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Contents 4. Shop Local, Past & Present 6. The Healing Power of Nature 9. Chorlton Arts Festival 10. Want to Shed those Winter Pounds? 13. Book Reviews 14. Green Walk Open House 15. GLAD TO BE IN CHORLTON 16. For All You Wannabees 18. Sherlock Homes 21. April in your Garden 22. Food and Drink Index 27. Hitting the Hotspot 28. Community Index PUBLISHER

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Shop Local , Past & Present Now I have mixed feelings about supermarkets. Historically they were an important development in the way we shop and the food that is available to us. But of course the impact of huge out of town outlets on local communities, and the demise of the independents raise big questions. All of which made me reflect on the retail experiences that were available here in the township during the 19th and early 20th centuries. In 1850 there were just a handful of shops, most in or near the village. But fifty years later almost all the buildings from Wilton down to the green were in place. In 1911 of these 23 shops, 13 were engaged in selling food. And there were more around the green and lots more just the short walk up to and along Barlow Moor Road. Now in an age before refrigerators this shouldn’t surprise us. People shopped daily because they had to, and if they didn’t make the journey themselves then a servant would or equally likely the shop delivered. Look at any old photograph of Chorlton and somewhere on the road there will be one or more delivery vans, pulled by horses. Now it is an interesting thought and a challenging one that just possibly this was not such a good thing. Read any account of food

outlets in the 19th century and it is to be confronted by stories of adulterated food, tainted meat and underweight produce. The weights and measures man may have been a dreaded figure but if shop keepers could get away with selling their food after it’s sell by date and underweight then some at least would. Nor I think should we mourn the passing of the loose biscuit or of the meat hung out in the open. It was for all these very reasons that the co-operative movement was started and took such a strong hold in working class areas, and even before the Rochdale Pioneers were setting out their stall the Chartists had set up a co-operative shop in Hulme and other experiments had been floated around the country. And it is easy to be seduced by the image of the rural shop. Many here in the township had a short life in the years before 1850. Some I guess were short term expedients to supplement the family income and were terminated when other more gainful means of making money became available. You read of some who one year described himself as a farmer and another as beer seller before reverting to the land. Others like the Brundrett’s up by Lane End where High Lane and what is now Sandy Lane meet were well established as was the Whittaker family who were selling groceries from the bottom of Beech Road from the mid 19th century and were still there a hundred years later. But even the Brundrett’s grocery store appears to have had a break in trading at one point. Nor is it necessarily the case that all our food shops sourced

Andrew Simpson locally. Much of the food grown here was produced by market gardeners whose markets were in Manchester and they made the 4½ mile journey almost daily, either delivering the food to Stretford where it was taken by water along the Duke’s Canal or increasingly by wagon. And it was intensive farming. The diversity of the produce was important where cash crops followed the seasons and were geared to the needs of nearby Manchester. It was reckoned that farmers who sowed the white Lisbon onions in autumn to send to the Manchester markets in spring would have the land cleared in sufficient time to plant potatoes and other vegetables. Many would also have a second crop of onions which would be ready in the summer and might earn £150 per acre. Moreover farmers like the Higginbotham’s on the green were more likely to sell their surplus milk and dairy products direct rather than to a shop. So there are still questions to ask about our shops before 1900 and even about the service they delivered in the century that followed. I can remember our own little grocery store which offered one basic cheese, ham that had long ago left the land for some abattoir in the more dingy outskirts of the city and a range of red sugary stuff which the jar described as jam. As ever history is messy. Andrew Simpson’s book Chorlton-cum-Hardy A Community Transformed will be published in the autumn. Image: Beech Rd c.1932 from the Lloyd collection



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• Experienced teacher of children and adults

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• Current age range 7 to 72! • First lesson ½ price/other discounts available • I travel to you • Learn songs, styles or grades • Learn to sing whilst playing • Full Enhanced CRB check • Member of The Registry Of Guitar Teachers • Annual concert to showcase your new found skills (optional)! • See website for testimonials/more info

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The Healing Power of Nature Nigel Magowan

Recently researchers have begun to realise what many humans have known on an instinctive level for millennia: that the natural landscape can be a very effective healing tool. Healers have long utilised a therapeutic connection with nature in order to treat a wide variety of mental and physical conditions. This ancient practice has now been rediscovered and given the name 'Ecotherapy.' Ecotherapy is a collective term for numerous nature-based therapies which utilise an experiential connection with nature. It's a relatively new field, but one which has many ancient roots, drawing its ideas from both modern and ancient practices, including psychotherapy, nature-awareness, mindfulness, meditation, bushcraft, and shamanism. Our ancestors would have seen little or no separation between themselves and the natural world; using nature to sustain and heal, physically, mentally and spiritually. By contrast, Western society has become increasingly industrialised

and urbanised. People in industrialised nations now spend more than 90% of their lives indoors. Sadly, modern society has become more and more disconnected from nature. For millennia we existed in a close relationship with the natural world, and were intrinsically connected to the rhythms of our natural environment, so much so that our need for a relationship with nature must reside in our very genes. It would seem that, despite technological advancements, we are still genetically hard-wired to need to be close to nature and living things. Most people are already aware of the beneficial psychological effects of simply being on a beach, paddling in a stream, or walking in forests or mountains. This may be why we are often drawn to areas of natural beauty when taking our holidays. Mankind's use of nature to enhance physical, mental and spiritual well-being has been around probably as long as

humans have existed. Many researchers now believe that conflicts can arise due to our disconnection from the natural world. Our in-built need for a relationship with nature has become disrupted, leaving us unbalanced and open to a variety of mental and emotional problems. It would appear that there is a strong need for us to re-integrate nature back into our lives to redress the balance. Research has shown that just being in green spaces can have significant benefits on mental well-being. This can be as simple as spending time gardening, sitting in a local park, or walking in the countryside. Ecotherapy takes the concept further by actively deepening and utilising this instinctive connection. Compared to many traditional talking therapies, ecotherapy is often focused on experiential learning. Participants learn through engagement and immersing themselves in the environment and activities, as well as by talking about and sharing their insights and experiences, thus change can

7 often occur without the lengthy discussion often associated with many talking therapies.

creativity, and learn that you can achieve things you never thought possible.

