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Community Journal 100 Black Men of Long Island Inc. Health and Wellness Chairman

KEVIN BYRD Receives Designated Honorary Street named for Foundations Advocacy 100 Black Men of Long Island Inc. Health and Wellness Chairman KEVIN BYRD Receives Designated Honorary Street named for Foundations Advocacy Utica City Department of Legislation: Sponsored by: Councilmembers Meola, Giruzzi, Vescera, Testa, Marino, McKinsey, Colosimo-Testa, Zecca Bucciero Resolution: DESIGNATE AN HONORARY STREET for 'KEVIN BYRD' RESOLVED, That the Common Council does hereby

VOL. 19 NO. 10

designate an honorary street “ Brown Byrd Lane” sign to be placed on both ends of the street below the Pond Lane signs. Hempstead, New York - 100 Black Men of Long Island Inc. Health and Wellness Chairman KEVIN BYRD Receives Designated Honorary Street named for Foundations Advocacy. KEVIN BYRD is a God Fearing Multiple Award Winning Entertainer/Global Prostate Cancer Health Advocate who's celebrating his 24th year

in entertainment since 1989, at 31 Byrd is a true Super Star. Kevin Byrd is a Prostate Cancer Health Advocate and CEO of his own non for profit foundation called "BrownByrd Prostate Cancer Foundation" since 2003 located on 110 Wall Street, Manhattan, New York. November 7th, 2011 Kevin Byrd was appointed as the new Health & Wellness Chairman of Long Island on behalf the 100 Black Men of (Continued on page 2)

Serving Nassau County’s


African American Community


FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

‘Free stuff’: Is Mitt Romney going to benefit from the NAACP’s boos? Mitt Romney must think he is very clever. The Republican presiden(Continued from page 1)

Long Island Inc. Kevin Byrd is the youngest male Prostate Cancer Health Advocate in the U.S; since his grandfather C. J Thomas died of Prostate Cancer at the age of 23 years old, and the youngest Health& Wellness Chairman of Long Island for the 100 Black Men of Long Island since 1974. Media Accomplishments Kevin Byrd's work has received National and International Media Attention in hundreds of publications (circulating millions of people worldwide) such as Epoch International Times, Special Media Placement, Newsday, Amsterdam Newspaper, Vibe Magazine, IFlow Magazine, King Magazine,, Hush Magazine, Rolling Out, Urban Buzz Magazine, Parle Magazine, New York Beacon, Caribbean Life, New York Times, Hempstead Times, Black Star News etc. Kevin Byrd at 31 is the youngest African American male to have an Honorary Street in New York State (in the 21st Century). Rolling Out: "Kevin Byrd is one of the most prominent Prostate Cancer Health Advocates in the World" Kevin Byrd's work in February 2012 (for Black History Month) was honored and entered into the Congressional Record (Library of Congress) on February 2nd, 2012 by House of Representatives Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke, and recognized his annual Prostate Cancer Awareness Observance Day Globally. Kevin Byrd has been honored by over 100 International Mayors/Government officials across the World and has earned more than 150 PROCLAMATION AWARDS (city state Highest Awards). Kevin Byrd's Home Town in Utica, New York designated a KEVIN BYRD DAY that's honored every October 1st& A KEVIN BYRD DAY in DeKalb County, Georgia for November 2nd with a population of over one Million Citizens. Kevin Byrd is nationally known for his portrayal as Lt. John R. NASSAU COUNTY EDITION

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tial hopeful’s willingness to go speak to a “hostile” audience at the annual NAACP National Convention in Houston yesterday was billed as courageous, or even a smart political move. (Continued on page 4)

Fox in the 2006 History/HBO movie "Honor Deferred" produced by Al Roker, starring Samuel Jackson and Bernie Mac. Lt. John R. Fox a WW II hero who killed 100 German Soldiers in the War died in action, and was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor five decades after his heroic acts by President Clinton. The documentary picked up an Emmy/NAMIC Vision Award Nomination and garned great reviews. The likeness of Lt. John R. Fox was transformed into a G.I. Joe Action Figure by Hasbro the summer of 2008. Kevin Byrd in July 2008 starred in the Hit Bollywood Movie premiered on the big screen in India and selected city states in America by Award Winning movie producer/director Manan Kathora called "When Kiran Meets Karen" and Byrd was the only African American Male Actor who starred in the movie; which garnered national great media reviews. In addition Kevin Byrd starred as the Cover Model for the Best Selling Paperback Novel "Things In Between" by Nathanial Portis whose book is distributed in book stores nationwide including Barnes and Nobles and sold over 100,000 copies World Wide. Byrd currently is preparing for his Live One Man Show "RELEASE" DVD Recording in August 2012 at the Legendary Nuyorian Poets Cafe hosted by BET Comic View's Comedian Ardie Fuqua. The show depicts the six stages of development of men from the ages of 18 to 65 years old. BLACKSTAR NEWS, states, "Kevin Byrd gives an Oscar Award worthy Performance of "RELEASE A MUST SEE SHOW" To get more information and to join Kevin Byrd’s Fan Club log on to and also now available KEVIN BYRD’S store are over 115 products for purchase at HTTP:// WWW.CAFEPRESS.COM/KEVBYRD: Tee-Shirts, Coffee Mugs, Posters, and DVD’s! Contact the Brown Byrd Prostate Cancer Foundation 110 Wall Street 11th Floor New York, 10005 or call us @ 212 709-8335 for media interviews and speaking engagements for Kevin Byrd. PAGE 2


FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

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FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

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President Obama declined an offer to speak at the convention and sent Vice President Joe Biden instead, leaving Romney as the sole presidential hopeful addressing the convention. Romney and conservatives billed his speech as a willingness to speak to a community which overwhelmingly supports the president, while at the same time pandering to their interests and pretending to be concerned about the extremely high rates of AfricanAmerican unemployment, placing the blame for those high rates squarely on the president. But Mitt Romney might be too clever for his own good. During the speech, Romney got just what he came for. In a segment of his remarks to the NAACP pulled right from his stump speech normally given to Republican audiences, Romney said he was going to get rid of “wasteful” programs saying, “[a]nd so to do that I’m going to eliminate every non-essential program I can find. And that includes Obamacare.” The Obama friendly audience loudly booed these comments and Romney stood awkwardly and almost grinning soaking it all in. Mitt Romney got exactly he came for. Romney later admitted he “expected” to be booed. His willingness to speak with black Americans who support the president at rates consistently as high as 90% was all for show. The appearance was not about bravery or a genuine concern for the issues impacting the African-Americans, it was about speaking to his own base. Romney gave a speech to the NAACP convention but the message was not for black voters, it was for Republicans. Romney’s calculated ploy was confirmed later on at a campaign fundraiser in Hamilton, Montana when the candidate commented on his NAACP appearance and reception: By the way, I had the privilege of speaking today at the NAACP convention in Houston and I gave them the same speech I am giving you. I don’t give different speeches to different audiences alright. I gave them the same speech. When I mentioned I am going to get rid of Obamacare they weren’t happy, I didn’t get the same response. That’s ok, I want people to know what I stand for and if I don’t stand for what they want, go vote for someone else, that’s just fine. But I hope people understand this, your friends who like Obamacare, you remind them of this, if they want more stuff from government tell them to go vote for the other guy-more free stuff. But don’t forget nothing is really free. It has to paid for by people in the private sector creating goods and services, and if people want jobs more than they want free stuff from government, then they are going to have to get government to be smaller. And if they don’t want to repeal Obamacare they are going to have to give me some other stuff they are thinking about cutting, but my list takes Obamacare off first and I have a lot of other things I am thinking of cutting. This Romney message about what “they” want was a racial dog whistle and there is no need for Romney to explain to his base supporters who


WATCH AND PRAY God is about to release a 7 FOLD BLESSING. He is doing something new. SO WATCH AND PRAY. God Bless. “they” are. The message is understood by all. Black and brown people were demonized all throughout the long Republican primary, with Newt Gingrich frequently referring to President Obama as the “food stamp president” in many ways returning to the “welfare queen” language of the Clinton years. While Romney has mostly avoided directly stroking racial bias, his comments in Montana and his willingness to appear alongside Donald “Birther” Trump is sending a clear message to simultaneously to both black Democratic voters and the white Republican base. And yet Romney’s attempt at a clever rouse to give the impression — to middle of the road voters — that he cares at all about issues that impact African-Americans is as transparent as can be. If only Mitt Romney could be this transparent about the mysterious contents of his tax returns. PAGE 4


FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly provokes blacks with murder comments New York City police commissioner Ray Kelly has sparked controversy with comments he made concerning black leader’s preoccupation with stop-and-frisk compared the to the spate of recent murders throughout the city. The New York Post reports: NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly yesterday ripped into leaders of the predominantly minority communities where shootings are soaring, accusing them of being “shockingly silent” to the rising body count. His comments — which outraged local leaders — came as the parents of a 3-year-old Brooklyn boy shot by thugs in a playground said they support the top cop’s controversial stop-andfrisk program. “They need to do it more often,” Tiffiney Monajas said as her toddler son, Isaiah Rivera, recovered in their Bedford-Stuyvesant apartment from the gunshot to his leg Sunday. Isaiah’s dad, José Rivera, said stop-and-frisk “could have stopped this person, whoever did this, from having a gun.”

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lence. We’ve had demonstrations about virtually every other issue in this city except the level of violence, particularly in certain communities. “So, yeah, I’d like to hear some concerns raised about that, because I think, you know, if you don’t hear that in certain communities, [they] almost, in a way, passively accept it as, you know, life.” A spokesman for Mayor Bloomberg later insisted, “The commissioner didn’t say anything he hasn’t said multiple times before, and the mayor is in agreement.” But community leaders — reeling from statistics that show little Isaiah was one of 77 New Yorkers shot last week, a 28 percent jump over the same period in 2011 — screamed foul. “I believe [Kelly] is using racial undertones to divide this city on who has a passion to deal with the issues of crime,” seethed state Sen. Eric Adams of Brooklyn. “He basically said black elected officials don’t care about the safety of their community.’’ Manhattan Councilwoman Melissa Mark Viverito added, “To imply that we don’t care just because we don’t agree with [stop-andfrisk] is irresponsible and inflammatory.” Brooklyn Councilman Jumaane Williams, who co-chairs the council’s Task Force to Combat Gun Violence, said Kelly’s comments “directly insult communities like mine, which are grieving for our lost and trying to save our young people every day.

Kelly griped that while others complain about the policy, “Who will speak out about the elephant in the corner, which is the inordinate level of violence that exists in many of these communities?

“Where was Commissioner Kelly this weekend when I and others were in the streets with families who had lost their children? Where was Mayor Bloomberg?”

“I think there should be an outcry that 96 percent of the shooting victims in this city are black or Latino,’’ he railed after a Police Athletic League event in Harlem, according to the NYPD. “There should be a huge outcry, but there isn’t.

Additional reporting by Sally Goldenberg, David Seifman, Dan Mangan, Natasha Velez, Helen Freund and Kate Sheehy

“There doesn’t seem to be any major community response. Or demonstrations. We have not had a demonstration about this 3-yearold child. We haven’t had a demonstration about the level of vioNASSAU COUNTY EDITION



FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

NBC appoints black woman as new drama VP Effective immediately, Pearlena Igbokwe has been appointed NBC’s executive vice president of drama programming on Tuesday. She has replaced Laura Lancaster, who departed Monday from the post after a six-year run as executive VP of drama programming. Igbokwe will oversee all of NBC’s drama series. The Hollywood Reporter has the full story: NBC has found its new executive vp drama programming. A day after Laura Lancaster departed the post, NBC on Tuesday named Pearlena Igbokwe as her replacement, effective immediately. Lancaster will segue into a consulting role to help with the transition. Igbokwe will oversee the development of all of NBC’s dramas and report to NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke. “Pearlena has forged an impressive track record over her successful career that has earned her the admiration of the creative community,” Salke said in a release. “She will bring a unique perspective to development that will help us reach our goal of once again making NBC the home of some of the best and most respected dramas on television.” Igbokwe becomes the latest Showtime staffer to follow Greenblatt to NBC. She leaves the premium cable network after a 20-year tenure, during which she developed the pilot and oversaw each season of Dexter, one of the series that helped put Showtime on the map with original programming. Her credits also include Nurse Jackie and The Big C and the upcoming drama Masters of Sex. NASSAU COUNTY EDITION

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"Pearlena is hands-down one of the best creative executives I've ever worked with, and I'm thrilled she is coming to NBC,” Greenblatt said. "She will be instrumental in reinvigorating our drama slate and making the network a haven for the top creative people in our business." Lancaster left NBC late Monday after a six-year run as exec vp drama programming, during which time she oversaw the launch of Heroes, Friday Night Lights and short-lived entries The Playboy Club and Prime Suspect. The executive was part of the incumbent staff that Greenblatt inherited when he boarded the network as entertainment chief. At May's upfront presentation in New York, Lancaster touted the return of successful first-year dramas Grimm and Smash, the latter of which Greenblatt brought with him from Showtime. Although both series were renewed, NBC has struggled to find a breakout drama as it works to improve its standing in the ratings. (With a hefty boost from the Super Bowl, the Peacock pushed ahead of ABC to end the TV season ranked third.) Lancaster's upcoming drama slate includes fall launches Revolution and Chicago Fire as well as midseason entries Do No Harm and Infamous. While NBC ordered the four dramas, its series orders this year were dominated by seven comedies, including efforts from Ryan Murphy and Josh Gad. E-mail:; Twitter: @Snoodit



FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

GOP rep Mike Turzai’s gaffe reveals real goal of voter ID laws: Voter suppression The Republican strategy for winning the youth vote, black vote, and low-income vote has been to ensure that no one belonging to any of those three groups is able to vote. The GOP has aggressively pursued some of the most stringent voter ID laws, and since 2010, 16 states have enacted the most restrictive barriers to voting since poll taxes and literacy tests. With the exception of one state, all of these laws have been voted on party lines, with Republican officials voting in favor. Up until now, the party line has been they are “protecting the integrity of the vote” by protecting the American public from the nonexistent issue of voter fraud. In reality, all they have done is made it harder for those constituencies (youth, blacks, low-income) who do not traditionally lean Republican to get into the voting booth. Yet, they’ve done an amazing job of sticking to their “protect the vote” message and getting the American people to buy that line of bull. However, Pennsylvania state House Republican Mike Turzai recently let it slip. In his remarks to the Republican State Committee over the weekend, the state representative listed the achievements of he and his colleagues and got a bit careless. Turzai said, “Pro-Second Amendment? The Castle Doctrine, it’s done. First pro-life legislation – abortion facility regulations — in 22 years, done. Voter ID, which is gonna allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania, done.” Journalist Michael Kinsley once described a gaffe as when a politician tells the truth, and Turzai just committed a gaffe that will likely garner little public attention but reveals the true motives of the GOP efforts to curb voter fraud. The fact of the matter is, voter fraud is a non-issue. The Brennan Center for Justice estimates that instances of voter fraud occur at the laughable rate of 0.0004 percent. It is hardly the scourge on our democracy Republicans would have us believe it to be. Yet, in this era of post-truth politics where facts account for little of our understandNASSAU COUNTY EDITION

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ing of political machinations, Republicans have fooled 64 percent of the American public into believing voter fraud exists. GOP officials will say they don’t need to wait for it to become a problem before solving it, but when has preventative legislation ever been a Republican concern? Climate change, anyone? No, the real goal has been and continues to be voter suppression. In Pennsylvania, Turzai’s state, the new voter ID law signed by Republican Gov. Tom Corbett the same day it passed the legislature in March of this year requires voters to have “photo identification issued by state or federal government, a state university or a nursing home.” Further, the ID must have a current expiration date, which, as reported by BrentinMock for ColorLines, state employee identification cards, which are valid forms ID under the law, do not have. Approximately 10 percent of Pennsylvanians do not have a valid ID under this new law. Which is more important: the 0.0004 percent of potential voter fraud or the 10 percent of the state’s population being excluded from the democratic process? According to Turzai and his Republican colleagues, the 10 percent doesn’t matter at all, and because so many will be ineligible to vote, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is assured victory come November. Turzai’s spokesman, Stephen Miskin, has attempted to do damage control on the Majority Leader’s comments. According to CBS, Miskin said, “He’s saying that for the first time a Republican candidate – presidential candidate – is going to have a fairer playing field,” and added, “Just like every other candidate is going to have a fairer playing field, because they’re going to insure that the voter, that each individual vote, rather, is protected.” However, the fundamental right to vote is being denied to thousands across the state, and if Republicans have their way, millions across the country. Voting is the most basic building block of our democracy, but because they fear losing, Republicans would rather prevent people from voting than to adapt their ideas to the modern world which they inhabit and win votes and elections by honest means. The GOP can continue to sound the alarm on the phantom of voter fraud, but one of their own has publicly revealed their true intentions. They are just as dishonorable as we all suspected. Follow Mychal Denzel Smith on Twitter at @mychalsmith PAGE 7


FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

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Rep. McCarthy Receives Distinguished Public Service Award GARDEN CITY, NY (July 3, 2012) -- Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY04) received the top award – the Distinguished Public Service Award – at the Village of Hempstead’s Annual Awards Gala recently. In remarks given at the Verdi’s catering hall in Westbury, Rep. McCarthy spoke about the importance of community service, especially in a tough economy when many non-profit and government services are reduced or eliminated. “They say it takes a village to raise a child – I’d also say it takes committed leaders and selfless public servants and volunteers like yourselves to make a village,” Rep. McCarthy said to Hempstead Village Mayor Wayne Hall and other honorees gathered at the event. Rep. McCarthy has worked to formally encourage public service and volunteerism as a Member of Congress. She was one of the lead authors of the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, which created a national infrastructure for service volunteerism programs and was signed into law in 2009.

20 Employers Signed Up for Rep. McCarthy’s Long Island Job Fair WASHINGTON, DC (July 11, 2012) – Twenty employers and counting are now signed up for Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY04)’s “Long Island Job Fair,” which she’s holding in her district on July 23. Confirmed employers who’ll be at the public event, Rep. McCarthy’s second job fair in the past year, include: Aflac Avon Cablevision Century 21 Stores Fidelis Care Hofstra University JPMorgan Chase Macy's Roosevelt Field NY Community Bank New York Life Primerica South Nassau Communities Hospital The event will take place on Monday, July 23 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Nassau Community College’s College Center Building Multi(Continued on page 13)




FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

Rep. McCarthy Helping Local Fire Depts. Receive Federal Grants for Equipment, Staffing GARDEN CITY, NY (July 10, 2012) -- Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY04), whose dedication to public health and safety is a hallmark of her work in Congress, recently held a workshop for local fire departments to help them apply for hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal grant money for equipment and staffing. “Our volunteer firefighters put their lives on the line every day and Congress must continue to provide them with the resources that they need to meet the challenges that they face,” Rep. McCarthy said. “I encourage all my local fire departments and emergency response teams to take advantage of these programs and apply for federal dollars.”

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Firefighters Museum. Eight fire departments in Rep. McCarthy’s district received a total of $1.7 million in federal grants in 2010 and 2011. Rep. McCarthy’s staff is available to help with applications. Each year the Department of Homeland Security provides three kinds of grants for local fire departments. The Assistance to Firefighters Grant helps fire departments get critically needed equipment, protective gear, emergency vehicles and training. The Fire Prevention and Safety Grant supports projects that enhance safety from common fire hazards and especially targets highrisk populations The SAFER Grant, which stands for Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response, provides funding to departments to help them hire and train new firefighters in their communities. For more information on these grant programs, contact Rep. McCarthy’s office at (516) 739-3008.


The workshop was hosted by Rep. McCarthy and officials from the Federal Emergency Management Agency at the Nassau County NASSAU COUNTY EDITION



FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

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The Association for a Better Long Island (ABLI) and Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy, Congressmen Peter King, Steve Israel and Tim Bishop, along with members of the region’s aviation, business, labor and educational communities today vowed to oppose plans that would see the FAA relocate key air traffic control centers off Long Island. Standing before the gates of the FAA TRACON (Terminal Radar

trollers and personnel who have made their lives on Long Island not be forced to uproot their families. These jobs must stay on Long Island." Congressman Israel said, “I’m here today to send a message to the FAA that it’s common sense for the new integrated Air Traffic Control system for New York’s Airports to be on Long Island. Not only will the new facility create more than 1,000 construction jobs and retain more than 850 highly-skilled FAA jobs in our region, but it will also reinforce critical transportation infrastructure in New York. We shouldn’t move the facility to a location where the highly-skilled workers needed to fill these jobs are not guaranteed. The Long Island delegation is coming together to fight to have these jobs and the innovative new hub on Long Island.” Congressman Bishop stated, “This is about standing up for thousands of middle class air traffic control and construction jobs that depend on FAA making the right call and build here in Long Island and I have already spoken directly with the Secretary of Transportation and acting FAA Administrator about this critical issue,” said Congressman Tim Bishop. “I will continue to assert my leadership and work with my colleagues on a bipartisan basis to make the strongest possible case for Long Island as the most cost-effective and appropriate location for the FAA’s new integrated control facility.”

Approach Control), 1515 Stewart Avenue, Garden City, Jan Burman, President of the ABLI, stated, “Long Island has learned the hard way. You don’t let talented, high paying jobs leave the region. They never come back.” Burman noted that the FAA’s proposal would put a significant economic drain on Long Island. “An estimated 900 jobs paying an average of $100,000 would be lost to other regions if the FAA proceeds with its relocation plan. If this recession has taught us anything it is that Long Island cannot afford to lose these types of skilled, well paid, positions. These jobs are part of the high-tech skill set we are known and respected for and losing them to other parts of the state or nation would be strategically harmful.” Long Island’s Congressional delegation speaks as one Congresswoman McCarthy stated, ““We’re very concerned about the local jobs at stake here -- Long Island’s rich aviation history and pool of skilled workers make it the perfect place for air traffic control of our region’s airports and we’re fighting to make sure that workers aren’t displaced. It could also be cheaper for the FAA and for taxpayers to use existing workers rather than to relocate or train new ones, making Long Island a win-win location for everyone.” Congressman King told the gathering, "As I have repeatedly communicated to the FAA, it is essential that the new facility be built on Long Island. It is not only cost effective, it is imperative that the con-

Identifying locations for a new center ABLI’s past president Ed Blumenfeld said there are a number of locations on Long Island where the FAA could consolidate their operations for the 21st Century. “Options include Mitchel Field in Nassau County, the former Pilgrim Psychiatric Center in Islip and the Calverton property that once was the home of the Tomcat F-14 fighter. Clearly, an audit of available property will demonstrate there are areas that could accommodate the facility the FAA is considering. By doing so we would prevent the dislocation of hundreds of families, the loss of jobs and the enormous cost of relocation.” The ABLI represents some $15 billion in commercial, industrial, retail and residential real estate throughout the bi-county region and is committed to orderly economic growth. Dr. Thomas Conoscenti, an economist for the ABLI, said the region would lose some $198 million if the FAA’s plan to relocate its air traffic control centers off Long Island. Marc Herbst, Executive Director of the Long Island Contractors’ Association (LICA) and Bill Duffy, president of the Public Works Alliance (PWA) issued a joint statement supporting the efforts of the region’s Congressional delegation. “The slow and steady hemorrhage of talented people from Long Island has to stop. In addition, the creation of new federal infrastructure that directly supports our air transportation industry belongs here. We are proud to stand with members of the ABLI and our members of Congress to achieve these strategic goals.”

ABLI and LI Congressional delegation stand against proposed relocation of key FAA control centers with hundreds of skilled jobs




FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

Congress passes long term Transportation Bill! Surprise! The House and Senate have voted in favor of a longterm federal transportation bill! After the conference committee working to resolve differences in the bill came to an agreement Wednesday night, Congress issued last-minute votes in favor of the new H.R. 4348, coming in just before the current extension expired on June 30th. The final bill language was released on Thursday morning, and details emerged slowly as organizations and Congress members sifted through the 599-page conference report. The bill passed both Chambers of Congress with overwhelming bipartisan support. Though the bill does not contain every element that we hoped for, we can still celebrate the accomplishment of passing a fairly progressive, long-term bill that provides much more certainty for our nation’s transportation systems. An extra year was added, meaning the bill is set to expire at the end of 2014. It was combined with a plan to prevent student loan interest rates from doubling.

Transit Funding. Overall, highway and transit funding levels were kept more or less the same. The old threat to eliminate all dedicated transit funding has been defeated. And the existing formula that gives 80% of funding to highways and 20% to transit has been altered a few points in favor of transit. This likely means more transit funding for our region. Local Control. The Cardin-Cochran Amendment that allows for local control over a small amount of bike/ped funding was largely maintained. Thank you to those of you who made calls and wrote memos protecting this important program. Read on for more details. TOD Planning Grants. A TOD planning program (at $10 million) is included in the bill which will provide grants for municipalities near a New Starts project. Similarly, there are New Starts “core capacity” grants, which for the first time allow transit agencies to use the New Starts program to fund major repair and maintenance projects if they can prove they have ridership, travel time benefits, and NASSAU COUNTY EDITION

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other components that would bring similar benefits as an expansion project. This is a big plus for our region. No Bigger Trucks. Advocates working to block proposals to increase the size limit of trucks (imagine 3 or more containers on one vehicle) were able to celebrate, as the bill authorized a two-year study on the impact of these large trucks. These trucks would add exponentially more damage to both our infrastructure and environment, and the new study will likely show that. Vision worked with these groups when we participated in Railroad Day for freight rail advocacy in Washington in March. No Pipeline or Coal Ash. It’s a small point for us, but the agreement detached itself from the controversial provisions to authorize the Keystone XL pipeline and reduce restrictions on coal ash from power plants. This was a major problem in coming to an agreement on the transportation bill in recent months.

