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June 2013

Chorlton & Whalley Range

Have you seen the new planters in Chorton? Provided by Green Chorlton, Chorlton Traders & Manchester City Council

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Chorlton Trade Paints With our designer tinting machines we can mix 1,000s of colours in a wide variety of finishes and sizes while you wait Tel: 0161 881 8337 Suppliers to trade and general public

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PUBLISHER Community Index


Lesley Swann


Andrew Simpson looks back on the great burial scandal of 1881

and snails 11 Shrubs and old wives tales


Leon Horton revels in his new-found fondness for gardening

Fat Grass Gardens give us some more seasonal gardening tips






REVIEWS 24 Chorlton Book Shop tell us what’s on their bookshelf this month


Mr Scruff headlines Chorlton’s newest mini festival


community index What’s going on in Chorlton this month

COMMUNITY SPORT Local sports news

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Merryn Cooke, Andrew Simpson, Leon Horton, Chorlton Bookshop, Katherine Watson, Lesley Swann, Geoff Garnett

21st June 2013

Carol Thompson

Community Index, 149 Ayres Rd, Manchester M16 9WR

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We’ve move d upsta irs!

on the

now 2nd F lo


Ryan Baker Estate Agents is an independent agency based in Chorlton, Manchester. Free Property Advertisement Guaranteed Rent for Landlords Free Sales & Lettings Advice Personal Service - No Sale, No Fee Promotions (for a limited time only) : Let your property for £199 (No VAT), Sell your property for 0.75% of the sale fee (No VAT) 2nd Floor, 583 Barlow Moor Rd, Chorlton, M21 8AE

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Longest established Greengrocers in Chorlton

Bedding Plants Compost 75L £6 2 for £10 Tray £1.95

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Why go to Auction? Stamps Coins Postcards Bring your collection in to AJ Adams Greengrocers & talk to Tony Member of MDPTA Manchester & District Philatelic Traders Association Unit 19, Chorlton Place, Wilbraham Rd Chorlton, M21 9AQ

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horlton Open Gardens is now in its third year. The event will take place on Sunday June 23rd between 11am and 5pm and will include 24 gardens and yards and 2 allotments.

One garden specialises in plants for dyeing textiles, one allotment has an orchard and apiary and the other will show a plot devoted to herbs. There will be nine new gardens including one with chickens, another with a ceramic display by local potters and a third

0781 0147 070

made by clients of Chorlton Good Neighbours. In one garden there will be music including jazz, cello and a choir. Many of the gardeners are providing refreshments on the day so save some money for home-made cakes and exotic

cocktails. Please come and support the gardeners who have struggled through a long winter and very late spring to show you what can be done in an urban garden or yard. Programmes, costing £5 per person, containing a map and description of all the sites will be on sale from mid-May at Chorlton Book Shop, Blossom Flowers, Creative Recycling and Chorlton Plant Nursery. More information and pictures from last year’s event are on the web site www. which also includes contact details. The event is in aid of the charity Freedom From Torture who support refugees and asylum seekers who have been tortured. The centre in Manchester is still receiving between 10 and 15 referrals a fortnight - most recently clients from Sri Lanka, Iran and those caught up in the internal struggles in the Middle East. Let’s hope the weather is kind to us and thank you for your support.


• professional garden design • full construction service • planting • driveway • tree surgery • fencing & hedging • free initial consultation




N A Evans

Electrical Services

Family run, serving South Manchester for 25 yrs • • • • •

No job too large, no job too small. Quality above all Energy saving and eco friendly advice and installation Inspection and Testing, Installations, Maintenance and Repairs Weekend and out of hours work All work fully guaranteed and to relevant regulations

Tel: 0161 881 6705 Mob: 07711 032 761 Trustmark / ECA / City and Guilds / Part P and JIB approved/ MIET

Basement Conversions home office • gym • playroom • wine cellar • bathroom • wetroom

Roy Nesbitt 07921 710 563 Mob: 07921 710 563 Tel: 0161 300 0530


best ce ars basement conversions Best Cellars North West • Unit 128 • 792 Wilmslow Rd • Didsbury • Manchester • M20 6UG




Kate Atkinson Life After Life


magine if we could be reborn again and again. Would we eventually get life right?

This is the premise for Kate Atkinson’s latest novel. Recently best known for her Jackson

Brodie series, this is her first stand-alone novel for a while. Ursula Todd is born on a snowy February night in 1910 - she dies that night. Ursula Todd is born once again on a snowy February night in 1910 - this time she survives.

Sue Townsend

The Woman Who Went to Bed for a Year


est known for her Adrian Mole books, Sue Townsend has produced a funny yet incredibly poignant book.