Ecotherapy has been shown to have a beneficial effect on many conditions, including, stress, depression, anger, and addiction. It can help build confidence, self-esteem, motivation, and communication and relationship building skills. It can help put your life into perspective, develop independence and

Nigel Magowan is a psychotherapist with over ten years' experience practicing in Manchester and Harley Street. He is one of the first people in the UK to offer ecotherapy, which is Contact Nigel Magowan Tel: 0161 881 4333

delivered either in short sessions or weekend retreats. Nigel provides outdoor nature-based therapy and coaching for private individuals, organisations and corporate groups, in the form of one-to-one sessions, regular groups, workshops, retreats, and bespoke events.

Inner Changes Psychotherapy & Ecotherapy Nigel Magowan is an Integrative Psychotherapist, based in Chorlton, whose practice incorporates NLP, hypnotherapy and Ecotherapy.

Call 0161 881 4333

Treatments for: anxiety, stress, depression, addictions, confidence & self-esteem, and relationship issues.

Ecotherapy - Nature-based therapy and coaching, utilising the natural environment as a healing tool. Available for individuals and corporate groups, as one-to-one sessions, regular groups, workshops and bespoke events. • •




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Single Royal Sussex Ortho Mattress ... £69 Double Royal Sussex Ortho Mattress .. £99 Kingsize Royal Sussex Ortho Mattress £99 Single Standard Sprung Mattress ..... £29 Double Standard Sprung Mattress .... £49

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Chorlton Arts Festival Chorlton arts festival organisers are pleased to reveal details of the first confirmed live music acts for the event, scheduled to take place 17th to 27th May 2012. This year’s festival is shaping up to be an exciting and fresh celebration of gigs and performances taking place across 15 chorlton venues, all within stumbling distance of each other, and will culminate in the chorlton weekender on 24th to 27th May. Headliners include Chew Lips, who recently completed a second album after performing all over the world in 2011, including a scene-stealing appearance at the famous SXSW festival in Texas. Joining them will be the Handsome Family from the US and Lanterns on the Lake. All three will perform in the atmospheric surroundings of St Clement’s Church. Also included in the weekender will be a host of late-night performances, which will see the thoroughfares of Chorlton come alive with music. The event will feature over 100 of the best up-andcoming artists from the uk and abroad alongside seminal greats and some very special guests. Many Lanterns on the Lake

more acts are yet to be confirmed, but so far the line-up includes: Treetop Flyers, Tiny Ruins, Big Deal, Blind Atlas, plus Pablo’s Finest Hour gig night and Scruff of the Neck gig night. In addition to this year’s extraordinary live music line-up, Chorlton Arts Festival continues to develop its community focus, with many of the performers in the festival coming from the local area. This year a group of young people will work to bring digital arts to the streets as part of the festival’s outreach programme. There were a record number of submissions and the diverse events reflect this, with an exciting comedy night featuring some of the best talent in the region, an extensive visual arts programme, craft fairs, a writing competition and spoken word events, and performance theatre. Over half the events at this year’s festival will be free entry and tickets for paid gigs and passes for chorlton weekender are now on sale. Festival director Philip Hannaway says: “Chorlton Arts Festival continues to go from strength to strength, and there have been more applications to be part of the festival this year than ever before. The music line-up is one of the best you will find at any festival and helps us pay for all the free stuff. We’re really excited!”

For more information and to purchase advance tickets, visit the website at

Acorn Gardening • Garden maintenance • Fencing, lawns & hedges • Tree surgery

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Landscaping, design and maintenance • Paving, garden structures, brickwork • Full design and planting service • Specialist in new front garden planning laws • Pressure washing service

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Want to Shed those Winter Pounds? It is at this time of year that we begin to look forward to those lazy, hazy, summer days just around the corner. The springtime air is rich with the promise of picnics in the park, woodland walks, and maybe a fortnight's worth of basking on a beach somewhere, topping up the tan on a well-earned summer break. Unfortunately, if you're like me, you might also be wondering whether the lycra on that gorgeous swimsuit will be able to stretch just a little bit further after a winter's worth of comfort eating. But before signing up (once again) at the slimming club, I thought I'd have a chat with Rob Hardy, a clinical hypnotist at Chorlton-based Manchester Hypnosis Clinic, to see if hypnotherapy might be an option for me. There are, Rob told me, real problems with some of the traditional approaches to weight loss. Yo-yo dieting can become a vicious cycle of weight-loss/ weight-gain (usually gaining more that you lose) that plays havoc with your metabolism and can even increase harmful cholesterol. All forms of dieting can, for some people at least, create or reinforce an obsession with food (or an obsession with weight loss). The safest and most sensible way to lose weight is, of course, to have a well balanced diet and to take daily exercise, and this is where hypnosis comes in. According to Rob, using hypnosis to help people lose weight has been around for a long time, but it's profile has recently been

boosted by the introduction of hugely popular hypnotic gastric band procedures. "Hypnosis works on the unconscious mind. A good hypnotherapist will 'reprogramme' the way their clients think about food and eating.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;My aim is to have my clients eating more slowly, enjoying the taste of food, and feeling fuller for longerâ&#x20AC;? During the pre-treatment consultation I work with the client to discover their 'guilty pleasures' (often something to do with sugar) so I can 'drain' the cravings out of them during the session." Rob discourages clients from hopping on their bathrooms scales every five minutes: "I get them to stop obsessing about pounds and ounces, and find more positive ways to measure their success. Fitting into that 'little black number' again is much more motivational than numbers on a dial." I asked Rob about the best way to find a hypnotherapist. Qualifications are important, he told me, as is membership of a reputable hypnotherapy register, such as the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council Register (the Department of Health's preferred register). Most

Rob Hard

y - Hypno


hypnotherapists give new clients an opportunity to meet with them - to "try before they buy". To get a free consultation with Rob, whether about weight loss, or any of the other things that hypnosis can help with, such as smoking, phobias or anxiety, give him a call on 0161 408 0684 or email him at


Supportive and confidential hypnotherapy in South Manchester

15% discount on your first session Mention Community Index when you book Manchester Hypnosis Clinic

HMC Professional Painters & Decorators Domestic & Commercial Interior & Exterior Local Decorator Call Harry:

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Spring is here! As a team, it’s easy for us to be enthusiastic about the benefits Chorlton and Whalley Range have to offer and the arrival of the new Metrolink service this year is surely an added bonus. Not only are you able to enjoy the parks and green spaces, good schooling, lively and vibrant atmosphere generated by the individual shops, bars, cafés and restaurants – just a quick tram ride enables easy access into the City Centre and Media City. Chorlton village provides a lively and vibrant atmosphere and includes street cafes, bars and restaurants. There are a variety of local shops catering for day to day requirements including the popular award winning Barbakan delicatessen and the Unicorn. The highly popular Chorlton Green/ Beech Road area provides individual boutiques and an array of bars including the Lead Station, Horse & Jockey, Parlour and a number of restaurants catering for all tastes.