To reach an agreement, many of the progressive programs from the Senate’s MAP-21 legislation were sacrificed. Some existing programs were hurt, but not as badly as anticipated. In some cases, these items can be addressed at the state or local level, while others will have to wait until the next reauthorization in 2015. Bike/Ped Programs. Three small programs that fund bike/ pedestrian amenities, Transportation Enhancements, Safe Routes to Schools, and Recreational Trails, were rolled into one new program called Transportation Alternatives (better than the proposed “Additional Activities” title which would have also included road funding and environmental review). The overall funding level was decreased from $1.1 billion per year to $750 million. Half of the funding will go directly to MPOs (like NYMTC), and will be distributed through a competitive grant process. The other half will go to the states, who have full control over the funding and will have the ability to opt-out and spend the money on different types of projects. The Cardin-Cochran amendment would have required states to distribute their portion in a competitive grant process, as well. But in New York, where bike/ped issues are such a major concern, we do not anticipate the state redirecting these funds. Complete Streets. The proposal to establish a nationwide Complete Streets program was eliminated. Though this certainly hurts many places in the country where pedestrian deaths are a problem, New York and Long Island can rest easy, as under our new statewide Complete Streets law we are guaranteed to be able to use our road funding for safe streets. (Continued on page 12)



FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

SUMMER FEEDING PROGRAM HELPS FILLS GAP FOR HUNGRY LI CHILDREN — Island Harvest providing free nutritious lunches and snack for children who rely on free or reduced meal programs when school is in session — MINEOLA, NY — July 9, 2012 — For most children summertime is meant for fun in the sun, trips to the beach and summer camp. For approximately 88,000 Long Island children who rely on free or reduced school breakfast and lunch programs during the school year, summer can spell crisis. Thanks to the Summer Food Service Program children 18 years old and younger can access free supplemental meals and snacks provided by Island Harvest, Long Island’s largest hunger relief organization. “Hunger has become a year-round issue on Long Island and even though food may be plentiful for most of us during the summer, for many Long Islanders, including children, finding enough nutritious food is a daily struggle,” Randi Shubin Dresner, president and CEO of Island Harvest. “Fortunately, through the Summer Food Service Program, children facing hunger can now have nutritious meals or snacks available at several locations in Nassau and Suffolk counties.” The Island Harvest Summer Food Service Program, which begins July 2, is administered by the Food and Nutrition Service, an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture through the New York State Department of Education. At the local level, the program is managed by USDA-approved sponsors, including school districts, local government agencies, camps, and nonprofit organizations, like Island Harvest. According to Feeding America, the nation’s leading domestic anti-hunger organization, 89% of schoolchildren receiving subsidized meals when school is in session, often go hungry during the summer because they do not participate in the program. Island Harvest expects to serve over 20,000 lunches this summer. “Now that school has ended for the summer, many children will lose their one chance to have a balanced meal during the day,” added Ms. Dresner. “Proper nutrition is essential to the growth and development of children and many of them, especially those in low-income spectrum, don’t always have access to good, wholesome food. The Summer Food Service Program helps bridge that gap.” Island Harvest sponsored SFSP Sites on Long Island include: Nassau County Woodward Children’s Center, 201 W. Merrick Road, Freeport Freeport High School, 50 S. Brookside Avenue, Freeport Robert M. Finley Middle School, Forest Avenue, Glen Cove Campbell Park (Fridays only), 80 Evans Avenue, Hempstead We Care for Children (August 20-24 only), 100 Terrace Avenue, Hempstead Outreach Church of God in Christ, 226 Lawrence Avenue, Lawrence Port Washington CAC, S. Salem Elem. 10 Newbury Road, Port Washington Mt. Sinai Baptist Church, 243 Frederick Avenue, Roosevelt Hector Gayle Roslyn Comm. Center, 53 Orchard Street, Roslyn Heights Martin “Bunky” Reid Park, Broadway at Urban Avenue, Westbury Westbury Recreation Center, 348 Post Avenue, Westbury St. John’s Baptist Church (July 2-6 only), 1025 Prospect Avenue, Westbury Suffolk County Penates, 1360 Fifth Avenue, Bay Shore Brentwood Recreation Center, (August 20-24 only), 99 3rd Avenue, Brentwood Bridgehampton Child Care, 551 Sag Harbor Turnpike, Bridgehampton YES Central Islip Recreation Center, 555 Clayton Street, Central NASSAU COUNTY EDITION

Page 12

Islip Francis J. O’Neill School, 545 Clayton Street, Central Islip Faith Baptist Church, 10 Teller Avenue, Coram David W. Crohan Comm. Center, 655 Flanders Road, Flanders Huntington Sta. Enrichment Center, 1264 New York Avenue, Huntington Station Harrison Hale Community Action Center, 576 Granny Road, Medford Patchogue-Medford Youth & Comm. Services, 390 Bay Avenue, Patchogue United Methodist Church of Patchogue, 10 Church Street, Patchogue Pulaski Street Elementary School, 300 Pulaski Street, Riverhead Riverhead Free Library, 330 Court Street, Riverhead Shinnecock Education Family Preservation Ctr., 100 Church Street, Southampton Lunch meals will be provided to all children 18 years and under without charge at these sites. Acceptance and participation requirements for the program and all activities are the same for all regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, age, or disability, and there will be no discrimination in the course of the meal service. For a complete list of Summer Food Service Program Sites on Long Island visit For more information, please call Bob King at Island Harvest 516-294-8528 extension 126. Any person who believes he or she has been discriminated against in any USDA-related activity should write or call immediately to: USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, 1400 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20250-9410 or call 800-795-3272 (voice) or 202-720-6382 (TTY). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

(Continued from page 11)

Commuter Transit Benefits. The commuter transit benefits parity was eliminated, which makes the recent failure of the state bill even more profound. This provision would have restored a pre-tax benefit for transit users at $240 per month, the same that drivers currently receive and about the same that was allowed until the beginning of this year when the benefit was slashed to $125 per month. Transit Operating Assistance. A proposal to allow transit agencies to flex part of their capital funding to operating assistance in difficult economic times was mostly removed, except for a limited way that would assist small suburban bus systems. The details of this are still being released, but there is a possibility that this could help Long Island. Environmental Review. The House proposal to gut the environmental review process through NEPA was somewhat avoided. The details are still scare and very complicated; according to Transportation for American it is “worse than [the Senate’s] MAP-21 but not HR7.” Fix-it-First. A piece in the Senate’s bill that would have required that highway funding go to repair and maintenance (a “fix-it-first” approach) was removed. TIGER Grants. A program to replace TIGER grants will cut funding from $1 billion to $500 million, and will be structured such that local governments and MPOs cannot apply. Project cost thresholds would have to exceed $500 million. Under current awards, no TIGER grant exceeds $300 million. This means different types of projects will be funded. Freight. A proposal that, for the first time, would have used a formula program to fund freight projects including freight rail was removed.



FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

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purpose Room. “We still have a long way to go in our economic recovery and I’m doing everything I can to make sure that Long Islanders have access to local jobs,” said McCarthy, who is focusing on measures and events that help small businesses, entrepreneurs, students and workers as the nation continues its path to economic recovery. Rep. McCarthy held a career expo that focused on Long Island’s health care industry in December. It was her fourth major economy-related forum last year, with previous ones focusing on tax cuts for small businesses; how small businesses can benefit from the U.S. Export-Import Bank; and what career training opportunities are available at local institutions. Over 20 vendors participated in the previous expo. For information about how to participate in this month’s job fair as either a vendor or a jobseeker, call Rep. McCarthy’s office at 516739-3008. [PHOTO CAPTION: At least 20 employers will be attending Rep. Carolyn McCarthy’s “Long Island Job Fair” at Nassau Community College on July 23. She’s pictured here at her last job fair, which focused on Long Island’s health care industry. For more information, contact Rep. McCarthy’s office at 516-739-3008.]

MANGANO ANNOUNCES NASSAU COUNTY "VETERANS STAND DOWN" TO BE HELD ON JULY 16TH Mineola, NY - Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano, in coordination with the United Veterans Organization (UVO), announces that a Veterans Stand Down will be held on Monday, July 16, 2012 at American Legion Post 390 in Hempstead from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The Stand Down is hosted by the Nassau County Veterans Service Agency with assistance from volunteers representing all service organizations. Veterans will receive assistance with securing entitled benefits, job counseling and legal advice at the Stand Down. Clothes and food donated from the community will be available to the veterans, as well as haircuts, medical screening and enrollment in the VA health care system. Representatives from Nassau County government agencies will be participating, including the Departments of Social Services, Health, and Human Services. Also on hand to assist veterans will be The Salvation Army, the New York State Department of Labor, The Department of Veterans Affairs, New York State Division of Veterans Affairs and The Red Cross. Any veteran who wishes to participate in the Veterans Stand Down should bring with them a photo I.D. and a copy of their DD214, VA card, or any record they may have of their service. For more information, please contact the Nassau County Veterans Service Agency at (516) 572-6560.

WHEN: Monday July 16, 2012 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. WHERE: American Legion Post 390 160 Marvin Avenue NASSAU COUNTY EDITION

LIBOR Manipulation Scandal May Have Cost Nassau County Taxpayers up to $13 Million Comptroller Working with County Attorney to recover lost funds Mineola, NY - Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos called for action in response to alleged rigging by the major global financial institutions of the benchmark LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) which may have resulted in the County having been defrauded by up to $13 million. The manipulation potentially caused Nassau County to have overpaid on its LIBOR variable SWAP Agreements backing $600 million in bonds held through the Nassau County Interim Finance Authority (“NIFA”), since 2004. The City of Baltimore, facing a similar situation, recently filed a Class Action lawsuit against the major banks alleging LIBOR rate manipulation resulting in SWAPS overpayment by as much as 0.4%. Assuming the same conditions as alleged in the City of Baltimore’s Class Action, Nassau County would have overpaid and have been defrauded by up to $13 million on its $600 million worth of SWAPS-backed bonds during the alleged manipulation period. “I have asked the County Attorney to vigorously investigate and bring legal action, if appropriate, on behalf of the taxpayers of Nassau County to recover any and all overpayments, including punitive damages where statutorily available,” said Comptroller Maragos. Connect with Nassau County Comptroller Maragos Online: PAGE 13


FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012


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based” approach to government spending will assist in County Executive Mangano’s efforts to reduce spending. Since taking office, County Executive Mangano has eliminated over $200 million annually in wasteful spending by cutting the size of government and implementing successful public-private partnerships.

Mineola, NY - Building on County Executive Edward P. Mangano’s recent success in attracting a 100% privately-financed Expo Center to Mitchel Field, the County today launched a sustainable economic development and job creation plan for Nassau’s Hub. The redevelopment has been at a logjam between what the present tenant is willing to pay and the actual costs to construct a new sportsentertainment arena to host professional sports as well as concerts, the circus and other family-fun entertainment. In an effort to break the logjam and spark development, Nassau County issued a Request-For-Qualifications (RFQ) to select a Master Developer for the property. The Master Developer will be charged with bridging the gap between the dollars necessary to construct a new arena and the rent a sports team should realistically pay to play in the arena. The Master Developer will bridge the gap by pursuing mixed-use opportunities to assist in offsetting the costs to construct a new arena. The RFQ’s primary focus is to retain Long Island’s only major professional sports team in Nassau, but to also produce alternative plans for review. The Master Developer is also tasked with keeping the public informed as the plan progresses. County Executive Mangano stated, “I set forth a new approach to jumpstart economic growth and job creation at Nassau’s Hub. This plan presents the opportunity for Long Island to shed the moniker of the ‘Land of No’ and move forward with job creation and retention of an important sports-entertainment venue.” Independent economists, Camoin Associates, estimate the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum generates $200 million of economic activity annually. Experts believe the Coliseum, the oldest unrenovated facility in the NHL, may shutter its doors should the New York Islanders vacate the venue in 2015 when their lease expires.

MANGANO IMPLEMENTS PLAN TO ACHIEVE UP TO $25 MILLION IN SAVINGS FOR TAXPAYERS East Meadow, NY – Building upon Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano efforts to reduce spending and protect residents from a property tax hike, the County today entered into a partnership with Universal Management Technology Solutions, Inc. (UMS) to identify and obtain additional agency savings through strategic sourcing services. Grant Thornton LLP, a financial advisory firm retained by the Nassau County Interim Finance Authority (NIFA), suggested that the County could save $15 million to $25 million annually by contracting for strategic sourcing services. “My administration is working tirelessly to protect taxpayers by eliminating wasteful spending and implementing efficiencies,” said County Executive Mangano. “I have cut over $200 million in fat from Nassau’s budget and this initiative will further assist in achieving greater savings for our residents.” Under the contract approved today by the Legislature, UMS will review agency spending and contracted services, as well as inventory and usage of purchased products, to determine Nassau County’s usebased needs as compared to historical purchasing. This “needsNASSAU COUNTY EDITION

MANGANO TOURS NASSAU COMMUNITY COLLEGE’S LIFE SCIENCES BUILDING (L-R): Joseph Muscarella, NCC VP for Administration & Facilities Management; Robert Lincoln, Executive Director, Nassau County Vocational Education and Extension Board (VEEB); Ray Maguire, Board of Directors, VEEB; County Executive Mangano; Elaine Polan, Project Manager, VEEB; Chris Shelton, Board of Directors, VEEB. Garden City, NY – Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano recently visited the newly-opened Life Sciences Building at Nassau Community College (NCC), where he was joined by school faculty and members of the Nassau County Vocational Education and Extension Board. NCC recently completed the construction of the facility, which will house the school’s Nursing and Chemistry programs. The Life Sciences building is the College’s first “green” building, which uses natural lighting and landscaping, and has recycled copper panels on the building’s exterior. It also incorporates smart boards and wireless technology throughout. The 74,000 square-foot building is located adjacent to the cluster buildings on the north end of campus.

