Sudbury, ON - 2016

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SUDBURY COMMUNITY FOUNDATION Twenty Years | Transcending Time Sudbury Community Foundation is driven by one word: community. We are an independent public foundation and registered charity. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life and sustainability of our community through fund development, grant making, and dynamic leadership.

Past 1998 Our first granting year, distributed a total of $2,700 to local charities

2015 Ended the year with $3.5 million in endowments

2015 That year alone, distributed a total of $216,890 in grants

Present 2016 Foundation’s 20th Anniversary, established in February of 1996

2016 Inaugural year of our leadership program, Emerging Leaders, for emerging professionals who have an interest in community building and philanthropy

2016 Surpassed the $1 million-mark in grants given


Continue to link philanthropic giving to community development Continue to adapt and push ourselves to remain an innovative platform for community progress Continue to be foundational to our region and the people we serve

Sudbury Community Foundation