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Community|Endeavors May 2010

May 2010

For The Students, By The Students

College of Southern Nevada





College of Southern Nevada

May 2010

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May 2010

College of Southern Nevada



Community Endeavors is a free publication that serves as a liaison for the various service learning concepts assigned by educators at the College of Southern Nevada.

Enrollment by Age:

Under 18 18-19 20-24 25-29 30-34 35-39 40-49 50-61 62 & above Unknown

505 1.2% 3,961 9.5% 14,086 33.7% 8,066 19.3% 4,645 11.1% 3,362 8.0% 4,231 10.1% 1,920 4.6% 680 1.6% 310 0.7%

Student Enrollment by Ethnicity: African American Asian Caucasian Hawaiian/Pac Isl. Hispanic Native American Non-resident Unknown

4,252 4,511 18,325 964 9,358 410 2,357 3,943

10.2% 10.8% 43.9% 2.3% 22.4% 1.0% 5.6% 9.4%

Representation By Gender: Female: 21,021 Male: 20,745 Total Student Population: 41,766

Source: CSN Institutional Research, 2008

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College of Southern Nevada

May 2010

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May 2010

College of Southern Nevada




What Is Learn and Serve America?

merica’s young people – from kindergartners to college students – have the desire, energy and ability to make a real difference in their communities. Service-learning offers a unique opportunity for them to get involved in a tangible way by integrating community service projects with classroom learning. Servicelearning engages students in the educational process, using what they learn in the classroom to solve reallife problems. Students not only learn about democracy and citizenship, they become actively contributing citizens and community members through the service they perform. earn and Serve America supports and encourages service-learning throughout the United States, and enables over one million students to make meaningful contributions to their community while building their academic and civic skills. By engaging our nation’s young people in service-learning, Learn and Serve America instills an ethic of lifelong community service. Learn and Serve America provides direct and indirect support to K-12 schools, community groups and higher education institutions to facilitate service-learning projects by: Providing grant support for school-community partnerships and higher education institutions;


roviding training and technical assistance resources to teachers, administrators, parents, schools and community groups; and Collecting and disseminating research, effective practices, curricula, and program models.

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College of Southern Nevada

May 2010

May 2010

College of Southern Nevada




What Is Service-Learning?


ervicelearning offers a unique opportunity for America’s young people -- from kindergarten to college students -- to get involved with their communities in a tangible way by integrating service projects with classroom learning. Service-learning engages students in the educational process, using what they learn in the classroom to solve real-life problems. Students not only learn about democracy and citizenship, they become actively contributing citizens and community members through the service they perform. Service-learning can be applied across all subjects and grade levels; it can



involve a single student or group of students, a classroom or an entire school. Students build character and become active participants as they work with others in their school and community to create service projects in areas like education, public safety, and the environment. Why is Service-Learning Important? A national study of Learn and Serve America programs suggests that effective service-learning programs improve grades, increase attendance in school, and develop students’ personal and social responsibility. A growing body of

College of Southern Nevada

research recognizes service-learning as an effective strategy to help students by: Promoting learning through active participation in service experiences; Providing structured time for students to reflect by thinking, discussing and writing about their service experience; Providing an opportunity for students to use skills and knowledge in real-life situations; Extending learning beyond the classroom and into the community; and Fostering a sense of caring for others. Service-learning also strengthens both education and local communities by: Building effective collaborative partnerships between schools or colleges and other institutions and organizations. Engaging parents and other adults in supporting student learning Meeting community needs through he service projects conducted Providing engaging and productive opportunities for young people to work with others in their community

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May 2010

Volunteering In America America is seeing an increase in community service and volunteer efforts as the economy recovers by FANTASI PRIDGON Editor-In-Chief


hey say there is no way

a person can be truly

highest volunteer rates are:

altruistic. That there

The top ten states with the

by about one million. Approximately 441,000 more young adults (age 1624) volunteered during the same time,

1. Utah

2. Nebraska

million to more than 8.2 million.

3. Minnesota

4. Alaska

5. Iowa

6. Montana

7. South Dakota

8. Kansas

of community service in America.

9. Vermont

10. North Dakota

The volunteering rates across

must be some ulterior motive driving their selfless acts. That even the feeling of accomplishment someone gets from volunteering constitutes selfish return. Their philosophy, that selfless acts cannot exist, is one that will forever be challenged.

American’s want to help. As our

economy continues to struggle, volunteering is actually on the rise, and the statistics below showcase the presence

According to volunteeringi-, in 2008, 61.8 million Americans or 26.4 percent of the adult population contributed 8 billion hours of volunteer service worth $162 billion.

America has held on during this tough economic time. Between 2007 and 2008, the number of volunteers increased

representing an increase from about 7.8

Community involvement has

seen a spike since 2007, with a 31 percent increase in the number of people who worked with their neighbors to fix a problem in the neighborhood.

