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‘Pray for the peace and prosperity of Jamaica’ - GG BROOKLYN, NY: JAMAICANS IN the diaspora in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States are being invited to church on Monday, August 2, 2010, to pray for the nation of Jamaica, its citizens and its leaders. The event has received the full support of the leaders of Jamaica, including the Governor General and the Consul General of Jamaica in New York, Geneive Brown Metzger, and is one of a number of events that will collectively mark the island nation’s 48th Anniversary of Independence from British colonial rule in l962. Governor General, Sir Patrick Allen, in his statement, commended members of the clergy and Intercessory Prayer Ministry International (IPMI) for the bold step in organizing and hosting this initiative in the diaspora, “which seeks to help mitigate conditions, and lead us to the source of divine Providence. Appeals, petitions, entreaties between

people are elements in controlling the affairs of nations, but prayer moves heaven.” In light of recent events in Jamaica, Sir Patrick Allen said that “this initiative is ...timely...continue praying for the weak and vulnerable, and for the peace and prosperity of Jamaica.”

COLLABORATING Consul General Geneive Brown Metzger stated that the Jamaican Consulate is pleased to be collaborating with the Intercessory Prayer Ministry International (IPMI) and the group of concerned clergy from the Jamaican Diaspora, to stage the special Day of Prayer and Fasting for Jamaica. According to Metzger, “These are indeed very challenging times for our nation as we continue to grapple with the diverse and critical issues for which we must seek Divine intervention. It is therefore heartening to know that IPMI continues to lead the

way in mobilizing the Jamaican Diaspora in this fashion. Prayer... must be the arsenal in our war against crime, economic adversity and social decay.” The group of concerned clergymen involved with planning and coordinating the event includes; Rev Dr Samuel Vassel (Bronx Bethany Church of th Nazarene); Rev Dr A.G. Quarrie (Bronxwood Int’l Church of God); Rev Dr H. Dennis Campbell (Rehoboth Open Bible, NY); Rev Dr Wenton Fyne (Beulah Church of the Nazarene, NY) ; Rev Andrew Bennett (Elim Missionary, NJ); Rev Dr Fedlyn Beason & Desyouth Chambers (Davie Church of God, FL); Rev Dr. Joel Edwards( former General Director of the United Kingdom Evangelical Alliance); Rev David King (Association of Jamaican Nationals, Birmingham, UK); and Rev Dr Audley James (Revival Times Tabernacle, Toronto, Canada). A number of places of worship in the United

States, Canada and the United Kingdom will open their sanctuaries throughout the day for, “those persons concerned about the growing moral declension on the island of Jamaica”, declared Rev Newton Gabbidon, the central planning committee chairman and founder/president of IPMI, Inc., a not-for-profit, non-denominational organization based in Brooklyn. This is the sixth year that the Jamaica Diaspora Day of Prayer and Fasting is being held throughout the Jamaica Diaspora. Last year, 25 centres participated. The all-day prayer and fasting will conclude with a special service at each of the venues, starting at 7:30 p.m. There will be a special offering taken to benefit

charities in Jamaica. For a complete listing of the prayer centres and additional information on the ‘Day of Prayer and Fasting’, you may visit w w w . g o i p m i . c o m or call: 718-241-2162.

‘The all-day prayer and fasting will conclude with a special service at each of the venues, starting at 7:30 pm. There will be a special offering taken to benefit charities in Jamaica.’

Sir Patrick Allen

JAMAICA CELEBRATES A cake made for the Independence celebrations.

Remembering ‘62


UST BEFORE midnight on August 5, 1962, the British Union Jack was lowered and the Jamaican flag raised for the first time, marking Jamaica’s independence and the dawn of a new era. The national parade, flag-raising ceremony and fireworks were held at the National Stadium with the evening’s events beginning at 11 p.m. More than 20,000 people gathered at the venue for the night’s celebrations. At one and a half minutes to midnight, the first verse of the British anthem was played. The lights on the 60-foot pylons were put out and darkness descended upon the arena. In the hush that followed, the Union Jack, which waved over Jamaica for 307 years, was hauled down. Then 30 seconds to midnight, the lights came on again and the Jamaican flag was raised to the top of the flagpole. Then, both verses of the national anthem were played.


