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niecliurn to large tomatoes, washed

and diced

SOLE Food Coop Recipe September 21st, 2011

All ingredients may be purchased from Davis Farms or ordered from SOLE Food Coop at Mulberry St. Market on Wednesday, September 21st, 2011.

pint container pea tendrils, washed and drIed ½ cup organic ripe pitted olives ¼-to ½. sweet onion peeled and diced (or I small bunch spring onions washed and sliced) 2-5 Jimm 9 Nardello peppers, washed 1




1/z head garlic, peeled ¼-to I hot pepper, washed and seedlecl (optional) I tablespoon raw local honej I tablespoon organic limejuice Va to 1 teaspoon Celtic sea salt

riace in bIencer all ingrecient5. F’ulse to cl-lop vegetables 9 and then blend about 30-1-0 seconcj5. 5alsa will be runn bt thcLens aler refrigeration over night. 5erve wIth 95 , etc. or use as sauce L 1 t chIps, mashed potatoes, celer or a vegetable casserole.

r SOLE Food. Coop aims to encourage community

members to eat sustainable, organic, local or ethnic food. To join the SOLE Food Coop please visit our booth at the Mulberry Street Mar:Icet, or call 478-836-4564.

For more information lo on to II

SOLE Food Coop is a Project of Digging Roots Educational Farm, Inc. II

Late Summer Salsa  

SOLE Food Coop Recipe