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HLV Communities Guide




Covering the communities of Victor, Hartwick and Ladora; the village of Carnforth; and the HLV Community School District

2012 Community Guide


HLV Communities Guide


Table of Contents Welcome .............................................................. ....2 HLV Communities Victor………………………………........3 Hartwick……………………………....13 Carnforth.…………………………......13 Ladora……………………………...…14 Health & Utility Services Doctor……………………………….....5 Hospital……………………………......5 Pharmacy……………………………...6 Refuse Collection.…………………. ..7 Victor Utilities…...…………………….7 SCHOOLING & COMMUNITY Polling Places .......................................................... 6 HLV Schools………………………………………………...8 Churches ................................................................10 Post Offices ............................................................10 County Governments ...............................................11


Library .................................................................... 12 Organizations ......................................................... 15 SERVICES Ag Services………………………………………………… 4 Attorneys....………………………………….....…………..4 Auto Services……………………………………………….4 Banks…………………………………………………………4 Child Care ................................................................ 4 Contractors……………………………………………….4-5 Convenience Stores/Gas Stations……………………..5 Funeral Home………………………………………………5 Groceries…………………………………………………….5 Insurance……………………………………....…………...6 Newspaper………………………………………………….6 Restaurants……………………………….………………..6 Recreation Brooklyn-Victor Country Club.....................16 Lake Iowa Park.…………...........................17 Rolle Bolle………………………………......17 Festivals....…………………………………..18

Welcome to our brand new HLV Community Guide

elcome to our brand new HLV Community Guide. For the past several years, Marengo Publishing Corporation and NEWSpapers of Iowa County have brought you community directories for Marengo and Williamsburg. This year, we’ve expanded ... and this is one of the fruits of our labor, a guide covering the communities of Hartwick, Ladora and Victor, plus the HLV School District. The HLV School District spans western Iowa and eastern Poweshiek counties. Populations range from fewer than 100 in Hartwick and Carnforth, to nearly 1,000 in Victor. Please take a look at our community business directory, which features numerous businesses in the area, as well as brief descriptions

of each town and the many festivals that take place each year. All photos used in this guide, including background shots, are scenes from the HLV area. This guide is intended to be an accurate representation of the HLV as of its publication in the fall of 2012. All information provided has been independently verified and is correct, to the best of our knowledge. However, should you find a mistake, please let us know so we can correct it for our next guide. As this is our first attempt at an community guide for the HLV area, it is also possible we may have missed something. We welcome corrections, additions and suggestions for our next guide by calling (319) 642-5506 or emailing me at brathjen@dmreg.

com. As with our other guides published by NEWSpapers of Iowa County, plans are to update these guides regularly. Please also take a look at our guides for Marengo and the Iowa Valley School District, Clear Creek Amana, Williamsburg and English Valleys. And, also be sure to thank our advertisers who help make these guides possible. It is they – and you, the readers – who help these communities to grow. Thank you for taking this opportunity to read our HLV Community Guide, and please take time to explore this wonderful area! − Brian Rathjen editor, Pioneer-Republcian



HLV Communities Guide



ello, and welcome to Victor, a progressive community in eastcentral Iowa that you’ll find friendly, affordable and relaxing. Victor is an incorporated city straddling the Iowa-Poweshiek county line, one mile south of U.S. Highway 6 and three miles north of Interstae 80. The community is served by the Iowa Interstate Railroad. Victor was incorporated in 1868, and today has grown into a hub of commercial and industrial businesses. Businesses such as Victor Manufacturing and River Bend Industries employ hundreds of residents in Victor and the surrounding communities. The downtown business district contains many places to do business, including a florist, bedding and appliance stores, a hardware store, insurance brokers and attorney offices, banks, taverns and a new pharmacy. Students attend HLV School, a Victor-based school district also comprised of Hartwick, Ladora and the surrounding rural areas. The population as of the 2010 census was 893. Affordable housing with one of the lowest property tax rates in the county, a low crime rate and a laid back lifestyle provide a great place to live and raise a family; yet, the city is close to the vibe and culture of the University of Iowa and the I-380 Corridor. Victor’s other amenities include several city parks, a new sewage treatment plant and a recently updated water works and water tower. Streets are concrete paved with curb and gutter. There are plenty of town celebrations, including Victor Fun Day at the end of June and the Old-Fashioned Christmas in December.

The new library park was completed last fall, and contains a large playground slide/climbing toy, a picnic shelter and a basektball court.

3 miles west of Victor on old Highway 6 (Poweshiek County F29)

Washington Street in downtown Victor, September 2012. The downtown business district has many businesses to serve residents’ needs.

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HLV Communities Guide


HLV Business Directory AG EQUIPMENT Pawlak’s Inc. 602 Second St., Box 356, Victor (319) 647-3434 Thys Auto & Outdoor Power 802 Third St., Victor (319) 647-7500 AG SALES & ELEVATORS Brooklyn Elevator 101 County Line Road, Box P, Victor (319) 647-3222 BRT Ag & Turf 1001 Pacific St., Box 242, Ladora (319) 623-7711 D&R Feed, Inc. 603 Second St., Box 87, Victor (319) 647-3774 Heartland Cooperative 201 Vine St., Hartwick (319) 525-2311 Rohrer Bros., Inc. 710 First St., Box M, Victor (319) 647-3215 AMERICAN LEGIONS American Legion Post 54 601 Third St., Victor (319) 647-3787 ATTORNEYS Bloethe, Elwood & Buchanan 702 Third St., Box L, Victor (319) 647-3121 Stiefel Law Office 220 Washington St., Box 189, Victor (319) 647-2241 AUTO SALES Thys Auto & Outdoor Power 802 Third St., Victor (319) 647-7500 AUTO SERVICE A&S Service and Parts Co. 906 Fourth St., Box 647, Victor (319) 647-3682 Anytime Glass & Body 205 Pacific St., Ladora (319) 623-7705 Coufal’s Car Care 202 Main St., Victor (319) 647-3289