The Gleaner Leather briefcases bearing the Jamaica coat of arms.


At the ceremony were the governor, Sir Kenneth Blackbourn, Jamaica’s first governor general, his wife, Lady Blackbourn, and Jamaica’s premier, Sir Alexander Bustamante, who was later sworn in as prime minister. Also present were Princess Margaret, who was representing The Queen, and her husband, the Earl of Snowdon. There were also dignitaries from many countries such as the United States, Australia, Pakistan and the United Kingdom. This aspect of Jamaica’s celebration of independence was the most significant for former prime minister, Edward Seaga. “There was a glorious display of fireworks that went on for quite a while. It was very emotional because I was very involved in the event. I campaigned for it (Independence). It brought me to tears,”

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said Seaga, who was minister of development and welfare in the Jamaica Labour Party-led government.

The Jamaica Labour Party formed the first government of independent Jamaica, having beaten the People’s National Party, by polling 72.88 per cent of the voters in the election that was held on April 10, 1962. This was after the Jamaican people voted against joining the West Indies Federation in

WAITING IN THE RAIN: Beneath a solitary umbrella, at Montpelier station on Wednesday, a group of little Brownies and Girl Guides huddled together, awaiting the arrival of Princess Margaret.

1961. The lowering of the flag was also a significant aspect of the celebration for Merrick Needham, who is now a commissioner at the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC). “It was the Union Jack being lowered for the very last time and the new flag being raised for the first,” said Needham, who was the director of programmes and production for the 1962 celebration. He was the lead commentator for the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation (JBC) and coordinated the JCDC’s coverage of the Independence celebration. “There was concern that there would be trouble, but the people behaved absolutely impeccably,” said Needham. He also said that it was a difficult task to prepare for the celebration that spanned the entire island. It was also a challenging task for the technical crew at JBC where he worked at the time. Current JCDC chairman, Hugh Nash, said he had to work across the island for the celebrations. “I was handling things outside of Kingston. There

Children join in the independence day service in London on Saturday, Aug 1, 2009 was something in every single parish and it was not confined to the parish capitals,” Nash said. For instance, in Clarendon, there were celebrations in Lionel Town,

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May Pen and Chapelton. St Catherine had activities in Spanish Town, Ewarton and Old Harbour. August 5, 1962 was also the national day of prayer. As such, dedication services were held in every church in the island with the following two days being public holidays. On August 6, there were further celebrations across the island and August 7 marked the opening of Parliament for independent Jamaica. There was also an Independence state banquet. On the same day, there were also numerous street dances. For the period, approximately 100 street concerts were organised by the JCDC. In addition, Nash said, there was a fisherman’s regatta on every beach.



The national float parade was held on August 11. More than 5,000 people participated in the giant parade with about 90 floats. The parade started in Cross Roads and went down Slipe Road, east at Torrington Brigade, around North Race Course Road, down East Race Course Road, down East Street, west into Harbour Street and up King Street. The parade was led by Miss City of Kingston, Mitsy

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Jamaica Industrial Development Corporation photo Independence tray. Constantine. There were floats from groups like the Jamaica Youth Club Council, Jamaica Industrial Development Corporation, Alcan, Jamaica Man-ufacturers’ Association and Esso. There were also marchers from the Jamaica Library Service, footballers, horseriders, tennis and hockey groups, the security forces, and uniform groups like the Cadets, Scouts, Guides, Boys’ Brigade and the parade of the churches with massed choirs singing. Effigies of Louise Bennett, Ranny Williams, Alexander Bustamante were also present. Jamaica’s Independence was heavily publicised in nearby territories, especially in the Panama Tribune. In addition, The Gleaner Company and N.V. Phillips of London made ten 23-inch television sets available for the viewing of the celebration at Victoria Park, Kingston. Leading up to the celebrations, certain key things had to be finalised. The design of the flag was chosen through a collaborative effort by government officials. The motto, ÔOut of many, one people’, was chosen by Legislature in 1962. The national anthem was written by Reverend Hugh Sherlock, while the music was provided by Robert Lightbourne. The national symbols were chosen by a select committee in the Jamaica Horticultural Society. Nash said volunteers played a key role in the ‘62



Deon Green photo. Patrons at an Independence party for Jamaicans in London.


