waldrop PO Box 3298 1400 W. 4th Big Spring TX 79721-3298 432-263-2416....Fax: 432-263-3460 lee@waldropconstruction.c om waldropconstruction.c om Contractors/General

WalMart Supercenter

Tim Walsh 201 W. Marcy Drive Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-3363.....Fax: 432-267-4123 432-267-2525 w om Department Stores Variety Stores

Walter L. Shipman, Attorney at Law

Walter L. Shipman 309 S. Main St., Suite 5 Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-6660.....Fax: 432-264-9599 shpmnwnw@sbcglobal.n et Attorneys

Ward, David L. DDS., P.C.

David Ward 1500 Scurry Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-1677.....Fax: 432-267-7840 432-263-5650 (Home) dlwddspc@crcom.n et w ww.davidwarddds.c om Dentists/Dental Labs/Dental Care

Ward’s Boots, Saddle & Western Wear

Shane Ward/Mrs. Karen Ward 1109 S. Gregg Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-8512.....Fax: 432-267-7959 sandkward@att.n et Clothing/Apparel-Retail

Water Water Your Culligan Dealer

Richard Wright P.O. Box 2291 1509 E. FM 700 Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-8781.....Fax: 432-263-3850 432-263-0720 Water Service & Softener

Weaver & Ferguson

John T. Ferguson PO Box 1750 105 W. 4th Big Spring TX 79721-1750 432-267-8203.....Fax: 432-267-8203 weavferg@yahoo.c om Attorneys

Weaver, Marcellous (Boosie) Indv. Mem. Boosie Weaver P.O. Box 931 Big Spring TX 79721-0931 432-267-8840 Individual Members

Weeks Broadcasting Inc. DBA KBYG & KXCS

John Weeks 2801 Wasson Dr. Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-6351.....Fax: 432-263-8223 production@kbyg.c om Radio Communications

Big Spring Area Chamber of Commerce

Wegman, Debra S. Associate Member

Debra S. Wegman 215 W. 3rd Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-8235.....Fax: 432-264-7431 dwegman@mybigspring.c om w ww.visitbigspring.c om Associate Member

Wegman Homes

Drew Wegman PO Box 2377 Big Spring TX 79721 806-548-1153 dreww@wegmanhomes.c om w ww.wegmanhomes.c om New Home Construction

Wells Fargo Bank N.A.

Dustin Wylie 400 S. Main Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-267-5513.....Fax: 432-263-6543 432-268-6225 w ww.wellsfargo.c om Banks & Banking Associations Banking & Financial Services

Wes-Tex Telecom

Darren Patrick 711 Scurry Street Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-0091.....Fax: 432-268-8801 432-756-3826 jamesbobwilson@aol.c om http://w Local & Long Distance Service Business & Residential Telecommunications

West Office Supply

J. West 1601 Scurry Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-1788.....Fax: 432-264-1789 westsupply.n et westsupply.n et Office-Supplies/Furniture Printing

West Side Community Day Care Center

Melinda Hernandez P.O. Box 2296 2300 Simler Dr. Big Spring TX 79721-2296 432-263-7841.....Fax: 432-264-0351 mbhernandez@crcom.n et Child Care Non-Profit Organization

West Texas Centers

Shelley Smith 319 Runnels Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-0007.....Fax: 432-264-0916 w Health Care Clinics

West Texas Friendly RV Park Ian Welles 5327 Wasson Road Big Spring TX 79720 432-517-4829 254-434-1610 wtxfriendlyrvpark@yahoo.c om w ww.westtexasrv.c om RV Park

West Texas Injury Prevention

Tessa Reid 1111 S. Scurry Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-1920.....Fax: 432-267-2228 w Health Care Clinics

West Texas VA Health Care Systems

Iva Jo Hanslik 300 Veterans Blvd. Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-7361.....Fax: 432-268-5086 432-264-4824 w Hospitals

Western Bank Coahoma Branch

Brodie Wash PO Box 140 Coahoma TX 79511 432-394-4256.....Fax: 432-394-4061 w ww.thebank.n et Banking & Financial Services

Western Bank - Scurry Branch Joel De La Garza P.O. Box 3430 607 S. Scurry Big Spring TX 79721 432-466-0000.....Fax: 432-466-0028 432-394-4256 Coahoma w ww.thebank.n et Banking & Financial Services

Western Container Corporation Pat Chesworth 1600 First Avenue Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-8361.....Fax: 432-263-8075 Plastic Products Mfg.

Western Sportsman Club Elaine Dehlinger PO Box 1203 Big Spring TX 79721 432-816-3105 eldehl@yahoo.c om Organizations

Westex Auto Parts, Inc.

Eddie Cole 1511 Hwy 350 P.O. Box 1807 Big Spring TX 79721-1807 432-263-5000.....Fax: 432-267-1680 800-622-1888 westexap.c om Automotive Parts & Supplies Wrecking yards

Wheeler Motor Co.

Sandra Wheeler Evans Box 770 Stanton TX 79782 432-756-2341 w ww.wheelermotor.c om Automotive-Dealers

Whip In RV Park

Gary Bianco 7000 South Service Road Big Spring TX 79720 432-393-5242 whipinrvpark@yahoo.c om w ww.whipinrvpark.c om RV Park

Workforce Solutions Permian Basin

Sylvia Miramontes PO Box 3057 Big Spring TX 79721 432-263-8373.....Fax: 432-264-7703 800-749-8373 w ww.workintexas.c om Employment Agencies Job Search/Training

Worthy Land & Development Inc.

Jerry Worthy 3113 S. Gregg St.(S. Hwy 87) Big Spring TX 79720 432-263-8297.....Fax: 432-263-1998 432-816-9627 jworthy@suddenlinkmail.c om Land Developers

Wright, Donna Individual Member Donna Wright #17 ValVerde Big Spring TX 79720 432-264-2214 - (WK) 432-267-6723 - (HM) Fax: 432-264-2215 Individual Members

Y YMCA of Big Spring

Dathan Jones P.O. Box 1428 Big Spring TX 79721 432-267-8234....Fax: 432-267-5614 Organizations

1109 North Aylesford • Big Spring, TX 79720 Front Desk: 432-263-5400 • Fax: 432-263-5401

Enjoy Big Spring, Texas Hotel’s Southern Hospitality Nestled in a gorge between two high foothills, Big Spring is a thriving community boasting beautiful vistas and numerous recreational opportunities. At the Holiday Inn Express® Big Spring hotel, we go above and beyond to offer you the best in service and amenities. If you’re looking for a Big Spring hotel that can help you stay productive during your business trip, look no further. We provide free Wi-Fi access in all our guest rooms and a well-equipped Business Center. A 660-square-foot meeting room is ideal for any conference or event. Additionally, we are near the area’s top companies, including Alon Refinery. Outdoor enthusiasts can find plenty of recreational opportunities in Big Spring, Texas. Our hotel’s conveniently near both Comanche Trail Park and Big Spring State Park, where visitors can enjoy everything from fishing and hiking to picnicking. The Heritage Museum of Big Spring and Hangar 25 Air Museum offer a glimpse into the area’s history. Golfers love playing the challenging course at Comanche Trail Municipal Golf Course. Whether you’re here on business or pleasure, we have all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay in Big Spring, Texas. Our hotel’s Fitness Center helps you maintain your workout routine. In the morning, join us for coffee and a cinnamon roll at the free, hot Express Start Breakfast Bar. Make your reservations today and “Stay Smart” on your next trip to Texas!

Big Spring, TX 2014 Community Profile and Membership Directory  

Big Spring, TX 2014 Community Profile and Membership Directory

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