Dan’s Repair 602 Third St., Box 105, Victor (319) 647-3616

The Shoppe Hair Designers 608 Third St., Box 327, Victor (319) 647-3724

E&K Trucking & Repair 1667 230th St., Marengo (319) 623-3984

Snip-Itz Styling Salon 216 Washington St., Box 86, Victor (319) 647-8118

Haman’s Collision Center 1937 H Ave., Marengo (319) 623-3300

CHILD CARE Victor Child Care 108 Court St., Box 82, Victor (319) 647-2887

Interstate Truck Repair 4190 Highway 21, Brooklyn (319) 647-8283 Jack’s Tire & Repair 1331 240th St., Victor (319) 647-3348 Mel’s Repair 508 Third St., Box 9, Victor (319) 647-3450 BAKERY The Cookie Crumb 1152 190th St., Victor (319) 647-3708 BANKS Farmers Savings Bank 606 Third St., Box G, Victor (319) 647-3141 Hartwick State Bank 207 Main St., Hartwick (319) 525-2221 Victor State Bank 201 Washington St., Box K, Victor (319) 647-2231 BEAUTY AND BARBER SERVICES Classic Cuts & Tanning 212 Washington St., Box 134, Victor (319) 647-2348 County Line Hair Care 502 County Line Road, Box 142, Victor (319) 647-3740 Deppe’s Do’s 1784 BB Ave., VIctor (319) 647-2838 Hair Studio Golden Tan & Arbonne International 215 Washington St., Box 914 (319) 647-7571

CHIROPRATIC SERVICES Victor Chiropractic 211 Washington St., Victor (319) 647-7227 COMMUNITY CENTERS Hartwick Community Center 204 Main St., Hartwick (319) 525-3746 CONCRETE Manatt’s, Inc. 601 First St., Box 396, Victor (319) 647-3211 CONTRACTORS Brown Construction 1099 220th St., Victor (319) 647-3149 DR&C 502 Lincoln St., Box 158, Victor (319) 647-7223 Gorsh & Sons Roofing 102 Washington St., Box 477, Victor (319) 647-3721 Dave Gryp Construction 2327 B Ave., Victor (319) 647-2192 Dick Hansen Construction 2276 400th Ave., Victor (319) 647-3722 Don’s Roofing Box 173, Ladora (319) 623-3063 Hawk’s Construction 1975 G Ave., Ladora (319) 651-5269 Northern Enterprises 100 Third St., Victor (319) 647-3518


HLV Communities Guide

Roberts Construction 2207 Old 6 Road, Box 175, Victor (319) 330-3232 or (319) 647-8484

NuStar Pipeline 2334 D Ave, Victor (319) 647-8422

Jim Thys Construction 1017 163rd St., Victor (319) 647-2748

Victor Oil 710 First St., Box O, Victor (319) 647-3612

Ben Van Waus Construction 2190 Highway 6 Road, Box 502 (319) 560-3193

FAMILY PHYSICIANS Victor Health Center 709 Second St., Box 59, Victor (319) 647-7511

Van Waus Construction 407 Washington St., Box 502 (319) 647-2229 CONTRACTOR EQUIPMENT & SALES RTL Equipment Inc. 1123 210th St., Victor (319) 647-2730 CONVENIENCE STORES Casey’s General Store 901 Third St., Victor (319) 647-2288 Ladora Stora 900 Pacific St., Ladora (319) 623-8581 Victor’s Market 1001 Third St., Victor (319) 647-3555 DENTISTS Family Dentistry 208 Washington St., Box 307, Victor (319) 647-2141 ELECTRICAL SERVICE Niemeyer Electric 605 Second St., Box 506, Victor (319) 647-3662 Read Electrical Services 406 Lincoln St., Box 56, Victor (319) 647-3828 EMBROIDERY Craig’s Custom Embroidery & Transfers 2298 330th Ave., Hartwick (319) 525-2328 Embroidery by Design 1696 F Ave., Ladora (319) 930-1191 ENERGY SERVICES Harden Bros. Propane 200 Seventh St., Victor (319) 647-3528

FITNESS & WELLNESS Victor Wellness Center 100 Washington St., Victor (319) 450-4111 FLORISTS Flower Connections 219 Washington St., Box 254, Victor (319) 647-3120 FRATERNAL ORGANIZATIONS KC Hall 210 Washington St, Box 535, Victor (319) 647-2255 FUNERAL HOMES Smith Funeral Home 808 Fourth St., Box 485, Victor (319) 647-3511 GROCERY STORES Big G Foods 310 W. Dillin St., Marengo (319) 642-5551 Seaton’s Flag Foods 122 E. Front St., Brooklyn (641) 522-7631 Victor’s Market 1001 Third St., Victor (319) 647-3555 GOLF COURSES Brooklyn-Victor Country Club 2078 Old 6 Road, Brooklyn (641) 522-7608 HARDWARE Whitworth Hardware 214 Washington St., Box 276, Victor (319) 647-3633 HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING Harden Bros. Propane 200 Seventh St., Victor (319) 647-3528 Pirkl Plumbing & Heating 1008 West St., Victor (319) 647-3610