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celebrations. Without a copy of the actual figures, Nash estimates there were about 500 volunteers in each of the 12 parishes outside Kingston and St Andrew. That means there would have been approximately 6,000 volunteers in those parishes. In the Corporate Area alone, Nash said there could have been another 5,000 volunteers. As for the cost, Nash said the British government assisted Jamaica with project advisors. Seaga was also unable to

give actual figures. However, he said Britain also gave Jamaica a parting gift, having been its sovereign for more than 300 years. “Britain converted some existing loans to grants and signed over the lands at Up Park Camp to the Government of Jamaica. It was not intended to be a substantial value; it was more a token and symbolic,” Seaga told T h e W e e k l y Gleaner.

A TIME OF HAPPINESS At that time, Needham said, it was a time of happiness for the people. “I think there was a lot of hope in those days. It was the beginning of progress in terms of education and

The minister of development and welfare, Hon Edward Seaga (left) presenting to the prime minister, Hon Sir Alexander Bustamante, the first framed copy of the quality colour poster produced by the Government Public Relations Office as part of the literature prepared by that Department in connection with the recent Independence celebrations, at the Prime Minister’s Office. marked deterioration in others like criminality,” Needham said. Since that time, a few things have changed. After the flag-raising ceremony in 1962, there was a much


smaller celebration for the anniversary of Independence in 1963. But in 1964, a structured Jamaica Festival began, where there was a parade, as well as a showcase of

The Gleaner The group of overr 500 children who twisted, sang, watched cowboy films and enjoyed ice cream, fudge and many other niceties at the Children’s Independence treat on Saturday evening last. The treat was given by the Custos of St. Andrew, the Hon. A Russell Graham at his home on Birdsucker Lane, St. Andrew. There was a twisting competition and prizes arts. In 1997, when Emancipation Day was introduced as a national holiday on August 1, celebrations started from July 31

and ended on Independence Day, August 6. As time progressed, Jamaica Festival was separated from the Jamaica Festival of the Arts.






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OPPORTUNITIES Caribbean region for nearshore operations attractiveness. Notwithstanding the challenges to the sector's development, for example, high electricity costs and a dearth of suitable ICT ready office space, the ICT sector continues to record significant growth in Jamaica in recent years, due to the benefits offered to investors. Notwithstanding the challenges, the ICT sector recorded significant growth in Jamaica in recent years. In 2008 alone, the projects facilitated by JTI in this area recorded investments of more than $14 billion in FY2008/09 and creating more than 3,500 jobs.

OVERVIEW Tourism services sector.


S A tourism destination, Jamaica offers a unique blend of a vibrant culture, natural beauty and wide offering of facilities spanning hotels, attractions and shopping centres. During the review period, (April 1, 2008 - March 31, 2009) three major tourism projects were facilitated by Jamaica Trade and Invest (JTI). These were: Blue waters, Hospiten Jamaica and McMullens Properties. However, the significant contribution of 37 per cent to total capital expenditure was primarily due to the ongoing construction of hotel projects such as the Fiesta Hotel, the Iberostar Beach Resort and Spa, the Palmyra Resort and Spa and Secrets Resort and Spa and the Rainforest Jamaica Bobsled at Mystic Mountain. The tourism sector is therefore a significant contributor to real gross domestic product (GDP) with the rapid expansion in accommodation and attractions over the last decade the result of strategic efforts to expand thecountry's capacity to host visitors. In 2008, total stopover arrivals amounted to more than 1.7 million persons, a 3.9 per cent increase when compared to the previous year. The island currently has over 24,000 rooms with an additional 10,000 rooms to be built by 2012.

