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September 2013

Still Speaking … A newsletter from the Community Church of Atascadero

We are a Peace with Justice and Open and Affirming Congregation. Whoever you are and wherever you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here. Community Church Of Atascadero United Church of Christ 5850 Rosario Avenue Atascadero, CA 93422 (805)466-9108 FAX: (805)466-3935  Our website: Transitional Interim Pastor: Dr. Richard Kurrasch Sunday Service: 10 am Children’s Activity and Childcare available CCA Office Manager: Marilyn Mayor CCA Office Hours: Wed. through Fri. Noon - 4:00 pm Closed Monday, Tuesday

Speaking of Which … OUR THREE “BIBLES” If this were Jeopardy, the answer would be: “The New Beginnings Assessment” Hopefully, this would come near the bottom of the chart where the big money is because you know the question: “What has a real long shelf life?” You would be right, for we are learning that some of the most important gems of the New Beginnings Assessment reports are only uncovered after the second and third and even later readings so we urge you to keep your report in a highly visible location and refer to it frequently. As in, frequently. Think of it as our third “Bible.” The first Bible is the Bible, the one that (circle one) is/contains (ditto) the/some words of God, thereby revealing (one more time) authoritatively/scarcely at all that God is (complete the sentence) ____________. The second Bible is the Bylaws, the complete listing of who does what and why. While not particularly authoritative in matters of faith, like its (choose) infinitely/much more/scarcely more authoritative cousin, the first Bible, aka the Bible, the second Bible would be more helpful were it referred to more often. Which finally brings us to the third Bible, the New Beginnings Assessment. We may think that just because we have voted on and are now working on our BIGs, New Beginnings is behind us and we no longer need the third Bible, but the fact is that these Assessments do have a very long shelf life and in some cases can be consulted for the entire 3-5 years of the New Beginnings implementation process. What? It’s already (circle all that apply) lost, misplaced, “filed away,” recycled? Not to worry! A replacement is as near as an email, as convenient as a trip to the office. Not that we would use all three at the same time, but no trip to the church is complete without all your “Bibles.” See you in church, Rich

Great Opportunity! The All-Church Rummage Sale for Fall 2013 will be Friday, September 13 and Saturday, September 14. This is an important fundraiser for our church. We need your contributions and your help. Please make sure items are clean and in sellable condition. Please no large items (like refrigerators, mattresses, TVs, or couches.) Make sure all electrical donations are operational and include manuals for items such as printers. We also can use your large paper bags and any plastic grocery bags you still may have. For more information, call Carolyn at 466-0194 or Sharon at 461-9541.

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Still Speaking -- September 2013

Newsletter Notes The piece on page 3 was submitted by Livia Kellerman; she also read it at Sunday service last month and has had several requests to share it, so here it is. Please have items for the October newsletter in by September 22. Keep those articles, photos, announcements, etc. coming to

Council Meeting Highlights! 1. Upcoming dates to remember:  Ministry Fair Sunday Sept. 8 during and after worship  Next All Church Ministry Meeting on Sept 4 6:30-8pm  Progressive Christianity Study begins on Sept. 10 (6:30-8) and Sept. 12 (4-5:30). Location will be announced; please let Donna Etter know if you'll be participating in this study and need a study guide. 2. Our sound system budget was revised. A decision was made to go forward with the Sound System upgrade with an increase in cost to to $10,000. Memorials will be made available to cover this increase and an all church fundraiser will be organized very shortly to cover the remaining cost. 3. Addressing the BIGs: -Item D: We are currently exploring having our worship service in Tent City during the Colony Days Celebration this year. It will be a great opportunity to connect with the community in conjunction with our own Centennial Celebration and will be fun to dress in the period costumes! -Item E: The council would like to experiment by having our ministry teams pair up in order to start addressing the BIGs as well as lighten the load as we all find ourselves spread thin these days. We will meet as 4 groups, rather than as 8. Come to our monthly All Church Ministry Meeting the 1st Wednesday of the month to find out how this will work! 4. The church office will have a new email.... Please add this to your email contacts! 5. An all church workday is coming up soon, please stay tuned for more information! Your Church Clerk, Candice Hubbard

Coming Attraction The 63rd Annual Country Fair Boutique will be held in Fellowship Hall on Friday, November 8 and Saturday, November 9, 2013. Now is the time to get those "creative juices" flowing. We hope you are working on projects such as holiday decorations, gift items, crocheting, knitting, stocking stuffers, tree ornaments, clothing items, wood and metal crafts. Many hands are needed to make this allchurch fundraiser more successful than ever. Watch for more details. For more information, call Brenda May at 466-8610 or Sharon Whisenhunt at 461-9541.

