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January 2013 Issue

Welcome (Back) CCQ! With the Fall semester behind us, we look to the future to begin a new start. 2013 promises to bring more students, faculty, services, and staff. The Community College of Qatar, the country‟s first and only community college is now in its third year. With a reportedly high number of new students, classrooms are packed from C-Ring to West Bay, but we must not forget that college is more than just books and classrooms. For many, college can be the greatest opportunity to experience things not normally experienced in everyday life. Experiences abound as more and more events occur both on and off campus. Over the past few months, CCQ students have gotten a taste for the new and unusual and we at Vantage Point wish to rewind and view some of our favorite stories from the last semester. From October‟s Cultural Awareness Day (pg.2) to Doha‟s first-ever Zombie Run (pg.3), there is very little our students can say they didn‟t experience. Thanks to Faculty, Staff, and Student Leaders, each playing an important part, the social settings of CCQ is set to blossom for another spring. Embracing life can be difficult when you‟re a student. We must not forget that for those who also work and/ or have families, the pressure to achieve success is even greater, and it‟s easy to get lost in it all. It‟s easy to forget all of the fun one can experience this year. From fields trips to personal achievements, many CCQers have something to enjoy. Wishing you a successful and happy new year, BJ Jumnadass, Editor-in-Chief

“It was a pleasure to teach such eager participants” My Experience at DTFF, Bruce Browne -Page 4


Campus Life

CCQ’s 2012 Cultural Awareness Day– The Americas 17, October 2012 C-Ring Campus– This year, students celebrated the return of one of the Fall‟s best and most anticpated events, CCQ‟s Cultural Awareness Day. The Second Annual Cultural Awareness Day was hosted by the Student Activities Coordinator, Masheal Al-Mohannadi, in partnership with many CCQ organizations. Participants included the Student Ambassadors Organization, Student Government, and several other student-run groups, including the Photography Club. This year, organizers chose North and South America to be the focus of the event. From there, Clubs would then choose what country/state each would represent, including food, customs, and local traditions. Ultimately, the Student Ambassadors, sponsored by Professor Barbara Loggins,

chose to represent the United States of America. The American Faculty and Staff assisted by sharing information about the United States, representing specific states during the event, and hosting fun and interactive activities, including a chili cook-off. Competitors Gregory Twidal (Learning Center Coordinator), Tracy Crowe (Dept. Chair of Business/Computer Science), and Patrick Nguyen (Dept. Chair of Counseling and Advising) faced off against one another and dished out their best chili to the ever-expanding masses. Tracy Crowe took first place, with Gregory Twidal and Patrick Nguyen finishing second and third respectively. Things then began to really heat up as Faculty and Staff took to the dance floor and taught the students a series of country line dances. Professors Bernadette Russo, Sarah Tatz, and Johanna Campbell were instrumental as Gregory Twidal, wife Tiffany Twidal and Associate Dean Robert Ford joined in on the fun. As the music played, attendees voted on their favorite tables with Hawaii being chosen as the best representation of the tropical state. Cultural Awareness is an important component of education for CCQ as the country of Qatar continues to become a greater player in the international community. Implementing cultural awareness and pride in

CCQ Joins Qatar’s First Zombie Run

C-Ring Campus

Qatar is done in a myriad of ways, from classroom décor to special assignments, in order to generate further discussion between the students and their diverse Faculty and Staff.

By Gregory Twidal

9, November 2012 Katara Cultural Village- CCQ Faculty, Staff, and Students joined the resident evil ranks of Doha when they participated in the city‟s first official Zombie Run. A new kind of fun, the event was in celebration of the first horror motion picture to be filmed in Qatar. In collaboration with the Doha Tribeca Film Festival (DTFF), the film “Lockdown: Red Moon Escape” centralizes on a man fighting for survival from zombies and beasts on a distant planet. This family fun activity included two types of participants: Zombies and Humans. Like a scene from AE‟s The Walking Dead, Human survivors would have to make their way past hordes of blood thirsty zombies to safety without being eaten in the process. Assistant to the Dean of Instruction Bina Benavides and West Bay Counselor Tessa Carrera joined several West Bay students as the decaying undead, while ESL Professors Claudia Pena, BJ Jumnadass, Mira Rithalia, and Learning Center Coordinator Gregory Twidal fought to make it past them. As per the rules of the event, human runners were given three red flags to wear, symbolizing life points. Zombies would then stand in divided zones throughout the track, waiting for their unwitting prey to surface. As the humans crossed the course, they would have to do their best to avoid letting the zombies snatch their flags and end their lives. The course ran through the entire Cultural Village, including the beach front and into the village itself. Regretfully, many lives were lost as the overwhelming numbers of undead engulfed the last members of the human race, including all of CCQ‟s runners, but fortunately others did survive. Ironically, though zombified, the decaying inhabitants weren‟t absolutely without remorse. The distance from the village to the city was a great distance and two zombies were kind enough to give two CCQ racers a ride back from Katara so that they would not have to run any more.

