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GET READY TO CELEBRATE, CCQ! Written by Gregory Twidal

The Community College of Qatar is set to host its third annual commencement ceremony on May 7, 2014 in recognition of the 123 students prepared to graduate this year! This event will occur at Katara and in its splendor, is going to be the largest graduation ceremony CCQ has ever held. Under the honorable patronage of HE Sheikha Hind Bint Hamad Al-Thani, Vice President of the Supreme Education Council, approximately 123 students of the Community College of Qatar will be gracing the stage of Katara’s Building 12 as the graduating class of 2014.

Read what people have to say about this year’s event. "Congratulations and best of luck in your future!"- Cece King “I would like to convey my sincere thanks (to everyone) for giving me this opportunity to express my outstanding experience in CCQ which I consider a turning point in my life… Everyone I met there has influenced (my life through) my education. I want to thank all of the professors who

were like a candle that consumes itself to light the way for others. A special thanks to the great professor Bernadette Russo, who acted like a compassionate mother, whose advice and instruction are precious on both an academic and personal level. She is truly a magnificent teacher because of her sheer dedication to her students. Thanks to all administrators, especially Mr. Patrick for being kind, patient, and helpful. Thanks to all for converting my mistakes into lessons, pressures into productivity, and skills into strengths. You really know how to bring out the best in me. I will miss you all” – Layna Al-Boinin "Mabrook, Congratulations, and the very best to you"- Alfreda HaggardScience Lab Associate – Graduation Regalia sub-chair. “This has been like a family to me.” – Mubarak Al-Harib “I kid-you-not, this has been the best experience of my life.”- Ebtesam Mohammed Al-Hothi. “The best experience!”- Sheikha AlMasouri.

The ceremony won’t begin until 7:00pm per the invitations, but Faculty and Graduating Students will need to be in attendance at their specific times and guests will be permitted to enter until 6:00pm, when the doors will be promptly shut. This will be CCQ’s third annual graduation.

OEXCELLENCECOMMUNITYACTIVITYLEADERSHIPSOLUTIONSCO MY CCQ EXPERIENCE Abdulla Adel Ibrahim Abas Al-Najjar Prior to my attendance at the Community College of Qatar (CCQ), I was both eager and extremely anxious at the same time because I was insecure about my English skills and feared I would not last till the end. However, my worries have been proven unnecessary. Although the overall experience at CCQ has ultimately improved my linguistic English skills, the greater benefit was to be exposed to a new academic environment and broaden my horizon. Most importantly, such crucial background has not only allowed me the opportunity to get a hands-on experience of the real, pro-

fessional world of studying, but also allowed me to considerably increase my interpersonal, time-management as well as my communication skills. This exposure has significantly boosted my self-confidence and, as a result, I became more interactive with dealing with others effectively and efficiently. Thanks to CCQ, within only two and a half years of hard work, excitement, anticipation, and other mixed emotions, I was capable of achieving a goal that I have always perceived as difficult to reach. Thanks to CCQ, I

have changed into a better person and became more considerate of others' needs. Thanks to CCQ, I am now able to continue my studies abroad and graduate not only with a bachelor's degree, but also with an adequate amount of information and accountability to represent and meet the needs of my country. On behalf of all of the students, I would like to give my appreciation and say thanks to CCQ's staff and faculty for encouraging us to study and offering us a second chance to achieve greatness!

FUN, EXCITING ACADEMIC EVENTS FOR MAY This month, experience more fun and exciting events in conjunction with the Spring 2014 Academic Principle Series. Written by Gregory Twidal For the month of May, join the Academics Department in learning new ways to improve your experience as a student or a faculty member of CCQ. Numerous seminars are planned for the month, including a video editing conference by Amnah Al-Azzah, test taking skills by Naryman Mustafa, and a special seminar by Indrani Ibrahim that’s not to be missed. Beginning May 15h, join Amnah Al-Azzah of CCQ’s Instructional Technology Department as she presents on how to record and edit videos for personal and professional purposes. In an age where the need to integrate technology into the classroom has become paramount, faculty and students alike can benefit from this new method of presenting information. Teachers can use these videos to complete instruction and offer students new ways to learn visually. Much like Crash Course and other successful YouTube series, Faculty can create new ways to educate students using programs they are familiar viewing. Students on the other hand can benefit from new ways of presenting their projects in class as well as master skills that can help them in their future careers. This event will occur May 15th, 2014 (Thursday) from 12:00pm and 1:00pm in the C-Ring Auditorium. Then on May 20th, join ELC Instructor Naryman Mustafa as she presents the best tips and tricks for tackling your next tests. This seminar is beneficial for both students and faculty as it can help determine the best ways to interact and provide academic understanding. May 20, 2014 12:00pm and 2:00pm C-Ring Auditorium.