5 HOME APPLIANCES Victor Appliance 217 Washington St., Box 218, Victor (319) 647-3149 HOME BEDDING Victor Mattress 207 Washington St., Victor (319) 647-3232 HOME HEALTH SERVICES PCS Homecare 604 Williams St., Victor (319) 647-2175 HOSPITALS Marengo Memorial Hospital 300 W. May St., Marengo (319) 642-5543 Grinnell Regional Medical Center 210 Fourth Ave., Grinnell (641) 236-7511 HOTELS Baymont Inn 4130 Highway 21, Brooklyn (319) 685-4500 INDUSTRIAL Affordable Buckets 1243 170th St., Victor (319) 647-8383 D.A.M. Welding Victor (319) 647-3483 DKM Manufacturing 1243 170th St., Victor (319) 647-2334 Plain Label Buckets 1243 170th St., Victor (319) 647-2335 RS Welding Studio 2026 B Ave., Victor (319) 647-3521 River Bend Industries 2135 B Ave., Victor (319) 647-3151 TL Fabrications 2110 B Ave., Victor (319) 647-2100 Victor Manufacturing 1951 A Ave., Victor (319) 647-3601

Businesses/services Continued on page 6


HLV Communities Guide Businesses/services Continued from page 5

INSPIRATION Dial-A-Prayer (319) 647-2882 INSURANCE Heitmann Insurance Services 507 Third St., Box 646, Victor (319) 647-3360 Stiefel Insurance 220 Washington St., Box E, Victor (319) 647-2211 LAWN CARE De Neve Enterprises 2357 B Ave., Victor (319) 647-7282 LUMBER Victor Lumber Yard 103 Washington St., Box 186, Victor (319) 647-2131 MASSAGE THERAPY Muscle Therapy by Geri 1681 CC Ave., Ladora (319) 647-7171 MEAT PROCESSING Victor Community Locker 209 Washington St., Box 248, Victor (319) 647-3220 NEWSPAPERS Pioneer-Republican of Iowa County 101 W. Main St., Marengo (319) 642-5506 Poweshiek County ChronicleRepbulican 925 Broad St., Grinnell (641) 236-5611 PAINTING Healey Painting 109 County Line Road, Victor (319) 647-2396 PHARMACY Victor Drug 205 Washington St., Victor PHOTOGRAPHY True Photography by DJ Victor (319) 647-8122 PLASTICS PLB LLC 1243 170th St., Ladora (319) 647-2335

PLUMBING Pirkl Plumbing & Heating 1008 West St., Victor (319) 647-3610 PRINTING Victor Printers 707½ Second St., Victor (319) 647-3551

2012 SCHOOLS HLV Community School District 402 Fifth St., Box B, Victor (319) 647-2161 TAVERNS D&P’s Tavern 111 Washington St., Box 2, Victor (319) 647-9105

REAL ESTATE Happel Realty 606 Third St., Box G, Victor (319) 647-3141

Stop-N-Sip Tap 204 Washington St., Box 484, Victor (319) 647-3785

RESTAURANTS Carnforth Inn 2241 Old 6 Road, Victor (319) 647-3666

TELEPHONE SERVICE Cooperative Telephone Co. 704 Third St., Box H, Victor (319) 647-3131

Ladora Bank Bistro 811 Pacific St., Ladora (319) 623-7766

TILING E&B Tiling 2296 Old 6 Road, Victor (319) 647-8265

Pine Cone Restaurant 4175 Highway 21, Brooklyn (319) 685-6931 Stop-N-Sip Tap 204 Washington St., Box 484, Victor (319) 647-3785 RESTORATION SERVICES Van Nevel Coatings & Restoration Inc. 2190 Highway 6 Road, Victor (319) 647-3157 ROAD CONSTRUCTION Iowa Erosion Control 1106 Third St., Box Q, Victor (319) 647-3561

TRUCKING Dan Bazyn Trucking Inc. 502 Second St., Box 473, Victor (319) 647-3644 Hensler Livestock Hauling 2054 350th Ave., Brooklyn (319) 525-3282 Westerdale Trucking LLC 1697 240th St., Ladora (319) 623-7739 VETERINARY SERVICES Farm & Family Veterinarian Clinics 604 Second St., Box C, VIctor (319) 647-3535

SANITATION/REFUSE COLLECTION S&J Sanitation 567 E. Hilton St., Marengo (319) 642-3325

POLLING PLACES IOWA COUNTY • Hartford I and Iowa County Secondary Sumner townships: Roads Shop (includes Ladora) 105 East St. Ladora, IA 52251 • Hartford II and Victor Public Library Lincoln townships 712 Second St. (includes Victor) Victor, IA 52347

POWESHIEK COUNTY • BMWJ precinct Michael J. Mannatt (includes Hartwick Community Center and Carnforth) 105 Jackson St. Brooklyn, IA 52211


HLV Communities Guide


Victor City Government VICTOR CITY COUNCIL (All terms end Jan. 1, 2014) • Mayor: Roger Pawlak • City Council: Marla Faga (mayor pro-tem); Dan Cavin, Joan Robinson, Justin Smith and Shawn Sternhagen VICTOR CITY STAFF • City clerk and attorney: Fred Stiefel (e-mail: stiefellaw@netins. net) • Public works: Jeff Verdeck and Tom Kurovski. • Fire chief: Paul Thys. • Law enforcement: Iowa County Sheriff’s Department.