Mangano Saves Millions for Taxpayers with Energy Efficient Projects Mineola, NY- Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano today announced the completion of a major initiative to install energy efficient Light-Emitting Diode (LED) traffic signals at more than 1,300 intersections throughout Nassau County. The project, funded by a grant by the New York Power Authority (NYPA), will save an estimated $1.1 million annually for taxpayers. In addition to the LED project, Mangano announced a new initiative at the Nassau County Jail to install energy efficient lighting and perform an electrical service upgrade that will save millions annually (Continued on page 15)



FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

MANGANO & LOCAL INVENTORS TO HOST “THE NEXT MILLION DOLLAR IDEA” SHOWCASE Mineola, NY – Do you think you have a brilliant idea for the next great invention? Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano is inviting residents to showcase their products and prototypes at a July 30th meeting of The Nassau County Inventors and Entrepreneurs Club. The showcase, “The Next Million Dollar Idea,” will be held from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Ceremonial Chambers of the Theodore Roosevelt County Executive and Legislative Building in Mineola. “By offering this showcase Nassau County is working to create a welcoming environment where our residents can turn their ideas into viable business products. Our talented residents are the County’s best resource for a future filled with economic growth,” said County Executive Mangano. Brian Fried, the Club’s President, said “We are looking for actual products or working prototypes that can be shown to the public, not plans or drawings.” Fried, a local inventor and entrepreneur, urged prospective exhibitors to secure intellectual property protection for their inventions prior to showcasing their work. In addition, all inventors will be required to sign disclaimers prior to participation. The showcase will be limited to 12 presenters who will be allotted at least five minutes to explain and demonstrate their respective products. Exhibitors must be residents of Nassau County. Admission to the event is free. Inventors interested in exhibiting should send an email indicating their interest to The email should include the inventor’s name, hometown, invention name, a two-sentence description, and the inventor’s web site and telephone number. Fried will review all submissions. The Nassau County Inventors and Entrepreneurs Club provides novice and seasoned entrepreneurs networking and brainstorming opportunities in a safe and secure environment. With its primary goal of helping to turn ideas into action, the club aims to assist inventors navigate the process while enabling its members the ability to tap into critical resources. (Continued from page 14)

in energy usage and maintenance. County Executive Mangano stated, “My administration is working tirelessly to implement efficiencies that protect taxpayer dollars. Nassau County will save millions of dollars each year from lower energy consumption and lower maintenance as a result of these infrastructure improvements.” Since the LED traffic lights use less electric power, savings will occur. The new signals are also expected to last more than 10 years allowing for more efficient use of resources that will save on replacement, maintenance and disposal costs. Most importantly, the LED modules in the traffic lights are much brighter than standard bulbs, which will have a positive impact on driver and pedestrian safety. “Every day we can make our roads safer is a great day. If we can save millions at the same time, it is a tremendous victory for Nassau taxpayers,” added Mangano. The lighting project at the Nassau Jail replaces a system that is antiquated and inefficient. Throughout the span of the project, expected to last several months, all lighting within buildings A, B, C, D & E will be replaced with a combination of energy efficient fluorescent and LED lighting. The majority of the fixtures will be retrofitted with new tubes, sockets and ballasts. A new independent electric service will be also installed to the Jail complex. Since the new fluorescent lamps will have a rated life of 50,000 hours compared to the existing lamps with a rating of 10,000 hours, the current maintenance cost will be reduced dramatically. The County will also receive approximately $200,000 in LIPA rebates.


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Mangano to Host Free Family-Fun Children’s Day at Eisenhower Park East Meadow, NY – Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano today announced that Nassau County will host “Children’s Day” on Sunday, July 22nd from 4:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. at Eisenhower Park, sponsored by Bethpage Federal Credit Union. Admission is free. From 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. children of all ages will be able to enjoy a variety of activities including carnival rides (ages 2 – 8), bouncy houses (ages 3-15), face painting and arts and crafts. Beginning at 6:00 p.m. Plaza Theatrical Productions will be performing Cinderella at the Harry Chapin Lakeside Theatre. “I invite everyone to bring your family down to Eisenhower Park on Sunday, July 22nd and enjoy a fun filled afternoon of entertainment and take in a wonderful performance of Cinderella, performed by Plaza Theatrical Productions,” said County Executive Mangano. “I am proud to once again partner with Bethpage Federal Credit Union to bring affordable entertainment to Eisenhower Park. Partnerships such as this are an important asset in assisting the County with providing quality entertainment to our residents.” About Plaza Theatrical Productions Plaza Theatrical Productions, Inc., founded in 1983 by Executive Producer, Kevin F. Harrington, is a Long Island based professional touring company serving public organizations, schools, camps, country clubs, convention centers and senior citizen developments. Plaza mounts fully-staged musicals, comedies, children’s/educational theatre, and musical revues. For over a decade, Plaza Theatrical Productions, Inc. has been delighted to present fully-staged summer outdoor musicals in Long Island Parks, accompanied by a full orchestra. Plaza Theatrical Productions, Inc. is a member of The Huntington Arts Council, BACCA, The Long Island Arts Council at Freeport, and participates in the Nassau and Suffolk Counties BOCES Arts-inEducation program. About Harry Chapin Lakeside Theatre The Harry Chapin Lakeside Theatre is located near parking fields 6 and 6A in Eisenhower Park. Lakeside Theatre is a venue with no formal seating. Concertgoers are urged to bring folding chairs or blankets. Special accommodations are available for disabled patrons, including reserved parking, easily accessible restrooms and a convenient reserved location on the hill. Assistive hearing devices are also available upon request for the hearing impaired. About Eisenhower Park Eisenhower Park is located in East Meadow, with entrances on Hempstead Turnpike and Merrick Avenue. As one of the largest public spaces in the New York metropolitan area, Eisenhower Park offers a full range of athletic and family activities, including one of the finest swimming facilities in the U.S., three world-class golf courses, dozens of athletic fields and courts, picnic areas, playgrounds, fitness trails and more. For further information, contact the Parks Public Information Office at: (516) 572-0200 or visit the Nassau County Parks, Recreation and Museums website at:




FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

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AARP SCHOLARSHIP WINNER: Town of Hempstead Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby (2nd right) attended the AARP Hempstead Roosevelt Chapter Annual Scholarship Awards held at the Hempstead Library. Pictured (left to right) are Helen Shumake of Westbury, recipient Kendall Canton of West Hempstead, Councilwoman Goosby and Vice President Annie Powell of Hempstead.

SOLAR ROAD RACE: Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray (right) and Receiver of Taxes Donald X. Clavin (left) compete in a “solar road race” to unveil the town’s two new electricpowered John Deere “Gator” vehicles at a press conference held at Point Lookout’s East Marina. During the press conference, Murray also celebrated the opening of three new solar car charging stations at the East Marina.




FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

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AARP SCHOLARSHIP WINNER: Town of Hempstead Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby (2nd right) attended the AARP Hempstead Roosevelt Chapter Annual Scholarship Awards held at the Hempstead Library. Pictured (left to right) are Beverly Taylor and recipient Olivia Taylor of Roosevelt, Councilwoman Goosby and Vice President Annie Powell of Hempstead. SOLAR ROAD RACE: Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray (2nd left) and Receiver of Taxes Donald X. Clavin (right) unveiled the town’s new solar car port with three charging stations at Point Lookout’s East Marina. During the press conference, Murray also welcomed two new electric John Deere “Gator” vehicles to the town fleet. Also pictured: David Schieren, CEO of EmPower Solar, the company that installed the solar panels powering the new charging stations.




FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

From the Desk of Mayor Hall On Tuesday, July 3, the Hempstead Village Board of Trustees voted on two issues of historic significance for our community. The majority (4-1) cast their votes in favor of adopting a new overlay zoning code that will allow for mixed-use redevelopment (to include mixed-income residential units); the Board also voted to accept the findings statement for the Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Study. These two matters were the final approvals needed for the redevelopment of the downtown area from a master-development perspective. Community members in attendance at theBoard session once again gave overwhelming support for the redevelopment project. The zoning overlay allows for a mix of uses, with incentives for owners to work together. In addition, it will provide for more environmentally “green” building standards and includes provisions that will enable the Village to pay for public open space, parks and other amenities. This zoning code is the first of its kind in the nation, providing for mixed uses and green development, and including a component that will require business owners who opt for use of the overlay zoning to abide by the terms and conditions of the Community Benefits Policies. As a result, local job and career creation — both during construction and on a permanent basis — will be ensured. The Community Benefits Agreement currently being developed will be a historic document in its own right. Approximately 30 representatives on the Community Benefits Committee continue to work with the Village and Renaissance Downtowns Urban America to finalize the agreement. It is important to note that the zoning, as approved, clearly states that until a Community Benefits Agreement is signed no construction can commence, ensuring that the Hempstead community will benefit by getting its fair share of the work created by this effort. At this time, it is anticipated that the agreement will be signed by the end of this summer. Groundbreaking on the $2-billion development is expected to occur in early 2013. To stay on top of what’s happening in the Village, visit the website: and join our electronic mailing list by sending your name and email address to: To keep abreast of the downtown revitalization, visit: You may also share your ideas for the redevelopment and/or provide your feedback on the plan on that site. Sincerely,


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Community Development The Incorporated Village of Hempstead Community Development Agency “(CDA)" is a public benefit corporation established in 1964 pursuant to Title 16 Sec 585 to address problems of urban decay. Originally known as the Urban Renewal Agency, the name was changed to Community Development Agency by State Law in 1980. The Agency is led by it's own Board of Directors which is chaired by the Village Mayor. The selection of the Directors is ratified by the Village B o a r d o f T r u s t e e s . The Community Development Agency's function is to plan and implement programs involving the rehabilitation of both the residential and commercial sectors of the village, foster economic growth, provide assistance to public service organizations, eliminate blight and improve opportunities for low & moderate income citizens. The CDA's major programs include:  Special Economic Development  Construction of Affordable Housing  Homeowner's Assistance Program  Small Business Revolving Loan Fund  Commercial Rehabilitation Loan Program  Facade Improvement Program  Public Facilities and Improvement  Micro-Enterprise Incubator Program Claude Gooding, Commissioner (516) 485-5737 50 Clinton Street, Hempstead, N.Y. 11550


Wayne J. Hall Sr. Mayor of the Incorporated Village of Hempstead NASSAU COUNTY EDITION




FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

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FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

Can Republicans win black votes while cutting government jobs? reports Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney discussed black unemployment during his speech at the NAACP conference today. With unemployment in the black community continuously double that of the national unemployment rate how can the Republican nominee for president campaign on shrinking government and win black votes? Often African-Americans take jobs within the government because they provide more stability, more opportunity for advancement and better pensions. Cuts to the public sector would most certainly hit African-Americans hardest in an already dismal job market. I’m waiting to see what else Romney says about it, but the prespeech part of his NAACP remarks that dealt with unemployment deserves another look.

The unemployment rate, the duration of unemployment, average income, and median family wealth are all worse for the black community. In June, while the overall unemployment rate remained stuck at 8.2 percent, the unemployment rate for African Americans actually went up, from 13.6 percent to 14.4 percent. Republicans love this statistic — iron-clad proof that the first black president has been a disaster for blacks. What’s usually left unsaid is the the role that public sector lay-offs have had in pumping up those numbers. Black Americans tend to seek government jobs, historically more stable than the private sector, at a higher rate than other Americans.* In 2011, UC-Berkeley’s Labor Center looked at those numbers.