CCQ Spotlight

Fin’ DTFF 2012 DTFF is over for another year. The fourth annual Doha Tribeca Film Festival began Nov.14th with the Middle East premiere of Mira Nair‟s powerful film, The Reluctant Fundamentalist. The film, based on the novel by the same name by Mohsin Hamid, is about a young Pakistani man, who finds himself embroiled in a conflict between his American Dream, a hostage crisis, and the enduring call of his family's homeland. Starring Kate Hudson, Kiefer Sutherland, Liev Schreiber, Riz Ahmed, Om Puri and Shabana Azmi, and produced by Lydia Dean Pilcher, the film is set to be released in early 2013, but has already received shining reviews since its first release at the 69thVenice International Film Festival earlier this year.

By Gregory Twidal The Doha Film Institute, responsible for the festival has been working to further the establishment of the arts in Qatar and has been working to strengthen its collaboration with Northwestern University, the Community College of Qatar, Qatar University and Qatar Academy. These opportunities offer a great platform to engage and educate Qatari students on film and production from the prospective of the directors and filmmakers. Pioneering Qatari Filmmaker Hafiz Ali visited CCQ‟s West Bay Auditorium Tuesday, November 20th and Egyptian Actor Khaled Abol Naga spoke to C-Ring students Sunday Nov. 18th. Humanities Professor Victoria Pasley oversaw each event with the assistance of student activities. Outside of campus, legendary actor and director Robert de Niro spoke at the well known Souq Waqif to a small crowd which included Professors John Burgan and Deborah Ali. Learning

Center Coordinator Gregory Twidal was also in attendance. Not one to miss out on the fun, many of CCQ‟s Faculty, Staff, and Students attended the 8-day event, seeing films, participating in events, and attending seminars. Bruce Brown, CCQ‟s Public Speech and Theater Professor, offered a five-week seminar on film appreciation and filmmaking. (See page 4 for more.) Though the event is over, the DFI representatives comment they will continue to promote film and production of the arts year round and invite CCQ students to participate in future events.

Fin’, for another year.

2012 Sponsorship Recruitment Fair

By Gregory Twidal


13-14 November 2012- The 2 Annual Sponsorship Recruitment Fair saw a boast in participation by Qatar owned corporations this year as more than 20 companies visited each campus. Veteran sponsors such as Qapco (Qatar Petroleum Company) and the Qatar Olympic Committee were joined by newcomers such as Qatar affiliate EXXON-MOBIL and the award winning airline QATAR AIRWAYS. Each company offered a different package to interested student, most including the opportunity of future employment. Mariam Al-Barazi, Sponsorship and Scholarship Advisor, stated with delight “The event is a huge success. We have been able to introduce many students to companies interested in their development. This is a strong indicator of how well our college is being noticed.” While only a small percent of CCQ‟s students overall are sponsored, that number signifies a growing appreciation for CCQ and that number has significantly grown over the years and continues to increase. Speaking in terms, Sponsors provide financial income to the student when enrolled and/or tuition compensation to the college while the student attends school. Upon graduation, the sponsor may offer the student a position in their company, as well as other incentives. In return, the student must excel in class, maintain a high GPA and have a good attendance record. CCQ would like to formally thank all sponsors involved including, but are not limited to: QIB • COMMERCIAL BANK • NAKILAT • DOHA BANK • QNB • QAPCO • QATAR AIRWAYS • QATALUM • QATAR OLYMPIC COMMITTEE • MINISTRY OF LABOR • MINISTRY OF INTERIOR • QATAR NAVIGATION • AHLI BANK • EXXON-MOBIL • GENERAL DIRECTORATE OF CUSTOMS