Victor City Hall, 707 Second St. City Hall also serves as the site of a senior dining center, which provides hot, nutritious meals to elderly residents daily in Victor and the surrounding area. The City of Victor operates under a mayor-council form of government. The mayor and five-member council are elected atlarge and are non-partisan. The mayor is the presiding officer of the council. The mayor is not a member of the council and may not vote as a member. However, Victor’s mayor does retain the authority to veto any ordinance, amendment or resolution passed by the city council. In the absence of the mayor, the council meeting is conducted by the mayor pro-tem. The first council meeting of the incorporated City of Victor took place in 1869. The first mayor was A.J. Simpson. Council meetings are now held as announced, usually the second or third Wednesday of each month beginning at 7 p.m. Learn more about the City of Victor at the website http://www. The city is protected by the Iowa County Sheriff’s Department, which provides 24-hour police protection; a volunteer fire department; and a Quick Responder Service. City hall is located at 707 Second St. Mailing address is: City of Victor, P.O. Box R, Victor, Iowa 52347. General inquiries may be The City of Victor serves as not only as an industrial hub, but an argicultural one. Grain elevators along County Line Road (the former Iowa Highway 419) can be made by e-mailing UTILITY INFORMATION • Water/sewer: City of Victor – (319) 647-3750 • Electric/gas: Alliant Energy – (800) 822-4348 • Telephone/Internet/Cable Television: Cooperative Telephone Co. – (319) 647-3131 • Garbage: S&J Sanitation – (319) 642-3325

seen on the outskirts of town, providing a strong farming and tax base for the area.

Monthly utility bills are due by the first day of every month, and considered delinquent if not received by the 30th day of the month.

S&J Sanitation

Victor Manufacturing, on the outskirts of the city, is one of many businesses that are part of the town’s industrial base. Other companies, including River Bend Industries, are located just off Interstate 80 three miles south of Victor, providing easy access to the Quad Cities, Des Moines and many other cities.

Jerry, Madeline & Doug

S&J Sanitation 319-642-3325


HLV Communities Guide


Hartwick-Ladora-Victor Community Schools The HLV School District – formally known as Hartwick-Ladora-Victor – was formed in 1958, as part of the wave of school district consolidations of the late 1950s and early 1960s. The K-12 school district covers 126 square miles in eastern Poweshiek and western Iowa counties, spanning from Hartwick to Ladora and roughly bounded at a point several miles north of U.S. Highway 6 and several miles south of Interstate 80. The school building is a K-12 facility. The original Victor School building was constructed in 1912, with additions in 1953, 1964, 1985, 2001 and 2009. The 1985 addition included elementary classrooms and a full-size competition gymnasium, with seating for approximately 1,000 people. Initial reorganization of what became the HLV School District began in early 1958, with the former Hartwick, Ladora and Victor school districts involved in the proposal. Even so, Hartwick was excluded from the district by action of the joint Iowa County Board of Education. However, Hartwick was placed back in the original proposal in 1960. For the first 25 years of the school district, HLV continued to operate the Hartwick and Ladora school buildings as elementary facilities and the school at Victor serving as a junior-senior high school, as well as in-town elementary students of Victor. By 1979, Hartwick school closed, while Ladora remained open until December 1985. Until midway through the 1985-1986 school year, Ladora served as the home floor for HLV High School sporting events. Today, HLV offers a complete curriculum to prepare students for postsecondary education. Several classes, primarily foreign language and certain vocational classes, are shared with neighboring districts, including Belle

Leading the HLV district ... Adminstrative office • Superintendent: William Lynch • Superintendent’s secretary: Kate Grier • Board secretary: Orville Bloethe • Board treasurer: Lori McClenathan.

School Board • President: Laurel Hollopeter • Vice President: Jeff Cheney • Board members: Maria Hawkins, Connie Niemeyer and Amy Smith.

Above: HLV Community School, located in Victor, is home to approximately 600 students in grades K-12. Right: HLV School Board members discuss an issue during a meeting. A five-member board serves the interests of the HLV School District.

Plaine and Iowa Valley of Marengo. Many of these classes are conducted through the Iowa Communications Network. Sports teams are known as the Warriors. Through the years, HLV has had many athletic successes, including state semifinal football appearances in 1979, 1997, 1999 and 2006; a state runner-up in boys basketball in 1973; a third-place finish in girls golf in 2012; and softball semifinalists in 2002. The HLV School Board meets on either the second or third Wednesday of each month, as announced. The five school board

members are elected at large, each serving four-year terms. Board meetings take place in the board room at HLV School, 402 Fifth St., Victor. Board terms are staggered, and two members will be up for election in 2013. The school board is moderated by a president, and a vice-president is also elected; the vice-president runs the meetings when the president is absent. Learn more about the HLV School Board at the web site, or call (319) 647-2161.

School directory HLV District office

• 402 Fifth St., Victor (319) 647-2161 District website:

HLV School • 402 Fifth St., Victor (319) 647-2161 Administration: Cory Lahndorf, principal; and Beau Jack, activities director. Secretaries: Carol Healey and Denise Dietrich.


HLV Communities Guide



BLOETHE, ELWOOD & BUCHANAN 702 Third Street P.O. Box 1 Victor, IA 52347 Telephone (319) 647-3121


Go Warriors!