Although a fairly easy, quick read it has hidden depths that deserve to be savoured. Eva’s

academically advanced twins have left home for university. Seen to be suffering an extreme case of “empty Nest Syndrome”, she takes to her bed and declares she’s not leaving for a year. Her family believe she’s having a sort of breakdown but all she

She continues to die and be reborn. With a slight tweak each time, her life continues through the First World War and then through the Second. Ursula experiences strange feelings of Déjà vu at every stage of her life but doesn’t know why. There’s something magical about this novel although very wants to do is have space to think. Brian, her clever but uncaring husband takes it all very personally and feels very hard done by. It’s all Eva’s fault and nothing to do with him. Eva’s “Bed-in” becomes bigger than her need for peace with comic and often moving consequences. Many parts of this story made me laugh out loud. However the genius of Sue

clearly based in reality. Descriptions of lives disrupted by war are particularly moving. This is well worth a read despite it still being in hardback.

Townsend is making you laugh then making you want to cry all in the space of a few pages. This is a really great book packed with pinpoint accurate observation.

Looking for new customers?

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The story of


who reported the difficulty in finding space to place a coffin and the ever present danger of unearthing past burials. William Caldwell described how he regularly “disturbed human remains in digging” and once before he “could get down to any depth I smashed into another grave, and I was flooded by liquor and human remains.”

he Great Burial Scandal is little known these days but T back in 1881 it caused quite a stir; so much so that the Home Office sent an Inspector up to Chorlton to hold an enquiry. It is a story that Ida Bradshaw first told me about. And it is a pretty gruesome one which is difficult to comprehend as you walk through the old parish graveyard on a warm spring day. But back in 1881 it was, according to some, so full that “it is now difficult to tell where there is any land left for new graves, [and because] so many internments have taken place, there is not 2ft of earth between the coffin and the

surface.”* There were also lurid tales of existing gravestones being broken up and thrown into the midden of the Bowling Green Hotel to allow new ones to be erected and, worse still, of bones and skulls appearing and being transported away in wheelbarrows. Much more was revealed at the official Government inquiry opened by the Home Office in the November of 1881. One witness spoke of “human bones .... knocking about the highway. Only that morning a jawbone with teeth in had been picked up.” There were also past sextons


Now given that the first parish church had been opened in 1512 it should perhaps not be surprising that the place teemed with the dead. As the Reverend Booth admitted, while the burial records only dated back to 1753 he had come across a headstone from 1660, and confirmed “that the burial ground had been enlarged three times.” Moreover “the interior of the church was filled with graves and the worshippers, Sunday by Sunday, knelt in the dust of their fathers.” Medical opinion increasingly turned on the heath issue which was compounded by the rapid

Buy Andrew Simpson’s book “The Story of Chorlton-CumHardy” or visit him online at chorltonhistory.


growth in the population of the township. But the real scandal seemed to be that the local church authorities had continued to bury the dead in the church, with the present sexton denying that there was a problem and the Reverend Booth being critical of the evidence of previous sextons, despite plenty of evidence that for a decade or more finding new spaces was difficult.

those with family plots there was a real link with wanting also to be buried in the parish church.

discovery of some body parts during the archaeological dig in the late 1970s and early 80s but that is another story.

But the Home Office Inspector was “satisfied that the churchyard is exceedingly full and that you want an order for the closing of the churchyard and the only thing to talk about is the exceptions.”

Pictures from the collection of Andrew Simpson 2008, and the Lloyd collection circa 1860

Of course we should temper our shock and disgust a little and remember the practice of removing old burials to accommodate new was traditional.

The following year this was carried out with the proviso that where families had an existing grave an internment could go ahead providing that the graves could be opened to a depth of five feet without exposing coffins or disturbing human remains.

Also, I do have some sympathy with the argument made out by Reverend Booth and some correspondents to the Manchester Guardian that for

Finally in 1930 the remains were exhumed and reburied in Southern Cemetery, which I suppose should have closed the story, were it not for the

*from the Chorlton Ratepayer Association to the Withington Local Board of Health January 12th 1881 References from the Manchester Guardian 188186, Manchester City Council Town Clerks’ Papers Re Closed Burial Grounds 1930, reports in the dig by Angus Bate

ANDREW SIMPSON 0161 231 3333

Local Ethical Tree Work & Firewood We are a unique social enterprise that provides high quality arboricultural services, including planting, pruning, emergency call-outs, dismantling and felling, along with tree safety surveys. Our service is professional and sensitive both to our clients’ needs and to environmental concerns. We are SAFEcontractor accredited. And what other tree surgeons regard as waste, we regard as opportunity – everything is used, to make truly local hardwood firewood; timber for joinery; mulch for local allotments; compost; and biomass woodchip. Firewood from £85 per cubic metre including free local delivery – please contact us for details.

Greater Manchester TreeStation Ltd - A Society for the Benefit of the Community committed to combating climate change, FSA Mutuals registered number 31552R

Responsible financial advice for a world of difference We’re still here! With more than 20 years of providing ethical financial advice in South Manchester the Gaeia name will be known to many of you. Despite moving from Didsbury to central Manchester we continue to look after many loyal clients in the area.