Lessons Learned where your words come to life through the power of print Edward.Feighny@CCQ.Edu.Qa

My Experience at DTFF

By Gregory Twidal

During the Doha Tribeca Film Festival, CCQ‟s own Professor Bruce Browne volunteered his time to teach a five-week Film Appreciation Course for the Doha Film Institute. The DFI Film Appreciation Lecture: Use of Sound in Filmmaking was an idea to introduce film enthusiasts to the technical and artistic considerations of filmmaking. Of the 89 applicants, 30 were chosen. The course would include hands-on training, demonstrations by professionals, and reviewing five films selected from this year‟s Doha Tribeca Film Festival Roster to examine the interworking of each piece. Below, is a brief summary of each session:


Session 1 dealt with narrative forms in film- how stories were


told, what information audiences had versus what the movie‟s characters knew. Session 2 combined theory and practice, and included study-

filmmaking. Following a short lecture on editing principles, the class watched a live demonstration by Maki, a DFI editor by profession. “Digital editing is considerable more portable than the old style of film cutting as it is possible to show changes and choices made on any specific video by using only a computer and editing software,” states Professor Browne. The Final Session, 5, featured sound editing and the considerations

ing camera angles and investigating film lighting effects. Cinematography was demonstrated to the class using a video camera and a monitor by a certified cameraman of DFI, and the session concluded with a reenactment of a “candle-lit” scene from the movie The Grapes of Wrath. Session 3 revolved around the financial matters of filmmaking. How productions are financed and who is involved in the various planning stages of making a film is a major component to any theatrical release. Ms. Winnie Li, a programmer of DFI and former film producer shared her knowledge of the field, while the class watched a short film she had produced.

involved editing- the single most difficult aspect to

filmmakers undertake to determine which sounds to use. Whether using natural sounds, enhanced vocal recordings (and re-recording- or “looping”) the use of sound effects and the added sound of Foley Effects, can be difficult to master. Professor Browne comments that this was an enjoyable experience to teach such eager participants, and adds that is was a joy to work in the same hallway connected to the Qatar Photographic Society. The class watched over 30 clips from various films from countries all over the world, celebrating film from a global perspective.

A+ Performance Dr. Victoria Pasley of the Humanities Department recently attended a conference on South Indian Cinema Cultures in Thrissur, Kerala of India to present a paper. She was invited to also talk on African Cinema during the inaugural ceremony for first-year media students at the St. Thomas College in Thrissur, where the conference was held. Her paper “Bamako, Articulating Austerity with an African Aesthetic” was based on the African film Bamako. In which, the Director Abderrahmane Sissako puts the World Bank on trial by the Malian people. The film looks at the impact of structural adjustment and post-colonialism. Dr. Pasley stated how wonderful she felt it was to mix with scholars in a non-Western setting and hopes many more can experience similar opportunities.

CCQ on the Move 18, October 2012 Museum of Islamic Arts- Professor Rola Salam of the Math and Science Department provided her students with a field trip to the award winning 1001 Inventions exhibition and sister display, Arabick Roots. Held at the Museum of Islamic Arts, the exhibition opened October 16th, 2012 with a royal launch by Her Excellency Sheikha Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. The exhibition took guests on a journey to the Golden Age of Muslim Civilization. The hope of the two pieces was to inspire future scientists through the exploration of past accomplishments and discoveries. “Muslim civilization stretched from southern Spain [to] as far as China, and for thousand years, scholars of many faiths built on the ancient knowledge of the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, making breakthroughs that helped pave the way for the Renaissance,” explained Ahmed Salim, the Producer and Director of 1001 Inventions.

