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Allergies & Sinus Problems


is in the air, and the cooler temperatures and shorter days can mean a stuffy nose, sneezing, headache, fatigue, itchy eyes and cough or wheezing. Allergies in the fall can affect work or school performance and reduce overall quality of life. in the nasal cavity. The inflammation is usually triggered by inadequate draining of mucus due to colds, allergies, infections or structural problems of the nose. Ragweed and other fall allergies can also be a major cause of sinus problems, including repeated infections as well as flares of asthma or other breathing problems, such as a persistent cough, wheezing, shortness of breath or difficulty with exercise.

What symptoms are caused by Ragweed?

SYMPTOMS OF ALLERGIES Sneezing Coughing Wheezing Postnasal Drip Itchy Nose And Throat Throat Hoarseness Impaired Sense Of Smell Runny Nose Congestion Watery, Itchy, Red, or Swollen Eyes ▸ Fatigue

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Ragweed causes what most people commonly refer to as “hay fever,” as a result of breathing in ragweed pollen. When exposed to ragweed, allergy sufferers often experience sneezing, runny noses and swollen, itchy, watery eyes. These symptoms of hay fever can have a major impact on a person’s quality of life, including his or her ability to function well at school or work. Another complication of fall allergies are sinus infections. If not treated properly, the symptoms associated with sinus infections can have a major impact on every aspect of a sufferer’s life, including sleep, leisure activities and even family relationships. These infections affect children as well as adults.

Sinus Infections or “sinusitis”

Many people who believe they have the common cold may actually have a sinus infection and are self-medicating improperly. A sinus infection, also known as acute sinusitis, is an inflammation of the nasal sinuses, the hollow cavities within the cheek bones around the eyes and behind the nose. The sinuses help warm, moisten and filter the air in the nasal cavity. The inflammation is usually triggered by inadequate draining of mucus due to colds, allergies, infections or structural problems of the nose. Ragweed and other fall allergies can also be a major cause of sinus problems, including repeated infections as well as flares of asthma or other breathing problems, such as a persistent cough, wheezing, shortness of breath or difficulty with exercise. Sinus problems can be treated and cleared with proper management. If not treated aggressively, they can keep coming back as often as once a month or more frequently. When this happens it is often the result of an underlying problem with allergies. Aggressive treatment of sinus infections and allergies can improve and clear these problems.. When left untreated or undiagnosed, sinus infections can cause further complications with the nose, eyes or middle ear, lasting for months or even years. Allergy shots can reduce or eliminate symptoms and sinus problems For people with recurrent sinus infections, allergies are commonly the underlying cause. Treating allergies, with medications and immunotherapy or allergy shots, can provide a cure for these chronic problems, by building up immunity to offending allergens

Symptoms of Sinusitis •Thick yellow-green discharge from the nose •Plugged up nose •Headache •Facial pain/pressure •Toothache •Cough •Ear pressure •Fatigue •Post nasal drip Seek proper diagnosis and treatment

GOALS OF ASTHMA TREATMENT ▸ Symptoms less than 2 times a week

▸ Ability to participate in daily activities symptom free—including sports ▸ Normal lung capacity ▸ No Flares of asthma (coughing and wheezing activity limitation)

How can you avoid ragweed exposure? To reduce exposure to ragweed, remember the following tips: •Avoid areas where ragweed plants thrive, including ditches, vacant lots, roadsides, riverbanks and the edges of wooded areas. •Keep windows closed at all times during ragweed season to prevent pollen from drifting into your home. Use air conditioning,which cools, cleans and dries the air. •Keep your car windows closed when traveling. •Minimize outdoor activity when pollen counts are high. •Take a shower after spending time outside; pollen can collect on your hair and skin