• Ethical savings & investment advice • Prudent pensions & retirement planning

Since our merger with Castlefield, we’re now part-owned by a charitable foundation, our employees and even our clients – unusual in financial services!

• Income protection & health insurance • Ethical financial advice for businesses • Investment management for Charities and not-for-profit organisations

Whether you are an individual, business, charity or not-for-profit organisation, Gaeia can provide a financial planning service which incorporates both your ethical values and your financial needs.

Contact us at our new office: 0161 233 4550, 1 Portland Street, Manchester M1 3BE. Visit us at SGCOMINDX/010413

Gaeia is a trading name of Castlefield Gaeia Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered in England and Wales No. 04605261. Registered office 3 Brook Office Park, Folly Brook Road, Emersons Green, Bristol, BS16 7FL.

Every Sunday 1:00pm-5:00pm

‘Builders Bum’ Breakfast


Nip Fizz


Course Roast

We boast ab ou




the Nip and Tipple bar-restaurant

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COCKTAILS Bramble Espresso Martini Cosmopolitan Whisky Sour Margherita


Every day 6:00pm-8:00pm



Shrubs and Snails and Old Wives’ Tales

t took almost forty-five years, fourteen different homes and God only knows how many failed attempts at finding a hobby, but I’ve finally done it: I’ve bought my very first spade and started gardening. Me, a man who once fell off a podium dancing in the Hacienda, now prefers hardy perennials to partying hard, would sooner opt for a sundry hanging basket to a Sunday hangover. And don’t get me started on trips to garden centres. I’m not sure how it happened (like my waistline it crept up on me) but it all started last summer when I attended a meeting with my housing association and suggested they make improvements to the communal gardens. The reaction was very positive and - social housing being what it is - within the blink of a year I received a letter informing me of the go-ahead to rally my fellow tenants for a photo opportunity on the commencement of our community project. Huh? What? I don’t recall signing up for that. Cometh the hour, cometh the van; loaded with tools, planters, trellis, fruit trees, hardy perennials, and fifty quid to spend on shrubs and bedding plants. And you know what? It was amazing how many of my previously keen neighbours suddenly developed bad backs on the same day. There must have been something in the water, because I found myself alone out there – hacking at stony ground with a pickaxe. But I’m not complaining, because what felt like hard

labour at the time - what was meant to be a community project (if only in the landlords’ eyes) - has subsequently become my pet project. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had nothing but support from the badbacks, some financially, others with a word of encouragement, and I’m only too happy to have the final say. A month down the line, and I’ve been lugging stone to build a rockery; installed a wooden border; potted, plotted and envisaged a colourful summer ahead... All being well. There are no guarantees in this game. When I intimated to my friend that I was nearly finished, he smiled and said “Can I let you into a secret? A garden is never finished.” He’s right, of course. And whilst I’ve no doubt Katherine Watson’s informative articles in this very magazine are going to be invaluable over the coming months and years, I’m quickly discovering that nature herself doesn’t always play ball. Cats are a case in point. How do you keep cats from viewing your freshly-composted planters as luxury litter


trays? “Buy a catapult,” my cat-loathing friend opines, but I can’t do that – far too expensive. “Orange peel,” a neighbour tells me, “they don’t like citrus.” Lion pooh, suggests a website, they really hate the stuff. Lion pooh? I guess it’s possible, but old wives’ tales abound when it comes to this gardening lark. And what do I do about slugs and snails? If last year’s gastropod invasion in the damp of that long, wet summer is anything to go by I might be in for a head-on battle. So what’s the answer? Slug pellets? I’m told they’re harmful to birds that eat the slugs and snails and I certainly don’t want that. My sister swears by beer traps. I’ve fallen into a few of those myself over the years so I know they work. Well, we’ll see. So here I am, with another rod for my already aching back. I wanted a little piece of England and wandered into a minefield, albeit willingly. And if you can find me, if any of you out there knows what I’m letting myself in for, please, please, keep it to yourselves.



JUNE in your Garden


une in many respects reveals the height of the perennial flowering season with colours spilling in waves across the early summer borders. Plants still sport a spring freshness before the high summer sets to blanching and blending foliage which adds a certain vibrancy to beds and borders this month. There are numerous colour schemes to play with in terms of perennial planting - here are just a few to try out if you fancy a revamp. Bronze is a colour too little seen in urban gardens except perhaps in the odd Heuchera here and there. For a really interesting foxglove try Digitalis parviflora an exotic looking compact variety with orange bronze flowers. Team it with Dryopteris wallichiana, a robust fern with black stems, for a shady border or with bronze

fennel (Foeniculum vulgare), Anemanthele lessoniana – a versatile evergreen grass with bronze highlights and Astrantia rubra for a border in sun. For another sunny option, the red Achillea millefolium ‘Paprika’ could be matched with the wonderfully graceful Stipa gigantea and the smaller clump forming grass Carex testacea and punctuated with other prarie type perennials such as the yellow Geum ‘Mai Tai’ or ‘Lady Stratheden’ and perhaps even the chocolate cosmos;

