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March 2013

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10,000 homes covered in Didsbury over 2 editions Leaflet delivery available from £29 per thousand Call now to book your space

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Basement Conversions home office • gym • playroom • wine cellar • bathroom • wetroom

Roy Nesbitt Tel: 0161 07921 710 563 Mob: 07921 710 563 300 0530


best ce ars basement conversions Best Cellars North West • Unit 128 • 792 Wilmslow Rd • Didsbury • Manchester • M20 6UG

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Didsbury People

Everyman Art Gallery

Jazz impresario Janet Higgins tells us why she loves Didsbury


Dental Bites

on developing your 24 Physio core strength..

Art to help fend off those winter blues

Physio Advice Billie Hall from the Village

Didsbury Dentist Nicola Owen answers your questions on all things dental

Book Reviews What’s on the Community Index bookshelf this month?

Didsbury Dinners Recipe Welshcakes

March In Your Garden


A guide for the green fingered


News from the front line of local sport

Community Sports

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Community Index

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Didsbury People

Janet Higgins plays alto sax and flute with the Didsbury band JazzWorks and organises Creative Space, a regular Tuesday night jazz club at Didsbury’s Slug and Lettuce pub, which provides a weekly showcase for a variety of jazz bands. As well as her passion for music, Janet has many years’ experience as a student and practitioner of Kadampa Buddhism. She teaches a weekly meditation class every Thursday at Healthy Spirit on Barlow Moor Road. Visit: Janet is interviewed for Community Index by Deborah Grace

Why did you set up Creative Space and how successful

Three years ago our band, JazzWorks, like lots of other bands, had nowhere to play. Pubs could not afford to pay bands and were closing down everywhere, but they often had an empty upstairs room. Put all these factors together - the pubs have more customers and bands have a space to play in - and everyone is happy. The slogan of Creative Space is ‘Keep jazz live and pubs open!’ Actually, I have been astonished at how Creative Space has taken off. We’re booked up with bands for the next six months and many of them are Manchester’s top professionals whom you’d usually see at the Manchester Jazz Festival and other front-line events. The bands are happy to play just for ‘door-money’, saying they like the Slug and Lettuce as there is a listening and appreciative audience; it can get very disheartening playing against a background of noise and chatter.

How long has music been an important part of your life? Both my parents were musical

and played the piano, but they played show tunes and popular songs of their day, which are, in fact, the standards used by jazz musicians now. I first learned the piano, but later took up the flute and then the saxophone. Jazz hit me when I was in my teens – it was Duke Ellington first, and then Dave Brubeck, Stan Getz, Thelonius Monk. When the American air force base was at Burtonwood, Warrington, it was not unusual to have top American musicians playing there and later playing at clubs in Manchester. Jazz was very exciting and sexy; it opened doors to new worlds and experiences.

Jazz and Buddhism? Do you feel that there is any connection between your twin passions?

What, if anything, does music have to teach us about ourselves?

What has been your greatest challenge in life to date?

Music is enjoyment and exuberance. Everyone responds to some sort of music; it seems to be built into our emotional DNA. I love classical music, but jazz has an immediacy, the danger of balancing on a knife edge. When a musician breaks free into improvisation you don’t know what’s coming next; it can go anywhere.

Yes, in that they both originated from the same source for me. That was the books of Jack Kerouac which I read in my teens; ‘On the Road’ and ‘The Dharma Bums’. Kerouac was a west coast beat writer and the background activities of the books were jazz and Zen Buddhism. In Buddhism nothing is fixed; it’s a matter of living with uncertainty and impermanence, which is a bit like jazz.

Every day has its challenges; it just depends on your state of mind. To quote the Buddha: ‘A problem is a difficult situation seen with a negative mind.’ The challenge is to keep a positive mind.

Complete the following statement: ‘I love Didsbury because …’ ‘…there are so many interesting and extremely pleasant people here.’

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Meetings 2013 Wednesday April 3rd 12.30pm-1.30pm Wednesday May 8th 6pm-7.30pm Monday June 3rd 12.30pm-1.30pm Tuesday 2nd July 7.30am-8.30am August –no meeting September Thursday 12th 6pm-7.30pm October Thursday 10th 6pm-7.30pm November Wednesday 6th 12.30pm-1.30pm December Monday 2nd 6pm-7.30pm Venues in Didsbury for the above times & dates to be arranged and notified. Membership fees are £25 for independents and £75 for larger chains and companies.

We’ve got Brand new Spring stock - including kites and balance bikes, so dust off the cobwebs and get out to the park!! 2 for 1 offer on Walkers childrens picture books! We’ll also be taking the World Book Day vouchers and we’ve got a great selection of books for all ages!!

2 Albert Hill Street . Didsbury Manchester . M20 6RF Telephone: 0161 445 1097




...and, we’ve also got a fab Playmobil Colouring In Competition. A Playmobil set for the winner and 10% off all Playmobil sets for all entrants. Call into the shop to enter.


Nicola Owen and her team have been offering quality dental care at The Dental Health Centre for over 20 years in Didsbury village. • New patients welcome. • Cosmetic and routine dental treatment. • Emergencies usually seen same day, even when patients are not registered at the practice. • Special care for nervous patients. • Please contact reception to book your appointment.