JAMAICA'S VALUE PROPOSITION FOR ICT INVESTMENTS: - High-speed wired and wireless telecommunications infrastructure - World class telecommunications infrastructure with state-of-art mobile telephony, international voice and data services and fibre optic capability - A strong business environment - Political Stability - Nearshore location for US and Canadian markets - Educated English speaking workforce - Other Investment Incentives


Outsourcing (BPO), Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) and various types of Customer Services Outsourcing (CSO). During the period under review, a total of 4 software companies, 8 Contact centres and 2 Telecoms companies became operational. Jamaica is currently ranked 6th in the Latin America and

Exemptions from income tax for up to ten years; import duties on raw materials and machinery; duty free treatment of raw material and capital goods for an indefinite period; Income tax relief for an indefinite period; accelerated depreciation; Relief from GCT on capital items purchased for plant upgrading and modernization, etc. - Agriculture: Income tax and duty concession for five to ten years (renewable.) - Mining: Import duty concession on capital items, lubricating oils, grease and other chemicals - Skilled Workforce The sector also enjoys several Government of Jamaica incentives that allow forthe reduction in the time allotted for depreciating the cost of capital equipmentand the removal of the customs user fees payable on capital goods and raw mate-


HOTEL INVESTMENT INCENTIVES - Hotel Incentive Act providing 10-15 years of tax relief for 250 rooms or more and a minimum of 10 bedrooms. Duty free importation of capital items for construction and furnishing of hotels for 15 years. The legislation of the Resort Cottages Incentives Act (RICA) allows smaller resort cottage or villa operations access to full incentives, with Income Tax relief for seven years. - Recently, Jamaica implemented an economic stimulus package with specific provisions for the hotel and tourism sector with a reduction in the applicable GCT from 8.25 per cent to 4.125 per cent .

- The Development Bank of Jamaica has established a special J$ 500M loan facility to be provided as working capital assistance for medium and small properties and attractions — skilled hospitality Workforce with 4,000 trained graduates annually. — bilateral investment and Tax Treaties with North

20• JULY 26 - AUGUST 1, 2010

America and European nations.

Information Communications Technologies (ICT) /Knowlege Services There has been a dramatic shift in the product offering of the sector from its initial beginnings as primarily one

dominated by companies largely confined to data entry, hardware and soft ware suppliers and vendors, as well as design/manufacturing or assembly. The sector is evolving rapidly and has moved up the value chain to offer more complex services in the areas of Business Process


rials. In addition, financing to the sector is made available by the Government through the Development Bank of Jamaica and the EXIM Bankat relatively lower rates than obtains at the commercial banks. d. Creative Industries This sector includes film, music, fashion, craft, performing arts, publishing and other creative services.

VALUE PROPOSITION - Supportive government policies including income tax relief of up to fifteen years and duty free importation of plant equipment and machines - Global recognition of the strong cultural Jamaican Brand - Highly skilled film and music crews - Wide range of accommodations and film location sites Policies and Programmes: Investors wishing to produce films in Jamaica may benefit from incentives under the Motion Picture


Industry Encouragement Act, such as tax duty waivers. JTI makes recommendations to the Ministry of Finance allowing income tax relief for film producers, for a period not exceeding nine years, after the first release of the motion picture. The investor could also benefit from an investment allowance of 70 per cent of the total expenditure on the production facilities and this may be carried forward. In addition, the investor could also be exempt from the payment of import duty on equipment, machinery and materials for the building of studios or for use in motion pictureproduction. It is also expected that, the benefits of the UK/ Jamaica Co-production Treaty will be expanded under the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) the industry to twenty six (26) new markets in Europe, offering immense opportunities for Jamaica's creative sector.