so called not so much for its deep crimson/brown velvety flowers but its remarkable chocolate scent. For a calmer palette of colours Veronica spicata ‘Royal Candles’, with spires of blue purple flowers or pink blushed white plumes of the variety ‘Atomic White Ray’ would look effective in a cottage style border with Geranium ‘Johnson’s blue’ or sanguineum alba, the grass Molinia caerulea and the darker foliage of Anthriscus sylvestris ‘Ravenswing’. As with all of these options, beauty is in the eye of the beholder so don’t feel limited to a particular scheme.

Katherine Watson, Fat Grass Garden Designs

Garden Design Planting Advice Consultation Service Project Managment


CHORLTON COUNSELLING & HYPNOTHERAPY Depression & Anxiety Weight Loss Family Issues Stress Busting

Tom Bailey

(MA; Dip Hyp CS; Dip CP)


Anger Stopping Smoking Trauma & PTSD Phobias

Fully qualified, experienced counsellor and hypnotherapist. Empathetic, understanding, intelligent. First session always free

Tel: 07969 571 117 WWW.COMMUNITYINDEX .CO.UK

free taster session - 30th may

JellyTots Thursdays

If you’re a mother, father, grandparent or carer this day is created for you.

all activity classes onl y


10.00 – 10.45 – Words and Wiggles (2-5yrs) Exploring the imagination and communicating through movement

11.00 – 11.45 – Thula Mama Singing Group (newborn-1 year) Lullabies, nursery rhymes and inspirational songs from around the globe for parents and babies

12.00 – 12.45 – Creative Writing for Adults (kids allowed) Let tea warm and inspire, allow cakes to crumble into prose, watch bourbons melt into poems, let sleeping babies dose

1.00 – 1.45 – Sugarplum Ballet (2-5yrs) Inspiring imaginations where children are free to explore, discover and try out ideas to create their own masterpiece

2.00 – 2.45 – Breastfeeding and Breastpump Clinic Free advice to answer any breastfeeding questions you may have or to find more information on hire of Medela breast pumps

We also offer alternative therapies in Baby Yoga, Baby Massage, Maternity Reflexology & Pregnancy Photography (by appointment only)

583 Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton M21 8AE

Ready to try something new? Tuesdays 10.00a.m. – 11.00a.m Chorlton Unitarian Church Wilbraham Rd. M21 9LB A fusion of 3 dance styles with elements from Yoga and Tai Chi. All blended with wonderful music. People are talking about Nia “It’s different from other classes.” “It’s fun, energising and uplifting.” Cost £5.00 0161 962 1073



Green Chorlton & Chorlton Traders

coffee festival fringe event


horlton Traders and Green Chorlton have teamed up to host a free Fringe event for Chorlton Coffee Festival. Please do come along to Chorlton Library on Wednesday 26th June from 5.30pm-7pm. The original European Coffee shops fuelled the information exchanges of the 17th & 18th centuries and we’d like you to use our event as an opportunity to have a chat over a cup of coffee, tea, juice and nibbles. Share your ideas for the future of shopping in Chorlton, have a look at old photos of Chorlton high streets from 1958. There will be large ideas boards round the room which we would love you to fill.

You will have noticed a few new planters in Chorlton. Would you like to help us raise money for some more?

There’ll also be guest spots from Green Chorlton and Unicorn/Coffee Cranks Co-op.

How about getting involved in a bit of recycling for the day? We’re giving away coffee grounds and some bright ideas on what to do with them. Coffee soap anyone?

There will be samples of our new range of Green Chorlton drinks (tasty, healthy and raising funds for Green Chorlton). Those amazing baker girls at Tea Hive have promised a delicious Green Chorlton cake for us all to share...

The planters have been paid for by Green Chorlton, Chorlton Traders and Manchester City Council. Every ‘Green Chorlton’ drink or cake ordered and sold to you by local independent businesses who support the initiative will have a donation made to a fund for Greening Chorlton.

Samples are available from Bees, Bubbles and Balms.

festival coffee cup holders MADE by danielle from rubbish revamped

fancy growing your own coffee? collect your plant at our event

We are also collecting milk bottle tops. Bring yours along or take them to Elliotts in the precinct. There’ll be a raffle with coffee inspired prizes from Lush Brownies, a local favourite at Chorlton Market and fairtrade goodies from Unicorn. Hope you can join us!

courtesy of Manchester Libraries, Information and Archives, Manchester City Council



GUITAR/SONGWRITING LESSONS • Learn songs, styles or

Alexander Technique  balance and poise  ease of movement  stillness  strength in action  voice

grades • Fun and informal • I travel to you • Lessons start from £11 • 5 years+ teaching adults and children • Fully CRB checked