Also introducing our NEW Dental Phobia Centre HTo finally overcome your dental fear HSpecial care offered Nicola Owen and her team have successfully managed phobic patients for many years

1b School Lane, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 6RD t: 0161 445 5459, e: w:

Dental Bites How can I reduce tooth decay? Decay to teeth can only happen if we have sugars in our diet. By reducing the sugars we will reduce the likelihood of decay.

Dried fruit such as raisins or apricots eaten regularly can cause as much damage as sugary snacks so avoiding these will help.


paste containing fluoride (most do) we can reduce the extent of the damage caused by this acid. Eating sugary snacks just before Owen and her team have been offering quality bedtime means that the damageNicola dental care at The Dental Health Centre for over 20 years in Didsbury village. happens during our sleep. patients welcome. I always advise our patients to •• New Cosmetic and routine dental treatment. • Emergencies usually seen same day, even when patients are brush, spit out and don’t rinse not registered at the practice. with water. This keeps the • Special care for nervous patients. fluoride on the teeth for longer • Please contact reception to book your appointment. increasing its benefit. Also introducing our NEW Dental Phobia Centre

When we eat or drink sugary things the bacteria living in our mouth produces acids which rapidly damage the teeth. It takes about 4 hours for the mouth to clear this acid after each sugar intake. Using tooth


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HTo finally overcome Owen your dentalis fear HSpecial care offered Nicola Owen Nicola principal Nicola Owen and her team have successfully managed dentist The Dental phobic at patients for many years Health Centre in Didsbury, 1b School Lane, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 6RD established t:which 0161 445 5459,she e: w: over 20 yrs ago. To contact Nicola, email contact@ or call 0161 445 5459


Plumbing & Building Services

Cellar conversions | Plumbing & Heating | Electrics Brickwork | Carpentry | Bathrooms | Painting & Decorating Drainage & Roofing | Tiling Family run business based in Didsbury with over 22 years experience in the building industry with both commercial and domestic clients.

Call 07973 684 578 or 0161 445 6390 for a free estimate


Beauty • Hair • Bridal • IPL 35% off Permanent Hair Removal

Semi-Permanent Eyelash extension £45 introductory offer

Ladies Only Salon 229 Wilmslow Road, Rusholme, Manchester M14 MLW Tel : (0161) 257 2555 TheGentryGroomingCo

Alexander Technique individual sessions and groups

Sue Fleming

Salon Opening Times: Mon:  9am Tues: 9am Wed: 9am Thurs: 9am


6pm 6pm 6pm 8pm

Fri: 9am - 8pm Sat: 9am - 6pm Sun: CLOSED

MSTAT ☎ 861 8848 mob 07796470163 The Burton Road Clinic Didsbury Chequers Road Chorlton

Pauline Leng


Tel: 0161 445 9111 675 Wilmslow Rd Didsbury M20 6RA

☎ 445 8530 mob 07821470349 The Didsbury Holistic Centre and Lidgate Grove Didsbury   

Book Reviews

the intrepid and haunted private detective as he investigates the seamier side of the Prom.

The Day Aberystwyth Stood Still Simon Mawer

Seeking relief from the steady stream of Nordic crime fiction? You might enjoy visiting the seaside for a taste of Welsh noir. The Day Aberystwyth Stood Still is the latest instalment in the Louie Knight Mystery series, which follows

Louie is drawn into a political battle brewing in advance of Aberystwyth’s mayoral election whilst trying to track down a man who was reportedly hanged for his part in one of the town’s most notorious crimes. Oh, and aliens may be involved. A cast of colourful characters moves the action along. Regulars include Calamity, Louie’s teenage assistant, and Sospan, who dispenses information and spiritual guidance from his ice-cream kiosk. A personal favorite is Herod Jenkins the ex-games master and mercenary who continues to

Donna Leon

Caterina’s job is to investigate two chests left by the baroque Venetian composer and papal agent the Abbé Steffani and thought to contain treasure. Her employers are two secretive families, Steffani’s heirs, known through the generations for their greed and corruption. Their intermediary is an immaculately dressed and courteous lawyer who may not be all he seems to be.

Donna Leon’s description of Manchester – its physical ugliness, climate and bad food – may not endear her to Mancunian readers. However, Caterina Pellegrini, Leon’s young musicologist heroine, is soon tempted by homesickness and a mysterious commission to return to her native Venice.

Caterina must work in a shadowy and threatening world, never sure who she can trust. This is the darker side of her beloved city. Her researches reveal a composer of beautiful music who also worked for the return of Catholicism to northern Germany. But he is also a man who paid a personal price

The Jewels of Paradise


rattle skeletons in Louie’s cupboard. Miaow, who serves clients in fishnets and a Welsh stovepipe hat at Jezebel’s – the club behind the caravan park, provides sexual frisson and a reason to ride the escalators in Shrewsbury. Though sending up wellrespected genres, Pryce is a talented storyteller. As a writer he can evoke both laughter and a longing for lost innocence. His wistful description of a drive into Borth could bring a tear to the eye. The world Pryce creates won’t be to everyone’s taste. But if mysteries laced with the surreal sound appealing then a trip to Aberystwyth may well be a journey worth taking. Kenneth Valente for his musical and religious success. When Caterina ultimately discovers the composer’s treasure – the Jewels of Paradise – it is not what anyone expects. Fans of Leon’s Guido Brunetti novels will miss her well-loved characters and dark ironic humour. However, The Jewels of Paradise has plenty to offer. The writing is atmospheric and rich in detail. The plot is well-crafted and the final twist is unexpected and intelligent. But, as in all her novels, what stands out most is Leon’s abiding love and fascination with Venice, her adopted city. John Townsend