Available from our Chorlton office Our greatest asset here in our Chorlton office is our staff. They are equipped with all the skills necessary to sell and market your property efficiently and because we look after our staff you will always see familiar and friendly faces every time you visit our office. With 13 years of experience in South Manchester – we know what makes our business tick. So, if you’re considering a move this spring, give Edward Ellis a call on 0161 882 2233.

Spring in Chorlton

Spring is finally here in Chorlton! The magnol ia trees in Chorlton and Whalley Range are looking spectacular, so why not take a stroll around the area and see how many you can spo t? Now that the clocks hav e gone forward and the days are longer and brighter, the re are plenty of lovely parks and gre en spaces right here on our doorste p for us to enjoy. Including Longfo rd Park, which is celebrating 100 years with a Centenary Weekend on 12th and 13th May. Other favourites include Ale xander Park and of course Chorlton Meadow s. Enjoy the spring sunshin e!

430 Barlow Moor Rd Chorlton M21 8AD @jpandbrimelow

SALES: 0161 882 2233

LETTINGS: 0161 882 2244

Offices also in Didsbury 0161 448 0622 & Withington 0161 445 9700

Book Reviews from Chorlton Bookshop

Tiny Sunbirds Far Away Christie Watson Winner of the debut novel category in the 2011 Costa prize, this book is certainly a deserving winner. This is one of those clever books which breaks your heart and keeps you laughing out loud at the same time. Blessing has a comfortable life in Lagos, Nigeria. She sees poverty around her but is untouched by it until her beloved Daddy is caught with another woman. This leads to her mother losing their apartment and being forced to move in with her parents miles away in the Niger Delta. This is a land controlled and polluted by the rich oil companies. The land is also divided by in-fighting between local thugs and militia, with innocent locals often caught in the middle. In amongst all of this we meet some wonderfully described characters. This is essentially a novel about a young girl coming of age surrounded by her family in extremely trying circumstances.

The Novel in the Viola Natasha Solomons The story begins in 1938 Vienna. Elise is the adored but somewhat plain youngest child in a musical and literary family. Her mother is an international Opera Singer and beauty; neither of these qualities has been passed onto Elise. Despite the fame and success of her family they are soon to become enemies of the state for being Jewish. Elise is about to leave her life of ease and luxury to become a lowly maid in a large English Country House. War is declared and the attacks on Jewish families increase in volume and intensity. Her parents had hoped to escape to America but this is no longer possible. Elise is torn. Just as she is finding stability and happiness her parents are trapped and alone in a country that was once their home. What will become of the once famous Landau’s, now separated by a vicious and brutal war? This is a complete page turner of a book. It’s an enjoyable, easy read, impossible to put down! Rather poignantly, the author mentions at the back of the book that the character of Elise was loosely based on her Aunt.

13 A Year Without Autumn Liz Kessler Kessler is well established as author of the mermaid-tastic Emily Windsnap series, but with this book she leads older readers into rather deeper waters. It centres on the friendship between two young girls, sensible Jenni and bohemian Autumn. Jenni and her family go to visit Autumn once a year, but this time something goes awry. Jenni enters the lift up to Autumn’s apartment, and comes out a year into the future. In the meantime tiny events have had major consequences, and Autumn’s life is now in total disarray. But as Jenny uncovers the truth about her unexpected timehop, she realises she has the opportunity to set things right. Though it hinges on a sci-fi concept, this is anchored in present-day reality and sympathetic threedimensional characters, told in the first person from poor Jenni’s perspective. Kessler (a former Chorltonite) even delivers some harder-edged subject matter about family troubles with a fine lightness of touch. It’s now in the running for this year’s Blue Peter Book award, and for very good reason. Suitable reading age: 9-12 years.

881 8162

Domestic & Commercial Electricians For all general electrical work

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Green Walk Open House Art and Crafts Weekend 5th and 6th May This will be the sixth year of the popular community event, an open house exhibition and sale of art and crafts from local artists, potters, jewellers, glass makers and photographers in the leafy setting of Green Walk, Whalley Range. Previously the event has attracted a large and enthusiastic following from the local community and further afield, with attendance growing year on year. Home made food and drink will also be available on the green. Saturday and Sunday 3rd and 4th May, 12â&#x20AC;&#x201C;6 pm. Green Walk, off Wood Road, Whalley Range.

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Artists featured Left to Right: Richard Woods Nick Marsh Ian Saville



what was Sunflowers.

Competition at Chorlton Big Green Festival GLAD TO BE IN CHORLTON Past and Present is an exciting exhibition staged by local artist Peter Topping and historian Andrew Simpson as part of this year’s Big Green Festival. The exhibition explores the changing nature of Beech Road over the last 170 years and compliments the debate on what we want of the area in the future. Come along to the festival on 31st March at St Clements Church

to enter a competition to win a signed copy of Andrew Simpson’s book Chorlton-cum-Hardy a Community Transformed (due for publication in the autumn) and other prizes of GLAD TO BE IN CHORLTON mugs. At the exhibition correctly identify the picture detail below from 1. The old photographs and 2. The paintings, and also 3.Tell us the shop which now trades on Beech Road from the location of

Simply comlpete the form below and bring it to the exhibition. Have a look at the exhibition and talk to Andrew or Peter, who will check if your answers are correct and enter it in the draw for a prize. If you want a head start, the answer to question 3 can't be found at the exhibition. You’ll need to look this up for yourself!




1. The photograph ............................

.............................................. .............................................. .............................................. Tel No.......................................

2. The painting................................. 3. The shop..................................... *Only one entry per household/family


Longest established Greengrocers in Chorlton

SPRING BEDDING PLANTS pansies, violas, primula, polianthes, aubretia, tete-a-tete

Compost 40L £3.50 or 3 for £10 FREE LOCAL DELIVERY

Unit 19, Chorlton Place, Wilbraham Rd Chorlton, M21 9AQ

Tel: 0161 881 1349

REACH 20,000+ LOCAL HOMES! Didsbury

New free magazine

May 2010



- 4,000 copies


in Didsbury

every month




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• rewires, repairs & alterations • fire and burglar alarm systems • inspection & testing inc. P.A.T.