Volunteers are becoming even

more vital to America as the economy continues to struggle. Between September 2008 and March 2009, more than a third (37%) of nonprofit organizations reported increasing the number of volunteers they use, and almost half (48%) foresee increasing their usage of volunteers in the coming year. Most nonprofit organizations are not seeing a decrease CONTINUES PAGE 10

May 2010

College of Southern Nevada




FEATURES for the general adult population of 28.8 percent. The growth rate of college student volunteers (approximately 20%) is more than double the growth rate of all adult volunteers (9%). College students are more likely to be episodic volunteers, while the general population is more steady


in their volunteering

their volunteer usage.

The frontruner state Utah has

43.5% of its residents volunteering in Religious, Educational, Social Service, Health, Civic, Sports, and Arts areas,


To learn more about volunteer-

ing in America, and opportunities in your area, visit and

contributing 150.3 million hours of service, which amounts to 3 billion.

College students have made

more of an impact than the general adult population. According to, in 2005, approximately 30.2 percent of college students volunteered, exceeding the volunteer rate



College of Southern Nevada

May 2010


Volunteering In Nevada by ASHTON HALL Managing Editor

Nevada in 2008 an extra 64,189 individuals worked with their neighbors to amend


evada’s ranking in volunteering lacks something to be desired, to say the least. Only a meek 18.8% of Nevadan’s volunteer, landing us in fiftieth place among the fifty states. During the year of 2008, 21.4% of adults in Nevada volunteered and donated 62.7 million hours of service. In addition to the 21.4% of adults who volunteered in

May 2010

some conditions of their community, but did not do so through an organization. In Nevada, more than 3,700 people engage in national service each year 19 through 45 projects and organizations 19.1% of whom are college students. This year, the Corporation for National and Community Service will commit more than $5,600,000 in order to support Nevada’s national service vitality. If you feel like you’d like to do your community some justice, but don’t know where to start here are some websites that might help give you some direction.

College of Southern Nevada

http://www.volunteercentersn. org/HomePage/index.php/ home.html http://www.springspreserve. org/support/volunteer.html site/About_Habitat.htm

“You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give.” -Winston Churchill



Service to the Community as a Volunteer by LAWRENCE ARMENDARIZ Contributing Writer


ome people spend an entire lifetime not knowing what it means to give of oneself. The notion that a selfless act is what others should do for the community is as selfish as one can be. Merriam-Webster Online defines volunteerism as the act or practice of doing volunteer work in community service (2010). Volunteering one’s time or donating food or clothing for the betterment of the community is what sets us apart from the rest of the world. In the hour I spent at Three

Square I was first assigned to the volun-

aboard and description of how I would

more organizations provide on a daily

spend my time volunteering. I imme-

basis. The importance of volunteering is

diately began my first task of discarding

not a check in the block for extra credit

cardboard boxes for recycle and returning

nor is it completing a court ordered sen-

bread trays for pick up. Upon complet-

tence. The importance is knowing that

ing that task I was then asked to repair

there is a child who will have something

an access door that had been damaged by

to eat today; that a family will be clothed

a hand cart. The damage was moderate

or that assistance is there for utilities.

but just a few minutes later and with the use of some crude supplies, the door was once again functional. I completed by assignment at Three Square by sweeping the vast warehouse.

While there are still those who

do not know what it means to give of oneself, the community is better because there is volunteerism. For it is in the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson that

teer room supervisor who in turn led me

While the tasks assigned to me

sums up what volunteering means to me,

through the storage facility that holds

were menial, I feel it aided the staff to

“It is one of the most beautiful compen-

food and household products that will

concentrate on getting their assignments

sations of this life that no man can sin-

eventually find their way to the “Food

complete. I later was told by the Food

cerely try to help another without help-

Store”. The set up and sheer number

Store supervisor that six major food dis-

ing himself ” (1841).

of pallets on the shelves was no differ-

tribution organizations are scheduled to

ent than that of a Sam’s Club or Costco.

pick up food and supplies every hour of

Upon being assigned to the Food Store

the day. By volunteering I saw the impor-

manager I was given a short welcome

tance of what Three Square and so many



College of Southern Nevada

May 2010


The Importance of Giving Back to Our Community by KAYLA ASTON Contributing Writer


ur community gives so much to us and we take it for

granted nearly all of the time. Without

the hard work of those who sacrifice so much time and effort to our community,

May 2010

we would be at a huge loss. Because we

not to help. A simple bag of old cloth-

are going through a recession it is that

ing that doesn’t fit anymore could be all

much more important for us to give

it takes to make a difference in someone

back to our community and help others

else’s life. If we can learn to help each

out. You never know when you could

other out, and lean on each other in

be in the other person’s shoes and need

times of need, we will grow as a people

that same help back. It is so easy to get

and be much stronger.

involved that there should be no excuse

College of Southern Nevada



The Importance of Volunteering in our Community by MELISSA ARGUETA Contributing Writer


believe it’s a very important

getting involved. Students can gain

it in their resume. Volunteering will not

for young college students

experience from volunteering and the

only look good on their resume but also

to start volunteering. Hav-

community can get the help they need

make them feel good about themselves.