Discover why Linda Lusardi is feeling better than ever...


odel, actress and TV presenter Linda Lusardi has spent her life looking good. As a mother of two teenage children, and wife to actor Sam Kane, she is no stranger to the common pressure of juggling family and career. Being in the spotlight means Linda is scrupulous about keeping fit and well. She exercises regularly and is careful about what she eats in order to maintain her diminutive, 5ft 4in figure. Her commitment has certainly paid off. Now, aged 54, she looks as fabulous as ever. But it hasn’t always been this easy.

Despite taking control of her diet and fitness, Linda struggled with a common problem that made her life difficult for over ten years. Dry eyes. This affliction affects up to one

Events at HealthySpirit Free Craniosacral Clinic Saturday 2nd March 10.00am-1.00pm Booking essential Easibirthing Preparation Course Saturday 9th March 1.30pm-5.00pm. Cost £35 Booking essential

in ten people in the UK and is caused by a variety of factors. These can include environmental irritants, such as dust, pollution, artificial lighting, air conditioning, computer screens and contact lenses. Cosmetics and medication can also trouble delicate eyes.

“I wanted natural help for my dry eyes, which have plagued me for about 10 years. I was tired of using drops and feeling uncomfortable. I found out that other people with my problem use sea buckthorn oil to provide moisture from the inside. Linda revealed. “I took two capsules in the morning and two at night and I started to see an improvement in a fortnight. After a few more weeks I was able to stop using my eye drops.” Sea buckthorn oil is rich in beta carotene, vitamins and

Lemurian healing Circle Saturday 16th March 2.00pm-4.00pm Cost £6 Laughing Yoga Saturday 16th March 11.00am-12.00pm Donations accepted. Singing and Music Therapy Saturday 23rd March 12.15pm-1.15pm Cost £15 Booking essential

omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9. The omega 7 fatty acids have been shown to help with lubrication through the body, protecting the internal organs as well as the linings of the eyes, mouth, skin plus the respiratory, digestive and urogenital tracts. “I am told, omega 7 is a “gift from nature” for middleaged women! It’s no exaggeration to say it has been life-changing for me. Sea buckthorn benefits so many other areas of the body that it is now a must in my daily routine. I choose the original Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn Oil capsules because they’re researched and made to such high standards. I know my health is in good hands.” Available at Healthy Spirit

Toning and Mantra Chanting Circle Saturday 30th March 11.00am-12.00pm. Cost £6 Circle Dance Saturday 30th March 1.00pm-2.00pm £6 Booking essential Kundalini Yoga Every Monday 7.00pm-8.30pm And every Wednesday

5.30pm-7.00pm Cost £8 Infinte Chi Kung Every Wednesday 10.00am-11.00am Cost £6 Meditation Groups Every Monday 1pm-2pm Every Tuesday 10.30am-12.00pm Every Wednesday 7.30pm-9.30pm Donations accepted.


ECHO Vapour

Electronic Cigarette Healthier Option

SERVING BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT SERVING BODY, MIND AND SERVING BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT SPIRIT Healthyspirit is a health and spiritual shop Healthyspirit is health and shop Healthyspirit is a ahealing health centre. and spiritual spiritual shop with a holistic We offer: with a holistic healing centre. We offer:



Visit our website for more Information or buy online:

Visit our website for more Information or buy online: Visit our website for more Information or buy online: WWW.HEALTHY-SPIRIT.COM

224 Fog Lane, Didsbury M20 6EL 0161 434 1624

Are you a smoker? Thinking of giving up or just looking for a healthier way to smoke? Well, why not call in and give an E-cig a try? Suppliers of E-cigs, E-liquids, and all your accessories! Starter kits, batteries,Viva Novas, atomizers & spare parts, cases, etc...



Evening Seminars on Inka Mysticism The Bands of Power Monday 4th March, 7-9pm Love, Birth and Death Monday 18th March, 7-9pm Left Path of Magic Monday 8th April, 7-9pm

Sunday Workshops on Shamanism Archetypes and the Hero‘s Journey Sunday, 24th March, 10am to 4.30pm Guided Journeying and Power Animals Sunday, 28th April, 10am to 4.30pm Death Rites and Spirit Flight Sunday, 2nd June, 10am to 4.30pm

All events are held at The Old Parsonage, Stenner Lane, Didsbury, Manchester M20 2RQ. To book a place, phone 0161 434 6784 (Healthy Spirit, Didsbury)

For further information visit

Singers of the North Unite!


very year, as part of Manchester Day Parade, a choir of 300 to 400 people gathers in Albert’s Square and sings a rousing repertoire of songs under the banner of ‘The Sing for Water Choir.’