Lastly, ELC Faculty Member Indrani Ibrahim will finish off the month with a very special seminar on the “7 habits of highly effective students” and how we can better reach the 2030 Qatar National Vision. May 27, 2014 1:30pm at the C-Ring Auditorium. For more information, please contact Gregory Twidal at Gregory.Twidal@CCQ.Edu.Qa or Dean Ford at Robert.Ford@CCQ.Edu.Qa.

EXCELLENCECOMMUNITYACTIVITYLEADERSHIPSOLUTIONSCO “PARTNERS FOR EDUCATION“ RECOGNIZED BY CCQ April 22, 2014- Numerous industrial, academic, and commercial sponsors were recognized for their support of the Community College of Qatar at CCQ’s annual formal appreciation luncheon. Written by Gregory Twidal In a world where it takes a village to raise a child, a group of industrial, commercial, and academic institutions have taken the mantle to raise and support the country’s first official community college. For their efforts, CCQ recognized these “Partners for Education” at an annual luncheon held at the Oryx Rotana Hotel on April 22, 2014. students to more than 2200 in less than 4 years. About 40% of our students are either sponsored by local organizations or ministries, and we continue to see an increase in enrolment of students that work during the day and attend classes in the evening. We hope to encourage our business and community partners to sponsor their employees and give them the opportunity to attend college full time so they can more fully dedicate their time and efforts to their education.”

For the second year in a row, sponsors such as industrial powerhouse QAPCO and long term ally Qatar University were recognized and given awards for their sponsorship and support. As many know, QAPCO has funded a number of successful endeavors with CCQ including several events and educational seminars. Recently these to institutions concluded a series of leadership seminars aimed at educating and empowering CCQ’s female population. In a growing economy where networking relations is paramount to any institution’s success, many different organizations have found potential in CCQ’s ability to provide innovation and specific training and certification degree programs valuable to the growth of their specific industries, and the number of special programs is growing. Recently the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC), along with other healthcare providers recently agreed to implement a new Associate’s of Applied Science in Health Information Management (HIM), with the intention of stemming the need for better administrative control of Qatar’s healthcare facilities. Richard Brown, Director of Health Information Management for Hamad General Hospital spoke at the luncheon and confirmed the need to support Qatar’s growing community through the acceptance and sponsorship of CCQ. Dr. Ibrahim Al-Naimi, President of CCQ, remarked during his opening speech “We must thank our sponsors for all of their contributions. Our College has grown from 308

Approximately a hundred and thirty students are expected to graduate in May and this number is expected to increase exponentially as the college continues to grow. Many of these students have indicated their desire to stay in Qatar and continue working in the public or private sectors of the nation. Quoting Aristotle, Dr. David Widdowson, Director for the Center for Customs and Excise Studies for Charles Sturt University in Australia, reminded us ““The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Speaking of synergy, he complimented CCQ on its ability to produce an effect greater than the total. Among the many different Associate’s degrees offered by the college, students of CCQ also have the option to earn certification and training in various technical and managerial roles. The HIM degree is among many different Associate degrees offered by the college. Additionally, the first class of CCQ’s Custom Management Degree, a program created in partnership with Qatar’s General Authority of Customs is expected to graduate next year.








1.) Like a string of pearls, these beautiful classic cars lined the parking lot of CCQ’s West Bay campus at the first annual Majlis al Hewayat (Hobby Majlis). This collection was presented by Nasser Khalil Ibrahim. 2.) ELC Department Chair Deborah Ali and several other ELC Faculty members watch intently as students of the WELL Business English Program cross the stage to receive their certificates. WELL was a joint venture with the Al-Jazeera Media Training and Development Center. 3.) Before the certificates were handed out, audience members were treated to a series of short films made by Al-Jazeera’s students explaining what they accomplished in “8 weeks.” 4.) During April’s West Bay Open Science Lab presentation, CCQ Student Ghanem Ahmad Al-Mass burns Magnesium for spectators attending the event. 5.) Humanities Professor Chandi Wyant with CCQ students Ibrahim Al-Qahtani and Abdullah Al-Najjar present on the importance of preventing plagiarism from occurring in classrooms during a Spring 2014 Academic Principles event. 6.) Dr. Ibrahim Al-Naimi, Presidemt of CCQ, poses with Mounir Daymi, Director of Aljazeera Media Training & Development Center and presents him

with his certificate having completed his own courses in WELL during the joint venture between CCQ and Al-Jazeera’s Media Training and Development Center. These are only a handful of pictures of the many great events occurring each month at CCQ.