Gift cards available Call: 07906 203388

individual sessions, groups, courses and workshops 

you can improve how you move, perform, look and feel 

Sue Fleming MSTAT CNHC registered 0161 861 8848

Select Plumbing & Heating



We are a local company based in Chorlton Fully trained to NCCA standards

Central Heating Installation Power Flushing Servicing & Repairs Gas Cooker & Fire Installations Landlord Safety Certificates All types of Plumbing Work Fully Tiled Bathrooms Contact Tony Goss 0161 865 6657 07973 908 592

Ring or email for a FREE ESTIMATE

07742 369 231

or leave a message on 0161 881 4822


Gas Safe

Registered No. 196842



Mr Scruff to headline mini music festival in Chorlton – in support of the region’s best unsigned talent other “weird and wonderful happenings”.

For a good cause!

Profits from RAW FEST will be donated to the Band on the Wall Foundation and Backstage Academy CIC both of which support education leading to careers in the Music and Events Industries.


r Scruff is set to headline the second annual charity music festival, Raw Fest on Saturday 15th June, showing his support for Manchester’s up and coming talent. The DJ and producer is taking time out from touring to headline the outdoor stage at the one-day festival, which will showcase the region’s best emerging bands, artists and performers.

Also performing are Manchester’s soulful four-piece Black Lights, Salford’s comedic feel-good band Thingumabob & the Thingumajigs, psychedelic pop group The Chanteuse & the Crippled Claw, Irish songstress Shauna Mackin, urban/rock outfit Coldside and rising teen star Krisshan Jade.

and in backstage production. The organisers say they will be bringing an eclectic festival vibe to a beautiful pub location, with the event featuring an outdoor stage, a music marquee, art installations, barbecue and

Promoter Kris Sparrow said: “RAW FEST is all about bringing together like-minded people and community stakeholders to provide a platform for breakthrough talent. Last year’s début was a roaring success and this year we’ve stepped things up. It will be one of the best days out in Manchester this summer!”


This year Raw Fest will take place at Jackson’s Boat and a new partnership with Band on the Wall will help promote the event. Raw Fest aims to support the area’s rich music scene and create a melting pot of local talent both on stage



Going to Didsbury? AiryFairy Cakes

The Northern

100% pass rate in Public Schools Entrance Exams this year in Chorlton and Didsbury. Call today for a free assessment.


Chorlton > 0161 860 6888 Didsbury > 0161 434 0494

Cheese Hamlet

✓Tuition in Maths English Science & Entrance Exams

Gentry Grooming

We offer personalised, professional tuition and detailed feedback to students and parents alike. Tuitions are expertly delivered the Kip McGrath way by fully qualified teachers. We tutor children of all age ranges and abilities.

• GCSE preparation in English and Maths • KS1 & KS2 SATS preparation

• Entrance Exam preparation for Trafford L.E.A.

• Catch up lessons for all age ranges


• Entrance Exam preparation for Public Schools

Harriet & Dee

Giddy Goat

Jump on Metrolink wit and boldly go on a mis amazing independents offers in the Didsbury Community Loyalty Sc Busy Bee

AJ Adams

Chorlton Locksmiths

Epicer Ludo

Bezingaprint Post Box

Life Therapy

Chorlton Markets

Chorlton bound?


Social Circle

Mud Crab

Primal Fitness

A Taste of Honey



Wellington Garage

th your TAG! card ssion to seek out the s and their generous and Chorlton TAG! chemes. Tea Hive


Funki Inc.

Juan Sanchez Bar De Tapas

Khawaja Bros

Monkey Puzzle

Battery Park

Village Dry Cleaners



Olive & Thyme

More information

y management department

aluation service


another agent you should check e instructing JP & Brimelow.


JP & Brimelow the Professionals! The NAEA & ARLA are among the UK’s leading professional bodies within the property industry and JP & Brimelow are one of the members that adhere to the strict rules of conduct to ensure that we offer the highest level of integrity and service, while the NAEA & ARLA qualifications meaning you the public can be sure they are dealing with an expert. We believe at JP & Brimelow that all Sales & Lettings agents should be licensed, both to protect the consumer and to encourage and maintain high standards of service and local knowledge. Our aim is to promote and ensure professionalism and best practice and by doing so provide a first class service to both clients and future clients of JP & Brimelow. By choosing an agent who is NAEA, ARLA member you can feel secure in the knowledge that your property is in safe hands. JP & Brimelow is amongst the steadily growing number of agents across the UK who are working with NAEA and the NFOPP to become qualified and raise standards within their field. I look forward to assisting you with your move in 2013.

The sun is finally out and Festival season is here! There’s no need to travel far with so much going on right here in Chorlton.

Cholton Coffee Festival 28th - 30th June

Solstice at The Horse and Jockey 21st June

Chorlton Open Gardens 23rd June

Chorlton Beer & Cider Festival 5th - 6th July

Beech Road Family Fun Day 7th July

Edward Ellis MNAEA Director

430 Barlow Moor Rd Chorlton M21 8AD

Festival Season!