Facsimile (319) 647-3122



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HLV Communities Guide


Where to worship in the HLV area • St. Bridget’s Catholic Church 104 Third St., Victor (319) 647-2220

• Victor Baptist Church 201 Seventh St., Victor (319) 647-3466

• St. James Lutheran Church 502 Washington St., Victor (319) 647-3364

• Victor United Methodist Church 305 Washington St., Victor (319) 647-2228

• St. John’s Lutheran Church 2656 CC Ave., Victor (319) 685-4400

• Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church 1702 230th Street, Williamsburg (230th Street and H Avenue, 1½ miles south of I-80) (319) 623-3782


LADORA Ladora United Methodist Church • Ladora United Methodist Church 705 Main St., Ladora (319) 647-2228

• Ohio United Methodist Church Ladora (4 miles south of town on G Avenue) (319) 647-2228

Post P stt O Offices ce es e s


LADORA LA L A AD • Addr Addre A Ad Address: ddre d ress res esss 6 e 60 605 Pacifi ciiific fic fi c St., Lad St L La Ladora ado do dora ora or ora a 52 5 5225 52251 225 22 • Ho H Hou Hours: ours ou ur u rss:: 7 7:45 7:4 45 a.m.-noon 45 a..m a a.m n and 1:30-4:45 :30-4:45 30-4:45 0-4 0 0-4:45 -4 -4:45 4 5p 4:45 p.m mM MondayyFriday; 8:45-10: 8:45-10:1 8:45-10:15 :4 :4545-1 45-10 -1 10 0: a.m. Saturday.

VIIC VIC VICTO VICT V VICTOR CTO OR OR •A Address: esss ss: 108 108 8 Washington W Wa ash a shin sh shin to ton on S St., t., t,V Victor Vict Vi ict cttor or 52347 523 5 347 34 3 47 7 • Ho Hou H Hours: ou 8-11:30 11:30 13 1:30 30 0 a.m. a.m a. m. an m a and 1:30 1:3 1: :3 30 0 tto 4:30 p.m.. Monday Mond Mon M Mondaynd day d ay Friday; 9-10:30 a.m. Fri Frid Fr .m. m m. S Saturday.

Your Hometown, Full Service


Coufal’s Car Care

BEEF • PORK • LAMB • DEER Complete Automotive, Performance Specialists, Chassis, Rollcages and Performance Parts

209 Washington St. Victor, IA


Todd Coufal 202 Main Street PO Box 279 Victor IA 52347

Shop 319-647-3289 Fax 319-647-8384


HLV Communities Guide


County Contacts Iowa County Departments

Poweshiek County Departments

• Kristen Miller, Iowa County Auditor - (319) 642-3923

• Diana Dawley, Poweshiek County Auditor - (641) 623-5443

• Robert Rotter, Iowa County Sheriff - (319) 642-7307

• Thomas B. Sheets, Poweshiek County Sheriff - (641) 623-5679

• JinYeene Neumann, Iowa County Engineer - (319) 642-3721

• Poweshiek County Secondary Roads - Lyle Brehm, engineer - (641) 623-5435 or (641) 623-3446

• Linda Griggs, Iowa County Assessor - (319) 642-3851 • Tim McMeen, Iowa County Attorney - (319) 642-5521 • Michelle Sims, Iowa County Treasurer - (319) 642-3921 • Sue Peterson, Iowa County Recorder - (319) 642-3622 • Iowa County Transportation - (319) 642-7615 • Iowa County Board of Supervisors - (319) 642-3041 (As of September 2012, supervisors are Ray Garringer, Kevin Heitshusen, Vicki Pope, Kim Tanke and Dale Walter.) • Trista Schaffner, Iowa County Health Department - (319) 741- 6422 • Marilyn Austin, Iowa County CPC - (319) 662-4245 • Iowa County Conservation - (319) 655-8465 • Rick Heller, Iowa County Environmental Coordinator - (319) 828-4401

Going Beyond the expected® for all your insurance needs.

Auto Home Business Life Health

Mike Heitmann 507 3rd St., Victor, IA 52347


Emily Pirkl Massage Therapist Swedish Deep Tissue Massage 211 Washington St., Victor 319-325-2756 Victor Hours: Wednesday Noon-7 pm In Williamsburg: Mon. 9-2, Tues. 12-6 & Thurs. 12-7

• Dotty Bates, Poweshiek County Assessor - (641) 623-5445 • Rebecca Petig, Poweshiek County Attorney - (641) 623-5134 or (641) 623-5135 • Lana Taylor, Poweshiek County Treasurer - (641) 623-5128 • Beverly Malloy, Poweshiek County Recorder - (641) 623-5434 • Poweshiek County Board of Supervisors – (641) 623-5723 (as of September 2012, supervisors are A.S. Moffett, Trevor White and Larry Wilson.) • Mark Vavroch, executive director, Poweshiek County Conservation (641) 623-3191 • Carroll Smith, Poweshiek County Sanitation and Zoning administrator - (641) 623-3762

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D&R FEED, INC. 603 2nd St., Victor, Iowa 52347 1-800-362-0196 or 319-647-3774


HLV Communities Guide


Victor Public Library

Above: Victor Public Library has a modern appearance and is the pride of Orville Bloethe, Dorothy McGarry, the Rev. W.J. Fowler and Marilyn the community. Right: The library offers many services, including computers, Rhinehart. When Lepley was appointed librarian, Corrine Thornton took over. children’s and reference sections and a multi-purpose room. The current Victor Public Library opened on Sept. 17, 1955, in a small storefront along Second Street, just west of the alley behind Victor State Bank. It was the town’s second such library, succeeding a library that lasted less than a year back in the 1930s. The 1955 library was the efforts of the Victor Women’s Club, which spent six months soliciting funds to open the new library, as well as for donations of books and magazines. The library moved to its longtime location at Third and Washington streets in September 1956. The first library board was Hilda Pawlak, chairman; Elva Lelpley, Maxine Matthews,