Calling all USHERS & LITURGISTS.... Worship Ministry Chair, Candice Hubbard

The Worship Ministry proudly announces that there will be a training session... just for you... EVERY 2nd SUNDAY of the month @ 9:30am. We will review the worship process for all of you who choose to dedicate your time to help with these important pieces of our worship service (attendance is not mandatory; however important changes will be announced during these trainings, please refer to the usher/liturgist duties list for more information). Thank you for all those who have volunteered for September!

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Still Speaking – September 2013 50 Anniversary – Martin & Livia Kellerman th

Thank You so much for coming. We are honored.

It is fitting for Livy and I to be gathered here with you under the redwoods. The whole earth is sacred, but there are places where one feels closer to the sacred. The redwoods are that for us. We want to share with you the writing of another, who had the same feeling: The Redwoods Here, sown by the creator’s hand, In serried ranks, the Redwoods stand. No other clime is honored so. No other lands their glory know. The greatest of Earth’s living forms; Tall conquerors that laugh at storms. their challenge still unanswered rings, Through fifty centuries of kings. This is their temple, vaulted high, And here we pause with reverent eye, With silent tongue and awe-struck soul; For here we sense life’s proper goal. To be like these, straight, true and fine, To make our world, like theirs, a shrine; Sink down, Oh, Traveler; on your knees, God stands before you in these trees. - By Joseph B. Strauss, Architect/Engineer, builder of the Golden Gate Bridge

` Before I met Livy I had gone to Yosemite. The mountains and waterfalls were incredible, but the redwoods were awesome. When we got married I knew I would take her there on our honeymoon. For me, it was like taking her home. For her, she said that Yosemite opened a wondrous window to her soul, and walking through the redwoods was like being in a living sanctuary. Going to the untouched coastal redwood groves in northern California confirmed it for her. For us the trees represent our marriage. We feel we are the two varieties of redwoods, inland and coastal. (Some would say we are two different species of trees, which I leave you to decide.) Coastal trees grow in milder; more even weather, inland trees grow in more extreme weather. Again, you decide which of us is which is which for yourselves. Newly married (or newly planted) was a wondrous adventure, bathed in the warmth of the sun and new love: Spring: Everything is new. Growing is wondrous but also painful. Living with a person 24/7, your first thought is “What is wrong with him/her?” Then as you grow, you ask yourself, “How am I affecting the situation? Do I really have to compromise?” Learning to work as a team takes time. (Some say a lifetime.) Summer: You notice the bark around you is getting thicker and stronger. Your relationship is growing as well, but – you are hot, and bothered by the heat, by the bugs, by the small irritations of life. A cool refreshing sun-shower pours on you. You are excited because you are feeling that special love of becoming a parent. We experienced it twice. Parenthood, and the life that follows brings high highs, and low lows, full moons, bright sun, cloudy days, heavy rains, storms, beautiful snowflakes, hail, lightning, fire, even some mud slides, but most of all – rainbows! Autumn: Time to reflect. You look around. Time has gone so fast. Your bark is thick, cut, bruised, with parts even burned. You are not standing as tall, there is a burl on one side, and you’re a bit twisted, but there is beauty and love around you and within you. Both of you are still standing; still growing. Your children weathered storms and are now grown with new plantings of their own. You stand by them with Love. You look at each other (over 50 years!) gratefully. You Love each other, and are grateful for the blessings you have had and shared. For the laughter you have shared and do share. You look around; no tree grows alone. You are part of a grove of trees, some redwoods, other not, each enriching the soil that sustains all – family and friends. We thank you for being with us, for supporting us, and putting us with us. We Love You All.


Still Speaking .September 2013

Search Committee Your Search Committee is moving forward on completing the Church Profile. We have good input and church representation from the questionnaires that were returned to us. We are in the process of plugging in the statistical data and compiling information from the open-ended questions. After the council has seen the finished Profile, the congregation will have the opportunity to also see the end results. Last week we had a fruitful conversation with Libby Tigner from the Southern California Nevada Conference office in Altadena. As I know you are all aware, at this point in time, the work of the search committee is confidential (except for the Church Profile). We will continue to give you information as it becomes appropriate to do so. Please continue to keep our work in your prayers as this moves forward as a spiritually driven process. … Yours in Christ…Shirley Summers, Search Committee Chair