SALES: 0161 882 2233

LETTINGS: 0161 882 2244

Si st be he e f t al x o for s

Egerton Road North


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South Drive



Offices also in Didsbury 0161 448 0622 & Withington 0161 445 9700

Whalley Range


LOW COST - HIGH QUALITY TWO CLINICS, TWO VENUES Wednesdays at: City Centre 24 Mount Street Manchester 24 Mount St, Manchester, M2 M2 3NN.3NN A workers co-operative and social enterprise trading under the name of Manchester Accessible Acupuncture Project CIC.

Thursdays at: Manchester Metropolitan University Elizabeth Gaskell Campus Hathersage Road M13 0JA

tel | 07590 903 714 24 Mount St, Manchester, M2 3NN. A workers co-operative and social enterprise trading under the name of Manchester Accessible Acupuncture Project CIC.

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email Lesley or Joe:

We clean your oven… so you don’t have to Call today to have your oven, hob, extractor or Aga professionally cleaned Ian Glancy Mob Tel: 07580 765765


Having Problems at work? Struggling with Red Tape? We offer advice & support for individuals

HR expertise tailored to suit your business

Disciplinary and Grievances Redundancy Sickness issues Discrimination Maternity rights Performance Management Terms & conditions of your employment Termination of Employment (dismissal)

Recruitment and selection Terms & conditions of employment (inc. contracts etc) Absence Maternity Disciplinary and grievance Performance Management Redundancy Termination of employment Learning and development (training) HR Strategy

Call Beth Stokes on 0773 9911826 for more information



Community Clubs, Societies & Groups Chorlton Aikido Club Wednesdays 7.30-9.30pm St Ninians, Wilbraham Rd 861 8456 Community Allotment & Apiary Scott Avenue Allotment 07973139068 07521500223 group/grow_for_it/ Chorlton Bridge Club Christine Blackburn Tel: 225 8854 www.bridge Chorlton Civic Society Next meeting Tuesday 9th July 7.30pm Chorlton Library meeting room. Chair - Jenny Slee 0757 0879 091 www. chorltoncivicsociety. Chorlton Evening Townswomens Guild Meet every 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month at 7.30pm Chorlton Library. 0161 881 6354 Chorlton Good Neighbours 881 2925 goodneighbours@ Chorlton History Group meets on the 1st Thursday of the month at 1.30pm - 3pm at Chorlton Good Neighbours St Nininians Church, Egerton Rd South Chorlton Knits 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at Oddest Bar Chorlton Philosophy Group Meets every Tuesday at 7.30pm, upstairs at the Lloyds pub. All welcome http:// chorltonphilosophygroup.


Chorlton Reading Group Once a month in the meeting room behind Chorlton library 7.30pm All welcome 881 1813 chorltonreadersgroup@ Coffee and Craft Mornings at Chorlton Good Neighbours. Meet friends and have a coffee, with arts and crafts group. Thursday’s 10-11.30am Wilbraham St Ninian’s Church 881 2925 Co-op members’ group Meet every 2nd Wed of the month at 7.30 p.m. Room above the Hardy Lane Co-op.Talks, trips, events. All welcome Call Brenda on 0752 507 1672 or email brenda.copnall@ Intergen Volunteer opportunities for Chorlton residents 55+ to work with local primary school children. Estelle Longmore 881 7693 or 07946761785 Friends of Alexandra Park 226 7525 www.friends Friends of Chorlton Meadows 881 6276 www.friendsofchorlton Friends of Longford Park friendsoflongfordpark. Manchester Flower Lovers’ Guild St Werburghs Church Hall, Chorlton Anne 881 6591 Shakespeare House Community Centre Whalley Range M16 8NR, 823205

Simply Cycling Longford Park, Athletics Stadium Mon & Fri 9.30 - Noon, Sun 1-3pm. All abilties and ages welcome Contact Sue 07753428937 Helen 07871621778 St. Clements Fellowship Contact Barbara Burns on 0161 881 5912 or Ida Bradshaw on 0161 861 7158 for information Whalley Range Cricket & Lawn Tennis Club every Friday indoor cricket nets :Years 5 & 6: 6.30-7.30; Years 7-10: 5.30-6.60: Seniors (16+): 7.30-8.30. £4 Springbridge Road, William Hulme Grammar School Whalley Range Forum JN8 Youth & Community Centre, 82 Cromwell Ave, M16 0BG 881 3744 info@ www. Whalley Range 4 Wildlife www.wr4wildlife.