In reality the singers are drawn from dozens of community choirs and singing groups across the north. Singers come from as far away as Settle and Kendal in the north, Hebden Bridge in the east, Stoke in the south and Bangor from the west. The choirs all come together with the one aim of raising money for Wateraid through a special singers initiative called ‘Sing for Water.’ The reason we sing for water is because so many of the songs that community choirs love have come from areas, like parts of Africa, that are rich in song but poor in development. Songs passed on by ear are not copyright and are given

freely. The least we can do is raise money to benefit poorer communities by investing in pumps and wells and sanitation. In the last ten years, since Helen Chadwick first launched Sing for Water in London, hundreds of thousands of pounds has been raised by community choir members from across the UK and beyond. In London over 800 singers gather annually and sing at the Thames Festival. Of course, being Mancunian, we know we can do whatever London does, and with a lot more pizzazz. Manchester’s Picturehouse Choir, based at Band on the Wall, after experiencing the high of Sing for Water in London, decided to launch ‘Sing for Water North’ and link it to Manchester Day Parade. We are now in our third year and planning for this years event on Sunday 2nd of June. “So what?” I hear you say. “That’s all very interesting but

what’s it got to do with me?” We need more voices! Lots more! We need people by the hundred to join with us and help us make a great big choir. Your city needs you- even if you’ve never sung before! It’s absolutely easy to join in. If you are currently in a choir then ask your MD if you can put some of the Sing for Water songs in your repertoire. There are seven songs in total. Register with lindaharvey2008@ to get scores, words and sound files or ask for a Sing for Water MD to come and deliver a session. All the songs are acapella and can be learnt by ear. •

No one needs to read music.

No one gets auditioned.

No one has to sing by themselves.

If you are not in a choir or your MD doesn’t fancy it - No problem! We still want you!

13 For the first time ever we are asking individuals to join us. You too can register at the same address and get all the songs on line but… best of all… we are inviting everybody to great big lovely workshops where we can all learn the songs together. The workshops are at Bridge 5 Mill on 17th March and 12th May. Here you can learn the songs by ear along with other singers from across the city and beyond. If you have never experienced the feeling of singing with a mass of other voices then grab the chance now because it’s great; cup-final-winning-goal great. Everyone is friendly and helpful. The teachers are some of the best in the country. You get a good brew.

Imagine that!

Details are all on the website: singforwaternorth.wordpress. com Everyone who registers makes a donation of £15 (minimum) either from themselves or through sponsorship. Every single groat of this goes to Sing for Water. All the MD’s and Committee work for nothing… really nothing. The City Council provides the staging and sound engineering on the day.

You get to join in with an inspiring community event and personally save at least one person’s life. Please join us- come and sing with us! Or at least come down and support us on the day. Or make an on line contribution SingForWaterNorth2013 Or come to Picturehouse Choirs performance at Band on the Wall on the 27th March.

The workshops are free, as is the final rehearsal in the Town Hall and attendance on the day on a huge stage in Albert’s Square.

And look out for Sing for Water buskers around Beech Rd in Chorlton on 20th of April.

Compare that with any other performance choir around these days.

But most of all…sing with us… come on.

We chose £15 for a reason. That’s the amount it takes to give one human-being clean water and sanitation…FOR LIFE!

Jules Gibb (MD Sing for Water North)

Responsible financial advice for a world of difference We’re still here! With more than 20 years of providing ethical financial advice in South Manchester the Gaeia name will be known to many of you. Despite moving from Didsbury to central Manchester we continue to look after many loyal clients in the area. Since our merger with Castlefield, we’re now part-owned by a charitable foundation, our employees and even our clients – unusual in financial services! Whether you are an individual, business, charity or not-for-profit organisation, Gaeia can provide a financial planning service which incorporates both your ethical values and your financial needs.

• Ethical savings & investment advice • Prudent pensions & retirement planning • Income protection & health insurance • Ethical financial advice for businesses • Investment management for Charities and not-for-profit organisations

Contact us at our new office: 0161 233 4550, 1 Portland Street, Manchester M1 3BE. Visit us at SGCOMINDX/101212

Gaeia is a trading name of Castlefield Gaeia Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Registered in England and Wales No. 04605261. Registered office 3 Brook Office Park, Folly Brook Road, Emersons Green, Bristol BS16 7FL

405388_Gaeia Chorley_Dids Index_93.5x137w_V2.indd 1

10/12/2012 14:21


Welsh Cakes You will need :

110g/approx 4oz self-raising flour 110g/approx 4oz wholemeal flour ½ tsp mixed spice 110g/approx 4oz margarine 75g/approx 2½oz caster sugar (although I have made them with muscovado, demerara and any other sugar I had to hand) Egg replacer equivalent to 1 egg (such as Energ-G) Raisins or other dried fruit 1. Sieve the flour and spice into a bowl and rub in the margarine. 2. Add the sugar and then the egg replacer, and combine. 3. Finally stir in the dried fruit. The mixture should be moist so add a little soya milk or water if too dry.

Recipe reproduced from Didsbury Dinners: The Low-Carbon Community Cookbook, with kind permission from the editor Amanda Woodvine. 4. Take golf ball sized pieces and flatten. For neater cakes you can roll them out and use a cookie cutter. Fry in a dry pan for a few minutes on each side. Try to eat them before everyone else gobbles them up! Recipe by : The Wood School, Paupers Wood, West Didsbury

“These are also known as griddle (or girdle) cakes, which is the name of a flat iron pan. These can be made over an open fire or on the hob. You can eat them plain or with jam and margarine.”