The current library, along Second Street, was opened in November 1989. Longtime Victor resident Janet Wilkins passed away three years earlier, and had left her estate to the City of Victor to build a new library. The building is 3,840 square feet and includes a reference section, a children’s area, adult section and a multipurpose room. Computers are available for public use. Preschool storytime is at 10:30 a.m. Fridays, and there is an active teen group. Tiffany Lynn is the current librarian. The phone number is (319) 647-2616. Hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; and 9 a.m. to noon Saturdays. The website is

A Bank Firmly Rooted in Your Community

Proud to be a part of the HLV area for over 16 years RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL & FARM LP GAS SERVICES

As your hometown bank for over 120 years, we’ve established firm roots in this community and its interests. We invite you to stop by and see for yourself what sets us apart from larger banks. We offer the same range of quality financial products and services, but we do banking with a personal touch that shows we care about you and your business.

FARMERS SAVINGS BANK 606 3rd Street Victor, IA 52347


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HLV Communities Guide



Hartwick is a tiny community in eastern Poweshiek County, located three miles north of U.S. Highway 6. The city serves as the western edge of the HLV School District. Hartwick’s history dates to 1885, when it was founded as a railroad stop along the Ottumwa, Cedar Falls and St. Paul Railroad. The line passing through the town was a branch that ran from Belle Plaine, a coal main line division point, and the unincorporated community today known as Carnforth. The settlement, just inside the eastern Poweshiek County limits, was named in honor of George L. Ostrom, filer of the original plat, owner of the land on which the railroad was located and a native of Hartwick, New York. Hartwick at one time was a vibrant farming community with a grain elevator, barber, shoemaker, blacksmith, restaurant, millinery, drug store and implement dealers. Today, it is a quiet community with a grain elevator and bank as its major businesses. Above: Hartwick’s The city’s population as of the 2010 census was 86. peaceful, picturesque City hall is located at 201 Main St. The phone number is (319) appearance (seen here 525-2101. Contact city hall for information about utilities.

from the north) is a piece of Americana.

CITY OFFICIALS • Mayor: Karla Robison • City Council: Carolyn Allee, Kathy Baetsle, Larry Neuhaus, Left: Gabriel Park has a Derik Parker and Kathy Woodman. playground and picnic • Other officials: Audrey Waterbeck, city clerk; Teri Neuhaus, shelter for residents to treasurer. enjoy. • Fire chief: Derik Parker.


Carnforth, along old U.S. Highway 6, was once a bustling railroad stop along what is now the Iowa Interstate Railroad. Carnforth Inn is to the right. Carnforth is an unincorporated community west of the Poweshiek-Iowa County line along old U.S. Highway 6, three miles west of Victor. The community had been a railroad stop along what was first known as the Mississippi-Missouri Railroad. A plat for a town was filed in 1884 by James and C.A. Manatt. A depot and a general store were built, as were a post office and church. The busy Northewestern and Rock Island railroads made Carnforth a busy trading center. Today, the community’s major business is the Carnforth Inn, which contains a large dining room and a lounge. The restaurantlounge is known for its steaks and seafood, salad bar, sandwiches and Mexican buffets.

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Ladora is a quiet community of 283 residents, located along U.S. Highway 6 in western Iowa County, seven miles west of Marengo and five miles north of Interstate 80. The city is the birthplace of Mildred Wirt Benson, who became world famous as the creator and author of the Nancy Drew Mysteries under the pen name Carolyn Keene. The town is also known for the Ladora Bank Bistro, a restaurant known for its wide selection of wines, located inside the former bank building listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. The business, which draws customers from throughout the Midwest, has been featured many times on Iowa Public Television. The city’s park is Inghram Park, just off U.S. Highway 6. City government is a mayor-council form. Meetings are generally at 7 p.m. the second Tuesday of the month at city hall. City hall is located at 806 Pacific St., and may be contacted by calling (319) 623-3506. Contact city hall for information about utilities CITY OFFICIALS • Mayor: Stan Brenneman. • Council: Sue Ballad, Michelle Hawkins, Branden Martinson, Brian Ward and Kathy Wilhelm. • City Clerk: Cindy Delaney. • Fire Chief: Brian Ward.

When Lightning Strikes,

Top: The Iowa Interstate Railroad runs along the south edge of Victor. Above: Relay for Life takes place each August at the city’s soccer field. Left: A selection of Nancy Drew Mysteries books.

We’ll Protect You From Taking a Hit. For many years, area homeowners have trusted us to protect their interests. The unexpected can happen at any time; make sure you’re protected by the right insurance coverage. Contact us today for a no-obligation policy review and rate quote.


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GET INVOLVED IN THE COMMUNITY! There are many ways residents can become involved in the HLV community and show their community pride and sense of volunteerism: • American Legion Post 54 • American Legion Auxiliary • Victor Chamber of Commerce • Victor Community Development • Victor Cub Scouts/Boy Scouts Pack 226 • Victor Girl Scout Troop 8308 • Victor Lions Club • Ladora First Responders • Friends of the Iowa County Conservation Foundation • HLV Athletic Boosters • Iowa County 4-H – Lincoln Loyal Leaders Get involved today!

The Victor Lions Club (left) and the Victor American Legion Post 54 are just two ways to get involved in the HLV community.