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NACS member

open fires, boilers Agas, multi-fuel stoves, birds nests removed

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For all you Wannabees It seems you can’t watch the TV, listen to the radio or read a paper without the mention somewhere of bees and their plight. We are encouraged to plant bee friendly plants in our gardens, put up homes for bumble bees, buy local honey, watch what chemicals we use around the home and in the garden and even take up beekeeping. What is all the fuss about?... Or is it just another trend?

Well, you now have the opportunity to find out first hand. There’s a new Apiary (place where hives of honeybees are kept) in Chorlton, and it’s open for the community to come along and see

for themselves what it is really all about. The Apiary is located at Scott Avenue Allotments and is part of the Grow For It Community Allotment which you can see from the bridge on Manchester Road near the swimming baths. You can come along and see the bees at work and chat about them during the regular Community Allotment opening times, and we are also

running Bee Open Days where there will be information displays and demonstrations about bees and beekeeping. There will be beekeepers there to talk to about all aspects of beekeeping and honey production, as well as information on gardening with bees in mind, light refreshments and a raffle for a 1lb jar of local honey. As well as the Open Days, we will be running practical taster workshops on beekeeping for those who want to learn a bit more about the subject through theory and practical activities, including working with the bees. The world of bees is fascinating and important to us all. So come and find out for yourself.

Open Days (Free) April 15th 2-5pm June 24th 11am-5pm August 19th 2-5pm

Workshops - cost £10 to pre-book: May 13th 1-5pm July 29th 1-5pm September 16th 1-5pm The Grow For It Community Allotment is open each week:Saturday from 11am, Sunday from 2pm and Wednesday from 5pm for those who want to drop in and see the bees or get involved with the allotment. Schools and other groups that would like to visit the Community Allotment or Apiary are welcome; please contact us to make arrangements. For the Apiary or Community Allotment, contact:Loucas on 07973 139068 Nancy on 07521 500223 Email: grow_for_it@yahoogroups. com

Chorlton Tagpassiton

There are now over 50 independent businesses in Chorlton offering generous discounts through the Chorlton Shop Local & Inidie TAG! scheme with wonderful offers for cardholders. TAG! cards are a token £5 and are available from shops in the scheme. Buy online to support Chorlton Big Green Festival, St John's Primary School and Chorlton Good Neighbours (list them as a referrer).


Bring your cards to Chorlton Big Green Festival (Saturday 31st March at St Clements Church) for some extra special offers from stallholders on the day too. Cards can also be bought on the day with all proceeds donated to Green Chorlton who organise the festival. Carol from TAG! will be selling raffle tickets at the festival to win some fantastic prizes generously donated by local businesses.

Busy Bee Toys 10% off spends over £25

Chorlton Locksmith 10% off (minimum 2 keys)

Raynes Architecture 50% off initial consulation

Monkey Puzzle Toys 10% off spends over £25

GREEN ROOFING SPECIALIST sedum, wildflower and grass •PITCHED ROOFING - slate, clay & concrete tiles •E.P.D.M. flat roofing • Metal and U.P.V.C. guttering • Repairs & maintenence • Free quotes Call Jake Tidy 07775 038 905 • 0161 861 9796 208 Brantingham Rd•Chorlton•Manchester• M21 0TX please mention Community Index when responding to adverts

© Peter Topping

Sherlock Homes Sherlock Homes, the family owned Estate Agent, has been established in Chorlton for two generations (you may remember the old property boards with a subtle nod to Arthur Conan Doyle's fictional character). The Sherlock family have had a long involvement in the Manchester property scene – they have all things property coursing through their veins.

More recently the Sherlock Homes brand has been updated with a fresh new look. Their mission is to bring greater clarity and simplicity to selling and renting property. Gone is the great 'consulting detective', replaced with a bright bold blue colour and a freshly remodelled

modern office. Another unique feature is that they are the only estate agent with an office in the hugely popular Beech Road area, well known for its café culture, fashionable boutiques and art galleries. The relaunched Sherlock Homes is working ever more closely with the local community on a variety of projects to make Chorlton an even better place. Sherlock Homes are sponsoring an event at Chorlton’s Big Green Festival and will soon launch the 'Glad to live in Chorlton' community campaign. They feel it’s important to make sure Chorlton continues to appeal to prospective incomers and longstanding residents alike. They want to highlight the wealth of good things Chorlton has to offer to people who choose to live here. On the newly launched Sherlock Homes website they are showcasing local artist Peter Topping and photographer Rachael Magowan’s work featuring Chorlton landmarks. Both have worked tirelessly to document events and places

which will be excellent for future generations of historians. Along with the rebrand, Sherlock Homes are offering promotional rates to local home owners wishing to sell or rent their homes. In addition, for each new landlord or vendor that brings a property to them (quoting Community Index) a donation to a Chorlton community project will be made. Sherlock Homes Sales Manager Jonathan Welford said: “With local home owners behind us, we will add even more value to the area by investing in valuable community projects.” The Sherlock Homes team looks forward to making everyone 'Glad to live in Chorlton'. Call into their office with your property sales or letting requirements and one of their team will be happy to help. Surf to www.SherlockHomes4u. com or call 0161 881 8228

SHERLOCK HOMES At the heart of the community The SHERLOCK HOMES estate agency has been family owned for two generations. Located in popular Beech Road, Chorltonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sought-after location, our friendly and efficient team are ready to deliver a top-quality and professional service for all your property sale and rental requirements.

Call 0161 881 8228 today

Exclusive for Community Index readers

Community Credit List your property with us and weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll make a donation to a local community project.


Glad to live in

Chorl on


MAKE A CHANGE FOR THE BETTER I am a Local Hypnotherapist based at the Manchester Therapy Centre (opposite Spire Hospital) I can help you to: Cope with stress and anxiety Improve self self--confidence Break free from depression Sleep well again Permanently deal with fears Stop smoking Achieve your weight loss goals   


Massage Treatments from £25 *Book 4 Consecutive Monthly Massages & Receive a 5th FREE

   

Jason Howdon DABCH, MCAHyp, ADCHyp, GQHP 07710 692671 www.takecontrol


T: 07500 929 372

NEALE ROAD - CHORLTON - M21 9DP ((off Beech Road) *W: for details E:

Alexander Technique Acupuncture....An ancient form of healing for a modern world! Effective treatment for a wide range of physical & emotional conditions including: • Osteoarthritis of the knee • Nausea • Dental pain • Chronic lower back pain • Maintenance of good health & wellbeing

! balance and poise ! ease of movement ! stillness ! strength in action ! voice

individual sessions, groups workshops ! Email:

Amanda Suarez BSc (Hons) MBAcC Member of the British Acupuncture Council

0161 8605713 07817 487632

Green Walk Acupuncture Clinic Whalley Range, Manchester Opening hours: Monday - Friday 9am - 7pm Saturday 10am -1pm

ten-week basic courses 24 April at 1 pm: Fallowfield 2 May at 6.30: Chorlton !