Time and Talents Needed Larry Anderson

The Buildings and Grounds Ministry needs some major help in maintaining our facilities, both inside and out. Many of you have noticed the marvelous work being done by our custodial/maintenance staff of Eddie Hubbard, David May, and Tom Welling, but within their allotted hours they are stretched very thinly. Larry Anderson has a list of opportunities to contribute in the enhancement of our facilities for all our members and friends. These opportunities include grounds projects, cleaning, electrical, carpentry, window replacement and a variety of other assorted jobs. If you can volunteer your available time and many talents to work on one of these projects, please contact Larry at 466-6541, or email to get specific information for each project. Thank-you, your Buildings and Grounds Ministry

Music Happening Save the date of October 12, 7:30 PM: “Atascadero Centennial Classical Concert”. Admission is $10 per person ($7 Church members). Wine and desserts afterwards in Fellowship Hall.

Thank You to our Sunday Volunteers September 1

September 8

September 15

September 22

September 29

Usher Greeter

Kent Kenney

Dave May

Stew Thomson

Marilyn Hamilton

Dick Ramont

Shirley Osibin

Linda Finister

Kaye Rasband

Tom & Althea Welling

Ginny Burritt


Larry Anderson

Ron Staib

Denis Snow

Donna Etter

Martha Staib


Lee Perkins


Candice Hubbard Candice Hubbard

Judy Wulff






Hospitality Crew TBD indicates info not available at press-time


Fellowship; Caregivers

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Still Speaking -- September 2013

September 2013 Sunday 1 Band Sunday

Monday 2 LABOR DAY holiday

Communion 8 Special Music – Martha Staib Ministry Fair 15 Council meets 11:45 22

9 Exercise 8-9am Yoga 9-10:30am 16 Exercise 8-9am Yoga 9-10:30am 23 Exercise 8-9am

Newsletter deadline

Yoga 9-10:30am

29 Birthday Sunday

30 Exercise 8-9am



3 Zumba 9:3010:30am

4 Exercise 8-9am

10 Zumba 9:3010:30am Study Group 6:30 17 Zumba 9:3010:30am

Ministry Teams meet 6:30 11 Exercise 8-9am ECHO dinner All Ministry Teams meet 6:30 – 8 pm 18 Exercise 8-9am

Study Group 6:30 24 Zumba 9:3010:30am

25 Exercise 8-9am

Thursday 5 Yoga 8:30-10am

Friday 6 Exercise 8-9am

Saturday 7

Zumba 9:30-10:30am 12 Yoga 8:30-10am Study Group 4pm




19 Yoga 8:30-10am

20 Exercise 8-9am

Study Group 4pm

Zumba 9:30-10:30am

26 Yoga 8:30-10am

27 Exercise 8-9am

Study Group 4pm

Zumba 9:30-10:30am

Yoga 8:30-10am

Exercise 8-9am

21 Food Bank walk 1 pm 28

Study Group 6:30 Zumba 9:3010:30am

` Exercise 8-9am

Yoga 9-10:30am

Zumba 9:30-10:30am

September Birthdays Dan Rich Dewey Girard Shirley Summers Diane Graton George Dugan

Sept 1 Sept 7 Sept 12 Sept 20 Sept 30

Charles Capper Kari Graton Lorna Young Mary Corey

Sept 2 Sept 9 Sept 15 Sept 27

Reicher DelVecchio Joaquin Quattlebaum Marsha Robbins Ann Marie Kurrasch

Sept 6 Sept 11 Sept 17 Sept 28

These birthdays will be celebrated with cake in Fellowship Hall on Birthday Sunday, September 29!

September Anniversaries Rich & Ann Marie Kurrasch Joe Pearson & Jim VanLandingham Ellen & Bill Fry David & Brenda May Mary Corey & Thomas McPherron 

Sept 7 Sept 15 Sept 17 Sept 18 Sept 23


Still Speaking .September 2013

Greta Peck Broker Owner 212 S. Main St., Suite 103 Templeton, CA 9346 (805)464-0400 office (805) 674-2249 cell Lic #01298277 Selling real estate throughout SLO County since 2000 Ten percent of any referral that results in a closed transaction shall be donated to the Community Church of Atascadero Thank you for your referrals!

Always Look Your Best! With 40 plus years experience in the beauty industry, Brenda May cuts both men and women's hair and specializes in color. Her services are now available at The Cutting Room in the Golden China Center (7425 El Camino Real, Atascadero, CA 93422). For appointments, please call Brenda May at 748-7412 during the day and 466-8610 in the evening.

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