How Do You Talk About Black Unemployment Without Talking About Government Jobs? By David Weigel Posted Wednesday, July 11, 2012, at 10:43 AM ET NASSAU COUNTY EDITION

I'm waiting to see what else Romney says about it, but the prespeech part of his NAACP remarks that dealt with unemployment deserves another look. The unemployment rate, the duration of unemployment, average income, and median family wealth are all worse for the black community. In June, while the overall unemployment rate remained stuck at 8.2 percent, the unemployment rate for African Americans actually went up, from 13.6 percent to 14.4 percent. Republicans love this statistic -

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- iron-clad proof that the first black president has been a disaster for blacks. What's usually left unsaid is the the role that public sector layoffs have had in pumping up those numbers. Black Americans tend to seek government jobs, historically more stable than the private sector, at a higher rate than other Americans.* In 2011, UC-Berkeley's Labor Center looked at those numbers. During 2008-2010, 21.2% of all Black workers are public employees, compared with 16.3% of non-Black workers. Both before and after the onset of the Great Recession, African Americans were 30% more likely than other workers to be employed in the public sector. That was in early 2011 -- the report was inspired, in part, by Scott Walker's reforms in Wisconsin. More than 150,000 public sector jobs have been cut since then. Total state/local public sector job loss during the Obama presidency: 636,000. Romney's been pretty clear about this. He wants to keep shrinking the public sector. It's not good, from the Republican perspective, that the government was relied on for so long as the place to get secure, (Continued on page 21)



FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

5 things I have learned as a black tech entrepreneur African-American entrepreneurs in the tech space are scarce. This was especially true five years ago when I started my first company. Here are five important lessons that I’ve learned over the past few years that will make your journey into tech entrepreneurship a lot smoother. Develop a product so great that you cannot help but be confident in selling it to customers I started my first company, Great Black Speakers, immediately after I finished my undergraduate studies. I did not plan on entering the professional speaking field. In fact, I did not know that it even existed. Therefore, you could understand my shock and amazement when I heard of speakers getting many thousands of dollars for an hour speech. My initial thoughts were that no one was worth that amount of money, especially if the same information was available scattered across the Internet. This mindset hindered me during the sales process, because I did not fully believe in the product that I was trying to sell. Things changed as I started to attend speaking engagements booked for my brother, Dr. Boyce Watkins. When I would go to colleges to hear him speak, I saw first hand the impact that he was making on the lives of the students in the audience. I thought about the things that Dr. Michael Eric Dyson and Dr. Cornel West mentioned in speeches on my college campus that I remember to this day. Eventually, I started to fully believe in what I was selling, which resulted in skyrocketing revenues for my newly-created company. I also learned that smart entrepreneurs are not compensated based on the time spent doing a task, but on the value they bring to the table. But most of all, you’ve got to believe. Know what you are selling at its core This is a principle that I did not come to fully understand until I built my second company, Ujamaa Deals, with Tre Baker. The concept of knowing what you are selling is actually the first lesson that they teach in most MBA core marketing classes. The example often used talks about the railroad industry’s fight for existence and their unwillingness to adapt when trucking and air-freight transportation methods were picking up momentum. When railroad executives were asked what business that they were in, they would say the “railroad business.” In fact, they were in the “transportation” business. When we started Ujamaa, I thought that we were in the daily deals business — basically a black Groupon. Actually, we are an organization whose goal is to consolidate the buying power of the black community and transfer some of that wealth back to black businesses. The daily deals format is just a means to an end. Great Black Speakers is not a speakers bureau, but an information disseminator whose goal is to deliver powerful messages to the masses. Thinking in these terms has made me a more innovative entrepreneur and allows me to evolve with changes in the marketplace. Use every resource available to gain knowledge and connecNASSAU COUNTY EDITION

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tions Jullien Gordon is a Stanford MBA graduate who turned down a lucrative corporate career to pursue his passion of speaking and teaching. In his presentations, he often talks about the four types of capital that really matter: Personal Capital – How well do you know yourself? Intellectual Capital – What do you know? Social Capital – Who do you know and who knows you? Financial Capital – Who knows that I know what I know? Invest your time and energy into growing the account balance of these four capital resources. You don’t have to build every part of the company yourself Most new black tech entrepreneurs think that they have to build every part of their technology platform to create a great product. The outcome of this thought process is feeling overwhelmed and having mental clutter. The truth is that most of the successful Internet companies either outsources development to a third party or connects with partners through an API. An example is how Wufoo, Highrise, and Mailchimp all integrate with each other to form a seamless user experience for group communications. Using these software-as-aservice (SaaS) applications drastically reduces the development costs for new tech entrepreneurs. Silicon Valley is not the end-all, be-all There is this perception that the only great technology startups come out of the Silicon Valley area. While this is true, Silicon Valley is not the only place where innovative things are being done. Mailchimp is based in Atlanta; 37Signals is based in Chicago; and Wufoo started in Tampa, FL. All of these are highly profitable, multi-million dollar ventures. No matter where you are, leverage the talent in your network and start to build something great. If you prove your concept, individuals will start to take notice. I have learned many other things during my five-plus years as a web-based entrepreneur, but the principles above will get you off to a great start in growing your tech venture. Lawrence Watkins is the founder of Great Black Speakers, Great Pro Speakers, and co-founder of Ujamaa Deals, which is a daily deal site that promotes black-owned businesses. He graduated in 2006 from The University of Louisville with a B.S. in electrical engineering and earned his MBA from Cornell University in 2010. Lawrence currently resides in Atlanta. You can follow him on Twitter @lawrencewatkins. (Continued from page 20)

high-reward, high-pension jobs. We can't afford it. Just ask somebody from Greece. But it's odd to talk about black unemployment and omit talk of all the educational, bureaucratic, and assorted government jobs that Republicans worked hard to cut back. *There were other reasons! Anyone who's lived in D.C. for a while knows that Marion Barry's mayoralty packed the employment roles with black workers, endeavoring to expand the black middle class. There's nothing comporable in, say, the phone repair industry. Phone repair company presidents don't need to get re-elected. PAGE 21



FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

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No Pain like Regret Stephen R. Acevedo The past seven months for me have been crucial on placing me upon the road of self acknowledgment, and though I have much to learn about who I am and how I

FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

change, I already feel a positive change in energy in my life. Aside from learning that without self happiness, no other happiness can truly last, I also learned that there is no pain that stings more than that of regret. Regret has been a main factor for me throughout these past few months, and I hope I am on the verge of lessoning the amount of regret I not only carry, but of that that I may develop through future experiences. When it comes to tackling your regret however, I think it’s best to start small first, if there is something that you’ve been regretting for quite some time, something that you may be able to confront, it would probably be best to hold back on any action, just for a bit. I find it much easier to start counteracting regret right when it hits. For instance, if you are at a store and something has caught your eye, and you contemplate on buying it, knowing that if you don’t you will be kicking yourself over the head later – well at this point, don’t think, because if you do, you’ll pass on the opportunity due to logic, instead, act using your gut, and quickly buy it.

MANGANO TO HOST LATINO AMERICAN DAY Celebrating the “Pride of Colombia” at Eisenhower Park’s Lakeside Theatre Mineola, NY – Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano today announced that the Nassau County International Music Nights Concert Series will host Latino American Day - celebrating “Pride of Colombia” - on Sunday, July 15th beginning at 2:00 p.m. at the Harry Chapin Lakeside Theatre in Eisenhower Park. The International Music Nights Concert Series, sponsored by Canon U.S.A., provides residents an opportunity to experience the broad range of cultures that Nassau County has to offer. County Executive Mangano stated, “I invite all Nassau County families to come to Eisenhower Park this summer to experience the cultures, music, folklore, crafts and food of numerous ethnicities from around the world,” said County Executive Mangano. Latino American Day celebrating “Pride of Colombia” will host artists of national and international stature, such as La Sonora Dynamite, Johnny Rivera, Charles Cejares, Troubadours, Rhythmology Dance Group, Teatro Rodante Puerto Riqueño, and folklore dances. Funding for these performers is made available by the generous sponsorship of Affinity Health Plan Coral House and Westbury Toyota.


Now you have just avoided a minor feeling of regret, and it can act as practice for you to eventually resolve any major regretful lingers still inside of you. However, this does not mean to go out and spend all of your money on everything you want, you have to use some logic. Take my example for instance, I wanted to relive the ponytail days from when I was a baby, and I thought about how terrible it would look long, but at some point I just didn’t care, and now I have no regrets, and I love rocking the ponytail. I also always wanted to get my ear pierced, but always worried about what my family may think, and in the end, I told myself it was just a little hole in my ear if anything, it wasn’t like it was the end of the world. And I recently got my ear pierced. Next on my list is skydiving and I am really looking forward to that. Now my examples are just minor forms of regret avoidance, but I’m glad that I carried them out because now I look at situations differently, and I also felt more comfortable confronting a regret that had been wound

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up in the pit of my stomach for quite some time. Confronting your mistakes may be a truly frightening thing to do, but the fact of not trying to resolve it or come to peace with it, will have you hurting for much longer. I like comparing it to a shot at the doctor’s office. We always become nervous sitting in the office, waiting to be called in because we know a needle is waiting to pierce our delicate skin. Then we sit down, have some chit chat to avoid the thought of what’s to come, and when the moment arises, we look away, close our eyes, and realize it only hurt for a second or two. Facing your fears is a lot like that, and no one says you have to confront them brave and boldly. You can confront your fears anyway you want – like a tough rock, kicking and screaming, or closing your eyes and praying to whatever you believe in. As long as you confront it however, I guarantee you’ll feel satisfying relief afterward. So, who’s down for skydiving?

Additionally, the Hispanic Telemundo presenters Luis Alejandro Medina and Andrea Romero, Journalist Ricardo Espinoza and Oscar presenter William Zapata from Spite program, will be broadcasting live from the event. Regional channel Telecafe has also invited others to join in regional channels with this broadcast. The International Music Nights Summer Concert Series is presented by the Nassau County Department of Parks, Recreation and Museums in recognition of Nassau County’s unique ethnic diversity. Through a sponsorship from Canon USA Inc., a total of twenty International Music Nights are presented at the Lakeside Theatre throughout the summer, free of charge.

The remaining summer concert schedule is as follows:

Sunday, July 15th Latino American Night th Scandinavian American Night Sunday, July 29 Irish American Night Sunday, August 5th Sunday, August 12th Chinese American Night th Pakistani American Cultural Night Sunday, August 26 Saturday, September 22nd Korean American Night About Harry Chapin Lakeside Theatre The Harry Chapin Lakeside Theatre is located near parking fields 6 and 6A in Eisenhower Park. Lakeside Theatre is a venue with no formal seating. Concertgoers are urged to bring folding chairs or blankets. Special accommodations are available for disabled patrons, including reserved parking, easily accessible restrooms and a convenient reserved location on the hill. Assistive hearing devices are also available upon request for the hearing impaired. About Eisenhower Park Eisenhower Park is located in East Meadow, with entrances on Hempstead Turnpike and Merrick Avenue. As one of the largest public spaces in the New York metropolitan area, Eisenhower Park offers a full range of athletic and family activities, including one of the finest swimming facilities in the U.S., three worldclass golf courses, dozens of athletic fields and courts, picnic areas, playgrounds, fitness trails and more. For further information, contact the Parks Public Information Office at: (516) 572-0200 or visit the Nassau County Parks, Recreation and Museums website at: PAGE 23


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The American Dream In the 1960’s my family and I flew to Jamaica West Indies to visit my grandmother. It was a first for us and probably for most. Airplane flights were not the norm back then. Before we landed we were given a form to complete, indicating basic information including our nationality. In answer to the question of nationality, I wrote “Negro.” We were Negroes then. But that was not the correct answer. We were to write, “American.” Even though we knew we were Americans, and said the Pledge of Allegiance every morning in school, followed by “My Country its of Thee” we knew that on many levels we weren’t truly considered Americans. The Civil Rights Movement seemed to affirm our rights even as the response by segments of society denounced the affirmations proclaiming us less than. We seemed to be so busy proving ourselves human, and equal that the issue of being American seemed most pronounced in the armed services. The Negro National Anthem proclaimed our American history. Sing a song full of the hope that the dark days have taught us. Sing a song full of the faith that the present has brought us. That song announced our American heritage. My mother made me promise, once I became a teacher that I would teach each of the children that song. She felt that NASSAU COUNTY EDITION

Dr. Lindamichelle Baron

every “African American” at that point, should know all the words. Many of us thought ourselves on the sidelines of America. But something happened during 9/11. It was as if we all were one. We were Americans. Then a few years later back to the sidelines when the media described Katrina’s victims “refugee’s.” Americans, from cast out of their city by a horrific act of nature, lost their citizenship in a click of the remote. Then we became Americans again when Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States of America. Now, as we approach the possibility of a 2nd term the ugly America, the racism hidden in the creases of America is exposing itself. This period as we celebrate our country’s Independence, I will sing a song full of the hope and the faith that our history has taught and brought us. ©



ASK LISA-ANNE This week I want to remind parents about safety tips at home, in their neighborhoods and while traveling on vacation. Often the fun of a vacation makes us feel happy and a little careless. The recent abduction and murder of Leidy is a reminder of how quickly our lives can change. Definitely enjoy the fun but don’t forget some simple safety tips to ensure everyone returns home safely. 1. How long does it take for a predator to lure a young child away from you? Answer is about 35 seconds. According to an experiment conducted by Ken Wooden, the author of Child Lures, it took an average of a little more than half a minute for him to lure children from a playground. This was also seen on the Oprah talk show. 2. Should you teach your child not to talk to strangers? No, they see you do it all the time at the bank or supermarket. If your child is ever lost, talking to a stranger may be the single greatest asset he/she has. Your best bet is to avoid your child being separated from you or trusted adults. 3. What should your child do if he/she is lost? Teaching your child to go to the nearest woman for help is the best way to enhance her safety. A woman approached by a lost child asking for help is likely to stop what she's doing, commit to that child, and not rest until the child is safe. 4. During Thanksgiving and Christmas, talk to your kids before a family outing. NASSAU COUNTY EDITION

FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

Make a rule that you must always be able to see them and they must always be able to see you.. It may sound simple, but keep reminding them periodically, especially if you think they're getting restless. 5. Use the "two giant steps" rule -- your kids can never be more than two giant steps away from you. It's a fun and easy way for young children to remember not to wander away. 6. Tell your child never to leave the mall or store to go looking for you, no matter what anyone tells them. Remind your child that you would never leave until you are reunited. 7. Dress your child in brightly colored clothes to make him easy to spot.. Be sure to remember what they are wearing. 8. Establish the "check first" rule with older children. They must always check first with you before going anywhere in a public place, including another store, play area, or even the restroom. 9. Don't treat public facilities as a "convenient babysitter." Do not leave your children alone at video arcades, movie theaters, play areas, or other public places. Predators are known to look for unsupervised kids. 10. Statistically, the men's room isn't the safest place for a child to use alone. If you feel comfortable letting your older child (at least 9 years old) use the men's room alone, stand outside the door and call in as your child enters, "I'm right out here if you need me." 11. Make sure your child knows his/her full name, address, your name

and phone number. 12. Teach your child about good and bad touching and to tell you, even if it’s family. Lisa-Anne Ray-Byers is a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist who has worked in education for over two decades. She holds graduate degrees in speech-language pathology and multicultural education. She also holds certification in educational

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administration. She is the author of the books, They Say I Have ADHD, I Say Life Sucks! Thoughts From Nicholas, They SSSay I'm a StStStutterer But I SSSay Nothing! Meet Kelly and co-author of 365 Ways to Succeed With ADHD. You may contact her at or by visiting her website at




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Freeport UFSD 2012-2013 Board of Education On Wednesday, July 11, 2012, the Freeport School District held its annual Board of Education reorganization meeting. During that meeting, Board trustee Debra Mulé was congratulated on her re-election and sworn in as a trustee for a three-year term beginning July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2015. The Board unanimously elected Mrs. Mulé to serve as president. Board trustee Vilma Lancaster was also unanimously elected by the Board to serve as vice president. Ronald Ellerbe and Michael C. Pomerico continue to serve as Board trustees. Freeport Board of Education trustee Debra Mulé being sworn in as a re-elected trustee and unanimously elected president by District Clerk Dr. Mary Bediako. 0304.jpg: Freeport Board of Education trustee Vilma Lancaster being sworn in as a unanimously elected vice president by Board president Debra Mulé. NASSAU COUNTY EDITION



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Back-to-School Drive Helps Area Families Sponsored by Family & Children’s Association (July 12, 2012/Mineola, NY) Beginning July 23th, Family & Children’s Association, Long Island’s human service agency, will be accepting donations of new back-to-school supplies and clothing.

Thanks for All of Your Help Hempstead School District honors outgoing Board of Education trustees for their dedicated service During the Hempstead Board of Education’s monthly meeting on June 28, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Patricia Garcia honored outgoing board trustees Charles Renfroe and Gladys Rivera for their years of dedicated service in the Hempstead School District. Just after Dr. Garcia presented Mr. Renfroe and Mrs. Rivera with an honorary plaque on behalf of the entire school district, newly elected Board President Betty Cross commended both trustees for working diligently during their six consecutive terms to improve education for all students in the school district. As part of the recognition ceremony, the Hempstead High School Parent Teacher Student Association also presented Mr. Renfroe with a plaque for serving as Board of Education president for 18 years. Caption: Members of the Hempstead Board of Education were all smiles after honoring outgoing trustees Gladys Rivera, second from left, and, Charles Renfroe, second from right, for their many years of dedicated service on June 28. Standing with the honorees, from left, are Trustee JoAnn Simmons and President Betty Cross.

This Back-to-School Drive is part of an annual effort by Family & Children’s to help financially struggling Nassau County families make ends meet and prepare area children for a successful school year. This year, the agency is asking everyone to consider donating sneakers, sweatshirts and jeans along with the pencils, backpacks and notebooks they’ve given in the past. Or, if you don’t have time to shop but want to help, visit Donations can be brought to: Family & Children’s 100 E. Old Country Rd. Suite 25, 2ndfloor, Mineola, NY (516)746-0350 x336 According to Joyce Mullen, Family & Children’s Communications Director, “Families are really struggling right now and we’d like to help them get their children and teenagers ready for school with adequate supplies and new school clothes. We’re asking our friends and neighbors to pick up extra notebooks, sneakers, markers or calculators while they’re out shopping for their own children and grandchildren. This is a concrete way to make a difference in our area.”





FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

Freeport Man Sentenced to 7 to 14 Years in Prison for Killing Port Washington Woman in Drunk Driving Crash Allen’s BAC was more than twice the legal limit MINEOLA, NY – Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice announced today that a Freeport man has been sentenced to seven to 14 years in prison after he pleaded guilty to drunk driving and crashing into a vehicle driven by a Port Washington woman last September, killing her and injuring her teenage passenger. Kevin Allen, 45, pleaded guilty in May to Aggravated Vehicular Homicide and Aggravated Driving While Intoxicated, both felonies. He was sentenced by Judge William Donnino. Rice said that at approximately 8:25 p.m. on September 2, 2011, Allen was driving a 2004 Chevrolet Suburban northbound on Main Street in Freeport when he crashed into the left side of a 2003 BMW being driven westbound on Woodside Avenue by 24-year-old TeAirra Bunn of Port Washington. Bunn was pronounced dead at the scene and her passenger, a 15-year-old boy, suffered a shoulder injury. Allen’s blood-alcohol content was .19% more than two hours after the crash. “With blood alcohol at more than twice the legal limit, this tragedy was inevitable the moment Kevin Allen chose to get behind the wheel,” Rice said. “While nothing can bring TeAirra Bunn back to her family and friends, I hope they can take some comfort in the knowledge that our roads are now safer with this defendant behind

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bars.” Assistant District Attorney Everett Witherell of the Major Offense Bureau is prosecuting the case for the DA’s Office. Allen is represented by Andrew Monteleone, Esq.

Queens Man Pleads Guilty to Attempted Murder of Nassau County Police Officer

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice

Banner will serve 16 years for shooting at officer during chase MINEOLA, N.Y. - Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice announced today that a Queens man has pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of a police officer during a high speed chase that began in Hempstead and ended in a crash on the Meadowbrook State Parkway. Damon Banner, 26, of St. Albans, pleaded guilty to Attempted Murder in the Second Degree in exchange for a promised prison sentence of 16 years. He will be sentenced August 8. Rice said that at approximately 11:40 p.m. on November 7, 2011, two Nassau County police officers in an unmarked car patrolling the streets of Hempstead noticed Banner approaching a man from behind on Westbury Boulevard. Banner saw the two officers and immediately turned around and began walking the other way. When the offi(Continued on page 30)

Happy MEMORIAL DAY Weekend!!!!!! Give A $1 Dollar In the Name of Your Father..... Support Male Leadership Empowerment Programs at Urban League of Long Island - Campaign for Achievement. Click on the link below: Donate_Now_.html GVE BACK TO MOVE FORWARD NASSAU COUNTY EDITION



FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

Supreme Court ban on juvenile lifers is a win for AfricanAmericans This week the U.S. Supreme Court scored a victory for reform in the criminal justice system. In Miller v. Alabama, the high court struck down mandatory life sentences without parole for juveniles under 18 convicted of homicide, finding them to be an Eighth Amendment violation. The Eighth Amendment guarantees that individuals have a right to not have excessive sanctions against them. The punishment must fit the crime and fit the offender, and is based on “evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of a maturing society.” This 5-4 decision is hopeful because it reaffirms the idea of rehabilitation; that although people must pay for crimes they commit, there is a chance at redemption. The case is important for children — who are not fully developed and not as culpable as adults — and in particular African-American and Latino children who more likely get caught up in the prison system, the world’s largest. Miller involves two 14-year old boys convicted of murder—one in Alabama, the other in Arkansas. One of the youthful offenders was in and out of foster homes, and suffered from child abuse and addiction. The decision comes in the spirit of Roper v. Simmons, which found the death penalty for juveniles to violate the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment. Graham v. Florida and Sullivan v. Florida also struck down juvenile life without parole for offenses other than murder. In the court’s opinion, Justice Elena Kagan, an Obama appointee, noted that there are fundamental differences between the mind of an adult and the mind of a child, and that only a small percentage of adolescents who engage in illegal activity become long-term problems. Life without parole does not allow for rehabilitation, suggesting that NASSAU COUNTY EDITION

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children are unable to change, and will always pose a danger to society. Such a punishment, she concluded, amounts to a death sentence. “Such mandatory penalties, by their nature, preclude a sentencer from taking account of an offender’s age and the wealth of characteristics and circumstances attendant to it,” Justice Kagan wrote. “Under these schemes, every juvenile will receive the same sentence as every other—the 17-year-old and the 14-year-old, the shooter and the accomplice, the child from a stable household and the child from a chaotic and abusive one,” she said. “And still worse, each juvenile (including these two 14-year-olds) will receive the same sentence as the vast majority of adults committing similar homicide offenses — but really, as Graham noted, a greater sentence than those adults will serve,” Kagan added. “Determining the appropriate sentence for a teenager convicted of murder presents grave and challenging questions of morality and social policy. Our role, however, is to apply the law, not to answer such questions,” Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in his dissent. “The legislatures of Arkansas and Alabama, like those of other jurisdictions… have determined that all offenders convicted of specified homicide offenses, whether juveniles or not, deserve a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole. Nothing in our Constitution authorizes this Court to supplant that choice,” wrote Justice Clarence Thomas, siding with the conservative wing of the court. “Today’s decision invalidates a constitutionally permissible sentencing system based on nothing more than the Court’s belief that “its own sense of morality . . . pre-empts that of the people and their representatives,” Thomas added. However, the decision still allows for life sentences without the possibility of parole for juveniles, meaning they will never again see the light of day. Amnesty International notes that America is the only nation that allows the practice to continue. The only one, which says a great deal about a country that calls itself the land of the free. And there are 2,500 people in the U.S. serving life for crimes they commit(Continued on page 30)



FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

Kayla Gerdes Sentenced to 3 to 9 Years in Prison for Drugged Driving Crash That Killed Retired Doctor Mowing Her Lawn Gerdes pleaded guilty in April to manslaughter and multiple drug charges MINEOLA, N.Y. - Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice announced today that Kayla Gerdes has been sentenced to three to nine years in prison after she pleaded guilty to driving while high on drugs, jumping a curb, and striking and killing a Hempstead doctor who was mowing her front lawn at the time of the crash. Gerdes, 20, of Freeport, pleaded guilty on April 10 to Manslaughter in the Second Degree, Vehicular Manslaughter in the Second Degree, Operating a Motor Vehicle While Impaired by Drugs, Operating a Motor Vehicle While Impaired by the Combined Use of Drugs, Reckless Endangerment in the Second Degree, four counts of Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the Third Degree, four counts of Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the Seventh Degree, four counts of Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument in the Second Degree, six counts of Criminal Possession of Stolen Property in the Fifth Degree, three counts of Unlawful Possession of Marijuana, Criminal Possession of Forgery Devices, Reckless Driving, Conspiracy in the Fifth Degree, and Operating a Motor Vehicle Without a License. The District Attorney’s office recommended the maximum allowable sentence of five to 15 years in prison, but Nassau County Judge John L. Kase agreed to sentence Gerdes to three to nine years in prison, over the DA’s objection, in exchange for her guilty plea to all of the charges. (Continued from page 28)

cers approached Banner to ask what he was doing, Banner reached for his waistband and then fled the scene on foot, running through several backyards. Banner emerged onto the street and got into a waiting vehicle being driven by Ayanna Zellner, 29, of Freeport. Zellner drove from the scene with the other police officer pursuing them in his vehicle. Banner emerged from the still-moving vehicle, sitting on the sill of the passenger window, and fired about four shots at the pursuing officer’s vehicle from a Hi-Point .45 semi-automatic handgun. Each of the shots missed. After driving through Hempstead, Zellner eventually headed east on Hempstead Turnpike, with the intention of getting on the Meadowbrook State Parkway and driving south. Due to a fatal car accident on the parkway just one mile south of the Hempstead Turnpike exit ramp, however, a Nassau County police cruiser was blocking access to the parkway. Zellner maneuvered her vehicle, a rented Chevrolet Malibu, around the cruiser and headed south on the closed parkway. When Zellner arrived at the scene of the accident, she crashed into one the cars involved and careened into the center median. Both suspects were immediately arrested. Police discovered stolen credit cards in Banner’s and Zellner’s possession, along with a large amount of stolen mail inside the vehicle. Zellner’s case is pending. “A high-speed chase and a hail of bullets was still not enough to deter this brave police officer from putting Damon Banner in handcuffs,” Rice said. “Law enforcement officers put their lives on the line every day to protect and serve our communities, and cases like this highlight just how dangerous their duties are.”