Sue Fleming MSTAT CNHC registered 0161 861 8848

read the latest issue online at

April in your Garden There is a great deal to say about April in the garden; it’s a time to divide and replant existing herbaceous perennials as well as a very good month to get new plants in the ground ready for the a summer show. But having just been out in my garden with a cup of tea before starting work I couldn’t help but be warmed by the sight of two Euphorbia characias wulfenii looking stately and slightly Jurassic in large pots against my sunny back wall. Euphorbia are among some of


by Katherine Watson

my favourite plants – a huge genus which has gone in and out of fashion over the last hundred years or so, but in most of the gardens you are likely to visit you will inevitably see one or a number of their variety and this is because they are great border plants. I remember first seeing a E.characias wulfenii in a quirky garden in the Cotswolds created by an equally quirky, stuff-and-nonsense woman who wore a trilby and charged a 50p entrance fee and turned a blind eye to picnics on her lawn. It was huge and positioned against the Edwardian house in a gravel bed with other cottage garden favourites and looked nostalgically magnificent. Euphorbias are a striking plant with slightly ‘alien’ characteristics (as in proper aliens not just strange) – in E.characias, lime green cylindrical bracts are held above bright grey/green leaf-littered stems. Among my

other favourites are E. palustris, a fresh lime green and slightly more delicate variety and E. griffithii ‘Fireglow’ or ‘Dixter’ bearing orange bracts – both of these need plenty of water and some staking to keep them from flopping onto other plants but they are striking border additions. Another variety I have in my garden is E. mellifera – the Honey Spurge, so called because of the strong smell of honey given off at flowering time. Another feature of this plant is that the seeds literally explode on sunny days – at first I thought I was being attacked by undercover squirrels throwing very small nuts (it’s possible?) before realising it was the facility developed to spread the seed beyond the canopy of the plant. Prone to frost but definitely worth a try. Katherine Watson, Fat Grass Garden Designs

Garden Design Planting Advice Consultation Service Project Managment


0781 0147 070

• professional garden design • full construction service • planting • driveway • tree surgery • fencing & hedging • free initial consultation

to advertise call Lesley: 0787 589 5604


Food & Drink

Cafe life 1 Battery Park 615a Wilbraham Road M21 9AN, 860 0754 2 Beech Road Cafe 52, Beech Road M21 9EG, 283 7751 3 The Chorlton Eatery 565 Barlow Moor Road, M21 8AE, 860 0200 4 Crema Cafe 111 Manchester Road, M21 9PG, 07931 864084 5 Jam Street Cafe 209 Upper Chorlton Road M16 0BH, 881 9944 6 On The Corner 93 Beech Road M21 9EQ, 881 4841 7 Sweet Tooth Cupcakery 9a Oswald Road M21 9LP, 07855 765355 8 Tea Hive

53 Manchester Road M21 9PW

Specialist 9 Barbakan Delicatessen 67-71 Manchester Rd M21 9PW, 881 7053 10 Bitter Sweet 103 Manchester Road 10a Chorlton Wholefoods 64 Beech Road, M21 9EG 11 Coffee N Chocolates 514 Wilbraham Road M21 9AW 12 Craftelicious 127 Oswald Road M21 9GE, 860 4814 13 Epicerie Ludo 46 Beech Road M21 9EG, 300 2582 14 Frost W H Butchers 12-14 The Square M21 9AQ, 881 8172 15 Hickson and Black’s 559A Barlow Moor Road M21 8AN, 881 2001