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Myth #3: Children outgrow allergies. While some children may outgrow allergies to certain foods, including milk, soy, and eggs, many children do not. This is especially true with peanut and tree nut allergies, where only roughly 20% of children outgrow their allergies. Additionally, allergic rhinitis – which can cause itchiness, sneezing, and postnasal drainage – commonly persists throughout a person’s life. If you have a child with allergies, take them for regular treatment to better understand their needs and manage symptoms as they grow. Myth #4: Chemicals cause allergies. Cleaning products, makeup, soap - look at the labels of everyday items and you may be surprised to find that many of them are comprised of chemicals. These chemicals have long been believed to cause allergic reactions in people. Yet, believe it or not, most allergens are actually caused by naturally occurring elements in the environment. This includes pollen, dust, and insect bites, to name a few, as well as food allergies such as dairy, eggs, nuts, and more. If you are suffering from allergies and would like to get down to the bottom of the case, do not hesitate to speak with the board-certified allergists: Dr Hurwitz, as well as Dr John Vickery, Dr William Boleman and Dr Neha Kharod, who are in practice with him. These specialists have decades of combined experience treating patients of all ages who suffer from seasonal allergies. Whether you want to help your child overcome symptoms during their return to school or wish to find lasting relief yourself contact their offices today to schedule an appointment! Fall is in the air, and the cooler temperatures and shorter days can mean a stuffy nose, sneezing, headache, fatigue, itchy eyes and cough or wheezing. Allergies in the fall can affect work or school performance and reduce overall quality of life. Another complication of fall allergies are sinus infections. If not treated properly, the symptoms associated with sinus infections can have a major impact on every aspect of a sufferer’s life, including sleep, leisure activities and even family relationships. These infections affect children as well as adults. SYMPTOMS Of Fall Allergies: Sneezing, Coughing, Wheezing, Postnasal Drip, Itchy Nose And Throat, Throat Hoarseness, Impaired, Sense Of Smell, Runny Nose, Congestion Watery, Itchy, Red or Swollen Eyes, Fatigue “If you wake up feeling bad this morning, we will see you today. There is no waiting…to feel better! Allergies and asthma can affect every aspect of your life going beyond just not feeling well. It will affect your sleep and your performance at work or school as well as physical activities you are involved in. You should consider making an

appointment with us for you or a loved one, when you simply are not feeling like yourself and feel you are off your game…so to speak. It may be allergies and we can improve how you feel very quickly. And the tests are rather painless and are quick if you are worried about that.” “You will also find that we try to develop a comprehensive long-term plan to keep you feeling better all the time. In addition we make follow up phone calls to you just to see how you are doing. An important part of our diagnostic job is simply communicating and interacting with you. You will find yourself saying after an appointment with us and how quickly you feel better, “If I had only known, I have been suffering needlessly.” Please don’t assume that, because you haven’t found the relief you need in the past that you must live with your allergies. There have been many advances in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies, asthma, and other pulmonary disorders over the past 10 years. Many have heard of allergy shots, which are actually a series of vaccinations used to build up immunity to those things you are allergic to. The shots are relatively painless, even children as young as 4 walk in the “shot room” and get their shots without a complaint.” “For those who are unable to come in regularly for allergy shots, we now offer Allergy Drops that can be taken at home. If you have not considered shots because of the time commitment, this is an alternative to discuss.” What does seeing a board-certified allergist that mean to you? It means you get the elite, specialized care for your type of problems so you get well faster and stay well. “Our goal is to get you off medications and seeing the doctor by providing a long-term solution to your problems. Imagine the money and time you save if we can provide you a permanent solution. And just as important, imagine much more enjoyable life will be. Call us today,” Dr Hurwitz suggests. The Center for Allergy & Asthma is located in Carrollton at 825 Dixie Street and in Villa Rica at 690 Dallas Highway (Hwy 61), Suite 101 in the medical building next to Tanner Medical Center. Other locations include Douglasville at 8901 Stonebridge Blvd, in Hiram at Bldg 900 Unit 913, Poplar Pointe Professional Center, 5604 Wendy Bagwell Pkwy, and in Newnan at 37 Calumet Parkway Building F Suite201 as well as offices in Peachtree City and Smyrna. All appointments can be made by calling 770-459-0620. For more information go to No waiting, call today! The Center accepts most insurance plans. See pg 7-

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Community Connection Magazine • 678-664-1670 • September 2016

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Community Connection Magazine • 678-664-1670 • September 2016