Didsbury Dinners is an 80-page A4 glossy paperback packed full of recipes from local residents and groups. Buy your copy for just £6.99 from The Albert Club and Didsbury Civic Society. All proceeds from the sale of the book will go towards promoting local food sustainability. didsburydinners@

© Chava Eichner

Community Health & Wellbeing Oneness Deeksha Meditation Saturdays 11am-12 at The Didsbury Parsonage, Stenner Lane Didsbury M20 2RQ A channeling of Divine Energy through touch helps the recipient to relax and Awaken to higher levels of Conscious Awareness. Previous conflicts & strggles are no longer perceived or experienced as challenging. Donation £2. Enquiries to Christine 07734 072040. Weekly Meditation Classes Held in Didsbury meditateinmanchester. org 0161 861 7012

Societies & Groups Acting For Fun Central Didsbury 431 4794 Didsbury Amateur Dramatics Didsbury Arts Festival 2013 www.didsburyartsfestival. org Didsbury Civic Society www.didsburycivicsociety. Didsbury Cricket Club www.didsburyccsports. Didsbury Dinners http://didsburydinners. For general enquiries/ Community growing group: didsburydinners@ Community cooking group: community. Didsbury Good Neighbours Every Tuesday, 1011.45am coffee morning. Didsbury Sure Start

Centre, Didsbury Park 07749 504298 www.didsburygood Didsbury Ladies Probis Club Meets on alternate Monday afternoons in East Didsbury. Please call Joan Woodall 0161 434 2532 for more information Didsbury Village East Residents Association Didsbury Village Women’s Institute www.didsburyvillagewi. Manchester Flower Lovers’ Guild First Monday of the month for flower demonstrations. Refreshments at 7.15 for 7.30 start. Visitors welcome £5 St Werburghs Church Hall, Chorlton M21 0TJ Anne 881 6591, Friends of Didsbury Park www.friendsofdidsbury Friends of Fletcher Moss Park Alan Hill 215 0971 Friends of Marie Louise Gardens www.marielouisegardens. South Manchester Camera Club Didsbury Over 50s Group 247 2323 South Manchester U3A Meet on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 2pm, Emmanuel Church. Contact Edna 434 2509 South Manchester

Dance School 107 Clyde Road West Didsbury, 445 5308 West Didsbury Bookgroup Meets every four weeks at 7.30pm. Lively mixed group of all ages. Call 445 4483 leaving your name, address & landline West Didsbury Residents Association Pam Siddons 445 5406

Arts & Crafts The Classroom on School Lane Learn new a new craft 24 School Lane www.classroomschool Wendy Levy Art Gallery 17 Warburton Street Didsbury, 446 4880

Music & Entertainment Jazz Tuesdays at 8.45pm at the Slug and Lettuce, 651 Wilmslow Rd, Didsbury. creativespaceinfo. Stax of Soul Wednesdays 9.30pm-12 Thursdays DJ Pip Rolfe Weekend warm up till 1am One Lounge Bar 1 Lapwing lane 448 0101

Social & Support Groups Didsbury Social Group www.didsburysocial. Social Circle Social and activity group. Walks, meals, weekends away, quiz nights, live music, dancing, theatre, comedy Tel: 0161 434 0098, or 07767 686 177 www.

I N D E X15 New Family Social UK charity for LGBT adopters, foster carers and their children. Meets every two months in south Manchester. email: nwdevelopment@

Useful Numbers Didsbury Library 227 3755 Environment on Call 954 9000 Mersey Valley Countryside Warden Service 905 1100 Manchester City Council 234 5000

East Didsbury Councillors Andrew Simcock cllr.a.simcock@ Andrew Taylor cllr.a.taylor@manchester. Bridie Adams cllr.b.adams@manchester.

West Didsbury Councillors Mark Clayton cllr.m.clayton@ Carl Ollerhead cllr.c.ollerhead@ David Ellison cllr.d.ellison@manchester.

y management department

aluation service



another agent you should check e instructing JP & Brimelow.

Meet Lucy Didsbury Lettings Manager

How long have you worked at JP & Brimelow? This is my 12th year with the company and I have always been based in Didsbury Village.

THE CREAM OF MANCHESTER ESTATE AGENTS If you’re considering a move, call your leading independent estate agent and we’ll explain why we take some topping. Extensive coverage with our unique inter-office networking Property website updated daily along with Rightmove Local press advertising in colour per office SMS text alerts and email updates Floorplans as standard Accompanied viewing 7 days a week Competitive and flexible fees - No Sale, No Fee Lettings and property management department

Describe your job role.

Free, no obligation valuation service If you have already instructed another agent you should check the terms of agreement before instructing JP & Brimelow.

I am the Didsbury Lettings Manager. My team looks after the marketing of our Didsbury rental properties finding our landlords great tenants! What’s special about Didsbury as a place? There is such a unique vibrant atmosphere and real community feel to both Didsbury and West Didsbury Villages. There are few places that compare to this area that are also within such easy reach to the City Centre. I love nothing more than walking through the village on sunny day, there is real buzz about the place!

out on my bike getting muddy, perfect way to clear your head after a busy week of property! If you’d like to talk to Lucy about letting your property in Didsbury, give her a ring on 0161 445 2300.