EXCELLENCECOMMUNITYACTIVITYLEADERSHIPSOLUTIONSCO AL-JAZEERA & CCQ CELEBRATE FIRST GRADUATING CLASS The Community College of Qatar, in partnership with Al-Jazeera’s Media Training and Development Center recognized graduates of their New Workplace English Language (WELL) program, focusing on Business English and Improving Communication. Written by Gregory Twidal and Lydia Kuniholm

The Community College of Qatar in partnership with Al-Jazeera’s Media Training and Development Center recently recognized 60 students for completing their first set of courses as part of a newly established joint venture between the two organizations. Starting from February 23rd, the Workplace English Language Learning Program or WELL has focused on engaging students in projects requiring the use of English to complete work related tasks and resulting in multi-media portfolios. Recognizing what can be accomplished in eight weeks, representatives of both institutions were present for the commencement ceremony, which occurred April 20, 2014 at JSC’s Media Training and Development Center.

Each graduate was awarded a certificate by Dr. Ibrahim, President of CCQ and Mr. Mounir Daymi, Director of Aljazeera Media Training & Development Center. Now having completed these courses, these students will have the option of moving up to the next level of the six- level WELL Program, which will run from May 4th to June 25th. This is not the first venture CCQ has shared with Aljazeera Media Training & Development Center, and more programs may be created in the future. Professor Rami Ashhab, an veteran instructor of the program, remarked “Both the students and training center staff have expressed a strong desire to continue our collaborative efforts.” Lydia Kuniholm is the training program specialist overseeing this program. Those in attendance included numerous faculty members of the ELC Department, including Department Chair Debbie Ali, Ph.D.


During the commencement ceremony, videos made by the students showcased how the students learned, highlighted those involved in the process, and even provided a humorous explanation using an English speaking Genie who couldn’t grant wishes he didn’t understand as a reason why it is important to learn new languages such as English, in order to promote understanding and mutual respect.


Last month’s Open Science Lab was a success. Attendees experienced a number of demonstrations presented by the Faculty and Staff of CCQ’s Science Department as well as by West Bay students who were also on hand to perform experiments for the crowd. These experiments included igniting magnesium, proving the electrical strength of uncommon, everyday items, and demonstrating the effects sudden change in temperature can have on atoms. Dean of Instruction, Dr. Robert Ford attended the event and during the commencement reminded audience members that only a year or so ago, West Bay campus did not have any laboratories to speak of and now they house three.

OEXCELLENCECOMMUNITYACTIVITYLEADERSHIPSOLUTIONSCO NEW MOU ENDORSES NEW HEALTH MANAGEMENT DEGREE New CCQ Degree created through MOU signing to resolve Health Information Management concerns within the State of Qatar. Written by Gregory Twidal In pursuit of excellence, the Community College of Qatar (CCQ) has partnered with leading healthcare providers, Qatar’s Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC), Hamad Medical Corporation, and QF’s Sidra Foundation to implement a new Associate of Applied Science Degree in Health Information Management (HIM). The first Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed with PHCC on April 24, 2014 at CCQ’s C-ring adjacent campus. HMC signed their MOU with CCQ a few days later, and plans to sign any further paperwork with SIDRA are currently under way. In regards to each MOU, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Naimi, President of CCQ, remarked during his opening speech “I would first like to recognize and thank our partners, (PHCC/HMC/ SIDRA), for their support in the development and implementation of this new AAS Degree in Health Information

Over seventy adults and children attended last month’s Majlis al Hewayat (Hobby Majlis) Saturday April 5th. Presented by the Academic Honors Fraternity, members, faculty, students, and staff presented a number of displays and activities for attendees. Special recognition is due to Dr. Scott Gehman for bringing in his collection of musical instruments, BJ Jumnadass for his hockey display and the combined efforts of John Moretta, David Britton, Patrick Locke, John Burgan and Barbara Loggins for a wonderful slide show of travel photographs (with IT assistance from Patrick Nguyen). Gregory Twidal took many pictures during the event. Students making an exceptional contribution included Mohammed Hussain Abdullah for an amazing job preparing and cooking the BBQ, Nasser Khalil Ibrahim for presenting his classic car collection and Mohammed Al Tajer for his video game exhibition. The goal of Hobby Majlis was to present on the many different interests and hobbies of the growing Qatari population.

