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The Milwaukee Community Journal March 21, 2012 Page 2 Madison Firefighter and state firefighter union president Mahlon Mitchell announced Monday his candidacy for Wisconsin Lt. Governor. He made his announcement in Milwaukee’s Sherman Park. Mitche was born in the city. “I have been a fire fighter for 15 years. When firefighters see an emergency we respond. We respond because we care about our community,� said Mitchell, a lieutenant in the Madison Fire Department. Mahlon “It’s a level of service and a calling that only a few decide to take. I look at being Lt. Governor as another part of this service. “As firefighters we have a motto: “All hands working.� Every firefighter on scene is doing a task or job to stabilize the tragedy. We need all hands working now in our community to deal with the emergency in Madison.� Mitchell will challenge incumbent Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch in the expected recall election with Gov. Scott


Walker. “This administration of Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch has destroyed and divided our state by catering to corporate special interests instead of the working men and women of Wisconsin,� Mitchell said. “Now, we need leaders that will bring our state back and work to create the jobs we need.� Mitchell is president of the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin, the organization’s first African American and youngest to serve in that posi-

tion. In the winter of 2011, when the fight over collective bargaining began, Mitchell led the fire fighters in a monumental stand of solidarity with other public servants. Despite being exempted from the bill, Mitchell and his fellow firefighters marched on the capitol with fellow working families that were threatened by the Budget Repair Bill.

Rep. Young Invites Kathleen Falk to Discussion on Black Male Unemployment

MADISON – Representative Leon D. Young (D-Milwaukee) announced today he has extended an invitation to former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk to a roundtable discussion with black men on the subject of black male unemployment in the Milwaukee Metro area. This discussion would be held in conjunction with Rep. Young’s coalition aimed at employing 15,000 black men in the Milwaukee area. “If we are going to be serious in our effort in employing black men, it is vital that we include those black men who are affected,� said Rep. Young. “I believe that the lack of employment for black males in Milwaukee has statewide ramifications, which is why I invited Kathleen Falk to be a part of these discussions.� Earlier this month, Rep. Young announced the formation of

Milwaukee Democrats Endorse Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett for Re-election

he Democratic Party of Milwaukee County announced today that it has endorsed City of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett for re-election in the April General Election. "Tom Barrett has made it priority one to create and retain family supporting jobs in Milwaukee," said Democratic Party of Milwaukee County Chair Sachin Chheda. "Take a look at what Mayor Barrett has done with the Menomonee Valley. Under his leadership, a wasteland of brownfields has been transformed into a haven for cutting edge manufacturing right in the heart of the city." "It is especially clear that Mayor Barrett's style of leadership is to build consensus, rather than score poltiical points," continued Chheda. "He has never put his own political future before the needs of the people, unlike what we have seen from the leadership in Madison. He has made the hard, necessary decisions

a coalition to employ 15,000 black men in the Milwaukee Metro area. A recent study has shown that the employment rate of black males between the ages of 16 and 64 was 44.7 percent. Only the metro areas of Buffalo and Detroit have lower black male employment rates. “Any person campaigning to be the next governor of Wisconsin must be willing to confront this issue,� Rep. Young added. “Job creation must be a goal for any governor in this state. It is only fitting that some of these jobs would be in Milwaukee. Furthermore, it is common sense that there should be efforts to employ a segment of the population that has been traditionally underemployed.�

Milwaukee County Transit System now has three new MetroEXpress routes to help you get to your destination. This limited-stop service is another convenient, affordable and environmentally friendly way to travel. MetroExpress fares are the same as regular bus service.




for all of Milwaukee, not just the privileged few." "I'm honored to be endorsed for another term by my fellow Democrats in Milwaukee," said Mayor Barrett. "I've been a member of the Democratic Party for many years, and was proud to serve as a Democrat in the Legislature and in Congress. "It's all about creating jobs and building a future for all of us," said Barrett. "We have a smart fiscal strategy, and we're focused on the priorities of working families here in Milwaukee. And, more than anything, we know we're all in this together, and that we shouldn't pursue a strategy of turning citizen against citizen." Party officials cited Mayor Barrett's efforts in job creation, public safety and fiscal responsibility, as well as his dedication to environmental responsibility, as key reasons for the endorsement. Mayor Barrett has racked up a plethora of accomplishments since he took office in 2004, including working with local law enforcement to significantly reduce violent crime in Milwaukee.

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