16 North Star Delicatessen 418 Wilbraham Rd M21 0SD, 862 0133

31 Chorlton Irish Club 17 High Lane M21 9DJ, 881 2898

47 Nectar Bistro 404 Barlow Moor Road M21 8AD, 861 9300

17 Oasis Ice-Cream Parlour 109 Manchester Road M21 9GA

32 Coriander 279 Barlow Moor Road M21 7GH, 881 7750

48 The Nip and Tipple 197 Upper Chorlton Road M16 0BH, 860 7330

33 Croma 498-500 Wilbraham Road M21 9AP, 881 1117

49 Nook 535 Wilbraham Road M21 0UE, 882 0700

34 Dulcimer 567 Wilbraham Rd M21 0AE, 860 0044

50 Oddest 414-416 Wilbraham Road M21 0SD, 860 7515

35 Electrik 559, Wilbraham Rd M21 0AE, 8619558

51 Panicos 418 Barlow Moor Road M21 8AD, 861 0613

20 Asian Fusion 489-491 Barlow Moor Road, M21 8AG, 881 7200

36 Escape 370 Barlow Moor Road M21 8AZ, 8629911

52 Parlour 66 Beech Road M4 1LE, 881 4871

21 Azad Manzil 493-495 Barlow Moor Road, M21 8AG, 881 1021

37 Gallery 537-539 Wilbraham Road M21 9LD, 860 6660

53 Pi 99 Manchester Road M21 9GA, 882 0000

22 The Bar 533 Wilbraham Road M21 0UE, 861 7576

38 The Hillary Step 199 Upper Chorlton Road M16 0BH, 881 1978

54 Proof 30A Manchester Road M21 9PH, 862 9333

23 Bar 480 480 Wilbraham Road M21 9AS, 861 9558

39 Horse & Jockey 9 Chorlton Green M21 9HS

55 Saray 609 Wilbraham Rd M21 9AN, 881 8292

24 Bar San Juan 56 Beech Road M21 9EG

40 Hot Spot 372 Barlow Moor Road M21 8AZ, 881 6881

56 Sedge Lynn 21a Manchester Road M21 9PN, 860 0141

25 Beech 79 Beech Rd M21 9EQ, 881 4912

41 Juan Sanchez 366 Barlow Moor Road M21 8AZ, 862 0267

57 The Spread Eagle 526-528 Wilbraham Road M21 9LD, 861 0385

26 Beer House 57 Manchester Rd M21 9PW, 861 8378

42 Lead Station 99 Beech Road M21 9EQ, 881 5559

58 Thai Spice 66a Beech Road M21 9EG, 881 0400

27 Beggar’s Bush 48 Beech Road M21 9EQ, 861 7393

43 Lloyds Hotel 617 Wilbraham Road M21 9AN, 286 0693

59 Trevor Arms 133/5 Beech Road M21 9EQ

28 Bowling Green 1 Brookburn Road M21 9ES, 860 2800

44 Leo’s 356 Barlow Moor Road M21 8AZ, 861 9092

60 Turkish Delight Ltd 573 Barlow Moor Road M21 8AE, 881 0503

29 Charango 456-458 Barlow Moor Road, M21 0BQ 881 8596

45 Mezzaluna 1st Floor, 613 Wilbraham Rd M21 9AN, 861 8880

61 The Whalley 2 Withington Road M16 8AA, 232 7159

46 Mint 478 Wilbraham Road M21 9AS, 881 9130

62 Yakisoba 360 Barlow Moor Road M21 8AZ, 862 0888

18 Out of the Blue 484 Wilbraham Road M21 9AS, 881 8353 19 Unicorn Grocery 89 Albany Rd M21 0BN


30 Chorlton Cricket Club Ellesmere Road M21 0SG, 0783 3735729



Food & Drink 5 CHE LTE NHA MR D KEN 4 S’TO NR D




Tel: 881 8292


16 50














14 18 23 46

11 33

Advertise here










609 Wilbraham Road Chorlton • M21 9AN







17 53 10


38 48 61

ONLY £25







22 49 37

H tSp t


372 Barlow Moor Rd Chorlton M21 8AZ



Tel: 0161 881 6881






58 52 24 27 10a













34 35 51 60 47 3 D 15 BY R





1 45








21 20

36 41 62



28 32



21 21


17 19

Barbakan Delicatessen OPENING TIMES


8.00am - 5.30pm


8.00am - 5.30pm


8.00am - 5.30pm


8.00am - 5.30pm


8.00am - 5.30pm


8.30am - 5.00pm

CLOSED SUNDAYS Winners of the Craft Bakery Business Award 2011

Your local Award Winning Delicatessen and Bakery is ready to serve you with a wide choice of fresh and original Breads and Deli products. Call in soon and give your tastebuds a treat!

10% OFF

 


with this voucher in April 2012 *£5 minimum spend

67-71 Manchester Rd, Chorlton cum Hardy, Manchester, M21 9PW

Telephone: 0161 881 7053 to advertise call Lesley: 0787 589 5604



Taste of Anatolia FULLY LICENSED

609 Wilbraham Road • Chorlton • M21 9AN

0161 881 8292

We are pleased to offer you the very best of Turkish Cuisine, in our family run restaurant in Chorlton. We take great care and pride in serving top quality, authentic food from our eclectic menu. Our Chefs have a longstanding reputation for tender meat, succulent chicken dishes, fresh fish and a great selection of vegetable dishes. We also offer a huge selection of freshly prepared and flavoursome mezzes along with an extensive wine list.

20% Discount on our TAKEAWAY MENU

A home to creating, eating and fun for all ages!

2 Course Meal • Pottery Painting • Parties, Hen Do’s, Baby Showers • Crepes & Luxury Cakes

• Decopatch • Team Building • Freshly Ground Coffee & Loose Leaf Teas

Tel: 0161 860 4814 twitter @CraftyTea



3 Course Meal ONLY


12-7.30 pm Sunday to Thursday 12-6 pm Friday to Saturday

127 Oswald Rd, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 9GE read the latest issue online at


8 26


Namaste Nepal








Mr Chandra Kumar (Director) with 25 years of expertise at the Great Kathmandu along with Mr Dhurba Dangol (Head Chef) introduce the experience of quality exotic dining at the NEW

Namaste Nepal

Fully Licensed, Air Conditioned restaurant, seating up to 100 people

EARLY BIRD OFFER Sun - Thurs 5pm - 8pm


(including Rice or Chips)

Dessert Coffee & Mints

ONLY £11.95


(Eat in only. This voucher cannot be used in conjunction with the Early Bird Offer)

Valid until 30th April 2012 with this voucher.

Visit to view our full MENU

Find us on Facebook


ONLY £9.99

10% DISCOUNT ON TAKEAWAYS COLLECTION ONLY OPENING HOURS Sunday to Thursday 5pm - Midnight Friday & Saturday 5pm - 1am

164-166 Burton Road • West Didsbury • Manchester • M20 1LH

TEL: 0161 445 9060 or 0161 448 8353 Email: info@

Hitting the Hotspot By Leon Horton

At last! Something a bit different for all us foodies. Situated opposite Chorlton bus station, Hotspot Ess Paradies offers “traditional German cuisine with an emphasis on authentic Bavarian and Hessian cooking.” A fresh, modern decor with booth-style seating welcomes you into a relaxed and familyfriendly atmosphere, where, thanks to the courtesy and philosophy of the management, you’ll quite rightly want to linger a while. The extensive menu, something of a surprise to this reviewer, offers a wide array of starters and mains, from bratwurst to bockwurst to fish and noodle dishes to numerous meals I couldn’t even begin to pronounce, whilst the children’s menu more than caters for the younger palette. And if you’re really hungry, check out the daily specials for such delights as Hackbraten (German meatloaf) and Rouladen nach Mutti’s Art; a classic roulade filled with pickle, mustard, bacon and onion. For a starter, my friend and I shared the Gemüsestreifen für Zwei (£4.00) - sticks of seasonal vegetables with homemade Tzatziki dip and a delicious chilli and pepper hummus. Perfect for getting the juices flowing in anticipation of what was to come.



“Ess Paradies”

Simpler tastes in life are the best. Good quality food served in a relaxed and welcoming family atmosphere, Hotspot is no ordinary restaurant! We serve authentic German cuisine, with an emphasis on Hessian and Bavarian cooking.

For my main, I chose the Bayerische Bauern-pfanne or Bavarian Farmer’s Platter (£6.00); whilst my veggie friend, for once spoilt for choice, opted for the vegetarian schnitzel (£6.50). The platter (pan fried potatoes, with Nüberger sausage, peppers, onions, and peas, topped with scrambled eggs) was superbly presented, very tasty and a perfect choice for brunch. My friend described the schnitzel (an Austrian escalope made with couscous, courgette and carrots; breaded, pan fried, and served with seasonal vegetables or fries, with a rich gravy) as hearty, filling, and quite simply delicious.