CCQ Initiatives

“Community College of Qatar and QAPCO Announce a New Partnership in Education” The Community College of Qatar (CCQ) and Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO) are proud to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will begin a partnership between the two institutions to improve and enhance the learning environment for the students of CCQ and employees of QAPCO. To mark the occasion, a signing ceremony was held at the CCQ Campus located on the „C‟ Ring Road and attended by Dr. Ibrahim Al Naimi, Acting President of CCQ, Dr. Mohamed Al Mulla, QAPCO‟s VC & CEO and selected senior management from both organizations. As part of the MOU, QAPCO shall sponsor the new college newspaper entitled “Vantage Point” which will be issued every quarter. The sponsorship includes the cost for design and production of a 16 page newspaper all of which will be produced on environmentally friendly wood free paper. The MOU will also provide for student activities such as CCQ‟s Sponsorship Recruitment Fair, Academic Field Trips, Qatar National Day Festivities and National Sports Day celebration as well as providing library books for students at both campuses.

with Qatar‟s Vision 2030. It will also enable QAPCO employees to join the student community here and enroll in the many and varied Associate Degrees we offer.” Speaking on the sidelines of the Signing Ceremony, Dr. Mohammed Al Mulla, QAPCO VC & CEO described this MOU as “A natural progression for both parties as we already have a strong friendship and mutual understanding. This MOU will seal the partnership between QAPCO and CCQ as we have been working together on a number of initiatives including participating in their Career Fair and arranging for our Qatarization team to visit the students to inform them about potential careers within the Oil & Gas Industry. I am excited about this agreement, especially the chance to introduce the new college newspaper as it will give the students a voice in the community and I look forward to receiving my copy of the first edition.” CCQ Student, Ahmed Mohammad Al-Hassan, VP of Student Government Association, thanked Dr. Al Mulla and the entire QAPCO organization for their generous support and assured them that their contributions will foster student engagement and promote student success on and off campus.

Dr. Ibrahim Al Naimi, Acting President of CCQ, welcomed the partnership saying “I am very pleased to collaborate with QAPCO, as this MOU will enable both parties to work more closely together to develop students' awareness about the Oil & Gas Industry and will play a big part in their academic and social development in line

Special Acknowledgment Bernadette Russo Congratulations and praise to Professor Bernadette Russo. The Journal of American Culture accepted her review of Edward F. Mannino‟s Shaping America: the Supreme Court and American Society and published her work in the 35th volume hitting American Newsstands.

CCQ CHAMPIONS Special Congratulations to Hamad Al-Mari and Souad Al-Khater for participating in the 12th Annual GCC Shooting Championships in Al Ain, UAE during the 15th-20th of November. Hamad Al-Mari of West Bay, won two silver medals for his individual and group competitions, and a bronze medal in the Grand Prix Championship. Ms. Al-Khater represented her military unit, and won silver in the 6mm pistol 25 meter team event and bronze at the individual level. The Championship included other Gulf and European countries.

Field Trip November 2012– Faculty Members Professor “BJ” Jumnadass and Carol Lafferty of West Bay campus traveled with students of the Customs program to Sharq Village and Spa. The main objective of the field trip was to gather information about the hotels facilities and to interview staff and guests. After gathering the information the students would then need to visit another hotel independently and then use all the information to compare and contrast. The students then prepared graded presentations for their class.

2013 What can we expect in 2013? Here are some things that may be on our way!

Sports Day - February 14th, 2013 February 14, 2012 was the first official National Sports Day recognized in Qatar. CCQ Students, faculty, staff and family members spent the day together enjoying the sun, the sand, and some friendly competition organized and coordinated by the CCQ Sports Club. Almost 100 members of the CCQ family made the short trip to the Qatar Olympic Committee winter camp near Sea line Beach Resort. The sports activities started promptly with volleyball, football, and basketball matches between mixed teams of students, employees, and family members. There was also a Zumba workout class given by a certified instructor, as well as walking trips along the beach and in the sand dunes. After a short break for some healthy snacks – fruit, water, and juice – the games continued with more volleyball and basketball, a three-legged race, a 100 meter sprint, and an egg-and-spoon race. CCQ Acting President, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Naimi and previous Acting Dean, Dr. Butch Herod, participated in the activities as well. After all the events had been completed, Dr. Ibrahim handed out medals to the day‟s winners. The CCQ family returned to Doha a bit tired, but dedicated to continuing the healthy inclusion of sports in the lives of students, faculty, and staff. The event was organized by the CCQ Sports Club, Student Activities Department, and Student Government Vice-President and President of the Sports Club, Mr. Ahmed Al-Hassan. This year, students can look forward to more sporting events, including Zumba classes, the return of the soccer league, and other fun events.


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