JP&Brimelow, cream of the crop!

Have you spotted Daisy, our new fleet car?


Where’s your favourite restaurant or café in Didsbury for a lunch time meal? The Deli in Didsbury Village is great, a perfect spot for a homemade lunch or a coffee whilst watching the world go by! What are your hobbies and interests out of the wonderful world of JP & Brimelow? At a weekend I can usually be found

DIDSBURY LETTINGS 721 Wilmslow Rd Didsbury M20 6WF

We’re passionate about M20. So much so, we’ve emblazoned our appreciation for all things Didsbury on our very own eco-bags. So, come into our office today and grab yourself a bag, for FREE! Use it for your Cheddar from the Cheese Hamlet, or your Angus Beef from Axons...Go on show your love for M20!

0161 445 2300


st be r... he ea f t is y xo h Si TS t LE

Didsbury Gate


Chatham Lodge

Agalia Gardens


Westmorland Road

Dundreggan Gardens


Needham Hall

0161 448 0622 DIDSBURY SALES 748a Wilmslow Rd Didsbury M20 2DW




Offices also in: Chorlton 0161 882 2233 Withington 0161 445 9700


Community Index is delivered to 20,000 Letterboxes leaflet delivery £35 per 1000 (min order) Special offer : 10,000 leaflets ONLY £290 Looking for cost-effective and reliable leaflet distribution?

Leftover boxes of leaflets? Don’t let them go to waste, get them working for you!

Contact : | 0787 589 5604



FEMALES ONLY FAT SHREDDING LOOSE COURSE. ANYTHING • 3 fat shredding sessions held at the Didsbury Parsonage Trust • NO gym or equipment needed • Investment £97


• Taking bookings NOW for dates starting from 25th Feb onwards

Includes: 2 x Personal Training sessions per week Nutritional Advice Body Composition Analysis Guaranteed Results! Normal Price £229

What you receive: - Your online preparation package kage - Your introduction & welcome session - Daily checklists - Shopping lists - Drip fed daily nutrition plan - Drip fed daily exercise and mobility plans with full video links - 3 weekly weigh in sessions and progression checks - Daily support and motivation

Only 10 females per 3 week course to ensure maximum effectiveness! Email for more information and to register your place or call:

Quote 'Community Index' to receive the full course for just £189!! Training takes place at The Northern Tennis Club on Palatine Road, West Didsbury Call Jon on 07710 168 566

M & H BUILDING CONTRACTORS City & Guilds qualified tradesman with over 10 years experience

• Extensions • Renovations • Plastering General building repairs • Garden wall Re-pointing • Patios • Bricklaying/block work

07595 602 996

Cheap rates, excellent quality & reliable friendly team

in association with

Tel: Stephen Harrison 07912351114 Joe Murphy 07525415612 email:



Call John 0161 445 3650

4 week weight loss programme.

NACS member

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We clean your oven… so you don’t have to Call today to have your oven, hob, extractor or Aga professionally cleaned Ian Glancy Mob Tel: 07580 765765


Finish Winter Blues with Winter Warmers


any of you might already be familiar with the buzzing cafes and bars of Beech Road in Chorlton. Favourite destination to many, not only for delicious brunch treats, nights out, but also for a lively art scene. Home to Everyman Art Gallery which moved to Beech Road in the summer of 2011, it will celebrate 2 years of its existence in its premises at 50 Beech Road this summer. Everyman currently tempts all passers-by, art collectors and first time buyers by the Winter Warmers show - on until 7 March so do not miss out on the show curated to warm up your hearts after the cold winter. The Royal Academy and other established artists including John Hoyland RA, Gordon House, Bernard Meadows, Yaacov Agam, David Hockney RA, Humphry Ocean and other well known names are

Painting by Sally Cartwright

Sculpture by Pauline Parsons - accompanied by locals artists Sally Cartwright, Simon Plum, Louise Naimian, Brazilian star Flavio Rossi and others. Our hot favourite of this show (apart from limited edition silk screen print by John Hoyland!) must be Simon Plum with his acrylic depictions of Tin Car Rallies, Carousels of people running around in circles with domestic mammals. Many other imaginary scenes from Simon’s mind make it on the paper as drawings exhibiting excellently well informed and executed draftsmanship or as prints. Simon’s paintings viewed as a marriage of the latter are the cherry on the cake. Delightful mark making coupled with knowledge and feel for colour and composition add brilliance to this all round artist. We shall see much more of him in the future. Northern Scenes and other Landscapes show runs from 9

March - 28 April. The artwork on the wall changes throughout the show. From Tracy Emin to Victor Pasmore, the show features Sophie Berger’s abstract seascapes and Judith Donaghy’s scenes of the Lakes, Nick Walker’s oil depictions of Didsbury, not to mention boundaries of textile artwork broken by Ariella Green and much more. Food for eyes, and thought.... Check the Everyman Art Gallery’s web site (www. for updates or sign up to their mailing list to be the first to receive the news on the upcoming exhibitions, art classes, art talks, demonstrations or framing services. Helena Hulova-Wall

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ly ÂŁ


TAG! has recently been awarded a grant by Manchester City Council. This will enable us to donate the full cost of TAG! cards to local Didsbury charities. If your company or charity or group would like to be involved in this initiative and at the same time, support shopping locally and independently please get in touch.

