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THE COMMUNITY CHEST OF THE WESTERN CAPE Minutes of the 82nd Annual General Meeting of the Community Chest of the Western Cape held at the Athlone Civic Centre, Dr Abdurahman Avenue, Athlone on Wednesday 13 October 2010 at 10h00. PRESENT Professor Brian O’Connell, Amelia Jones, Taj Akleker, Di Berrill, Mike Bosazza, Herbert Hirsch, Alex Frew WELCOME Ms. Amelia Jones, CEO, extended a warm welcome to all present especially those who travelled long distances to be present at the meeting. She specifically welcomed the Special Guest, the Tanzanian High Commissioner to South Africa, Mde Radhia N.M. Msuya NOTICE Ms. Jones, CEO, read the Notice of the 82nd AGM of the Community Chest of the Western Cape (CCWC) and declared the meeting legally constituted APOLOGIES Carol Fleurs-Goddard, Abbas Gani, Edgar Adams (additional apologies see attached list) CONFIRMATION OF THE MINUTES The Minutes of the 81st AGM of the Community Chest of the Western Cape held on 14 October, 2009 were confirmed. Proposed: Taj Akleker

Seconded: Herbert Hirsch

MATTERS ARISING None CHAIRPERSONS ADDRESS In his address Professor Brian O’Connell reminded members that: • •

As communities in South Africa, we must value the power of continuity. What is known today will eventually fade but the continuity of successful actions should be made to persist. The CCWC is 83 years old and he congratulated it for soldiering on for so long and so well. That it still exists is testimony to the example of what humans are capable of doing.


• •

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He stressed the matter of change. The only security that people have is the ability to change. He called on everyone to be lively and forward looking and make use of all opportunities to change. He spoke of the incredible population explosion in South Africa, and indeed the world, during the period 1950 – 1990. While the graph for population growth ascends the resource graph to maintain that population, declines. Managing the outcome of that variance, called for extraordinary change. Present judgements are often based on the past and the future. While past achievements helped man to survive very well, managing future demands calls for massive changes in resource management versus adequate provision to provide adequately for the current population figures. The CCWC has had financial constraints deeming it unable to respond as broadly to the communities as it had in the past. Prof O’Connell therefore called on communities themselves to take responsibility and mobilize their internal resources to build strong cooperation and produce required community programs. This will result in building a sense of community that develops a sense of responsibility and a sense of self reliance. The other call he made very strongly was for education. Communities must value education and acknowledge its value. The CCWC has an important role to play in the spread of education. He thanked the Board, the CCWC staff and United Way Worldwide for building a strong family that is self-supportive.

ADOPTION OF THE 2010 ANNUAL REPORT OF THE COMMUNITY CHEST OF THE WESTERN CAPE The CCWC Chairman thanked those involved in the design and content of the Annual Report as it provides a wonderful insight into the organization. The 2010 Annual Report of the Community Chest of the Western Cape was formally adopted. Proposed: Willie Engelbrecht

Seconded: Taj Akleker

PRESENTATION AND ADOPTION OF THE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS AS AT 31 MARCH 2010 Prof B O’Connell – Chairman, introduced Mr. Mike Bosazza, who read and proposed the adoption of the combined financial statements as at 31 March 2010 It was highlighted that there is a decline in income due to current economical decline. A concerted effort to address this is being made by the CCWC. The meeting was advised that the audited CCWC Annual Financial Statements were readily available on the Community Chest’s website. 2

Proposed:Alex . Frew

Seconded: Taj Akleker

PRESENTATION AND ADOPTION OF THE AMENDMENTS TO THE CONSITUTION OF THE COMMUNITY CHEST OF THE WESTERN CAPE 003-040-NPO The CEO, read out the amendments proposed to the Constitution of the Community Chest of the Western Cape – 003-040 NPO (see attached schedule). Proposer: Joy Lange

Seconder: Andres de Wet

ELECTION OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS Ms. Amelia Jones – CEO announced that the following Board Members will continue in office: Mr T. Akleker Mrs D. Berrill, Mr M. Bosazza, Mr A. Frew, Mr H. Hirsch Mr E Adams Mr T Akleker Mr H Hirsch Ms C Fleurs-Goddard and Prof. B O’Connell The following members were nominated for a second term of office: Mr. Abbas Gani Mr. Edgar Adams The following new nominations were received and accepted by the respective candidates: Mr. Lorenzo Davids Mr. Meko Magida Proposed:Taj Akleker

Seconded: Mike Bosazza

The CEO thanked the members for volunteering their services for the next two years. APPOINTMENT OF AUDITORS The AGM accepted the re-appointment of Ernst & Young as the official auditors for the period 2010/2011, until a formal audit firm tender process has been completed. Proposed: Zorah Ebrahim

Seconded: Carmen Daniels 3

AWARDS CEREMONY Six awards were handed to high school youth who demonstrated their commitment to changing lives of the poorest of the poor in communities: Rehana Odendaal – Iephtishaam Fakir – Natash Sharoniq Jacobs – Ntonbikayise Elizabeth Zwane Michael Henkeman – Sinethemba Qonqgo –

Wynberg Girls High School Alexander Sinton High School Alexander Sinton High School Cape Town High School Athlone High School Sea Point High School

Long Service Award of 20 year service was presented to CCWC employee Rianna Wentzel. All awardees were presented with a certificate and a cheque for R1000 to be given to the charity of their choice. There being no further business the AGM ended at 12.30pm.

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Minutes of Meeting  

The minutes of the 82nd Annual General Meeting of the Community Chest

Minutes of Meeting  

The minutes of the 82nd Annual General Meeting of the Community Chest