Health & Fitness Pilates classes at Firswood Community Centre, Longford Park. Tues 8 - 9 pm, Wed 6.15 7.15 & 7.30 - 8.30 pm. Contact Danielle 07511 354 745 www. (Body Control Pilates trained). Alexander Technique One-to-one sessions in Chorlton & Didsbury, group daytime classes. Cycle Technique workshops May 4th and June 1st in Chorlton Contact: Sue Fleming on 861 8848, 07796470163


www.alexandertechnique. The Yoga Rooms 483a Barlow Moor Rd, M21 8AG Full Programme at www. Pilates Classes Sarah 07776196504 www.

Arts & Crafts Alex Jerman Photography Photography & Camera Training, one to ones, workshops www. alexjermanphotography. com Battyandgorgeous www.battyandgorgeous. com Beetlefelt Craft Workshops Carol Mowl Tel: 881 6309 Chorlton Art Group Meets each Tuesday, 10.00 to 12.00 at St. Werbergh’s church hall, Chorlton. Come along for a chat, a cup of coffee or a quiet painting session. More details from Brenda at Chorlton Sewing Club 1st Thursday of the month 7.30 - 9.30pm Chorlton Library chorltonsewing. Creative Recycling Gallery 40 Beech Rd M21 9EL craftscreativecourses. Drum & Percussion Group Playing Brazilian and Cuban rhythms. Thursday evenings 7-9pm St. Margarets Church, Whalley Range Sue 226 4311


Community The Edge Theatre and Arts Centre Manchester Rd, Chorlton Tel: 282 9776 Making Miniatures Group 4th Monday of the month, 8pm Scout Hut, English Martyrs Church, Alexandra Rd South, M16 Contact Ann 07814 861 285 Ministry of Craft 07850 894 752 www. Rubbish Revamped www.rubbishrevamped. South Manchester Camera Club Monday nights at 8pm Didsbury Methodist Church M20 5LR Sewing Courses at Pottery Corner, Beech Rd Contact Ruth Tel: 881 9861 ruthlazarus227@

Music & Entertainment

Manchester Sing Out Choir (Gospel Choir) If you enjoy singing - this is the place to be. Every Tuesday 7-9pm St Johns Centre, Old Trafford www. manchestersingoutchoir. org

Therapy & Support Groups

BUSINESSES £15 per edition £75 for 6 mths £125 for 12 mths Max 40 words email:

Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy 454 Barlow Moor Rd, Chorlton, M21 0BQ 0161 862 9456 www.mcpt. New Family Social UK charity for LGBT adopters, foster carers and their children. Meets every month in south Manchester. Rainbow Families 07903 397 108 rainbowfamilies@

Community Contacts

Chorlton Folk Club Thursdays 9pm Ellesmere Rd Cricket Club

Manchester City Council 234 5000

Guitar/Songwriting Lessons Dominic Kearne 07906 203388 www.

Index LISTINGS are FREE for Voluntary & Community Groups. They are also free for our display advertisers offering courses/classes or running events etc.

Chorlton Anxiety Group 226 3871

Chorlton Film Institute The Master Thursday 20th June 2013. Doors open 8.10 pm - Film starts 8.30 pm Entrance £5 St Clements Church

Folk Songs and Tunes at The Beech If you enjoy folk songs and tunes even older than the Beech. 1st & 3rd Wednesdays for Songs 2nd & 4th for Tunes. Beech Road, Chorlton, M21 9EG


Chorlton Library 227 3700 Citizens Advice 0870 126 4094

Whalley Range ‘Celebrate’ Community Festival Saturday 22nd June 2013 12 – 6 p.m. St Margaret’s Social Centre, Brantingham Road, M21 0TT

881 8162

Domestic & Commercial Electricians For all general electrical work

• No call out charge • Free estimates • Fully guaranteed

Live music, dance, performance, art & craft workshops, food & drink





ina West est ina W Decorator Decorator Paper Hanging “She’s So “She’s So Neat” Neat” Specialist 07958 382 07958 382682 682

Chorlton Gas Ltd

Domestic Central Heating and Gas Engineers

ina West Decorator Interiors, Exteriors Interiors, Exteriors Paper Hanging Paper ColourHanging Advice

Colour Advice

“She’s So Neat”

07958 382 682 Interiors, Exteriors 15 Years Experience Paper Hanging highly recommended in: Colour Advice

Service, installation and breakdown repair on all makes of: Boilers Fires

ob No Jbig too all m or s

Cookers Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

Solar Thermal fully qualified • fully insured Gas Safe registered • friendly and reliable • local references available Central heating power flushing service available

Call Kevin for a no obligation quote

07722 731 801

M Duffin Property Repairs Chimneys Pointing Roofs Gutters Free Estimates


0161 789 6640 07944 729 608 WWW.COMMUNITYINDEX .CO.UK

CHORLTON planters JP & Brimelow in Chorlton have raised ÂŁ500 for Green Chorlton by buying Tag cards to support spending at local independents. This kind donation and their fantastic purple planters have inspired Chorlton Traders and Green Chorlton to run with the idea of brightening up the high street. With funding from Manchester City Council and money raised by both the Traders and Green Chorlton, there are now four planters sitting on the railings at Chorlton crossroads along with six other planters along Wilbraham Road. On a sunny Sunday in May, armed with trowels and plants, Carol from Tagpassiton, Lesley from Community Index, Sam from Biscuithead & the Biscuit Badgers, Paul from Grow For It and Severine from Grassroots Gardening and Bud Garden Centre met up at Battery Park to fill the new planters.