2008-2009 in Key Economic/Business IndicatorsJamaica is ranked 6th in the Latin America and Caribbean region for nearshore operations attractiveness for the ICT sector Jamaica is rankd 60th of 133 countries in Travel and Tourism Competitiveness and published by the World Economic Forum 2009. Within the Americas, Jamaica is ranked 10th of 26 countries SOURCE: An overview from the annual report (2008-2009) of the Jamaiaca Promotions Corporation

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JN profits as loans, investments rise T

he JN Group grew its profits the traditional way, primarily increasing its loan and investment revenues for the 2010 year ended March 31, says General Manager Earl Jarrett. Consisting of Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) and its subsidiaries, the JN Group recorded a $1.2 billion after-tax surplus during the year. This represented a six percent increase, or approximately $69 million over the previous year. “This growth resulted from the $381 million increase in our operating surplus,” said Mr Jarrett, “and, the operating surplus expanded by 30 percent to $1.6 billion.” In his analysis, Carlton Barclay, assistant general manager, finance, administration and planning, said that the buoyant operating surplus itself was based on a 13 percent growth in interest on loans to $5.2 billion,

Contributed Earl Jarrett, general manager of the Jamaica National Building Society . along with a 36 percent rise in interest on investments to $8.5 billion. Interest expense jumped 30 percent to $6.4 billion, leaving net interest





revenue of $7.3 billion. He pointed out that other operating revenue fell by six percent to $3 billion and operating expenses were contained at $8.7 billion, a rise of 10 percent, ultimately tying back to the operating surplus. Revenue growth was boosted by an aggressive marketing programme aimed at attracting deposits with attractive rates. The Group achieved growth in several of its key indicators, as new initiatives were launched to drive business and help members of the Society to weather the economic crisis, he stated. This was achieved against

In 2009, there was an $873 million unrealized foreign exchange gain accompanied by a $197 million gain on the disposal of a business unit the background of one the most challenging periods in the 136 year history of JNBS; and the adjustments in the Jamaican economy. In 2009, there was an $873 million unrealized foreign exchange gain accompanied by a $197 million gain on the disposal of a business unit. This was offset by $561 million impairment loss on equities and a large $650 million tax bill. The smaller $474 million 2010 tax bill has thus resulted in a slightly higher profit although there were no comparable unrealized gains or gains from disposal of business units or impairment losses on equities.

Carlton Barclay The JN Group also started the process of enhancing operational efficiency from as early as 2007. “We have been reshaping our internal processes and developing new service channels such as our ATM and online facilities to drive down costs while improving service delivery,” Mr Barclay explained. He said that investment for the fiscal year totaled $52 billion, up 17 percent on the previous year, while the savings portfolio of $67.7 billion grew 14.5 percent. And loans totaled $43.4 billion, up 13.3 percent on the prior year. And said, “Overall, we had a decent performance.” The finance executive maintained that “Our balance sheet continues to show positive growth, which is indicated by the increase in our investment and loan portfolios, our savings and capital and reserves.”

Mr. Jarrett noted that programmes were also launched to assist members to weather the economic crisis with rebates provided to targeted groups of mortgagors and the building society also dropping its mortgage upkeep savings requirement. The new ‘Membership Matters’ customer-service mantra was adopted last year when a survey revealed that many of our members were not aware of the advantages open to them. The mantra was aimed at reminding members about the many benefits they can derive from their membership in the building society. “Another key initiative, which supported member loyalty and revenue growth, was a series of financial planning sessions in locations across the island and in its key international markets, to which members were invited during the year,” he stated. At these sessions members were informed about the nature of the global and national financial crisis, how the JN Group was responding, and provided with options for the management of their financial portfolios. “Despite the fact that interest rates fell, we recorded strong growth in interest income,” Jarrett pointed out. “The investment portfolio also recorded an increase, indicating that members have responded to our advice that, even in these difficult times, they should continue to save.”


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HE ONE Love Reggae Festival, which takes its name from one of the most momentous events in Jamaican popular culture, is scheduled for August 6-8 in Hainault, North London. According to organisers, the event will feature reggae acts such as Luciano, Tippa Irie and the veteran Winston McAnuff. But there will also be a trade fair, and performances by spoken word artistes. The festival was first held last year with several of Britain’s leading sound systems and local reggae acts dominating its card. This year, however, music will share the spotlight with poets. The One Love Reggae Festival was inspired by the April 1978 Peace Concert at the National Stadium in St Andrew, Jamaica, where an all-star cast performed to help ease tension among

The One Love Reggae Festival was inspired by the April 1978 Peace Concert at the National Stadium in St Andrew, Jamaica


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politically aligned gangs.