Management and for providing sponsorship and employment opportunities to our students and their staff members. Due to the tremendous growth our nation has been experiencing over the past few years along with the launching of new national healthcare and insurance plans, there will be a critical need for more healthcare facilities and improved healthcare services in our country. This will require qualified individuals to manage these facilities and ensure quality care is provided as well as to improve patient satisfaction.” Approximately thirty students are enrolled in the degree, though the number of students is expected to increase exponentially as the program begins to grow. Dr. Ibrahim also remarked “This program will improve Qatar’s healthcare system and most importantly, it will enhance the ways in which patients, doctors, and insurance companies are able to communicate with one another. It will build upon the advances already made in Qatar’s healthcare system.” Developed in collaboration with PHCC, HMC, and Sidra, these courses will offer students the training and knowledge required to enter into the field of health care management. It should provide healthcare facilities and insurance companies with highly skilled administrative staff who can provide accurate, reliable patient data so they can make critical decisions about patient care. Graduates will be able to manage information centers and medical records departments for local hospitals, health care centers, and other healthcare settings focused on the proper management of health and medical facilities in the State of Qatar.



STUDENTS COMPETE IN NATIONAL BUSINESS COMPETITION Recently a team of CCQ students participated in a business competition with the challenge of creating an unknown company and marketing a new product to the populous. How did they do? Written by Gregory Twidal

Recently students of the Community College of Qatar participated in a national competition between educational institutions within Qatar aimed at testing their entrepreneurial skills. Roudha Al-Hababi, Noor Al-Mohannadi, AlAnood Al-Thani, Sara Al-Kendi, Shaikha Al-Mansouri, and Maha AlHababi formed a mock company to compete with.

Identified throughout the competition as Steve Accessories in honor of Steve Jobs, the competition required students of each institution to establish a mock company, consisting of 6 major leadership positions and departments needed to run a company successfully. Once positions such as President or CEO, finance manager, marketing, human resources, production, and/ or public relations were chosen, the next step of this competition would be to then create a unique product that does not yet exist in the mainstream market and promote its sale to the general public. CCQ’s team assembled a portable, lightweight charger capable of universally powering multiple electronics such as laptops and smartphones of different brands. With so many different companies producing similar products being able to charge any one from the same device would be exceptionally useful, especially in diverse areas such as large family dwellings. More so, this “Jack of All Trades” would be capable of charging multiple objects at a time and would need to be only plugged in when being charged itself. Called

S1, this futuristic product would be the first item offered by CCQ’s team. Once they had a product in mind, all entries would then have to present before a panel of judges and explain their merchandise and the methods they would use to promote and sell their product to the general public. Amongst those involved in this competition included famous announcer Hassan Al-Saai, who spoke to CCQ’s team during the competition. After the initial viewing, teams would then have to write a report about their product and company for submission. Lastly, each team had to then make a presentation in front of the audience and their competitors.

CCQ’s team would like to thank Professors Camille Alexander, Rola Zaza, Linda Lebile, and Nereida Llonch for their support. They would also like to thank Injaz representatives Rania Sawalhi and Dr. Ouis for their leadership and advice. “I am so proud to see CCQ students following their dreams while they pursue their college degree,” stated Ms. Camille. This competition was on exhibition at Doha’s City Center Mall, March 27, 2014. CCQ currently competing against 24 teams of the universities and schools in Qatar. Should CCQ win in the finals, we will be qualified to compete against universities outside Qatar and specifically within the Arab region. After that that competition, further competition will expand to include international schools and universities outside of the region.


By Amy Cook and Greg Twidal

“If you’ve come this far, maybe you’re willing to go a little further…” Dear Valued Readers, I sincerely hope you all have enjoyed my work for the past three years. This will be the second to last issue of Vantage Point I write and design as I will be resigning at the end of May. With this penultimate edition, I would like to issue an invitation to anyone interested in continuing the newsletter to meet with BJ and I to learn how you can become a part of this great enterprise. For the past three years, I have worked with the help of many incredible individuals to develop a lasting and meaningful way to communicate with the college and support it in my own unique way. I believe publications such as Vantage Point serve a valuable purpose, ensuring each and every member of CCQ is able to have a voice. It has served as a way for others to learn about our college and to advertise the many events occurring on and off campus. Now is your chance to carry on this legacy. If you are interested, please contact either myself or BJ at BJ.Jumnadass@CCQ.Edu.Qa.


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