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Weight loss that is progressive and sustained over a short period of time can be symptomatic of a more serious body condition that results to it. Any debilitating illness like cancer or organic and glandular disorders can cause extreme weight loss. Another reason could be crash diets, eating disorders or food deprivation that shed off significant weight in a short period. One other causality of these conditions is hair thinning or the inability of the hair follicle to grow either due to chemical imbalances or nutritional deprivation as a result of overall body weight loss. Loss of hair caused by weight loss can be inevitable but reversible. The key is to restore the nutrients and the chemical balance that hair follicles need. This may be difficult if the illness behind the weight loss cannot be addressed. But in cases where a crash diet meant to slim you down cause inordinate baldness, identifying and compensating for the loss of some food nutrients can be critical to restoring hair growth. Nutrient Deprivation In general, a poor or inadequate nutrition in our meals is sure to cause hair loss. Eating disorders like anorexia nervosa can range from mild to life-threatening and have psychological roots that are best addressed with psychiatric consultation and help. In extreme cases, hair loss can be the least of your concern. Weight loss beyond a certain level for one's height has a mortality rate of 6% for anorexia sufferers. Taking care of the mental health of a sufferer takes precedence and once addressed, baldness associated with it can be a matter of course. In the case of crash diets, unless the dieting is properly supervised, your body could be losing the essential nutrients and trigger extreme hair loss caused by weight loss. It's important to consider the following in any dieting program: 1.Inadequate Protein in Diet - low protein in diets will trigger the body to use whatever protein it has to shift away from building hair, causing hair follicles to go into telogen or resting phase and then fall out. Significant hair losses will come 2-3 months later. Bear in mind that hair is maid of keratin, a protein substance so no protein, no hair. 2.Low Serum Iron - Iron deficiency in crash diets can trigger hair loss. Women in menstrual periods can lose iron fast and cause hair to fall as well.

Hair loss is natural. However, hair loss becomes an alarming condition when a person loses more than the usual amount of hair that he sheds. If you are looking for more information about Hair Loss Causes, visit us at now!

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Hair Loss Caused by Weight Loss  

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