Driver’s license station Iowa County Treasurer’s Office 901 Court Avenue P.O. Box 145 Marengo, Iowa 52301 Motor Vehicle: (319) 642-3371 Driver’s License: (319) 642-3371 Drivers License: 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Closed 12 to 1 p.m. Drivers License Testing: 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday Drive Test: Wednesday by appointment

Victor Child Care • Registered Day Care • State Assisted Families Accepted • Day Care Curriculum Jamie York & Heather Wolf Owners

319-647-2887 Transportation to and from School

VICTOR LUMBER CO. is proud to supply the HLV district and surrounding areas with building & home improvement needs

• Cabinets • Windows • Hardware • Insulation • Barn Steel • Paint & Sundries • Roofing Steve & Amy Huedepohl Owners 103 Washington St., Victor

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Your o Victo Victor Vi torr Health Cente Center terr te



Brooklyn-Victor Country Club

Brooklyn-Victor Country Club offers a fine 9-hole, 2,526-yard golf course for avid golfers in the HLV and surrounding area looking for a good challenge. HLV golf teams play their home meets at this course. The Brooklyn-Victor Country Club traces its roots to the Brooklyn Country Club in 1927. A nine-hole golf course was laid out on Coe Manatt’s farm 4 miles east of Brooklyn, along what is today known as old U.S. Highway 6. The old country club remained open until 1942, when it closed during World War II due to costs and inability to staff a caretaker. The current Brooklyn-Victor Country Club opened in 1950, with 52 members. The old greens, which had become a pasture, were restored. Many amenities, including a club house and cart sheds, were built through the years. Today, the Brooklyn-Victor Country Club remains one of eastern Iowa’s premiere golf nine-hole courses. Residents of the BGM or HLV school districts must be members to use the facility. Course rules also require that members and guests sign in prior to beginning play. Green fees are, Monday-Thursday, $12 for nine holes, $18 for 18 holes and $25 for all-day play; and weekends and holidays, $13 for nine holes and $20 for 18 holes. Cart fees are $13 for nine holes and $22 fo 18 holes. The Brooklyn-Victor Country Club is located at 2078 Old 6 Road, Brooklyn. For inquiries or more information, call (641) 522-7608.

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Lake Iowa Park


Naturalist programs are ake Iowa Park offers a scheduled throughout the year, quiet, safe and beautifullyand overseen by naturalist maintained campground Sean Curry. Program calendars that includes 120 rocked pads are included in the quarterly with electricity, showers and a newsletter. Special programs dump station. There are water for youth groups and others hydrants with rural water spread are available by request by throughout the campground calling (319) 655-8466 or emailing to fill your camper tanks. Tent two weeks areas are also available. No in advance. reservations for camping, it is all New features include the Lake first come first served. Iowa Nature Center, opened in Also available are: 2010; and the Nature Explore • A 97-acre lake with many Playscape. Both offer a wide species of fish, boat ramp with range of amenities for the public parking area, fish cleaning area to enjoy. and restroom. Directions to Lake Iowa Park • Picnic areas, including seven shelter houses overlooking The new playscape at Lake Iowa Park, 5 miles south of Ladora, was com- is Exit 211 off of Interstate 80, Lake Iowa. The Roundhouse pleted and opened earlier this year. Here, children enjoy playing in the new head south towards Millersburg. You will come to a four way stop is an enclosed facility with twin-level treehouse, one of the several play areas. which will be 230th street, turn outside grills available; others have grills, bathroom facilities, water, electricity and playground West then go until the next available left which will be G Ave and we are down about 3 miles on the East side of the road. equipment. Reservations may be made in advance. Lake Iowa is open from 6 a.m. in the morning to 10:30 p.m. for all • Beach and swimming areas, open during the summer. • Hiking Trails connecting the shelter houses and winding non-campers. The campground is open all year, but the water will be turned off from mid-October until spring. around Lake Iowa.

Rolle Bolle


olle bolle, an old Belgian game similar to horseshoes, cornhole and shuffleboard, has gained a large following in Victor. The game – where the objective is to roll a thick, rubber disc toward a stake – has been enjoyed by several generations of Victorarea residents. Back in the day, many residents had their own bolle courts, and tournaments often filled many Sunday afternoons. They still do today, and several businesses have bolle courts for residents to enjoy, both indoors and out for year-round enjoyment. Victor, along with nearby Marengo, Ladora and Koszta, each host their own leagues.

Right: Doug DeBrower, Victor, shows off his form before rolling his bolle during a rolle bolle tournament in 2011 in Marengo. Below: A ringer, or where the bolle contacts the post.

Victor Chiropractic Joel C. Carr, D.C. 211 Washington St. Victor, Iowa 319-647-7227

Office Hours Mon. & Fri.: 1:30-5 pm Wed.: 2-6 pm Sat.: By Appointment

Practicing since 1999, Dr. Carr has experience with activator and traditional adjustments. Most commercial insurance and Medicare accepted. Appointments recommended.