Autum Hills continued from Front Page

Our goal at Autum Hills Foundation Inc (AHFinc) has always been to offer Camp Thrive 4 Life, a summer camp for victims and survivors of sexual abuse, violence, and neglect. This camp is going to take money to operate—money to purchase land, money to build the camp, money to sustain the facility, and money to provide for the kids a week’s worth of fun so their struggling parents won’t have to worry about the extra dollars. A camp where children of all ages learn that abusive and violent behaviors are a choice we do not have to make, as well as that the things we experience in life do not define who we are—we choose who we want to be and how we want to behave. Camp Thrive 4 Life’s mission is to help break the cycle of violence in lives, period. In 2013, while researching grants and government funds to get things started for the Foundation, Adam and I discovered three things: 1) applying for government dollars is a competitive sport; 2) organizations already receiving monies are doing good works; and 3) we do not want to take away from existing programs but rather offer them another financial grant opportunity. By February 2014, Adam and I took a giant leap of faith and put money down on a location to open the first AHFinc’s Fundraising and Resource Center—in the old Mobley Jewelry store location in Villa Rica—an appropriate location to show the community that violence must end and the only way we are going to do it is by educating our children. This month we are celebrating the 3rd anniversary of AHFinc and the 2nd anniversary of Luther’s Bistro—whose entire purpose for existing is to: 1) provide life-saving resources to the public, and 2) finance Camp Thrive 4 Life. Just as all profits from Luther’s go to these causes, so does the profits of Velocity Fitness (formerly D-1 Fitness) located next door to Luther’s, imagine working out to get in shape or stay in shape and your membership dues will help shape the lives of other adults and children in a positive way. Velocity is a 24/7-keycard fitness center, which allows you to come and go at your convenience with to-the-door parking. It is a full service gym with a full compliment of fitness equipment and machines complete with personal trainers, showers, and tanning beds. Membership is only $17 per month and just $15 per month for additional family members. Soon we will be offering the Silver Sneaker program. If you are not familiar with Luther’s 2.0, it is located at 901 South Carroll Road just off Highway 61, in Villa Rica. They serve breakfast and lunch. For breakfast, they offer a wide variety of selections including a chicken fajita omelet, breakfast sandwiches, and now breakfast skillets. Savor the Luther’s Skillet: sautéed onion, bell pepper, hash, cheddar and provolone. Choice of bacon, sausage, ham, or grilled chicken. Topped with a fried egg and Texas toast…just $6! At lunch they have added a daily

special of Home-style Meat & Veggies plate, as well as offering burgers and fries to their selection of sandwiches and salads, which they have become known for the past 2 years. Prices range from $7 to $10 and that includes a side and drink. The burgers are all 100% Angus beef, fries are fresh, and recipes are Anderson family favorites. In October, projected to be the 10th, we will (finally!) open Luther’s Steakhouse with Chef Udo Belew. Chef Udo trained under Food Network Chef Manett Chauhan who appears on CHOPPED as a judge and on IRON CHEF AMERICA. At the Steakhouse, Chef Udo will offer mouthwatering, belly-filling dinners with a show! What you will find at Luther’s is the finest fresh ingredients. Many restaurants in this price category use a lot of processed foods, but not at Luther’s! Everything is prepared fresh everyday with items like the chicken salad, which is a family recipe. And you can enjoy your meal knowing the profits go to helping in the campaign against domestic violence! Call 404-861-0727 to hold your meeting or special occasion with them. Watch for Luther’s Steakhouse this October. As we enter October, we want to draw attention to the domestic violence month by fundraising for Project Thrive 4 Life and for Communities That Care luncheons through our 1st Annual Masquerade Ball on Saturday, October 22 at 6pm. A Masquerade Ball is semi-formal dress with mask covering eyes--a throw back to the Renaissance days. Tickets are $100 donation to the Foundation and include a steak dinner for two with a chance to win $1000 plus other gifts. Because this is a private event being held at Luther’s, we only have 70 tickets available. Tickets may be purchased at Luther’s or by calling Adam or I at 678-531-9681. Money raised from this fundraiser will be used for Communities That Care luncheons, which provides resources and lunch to 64 individuals interested in learning what is takes to help our children end the abuse and violence in their lives. Luncheons will begin in November, so reserve your spot today! If your business would like to partner or be a sponsor with Autum Hills, please call Adam or me at 678-531-9681. To make a donation please mail your check to our secure address, PO Box 92, Temple Ga. 30179,” Tonya says. “With parents, teachers, and student involvement, West Georgia will be the example for Communities That Care as we strive to end youth and family violence everywhere! Yes, you can make a difference!” We’re HIRING…applications at Luther’s Bistro and online at See pg 24


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Community Connection Magazine • 678-664-1670 • September 2016

“I Finally Found A Doctor That Knew What Was Wrong With Me Not, Simply What My Diseases Are.” Dr Templeton

“Over the past decade I have used real patients to tell, in their own words, how our Center has helped them,” observes Dr. Ralph Templeton of Bremen Family Health and Wellness Center and Axiom Chiropractic in Villa Rica. “If you have read those articles you know we uniquely combine the disciplines of traditional medicine, and several other alternative health alternative sciences not limited to chiropractic, and naturopathic in a holistic approaches. Our aim is toward helping the patient by providing the proper science needed in reducing or eliminating whatever the issues are that constitute the overall cause of your problems, not just managing your symptoms. My approach is too direct our delivery at helping you the patient get stronger until your health overcomes disease. This is not the same as managing a disease. We try to find noninvasive methods to challenge your problems without the use of surgery or medications when at all possible. Although these are the common links in all the patients’ stories, there is another link you may not have realized or that we pointed out. It is the commitment, determination, and faith of not only the patient, but also their families, to return them to better health. We have all seen people overcome seemingly impossible health problems to enjoy a fruitful life. It reminds me of the cliche emphasizing “the triumph of the human spirit”. Today, we share a story SO worth sharing of not only one patient Patsy Stone, but also the impact and commitment of her daughter, Lisa. Patsy has made amazing strides in improving her health, not by just what she accomplished with us here at the Center, but what she and Lisa had to do together just to get to us as well. Here is their story in their own words.” “Before I came to see Dr Templeton I couldn’t drive at all, and I couldn’t walk without a walker. I was taking 13 medications including insulin. I had Lymphedema, Diabetes, Neuropathy, Cistitis and was morbidly overweight…among a variety of other problems. I was visiting a host