Use your card in

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Saturday 9.50am-10.50am and 11am-12pm Drama classes for children aged 4-11 are held in the beautiful Didsbury Parsonage. Classes will be taught by Tina O’Brien and Esther Morgan who have been childhood friends for 18 years.

Call 07971159097 Twitter @thedramamob Facebook- The drama MOB

Get fit, get confident, get freewheeling!



espite the saying, you can forget how to ride a bike. A large percentage of adults never learnt to ride a bike as a child or have lost the confidence to do so. Fortunately help is at hand, and if one of your New Year resolutions is to get fit and be more active then there are some free cycle training sessions available to Manchester residents through BikeRight! Freewheeling to help. So if you’re someone returning to cycling after a few years break, a leisure cyclist wanting to improve technique or a commuter who is nervous about busy roads and complex junctions then take a look at Freewheeling. Liz Clarke, BikeRight!s MD says: “The sessions are designed to get you on your bike and enjoying all the benefits that brings such as


improved health, more energy and savings to your travel costs. Cycling is also just great fun, weather riding to work or going on a family trip at the weekends, everyone enjoys a bike ride.” Here’s an overview of what’s on offer: · Trainees are allowed up to 3 sessions, each lasting for approx. 2 hours · Freewheeling is designed and run by the UKs leading cycle training organisation · The sessions cover every skill level, from learning to ride through to advanced urban cycling and everything in between · All Freewheeling instructors are National Cycle Training Standards qualified and first aid trained · Female instructors are available upon request · Courses take place in East Manchester – see website for details · All bookings are taken on-line at www.

Free adult cycle safety skills sessions freewheeling or call 0161 230 7007 See website for terms and conditions

Here’s what people who have been on a Freewheeling course are saying: “Learning to be able to ride a bike at 62 and not made to feel stupid. Great.” “I’m 57 and never thought I’d be able to ride a bike – and now I can! Yay.” “Just wanted to pass on my thanks to the instructors at the training on Saturday. As someone who is just returning to cycling I feel a great deal safer and more confident on the roads as a result.”


What is your core?


here is a lot of talk these days about improving core strength and sometimes “the core” can seem something you just don’t have or know anything about – this is a brief introduction to what it is and why it helps to have a strong one.


Think of the pelvis as the keystone for the rest of the body: the pelvis needs to be fully mobile, strong and balanced for everything else in the body to work effectively. More on getting the pelvis mobile at a later date.

Billie Hall

The core are a group of muscles that work together to stabilise and secure the pelvis and lower back, including transverses abdominus – the muscle you are about to get familiar with. This muscle acts like a girdle, travelling from the front of your pelvis around to the lower back. Ok, now for you to do some exercise STAND UP Put your thumb in your mouth and suck – can you feel the muscles in your tummy, very low down, tightening? That’s your transverses abdominus. When you suck your thumb that is 100% effort. Ease off slightly so you are using

about 30% effort and this is what you should be feeling most of the time. Basically, activating that muscle whilst doing general activities such as walking, lifting the kettle will re-educate the muscle to work more efficiently.

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Rooms For Hire

The Old Parsonage Stenner Lane, Didsbury

Photo © David Leitch

Re-opened in September 2012, after extensive repairs and refurbishment, as a community hub, is now available for lettings. A variety of rooms are available for hire accommodating from 8 to 60 people. Didsbury Parsonage Trust

Tel: Steve or Christine 0161 445 7661

Suitable for: • exhibitions • meetings • courses • workshops

• talks • seminars • Wedding & party enquiries welcome.

Offices to Rent Two well appointed offices available on the first floor


March in your Garden


arch is a good planning time as the month steers us into spring but also because the full pelt of summer has yet to appear on the bare bones of the garden and we still have the opportunity to plan our shapes and schemes for the coming year. One of the key things to think about when planning an outside space is the balance of elements. Evaluate the size of your space and try to balance the zones (i.e. lawn, planting beds, patio/seating area) so that each is properly represented – a tiny lawn and huge planting beds can look very unbalanced but equally,

all lawn and little planting can look very bland despite the need to crowbar in an enormous swing-set. Often a seating area in a small garden is reduced to make way for more of the other elements but this can be short sighted – a tiny deck always looks odd. Other things to think about in larger gardens is how to create different and interesting spaces (again with an eye on how this is balanced) so the whole space isn’t seen at once. These spaces could be delineated by planting or simple pergolas. Of course, it is also about priorities and use, and for some gardeners the preference is to be more organic in the planning stages, popping in what comes to hand or is given throughout the year.