Dessert was Fantakuchen (£3.50), a popular German cake made intriguingly with a dash of Fanta orange. Light and creamy, it proved a perfect palette cleanser and a fine finale to our lunch.

offer ends 30th April 2012

Manager Ramin and his team offer simple, honest and tasty food. So, if you’re looking for a hearty lunch or an informal evening meal, then Hotspot Ess Paradies is definitely the place for you. Hotspot indeed. It certainly hit mine. Hotspot 372 Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton, M21 8AZ Tel: 0161 881 6881


* Tuesday to Thursday only £20 minimum spend

Opening Hours Tue toThurs 4pm - 10pm Sat 12 - 10pm Fri 4pm - 10pm Sun 12 - 9pm Mon Closed

Sit, Sip & Surf Free Wi-Fi 5-7pm max use 45 mins with min. purchase £3 pp 372 Barlow Moor Rd • Chorlton Manchester • M21 8AZ • Tel: 0161 881 6881

to advertise call Lesley: 0787 589 5604


28 Festivals, Markets & Events

Chorlton Big Green Festival St Clement’s Church, Saturday 31st March 11am till 6pm followed by Ceilidh 7.30pm till late.

group/grow_for_it/ Chorlton Bridge Club Christine Blackburn Tel: 225 8854 www.bridge Chorlton Good Neighbours 881 2925 goodneighbours@

Whacky Races Monday 9th April Annual eggstavaganza, Junk carts + boiled eggs = mayhem! Meet 1-3pm Chorlton Water Park car park, Maitland Ave. Wildflower Planting Sunday 22nd April. Meet 1pm Chorlton Water Park car park 881 5639

Manchester Flower Lovers’ Guild First Monday of the month for flower demonstations. Refreshmenst at 7.15 for 7.30 start. Visitors welcome £5 St Werburghs Church Hall, Chorlton M21 0TJ Anne 881 6591,

Farmers Market and Craft Fair Horse & Jockey, Chorlton Green. Last Saturday of every month 11–5pm www.horseandjockey

Friends of Alexandra Park 226 7525 www.friends

Manchester Street Market 3rd Saturday of the month outside Chorlton Library.

Function/Meeting Rooms Do you need a cheap local place for a meeting or gathering? Rooms available for up to 25 people. From £10/Hour Shakespeare House Community Centre Whalley Range M16 8NR, 823205

Pop-up Vintage Fair Vintage homeware, clothing & handmade crafts. Every Saturday 12-5pm at The Beech, 72 Beech Rd, Chorlton chorltonvintagefair@

Clubs, Societies & Groups Chorlton Aikido Club Wednesdays 7.30-9.30pm St Ninians, Wilbraham Rd Tel: 861 8456 Community Allotment and Apiary, Scott Avenue Allotment (alley entrance by the bridge near to Leisure Centre) Sat 11am, Sun 2pm 07973139068 07521500223

Friends of Chorlton Meadows 881 6276 www.friendsofchorlton

Transition Chorlton Ways to encourage a more sustainable future in Chorlton. 1st Thursday of each month at the Lloyds Hotel from 7.30pm Whalley Range Forum JN8 Youth & Community Centre, 82 Cromwell Ave, M16 0BG 881 3744 info@ www. whalleyrange.orgWhalley Range 4 Wildlife www.wr4wildlife.


50+Social Group Arts/Walking/Holidays 2261214

Seamless Felt Purse Carol Mowl Tel: 881 6309

Health & Fitness

Chorlton Reading Group Once a month in the meeting room behind Chorlton library 7.30pm All welcome 881 1813 chorltonreadersgroup@

Over 50 Walking Group Last Wednesday of the month 25th April meet at the car park of Chorlton Water Park at Maitland Rd entrance. Will Peters 226 2454 Capoeira – Cordao De Ouro Tuesdays 7-9 (All levels), Saturdays 11-12 (Kids) The Edge Theatre, M21 9JG, The Yoga Rooms Thursday 10-11.15am Drop-in Yoga (all levels) Friday 10-11am Drop-in Pilates (all levels) Full Programme at www. Pilates Classes drop in £6 Mon 5.30pm, 6.35pm, 7.40pm, Wed 1pm Thurs 9.35pm St Clements Church Tues 5.30pm, 6.45pm, 8pm St Johns School Beginners workshops Studio classes and 1-1 on the reformer, Cadillac & chair Sarah 07776196504 www.

Arts & Crafts Battyandgorgeous Creating Collage Saturday, 29th April 1-5pm £40/£35 www.batty Beetlefelt Craft Workshops Textile Club Tuesdays Weaving Workshop Wednesdays Sewing Surgery Thursdays other workshops inc. Mosaic Heart, Felt Table Mat,

Creative Corner Café inclusiveartsresources 14 Milton Grove, Whalley Range, M16 0BP 07745 855399 Drum & Percussion Group Playing Brazilian and Cuban rhythms. Thursday evenings 7-9pm St. Margarets Church, Whalley Range Sue 226 4311 The Edge Theatre and Arts Centre The Edge Youth Theatre Dance — ages 11-16 Saturdays 11–12pm £5 Theatre Club 5-8 year olds — Mondays 4-5pm £5 Out On The Edge (LGBT Theatre) Theatre group for LGBT 16 to 25 year olds. Mondays 7-9pm £5 Manchester Rd, Chorlton Tel: 282 9776 Ministry of Craft Cup Cake Decorating Sat 17th April Travel Phototography Sat 14th April Clothing Alterations Sat 21st April 07850 894 752, www. Mosaic Therapy Thurs 7.15-8.45pm Chorlton Central Church Mosaic Yourself Potty Hulme Community Garden Centre Mosaic flowerpot June Roman Mosaics for

FREE for voluntary/not for profit groups - email your notices to:

Community Community Noticeboard IN D E X Beginners Victoria Baths Manchester July Mosaic Masterpieces at Norton Priory Museum & Gardens May & June Tracey 860 0387 www. Rubbish Revamped Stress Release Sock Bunny 5th April 7-9pm Sort your life out with Rubbish Revamped 19th April 7-9.30pm www.rubbishrevamped. South Manchester Camera Club Club Meets Monday nights at 8pm Didsbury Methodist Church M20 5LR Pottery Corner 34 Beech Road M21 9EL 882 0010

Music & Entertainment Charango DJS Every Friday and Saturday night 10pm-late. 456-458 Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton 881 8596 Chorlton Film Institute We Need To Talk About Kevin Thurs 19th April Doors Open 8.10pm Film starts 8.30pm Entrance £5 St Clements Church

Chorlton Folk Club Thursdays 9pm Ellesmere Rd Cricket Club Dulcimer DJs every Friday & Saturday and live acts from around the world every week www. Folk Songs and Tunes at The Beech If you enjoy folk songs and tunes even older than the Beech. 1st & 3rd Wednesdays for Songs 2nd & 4th for Tunes. Beech Road, Chorlton, M21 9EG Home on the Range Everything from punk, funk to classic house. last Friday of every Month The Carlton Club, Whalley Range Horse & Jockey Quiz Night Every Sunday (except Bank Holidays), from 8pm. 9 Chorlton Green M21 9HS www.horseandjockey Oddest Bar 414-416 Wilbraham Road Chorlton. Mooch down to Oddest every Friday & Saturday to find our fab DJs sifting through the vinyl 11pm-1.30am 860 7515 www.oddbar.