each case they, as my health declined, did what they thought they could but basically prescribed more medicine to manage my disease(s). They had my legs wrapped to address the horrible swelling and pain and I had to take 5 shots a day for it. Some days I simply passed out from all the drugs. In fact, my legs broke out in blisters. I was frustrated and felt like I was dying. I was tired of hearing that it was incurable. And knew I wasn’t going to live like this. So, I had read the articles about Dr Templeton in Community Connection Magazine and decided to make an appointment. I don’t remember much about that first visit, as it was a bad day from the effects of all the medications. My daughter, Lisa, says he did an in-depth medical history and x-rays. That was about 3 months ago. He has used a variety of treatments including adjustments, a radio frequency machine, a Pulse machine, put me on a low carb and increased the protein in my diet, and recommended taking minerals…and other supplements along with my treatments. Now I am off nearly all my medications including the insulin and pain medications. By the way, health doesn’t come in a bottle as I found out. I have lost over 50 pounds. And last week I began to walk without a walker… without assistance, on my own! Dr Templeton listens to what I have to say, explains what he is doing, and is so thorough he even found I had fallen arches…like I needed another problem. Oh, he had a fancier name for it, but its fallen arches to me. Whatever he tells to do, I do it. He hasn’t been wrong yet! I am proud of what I accomplished and enthused about life now because I have a lot of things I want to do still. I’m only 72! Patsy Stone Villa Rica “I am proud of Mom, too. Before seeing Dr Templeton, Mom saw and received treatments from a host of doctors. Because she could not walk or drive, I would have to take her. The doctors were not very flexible in scheduling the appointments. I am fortunate that I have an understanding supervisor. I work in Atlanta so it took careful planning and working some flex hours at home to get Mom to these appointments. Plus I’m a single parent and have a teenager at home. I would have to go by Moms every other day to help her wrap her legs. She was going down hill so fast, we were considering hiring a home healthcare company to help out. So much

of the time, she was kind of out of it mentally. She made the appointment on her own to see Dr Templeton. After she started treatments she improved so much faster Dr Templeton or I thought possible. Last week when I picked her up for an appointment she walked without a walker and has ever since. She is amazing! And so is Dr Templeton. I tell everyone I meet who has parents who are going downhill they don’t need to look at nursing homes; they need to come see Dr Templeton and his staff. He takes so much time with us and is so good with Mom. And I am so very proud of Mom!” Lisa Mitsis, Temple “I have served many thousands of people from cradle to grave in my 30 year career and I assure you that the people in this grave state who turn their health around will have a innate wisdom knowing they have been on the wrong path for their health and well-being conjoined with the winning combination of personal will, the determination to find a way to change their life. For those who are disabled by this time they will have the good fortune to have a close friend or family member to get them here to us on a regular schedule during the initial turn around period. It’s their determination, spirit, and commitment to each other that has made the difference in Patsy’s improving health,” Dr Templeton continues. “I am very proud of the innovative and cutting edge treatments we offer as well as the cooperative spirit we have cultured

medical team on site and around the west Georgia community at large. Just for clarification, when a patient comes into our office after reading our articles that tells about people regaining their strength to the extent they’re able to come off their prescription medications, these decisions are made only after there’s a face to face encounter with a physician generally their own when I can get their cooperation but our own when necessary. So, the key is when the patient, their family, and our team work together we can improve lives. Many patients come to me after they have exhausted all traditional medical avenues. In many instances, like with Patsy, we can improve their health and quality of life. “Each patient receives customized treatment plan. Call us and you will hear great news about your health!” His healthcare facilities participate in over 80 different health plans as well as Medicare. Bremen Family Health and Wellness Center 507 Alabama Avenue, Bremen (770-537-5555) Axiom Chiropractic, 921 Moores Ferry Rd, Villa Rica (770-459-8782). Please also see or for more information.

Now accepting applications for part-time leading to full time certified and licensed MASSAGE THERAPIST...770-537-5555

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