Community Index Sport Pam gets a well-deserved honour at Chorlton am Draper (pictured) has done some terrific work at P Chorlton Golf Club, as well as being one of their top players since she joined in 1980.

Pam has also been a leading member of the Cheshire Ladies’ Golf Association.

The first was Olive Chesworth in 2004. Pam has a great playing record with a very handy current handicap of 14. Over the years she’s represented all of the club’s ladies’ and mixed teams as well as winning plenty of individual honours. She has served on the ladies’ committee for 27 years and was Lady Captain in 1996-7.

Her husband Tony has been Captain and President and now Pam has become President; only the second lady to do so in the club’s 111-year history.

Her other regular roles at Chorlton include the social committee and Centenary committee and she’s also their EWGA delegate. But apart from her busy times at Chorlton, since 2001

She was County Captain in 2006 - the same year as the Chorlton Centenary - and is the treasurer and county web administrator too! If you want a job doing well get a busy person to do it! Pam said: “I feel greatly honoured to be chosen as President and would like to thank all the Vice Presidents for considering me suitable. When I started my ambition was to be a single-figure golfer before I was 60 - a target I have never reached, but I have had fun trying - I have enjoyed the social aspect of the game rather than the practice!”

Whalley Range feels the force to thank all volunteers and the Nat West staff for their amazing efforts.”

Nat West regional director John Hesketh added: “A vast number of cricket clubs across the country survive only on small funds and the NatWest CricketForce is all about getting volunteers to come together as a community.”

halley Range Cricket Club members and friends W enjoyed the club’s exciting NatWest CricketForce event which brought their ground and club into pristine condition.

Club chairman Mike Hill stressed just how important the event was for the club: “Without the help of NatWest CricketForce, ECB clubs like


ours would not be able to keep the facilities up to scratch. “We had a record turnout from all age groups and it was a great success. I would like

Work at the club is continuing throughout the season with a new electronic scoreboard now installed thanks to sponsorship from Emma Hatton Estate Agents.


Park secure promotion

Whalley Range FC win their first trophy of the season

Broughton Park 32, Eccles 13

Whalley Range FC are now well over 100 years old and have played at their Kings Road ground in Chorlton for many years. They have been members of the prestigious Lancashire and Cheshire AFL for several years and picked up trophies at all levels. Their first trophy this season has been won by their third team who play in Division C. They took the vital points in a nervy win over Hooley Bridge Celtic.

big crowd at Hough A End enjoyed a fine promotion play-off game between Broughton Park and local rivals Eccles.

they retained for the rest of the game. Blake Mahovic added a second try just before the break to have Park leading 20-8.

After the visitors had dominated the early stages they were made to regret missed chances when Jonny Thomas put over a penalty. But this was soon lost when Eccles went over for the first try and they extended their lead to 8-3 with a penalty, before Thomas banged over his second.

Mahovic kept up the momentum with his second early in the second half and Warren Duffy (pictured) set up Titiloye for his second try. Thomas missed his only kick of the day but Park were in the comfort zone at 32-8 and rang the changes with Eccles scoring a late consolation try to complete the scoring.

Then the game came alight when Park’s top scorer Ade Titiloye (pictured) left a string of players in his wake. With Thomas adding the conversion, Park regained the lead which

The win was great after last season’s relegation and now Park can complete the double if they win the Lancashire Trophy final.


Community Sport

Sports clubs are the lifeblood of the local community providing a huge range of opportunities for people of all ages . Our area is very rich in such clubs and they rely so much on voluntary efforts to run them. These sports articles try to provide an insight into the huge amount of work done by these volunteers on behalf of their local community. If you have any stories about sport by individuals or teams contact Geoff Garnett on 0161 881 7550 or


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Village Specialist Dryincleaners Bridal, Vintage & Silkwear

Est: 30 years

Celebrating 30 years in Chorlton... • Experts at Stain Removal • Ironing Services • Repairs & Alterations

Same Day Service Available Call: 0161 860 4451 or visit:

Special Offer

3 2 Garments Cleaned for the price of

“What can I say about Village Dry Cleaners? Just excellent! Amir, who owns the business, goes above and beyond what is expected and I can whole heartedly recommend his services.

• Curtain Cleaning £5 per kilo (subject to terms & conditions)

• Duvet Cleaning: Single £10 Double £15

Nikki Graeme Owner, The White Closet, Didsbury

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Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri 8.30-5.30pm Thurs (late night)





Thursdays till 7pm 38 Manchester Rd, Chorlton, M21 9PH

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