Social & Support Groups

Local Websites

Café Spirit Meets 2nd Monday of the month at Copperfields Café in Chorlton 7.30pm Lesley 882 0848 Email:

www.beechroadm21. www.chorltoncivic.

Chorlton Anxiety Group 226 3871


Coffee and Craft Mornings at Chorlton Good Neighbours. Meet friends and have a coffee, with arts and crafts group. Thursday’s 10-11.30am Wilbraham St, Ninian’s Church 881 2925

LGBT Parents Group 636 7507, 07970 298 559 New Family Social UK charity for LGBT adopters, foster carers and their children. Meets every 2 months in south Manchester.

Useful Numbers Allotments Manager 226 3322 Bus, Train & Tram 228 7811 Chorlton Library 227 3700 Citizens Advice 0870 126 4094 Environment on Call 954 9000 Gas Emergency 0800 111 999 Manchester City Council 234 5000 National Rail Enquiries 08457 48 49 50

Rainbow Families 07903 397 108 rainbowfamilies@ St. Clements Fellowship Contact Barbara Burns on 0161 881 5912 or Ida Bradshaw on 0161 861 7158 for information.

Police – non emergency 872 5050 Samaritans 236 8000 Mersey Valley Countryside Warden Service 905 1100

The Chorlton Handyman City & Guilds multi skilled Tradesman

Carpentry • Joinery • Electrical • Plumbing Kitchens • Fencing • Built in Furniture • Decks Gates • Shelves • Locks • Hardware

call Nick

0777 852 3088

Domestic & Commercial Small works always welcome

Public Liability Insurance Environmentally Aware

to advertise call Lesley: 0787 589 5604





All pest control work undertaken rats mice wasps ants cockroaches squirrels bed bugs etc

• • • • • •


We are a local company based in Chorlton Fully trained to NCCA standards

Same Day Service • No Call Out Charge

Tel: 07780 638 843

Ring or email for a FREE ESTIMATE

07742 369 231

or leave a message on 0161 881 4822

M Duffin Property Repairs Chimneys Pointing Roofs Gutters

Free Estimates

0161 789 6640 07944 729 608

follow us on Twitter @communityindex

Business I N D E X Arts & Crafts

Furniture & Joinery Kingston Beds & Sofas


Basic Sewing Skills Course Craftelicious

15 25

Best Cellars Joseph Durkin

7 13

Acorn Gardening Fat Grass Green Designs

9 21 21


Chorlton Gas



Chorlton Handyman Handy Sam

29 5

Building & Maintenance Carpet Cleaning Profresh

Chimney Sweep Acorn Chimney Sweeping Service

Dry Cleaner

Village Dry Cleaner



A M Electrical & Alarm Chorlton Electric

14 11

JP & Brimelow Sherlock Homes

12 19

Estate Agents Food & Drink

A J Adams Barbakan Delicatessen Hotspot Namaste Nepal Saray

15 24 27 26 25


Gas Engineer

Handyman/woman Music Lessons Dominic Kearne, Guitar/Songwriting

Painting & Decorating

Carol Smith Georgina Cullen HMC Painters & Decorators Nina West

Pest Control


BG Plumbing Select Plumbing & Heating

31 11


Service, installation and breakdown repair on all makes of: Job No big o to mall or s

Cookers Unvented Hot Water Cylinders Solar Thermal fully qualified • fully insured Gas Safe registered • friendly and reliable • local references available Central heating power flushing service available

Call Kevin for a no obligation quote

07722 731 801



Esk Roofing M Duffin


2 17 30

Chorlton Tagpassiton


Home on the Range


Green Walk Acupuncture Inner Changes Jason Howdon, Hypnotherapy Knead Massage Therapy Manchester Hypnosis Clinic Sue Fleming, Alexander Technique

20 7 20 20 11 20

Social Group/Events Therapy, Healing & Health

Toys & Games

Monkey Puzzle Toys


Please note: Community Index accepts no responsibility for transactions entered into or work undertaken by any of the businesses advertising in the Index or any loss, harm or damage arising from using any of the products & services listed.

 

Domestic Central Heating and Gas Engineers


29 14 11 5

Prompt Pest Control Services

Chorlton Gas Ltd







local plumber Bathrooms and tiling Blockages and leaks Pipework alterations

GAVIN HOWARD mobile: 07969 605321 email: 87 Haig Road, Stretford, M32 0DP

WRAS approved, cert no. 28518

to advertise call Lesley: 0787 589 5604

19 9

Village Dry cleaners

Specialist Dry Cleaners Est:Over 25 years Wedding Dress Specialist

Established in 1982, a family run business where you can trust us when handling your garments... • Curtain Cleaning • Duvet Cleaning: Single £10 Double £15 • Ironing Services • Repairs & Alterations • Stain Removal • Same Day Service • Evening Dress & Wedding Dress Specialist

“What can I say about Village Dry Cleaners? Just excellent! Amir, who owns the business, goes above and beyond what is expected and I can whole heartedly recommend his services. I run a vintage inspired bridal boutique in the heart of West Didsbury. As we stock highend dresses with sometimes challenging silks and fabrics to clean, we’re always amazed at how Amir manages to spruce up our dresses. I recommend his services to all our brides. He’s truly excellent at what he does and is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to fabric – the best dry cleaners in the north, without a doubt!” Nikki Graeme Owner, The White Closet, Didsbury


Pick-up & Delivery Service

Call: 0161 860 4451 or visit:

Special Offer

3 2 Garments Cleaned for the price of



Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri 8.30-5.30pm Thurs (late night)




Thursdays till 7pm

38 Manchester Rd,call Chorlton, M21 Tel: 0161 860 4451 to advertise Lesley: 0787 589 5604 9PH

Community Index Chorlton & Whalley Range April 2012  

Community Index Chorlton & Whalley Range

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