Garden Design Planting Advice Consultation Service Project Managment


Others have a perpetual eye on how the outside space is viewed as a whole, bringing to bear the design lexicon of shape, form and function early in the year. Both approaches can make beautiful gardens but the former takes some skill to make it work properly and whilst I can be rigorous in planning other peoples gardens, in my own garden I have been seduced by a romantic temperament at times. These discussions have also been had in the most spectacular of our nations gardens. In 1946, the author Harold Nicolson wrote about an afternoon argument with Vita Sackville-West in their Sissinghurst garden brought about by Vita’s wish to ‘jab in’ left over plants with no regard to planning or design. He goes on to say: “The tragedy of the romantic temperament is that it dislikes form so much that it ignores the effect of colour. She wants to put in stuff which ‘will give a lovely red colour in the autumn’. I wish to put in stuff which will furnish shape to the perspective. In the end we part, not as friends.”

Katherine Watson,

Fat Grass Garden Designs

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Community Index Sport

Albert gets ‘lit up’ with Olympic legacy


he Albert Bowling and Tennis Club in West Didsbury is one of hundreds of sports clubs across the country too benefit from an Olympic legacy boost.

The Albert was one of the first clubs in the country to install floodlights in 1992 but they are no longer fit for purpose and need replacing. The Albert put together a detailed bid and club officials

Community Sport Sports clubs are the lifeblood of the local community providing a huge range of opportunities for people of all ages to get into sport. They give people the chance to mix in a social environment as well providing vital exercise of body and mind and in many cases make friends for life. Our area is very rich in such clubs and they rely so much on the voluntary efforts of people to run them and these sports articles try to provide an insight into the huge amount of work done by these volunteers on behalf of their local community. If you have any stories about sport by individuals or teams contact Geoff Garnett on either 0161 881 7550 or email

Pic (left to right): Jo Hart, Dave Chadwick, Andy Gardner (tennis secretary), Matt Carter, Anthony Mitchell, Amber Allen were delighted to hear that they had qualified for a grant of £50,000 from Sport England. The grant is part of Sport England’s Places People Play Olympic and Paralympic legacy programme and all improved facilities carry the London 2012 inspire mark – celebrating the link to the Games. Dave Chadwick, head tennis coach at The Albert, said: “Our floodlights really limited what we could do in the dark winter months and the grant will make a real difference to the playing experience at the club and extend the scope of our coaching programme.” John Leech MP for Withington added: “I’m delighted that The Albert Club has been successful in its bid as it is a thriving club providing a wide range of opportunities

to play tennis and the new floodlights will make a huge difference enabling the club to develop its range of tennisrelated activities to the local community.” The club was established in 1874 as a gentleman’s club and then added a bowling green and later the tennis courts. Today it is a modern, thriving sports club with over 300 tennis members playing competitive tennis in local leagues as well as providing an extensive junior coaching programme. In the Spring the club is also aiming to launch a new tennis session aimed at the local autistic community.


Julie ready for the challenge at Withington


ulie Webb has been a proud member of Withington Golf Club for the past 33 years and she was delighted to be honoured with her appointment as Lady Captain for the next 12 months.

Another proud moment for the Webb family was the appointment for their son Jamie as the club Junior Captain.

Trophy against three other clubs this year.

Julie was brought up and went to school and university in south Manchester before working as a pharmacist in various local hospitals and her chosen charity along with the Captain is MedEquip4Kids which provides equipment for children not readily available from the NHS.

He was club champion 14 times, Mersey champion six times, won the Hulbert Trophy at Manchester GC and the Manchester and District Alliance Foursomes with the late club pro Bob Ling although Julie says that he has not improved much with age.

There will be a ‘a parking fine’ for going in bunkers on the fourth hole and there will be a parking meter on the bar to collect the fines.

“During my early years at the club I didn’t even Julie is pictured play the driving in first hole because I was too worried about hitting cars on Palatine Road but during the past year I have been developing a similar phobia on the 17th tee – but this might have had something to do with it being the hole for the Lady Captain’s Drive-In – however this went very well.

Julie joined Withington in 1979 as the girl friend of their golfing legend Colin Webb and during her early years she was justifiably proud of his achievements in golf.

Julie, who plays off 12 handicap, said: “As well as the normal club ‘majors’ we will be hosting the Mersey Ladies Shield and the Centenary

“Now I am looking for an enjoyable and successful year for the club both on and off the course.”

Respect league goes from strength to strength


ith many local leagues struggling to beat the weather the new Manchester Respect Junior Football League were able to complete all of its u8 matches.

League treasurer Russell Hoyte said: “The league comprises 28 teams and play centre-based football for u7 and u8 teams using best football practice on the pitch. “The league is a full RESPECT compliance carrying out the RESPECT handshake before every game to start off the match day experience


“It promotes no interference from parents and provides a very calm, quiet atmosphere as the 250 children involved each week enjoy the experience. “Each team of five players will have 60 games this season which is an opportunity not offered by any other league. “In the summer months we play on the grass pitches of Burnage Metro FC in Didsbury and at Parrs Wood High School. “The league also mentors newly qualified referees, many as young as 14, new managers and coaches providing opportunities for volunteers. “We work actively with

Manchester City and Manchester and Cheshire FA’s and we are intending to provide an ‘Introduction to Football Summer Soccer School’ that will encompass all that the league is about. “Although the league has undoubtedly been a short term success it will not be for another ten years that the real success of the project can be judged when and if the young players still show the enthusiasm for Open Age Football as they do for Junior Football.

“This is just a helping hand, hopefully in the right direction, and for more information contact me on 07876688978.


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