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Rice said that at about 9:40 a.m. on April 20, 2010 on a straight road in good weather, Gerdes was driving a van southbound on Cathedral Avenue when she swerved onto the front lawn of a residence, striking and killing 69-year-old Dr. Rebecca Twine-Wright. TwineWright was struck while mowing her lawn and pinned underneath the front axle of the van and up against the foundation of her home at 121 Cathedral Avenue. In addition to the charges related to the crash, Gerdes was also found to be in possession of a stolen doctor’s prescription pad and a pill bottle containing 22 Oxycodone pills and 29 Xanax pills. The Baldwin pharmacist who sold Gerdes the pills, Lutful Chowdhury, was arrested in June 2011 and again last February for illegally filling prescriptions for painkillers. Federal charges against him are currently pending. Rice created Nassau County’s first Pharmaceutical Crimes Unit in January, initiating more than 100 prosecutions for prescription drug sales, pharmacy robberies, burglaries, forged prescriptions, and possession of opioid pills. It is Rice’s policy to accept no plea bargain for pharmaceutical crimes without first debriefing defendants to obtain additional investigative leads. “Kayla Gerdes’s actions before, during, and after the crash prove that she cared more about her pills than the innocent woman she had just struck and killed,” Rice said. “This was a senseless tragedy that further underscores the perils of prescription drug abuse, and my office will continue to aggressively investigate, arrest, and prosecute doctors and pharmacists who illegally flood our streets with these dangerously addictive drugs.” Assistant District Attorney Brendan Ahern of the DA’s Vehicular Crimes Bureau is prosecuting the case for the DA’s office. Gerdes is represented by John Lewis, Esq. (Continued from page 29)

ted as children. “The disconnect between the U.S. and the rest of the world with respect to the sentencing of youth remains wide and deep,” said Marsha Levick, Deputy Director and Chief Legal Counsel at the Juvenile Law Center, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit law office dealing with children’s rights. “The battle to eliminate juvenile life without parole sentences will continue, not just in the courts but in the legislatures as well. Children must have the opportunity to demonstrate maturity and growth even in prison; principles of fundamental fairness and the belief in human dignity demands no less.” This time around, the Supreme Court has decided to side with human rights and the notion of second chances. In the largest prison nation in the world — with over 2.5 million people locked up, behind bars, and disproportionately poor, uneducated, black and brown — we often lock ‘em up and throw away the key. And society believes it can throw away all of its problems in the process. A cradle-to-prison pipeline thrives on failing, crumbling urban schools, which are merely feeder schools for the penitentiary. More bodies in jail for longer sentences help enrich the careers of politicians and prosecutors, and fill the coffers of the corporations that profit from the incarceration. But with Miller, America’s highest court has suggested that young people are salvageable. And in the process, the court provides hope that it is salvageable as well. Follow David A. Love on Twitter at @davidalove

Assistant District Attorney Lauren Doddato of the DA’s Major Offense Bureau is prosecuting the case for the DA’s office. Banner is represented by Glenn Hardy, Esq. NASSAU COUNTY EDITION



FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

Accused Sex Offender Charged With Plotting to Kill Teenage Victim Miller charged with conspiracy after trying to hire a hitman to kill teenager he assaulted MINEOLA, N.Y. - Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice announced today that an Inwood man, already charged with sexually abusing a teenaged employee, was arraigned this morning for plotting to kill his alleged victim to prevent him from testifying.

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asked a relative to have an unidentified man make a Voodoo doll of the victim and stick pins and knives into it, and to use the victim’s photo and dirt from his house to perform a ritual intended to give the victim cancer. “Despite the devastating trauma the victim was put through at the hands of this defendant, Daniel Miller decided that it still wasn’t enough,” Rice said. “When murder-for-hire plots come to light, it is essential that law enforcement move quickly to ensure the safety of the intended victim and the arrest of the person pulling the strings. Today’s arraignment is the culmination of excellent investigative work by members of my office and the Nassau County Police Department’s District Attorney Squad.” Chief Rick Whelan and Deputy Chief Anne Donnelly of the Rackets Bureau are prosecuting the case for the DA’s office. Miller is represented by Joseph Conway, Esq.

Daniel Miller, 45, was arraigned this morning on an indictment containing one count each of Conspiracy in the Second Degree and Criminal Solicitation in the Second Degree. He faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted. Bail was set in the amount of $5 million bond or $2.5 million cash. He is due back in court August 1. Rice said that Miller, the owner of a Santeria religious supplies store in Inwood, is currently incarcerated in the Nassau County Correctional Center after being arrested on April 19 and charged with Criminal Sexual Act in the First Degree and other charges for drugging and sexually assaulting a 17-year-old male employee. Those charges are currently pending, and he faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted. Rice said that Nassau detectives were informed in June by a confidential source that he had information concerning a murder-for-hire plot involving Miller. The source said that he had been approached by a relative of Miller’s to visit Miller at the jail. During the visit, Miller asked the source to arrange to have the sexual abuse victim killed, and then instructed the source to go to Miller’s home for more information. When the source arrived at Miller’s home, he met with two of Miller’s family members who provided him with documents containing the intended victim’s personal information. The source then contacted police and met with Miller at the jail. During that meeting, Miller offered to pay the source $15,000 to arrange the killing by making it look like a cell phone robbery, and told the source that his mother, a secretary at Lawrence High School, had stolen the personal records of the intended victim from the school. Rice said the investigation is ongoing and charges could be filed against additional suspects, including Miller’s family members. Prior to the murder-for-hire plot, Daniel Miller had NASSAU COUNTY EDITION

One Door Closes. Another Opens Revelations 3:8 When God leads you to the edge of the cliff, trust Him fully and let go, only 1 of 2 things will happen, either He ' ll catch you when you fall, or He ' ll teach you how to fly! ‘The power of one sentence! God is going to shift things around for you today and let things work in your favor. God closes doors no man can open & God opens doors no man can close. If you need God to open, some doors for you...send this to ten people. Have a blessed day and remember to be a blessing...



FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

22 Diet Mistakes Don’t let these mistakes start you on a downward spiral. Avoiding theses diet mistakes at all cot to maintain perfect size and prevent weight gain. 1. 1 Go on a diet simply to fit into your favorite jeans, you will lose the weight only to gain it back. 2. To look sexy for at class or family reunion, body gains weight quickly after starving it from calories. 3. To crash and loose 10 lbs in 2 weeks, Survey shows you gain it back plus a few more pounds in short time. 4. getting off track having pizza & cake for your Birthday or goodies for holidays this will lead to more excuses. 5. Skipping breakfast body needs the fuel to start the day, this will result in insatiable hunger all day. 6. Snaking while working keep track of calorie intake. Choose FRUITS over pretzels, chips, Oreo, nacho, cake . . 7. Not snacking all day. Snacking helps keep your metabolism in high speed. 8. Fail to count the calories in your drinks Latte, Diet soda, Alcoholic beverages, Iced tea. 9. Eat too late at night ideally one should eat 3 hours before bedtime to allow food to properly digest. 10. Not drinking enough water, body is made of 75% + of it, water is a solvent it helps move toxins out of the body. 11. Getting on the scale every day may be frustrating and discouraging I advise get on the scale weekly. 12. Setting goals that are unrealistic is an easy to fail, consult a coach to assist you 13. Only tell yourself you are starting a diet, a coach can better support you when they know what you want to accomplish. 14. Lack of movement (not enough exercise) walk-swimdance-yoga-bike-roller blade-skate-jogging . . . 15. Not enough preparation the only option left is convenience of fast foods. If you fail to plan you plan to fail, no plan = recipe for disaster


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16. To impress or make your mate jealous. This will be short-lived you want to do this because it feels GOOD. 17. Not looking at health benefits of weighing less, can be a great motivation to keep you focus to finish line. 18. not choosing a lifestyle that supports weight loss the only answer to OBESITY is lifestyle change. 19. Not joining a support group it helps you stay accountable to yourself therefore stay true to yourself. 20. Get on restrictive diet you will more likely fail body gains weight quickly after starving it from calories. 21. Fasting for Easter is considered another fad diet because lent is only 40 days. Do you have a plan for the remaining 325 days? Research show that fad diet is not beneficial, you ultimately put the weight back. 22. Go food shopping when you are hungry, you will buy more than you need. Disclaimer: This article is intended to provide general educational information. Information provided should not be construed as medical advice or instruction. No action or inaction should be taken based solely on the contents of this information; instead, you should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and wellbeing. This article is not an attempt to practice medicine or provide specific medical advice, and should not be used to make a diagnosis or to replace or overrule a qualified health care provider's judgment. Nor should readers rely upon my information if they might need emergency medical treatment. I strongly encourage readers to consult with a qualified health care professional for answers to personal questions. By writing this article I do not establish a doctorpatient relationship with the readers. The information and opinions expressed here are believed to be accurate, based on the best judgment available to the author, and readers who fail to consult with appropriate health authorities assume the risk of any injuries. Your feedback and questions are welcome. For specific personal coaching, you can email Immacula Oligario directly at or visit us online @



FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

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Life Changing Words “Gods Plan for your Life” Jeremiah 29:11 KJV “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” When we look at the way the world has become today sometimes it makes you wonder and ask these questions. Where in the world is God? Has God forgotten about me? What happened to all the promises that He has spoken over my life? Well let me help you out with those questions. God has not forgotten about you and a promise from God is still a guarantee of its manifestation. However above all God is still on the Throne and is always in control no matter what it looks like. His greatest attributes still exist today. He is forever omnipotent (allpowerful), omniscience (all-knowing) and omnipresent (everywhere at the same time). Sometimes we may not understand how God works and a lot of times we as people completely forget that God has an adversary, which is satan or the devil. Satan’s goal as the Bible says is to seek, kill and destroy Gods greatest creation, which is man. God’s goal however is totally different and so much more complete and yet not complex. His plans and thoughts are simple, easy and in reach of every man. All we have to do is pick up a Bible and we can find out everything we need to know about life. There is nothing that is happening right now in this world that has not been address by God at the Cross and in His word. Every problem and every solution to the problem is in His word all we have to do is read it, learn it and follow it. See God is not move by the world’s crisis or by the cares of this world but He is moved by our faith. It is our faith in His word that will give us hope during our times of distress or discouragement and it is His peace that surpasses all understanding that NASSAU COUNTY EDITION

can keep you from losing your mind in the middle of your storms (personal crisis). So I go back to my original scripture and I remind you straight from the mouth of God through His prophet Jeremiah that Gods thought for you and His plans for you are good and peaceful and not of evil and it will and shall give you Gods expected end. And for all of us who don’t know what the expected end is let me remind you of Gods words to His people. (John 10:10 KJV) The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. So let us remember that the thief is busy right now in this world but GOD has the final say… Dr. Karen Deadwyler is a new author inspired by God. Her first book titled “His Miraculous Way” speaks of her victory through Jesus Christ. This book can be purchased at her website She is the Visionary and Co-founder along with her husband Ronnie Deadwyler of Glory Temple Ministries.



FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

Episcopal Church becomes biggest US church to bless gay unions By Becky Bratu, July 12, 2012, 2:58 pm The U.S. Episcopal Church became the biggest church in the United States to approve a provisional rite for blessing gay unions after its House of Deputies gave its final approval Tuesday. The resolution passed with 78 percent approval in the lay order and 76 percent in the clergy order. The House of Deputies is made up of both clergy and lay people. In the lay order, 86 deputations voted in favor, 19 against; five were divided. In the clergy order, 85 deputations voted in favor, 22 opposed the resolution and four were divided. The proposed blessing liturgy was initially approved by the Church's House of Bishops Monday during the 77th General Convention in Indianapolis, with 111 votes in favor to 41 opposed and three abstentions. Deputies of opposite views spoke in alternate succession Tuesday afternoon, with those against the proposal urging more time to consider a decision of such magnitude. The Rev. Sharon Lewis, alternate deputy of the Diocese of Southwest Florida, said the liturgy is more than a “pastoral provision.” "Let us move together in the heart of Christ, not turn this great big old church that I love so much on a dime,” Lewis said. Speaking in favor of the blessings, Deputy Jenna Guy from Iowa said the resolution is important to the younger generation of Episcopalians, adding that passing the resolution would bring more people into the Church. "It’s always with great pride that I tell [people] of the inclusive nature of this Church,” Guy said. NASSAU COUNTY EDITION

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A deputy from Alaska added, "There is never anything wrong with celebrating love.” The new Episcopal same-sex liturgy is called "The Witnessing and Blessing of a Lifelong Covenant." In the proposed rite, each person would make a vow to the other, exchange rings and be declared "bound to one another in a holy covenant, as long as they both shall live." The liturgy is expected to go into effect for provisional use starting the first week of Advent -- beginning on Dec. 2, 2012 -- and will undergo a review process before the next General Convention in 2015. Congregations and clergy wishing to use the liturgy would need the permission of their bishops. In states that currently allow same-sex civil marriage, such as Massachusetts and New York, Episcopalians may already bless same-sex marriages, but there is no formal church-wide liturgy. Commitment ceremonies for gay couples are allowed elsewhere in the church at the discretion of the local bishop. Episcopal bishops approve resolution to bless gay unions The Episcopal Church is an independent U.S.based church affiliated with the worldwide Anglican Communion. The church has about 2 million members, most in the United States. It is not the only major U.S. denomination considering same-sex marriage issues. The United Church of Christ, a mainline Protestant denomination with about 1 million members voted in 2005 to support full civil and religious marriage equality for same-sex couples. The U.S. Presbyterian Church on Friday narrowly rejected a proposal for a constitutional change that would redefine marriage as a union between "two people" rather than between a woman and a man. The church, with around 2 million members, currently allows ministers to bless gay unions but prohibits them from solemnizing gay civil marriages. PLEASE KEEP THE COMMENTS COMING AND IF YOU LIKE WHAT WE ARE DOING SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FINANCIALLY CHECK OUT OUR NEW WEB-SITE Subscribe Today for only $9.95 for 6 months PAGE 34


FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

SUMMER TIME LESSONS By B.J. Robinson A colleague’s sons are getting indoctrinated in the ways of youth basketball, playing tournaments at the new Northport facility and in Roosevelt at the second annual basketball tournament, hosted by Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano, which runs through August 9th. The county tournament takes place at the Rev. Arthur Mackey and N. Woodmere Parks. And according to the young players’ mom, the experiences have been like night and day. The Northport facility is air conditioned, sleek, with nice shiny courts, a nice area for spectators, and a good positive basketball atmosphere for players who range from 10 years old to adult teams that play into the night. The team has had some exciting games and enjoyed their first taste of victory as well as defeat, both of which come with the territory and each has lessons that must be learned. The tournament in Roosevelt is outdoors and appears to still be finding its footing in its second year in existence. The boys, their coach and the team families were surprised

Mangano: “Beat the Heat” at County Pools Announces the Extension of Pool Hours for Saturday, July 7th as Temperatures Approach 100 Degrees Mineola, NY – In an effort to help Nassau County residents cope with extremely high temperatures and humidity, Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano is extending the closing times by one hour at three of the County’s major outdoor swimming pools tomorrow, Saturday, July 7th. With the one-hour extension, the pools at Wantagh Park, Cantiague Park, North Woodmere and Christopher Morley Park will be open until 7:00 p.m. “Nassau County’s outdoor pools provide residents with a terrific place to exercise, have fun and beat the heat, and with the temperatures climbing to particularly oppressive levels we’re going to provide an extra hour of relief,” said County Executive Mangano. At Cantiague in Hicksville (516-571-7056), North Woodmere (516-571-7800) and Wantagh (516-571-7460) parks, the County provides “water theme” facilities that incorporate Olympic-size swimming pools, diving pools, “kiddie” pools, interactive water-play areas and water slides. The pool at Wantagh Park, which features a beautiful waterfront location, has been named “Best Public Pool on Long Island” by the Long Island Press, the weekly newspaper. The large swimming complex at Christopher Morley Park (516-571-8113) in Roslyn-North Hills includes an Olympic-size pool, diving tank with boards, and a kiddie pool, framed by a beautiful wooded preserve. NASSAU COUNTY EDITION

Page 35

to find their young players going against boys who were obviously several years older. The boys faced a crushing defeat on the Roosevelt turf. It wasn’t the lopsided loss that bothered the kids and their supporters, it was the inequality of the competition. What are kids being taught if they come to an event and expect to play kids their own age but end up facing much bigger and older kids. The young kids know this was not a fair game and the older kids are learning its ok to cheat the system. The coach spoke to the tournament organizers and the game won’t count; the group promises to improve their system of checking children’s ages. The best news of all is that action was taken when an injustice was discovered. Who wins? The youngsters who come there each night in their team jerseys, bright eyed, excited and prepared for a fun and fair game. Their next contest in Roosevelt should be against kids in their same age group. Lessons learned in the heat of a basketball summer. B.J. Robinson is an educator, youth sports advocate, community volunteer, and author of LeBron James: King of the Court.

Mangano Announces Nassau County Soccer League at Cedar Creek Park Mineola, NY – Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano announced today that the Nassau County Soccer League will start September 28th at Cedar Creek Park. The league will take place on Friday evenings at 6:00 p.m., from September 28th through November 9th. The Nassau County Soccer League is a youth instructional soccer league that combines professional soccer instruction, with the enjoyment fun and excitement of competitive league play. A unique soccer league unlike any other, it incorporates instruction for players and aspiring parent coaches who want to make a positive impact in the development of youth soccer players. Participating children will be given the opportunity to play at Nassau County’s brand new soccer synthetic athletic field at Cedar Creek Park. Three age groups are available for both boys and girls, and include age divisions for under 7, under 8, and under 9. For additional information including registration forms and requirements, please call: (516) 572-0230 or visit the Nassau County Soccer League website at: About Cedar Creek Park Cedar Creek Park, conveniently located in Seaford, is part of Nassau County’s more than 70 parks, preserves, museums, historic properties and athletic facilities comprising 6,000 acres throughout the county. With Seaman’s Creek on its southern border and East Bay beyond, and with Cedar Creek bisecting its center, 259-acre Cedar Creek Park provides a lovely setting along with an assortment of recreational activities. For more information on Cedar Creek Park, please call: (516) 571-7470 or visit: PAGE 35


FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

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Legislator Abrahams to Host 7th Annual Roundball Classic & Family Day (ROOSEVELT, NY) – Nassau County Legislator Kevan Abrahams (D-Freeport), in conjunction with Roosevelt PAL, are proud to be hosting the seventh annual youth basketball league Roundball Classic at Centennial Park on July 14-15, 2012. Roundball Classic (LKARC) is a volunteer-run organization created for youth to enjoy basketball as a sport, experience teamwork, improve their leadership skills, confidence and athleticism and – most of all – have fun! This year’s two-day classic also includes tennis and golf clinics. “It gives me great satisfaction to assist community youth,” said Legislator Abrahams. “Encouraging sports program participation is a great source of summer recreation as well as a character builder for young people.” The Roundball basketball teams will include high school students from across Nassau County. All participants will receive commemorative t-shirts, and trophies will be presented to the winning teams. For more information, or to volunteer, please call 516-571-6201. WHEN: Saturday, July 14 – Sunday, July 15, 2012 WHERE: Centennial Park 1 East Centennial Avenue Roosevelt, NY 11575 (516) 571-8695

MANGANO TO HOST SECOND ANNUAL B-BALL TOURNAMENT Mineola, NY – Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano today announced that Nassau County in cooperation with Hubert (Biff) Moorer of The BIFFCO Foundation Inc., will be hosting the Second Annual Edward P. Mangano B-Ball Tournament for returning Middle School and Junior and Senior High School boys and girls at Reverend Arthur Mackey and N. Woodmere Parks. “This successful B-Ball Tournament provides boys and girls an opportunity to play basketball, improve their skills in a competitive environment and develop a love for the games without having to drive all over Long Island,” said County Executive Mangano. “I encourage all County youth basketball players to sign up today.” The league is scheduled from July 5th to August 9th, 2012. Games are on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 pm., two games per night in each division and officiated by I.A.A.B.O. certified referees. The Middle School Division will be comprised of boys and girls 12 years and under and the Junior/Senior High School Division will be comprised of boys and girls 15 years and under. All athletes must provide proof of age and a signed “Parental Release and Waiver of Liability & Acknowledgement of Rules and Regulations Concerning Child Athlete” prior to first scheduled game. Each team must have 75% Nassau County residents and provide a $25.00 team registration fee, checks payable to “Friends of Nassau County Recreation”. To register or for more information please contact, Hubert (Biff) Moorer at: or call: (516) 481-5459 or (516) 216-3253. NASSAU COUNTY EDITION



FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

GOLF SHOW COMING TO BROOKLYN Medgar Evers College (MEC) in Brooklyn, NY opens its doors to The Darby Foundation for the First Annual Golf Show. September 7, 2012 is the date for The Darby Foundation “MOMENTS OF HISTORY TOUR”, GOLF SHOW, AND EXHIBIT WITH USGAMUSEUM!!! The "Moments of History Tour" consists of distinguished panelists, individuals who have made a significant contribution to the sport of golf and to American History. All the participants will share valuable insights about the challenges they faced; and how they overcame those challenges to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals. The intent of the "Moments of History Tour" is to pave the way for this future generation. Humans all have dreams. We all have been given gifts and often times through challenges we develop the integrity, and character necessary for becoming the person we are destined to be. USGA Museum Honors "American Champions and Barrier Breakers". Some of the world's greatest athletic achievements have been accomplished in the face of untold adversity. Jackie Robinson, Joe Louis and Althea Gibson all excelled in their respective sports, not NASSAU COUNTY EDITION

Page 37

only performing competitively at an exceptionally high level, but shattering racial barriers in the process. The exhibit will be on display from Feb. 17, 2012, to Feb. 2014, and celebrates the lives of Robinson, Louis and Gibson, their sports achievements and their important legacies. "American Champions and Barrier Breakers: Jackie Robinson, Joe Louis and Althea Gibson" has been developed through the African-American Golf Archive, which was created in 2010 by the United States Golf Association and The PGA of America and is housed in the USGA Museum. For more information about the USGA Museum, go to The Golf Show will feature major manufacturers demonstrating their new club lines for 2012. The Discount Pro Shop will offer bargains galore on clubs, balls, apparel, shoes and accessories. The discounts are real, too. If you see nothing else at the show, visit the shop for substantial savings. The Darby Foundation Demo Stage will feature hourly discussions on the Swing, The Rules, The Mental Game and Putting. Pros will provide free 10 minute lessons on the full swing and the short game. Exhibitors from far and near offer great deals on travel, resorts and local and regional golf. Others will help you get in shape for golf physically and financially. The Darby Foundation returns this year with its popular FUN’ RAISER GOLF OUTING where you will learn how to get involved in reaching Inner City Youth in the area. Women are invited to get their swing analyzed or learn the basics from Golf Professional at the Executive Women’s Golf area. Put it on your calendar and watch for more news on other Darby Programs.



FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

Reggie Jackson reportedly banned indefinitely from Yankees for A-Rod comment Baseball Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson has reportedly been banned indefinitely from the New York Yankees clubhouse and events due to a critical comment he made in a Sports Illustrated interview about Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez. Jackson, who is a special adviser for the Yankees, upset the organization when he spoke of ARod’s past use of performance-enhancing drugs (PED) while with the Texas Rangers. The 1977 MVP has been told by Yankee officials to stay away the team, but has not been fired. News One has the full story: Since the New York Yankees are so pissed off at former baseball superstar Reggie Jackson aka Mr. October (pictured right) for his recent incendiary comment made in a Sports Illustrated interview about Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez (pictured left), they have reportedly banned him indefinitely from any of the clubhouse and team events, reports The Star-Ledger. Jackson, who is a special adviser to the Yankees organization and earns a reported $700,000 for his role, recently put A-Rod, one of the team’s star players, on blast in the Sports Illustrated interview. Jackson spoke to the magazine interviewer about ARod’s past use of performance-enhancing drugs (PED) while he was with the Texas Rangers from 2001 to 2003:

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are undeserving members of the Hall of Fame, such as Kirby Puckett, Jim Rice, Gary Carter, Don Sutton, Phil Niekro, and Burt Blyleven. The Charles Barkley of baseball also said in the Sports Illustrated interview that he believes the Baseball Writers Association of America, whose members vote for the Hall, have adopted too low a standard. Ouch! According to ESPN, Jackson offered his apologies to both his “good friend” A-Rod and the Yankees brass on Friday, but it apparently it was not enough. Monday night at a Kansas City All-Star event, Jackson told reporters that there is no ban or suspension with regards to his Yankee duties, but the Yankees promptly countered, stating that the 1977 MVP had indeed been told to stay away from the team but that the punishment is not a firing. Many folks are upset with the timing of Jackson’s comment about Carter, which they found to be insensitive considering the man just passed away last February. A source says that Jackson is reaching out to Carter’s family for his offensive remark. Sources also say that the former star player who once referred to himself as “the straw that stirs the drink” has been friends with ARod for at least eight years. As the new saying goes “with friends like Jackson, who needs enemies?”

“Al’s a very good friend, but I think there are real questions about his numbers. As much as I like him, what he admitted about his (performance-enhancing drug) usage does cloud some of his records.” Not only did Mr. October question the validity of A-Rod’s career highs, but he also took a nasty swipe at those players whom he feels NASSAU COUNTY EDITION




FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

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