ing students volunteer is good for both

if students volunteer. Students that are

our community and the student. Our

looking for a job or are planning to ap-

community is always in great need of

ply to more prestigious universities can

volunteers and students should start

benefit from volunteering by including



College of Southern Nevada

Most of the organizations around our community are nonprofit, which means they mostly depend on

May 2010

Collegiate Review For The Students, By The Students Editor-In-Chief Fantasi Pridgon

Managing Editor Ashton Hall

Copy Editor T. Ropelato

Fashion & Beauty Editor Olga Vizcarra

volunteers to continue offering services.

less shelter. It has made me appreciate

If we as students don’t start volunteering,

all I have and made me feel very good

Yomaira Sotelo

many of these organizations or pro-

about myself. Schools should encour-


grams will eventually be gone. We must

age students to volunteer by offering

consider that a lot of these services are

students different options as assign-

Chief Graphic Designer

Juan Candelaria Danial Adair


beneficial for the well being of our com-

ments. Schools should provide research

Darin McKinney

munity. They can help us with our edu-

assignments on volunteering, and have

Chief Photographer

cation, pets, and health

students actually

along with numerous

volunteer as part

other things. They help

of the assign-

the homeless, people

ment. Teacher

with different illnesses,

should also

single parents, and

offer extra credit

people looking for


jobs and so on. It’s time for everyone to

that encourage students to volunteer. It’s

put a little of their part to help out our

an amazing feeling to know you have


helped someone, even if it’s just putting

I personally have been volunteering in numerous places since I was eleven, from a local museum to a home-

May 2010

Mayela Arellano

Photography Mary-Anne Colt


Priscilla Edison

Faculty Advisor A.B.

Comments or Questions: Please Call 651-4521

Visit us at:

a smile in their face. I’m sure that once students have experienced the feeling of volunteering they would want to do it


again. College of Southern Nevada





here is no greater gift then the gift of giving. This week we had an assignment to donate or ONLINE


A S S O C I AT E ’ S , B A C H E L O R ’ S , A N D M ASTE R’S D EG RE ES

volunteer at a local organization. Donating or volunteering in your community is important because it helps many people who are in need. It is always good to give back to one’s community. Just by a simple gesture of lending a hand one can help make this world a better place. I contributed to my community by donating to two organizations. With summer right around the corner, people are in need of water. I donated ten cases of bottled water and ten cans of soup to Safe Nest, which is a shelter

for abused women and children. I also went to the Good Will and donated three big bags of women clothing, men clothing, children’s clothing and toys. The Good Will provides jobs for people and sells inexpensive clothes, toys, furniture and electronics to lower income families. After participating in this assignment, my husband and I have decided to either donate or volunteer at a different organization every week to give back to our community. It was one of the most gratifying feelings I’ve had in a long time. We have taken our two boys with us to teach them that helping out others in need is what we need to do in order to help our community. Our children will eventually learn the value of life and how to appreciate what they have.


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Volunteering is an Opportunity of Chance by KYLE TINSLEY Contributing Writer


olunteering is an opportunity that most people do not take advantage of. Sometimes it is because people do not have the time or some people have misconceptions about what it would be like in a place you can “volunteer�. Throughout my life I have volunteered at all sorts of places that have given back to me more than could have ever have imagined. Whether it was the homeless shelter in Atlanta, the home for battered women in California or the food pantry in St.

May 2010

Louis, volunteering has given me an outlook on life that most people cannot understand. Over the years I have come up with a few reasons why someone should volunteer in their community. Volunteering helps you gain professional experience, it promotes personal growth, and it improves self esteem. Someone who volunteers can learn numerous things about ones self, the government and the community where they live. Most importantly, the reason that I find most satisfying, is the chance to

College of Southern Nevada

make a difference where I live. Not everyone can say that they have touched someone else’s life, but I can; Not by having a job, not by paying my bills, and not by being a good student. Countless people before me have done those very things without having an impact in the world where they live. I changed lives by taking time out of my life to give back to a community that I am a part of. Not to make the world a better place, but to make my little bubble in the world a better place to be.





College of Southern Nevada

May 2010

My Service work at CSN by SUSAN THURMOND Contributing Writer


would like to share my experience during my ALS 101 class involving the service work that was part of our homework. A






little about me first; My name is Susan but everyone calls me Kodi. It’s been thirty five years since I left high school in the 10th grade. I’m proud of you guys because if your reading this that means obviously that you either graduated high school or had the courage to apply yourself for your G.E.D. I lost my job so I did the foot work necessary to be able to attend college which is the best thing I have done in my life. I never dreamed that I would be here where you are today. The younger students give me so much energy! The Service work that I did for my ALS class was awesome!

carnival. One of the teachers had me put some sticks on the fans that would be prizes for the carnival game booths. When I finished with those I went to the kitchen and volunteered to prepare the hot dogs and nachos when the carnival started. I had more fun seeing those kids have so much fun and especially glad that I was able to be a part of it. I also went to the school a week later and read to the students. That was so fulfilling and I will continue every year to do this. Good luck and enjoy!

I went to Hinman Elementary School and volunteered to work the




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May 2010

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