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Celebrating in HLV


estern Iowa and eastern Poweshiek counties offer plenty of summer activities for residents to enjoy, through town celebrations. The grandest celebration was the Victor Centennial in 1968, a three-day gathering over the Fourth of July weekend with a beauty Above and right: Carriage rides and Christmas music are highlights of Victor contest, a baking Old-Fashioned Christmas in December. contest, variety show, tractor pull, are set up at HLV School, and the businesses are open threshing competition, for people to visit and get to know their community rolle bolle, a parade, A young girl squeals as business leaders. Horse-drawn carriage rides, visits fireworks, children’s she is splashed with wa- from Santa Claus, a holiday variety show and fireworks games and a car ter during Victor Fun Day round out the event. giveaway. A fun time this past summer. was had by all, and LADORA today – nearly 45 In the past, the Ladora Fire Department has hosted years later – the the town’s Firemen’s Fun Fest in August. event still holds many This past summer, the big event was Iowa County special memories as it Relay for Life, which takes place in August at the soccer brought together the fields. Cancer survivors, or families of those stricken young baby boomers by cancer serve as event chairmen, and residents give with still-active World pledges to raise money for the organization. While War I-era youths and there’s plenty of fun and games, there’s also a moment veterans. set aside for quiet reflection and honoring those who There are still died of cancer with the lighting of luminaria along the many great events walking track. The 2012 event raised more than $18,500, today, and a few of with all funds used locally. those are listed below: VICTOR Victor Fun Days takes place the last weekend in June. The event includes a 5K run, a car show, children’s games, a parade, rolle bolle, a street dance with live entertainment and much more. In December, there is the Old Fashioned Christmas. Craft booths

DAY (319) 647-3616 NIGHT (319) 647-3451

HARTWICK Hartwick Fun Day is scheduled for the second weekend in July. It features a car show, ice cream social, bake sale and cow chip Bingo. The Hartwick Volunteer Fire Department serves a meal throughout the day.

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Edriss Estime, MD

Mark Siebrecht, DPM

Hanna Chang Bin, ARNP, CPNP

Internal Medicine (ages 18 and over) Dr. Edriss Estime received his doctorate in medicine from St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine. He completed a residency program at Pinnacle Health Hospital in Harrisburg, PA. He specializes in Internal Medicine. His hobbies include plastic arts, theater and comedy. Dr. Estime and his wife have one son.

Podiatry Dr. Siebrecht graduated with a B.A. degree in biology from Wartburg College in Waverly. He received his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine from Des Moines University. He completed one year of residency at Greater Detroit Hospital and a three year comprehensive surgical residency at Covenant Medical Center in Waterloo. Dr. Siebrecht is board certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgeons. He is a member of the Iowa Podiatric Medical Society, the American Podiatric Medical Association and the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. Pediatric (ages 21 and under) Hanna Chang Bin graduated with a BSN from University of Iowa in 2003. She then worked at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital as a pediatric nurse. She worked on the general pediatric unit specializing in cardiology, otolaryngology, orthopedics and other general pediatric specialties. While working at the UICH, Hanna obtained her pediatric nurse practitioner degree. Hanna and her husband, CK, have one child. For more information about the Family Medical clinic or to schedule an appointment call 319.741.6789

Clinic Hours: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday: 8 am-7 pm; Wednesday: Friday: 8 am-5 pm Saturday: 8 am-12 pm

255 W. Lucas St., Marengo, IA 52301

Chirantan Ghosh, MD

Cancer Care Dr. Ghosh provides Oncology and Hematology Services for cancer and blood disease patients. A diagnosis of cancer rocks a person’s life, affecting them physically, emotionally and spiritually. By bringing cancer care close to home, patient’s keep their lives as close to normal as possible. Dr. Ghosh believes in personalized care and a team approach that fits each individual’s needs.

Nicholas Kuiper, D.O.

General Surgery Dr. Kuiper provides general surgical care for a broad range of surgery needs. Stay close to home when surgery needs arise. Marengo Memorial Hospital can provide you with the care and expertise of the larger hospitals, the atmosphere and personal touch that helps you get back to your normal routine as fast as possible. Depend on our Marengo Memorial Hospital to provide you with the quality and compassion you should expect from your community hospital.

Douglas Cooper, MD

Orthopedic Surgical Care Dr. Cooper provides consultations and surgical procedures for a wide range of orthopedic services. These include carpal tunnel surgery, fracture management, shoulder, knee, tendon and ligament surgery, rotator cuff repair and more. Marengo Memorial Hospital can provide you with the care and expertise of the larger hospitals with the atmosphere and personal touch that helps you get back to your normal routine as quick as possible.

For more information about the Marengo Memorial Hospital or to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists, call 319.642.5543 Thank you for choosing Marengo Memorial Hospital for all your healthcare needs.

300 W. May St., Marengo IA 52301


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This store is home-owned and operated for 49 years

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Full Service Grocery Store... Full Meat, Deli, Bakery, Liquor & Produce Departments.

In-Store Bakery and Deli • Donuts • Sweet Rolls • Hamburger Buns • Bread & Dinner Rolls • Sandwiches-To-Go • Hot Sandwiches • Assorted Salads • Homemade Soups • Steamed Chicken • Soft-Serve Ice Cream

HOMEMADE FRESHNESS FOR FLAVOR • Liquor, Beer & Wine • Propane Tank Exchange • Greeting G C Cards • Copy Machine • Postal Stamps • Lottery & Lotto • Fast Film Developing • Rug Doctor • Our Own Smoked Meats • Water Distiller • ATM Machine • Drop off & Pick up Drycleaning • Fresh Produce • Choice Meats • Fresh Bakery & Deli • Weekend Barbeques • Des Moines, Cedar Rapids & local newspapers • Senior Citizen & Disabled Marengo Home Delivery • Credit or Debit Cards Accepted Convient instant digital photo processing

$1 Video Rental


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STORE HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 6:30 a.m.-9 p.m.; Sun. 6:30 a.m.-8 p.m.


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