PEFORMERS It featured performers like Peter Tosh and Bob Marley and was attended by Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones. During his performance, Marley brought then prime minister, Michael Manley, and opposition leader Edward Seaga onstage for a symbolic clasping of hands.

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DON LETTS “I remember back in the mid-seventies when the only white people in the dance would be punks like Johnny Rotten and Joe Strummer, friends I’d taken there. Nowadays, when you go to a dance its like united nations! People drawn together by a sound that pretty much began its journey in Jamaica on 6th August,1962. The One Love Festival not only celebrates the island’s independence but also the creation of bass culture itself and in so doing, the part it’s playedin uniting the people.”

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Jamaica Day Community Festival set to spice up the city of Manchester



vibrations will create a song and dance about opportunities, access and achievements within our local communities on August 21 in Longford Park and Stadium, Trafford. At the heart of the festival is a desire to strengthen cultural and intergenerational bonds, and promote personal and community development to contribute to safe, happy and prosperous communities across Greater Manchester. There will be a plethora of activities that are commonly associated with the Caribbean including school ground dandy shandy, A cross-section of the crowd at Jamaica Day. dominoes, netball and athletics. and authentic range of topical issues, a fun celebrate good news from Jamaican food will be fair and a good old-fashioned across all our local available from the local concert to polish things off. communities and invite anyThe Weekly community and M&M Event organizer Dr Jacqui one with a story to submit it; Gleaner Caribbean Spice. Stanford said, ‘The festival is everything will be T h eOf Wee k l y G l e a nthere er course will be rega celebration of community considered for a shoutout’. gae in the park, and friends shining a light on local The Jamaica Day The e e k l y the G l e a things ner and families will be able to peopleWand we do Community Festival is for dance in and out of a Careers that make our communities everyone, regardless of herFair, sporting competitions, the distinctive places they itage, background or race; talks and discussion on a are. We are looking to it is a gift from the black

24 • JULY 26 - AUGUST 1, 2010

Contributed community to Greater Manchester. Thanks to the Greater Manchester High Sheriff’s Trust, Salford University Trafford Housing Trust and Zolfo Cooper for supporting the vision.Let’s get together and feel alright! Visit and register for events



WICB photo Former West Indies batting great Sir Everton Weekes meeting members of the Leeward Islands team before the start of their Caribbean Twenty20 Championship against Jamaica on Thursday night. Jamaica won by nine wickets.

Creative House T: 07988 975353 E:

tion with Nationals in associa n ca ai m Ja of n tio The Associa t cil is proud to presen Birmingham City Coun

leading choral as one of the es lv se usical em th guished number of m ers have distin ning a varied ng an ternational Si In sp , d ity ty rs an ili l ve at ca ni the U pel and Lo for their vers os d G te , lk no tern For 50 years, y Fo el , w id zz (UWI) in es tuals, Ja Caribbean, w e West Indies an Negro Spiri rs and th ic er se groups in the of m po ity A m , rs al co ve ic ing Class Caribbean s of the Uni of pu ic am us C m a al on genres includ in M ig oup. . Based at the rtoire is the or bers of the gr Popular music l feature of the choir’s repe e current mem ar d an om ia fr ec ged Jamaica, a sp rs have emer ese compose a number of th

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PRINCESS MARGARET STEPS DOWN the gangway of the BCAC airliner that brought her from London to Kingston for the Jamaica Independence Celebrations, o Friday morning. Behind her is the Earl of Snowdon, followed by Miss Fiona Myddelton, Lady-in-waiting.

Freeph one: 0 www.m0800 8971 8 9 oneyg *In ram.co71 to a tra addition to th m nsactio e n, a c transfer fe by M es oneyG u ram or rrency exch applicable ang its age n t may b e rate set ©2008 e app Money lied. Gram. All righ ts rese rved.


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Jamaican Independence 2010  
Jamaican Independence 2010  

A celebration of Jamaican Independence